John Luk Joak isn’t fit to be the Speaker of South Parliament

BY: Atem Philip Mabior, BOR, JONGLEI, AUG/30/2013, SSN;

It has now become public knowledge that the names of five candidates from Greater Upper Nile region were submitted to the President in order to choose one that shall be taken to the National Legislative Assembly for approval. The former Minister of Justice, John Luk Joak, is among the five candidates who seek to become the next Speaker of South Sudan parliament.

It has to be born in mind that any member of South Sudan National Legislative Assembly has a right to compete for the position of the Speaker. But the members of the Assembly have also a right to reject a candidate on moral, political and social grounds.

If a candidate is too controversial and has a history of not being candid, the August House has a right not to vote for such a candidate to become the Speaker.

It is a convention that a Speaker must be a man or a woman with integrity, morality and free from political corruption.

Although ceremonially, the speaker represents the whole house, it is politically the legislative voice of the party in power. In our context, the next Speaker would be the legislative voice of the SPLM party which is the party that has majority members in parliament.

Besides, the speaker’s official role is to moderate debates, make rulings on procedure, announce the results of votes, and the like. The speaker decides who may speak and has the powers to discipline members who break the procedures of the house.

There are so many reasons which disqualify Hon. John Luk to become the next Speaker of National Legislative Assembly. These reasons should not be taken lightly by the members of the Assembly because the Speaker has a power to determine the stability of the House.

In order for the three branches of South Sudan government to cooperate and function properly, there are so many reasons to question the candidacy and the suitability of John Luk.

The first thing which disqualifies John Luk to become the Speaker is the fact that he was (allegedly) the one who drafted the six points raised by Riek Machar against President Salva Kiir in March this year.

The six points John Luk drafted for Riek Machar are corruption, tribalism, nepotism, insecurity, foreign policy and lack of sound economic policies to develop the country.

It was John Luk who advised Riek Machar in a Nuer meeting to depose Salva Kiir from SPLM Party leadership because of the aforementioned six points.

Riek Machar had never thought to run against President Salva Kiir in the SPLM Party Convention until he was encouraged and awakened to do so by nobody other than John Luk Joak.

Everybody knows that Riek Machar was made to believe that the Nuer would be behind him because of the support of John Luk.

It was (allegedly) reported by a reliable Nuer source that John Luk assured Riek Machar to get the support of Lou Nuer in the military including Lou Nuer Prophet Dak Kueth should there be a military confrontation between him and President Salva Kiir.

After Riek Machar declared his intentions to run against President Kiir, John Luk pretended to have left his camp when he learned that Dr. Riek Gai Kok met with President Salva Kiir.

Since Riek Gai is a rival of John Luk in Akobo County of Jonglei State, he advised Riek Machar that he should return to Salva Kiir’s camp temporarily in order to save his ministerial post from being taken by Dr. Riek Gai Kok.

Actually, John Luk pretended to have returned to President Kiir not because he wanted to work with him in principle. But it was a tactic to conserve his position while working from within to fail President Salva Kiir.

Since it is true that John Luk is the architect and the intellectual author of the split between President Kiir and his former Vice-president Riek Machar, should he be nominated as the Speaker of the National Legislative Assembly?

Since John Luk was the very person who advised Riek Machar to rebel against the chairman of the SPLM Party, what would prevent him to encourage the supporters of Riek Machar to table an impeachment motion against President Kiir once he becomes the Speaker?

From a political point of view, the best way to depose President Salva Kiir from power is to nominate the architect of the six points as the Speaker to facilitate the supporters of Riek Machar to table a motion of impeachment.

If such a thing happens, the only way for President Kiir to save himself would be to dissolve the Assembly — a decision which has serious consequences internationally and domestically because it may lead to political instability.

What the enemies of President Kiir want is to see that he dissolves parliament so that he is projected as a dictator who operates without a legislative organ.

Given the character of John Luk and his temperament, he is capable of instigating such a political crisis in the National Assembly should he become the next Speaker.

Nominating John Luk as the Speaker of the Assembly is akin to releasing a Spanish bull in Chinatown in New York City!!!

John Luk himself is perfectly aware of his controversial politics throughout the liberation struggle of South Sudan that is why he didn’t mention in his Curriculum Vitae some of the bad political decisions he had taken in 1990s.

When he disseminated his CV to members of the Assembly on August 26, he didn’t mention that he was the one who drafted the Frankfurt Agreement between the SPLM/A—Nasir faction and the Government of Sudan headed by Dr. Ali El Hag.

In that agreement, John Luk prearranged the capitulation of the Nasir faction to be used by the enemy of the people of South Sudan against the SPLM/A—Torit faction of Dr. John Garang de Mabior.

The same way he drafted the Frankfurt Agreement of 1991 is the same way he drafted the six points that Riek Machar used in March, 2013 to declare in SPLM Political Bureau meeting that he would remove Salva Kiir from the party leadership.

Moreover, John Luk proved to be a dubious character who cannot stay in one camp for a long when he left South Sudan Independence Movement (SSIM) of Riek Machar in 1994 without resigning officially.

He, Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba, William Nyuon and Ben Joseph Oduho formed a separate faction that later rejoined the SPLM/A-Mainstream.

One of the reasons he left Riek Machar’s Movement is because he was apprehended for (allegedly) instigating clan war between Lou and Jikany Nuer clans — a charge that was proven beyond a reasonable doubt in the court martial set up to investigate him.

His politics of duplicity reached its zenith when he joined South Sudan Liberation Movement/A (SSLM/A) of late Dr. Michael Wal Duany in 2000 without resigning officially from the SPLM/A—Mainstream.

Due to such a dishonesty, Dr. John Garang was forced to dismiss him from the SPLM/A and was stripped of all the military ranks of the Movement from a Commander to a Private.

Another reason why John Luk cannot become the Speaker of the Assembly is because when he was the Minister of Justice, he refused to draft a bill that could give Anti-Corruption Commission the power to prosecute officials engaged in malpractices and corrupt activities.

Despite his window dressings and publicity deception, he was totally against the prosecution of the companies involved in what is now known as the Grain Scandal.

It is (allegedly) rumoured that the reason he refused the companies involved in the scandal to be prosecuted is to protect his political friends.

It is also (allegedly) reported by a reliable source that was part of his office management that John Luk signed illegal contracts with oil companies when he was the Minister of Mining and Petroleum during the transitional period before the independence of South Sudan.

Those alleged contracts amounted to $150 million dollars and the money was not disbursed to public treasury. Those contracts violated the laws of bidding and ethical practices.

If he is now running to become the Speaker of the Assembly, perhaps, it is the right time for him to come out clean and tell the public the reasons why he awarded contracts to oil companies without following regulations.

Members of the South Sudan National Assembly also have a right to hear from the horse own mouth whether the allegations brought against him in regard to the oil contracts are indisputable.

The members of the Assembly must exercise wisdom and care in nominating the next Speaker of parliament because it is the most important institution in South Sudan that shall curb corruption by subjecting the executive branch to serious scrutiny.

The National Legislative Assembly exercises the following functions: overseeing the performance of the National Government institutions; approving plans, programmes and policies of the National Government; approving budgets; ratifying international treaties, conventions and agreements and adopting resolutions on matters of public concern.

The NLA has the power of summoning Ministers to answer questions of members of the Assembly on matters related to their ministries; interrogating Ministers about their performance or the performance of their ministries and approving appointments as required by the Transitional Constitution or the law.

Finally, the NLA has power of casting a vote of no confidence against the Vice President and any Minister; enacting legislation to regulate the conditions and terms of service of the Judiciary and its oversight mechanisms; and performing any other function as determined by the Transitional Constitution or the law.

In closing, one would seriously advise the chairman of the SPLM and members of the National Assembly that John Luk Joak has so many skeletons in his closet to be nominated as a Speaker.

Due to his history of duplicity, he is not a reliable person to become the Speaker of parliament.

If cooperation between the executive and legislature is crucial for smooth functioning of the government, John Luk is not the right candidate to become the Speaker because of the reasons enumerated above.

·The author is a civil servant in Bor town, Jonglei State and was an officer of the SPLM/A in 1990s. He could be reached at peterkiir@hotmailcom


  1. Lobolo-Hitti Onyo-Majileikwa says:

    Dear Mr Atem Mabior,

    You are simply a very excellent writer and I am pleased with lots of thanks and appreciation. Not only have I enjoyed reading your convincing article; I am also sure that in his reasonable mind and before another embarrassment is inflicted on his legacy, the President should by now have reduced the number on the proposed names from the former Upper Nile Region or Province to only 4 candidates.

    Indeed, since the President had already threatened to dissolve parliament unless his last choice for the portfolio of vice president in the name of James Wani Igga was not vetted upon and disqualified but approved without objections, John Luk has already succeeded in portraying the President as a dictator none of us thought he was. You must be sure, my dear brother,l that South Sudan has qualified itself as a dictatorship in the eyes of the world, given the actions the President has so far taken following the ongoing partisan power struggle between him and Dr Riek Machar over party chairmanship that eventually led to the dissolution of the entire cabinet and the dismissal of his very own running mate during the 2010 elections.

    In Igga’s case, had Igga, like Dr Gai Kok, amongs others, refused to accept the appointment, the President was surely going to dissolve the legislature. In other words, Igga not only accepted the appointment to help the President out of the situation; he also did so because the President was going to dissolve the parliement anyway and this would have discontinued Igga from serving as Speaker altogether. Even as we speak, the President still leaves this option open, should there be no any other way left to escape the intense political pollution his presidency is now in.

    From your article alone, John Luk is not even interested in the position. What he is interested in is the total dissolution of the SPLM. This is being implemented by the President himself who not long ago equally threatened to dissolve party structures including the SPLM PB, the highest organ of the movement, since he now believes more than ever before that doing so would have gotten rid of Dr Machar and his supporters within the PB.

    I hope to contribute more in the future. For now, Thank You

  2. Bhanyker says:

    Her we are again. Mr. Atem Mabior pretending to be a judge of every corrupt SS officials. But, if that is the case, then you might be unconscious the time president wrote the letters to 75 government officials who had stolen 4 billion USD. I think Mr. Atem, you were unconscious when president Kiir and his former legal adviser Telar Deng gave an order to withdraw 600 milion USD, and hide them in private account outside the country. Just to mention few. If Mr. Atem were conscious at that moment, than he could have criticised the president and other officials who committed grave crimes against the people of South Sudan.
    I’m wondering whether i could take Mr Atem serious. How came somebody working as civil servant would think naively and dare to say that the 6 points which were announced by Dr, Riek. Actually written by John Luk. To say that it has made you look silly and dull. Do you think those points are so difficult and need a producer? If yes, then who wrote your article?

    Let me come to your main reason why you wrote such an article. Mr. Atem, whom do you think you’re fooling?. It had never been between Nuer and Dinka. they said God forbid, but if it hoppen. Mr. Atem you will leave your beautiful Bor town to some where else. So don’t think because Nuer Are queit now, that they become a piece of meat to be eaten. I just want to make it clear to you, i am not John Luk supporter. But, because you’re not balanced in your argument you need to be told. Mr Atem the government is corrupted from the president, ministers, to the civil servants including you. you seem to dislike Nuer in general. One thinks you put in your mind is that the Nuer are majority in your state. don’t start the war you won’t win it
    If you want to condemn the corruption please start at home with your Bor people like Kuol Manyang juuk.

  3. Mankien town says:

    oh, you do not like the points mentioned by Dr. Riek to serve the interest of the whole country, your argument against John Lok is baseless rather than Dinka tribally-motivated. There will be nothing that can prevent Riek Machar to be the next president of south sudan, whether by ballot box or the bullet, he will all win, and for your information we keep quiet now because right time to come first for the world to see how democratic south Sudan is.
    in fact where are the $600 million dollars that was signed by Kirr Mayerdit and Telar deng? to buy piece of land for nation security, is this fair according you really? if not then make sure we are ready even if John Lok is not to be come the next speaker the people of south sudan are ready for any battle, just wait and see.

    • Mankien Town:

      Please stop beating the drums of war in South Sudan. Who do you think is not ready for the war? We had fought the war for the liberation of South Sudan while you were fighting alongside the enemy (Arabs) to deny us our freedom and self determination.
      Now you have returned to South Sudan because there is leadership and food to be grabbed by force. we are all ready and willing to fight your favourite war, the war of food and presidency. Bring it on should you want to be defeated and expelled from South Sudan like Hutu tribe of Rwanda. The choice is yours lover.

      “The truth must be told even if it hurts”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang:

        What self-determination are you talking about? I thought you were fighting for Secular United Sudan. What happens to that vision? I guess it got lost in the shuffle. Makien Town was the one fighting for Self-determination when you were in Kakuma Refugee Camp collecting ration from UN. I was told you caused war with only few Nuers who were in Kakuma over food. And know you are calling Nuer food lovers. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

        Please stop flattering yourself about being ready for war. Do you want to cry that Nuers massacre you again? Is that what you are looking for? Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.

        When it comes to leadership, we always give it to you because you are greedy ones who do not know how to govern. We gave the leadership to Akuot Atem even though we started the struggle. It is was also given to Dr. Garang who came up with the Secular United Sudan Vision. Where is the Vision now? Did you achieved it? Hell no!

        • Gatcharwearbol:

          Apart from marrying a Kawaja woman and massacring unarmed civilians in Bor, Which City or Town did Dr,Riek Machar and the likes attacked and captured in South Sudan if they were really fighting for the liberation of South Sudan? It became apparent that you and your Uncle Riek Machar were born and raised to fight for the liberation of food and leadership.

          Please stop debating me and focus on washing the clothes and Dishes for the wealthy Son of Dr. Riek Machar in Poland, Europe. Why do you cry for the food and leadership which you haven’t sweated for in your life? The massacre of Bor is too painful to me and many others because you have murdered the unarmed and vulnerable people. Why did you kill Akuot Atem, William Nyuon Bany and Kerubino Kuanyin Bol? Shame on you, Cowards!

          “The truth must be told even it hurts”
          Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

    • Malou Deng says:

      Mankien Town
      Stop the baloney of $ 0.6 billion to buy land! Are they buying the entire state or just a piece of land? Don’t pick up anything you hear and run with it; look at it first and make sure whether or not it makes any sense!

  4. Machar Jok says:

    It seems to me like the so-called Telar Ring is the real author of this article!, but any way the whole thing is democratic process, if the August House sees that John Luk is not fit for that position definitely will vote to the other candidate, and it has nothing to do with the president. cause the role of the president is just to recommend, and if the legislature felt that the President nominee is not fit they will simply drop him aside.
    But at the end you didn’t tell us who should be the best candidate….. though I already knew it and think all the readers.

    away from Tribalism guys it won’t help us building our beloved SS.

  5. Raan Naath says:


    Don’t let yourselves be fooled by this idiot called Gordon Buay Malek (aka Atem Philip Mabior) who wrote this cheap article with only one objective to tarnish the name of Justice John Luk Jok. Gordon Buay aka Atem Philip has written so many lies about John Luk. I am not a fan of John Luk who drafted a wrong transitional constitution for Salva Kiir Mayardit but this should not be a license to add more lies to his responsibilities.
    Gordon Buay lied that John Luk drafted the six points Dr. Riek Machar raised against Salva Kiir; this is another big lie. Riek Machar was closer to Salva Kiir and was best suited to know the six challenges (points) by himself and did not need John Luk to draft them for him. Gordon Buay Malek is a stupid son of Malek Chol or Reath Chol and Nyakiel. I am sorry for this mentally affected lost kid.

  6. Dmajak says:

    You forgot one thing that will disqualify John Luke. Remember, he lost his Parliamentary seat during 2010 and no one Can be speaker without any constituency unless South Sudan doesn’t follow international laws. I think president kiir will not allow that on his leadership to happen and vice president wouldn’t either approve, so john Luke joak is in a hot seat right now Unless he withdraws his request for speaker before public of South Sudan reject him.
    If Akobo people rejected you, South Sudan people will reject you too because Akobo people know more than south Sudan. It is very shameful for John personally to be denied by his own community and I think there is good reason behind it, but the community does not speak against him so that their son can change his policy of division among the clans. John Luke is hard persecution to accept changes, but the only options is to send john home.

  7. Dear Atem Philip Mabior:

    This is a very informative and influential article. Your explanations and political analysis have indeed painted a very clear picture of the real opportunist and food lover in our minds. Perhaps, this information would help and guide the vetting committee in the selection of the Speaker of the House. I’m glad that our concerned Citizens as you are relentlessly working hard to unearth the background information of the politicians who are not fit to lead our Country. Hon. John Lok Jok should be hindered from getting the position of the Speaker of the House by the vetting committee should the president appoint him. Hon. John Lok Jok should know that politics is a very dirty and unstable game and you could be caught red handed when attempting to fool or serve two masters.

    As for the case of my great Maternal Uncle Riek Machar. I regret to learn that he had been fooled once again by another intellectual. I wonder, When will Riek Machar stand with his two feet and say enough is enough to those who betray him and make a fool of him? What is wrong with Riek Machar’s logical thinking and reasoning? In 1991, he was fooled and persuaded to make coup against Dr.John Garang in the SPLA movement by Dr. Lam Akol. Now he is being fooled again by John Lok Jok to dethrone president Kiir who appointed him Vice President. When Would Riek Machar draw a line on the sand against those political opportunists?

    Our former slave masters, Jalaba, says that if you put a chair in a very hot Sun and tell South Sudanese that whoever sits on that chair would be a president, South Sudanese would sit on that chair regardless of the heat. They also added that Dinka or Nuer could kill his/her own brothers or sisters for that hot chair for the sake of leadership, and the Equatorians could grab that chair and run to Uganda with it for the fear that Dinka or Nuer would snatch it out of their hands.
    Does Dr.Riek Machar fit in those descriptions given by the Jalaba? As an educated man, Why Riek is always fooled by another intellectual? Is he foolish or greedy for the leadership?

    “The truth must be told even if it hurts”
    Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang!

  8. Kong Puok Tongluot - Finland says:

    Atem Philip Mabior
    It’s real substantively instigating article or fascinations, between Nuer intellectual politicians, like you mentioned… mr, Mabior, that John Luk had drafted for Dr Riek Machar about Salva Kiir’s matters as following, corruption scandals, insecurity, tribalism, nepotism, and, lost SPLM’s vision, international relations weakness, and mismanagement
    Dr. Riek Machar is a known PhD holder, that was not logical fact John Luk could have drafted for Riek Machar not true. The fact John Luk Joak, a true weak person who has no option and choice, these factors I would believe as political motivations which indicates John Luk Joak does’n fit or deserve as speaker of legislative assembly. Thanks Atem Philip Mabior.

  9. Issack Deng says:

    Dmajak, it is true John Luk lost his Parliamentary seat during 2010 and Akobo people rejected him squarely in the ballot box, but why did Kiir ignore the people’s of Akobo resounding rejection or verdict and went ahead to appoint him an MP and his powerful minister of Justice?

    This is a violation of international laws and norms to borrow your statement. It was John Luk who gave president Kiir massive unchecked powers to dissolve parliament, fire the Lakes State elected Governor and recently Governor Taban Gai while refusing to call for a fresh election in 60 days as stipulated in the Constitution.

    John Luk is not a principled politician, he is only after food and will do what it takes to fill his stomach and be in the government by every means possible. He can be with president Kiir in bed gossiping about Dr. Riek when his interest is well served, but will change his color when his food is threatened in the next hour.

    How can such a food lover man be a Speaker of National Parliament? President Kiir has learned from John Luk’s dirty playing book and is enjoying every minute of it. Democracy is in danger and Kiir to be blamed for violating South Sudan Constitution and international law.

  10. Simon Tongyik says:

    Atem, this is embarrassing article, do you think Dr. Riek Machar is illiterate and he could not write the six points you pretended to have been written by John Luk, what a sick mind you are? Dr. Riek Machar has the best qualification individually in the Republic of South Sudan that you could not even compare Kiir himself and others.
    I hope you Atem or whoever, you may think you are, please, you better reduce your intense tribalism hatred against other tribes in South Sudan. South Sudan as a nation could not and will not tolerate that tribalism mind set you guys are preaching.
    During the liberation struggle, Dinka were not the only tribes who fought that war, the sacrifices that were made during the war, majority were Nuer. Dinka always are good at corruption, looting and gossiping, but remember that, Nuer are not cowards like Dinka, when time come for violence you will surely know that Dinka will not resist Nuer whatsoever, if you determine to be violent and rule the people of South Sudan through intimidation, please make sure that the rest of South Sudanese need peace and harmony.
    There is no problem, help yourselves but time is coming where there will be no more looting and everybody must stick with what he/she owns and real rule of law is applied for all and not partial like what you Dinka are doing now

  11. Manyok says:

    My philosophy is always none of them, top to the last, are no good regardless of their respective tribe, region, and whatever else that divided us.

  12. Dinka like those who protect their interest and change color like chameleon, but that kind of trick will not boost your political games in this country. John Luk is more qualified that whoever you think can be next speaker. Telar was appointed to nullify the cases of the dura scandal and get rid of the case once and for all, but due to incompetency and lack of legal papers, Telar could not make it , and if John was appointed in that position nobody can question his academic background like Telar. salva is a top corrupt person that deserves impeachment and get prosecuted at the same time for the public money he siphoned, lawlessness he has caused in this country.
    99.9% of corruption cases are all dinkas, that’s why Telar was appointed in the ministry of justice to cover up and lay the case to rest forever. therefore, you become so panicky about John Luk being rumored for speaker ship. and i know if names were given to that illiterate president, he will single out John Luk because he knows if Luk is appointed he will still follow his plans of looking for those who are involved in dura saga scandal to be brought to book, and president can be impeached for the crimes and corruption he has done in this country.
    if you people who are protecting Kiir should reason with public cry, you should not think of working in the smoke screen of fighting corruption when you are really protecting corrupt elements. if you want this country to be cleaned up of the corruption we can allow John Luk to do it and strengthen the immunity of our mps to know their constitutional rights and make SS a corruption free country.

  13. pan door says:

    You have no case to present. have you not heard of Telar Deng having take sixty million $USA and not made to account? John Luk is qualified and if you are aware, he was the only South Sudanese lawyer who was accredited by the Kenyan bar during the war. Nobody was clean during the war. Most of the Spla/m leaders including salva had rebelled but later reconciled their differences. with or without a post, John Luk will survive.
    I am made to conclude that you are just an idiotic person who lives on instigating politicians to make ends meet. To hell with your Speaker’s post. we do not want a dictatorship. Your days in governance are numbered.

  14. Mankien town says:

    whoever comes will support Riek Machar, i believe, but it seems to our brothers dinka that an Leader coming from Nuer they don’t like simply because they think the person will support Machar.
    one can ask which country did our brother want to look like?
    please bring 600 million USD that were stolen in the name of national security land.
    Bor like talking hatred words even when they are going to suffer most, because they are surrounded by people they think are their enemies. please stop beating the drums of war, nothing good in war but loses.

  15. Lare Justice says:

    @Atem Philip Mabior, or should I called you, Crook madman Fake Atem Mabior? What a bunch of lies. What do you have to say to your weak coward Salva Kiir who stole 4Billion U.S. Dollar? You fake coward.

  16. Gatkuoth Lok says:

    Not scientific, hence, nonsensical and absurd. The reasons why Luk is not good to you is because he advised Machar of all those good six points, which are the vices we have to fight against, to raise them them in order to save the nation from those aforementioned ills.
    therefore; John Luk is the best of all, since President Kiir declared war against corruption, with his zero tolerance policy against corruption. All things you said about John Luk are mere fabrications to make public believe that the president can, because of your fabricated lies, appoint a speaker, which is unconstitutional. It is also good to encourage him to continue violating the constitution until you enjoy the outcomes.

  17. Manyok says:

    By your perspective, analysis, and argument based on this article, I can tell which tribe each one of you come from between Dinka and Nuer. Even with your fake names I can identify your tribe. Pathetic indeed!

  18. Manyuon says:

    Mr. Atem

    You must have your personal differences against Hon. Luk Joak and that should not prompt you to write falsely against him. He has all quality of being a potential speaker in august house beyond any reasonable doubt.

  19. lidit midit says:

    Please, my colleagues South Sudanese, you need not to talk always of supporting your own tribes, you should have based on your argument views and conception in the ways you measure it but not by tribes or clans, ok!


  20. Mankien town says:

    Now the Government is for Dinka from top to the bottom, but unfortunately they again claim on the position of speaker, the best ministries in south Sudan such as the the president of republic, interior ministry, the defence ministry, and the foreign affairs ministry, the petroleum ministry, etc…, where are rest of southern Sudanese? any ministry they missed to other tribes they ensure that the deputy must be dinka to intimidate such a person from doing his work freely and to prove the loyalty of such a person to president.
    For instance, the former internal minister was seriously intimidated by salva mathok Geng and he was preparing to resign from his post until his removal.

  21. Raan Poth says:

    Nuer as a people need to first learn to govern themselves before extending that to the whole South sudan as a country. First get rid of those emotions and inferiority complexes in yourselves and you can be leaders. Otherwise, it is not your time, it would be very stupid for anyone to allow you into leadership with such risky traits seeming to be inborn in all of you.

    • Gatkuoth says:

      Dear Raan Poth or Raan Cieth,

      What you have contributed in this discussion is a rubbish stereotype, when have Nuers become inferiors? No single Nuer respect Dingka, they call them SLAVES or Jieng, they disrespect them from head to toes only that Nuers recently become politically matured or you would not be writing this rubbish today.
      Any Dingka who is a leader in south sudan this time didn’t get the position by force rather than through political and nationalism process but you can easily cause mayhem in that nation, and if south sudan plunges into internal war you would blame your dirty politics you are preaching here as you would never set your feet in your own village unless proven by the occupiers, I don’t care if you believe this or not.

  22. Leader says:

    Dear Atem,
    John Luk cannot write the six points that include tribalism/nepotism against Kiir. I served under him in the Ministry of Justice and I and everybody else in the Ministry know him as the most tribalist leader in S. Sudan. Ask anybody in the Justice and Petroleum ministries where he once served and you will get the same sentiment.
    Before he was relieved from his duties he appointed five (5) Nuer men with little legal background as legal counsels in the Ministry. One of them was his office private secretary who holds a diploma in criminology. This person (his private secretary) is not a lawyer but was made so by John Luk other than by the University.

  23. Chol Wek Chol says:

    who are you to defend Kiir against five points drafted by John Luk???????? Is the house protecting the interest of the President or the interest of South Sudan????
    I guest you are sound minded person who has vision and mission for this Country. this country doesn’t belong to one person or tribe nor kingdom of Nilotics, therefore all the citizens deserve their rights to express their interests.
    Please join me to campaign against what is known today in this Country as tribalism and corruption.

  24. Leader says:

    Don’t be proud of whatever happened in 1991. It is only fools who think they won that war. The fact that people talk of Bor massacre does not mean that Nuer war not the victims of those crisis unless you are not from Ayod and Yuai areas. Those areas know exactly what happened to them in the aftermath of Bor massacre and in 1993. Anyway you should always be thankful to the late Dr. Garang because he was the one who stopped mass scale massacre of Nuer in Jonglei and Unity states.
    Now that he is no more, try that stupidity and you will forever live to regret it. If you are from Unity state please be prepared for the worst because the Eastern Nuer will not buy into your stupidity anymore. You should be prepared to face a combined force of Dinka from Warap and Lakes states and also from your backyard in Pariang and Abiemnom counties.

  25. GatCharwearbol says:


    You have scored zero points on this article. The former Minister of Justice, John Luk Joak does not have any good relationship with Dr. Machar to prompt him write those six points. In reality, John Luk would rather see Dr. Machar die if anything, leave alone drafting six points for him.

    Dr. Machar is an able man who drafted the six points without any help from anybody. Please stop fabricating lies on the website here. You are making fool of yourself. Discrediting Dr. Machar would not help the situation at its best. So, go back and make up another lie that might convince us here because the one you just wrote does not add up.

  26. The so called Mankeen town, there is no town which talks, just make your name clear, coward man.
    I came to understand that we have a very big problem in S.Sudan especially between Nuer & Dinka but not Nuers or Dinkas according to the above exchanged arguments. instead we discuss the future of our country, we begin to stand on tribal lines rallying behind the wrong leaders who betrayed this country during the armed struggle.
    let’s talk about personalities who are wrong doers but not tribes, some body was talking about if Nuers declare war against the Dinka what will happen? just try and implement your wishes, you will see what will happen, this time round we can not see our brothers in Bor being killed and we keep silent as it happened in 1991, this would be a different story all together.
    let’s not talk war as per now, let’s talk about unity, peace and development. we even long for the next president to come from Azande or Lotuka
    when you want to be come a leader just evaluate yourself before being judged by some one else, I can not give my single vote to someone who had killed my father and mother for unjustified war.
    Truths are bitter.

  27. Mankien town says:

    Dear Malou Deng,
    the $600 million dollars scandal was discovered by MPs during the clearance and vetting of Telar Ring Deng that surprised the country lawmakers and unless you don’t follow the move of vetting the lawmakers say signing as such by an individual person was unconstitutional and unaccepted, please be flexible and check the news well.

    Mankien Town.

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