John Garang’s Son blames Kiir for conflict

From Kampala’s New Vision Online. By: Samuel Ouga and Raymond Baguma, First published DEC/23/2013, SSN;

Question: In your view, where did the events in South Sudan start from?

Answer: We have to go back further than December 6th. The problems in South Sudan started way back in 2011; after South Sudan independence. A constitutional Review Commission was formed in South Sudan. After the signing of the CPA there was an interim constitution. The interim constitution was for the interim period from 2005 to 2011.
In 2011 we now had a transitional constitution. By 2014 we are supposed to have a permanent constitution.

For this a constitutional review commission was formed and mandated to consult the people of South Sudan on a wide range of issues including how they want to be governed. But the Commission was poorly funded and its mandate expired in 2012 without achieving much.

It’s time was extended but still poorly funded, therefore making it impossible to fulfil its objectives. To me this was an indicator that there will be no national elections and a sign that this government is moving towards a dictatorship.

After independence there was a lot of euphoria that many people of South Sudan failed to see the subtle moves towards stifling democracy.

The SPLM was in a period of transition from a liberation movement into a new reality of operating as a political party. SPLM was reviewing its Bush war guiding documents whose geo-political context had changed. Back in the bush way days the SPLM articulated in its documents a context of a united Sudan. But South Sudan gain independence and the context changed.

With this were also problems as the Chairman of the party; President Salva Kiir frustrated efforts to review the current constitution, rules of procedure and how the national convention would be held. For instance, in the convention, one of points of contention is the system of voting for the Chairman by show of hands rather than through secret ballot.

The group of 13 progressive party leaders led by Dr. Machar rejected this among other provisions, because people could be intimidated by security during the voting process. So the document was not passed because after the passing of this document SPLM would then be registered as a political party. So SPLM today has not yet been registered as a political party.

The parties act; an important instrument that will regulate party activities, was passed by parliament and forwarded to the president for signing. But up to now it has not been signed into law.

These are indications that the president is becoming more authoritarian and that there will be no elections. Because you can’t just wake up one morning and say let’s have elections.

There are due processes that have to be followed. For those who are more educated and understand political science, they knew a long time ago that things were not going well, but sometimes you have to give people time to see what the realities are.

This group that has now been accused of mounting the coup has over time also raised concern over among other things the unconstitutional sacking of governors deemed critical to the current government and imposing hand-picked governors on the people of South Sudan because he wants all governors to be on his side so that they can doctor the results of the national convention.

According to our constitution when a governor’s seat falls vacant there should be elections within 60 days. But instead, Chairman Salva Kiir unconstitutionally imposed hand-picked Governors on the people of South Sudan.

When he sees a governor not doing his bidding, he removes that governor by first accusing him of something. Like he did to the Governors of Lake state, Western Upper Nile state…who were falsely accused and sacked. Like when he sacked the whole cabinet. He accused the top leaders of having stolen money yet he had no evidence.

Why would you do that? It’s like defamation. Why didn’t he charge them in courts of law? He was just doing this to ruin their political image in the eyes of the people.

When in reality the office of the president has borrowed US$4.2 billion. Members of parliament are not aware of details of this loan because they were not informed about it. Nobody knows where it was borrowed from or what the money was used for.

There is nothing to show for it and yet the people of South Sudan are left to finance this loan. Since the oil started flowing government employees have not been paid. It’s a situation where somebody has to say something. Like the Americans say, you can’t keep pissing on people and then you tell them its raining.

This group of 13, on the December 6th, called for a press conference. Before that we all know that he sacked the entire cabinet. He sacked the Vice president. Actually the national convention was supposed to happen before that.

It was so close to the national conference where if you didn’t want Dr. Machar to be your deputy, because you chose him in 2005 and again you chose him in 2011 as your running mate, didn’t you know about the atrocities of 1991 for which he accuses Dr. Machar of?

When were reconciled as a movement in 2002 we had left that behind us in 2002 and we had started a process of reconciliation. Until 2005 we came together with Dr. Machar as a movement. When the CPA was signed we came with Dr. Machar as a member of the SPLM. So why would he bring up the 1991 massacre now?

President Kiir now keeps referring to Dr. Riek Machar as the prophet of doom and keeps mentioning the 1991 massacre. The 1991 incident is being used to politicise things on tribal and to remove attention away from his mismanagement.

The Group of 13 are not saying that they are the benevolent ones, what they are saying; for instance during the press conference The Governor of Lake state who was sacked by Kiir said; “we have all failed including us seated here together with you in government. It is only our children who are going to study in good schools in East Africa. When we fall sick we are air lifted out of the country. It’s our children who are eating ice cream. The children of the local people are not eating ice cream. Let us all seat down and have a dialogue and see how to resolve the leadership crisis and see how we can move forward.”

So they were calling for a peaceful reconciliation, because after sacking the entire cabinet there was mounting tension.

President Kiir, after meeting Khartoum allied militias who were fighting South Sudanese people, he came back and sacked top Generals of the SPLM who had fought in the bush and instead integrated the people from Khartoum into the army. This created a lot of tension.

The group of 13 said, let us resolve these issues from within the party, instead of us forming another party through dialogue. But President Salva Kiir saw all this as a threat. Because he is aware that what happened to Thabo Mbeki in South Africa, could also happen to him in a national conference.

Because if he is unseated as the chairman of SPLM, that another person like Dr. Riek Machar or any other person would become the new leader of the party before the elections. He knows he will be defeated. If he Chairman Salva Kiir claims that Dr. Riek Machar is the prophet of doom then why not go ahead with the elections?

Because it’s up to the people of South Sudan to decide. He should have faith on the people of South Sudan. If he knows he is popular then why can’t he let the convention go ahead? If you want to stay in power you don’t throw away your party.

He is trying to compare himself to other African leaders who have stayed in power for long. Saying the “So and so has stayed in power for long so why not me.” But those people have not thrown away their parties. Those African leaders who stay in power for long use their parties. It’s the delegates in their parties who vote them to come back.

It was not unconstitutional but the sacking of the cabinet was bad politics. The national conference was so close. If he didn’t want the vice president he would have gone to the national conference. By doing this, you foment tribal divisions.

After the sacking of the vice president you would expect an outbreak of tribal conflict. But the vice president pleaded with his people not to orchestrate violence.

It would not have been a smart move to mount a coup since he has support from most of the delegates and Dr. Machar, had the president cornered diplomatically. Salva Kiir wanted to foment tribal violence by sacking the vice president. Any lay person in South Sudan would have known that if you sack this person you would foment tribal violence.

So Salva Kiir has now achieved through this alleged coup what he wanted to achieve through the sacking of the vice president because this draws attention away from the problems, he can now declare martial law and suspend civil liberties. He has now achieved what he wanted.

What really happened in Juba, the 13 political prisoners on the December 6th, declared that they would hold another press conference to tell the people of South Sudan about what is really happening.

Tell them how the President was running a one man show, micro managing the government and not allowing other people to do their work. After hearing this, President Kiir scheduled a national liberation council meeting on the same day.

The group of 13 then said since we want a peaceful means of solving these issues let’s then go and have dialogue within the same meeting. But when they went there they were informed that the only issue on the agenda was the passing the basic document and nothing else.

When it came to discussing other business they kept insulting them. The same thing happened on the second day. Realising that the meeting was not constructive the group of 13 decided not to show up for the meeting on the 3rd day.

Coincidentally there was an argument between members of the republican guard. A small argument between the presidential guards escalated into a gun fight that spread to other units. Apparently there was a rumour that an arrest warrant had been issued for the arrest of Dr. Riek Machar.

On Monday the president appeared on TV in full military uniform saying he had foiled a coup attempt. That he was in full control. There should have been more investigations. Because you can’t go and arrest politicians when there is a military coup. You first arrest the military commanders and find out from them.

But the way they rushed to arrest the politicians and threw them in Jail raises questions. Up to now they have not been taken to court or allowed to access their lawyers. Our constitution states that suspects should be brought to court within 48 hours. They have not been charged.

They have not been given legal counsel. They are being detained illegally. One gets the feeling that everything was pre-planned because it happened so quickly. This is irresponsible leadership. The president of the republic started using genocidal language like calling people cockroaches.

Sometimes he speaks like it’s okay for some people to attack others. He can’t continue referring to people like “Those people of 91.” All the people of South Sudan know what he means. I will not tell you, but the people of South Sudan know what he means. There is a recording where he sanctioned violence. This is on record.

Recently during a memorial service of 80 people who were killed as result of cattle rustling by another tribe, while comforting the mourners, President Kiir told them in the mother tongue (Dinka), that “You people have allowed this to happen and yet you are the ones holding the spears.”

If you translate this, what he was actually telling them was that “the minister of defence is from your area. How do you let yourselves to be attacked?”

It’s like he has allowed the people of that area to use national resources to go against other people of South Sudan. He also mentioned that when such people use to attack “our villages my people came to me and asked what should we do? I told them organize yourselves. And they organised themselves and attacked those people. And up to now they have never come back to our village.”

That is bad politics. That is inciting violence. So it’s the president who is the chairman of SPLA who has been inciting violence. He speaks one thing and does another.

Another important point is that the group of 13 has been writing to the office of the president asking for them to meet through the office of party Secretary General.

The reason that made them call the press conference on December 6th was because they have it on record, of them sending letters to the chairman for dialogue several times but the chairman kept ignoring them and kept falsely accusing them. These people had reached out to the chairman for dialogue.

When the president kept on accusing them falsely and they would keep quiet the president took it as a weakness. There was silence and the people didn’t know what was happening. He was the only one talking saying these people were thieves. But when does the buck start with you Mr. President? When do you take the blame?

You have been reshuffling your cabinet since 2005 and blaming everybody else. Can you take responsibility and say “People we have failed. What can we do?” These sacked people who fought for South Sudan have been humiliated. They have never been given any kind of military decoration. Nothing.

You could say that south Sudan is a young nation. Many African countries like Uganda, Kenya, and South Africa have offered us training opportunities for capacity building, but government selects and sends the oldest people who are going to retire in two years.

They are so old that they get bored in class and only go to enjoy the per diem. For a development of a country you develop the human resource and the human resource develops the country.

So they are wasting state resources. They are there because it is favoritism and a way of rewarding people for loyalty. They don’t get sent there in order to build a human resource.

South Sudan is two years old; but there was an interim period of five years when the guns fell silent and there was a time for nation building. On top of that, we did not just fall from the sky. We were in a liberation movement that had liberated territory bigger than the Republic of South Sudan today. We had a history of administration in the liberated territory that we could have transformed into the new political reality.

But what the President did when he took power was to first throw away the party. And that is a story for another meeting because that goes back to 2004. I am sure you are aware of the Rumbek meeting in 2004.

Question: You mean when Dr. John Garang apologized…
Answer: Yes, they had a meeting in Rumbek and they were reconciled. There was tension between Salva Kiir and Dr. John (Garang). When Dr. John died, they had just reconciled. In Kenya when Kenyatta died, President Moi said ‘Nyayo.’ But what happened in South Sudan is that Salva Kiir did not do ‘Nyayo.’

So, if we go back to 2005, this is where the SPLM got derailed. So we have to go back to 2005 and put the train back on the tracks. Otherwise the train cannot move.

Question: From what the Rumbek meeting and the reconciliation, do you think President Salva should have followed that path as well of reconciliation?

Answer: Definitely. Not only that; but even after the reconciliation with Riek Machar, there was a committee that was enacted to conduct something called the ‘South-South Dialogue.’ This is something like South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. During the reconciliation with Riek Machar in 2002, the South Sudanese had their own way to come together and resolve their conflicts.

There were no outside forces or interests that came in. South Sudanese have the capacity, and they have proven it in the past, to come together and solve their differences. In 2005, we got derailed and the process of south-south dialogue did not continue.

This is what was supposed to be. But it did not happen. Why it did not happen, I don’t know. This tension has been there since before the independence of South Sudan. But people have been exercising responsible leadership. Nobody wanted to be on the bad side of history.

People were waiting for independence; and after we can solve whichever differences we have.

Question: To what extent has ethnicity contributed to the existing tensions?

Answer: There is that dimension and it’s very real because people are killing each other. But I will say that it is in the interest of somebody who is fomenting it. If you look at the 13 political prisoners, they are from different region of South Sudan.

The tribal dimension comes in when somebody is trying to use it as a way of escalating the violence. It’s almost like hate speech coming from the President’s mouth. The year 1991 is a sad chapter in the history of South Sudan. But the President is talking about the 1991 tragedy in the context of the ‘prophet of doom.’

Yet the President should be talking of the 1991 tragedy in the context of reconciliation and truth.

It was the President’s bodyguards in Juba who went house to house executing people because of their tribe. Yes, it has a tribal dimension but in the context of it being used by the regime in order to create chaos and declare martial law and suspend civil liberties.

Question: Do you think it would have been different if Dr. John Garang was still alive?

Answer: There are no ‘what-ifs’ in history. But of course it would be different. There would still be a lot of challenges but the difference is that he was a person who was committed to his leadership and took it seriously. He would not have slept. I watched him as a leader during the war days.

He was always constantly educating himself. This is what leadership demands. You have to always be ahead of the people. This is what our President lacks. He does not take his job as a leader seriously. Otherwise, he would have constantly tried to find ways of solving the challenges.

Question: And the current role being played by Dr. Garang’s widow, your mother Rebecca?

Answer: It is up to her, but I think she would rather be a business person. She has been in that leadership position for 20 years with my father leading the movement. She knows the stress and hardships of leadership. If the people of South Sudan were managing, you would not hear from her. Through the private sector, you can do more for the people.

Two years ago, she started farming, cultivating sorghum. In the first harvest, she made at 300-400 percent more in a year than what she makes in government. She can be a leader in the private sector. But it is because the vision of the movement has been hijacked by people pretending to be using the vision on one hand while doing another thing.

They are using the family of Dr. John Garang to say that Salva is doing the right thing. With this, you get a crisis of conscience at some point and have to say something. When you see something you have contributed to being deliberately destroyed in your name, you have to say something.

So, she has been forced back into politics because at least, not because of her desire for political power.

Question: There were reports that she had been arrested. Is she safe?
Answer: She is at home. They have not harmed her. But if you go out, vigilantes can do anything. I don’t think there is any kind of presidential order for her arrest. They have respected her because within that group there are people who are trying to advise the president that this is not the way.

The senseless were saying that she should be arrested. But I think sense prevailed and they said they would not arrest her. I think if she tries to leave the country they will arrest her. So, she decided to stay home until the situation subsides.

Question: How about you? Are you not threatened?

Answer: I am in danger. Not to say from direct orders of the president. When a leader makes reckless statements, I am in danger from vigilante groups. I could be mugged. I am in danger yes; but God is good.

Question: How do you think what is taking place in South Sudan will end? Will it be an all-out war or reconciliation?

Answer: It depends on the seriousness of the parties involved. Of course our priority is to have a peaceful resolution. We hope for the best. When we reconciled in 2002 with Machar, there were no outside forces involved.
I am confident the people of South Sudan will do it again and reconcile but it depends on the seriousness of the groups.

Question: Machar has been quoted as saying that the only negotiation they can have is to negotiate President Kiir’s departure. Do you think this will bring peace or escalate tension?

Answer: Well that’s what he said. We are all human beings. This is what negotiations are about. Now we are going to enter into negotiations under IGAD. We shall see.

Question: Do you think President Kiir still has legitimacy given what has taken place?

Answer: He would not have legitimacy but for the sake of reconciliation and national unity, I think there are many components. In the case of Kenya, many people died but they found a way to resolve it. If mishandled now, it can lead to more violence.

There are people who said they would never allow Riek Machar to lead South Sudan. But if you say we are democratic, and then say that you can never allow him, you are denying people their civil rights and liberties. The people of South Sudan are not stupid.

Question: Do you have any political ambitions?

Answer: Sometimes you have to be what you have to be during certain situations. Under normal circumstances, I would rather be in the private sector. You go where your soul needs you most. If my country needs me I will not hesitate to answer that call.

Answer: Do you think from this crisis, South Sudan will emerge stronger?

Answer: Yes, people have been exposed and they will be stronger. Whether it’s a case where we will reconcile, we will become stronger. Where the party splits, we will still be strong because the enemy within would have come out. Still the party will be strong.

Question: Is your mother Rebecca Garang supporting Riek Machar?

Answer: Mama Rebecca is not supporting Riek Marchar. Both of them declared their interest to contest for the chair of the party during the national convention. They became allies and what they are pushing for is for the national convention to take place.

And if the national convention takes place, they will compete against each other. And one of them will emerge victorious and the rest will shake hands. This is the spirit of democracy we want to bring to SPLM. So they have become allies. But they are trying to present it as if Mama Rebecca is putting her weight behind Riek Machar.

She is not putting her weight behind Riek Machar. They are allies. Their interests convinced each other and politics is about interests. The crisis began because people were denied their rights. That they should not contest against Salva during the primaries because of some issues of 1991.

If Mama Rebecca had jumped on the tribal bandwagon, then ethnic violence that occurred would have been much worse. The fact that Mama Rebecca and Riek Machar are allies, gives people hope that there is national unity.

There is a group that is supporting the President. They call themselves Dinka elders. And their objective is not to allow the Nuers to take over power. In a way the alliance is what is making the situation not to break into genocide.

New Vision Online.


  1. Elijah Samuel says:

    What he said is factual. Indeed shame on the president for invoking the 1991 and labeling Riak as the prophet of doom. He did not speak like a president but rather a tribal warlord resulting into his tribal body guards killing women,children and the elderly. This is a national shame to all of us.
    Thanks the young Garang for speaking to truth without favors or tribalism. this is what gives us hope that our modern and well educated Dinkas will put the nation first rather than the Dinka nation first. It tells me the young Garang believes in the people of South Sudan not the “born to rule that poisons the heads of the old Jiengs.
    Indeed if Riek wants to run and we’re a democracy, that is up to the people to vote for him or not. Should they find a reason to vote for him, then so be it. That is what democracy is all about. Long live Garang and his family, long live south Sudan.

    • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

      Elijah I am sorry for you you appear to come from nowhere just do your things in silence you are distorting history and facts. If you join Mabor in making lies then you yourself are a liar. Mabor always supports Riek and he is always the victim.

      • Elijah Samuel says:

        How can you say I come from nowhere? Is South Sudan nowhere? The only credential I need is being a South Sudanese which gives me the same right as your criminal Kirr who have murdered women and Children!! You have just insulted our country by insulting our nation by calling her Matriarch and her son a liar! John Garang de Mabior must be rolling in his grave!

        • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

          Elijah I did not say that you are not a South Sudanese I said you are not aware of South Sudanese politics. Mabor and Mother are not a nation but instead they have disgraced a nation by inciting the violence. I can tell them anything because they no longer deserve my respect.

          • Elijah Samuel says:

            Really? Young Garang and the Matriarch of our nation inciting Violence? Just how? and they lost respect in your eyes? Were they the one who unleashed the Jieng Criminal gangs under Kirr to Kill innocent women and children in Juba? Just watch and see where the Path started by Kirr takes us Vs if South Sudan were to follow the Path of the young Garang and the Matriarch, the only people at lost will be the Jieng with Superiority complexes who claims they are born to rule the rest of US! Obviously you belong to such a group.

      • Junubi says:

        Daniel, you are tribalism because the truth is well known. the president at the meeting was not respecting no one. calling people with all kind of names —- garang .orphan boys, 1991 nyagad ect. even me i will react negatively on this.

    • Bari Boy says:

      Your mother had looted SPLM during the liberation time, Nyandeng is not known in Bor Community. This son of woman must learn that he has no place in South Sudan. He has to run his Ebony Restaurant peacefully. President bought a house for his mother in kenya and kiir is giving them 500,000 USD monthly as family of late leader. Mabior is drinking all these money in 20 days. Shame on him.

      Kiir must open the case of corruption on nyandeng and she must resign.

      • Junubi says:

        kiir borrowed 4.5 billion and put it in his account. let him start to investigate himself and then nyandeng. you guys, when you put comments in this site think twice because we see things just like anybody else.

      • Kidepo says:

        Bari Boy-
        Get this name out of yourself and stop pretending like LGG- a dinka refusing his dinka identity from shame. I am sure you are dinka too just like other extremist including LGG.

        From your attitude you are not a bari at all?

    • Elijah Samuel:

      President Kiir was not the leader of the SPLA movement when the prophet of Doom, Riek Machar rebelled against the movement in 1991. It was Dr.John Garang, the Father of this selfish and confused son, Mabor. Although General Kiir Mayardit was the second man to Dr.John Garang in the movement, the confused Mother of no nation had acted as if she was the VP to her late husband in the movement.

      If Rebecca Nyadeng and her family were practicing good governance and Democracy in the SPLA movement, then Why did Riek Machar rebelled against them and massacred their people? The truth of the matter is that the prophet of Doom has a political deal with Rebecca Nyadeng and her son Mabor. The traitor Riek Machar promises to give them ministerial and VP positions if he dethrones president Kiir.

      Rebecca Nyadeng and her son, Mabor had turned against president Kiir because they had failed to acquire the royal family treatment and the positions they want in the government of South Sudan as they stupidly think the SPLA movement was their own family property. The fools should be informed that the prophet of Doom, Riek Machar will never lead South Sudan as president whether by Bullet or Ballot. Those traitors Rebecca Nyadeng and her son, Mabor will never get their wishes for the royal family treatment in South Sudan. PERIOD!

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The Voice of South Sudanese Martyrs)

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Lukudu Gaktuoth Garang:

        You know full well that it will take Dr. Machar and Nuer to reverse the dictatorship of Kiir Mayardit that he has been learning from his mentor, Museveni, the same to what Dr. Machar and Nuer did to Dr. John Garang’s unachievable vision of taking over the whole Sudan (New Sudan). This vision would have never been achieved.The only hope we had was self – determination so we can have a Country we call home (This was the vision of Dr. Machar) and it was indeed achieved.

        Now that we are trying to march to the path of Democratic nation, your mentor Museveni became so jealous to the point he moves in to be the President of South Sudan and I have feeling that he is indeed the President and Salva Kiir is our Vice President. This is the secret deal that none of us will never know. But do not worry, Dr. Machar is here to reverse the wheel as he did in 1991. Stay tune, pal!!

        • Philip D says:

          Just wait you will be attending the Funeral of Dr Riak Machar, his time is to join the likes of George Athor Deng. SPLA Oyeee.

          • GatCharwearbol says:

            Philip D,

            Perhaps your Mother will attend your funneral first before anyone attend Dr. Riek Machar’s funeral. Death does not discriminate, numbskull!

    • You are made to believe that that the wisdom of John is installed in his son and this is not true. I must fully understand that most of you people are opossing the leadership of Salva Kiir simply because your bosses were laid off.

      • Diktor Agarab says:

        I have never been in government nor support anybody in government. I oppose Kiir because he is nothing but an illiterate corrupt thief who is ruining the country because he lacks vision.

  2. De Riak says:

    Damn… a pure betrayal?!
    It’s sad, awful and embarrassing for the Son and a mother to betray late Dr John’s vision and its achievement by teaming with Riek himself. This is especially embarrassing for Mabior and her mother. And this will definitely haunt them for sometime to come.!!


    • Elijah Samuel says:

      De Risk,
      Remember the ultra right wing, white south Africans, who because of their believe in white superiority, when the white leadership were forced to wake up to the reality that,All men and women are created equal, with equal access to justice, liberty, happiness and opportunities leading to the release of Mandela and his ascension to power?

      When all this happened, the racist ultra right wingers told themselves something very similar, Damn…a pure betrayal…awfully etc.

      The Jiengs who believe in Jiengs superiority manifested by the born to rule slogan, and in the presidents own words….”this power belongs to you and some people want to snatch it away from you”. This group of Jings you included are our equivalent of extreme racist right wings of south Africa, like them history will leave them behind eventually!

      The young Garang and her Mother are true Southern Sudanese, Like Mandela, they believe there is room for all in South Sudan and the throne and power belongs to the people of South Sudan not to the Jieng as the president wrongly stated and as the born to rule preaches.
      Look and watch, With this declarations and the things he said in the past, Should he chose to run for the presidency,The seat will be his, over any of your camps of born to rule. Long Live Garangs family and long Live South Sudan.

    • De Riak says:

      Because .. it’s humiliating !

      • Elijah Samuel says:

        You should have been humble because humble people do not get humiliated, they are above petty prides and false philosophy such as born to rule etc.


    • I do support your vision, brother Chiengkueth Kong. If Mabior Garang De Mabior can accept being the president, would be the second to endorse him. God blessed him and Rebecca De Mabior for not allying themselves ethnically in the ongoing conflict.

  4. nikalongo says:

    Garang jr., U and ur mother lack the political maturity and insights that the Dr. John had. He would have seen all this coming. Ur mother and her innocent coleagues now in custody did not know the militaristic aspects of Riak’s plan. A military takeover was never in their thought. Theirs was a struggle to streamline and reform politics in the SPLM and nothing more. Power/Takeover and not reform was what Riak wanted. How is ur mother going to explain herself to the people of Bor after the brutality by Gadet? Riak was able to leave Juba with relative ease and mobilise a counter attack on Kiir. How did he do that. He had a standing army. This suggest everything that happened was pre-planned.

    Yes, ur mother did not jump on the tribal bandwagon but she shot her foot. U are not doing any better either. As the son of our dear leader, tell ur countrymen/women not to kill their way to power. Power belong to the ordinary citizen. Any leader with ambition to the highest office of our country must present her/himself to the electorate and not use the tyranny of number or military might to get there.

    Garang Jr., after the events of 15 Dec. the upcoming peace talks must envision a provision that allows the creation of a peaceful new nation in Equatoria. We are a ashame of sharing South Sudan with a group of people who have neither moral compass nor a profound respect for the sanctity of human life and dignity. Riak and Kiir can take wars to their backyards. We want peace in Equatoria and we should be allowed to have it our way. Ur family is welcome to the Equatorian family if also peace is what u believe in.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Consider the following
      1) Riek got out of the uniform, while Kirr remained in his despite he did not need it being the president and the commander in chief.
      2) Riek did not recruit tribal militia while Kirr, with public money recruited tribal militia
      3) Riek being a former fighter, was at home the fateful night, rather than being at the command, and when Kirrs criminal went to his home, they killed all the living souls they found at home. This Reik you called militarily savvy, does not seems so if he plans coup and wait it out at home resulting into lists of lives at his own house.
      4) One of Rieks son was visiting Juba from outside that very day, It will be unthinkable to allow his son to visit if he plans blood bath that day.
      5) Riek had the perfect opportunities to stage the coup when the President was in France and in Mandela’s Funeral but did not, If he had planned this all along then he is not this military savvy yo talk about.

      By the way, as mush as ascend to power should not be by force, retaining power must not be by exercising force and brutality as the president is doing. He is using the weight of the presidency to silence his opponents, july the press, rendering SPLM fearful therefor he is using power to stay in power, this is even worse.
      What he did to Madam Rebecca and Garang’s family is unforgivable. consider this piece.

  5. Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

    Mabor Garang and his Mother are all political novice who are oriented on how to fight for power but never reason out of the box. How on earth a person who claimed to have been educated make such a empty statement? The conflict we witness in South Sudan today has nothing to do with Kiir but with Machar who is infatuated with power. Mabor has been supporting Riek simply because Riek promise him to give him power in his so-called democratic government that he is fighting for. If Riek was democratic would he take such deadly approach. Riek is not a leader at all because as a good leader you need to study the condition of the people and how your action is going to affect the people around you. Riek does not not have any vision but rely mostly on Nuer majority thinking that Nuer are only more powerful in South Sudan and they can make him get power. I promise Riek will never get power unless he follows a democratic means. Mabor should shut up he is bringing shame to all South Sudan. If his father used to think like that South Sudan would not have been educated. Mabor just has ingrained prejudice towards the president and he will never achieve anything. His is just a wishful thinking. Shame on him. He should have advised Riek so that the Country move forward but now thousands have died who will be blamed for their death, but for Riek Machar. Machar should be charged with crime against humanity based on criminal negligence. He has a duty towards South Sudanese all and he has breached such a duty by instigating the coup and in the process thousand died. The principle of causation should apply based on “but for principle.”

  6. Jack Riek says:

    Son of the Great man has spoken. Any doubt of who is mistaken?

    • Jack Riek:

      Why did you reject and rebelled against the great man in 1991? Please advise the son of great man to seek help and treatment with his Alcoholism and drugs addiction problems. The great man had taken his wisdom and vision with him into the grave. That widow and orphan are left as if they are headless snakes or chicken. They are even more confused than the prophet of Doom, Riek Machar. Those people need our professional help and not the leadership of our Country. God save the people of South Sudan!

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The Voice of the South Sudanese Martyrs)

      • Diktor Agarab says:

        The great man was fighting for a wrong vision – UNITY. It took the rebellion of Dr. Machar to put self-determination as one of the core demands of South Sudanese.

  7. Majongdit says:

    Mabor Nyandeng Chol…that is name in full

  8. Juma says:

    The son of the late the late is spoiling his politiical career unknowingly if he is not aware….. If he is not comfortable with policies of kiir; he can use of others who people than himself; wait for his time to come before he involves himself in conventional politics. He needs to learn from uhuru kenyatta

  9. Joana Adams says:

    Garang Jr.
    Given the tense political situation, you must be commended for speaking the truth without fear or favour. You will go down in history favourably for this thorough exposition of what has been happening behind the scenes. Above all you will go down in history for calling Salva Kiir what he really is: the president of the republic and chairman of the SPLM who has been inciting violence through hate speeches which thankfully are on the record.
    You have also revealed what the people who are confused about what is happening in the South need to know, whether they are other world leaders, political analysts and commentators or the civil societies; and that is the parallel existence of Dinka Council who call themselves Dinka elders who are effectively the ones governing our young country according to in their views, the interests of the Dinka nation, which you prefer to call deviation from SPLM vision. True to their twisted tribal ideology they have categorically said they will not allow Nuers to take over power in the Republic of South Sudan, In other words they will not allow anyone other than one of their kind to ever rule in South Sudan. This is contrary even to the derranged Transitional Constitution 2011,which allows every citizen the right to contest for the highest office.
    But this is not a new political phenomenon in South Sudan. It is precisely what let to kokora and disintegration of the regional government in early 80’s.
    Nearly 30 years on this same council of elders have plunged the nation into war and possible fragmentation. It now remains to be seen for other Jiengs to have what you have correctly termed as ‘crisis of conscience’ especially the sleeping president and his tribal advisors to see light and avert Mayardit from becoming the real president of doom. The East African leaders and others seeking to mediate between the warring parties as well as other South Sudanese who are deliberately being mislead by Kiir, should take time to digest the very comprehensive narrative and analysis offered by Garang Jr to fully appreciate the dynamics of the current purposely induced violence.
    I am sick and tired of them repeating Kiir’s slogans of not allowing take over of power by force. It’s Kiir who has been building up force and has finally unleashed it to intimidate, terrorise and annihilate his opponents. If you the so called mediators cannot see this and are colluding in appeasing a man who has incited ethic cleansing against people he is suppose to protect, then do not raise our hopes. It’s better to let matters take their course than to reach a useless deal that will only store up problems for the future.
    Joana Adams

    • Bismack says:

      Garang Son
      I am sorry for you, man, you are easily manipulated because you don’t have sense of reasoning. Last two months some people from Equatoria were asking you to take Bor population who are occupying Equatoria land leaving local inhabitants stranded in Uganda. Did you answer that comment or ask your Mum about it?.
      You have to know that whenever Riak rebelled against anyone in the SPLM he must start by killing Bor innocent people first and displacing some before it goes to the rest of upper nile. Why don’t you address the worst situation that people are currently facing in Bor?

  10. laaralik says:

    Maboir carry on, your father is still alive

  11. Pan says:

    No one should lecture anyone on ”a crisis of conscience” when they have deposited millions of dollars into their accounts and enjoyed first dibs at various business deals for the last ten years. I’m still waiting for the ONE GROUP to differentiate itself. It’s still just a single-family fighting itself. I’m not convinced that any of these elite clowns can bring any change for the better to South Sudan. They purport to be pursuing democracy but which one of them has empowered a single villager on the ground? Which one of them invested even $100,000USD in their own PUBLIC university without seeking political or tribal loyalty in exchange for the investment? Which one of them shed the blood of innocent villagers to ensure that Juba Teaching Hospital was equipped, functional and hygenic? Which one of them went unpaid in RSS for years on end?

    The unfortunate thing about South Sudan is that rhetoric catches hold like flies on sh** and becomes the tune we all sing. I am waiting to see how this is NOT just a useless, expensive, selfish fight among kin all of them sloganeering and facebooking their way into a socalled Cause. This is still NOT a people’s movement, ya comrades in the palaces and ya comrades now in the prisons. Keep trying. Maybe after the country has been sold down the river, you’ll come to your senses.

  12. anok maketh says:


    • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

      anok maketh, you should be reasonable, do not think like a child.

    • Bismack says:

      This son of a woman called himself Garang son is totally a loser not because I am defending any interest but because I knew you physically and I study all your behaviours.
      You blame Kiir for the loss of innocent lives and mass displacement in Bor in recent days. What about people displace in 1991 and they are causing havoc in Equatoria land. Your Mum, you yourself and Dr. Blood should address the issue of occupation in Equatoria before telling Equatorians you are the right leaders. Our priority is our land for our people followed by your Jieng looting and power struggle.

    • Anok Maketh:

      Was the Coup of 1991 cooked by those of Telar and his Associates in Khartoum? If so, then Why did the Angel of Death flee to Khartoum? Please know that the coup which was recently planned by Rebecca Nyadeng and Majak D’Agoot will increase the population of your people in Equatoria when this conflict resorts to tribal fighting between Nuer and Dinka.

      Please be mindful of what occurred to Akuot Atem and Kerobino Kuanyin Bol when they allied themselves with Nuer Militias. The Nuer’s White Army are now targeting the Bor of Michael Makuei Lueth and Kuol Manyang Juuk while sparing the Bor of Rebecca Nyadeng and Majak D’Agoot as political allies. I wonder, how long will this fake political marriages last when we kick our Butts with the White Army in Jonglei? Please come and witness what is taking place in Bor as I speak. The history of late Akuot Atem will soon repeat itself in Twic East. Please wait and seeeeeeeeee

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The Voice of South Sudanese Martyrs)

      • Elijah Samuel says:

        I am deeply disappointed that after you have massacred innocent lives in Juba for Kirr in the name of his lies and fake coup and deployed in bor you are still around wasting the air of our South Sudan! May it catch up with you soon

  13. Mohd Adam says:

    Mabior Garang, has no clue of things inside the SPLM, spending most of his time drinking and drugs abusing, can’t make him great like his father. Sorry for him. Riek is using the ignorance of his cult followers, which also comes with heavy price tag attached. Looting and killing innocent people, including peace keepers in our country, cannot make Riek a leader in the 21st century. Gone are the days, when 3000 Bor people, got killed by the same angle of death, 1991. In 2002, the Roman Statute came to force, where such crimes are no more permitted.

    Back to poor Mabior Garang. Your mom, and Majak D’ Agot, must come to their sense, rumours, have it that, their plan is not about supporting Dr. Riek Machar, but they are using him, exploiting his cult followers to topple the government. Thereafter, Dr. Majak D’ Agot will take over. Hmmmm, Let me assure you, these are just night meres, far away from real dreams. Such a wishful thinking, has brought, what Bor is today. We have lost our loved ones because of your mom’s naiveness coupled with illiteracy. Bor is mourning while your family is hundreds of miles, enjoying in Nairobi.
    Don’t you think that a day will come, when such acts will be brought to account. Blessed are the meek, for the Kingdom of God belongs to them!

  14. Toney Toney Matot says:

    Garang Jr,
    your photo demonstrate that you are weak and naïve. if Dr. John was to be like you, no one would have followed him but due to his political wisdom he managed to bring all of us in one line . I’m disappointed at you for supporting traitor Riek Machar who murdered thousands of the entire population of Bor. Kiir was in a position to bring you up but after seeing you as a drunkard, he discarded you so that you can enjoy your alcoholism. please leave those nonsense of your mum and come back to Kiir.

  15. Mohd Adam says:

    The so called the white army are on their way to Bor for the 3rd time. Where is Nyandeng and her son Mabior? Both are enjoying themselves in their Villa in Nairobi, leaving behind helpless, elderly and poor ones to face the mobilised forces of doom. Will Nyandeng ever come back to Bor? God knows…

    • Mohd Adam:

      Rebecca Nyadeng and her son, Mabor does not care about the well being and safety of their relatives back home. They only care about their bellies, positions and/or money to fill up their stomachs. I do have a great respect for the late Dr. John Garang and not those food lovers. They are disgrace to our Country. They think they own the SPLM/A, therefore they should be treated like a Royal family in South Sudan. Tough luck our Royal family!

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The voice of South Sudanese Martyrs)

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Mr. Garang:

        Do not be jealous because Rebecca Nyadeng and her son are much brighter than you and Kiir. Mabior has inherited the wisdom from his father, late Dr. John Garang. Although Garang was also a tribalist, he had a vision to long for. Even though the vision of New Sudan was unachievable, at least he had one. What about your President of Doom, Kiir Mayardit? What is his vision? I bet you his vision is to brown-nose Museveni and nothing else. He is visionless man who cannot stand on his two feet. Leave Mabior and his Mother alone. They do not like to associate with people like you who do not have an iota of common sense.

        • Pan says:

          My friend, GatCharwearbol, your last sentence says it all. If Mabior and Madame Nyadeng are not liking to associate with the illiterates on the ground, then they shall not speak on behalf of the illiterates on the ground. This is a useless fight among the educated elite behind walls. Let neither side misuse the name OR THE BODIES of the illiterates!

  16. kikisik says:

    Thank you Mabior Garang for speaking the truth. For those who are questioning your wisdom; there is time to speak and time to keep silent, but it takes wisdom to know the time’
    ‘Leaders comes Leaders goes, but South Sudan will remain forever”

  17. Paul Kitu says:

    I understand the anger of people still out there due to situation in our country South Sudan, but I’m well pleased with the content of your article, Dr. John is still alive, take care of yourself.

  18. Daughter of Equatoria says:

    Congratulations son of South Sudan for this exposure,do not mind those disappointed by your extracts.The truth is they(kiir’s die-heart supporters) can’t believe a fellow dinka going rival and accusing their king of inciting violence and finally desist from tribalism.

    • Daughter of Equatoria:

      President Kiir did not have diehard supporters when the Angel of Death,Riek Machar staged a coup against Mabor’s Father Dr. John Garang in 1991. Please let us revisit the history of our struggle for freedom and justice when we address political turmoil in our Country. It were the same diehard supporters who rescued and protected Mabor’s late Father, Dr.John Garang in 1991. If it were not us, you wouldn’t be talking about the change of political leadership in South Sudan today. Nyadeng and Mabor were enjoying their luxury lives in Kenya/East Africa when we were kicking our Butts with Riek Machar’s traitors and blind supporters in South Sudan.

      “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
      Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the South Sudan’s forgotten Martyrs)

  19. Joana Adams says:

    L Garang G.
    The “president of doom” Salva Kiir Mayardit is the one responsible for inciting ethnic cleansing of Nuers in Juba. He deserves unequivocal condemnation for it. He has done this after the Wau massacre, the occupation of Chollo land, the extrajudicial murder of sons of Equatoria in Yei, Yambio and Juba and the continuing ethnic violence against the Murle. He is the chief land grabbed of Equatoria land and the list goes on…
    Riek Machar opposed John Garang because Garang had killed Southern patriots, unreasonably imprisoned some instead of allowing them to fully participate in the liberation of their country. He had on the one hand tribalised the movement which he hijacked from true nationalists with the help of Mengistu and on the other hand imposed the agenda of united Sudan which most southern patriots were opposed to and finally succumbed to through intimidation and lynching, as long as it was only a strategy and not an end in itself. In addition, John Garang became the SPLA/M and SPLA/M became John Garang and both were synonymous with South Sudan. He was the commander in chief, and chairman of the SPLM/A; chief spokes person of the SPLA/M. He was the minister of finance and helped himself to all the funds donated for the liberation cause.
    Dr. Riek Machar did what many wanted to in the ranks but couldn’t. Some of those who were initially with Riek pulled out after being tribally blackmailed liek Telar Ring. It takes courage and a profound sense of nationalism to put your life on line for others. Riek did this in 1991 and has done it again in 2013. This time not because he chose the unfolding method but was pushed into it. If people have chosen to be mediocre and are happy to be led by even foolish people, why do they blame those who have the desire and ambition to lead. Has having an ambition for leadership been criminalized in South Sudan? No one will have the ambition to lead unless they have something to offer. And when undeserving people are given leadership position on the plate for tibal reasons like Kiir or as favoritism like Wani Igga, we have now all seen how disastrous hand picking leaders can be.
    I see no reasons why a son of the land should be denied his civil rights to become president just because he comes from the wrong tribe. If the people don’t want him, they won’t vote for him period. L Garang G should stop hate mongering and let the people decide.


    • Pan says:

      Having an ambition for leadership is not criminalized in South Sudan lest that ambition is predicated on the death of thousands of innocent people. This talk of democracy is a sick cow cooked and eaten among the elites of various South Sudanese tribes. In the name of the People, this sick cow is eaten and its bones boiled over and over again without a single invitation sent out to the people. “Let the people decide” you say? Since when has Kiir or Riak or Pagan or Nyandeng or Alor or Adwok allowed the people to decide a damn thing? If at least the people in whose names you all pretend to have fought were clued into your machinations, think you would have run through Juba or Bor or Malakal or elsewhere without a fight? Think the people would have offered themselves up willingly for your slaughter?

      My dear friend, Joana. I am disappointed today with your rhetoric. Dig deeper please.

      • Elijah Samuel says:

        Because of your paranoia you prefer the Devil Kiir? No my friend. Riek Rebelled against Garangs Dictatorship in 1991 and now against kiirs tyranny and genocide we are leaving in flesh. I will rather take my chances with Riek after 8 years of failed polices under kiirs absolute powers. WeSouth Sudanese all have to thanks the only man who have stood against tyranny and fought it and that person is Riek

        • Pan says:

          Paranoia? I use empirical evidence, friend. I don’t want Kiir or Riak so stop the reductionism. There are at least 3 people who have served in the government (one Nuer, one Kakwa, one Bari) that I believe would be better candidates for President than either Kiir or Riak, both of whom are devisive, destructive and idiotic. Riak stood against tyranny? When? When he defected in ’91 and prolonged the war and agony of the people? When he was VP for 8 years in the same system he now barks about? When he ravaged Bor and Unity for his own political ambitions? Is Riak really all you got, bro? There are scores of more able Nuers. We’ll take any of them first before you impose your myopic man on the country.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      My spirit is calmed by your writings and I am extremely proud of you and please allow me call you my sister and fellow Patriot!

    • Kidepo says:


  20. Gok machar says:

    Please Mabior and your mother you are liars you want to tell us that you know something about the south sudan? When did you and your mother have time during the war to know something than drinking and prostitute in nairobi? Stop your foolish ideas with your mother.
    No direct killing but cross fire on both sides and that means bullet does discriminate if you are visionary person. those who died in juba are both nuers and dinkas plus other tribes in the south not nuers as you claimed with your western countries who want to see that south is divided to get chance of getting oil in the south sudan

  21. Mohd Adam says:

    Like the mother, like the son. Uh I thought is was like the father, like the son!!!

  22. Beek says:

    His father had abused the people of South Sudan for more than 21 years,i think he should keep his mouth shutand let suffering people of South Sudan move on.

  23. manyok maketh de diingyoor says:

    pls you people stop telling cheat to the family of late dr john garang,because all of us should pay respect to our beloved [father of nation] he did the best since sudanese were been slaves by arabs regim.but i want to tell every one of south sudanese wherever you are,don’t sell our beloved country throught mouth or destroy it,let us all things about our martyrs and disable,orpants,widow since 1912. went british came to sudan try colonial us,am trying to alart people of south sudan their long strong and bring quick solution to situation goingon,not talking the rebbish to each other you sudanese,our big enamies is very happy [arab] for current condition and let bring peace to our people to stop death in south sudan you leaders,long live south sudan and long sudanese.we all one people,one nation,one God under one nation.

  24. brian wawelo says:

    Education is what leadership demand and that’s what stupid kiir lacks you always have to be ahead of the people, The
    scenceless the fools the illiterate once’s will support kirr . while the understandable, the educated, the scensceble once will support DR RIEK MACHAR

  25. brian wawelo says:

    Kiir lacks vision and political knowledge

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