JMEC and UNMISS must know 28 states is the redline of their politics of peace

By: Daniel Juol Nhomngek, Law Development Centre (LDC), Kampala Uganda, MAY/06/2016, SSN;

On May 4, 2016, Peace monitoring body JMEC and the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) said that the 28 states created by President Salva Kiir are not in line with the peace agreement and are not recognized by them as legitimate.

The question is: who are they to recognize the rights of South Sudanese to self-determination in regard to the utilization of their resources? It is only the country that can be recognized by other countries but the right to self-determination of the people in the utilization of their resources is outside of the jurisdiction of any state.

The JMEC and UNMISS are playing political gimmicks and they should stop it with immediate effect. Enough is enough, we are tired with naked violence of the UNMISS wrapped in language of peace and peace keeping.

I have come to the realization and conclusion that what many South Sudanese people have been saying about the UNMISS is true. When the civil broke out in 2013, many South Sudanese pointed their fingers at UNMISS blaming it as one of the contributors to the outbreak and demise of South Sudanese unity and nationhood.

Thus, in confirmation the suspicion of South Sudanese as stated above, I was not supervised to see the UN representative inciting the violence in South Sudan on May 4, 2016. On that date at a news conference at UN House in the Jebel area of Juba, Ellen Loej, the Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG) and Head of UNMISS, came out openly to confirm the suspicion against the UNMISS held by majority of South Sudanese by stating that they had not recognized 28 States citing ethnic tensions as the major reason.

What Ellen Loej did not understand is that her action and conduct contribute to an increased tension in the country by encouraging few disgruntled individuals who are not happy with the creation of New 28 States to increase their ethnic attacks as a way of achieving their demand through their sister UNMISS.

For the above reasons, I have realized that these international bodies take people for granted. I was actually devastated, I felt angry, helpless and stupid by that shameless UN representative who preached conflicts undercover of peace.

I felt like that because the UNMISS is hypocrite and inhuman. The UN preaches peace but its agencies like the UNMISS are preaching the violence and human rights violation under the cover of keeping peace or giving humanitarian support.

I am still wondering up to now where the UNMISS Madam Ellen Loej, gets the facts and courage to make such ignorant understatement backed by insufficient reasoning. She must understand that peace is not the absence of war but it exists where majority of the people are protected and happy.

Madam Ellen Loej, I wished you were around where I am to ask you this few questions: “Madam, you said you are in South Sudan to protect the rights of South Sudanese and to maintain peace: how many people were killed under the arrangement of ten States? Have you ever come out to confront the government in failing to protect citizens of South Sudan in different states? Was the UNMISS happy in what was happening in Lakes State, in particular in Cueibet county, which currently the Gok State among 28 States?”

Hypocrites! I have come to conclusion that UNMISS has the eyes but it does not see and has ears but does not hear the fact that people of South Sudan suffered to a greater extent under the previous ten states arrangement.

It appears that the UNMISS in South Sudan is not a peace keeping mission but a war broker mission bound to achieve the hidden agenda of their undisclosed principal who wants to destroy South Sudan in language of maintaining peace. This explains why the UNMISS officials do not even seek guides from the purpose and objective of the UN Charter of 1945, which is the Constitution governing UN and its member States.

In its Preamble, the UN Charter of 1945 provides for the maintenance international peace in order to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war (the World Wars), which twice has brought untold sorrow to mankind, and to also reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small, and to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom.

Hypocrisy! Is it how to reaffirm the UN faith in fundamental human rights in the dignity and worth of the human person by subjecting the innocent citizens to unworkable ten states arrangement that formerly existed in South Sudan, which were infested with grave and inhuman corruption?

The UNMISS should be realistic and stick to its objectives as provided under the UN Charter. In objectives 3 and 4 of the UN Charter it is further provided that the purpose of the UN is to achieve international co-operation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian character, and in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion; and to be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations in the attainment of these common ends.

In order to achieve the above objectives of the UN Charter, principle 1paragraph 2 of the same Charter provides that the principle and purpose of the United Nations is to achieve an ultimate goal of developing friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination of peoples, and to take other appropriate measures to strengthen universal peace.

Is it how to maintain international peace through violating human rights to self-determination? I would like to remind the UNMISS that the right to self-determination is the core of human rights.

The importance of the rights to self-determination is shown in both international human rights instruments which are: International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights of 1966. In these two human rights instruments, the right to self-determination is provided in common article 1, and by virtue of that right, the people are protected by human rights law to freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

Moreover, in article 2 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political rights, the purpose of the rights to self-determination is explained that all peoples may, for their own ends, freely dispose of their natural wealth and resources without prejudice to any obligations arising out of international economic co-operation, based upon the principle of mutual benefit, and international law. Hence, in no case as that article 2 above points out, may a people be deprived of its own means of subsistence.

On regional level, Article 20 (1) of the AFRICAN (BANJUL) CHARTER ON HUMAN AND PEOPLES’ RIGHTS (Adopted 27 June 1981, OAU Doc. CAB/LEG/67/3 rev. 5, 21 I.L.M. 58 (1982), entered into force 21 October 1986) provides that all peoples shall have the right to existence. They shall have the unquestionable and inalienable right to self- determination and they shall freely determine their political status and shall pursue their economic and social development according to the policy they have freely chosen.

Therefore, the question is: is it how to achieve the right to self-determination by denying people rights to self-determination and instead subject them to unworkable and inhuman arrangements called ten states? If ten States were a person, I would have brought the claim against it in the ICC because thousands of people were killed under it.

I can go on and on citing all international and regional human rights laws to show UNMISS that the rights to self-determination is a right firmly established under the international law and it is as well applicable to the people of South Sudan. South Sudanese have fundamental rights to determine their own survival irrespective of any consideration or politics.

However, what I have discovered to be the greatest problems with all international organizations including the UNMISS is that they do not see potential human rights violation unless people fight for it first and then later recognize it after thousands of lives have been lost.

The cause of this indifference may be that UNMISS and other human rights organization are there not to protect human rights but to create the modern sphere of influence for their respective nations by destroying the indigenous communities wherever they are found.
The UNMISS and JMEC must understand that the issue of 28 States is no longer debatable nor is it within the political arena. It has become a human right issue and any mistake made to destroy these states will be a destruction of majority of South Sudanese and also will cause another long and justified protracted war in South Sudan.

Warning! Some of us are outside South Sudan just waiting to hear that the 28 States are no longer there and the moment we hear that we will come to mobilize all youths and other citizens to start another dangerous war against whoever has the hands in destruction of 28 States.

As I have already stated above, the issue of 28 States is settled since it is a matter of human rights and it is red line for anybody to cross it. 28 States have helped our people to achieve some peace and the example is that unlike before the creation of 28 States where Lakes State was in danger of people destroying each other as hundreds of people were killed under the inefficient leadership of Matur Chut, today some parts of Lakes State such as Gok State and Eastern Lakes (the former Yirol) State are in peace but for the creation of 28 States.

However, JMEC and UNMISS are out there preaching the language of violence and threats against the new states and their people. The UNMISS must stop these languages of threat against human rights.

In fact, I completely fail to comprehend as to why the UNMISS complains that the creation of 28 States is not part of peace agreement and it is increasing ethic violence yet as I am aware, it is bringing peace, stability in term of security to the people who were previously in danger of destroying each other.

There must be another hidden agenda. South Sudanese must realize that the UNMISS is not there to create peace but to destroy South Sudan and after that leave the Country in tatters.

Furthermore, it appears that the UNMISS has misunderstood the cause of ethnic tension. The creation of States is not a cause of ethnic tension. Ethnic tension has its roots in history of the relation of South Sudanese with Sudan.

In that regard, ethnic tension was used as a tool by the previous Sudanese government to destroy the Unity of South Sudanese. Hence, the UNMISS should not take effect for the cause.

The hatred and misgiving among South Sudanese we see today is part of an inherent culture of tribal relation between different tribes in South Sudan as it was sown by the former colonial Northern Masters through their divide and rules policy polished by wrong education system.

Hence, destroying 28 states in order to appease other South Sudanese who are inciting violence is not a solution to South Sudanese problems. Instead, it will worsen the situation by pitting citizens even further against each other.

In my understanding and analysis, in order to achieve lasting peace, internal coherent and cohesion in South Sudan, the solution is not to destroy 28 States but to under the root causes of the hatred and misgiving and to deconstruct the history that gave rise to the current tension.

Otherwise, the UNMISS and JMEC have taken effect for the cause and are treading on dangerous grounds that can cause another even serious wars in South Sudan.

I have to repeat, destruction of 28 States is not even closer to getting solutions to the problems of South Sudan. If the UNMISS pushes further with its claim of not recognizing the existence of 28 States because some South Sudanese are causing ethnic violence, then, it appears that the JMEC and UNMISS are trying to impose the principle of victor justice where those with power are awarded something because of their victory.

The victor justice or the policy of digging a hole to fill a hole is not a solution to South Sudanese problems. The UNMISS and JMEC should not stick to peace agreement blindly to the extent of not seeing some impending dangerous issues.

What is wrong with 28 States? The creation of 28 States might have been ill-intended with political motivation but the way they are helping people today proves that South Sudan needs to adopt that approach if it were to achieve lasting peace and development.

Oil should not be the determinant of people rights. As my analysis shows, the contention is not over why 28 states were created but some selfish politicians want the destruction of 28 States in order to come up with other states that give them control over oil.

This was shown by the first 21 States that were created by Riek Machar when he curbed all areas of oil into the states he considered to be his.

As explained above if we look at the problems of South Sudan at the political angle solely then South Sudan will never achieve lasting peace. In order to achieve legitimate and lasting peace must look for the way how to make people happy. This means that if South Sudan were to create States even if it were based on family, but as long as, the citizens of South Sudan are protected and do anything that can protect their rights, then there is no problem with that.

This brings me to some concerns expressed by those who consider themselves South Sudanese nationalists who point out that creating states based on tribes could destroy the South Sudanese unity. This kind of reasoning is a fallacy of our modern thinking where we love the country without offering anything to it.

Instead, when we are given responsibility to run the country, we destroy it through corruption and after that leaving the country divided and in helpless state.

Thus, what I want to tell the people who bear this kind of thinking is that the unity of the country is not achieved through adopting a particular system of governance but it comes through the action of its leaders.

Once again, I would like to warn the JMEC and the UNMISS to leave out the issue of 28 States in the peace discourse. They must objectively assess the viability of 28 States instead of blindly condemning the whole project.

In order to be in Peace the UNMISS must avoid agitation for useless claim of not recognizing 28 States. Rather, it should help South Sudan to form the Commission or tribunal composed of respected people to objectively determine claims concerning the land grabbing involving the creation of 28 States and if that claim is genuine then those who claim must be given their rights.

NB//; the author is the Concerned South Sudanese lawyer in Uganda and can be reached through: +256783579256 or


  1. Force_1 says:

    The JMEC and the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) don’t ran South Sudan but the people who made the decision to have 28 states in South Sudan do! The 28 states in South Sudan are already operational and anyone who don’t like 28 states has to live with it.

    • John Steven says:


      No one is against the 28 states, except that you do not stupidly curve out peoples lands to make jienge territory or spread the boundaries in such a manner that overall, everywhere you go (MTN) there are these jienges. Even after operationalization of these states, the jienges have not left Equatoria, instead they are fleeing to Darfur, Kordofan, and Equatoria for food and security. They cant develop their home states because they lack the human resources, are incompetent, lazy and sit idly under trees talking shit the whole day. Today, the jienge states have the worst indicators of human development in South Sudan. Jienge states are just a “useless burden” to the rest of South Sudan. Equatoria must simply force for Federation or outright confederation

      • WAN RAN says:

        You guy the 28 states dont mean that all Equatorians in whereever they are should park and go to Equatoria ok, it is just a politcal division u know and this doesnot you youself should go to my New Jongle and start be wise man or try go your mother

  2. Gatdarwich says:


    The Jenges’ annexation projection of other tribes’ lands–psuedo–imposed 28 states is destined to be suspended because it’s a recipe for tribal tensions and endless lands disputes war. It’s not the 64 tribes’ demand but Jenges’ demoniacal project–demoniacally designed to illegally annexes other tribes’ lands to the Jenges’.
    JMEC and UNMISS Representatives legitimately echoed the imminent percussions which have already emaninated from the pseudo 28 tribal enclave states imposition.
    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the creation of more states if the 64 tribes collectively and agreeably decides on it—through national referendum, and if the country have enough money to funds their operations—NOT through IMF loans.
    Juol, there’s absolutely no needs to go haywire on UNMISS and JMEC representatives’ legitimate warning words full stop

    • Southdan says:

      Gatdarwich, you right evey one has agreed the creation of 28 States in South Sudan is useless. Look at the evidence, a Dinka Bor radio based in Australia namely (South Sudan radio) had interviewed Dr. Reik Machar opposing the creation 21 stats and proposing by SPLA/IO arguing their is no money. Question why jeing elders insisting on creating 28 States while they had already opposed Dr.Machar on proposing the creation of 21 States?

      • Gatdarwich says:


        Look at the Jenges’ traitorous nature, Killer NyanKiir is now begging for international monetary aids to funds the pseudo-proposed 28 states illegal operations, while the likes of his kinsmen, Juol is throwing shits at the international community representatives– UNMISS and JMEC–for stating the truth pertaining to the illegality of the pseudo-proposed 28 tribal enclave states.
        In reality, the pseudo-proposed 28 states is nothing but vivid manifestation of complete madness on Jenges’ demonic quest to illegally acquires other tribes’ ancestry lands. It will not and shall never work period.

    • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

      Yes, you have agreed to that fact that there is nothing wrong with the creation of more states which is true. But I disagree with you on the issue of all people agreeing to creation of States in South Sudan because it has been a desire for all South Sudan to create federal system. Thus, where some people have been deprived of their land in the process of the creation of new States then the best thing is not to destroy all 28 States which is going to create more instability in South Sudan. What need to be done is that the committee should be formed led by international expert to study the claim based on history of given tribes and then they make a decision based on that finding

      • Gatdarwich says:


        There was never a general or communal consultation pertaining to the creation of the pseudo-dictatorially imposed 28 states. The tribal enclave states were designed and imposed by none rather than their truly, the Jenges’ representatives–Jenges Council of Evils and the Incompetent Killer NyanKiir.
        None–Zero member of the 63 the tribes in South Sudan was ever consulted in the demonic creation process of the pseudo 28 states. I am 200 percent sure that Chollo didn’t demand their City Malakal be given to the Padang Jenges.
        Juol, you need to be logical and absolute here. This is not SSTV where Makuei Liar and Philip Aguer erringly utter that crap reasoning–“people’s demand.”
        Word of advice, Please stop lying. It’s highly incompatible with your supposedly profession, lawyer!

        • Gatdarwich says:


          There was never a general or communal consultation pertaining to the creation of the pseudo-dictatorially imposed 28 states. The tribal enclave states were designed and imposed by none rather than their truly, the Jenges’ representatives–Jenges Council of Evils and the Incompetent Killer NyanKiir.
          None–Zero member of the 63 tribes in South Sudan was ever consulted in the demonic creation process of the pseudo 28 states. I am 200 percent sure that Chollo didn’t demand their City Malakal be given to the Padang Jenges.
          Juol, you need to be logical and absolute here. This is not SSTV where Makuei Liar and Philip Aguer erringly utter that crap reasoning–“people’s demand.”
          Word of advice, Please stop lying. It’s highly incompatible with your supposedly profession, lawyer!

  3. Justin Amaba says:

    Nonsense! It is not South Sudanese who hold such views of UNIMIS and the 28 states is not demanded by the people but Dinkas.

    Don’t thinks your Dinka Views are South Sudanese, they are Dinka views! and they are not approved the Majority who reject the 28 states. How can a single south sudanese decide on how many states we are going to have including what state is called what?? What world are you leaving in!

    The message to you is, proceeding with the 28 states is a red line which will never be accepted, get use to it. Kir semi primitive president can not with his tribal JCE decide our future. Such things must be decided by the people.

  4. abai okwahu says:

    this author is one of those pretenders assuming bogus credentials bought on the streets of kampala. creation of the 28 states by decree was not a ‘human rights’ issue, this was a case of insanity by a dictator who claims that the oppressed masses yearned for more states. i do not remember that tyrannical regime consulting or deliberating the issue of the 28 states with all the citizens in the country. and please quit blaming unmiss and other non-governmental bodies for the problems that the junta has created. finally get a good education while you are still in uganda probably on monies looted from the treasury of south sudan as your diction is crap, wannabe lawyer.

    • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

      Thanks for abusing me but the truth will never be defeated. Do not destroy South Sudan for your personal interest no one in South Sudan is interested in taking Someone land but also no one is interested in let his or her right go because UNMISS has said so the law must take it course and that is all.

  5. Beek says:

    That is how politics about,but in the end they recognized that,i am sure they will. The JMEC and UNMISS need to put in their mind that 28 states will never ever go away because there is no going back to 10 States anymore,may be through referendum,but we still win. Majority of our people have been let down for years by the so-called Three Southern administration Regions.There is no need to rush because they will officially accept and recognized 28 states if things have being well organized on the ground. Remember the recognition of South Sudan as the country was not easy.
    South Sudan was recognized by many countries in the same day,i was very shocked when many countries in Western Europe came out and recognized South Sudan as the country.

  6. Eastern says:

    Dear Daniel,

    Calm down. It saddens me to see a lawyer in the making from Law Development Centre, Kampala Uganda writing such an emotive piece. I though South Sudanese lawyers trained outside the Sudan would behave differently, alas! I now understand why Michael Makuei Lueth behaves the way he does!

    To begin with, during the protracted peace negotiation between SPLM-IO and Kiir’s government in Addis Ababa, the former floated the idea of splitting up South Sudan into 21 states based on the former British/Anglo-Egyptian districts. This was rejected by negotiators from Kiir’s side. So the ARCISS was later signed on the bases of 10 states as states in the constitution of the land at the time.

    There were no known consultations either within or outside South Sudan for more states. Out of the woods came the now infamous presidential order creating 28 states. Proponents of the 28 states argue that it was a “popular” demand from the “majority” of the people.

    I am cautious when using the word “majority”. I am aware that the war affected many South Sudanese; forcing a large proportion to leave the country and move to neighboring countries as refugees; others are holed up in UN sanctuaries leaving as internally displaced persons while those with dual citizenship have simply returned to their second countries. So do we still use the word “majority” with the confidence of a lawyer putting up a case?

    Daniel, it’s preposterous for you as a supposedly “learned” person to insinuate that more people were killed under the 10 states arrangement and life the 28 states will be akin to that in the Biblical Garden of Eden. You immediately contradicted yourself by citing the example in your backyards: Lake state under Matur Chut. The problems in that part of the country is not about Matur Chut as an individual. Even after crating Gok state (curved out of Cueibet county) people still continue to plunder cattle and die in large numbers. Recently, the newly appointed governor went overboard by ordering the execution of two citizens in an attempt to bring the situation under wraps – the extra judicial killings did not help; if anything it worsened it. Gok state is 100% dinka why are they killing each other?

    Daniel, you cannot also put up a case that Upper Nile will be pacified by creating more states. The Shilluks/Collo are already up in arms against “dinka annexation of the Eastern bank of the Nile river” – there’s an active force of militias fighting to defend their land against the 28 states project. In Raja, the various tribes there are not happy being lumped together with the “cattle keepers” because they are “farmers”.

    The two main parties to the ARCISS need to reach a middle ground on the issue of states. This can’t be imposed by Kiir nor dictated by Machar – a consensus has to be reached on this matter by the two principles. Remember, Dr Machar now wields some executive power as the 1st Vice President; Kiir still has some powers but not the absolute powers he wielded before – if he’s forgotten this; one of his numerous advisors needs to give him a heads up!

    Please better put up a better case on your support for the 28 states project. You may want to wish away Ellen Loj by declaring her Persona Non Grata, but the truth will bite in; South Sudan needs the international community, including the UN, more than the former needs the country. South Sudan cannot be a member in regional and international asserting independence when its existence is dependent on donor support!

    Better focus on your Bar Course to become a better lawyer in the nearest future.

    • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

      Eastern, if you do not know what the law teaches then let me teach u today. The law defines the right of the people but does not grab the rights. Thus, where as a lawyer I see that South Sudanese have the right and it is being violated, then that right must be defended even if it means violence then we can go that way because I will be ready to go to ICC if the ICC says that I am guilty for fighting for my right then God will judge when I am gone. Next time you will suffer the same way and I will intervene because I do not fight for my personal interest my objective to be ready to fight where there is a violation of human rights.

      You ignore one fact that in South Sudan we are getting things in illegal ways Riek was dismissed but he used force and now he is given a right for the sake of South Sudan in the same way, if the State are destroyed then the only way is to use force to retain that right. There is nothing like the two parties sitting down to discuss the issue of the States because it is not political issue but human right issue that can only be solved through legal means.

      You ridiculed me that I am in LDC and I think the way I think I think because you are a lay person so you do not know the practical aspect of the law and I cannot argue with u on that point. You have read my article, and u have seen that I am not writing with the aim to protect Dinka interest but my point is that we should not violate the rights of others because some people are not happy. If we go that way we shall encourage people to always create violence in order to get what they want. What is needed to be done is just to form a committee to investigate and give back the land to the true owners if found that the land was grabbed.

      Eastern you might have highly been educated but the way u argue shows that your education is theoretically and just there to impress the people not to get the real solutions for South Sudan.

      • Eastern says:


        Much as I am legally literate, you are more than welcome to teach me; after all life is a learning process why would a sane person refuse to be taught. I may learn a thing or two from you today.

        I have not ridiculed you for being in the prestigious LDC, if anything I want to see the level of intellectual debate emanating from you setting aside from the numerous people masquerading as lawyers in South Sudan. I know what it takes to get to the LDC.

        That said, government business in South Sudan will longer be as it was prior to the formation of the TGoNU. You mentioned the dismissal of Riek by Kiir in 2013. That act alone cost the country more than a decade worth of investment – Kiir was ill-advised by folks some of whom have since fled to their second countries by the resultant actions. Kiir and his advisors ignored the fact that Riek was not just simply handpicked deputy; he had sting on his tail. You can’t crucify Macher for resorting to armed rebellion; there’s presidence for armed rebellion in the Sudan and South Sudan to achieve a political end. The presidency of Kiir is the product of the same.

        As an upcoming lawyer, I expected you be mindful of your language. Let me refer you an instance, where your emotion took the better part of you: “There is nothing like the two parties sitting down……”. This is the mindset negotiators from Kiir’s side went with to the negotiation table in Addis Ababa. You refuse to aknowledge the imposition of the 28 states as political problem but insist that it’s a human right issue. Well, Mr lawyer, make your case and present it before the competent court of your choice.

        I am certain Dr Machar is aware of the emmense powers he now wields thanks to the terms of the ARCISS, but he won’t use raw power and intrigue to get his way around, but tact, court of public opinion, political savvy approaches to move things forward.

        • WAN RAN says:

          Excusse me Eastern, you dont want your states in the East then your demand is that you should all join those three states period you dont need to fck around or call for your independence

    • Jake says:


      All I can Say is Excellently Summarized.

  7. Bro Daniel Juol Nhomngek; I do agree with you brother in all your points; However, we lost sovereignty long time ago. When we failed to negotiate internally our political issues leading to populace suffering. This made some outside there to negotiate bad peace on our behave. Although we tried sovereignty by adding reservations it did not work out. Also, we were reluctant to implement the signed peace; just to bring Dr. Riek Macher back to Juba we asked some one outside there to do it for us. We need food from some one outside there. We need some one outside there to protect our civilian and feed them in POC. So don’t you think they can even decide on how many States we need? (Strings attached to their help). So when you are economically independent; you can be politically powerful; but we went deadly wrong. We thought Petro Dollars was here to stay so first we loot as much as possible and the President was advised to beg them (75 looters) to even return half of 4 Billion USD looted just in 2 Years!!!!!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Arop Biar,
      Of course, you are absolutely right. The USA, Britain and even the Japanese can’t be pouring their millions of dollars for nothing. There must be some strings and conditionalities attached, so Kiir must bend over to their demands.

  8. Okuc says:


    Your argument is rubbish and your king has no right or authority to take land of Chollo and other ethnics by force and give it his Dinka tribe. Chollo kingdom has been in existent before modern Sudan leave alone the new born Country you call South Sudan where your forefathers were roaming in the bush without any notion of state.
    Take my word no force will be able to evict Chollo from their ancestral land by force; instead we are going to drive out your people so call padang from Upper Nile to where they came from. Don’t decieve yourselve that you are going to turn South Sudan into Dinka republic in 21rst century by manipulating and using the state machinary to advance your agenda.
    In conclusion, our forefathers fought turks and Ansar who were more sophisicated than you people over this land and were defeated by our forefathers in defence of and for their Chollo generations who will inherit it after them.

    • deng hanbol says:

      Dr. Okuc Bravo!!
      Chollo warriors do not need military back up from Nuer warriors to chase the cowards Padang Dinka away from Greater Upper Nile. I strongly recommend your community to take action now to end the occupation of your ancestral land by the Slaves-minded Padang Dinka. Nuer community must help Chollo by all possible means if Dinka of Bar- El Ghazal will send a reinforcement.

    • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

      Thanks but be mind of South Sudan

  9. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Arop Biar,
    Your views are more than correct and that could have been the objective of the consiprators behind the death of Garang becouse they ought to have calculated very correctly that RSS would be without a leader without Garang.
    Just see how so much u are on the target with your argument:
    1 Kiir wants money after forming the transitional cabenit,but they will only give it to him in a tea spoon with objective to starve his rule into dying slow death.
    2 Dr Riak’s ambition for power is interesting to them.But the reality is,if they ever helped him to power,the first thing they will do is compelling him to sign economic and security cooperation agreements with them from the first hour giving them the right to take over RSS’ economic resources.
    But what economic assistance would they give RSS in case of the 2nd scenario?
    U can never be wrong to say that they will never give half of the 5 billion dollars that were stollen and wasted by the RSS political elites among whom are the same Kiir and Riak.Is there anything more stupid on earth than blackmailing one’s self like that?!!!

  10. Kabaka says:


    Your views noted, some observations though!

    The idea about the 28 states is not a resource as you try to put it, may be according to the Jienges…but definitely it will lead to a self determination for other South Sudanese in the young nation in future – sure!

    The fallacy is that Riak created 21 states – it makes me sick and disgusted or otherwise if an intellect like you cannot distinguish between proposed and created…call yourself a learned friend!; it makes me think you are an hypocrite as you rightly point out in your posting or education has never rehabilitated you.

    Learned friends say “ignorance is no defense” right? I advise that you need not portray such ignorance in such forums when you post views or commentaries: record straight, Riak made a proposal and the criteria on borders was laid down but Government refused – reason, the people have to decide for it through a referendum. If that was Government’s position, why should the President or Jienges back-track on the decision and hijack the whole process from the citizens?

    Typical of most proponents of the 28 states like you has been finger pointing (blame) of UNMISS or JMEC but I assure you, it will not solve South Sudans current or future woes as you may think. UNMISS or JMEC whatever the case may be want your like minded to think and behave like as civilized people, not like an animals which do not follow principles. The Government has said it all; the issue of 28 states should be put to the whole citizens in a referendum….Jienges (JCE) alone cannot make that decision – just hope you grasp what I am trying to say! The proponents of the 28 states should brain-storm for alternative options as a way forward because there is resistance from other South Sudanese sections…you need not continue with operationalization of the unpopular 28 states knowing that it will be a recipe for another war just like what is happening in Malakal.

    10, 21, 28 states or even reducing it to 3 as previously is not the issue at the moment but due process must be followed, all citizens inclusive! If Jienges still think they will make decisions on behalf of other citizens, then this will be a recipe for another war; mark my words, it will be a recipe for another war which will not be about Riek and Kirr anymore but it will be about the Jienges and the rest.

    Am not a tribalist but truth must be said: JCE decisions are messing up South Sudan and as it has been said, “only one frog spoils a clean water point”…I am sorry many innocent Jienges have fallen culprits to this saying although they are not culpable but they need to exonerate themselves by proving otherwise!

    Kabaka, Greater Equatoria

    • Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

      Do not let your hatred of JCE make u overlook some observe fact. Do not be subjective all the times. There are some things that need not be criticized because they are truth.

  11. Gatdarwich says:

    To all the Traitorous Jenges,

    Please, unequivocally inform Killer NyanKiir to halt begging for international monestary aid to funds the illegal operationalization of the pseudo 28 states because IMF will not and shall never offer financial aid–loans—due to the fact that the formation of the Government of National Unity at the federal level is partial. It must extends to the states levels–appointment of 10–states governors and ministers in accordance with the August 2015 peace agreement legal framework before IMF can offer any monestary loans full period

  12. Eastern says:

    The madness of the unplanned 28-something is creeping closer to Juba. The irregularly paid “body guards” are paying with their miserable lives.

    Read what happened in Mangala thanks to JCE madness:

  13. samuel says:

    the issue of so call 28 States will take the Dinkas to hell where they will not see the light again

  14. dokmaker says:

    Those who are opposing 28 states are really joking, please stop that issue and let’s try to make the process of nation building, I swear that 28 states are not going to be cancelled believe me

  15. Hoiloom says:

    Daniel Juol,

    As a lawyer you would probably know that a popular demand by the people means a referendum was conducted across all the ten states to give any meaningful creation of the 28 states. Most of the commentators in this forum have defeated your argument whether legally or morally, hence it’s a matter of time before the decree is reversed. South Sudan belongs to us all therefore any decision that affects its citizens must carry consultation. The problem is when JCE decide something, Dinka assume they speak for all the masses.


  16. dokmaker says:

    Hoiloom you are really joking, and I would like to state clear that the issue of 28 states is going to be unresolvable issue believed me, How come that to conduct the referendum as you state it mean while citizens are enjoying their 28 states as we speak, to things worse in South Sudan you guys try to bark like dogs for the cancellation of this states and should it happened one day you see a very bad massacre in South Sudan where the massacre of 2013 will be better mark my words strongly

  17. Gatdarwich says:

    Dear Commentators,

    This pseudo lawyer, Juol, is defenseless. He can barely defense the logic behind the Jenges’ mockery coined termed, “PEOPLE’s DEMAND.”

    He had evidently made a collateral mistake of imitating The Jenges Council Of Evils’ and Killer NyanKiir’s illogical defense phrase, “THE PSEUDO 28 STATES CREATION IS PEOPLE’ DEMAND.”
    Juol’s rebuttal comments are very subservient and ignoble.

    What more can Gatdarwich say? Welcome to the South Sudan Nation–Commentators’ forum–Mr Law Man!

    Peace and Ngundeng Bless,

    Patriot, Gatdarwich

  18. BILL KUCH says:

    If you believed that your land has been taken in the wrong way, then it is not something we are going to discuss or resolve here on the website. And here is what you should do as an advice; you should take your land back the same way people took it away from you. I personally do think that 28 States has nothing to do with the current conflict since it has been widely known as leadership struggle within the ruling party.

    • deng hanbol says:

      Bill Kuch aka Lukdu Gatkouth Garang,
      Are you still alive? I thought you were among 13,000 of Mathiang Anyouir that were killed in Malakal battle by gen. Gathoth Gatkouth. Again, could you please tell us how did you manage to survive from the imminent death?

      • BILL KUCH says:

        Deng Hanbol,
        I am Bill Kuch and only one. So, for your information, I am not Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang and I was never one or neither I was once called. Also, I am not one of Mathiang Anyoor and never been to Makal, but I am a pure Dinka and I am proud of having Mathiang Anyoor and I wish I was one of them. I am saying these words because you guys think that doing everything base on tribal lines would be much easier than you thought, then why not should I be a member of Mathiang Anyoor? However, it seems people like you always wanted to be associated with their tribal militia armies and that is perfectly fine with me since you thought to be the cheapest way to win.

  19. Gatdarwich says:


    The pseudo-tribal enclave 28 states were created by Decree and shall die by Decree period

    • BILL KUCH says:

      That would never happen and that means there will be no such a degree!!! If you don’t like your state created then you should only be talking of yours but not on others.

      • Gatdarwich says:


        The proposed tribal enclave–28 states shall be nullified sooner than thy traitorous head think so, because, you, treacherous Jenges have absolutely zero chance in hell of annexing Chollo’s and Nuer’s land(Malakal town) to the traitors Padang Jenges period

        • BILL KUCH says:

          As I said, earlier that, you are the most Jengeous people on earth other than your claimed on who you are. No doubt about that. And here I know nothing about your land being given to Dinka Padang and Jongjol other than that of Chollo claiming it, but I am not getting into discussion with you on all these nonsense. And once again, these issues got nothing to do with formed 28 States. All I know is that, both Dinka Pandang and Jongjol will persevere regardless of your rebellious moment.

  20. Hoiloom says:


    Which citizens are enjoying the creation of non functioning 28 states? You must be behind the news, no budget for these illegal states. Wait for a few more weeks and you shall hear their reversal.


  21. Francis says:

    How Aid Became Big Business

    Published May 9, 2016
    Pulitzer Center
    They wrote and I quote “In New York in September 2015, UN member states adopted a new set of
    17 “sustainable development goals” to replace the “millennium
    development goals” that guided much of the world’s aid and development
    efforts over the last 15 years. The new goals include grand objectives
    to “end poverty everywhere” and provide “quality education for all.”
    The UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon called thema “to-do list for
    people and planet, and a blueprint for success.” Along with these new
    goals, development institutions have talked about the need to move
    “from billions to trillions” in financing commitments to pay for this
    agenda. Teaming up with big businesses is being sold as the only

    In a briefing with journalists ahead of the UN meeting in September,
    the chief US negotiator on the “post-2015 development agenda,” Tony
    Pipa, said:

    The breadth and the ambition of this agenda […] it’s going to require
    government resources. Yes, it’s going to require political leadership,
    and political will on behalf of leaders of governments. By the same
    time, the resources are going to have to go beyond what governments
    themselves can provide.

    Pipa said this shift to work more with companies was only natural, as
    aid to many developing countries now pales in comparison to the amount
    of foreign investment they receive. The United States, he added, is
    already “increasingly using our [aid] as a way to leverage and
    catalyze other resources. […] [so] it ‘crowds in’ other types of investment” unquote.

    Thank you

  22. Comrade yien Mathew says:

    Hi Colo P,ple,
    Instead of crying take up arms and fight for Malakal This time no one can fight for some one land.If you yr land is taken away then we end story then making a lot of comittement in the net making too much noises Colo will not help u but will make u to be like Equatorians who cry every day even for some thing which does not require crying.

    • Eastern says:

      “comrade” yien Mathew,

      Fighting only leads to pyrrihic victories; find the meaning and examples of that before you thread that path!

      You sound stale on this forum really, your fellow “comrades” must tell you this!

  23. Gatdarwich says:

    Yien Mathew,

    Please leave General Lado alone. He rightfully deserved and earned to be appointed minister of Interior period

  24. Comrade Yien Mathew says:

    Never support empty drum. Lado Gore is an empty drum there is nothing he has done where he deserve to be minister of interior.The way we suffer in the bush in front line while Lado was in Adddis hotel with Riek Machar this has surprise many of us, rememberer when he has a dispute with comrade Taban Deng it was bse of that matter he claim to be representing Greater Equatoria region but Taban Deng told him can u represent a region while u are a lonely man are u sacking our Nuer blood? so bro,Gatarwich keep off from supporting rubbish.

  25. Gatdarwich says:


    It’s never good to abominate someone because of Ministerial post. I know you passionatey resent General Lado simply because of the position he hold in the SPLA-IO–leadership’s hierarchy period

  26. Kokora II says:

    Yien Mathew
    Lado Gore will lead the Ministry of Interior and many other Equatorians will hold higher positions you like it or not. Do you know why? Because the seat of the government is in Equatoria, when you come to my home you do what I tell you. If you want the government of Nuer and Dinka then take the capital to Upper Nile or Bahr Ghazal or go to hell. End of motion.

  27. Toria says:

    Comrade Yien Mathew
    Since the war started you have been writing here on this site. When did you get to go into the bush? However, thanks to you for your efforts if you ever was in the bush before. You know what “comrade”? We really don’t give a s8t about your everyday cry, cry, cry, blah, blah, blah, nobody cares if you were in the bush or sky.
    To be honest it is all about brain work, if you have the brain then step forward and let’s see what you bring to the table or stop the bitching.

  28. Hoiloom says:


    Get a different job than picking on Lado Gore. If you’ve a personal issue with the man you better find another venue. For now your smear campaign against him is not bearing fruit.


  29. WAN RAN says:

    Waw the government of Nuers can be like that why again crying i hear the seat of the gov’t is in Equatoria and yet you were busy calling Dinkas all sorts of names you can see who is good and bad yeah Mr. Kiir is a failure but some other Dinkas can be like him trust me

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