Jongulie people: Stand-up for yourself

BY: David Kuol Arok, AUSTRALIA, OCT/23/2013, SSN;

It is an appalling situation to experiment on your own people. For many years now Jongulie region has been a safe haven for terrorist elements, yet no single step that President Salva Kiir’s government has taken to improve the bloodshed.

If we are genuinely honest about the future for South Sudan, if Kiir is willing to involve himself in a community disagreement in the Bhar el Ghazel region, a home of his birth, why is he turning a blind eye on Jongulie if not because he feels destabilisation of this region is in his political interest?

There is never a moment Kiir has ever viewed Jongulie situation as national security issue but rather a Nuer and Bor people problem. Whether Kiir knows it or not, without Nuer–Bor people South Sudan will not stand on Bhar el Ghazel region alone, as you need all these different communities and Equatoria for South Sudan to exist.

But, the president is seeing this problem in a short term political benefits and in the end we all will pay the full price for his being ignorant and irresponsible.

President Kiir may be politically irrelevant but some of his allies keep him well informed that anything destroying Jongulie – this political power house – meant long term clinging to power for him and no one could possibly challenge him because their base is in total disorder.

Such approach is an indirect plan on the part of president to expunge the entire region but it also means South Sudan is slowly dropping back into the hands of Khartoum government.

Let’s not forget that it is this very same region that has endured such unprecedented destruction during the struggle and instead of protecting them to rebuild and repopulate, they are left to die in a situation that could be controlled.

If Kiir is less concerned in solving the problems of Jongulie people, why are the sons and daughters of this wonderful region turning a blind eye on their base?

Where they not sent to parliament to address the concerns of their people? When have we lost the war on principles and refocusing on our own personal benefits only?

Do you understand that no one among you could have been in parliament if not because of the very same people you now allow to be cruelly killed by Yau Yau factions?

Let’s be serious, the representatives of Jongulie people are gambling with the lives of their own people by appeasing Kiir to offer them short term political benefits.

Here is the reality. President Kiir gives these cowards positions because they still have a strong base to appeal to.

Now to demonstrate these realities, let’s us compare out situation with those of Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. Lam Akol, they are both politicians and all have aided the enemy during the war for freedom.

Dr. Machar has even committed more atrocities in comparison to Lam Akol but he is still relevant in national politics because he had a strong support from his political base.

On the other hand, Lam Akol who has spearheaded less destruction is not recognisable in today’s political context because he has no strong political backing from his base.

These can happen to anyone, these can happen to Jongulie representatives as well if their strong holes are deserted. Besides, the primary reason why any representatives would ensure that their base is populated is for election purposes?

The more people in your electorate, there will be more seats allocated to you by electoral commission and the more members you got in the parliament, the quicker it is to bring development to the region.

The electorate are not allocated because of the land size; they are distributed according to the number of people. Therefore, if you allow your areas to be depopulated, in the end your districts are going to be consolidated and you will have less representation in the parliament.

Who among you want to be followers for the rest of life? It may sound ridiculous, but that is the reality you become if you fail to protect your base and that is what Jongulie will become if we do not act now.

Sometimes leadership means taking risk for the greater good, let’s just assume that the current situation in Twic region of Bor was happening in Warrap today, the home state of the President Kiir, there are high possibilities that the defence Minister, Mr. Kuol Manyang Juuk, would have ordered unilaterally a full military retaliation without Kiir’s orders as a precaution of protecting his position.

But, surprisingly, when people he is representing are being killed in cold-blood, he could not acknowledge what is happening, leave alone using force against the gang elements. When will you have the guts?

Let’s now breakdown the Jongulie situation rather by addressing it inclusively. When he [Kuol Manyang] was a governor of Jongulie state he had never taken any killings in the region seriously.

That is because 90% of these killing were occurring in Bor-twic and Nuer regions which are not his base while the remaining 10% happening in his base and in Murle land.

This is common sense, although 10% is still a significant number, there is no way you could possibly ignore 90% killing if not because you see those affected as less of your concern.

Since his elevation to governorship, the majority of the people had mistakenly praised him as a face of stability while in reality he is just similar to Kiir, the only different is that he is not the president but he also practised divisive form of governing to the extreme.

Definitely, Kiir cannot allow his region to be destroyed and keep silent, but Kuol Manyang is just a big gun without use.

He is just a political puppet who throws his support where his mouth is, and he must be disowned along with any other representatives that fail to genuinely represent our interests if we Jongulie people are to witness the bright days ahead of us.

Whether it is the death of 10% or 90%, we must all stand-up and challenge our representatives to show strong leadership and govern inclusively. No more sugarcoating!

David Kuol Arok

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  1. Elijah Samuel says:

    When the very first major killings of Nuer by Murle happened, The Nuer people warned and waited on Kirr’s government to act and he did not, until the Nuer white army took matters into their own hands, again when the retaliatory move took place, Kirr governments involvement was incomplete, instead of brokering genuine peace between the communities, like his signature style, he did ZERO, the Murle became overpowered and pushed into corner thus Yau Yau resulted!
    All this because of weak governance and lack of rule of law and not respecting other peoples territories and properties! These my fellow countrymen, As long as we do not respect each other’s cow…For Nilotic it is Cow Cow and for none Nomads…Their lands are their cows! We must stop cow raiding ( Cow &land)…..Unless we stop raiding…and how can we if we have a week president? We shall forever be doomed into killing each other…Ignore what ill drafted constitution says…COW IS OUR PROBLEM!

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