Jieng equals Jallaba Council of Elders

BY: Michael Koma, APR/26/2015, SSN;

Attitude and Practice:
The Executive Director of the Community Empowerment Progress Organisation, Mr. Edmund Yakani, had at one time informed that they had planned to organize a public lecture in the University of Juba entitled, “Attitude and Practice,” to be held on 24 April of this year but it did not materialize for now. I thought this is a wonderful topic chosen by CEPO. CEPO deserves my congratulation; Mubruk yaa nas CEPO for this vital topic and the location to discuss it.

I hope it will happened soon. From the onset, it looks like an irrelevant topic. But in fact it is relevant and excellent as South Sudan is concerned. It is important to reflect on our attitudes as individuals and as a nation and its relation on the recurring of conflicts in our communities.

So what is Attitude?
Attitude is an opinion or general feeling about something. In our context what is that “something” we view it as negative in our South Sudanese society that keeps tearing us apart; or keeps us to fight from time to time among ourselves especially after we had some sort of peace agreement in 1972 and 2005.

Following the Addis Ababa Peace agreement, Junubeen were in state of fighting.
After the Addis Ababa deal it took us only 10 years. We are back to war with Sudan. That was understandable because the Addis Ababa Agreement did not address all the grievances of the South Sudanese people.

But before we jumped into the bush against the Arabs, the ten years period of self-rule was full of problems. One was Kokora (re-division) of southern Sudan regions into three provinces (Equatoria, Bahr el Ghazal and Upper Nile).

By then Juba was a very small town, in places such as Konyo Konyo and Gabat there are fighting along tribal lines. In markets there are grouping along tribal lines, settling in neighourhoods were along tribal lines.

The Bari speakers, the Madis, Mundari, and the Dinka are not in peace among themselves. Emotions were very high. A Dinka and a Bari cannot see eye to eye, eat together, stay together or dance in the same Disco Hall. You can clearly see there was a problem but the politicians tended to hide them that there are no problems; everything is fine.

In one of Francis Mading Deng book called the war of vision, he wrote that “what is not being said is what divides us.” In that book Francis was talking about the situation in the old Sudan. Why the south and the north are divided, why the Arabs felt superior to the so-called African brothers in South Sudan.

By then we were divided because Khartoum saw there was no problem in the Sudan. Kulu Sii tamam (everything is alright) they claimed on insisting that “nahnu ikwa”. We are brothers while the facts and realities on the ground say we are not.

It was a pure posturing. Khartoum defines Sudan as an Arab-Islamic State where Christians are forced to coexist with the Islamic salafists; the jihadists or the hardliners against their will.

Can we or can you, who is an African Christian really co-exist with the types of the current Islamic State as is the case now in Syria, Iraq and Libya, and by then in Sudan.

South Sudanese have foreseen that the imposition of Arab Islamic identity on the whole Sudan was a problem. But Khartoum attitude was that there was no problem. The setback was constant denial of no problem. So Attitude can be equated to arrogance. (Arrogance is a pride, overconfidence, superiority).

The Arab-Islamic face of the Sudan were/are (Saggiya, Jaaliya and Dongolayi). These are the first class citizens of the Sudan. They are positioned in strategic ministries: – Defence, Interior, Foreign Affairs, Finance, Energy, Mining while the Junubi (a South Sudanese) was given the Ministry of Stores.

These classifications were not in the constitution. The constitution was fine. These things were in the unwritten constitution of the Jallaba Council of Elders as is the case now with the Jieng Council of Elders (mostly represented by southerners who served under the Jalabas in the old Sudan).

The problems were not being said as Francis Deng noted in his book but were being implemented arrogantly against the cries of the Junubeen (South Sudanese). Whether you like it or not, it is not their business. If you want to rebel, it is your choice. If you want to stay humiliated as a second class citizen in your own country it is your choice.

After years of wrangling with the Arabs, this abnormal relation between the Arabs and the Africans in Sudan was clearly demonstrated in the signed peace deal of the year 2005; the CPA.

The CPA accepted the late Dr. John Garang de Mabior to assume the position of the First Vice President but on condition that when the post of the president falls vacant, constitutionally Garang was not allowed to become the President.

By that arrangement the ruling Arabs elite in the Sudan have cemented that an Arab person is a first class citizen of this country where Africans are the majority. It is a country where an African Muslim person is a second class while an African Christian or Animist person is a third class citizens and the others are the commoners.

So what is the link between Khartoum and Juba; does that attitude relate to our situation as of today?

First let me say this. You may agree or disagree with me on this. What was then in Khartoum wasn’t different from today’s South Sudan political and economic situation. As you read this opinion piece, it might reflect in your mind that some of us are too arrogant and aggressive. We are missing humility.

The attitudes of Khartoum’s elites are deeply embedded in some of us. That is why there is conflict in our country. To move away from old Sudan style we need to embrace modesty in our lives.

Humbleness is peace. It can create relative form of homogeneity in a diverse society such as South Sudan. One of the characteristics of a nation-state is uniformity and equality.

Unfortunately we are full of arrogance. This unnecessary pride is the tearing us apart. I have reached to a conclusion that we are a tribal nation. We are a country made of tribal kingdoms.

We are more proud of our tribal belongings than positive nationalism. We are overconfident of our tribes. We are blinded of our superiority. With all these do we still have courage to say that we are really one nation and one people?

Are we relatively homogeneous people who inhabit a sovereign state? The answer is simply no.

How this arrogance is demonstrated:
Even before the 2013 crisis erupted, the language of not only politicians but many South Sudanese was of violence or was preparing for war. In the internet you find words such as you are a “nyagat,” a reference to a Nuer as a traitor or an enemy. How come you have betrayed us in 1991 and you want the presidency by any means?

The statement such as “the problem is that he wants to become president” is an expression of arrogance. It has to do with inner feelings, it represents emotion of the speaker that nobody deserves the presidency except him or his tribe.

It is a similar attitude of the Jaaliyin. The statement cited above indicates that those speakers are against anybody having or have expressed ambition to rule, to become a governor, minister or commissioner.

He is expressing a sinful desire that “others” should not ‘think’ of leading this nation.

This is an attitude that encourages conflict in a diverse volatile society such as South Sudan. As an example, even in the University of Juba there is one group which wanted to dominate student’s bodies. The attitude of conquering others is a colonial attitude. Colonialism has no specific colour. It is not necessarily related to the white man or an Arab.

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  1. Chol Deng Anyieth says:

    Dear Michael Koma,
    I hope you will continue with that spirit of togetherness. Your opinions in the then Khartoum Monitor contributed to the attainment of our independence and I hope your opinion will shape the future of this nation. I do respect your opinion because you are entitled to it. But remember, inciting tribal hatred will never serve any purpose of nation-building. When an SPLM party commits mistake or fails to deliver what is expected from it, you count it on Dinka tribe? Any opinion/ comment expressed by a member of a certain tribe does not represent the position of that tribe. The word ‘nyagat’ refers to rebel and not Nuer as you wrongly stated in your article. After I thoroughly read your article, I realized that you are trying to instigate and incite other tribes against Dinka and that behavior will have repercussions on the nation.

    • Dhaangdit says:

      Dear Micheal Koma,
      Receive my humble greetings for coming up with such article bro. There are many ways nation can be build and one of them is correction. Many Southerners and Dinka in particular will learn more from your writing. There is no doubt that South Sudan is a diverse nation and require citizens to correct one another. In your article Sir, I can sincerely telling you what Dinka refers as “Anyagat” is not Nuer, Bari or Madi. The word simply refers to any person that rebel. I have to be realist here, you need to apologise for misinforming and misleading the public. Mr. Koma, you question operational magnitudes of Dinka Council of Elders and you attributed the problem of Dec 2014 to them. Well, I have to respect your choice. But to me, why nation failed is a question we all need to ask politicians and most importantly those holding positions at various level of the G’vt. I believe, Dinka Council of Elders are only advising the president not ministers. And why ministers are not performing very well? who actually advising them. That’s my justification.
      Mr. Koma, you right, togetherness is away forward South Sudan can be a better country. Every citizen have a right to stand-up for presidency but only and only when his/her performances outpace those of colleagues. I believe, wealth is the only thing said to be blind but leadership is not. Leadership is a gift and we must look a round the country not for big tribes or anybody that pointed gun at people. Also, bear in mind that not all college materials are analytical thinkers, some non-college materials can do better. Very good example is Kenya, Mr. Moi was just a diploma holder when he became president and no doubt he led Kenya to prosperity.

  2. Deng Hanbol says:

    Dear compatriot,
    You’ve said it all. All 63 tribes in south Sudan are obviously did realize Dinka tribe is highly dangerous compare to the Arabs. The Jaang president is the most evil serial killer we have ever known. Kii r is the more famous for being one of the most tyrannical leaders not only because so many Nuer civilians were killed by his Dinka soldiers but also of his intention to wipe out the whole population of Naath tribe by using Ugandans, Rwandans, Congolese troops as well as the SPLA-N. But the question is, why the Dinka president and the Jenge council of elders are only targeting ethnic Nuer? the answer is because Naath people are the only threat to the Dinka kingdom.
    The Dinka leaders are always say Equatorians are passive society for they tend to accept things that happen to them or things that Jenge say to them, without taking action. It might be very useful if I could have look or highly at some cases. Abel Alier hijacked Adis Aba agreement yet gen. Joesph Lago, the Anya Nya 1 leader didn’t take action.
    Another example, was case of gen. Obuto Mamur Mete from Otuho (Latuka) tribe, who was humiliated by the Dinka in front of the Equatorian tribes. Koul Manyang,the current defense minster had captured a live and beheaded our late hero uncle Joseph Oudo but his Otuho tribe has kept quite . It is unfortunate that the same Obuto Mamur among other who brought Ugandans army to use cluster bomb against Nuer white army and he is the same gen. who is working with Paul Malong Koul Manyang day and night to buy lethal weapon to use against Naath people. My advise to our brother in greater Equtoria is to take action now and fight for your rights rather than complaining . The Nuer generals took up arms against Dinka president who committed genocide against theirNuer civilians. 20 thousands diet. However, the Nuer generals have killed more than 20 thousands Jaang soldiers and their mercenaries. Gen. Gatwech Dual, the current chief of general stuff of the SPLA-IO was jailed by Dinka for two years with his tribe men, namely gen. Gabriel Tanginye and gen. Thomas Mabor Dhol . However, they were released by the president because the Nuer had threaten to release them by force if the Jaang leader didn’t answer positively of their demands. Gen. Gatwech which means(the true son of Naath nation) and his tribe men namely gen. Tanginye and gen.Thomas Mabor Dhol joined immaterially rebellion instead of ruing to UNIMISS in Juba for protection. The aforementioned generals are now the serial killers against Dikna soldiers, SPLA-N, Blue Nile soldiers, Darfurans UDFA and etc. In other words, the battle between gen. Simon Gatwech Dual on one hand and is uncle Pual Malong and his allies is(an) eye for an eye tooth for a tooth. Un like gen. Obuto Mamur who compliance with Jenge laws despite of being humiliated.

    • Deng Hanbol says:

      Dear all, I had posted the above comment on April 27,2015. Surprisingly, I found a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. I actually posted it before checking spelling and grammatical errors on this web by mistake. The reason, because I was talking on phone in long distance with some my vulnerable family who were forced to run way from their ancestral land in Mayandit by Kiir, the ethnic cleanser “jenocider”, the wrath of the Naath. Therefore, I apologize for the inconvenience

  3. Alier Gai says:

    What is the color of your attitude in the article?
    The attitude you are representing stands for division; you are representing arrogant voice toward the intended destructions, staggering lootings, unwarranted rapings and killings you are doing; and above all, the article is representing hidden agenda of hatred against the dinka in particular. But know this: dinka and nuer are two devil-angels in their creations with no one above the other doing the right thing at the moment. What is happening is the offense and defense against each other. And as of a leadership, you can destroy more than dinka if given a chance in no time when you rule the country. You like being lawless and it is written in your ‘the Nuer’book. You like pleasure and you are more disorganized than any tribe that represents herself in the south. At the time when your pleasure is denied like that of riek, you all become loose criminals with no distinct purposes at all. Your minute attitudes represent many factions after one another, and that is what you are representing.

    • Gatnuer says:

      Absolutely, your description of this tribe is 100% correct. That is who they are. They are crazy about authority but they most likely to abuse it. Look at their militia during the war and after the war. They all want to be generals in the army without knowing any military tenet. If you had seen the group of Riek Machar when they came to Khartoum in 1997, you would be really surprise about what kind of government of this guy would form. All chaotic and rampant corruption followed by unorganized fight when shortage of food hit. You really know them my brother.

  4. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Micheal Coma.
    You are really a coma not even full stop!!!! the way you names us as to be equally with Arab is Ambiguity because I have seen the reason that make you to posted your articles with full of virus and hatred against other tribe in south Sudan.
    In madi land there is nothings called council’s as like ours because you dislike unity among your selves that is why you are remained as minority tribe ever.
    what you are trying to says now is about leadership and it was not in our willingness to lead this nation but God gifts to do so because you are coward, tribalism, traitors and Jealous which is impossible for God to do that mistake.
    God gave you in Anya-Anya one to lead southerners in the Bush and do you know what had happened at that time?
    it will not repeat it self again?

  5. Bol says:

    M Koma,
    Jeing Council of Elders is not the only tribal council operating in the country. I believed Bari in particular does have their own….Their’s is the one which advised Equatorians youth not to join rebellion in 1983 and this lead to their missing out in the armed forces….same tribal council is now actively lining up Equatorian youths against Jeing not the government of RSS….the evidence is right here…just look at cartoons…what does it means to depict President Kiir without underwear, while Igga and Lomoro are fully dressed? The attitude of Equatorian council of elders need to examine too…I admit, you tried to objective, but the objectibity is not in your DNA.

    • Michael Koma says:

      Chol Deng Anyieth

      First let say this, my best friends in University were mostly Dinkas and most of them are still friends but they don’t support this nonsense. Chol what happened now when by then we look at ourselves as South Sudanese not tribal lots. The Jieng Council of Elders was not there. Even if they were their primary role was not politics. It deals with sustainability and preservation of culture. Chol you know by then we dont referred to ourselves as tribes, we fought Reik when he landed in Khartoum with a fake agreement not because Riek was a Nuer but because he brought bad peace and has a project to erode self-determination. I still stood by my principle of oneness but with the launching of this so-called Jieng Council of Elders, I had doubts if this is what I knew about Dinka nationalism. Is not a shame for you to reduce to that level. Look at the composition of the Jieng Council. Aldo Ajou Deng, the biggest traitor of the cause of the people of South Sudan. Did you forget that he was the deputy speaker of Turabi in Islamist government, Bona Malual stood by the side of Al-Bashir until the last minutes fighting for unity of Sudan. Up to this moment we speak he is still a Sudanese citizen with a house in ERKAWIT, Joshua Dau, Abednego Akok and etc are ALL MEMBERS OF THE NATIONAL CONGRESS PARTY. If you are a real nationalist, Don’t stand by an oppressors simply because he/she is your tribesmate. This Council your defending is set to marginalise others. and you know any sound-minded person will not accept relegation whatever you called that person, a coward or stupid. Think of Rwanda for a moment. The majority Hutus used to called the minority Tutsis cockroaches. what did the cockroaches done. Everybody can fight. I advise you to read the book of Francis Deng. For Alier Kon and Gai, I dont use insulting language. You have nothing to write, just shut up.

      Stand with the truth not tribalism


    • Opiombira Kiiriendeazale says:

      Bor sorry it seems you did not get the memorandum, Kiir is naked and primitive! That is how the rest of us see your most priced leader. We have no respect for him! The sooner he dies the more south Sudanese will be alive!

    • Opiombira Kiiriendeazale says:

      Bor sorry it seems you did not get the memorandum, Kiir is naked and primitive! That is how the rest of us see your most priced leader. We have no respect for him! The sooner he dies the more south Sudanese will be alive!

  6. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Micheal,
    I observe that you have tried very hard to drive home your point concluding with the true facts that,”we are a tribal nation…a country made of tribal kingdoms”.But who should dare to disagree with you when almost every nation world wide is made of many different ethnic groups that are exactly the equivalent to our case of being a tribal kingdoms?ofcourse no body.

    But there is a need to acknowledge that,the tribal arrogance that has become a most prevailing attitude in our society is a product of ignorance.That’s most unfortunate becouse it’s the mother of injustice,disunity,quarrels,violence and destruction and that is exactly the example of what is happening in our country.It can never lead to peace and progress neither to any tribe of the tribal kingdoms nor to the country that houses them as a nation.That’s why there is no alternative to the concept of,”one nation,one people”.But this formula can only be acceptable to every one if it appears clean and pure of negative components of tribalism.As of this context,such tribal council of elders like jieng council of elders for example must have a positive influence over their fellow tribesmen in a manner that should promote peace,harmony and progress to the whole society and the country.But their influence can never be acceptable if their members chose to misguide the government against the wishes of other tribes as is the case that is alleged to be happening today with the jieng council of elders.

    We have out standing examples of leadership circumstances that united us and drove us to great achievements in our history.Our great elder Joseph Lagu from the small tribe of Ma’di led the whole south sudan in the struggle as commander of the Any Any movement.The scenics may dare to carcarterise the Addis Ababa agreement but it was a great footing that prepared our society for the following war that finally gave us the independence under the leadership of Dr John Garang,a dinka citizen,the biggest tribe in RSS.These two good examples teach us that a leader can come from any corner of the society including small elites issue of immigrantion.In fact leadership is modesty,honesty,reasoning,understanding,sensible sense of judgment,unbending firm stand in the face of truth and self sacrifice for others,society and the country.

    The tribal evil forces will inflict suffering and destruction upon our country and the society for a very long time to come.But there is no choice than to fight them to the last thread of their roots!!!

  7. mindra says:

    Hey koma,
    you have produce good bulletin(articles) but too long to read and understand it.next time make it abit shorter bro,
    I just want to tell you that 1972 A dis-ababa is more organized than the CPA of 2005,
    Adisa-ababa agreement has lasted for ten years with some bits of development projects,in madi,Eg the aswa hospital was build by Jeffery Nimeri,so many to mention but a few.
    Now taking you back to what so called the CPA of 2005,i have no seen any project development,all what this agreement brought is tragedy and create untold suffering of our people,what is tangible now is tarmacking of 197km of nimule- juba road but nothing else my bro.Schools,health center,churches and shops are being turned in to residential houses,
    This government is characterized with looting of properties and raping women and forcefully marriage between the other tribes,this agreement produces a wrong agenda in place in order to installed the dinka kingdom in southsudan period .there is also poor education systems,no boarding schools,providing wrong materials to the children and yet their children studies abroad, Kenya,Uganda etc.
    The regime needs to be toppled down in order to get better services delivery to reach grass root,
    The economy has gone from bad to worse,if one dollars is equivalent of 10ssp,what are we doing,for sure this is a failed state/nation,it cant be saved from collapsing bro,
    mindra from loa local pageri payam,madi corridor EE,SS

    • Eastern says:


      An accountant shouldn’t reason like you if your claim is true. Aswa hospital was another strategy of Islamising Southern Sudanese, not a positive development. It shouldn’t not be seen as a positive product of the 1972 Adis agreement.

      I have been following most of your posting which really sound childish. Please grow up Mr. Accountant!

      • Bol says:

        I found myself in total agreement with you this time around…. This commentator needs grow up!

      • Bol and Eastern,

        Mindra gave a reasonable example. It is not childish as you perceived it. If South Sudanese know Islamization is not a good thing to be practice, then why the South government is funding Dinka’s Muslim activity in Juba? The government officials in Juba do not go to work on Muslim holy day event they are not Muslims. Is this not a way of keeping Islam alive in South Sudan?

        The conflict in Sudan it has not be about Christianity and Islam, but it has been about bad governing institution and dictatorship. If it is about Christianity and Islam, then there should be not problem between Darfurians and the government of Sudan because Darfurians are 100% Muslim.

        There should be not problem between the of government of Sudan and those of Blue Nile because people of Blue Nile are 90% Muslims. The government of South Sudan should not care about Abyei because people of Abyei are 99.9% Muslims. Instead of telling Mindra grow up, you need to grow up as well.

  8. Eguatorians says:

    Juba -Nimul e road was built with American tax payer money worth about $ 200 million US dollars. President Kiir government is occupying buildings that were the achievements of the Addis Ababa agreement. To name a few are National parliament buildings, the ministries, residential quarters for ministers and their Directors,the Juba bridge etc. CPA has done, in looting our resources with billions of dollars shipped abroad. So the poor citizens can fan for themselves. To make even matters worse, fabricate a coup, in order to kill the poor civilians and manage additional looting in the dust of war. There is an end to an empire, you recall the British empire,the Ottoman empire, the Roman Empire etc. All will see sunset.

  9. Eastern says:

    Dear Editor,

    My post has not been published!


    • info@southsudannation says:

      I regret to inform you that the supposed comment you wanted published could not be located and thereby there is nothing to publish.
      As always, you are most welcome to re-send the same or any for publication.

  10. Alier Gai says:

    Mr. Coma,
    We are aware that people nowadays don’t take corrections the way it should reduce theirs mistakes and follow public normative culture, but they instead take such criticisms as an insult to their untransformed attitudes they are immorally locked in with. You are boxing with your dark side revealed by the unnatural attitude in your latter, and toward those who are objecting your self-imposed opinion upon them. The posted article is misleading and with many guilt pleasues accompanying it, and we already informed you of your mind fouls. Telling me and mr. Kon to shut up is not the very reason why you wrote this self-shot in the head article, mr coma. You are a choas inciter than a peacemaker. And it is better for you to revisit your disgrace-falling hole before you tie us to the crime scene you created on our own. You really need to shut up and die faithfully than to take a whole nation with you. This article deserves no public attention, differently.

  11. J A C Ramba says:

    Dear Micheal Koma

    This is a superb article…….by perhaps a local journalist who spent his lifetime writing about his people. Brother Koma , you have written the one indispensable account.

    For indeed you wrote it with penetrating intelligence and deep knowledge, drawing on your own courageous reporting about the Old Sudan and the new country of South Sudan and genuine comprehension of the complex historical background of awful events taking place before our eyes.

    I say , this is an impeccably written and thoughtful. It is a splendid contribution towards the diagnosis and possible management of South Sudan main faultline, tribalism. You have impressively written yet another power piece that is important and useful.

    The fate of South Sudan under the leadership of the Jieng “Dinka” Council of Elders will not be any different from that of the Old Sudan dominated by the trios of Northern Riverian Tribes.

    The process to enable the other 63 tribes of south sudan find their footholds in what should be a shared homeland for all, has begun following the December 15, 2013 ethnic cleansing inflicted by the government of the day and under the full architect of the Jieng “Dinka” Council of Elders on the Nuer Community in Juba.

    The country may as well go to the dogs than allowing ourselves into another second class citizenry under the Jieng “Dinka” Council of Elders.

    As no one in their rightful mind can accuse someone of causing other swimmers to become wet , it is equally true that you can’t be falsely accused of inciting a tribal hatred when the country is practically being run under the directives of a single tribal council known as the Jieng “Dinka” Council of Elders.

  12. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Micheal,
    I sacrifice my time to side with you on the issue of jieng council of elders.I believe the dinka as a biggest tribe in RSS may have more foolish people than any small tribe but in much so in the opposite way,it can also have more intelligent people than any other small tribe in RSS.I am totally surprised and disappointed to see that the jieng council of elders is headed by the historically life long like thugs as Aldo Aju Deng who have long failed not only their constituents in general but also their own professional life in particular.Who among RSS urban adult citizens who doesn’t know the likes of Aldo Aju Deng,whom due to their lack of professional competence,they are always reduced to the state of humiliating conditions of poverty so much so that they are always more than willing to assume a place of the drowning.The means justify the ends for them with out shame.There were such true comic stories of Aldo and his entourage in Khartoum attempting to trace a blood kinship to Saddig Al Mahadi and they ended up getting money but without providing a biological prove.They concocted another trick for Omer Al Bashir and NIF.It meant to say that they shared the same national islamic front’s ideology with el Bashir without being muslims.But Omer Al Bashir,facing hard times against Garang and the SPLM/A,he understood what to do with them.So he gave them techenical accommodation.It means the positions of economic prisoners in the ranks of NIF to prevent them from getting pushed by poverty to join Garang.

    We have been silent for too long but the hour has come to explode this debate.What is so difficult to understand in the true fact that Aldo Aju and his likes were never for the interests of the dinka citizens leave alone south sudan and the south sudanese citizens?That was why they kept their distance from Dr Garang and the SPLM/A becouse Dr Garang would never have tolerated to waste one minute to see them fooling around.But the question is:ignoring RSS and the south sudanese in general,as they had never represented the interests of the dinka citizens,why is it that it is them now who are spear heading this tribal organization so called the jieng council of elders?Since they don’t represent the aspirations of the jieng citizens,why do the jieng intelligent citizens,who are far more in numbers in comparison to intelligent citizens of other small tribes,refuse to rise up to disown them one good time for all?

    Stakes are very high here and their negative presence in the name of jieng council of elders is the liability that has brought the whole dinka tribe into misperception in the eyes of the rest of the south sudanese citizens.It’s so unfortunate that Kiir is not Dr Garang and the prove is the loop hole these thugs have succeeded to exploit in his ill sense of leadership.There are many press declarations by the jieng council of elders published in this web site.They contain form and content of an organization that implies to have something to do with the government.Kiir’s government will crumble down the hill and the country with it as a result.

    I appeal to the dinka citizens to rise up to the challange.There can never be meaningful changes for a peaceful democratic prosperous south sudan without dinka citizens taking the central role.The misleading false council of jieng elders must go!!!

    • Opiombira Kiiriendeazale says:

      What has gone into you? I now formally declare your name to be TRUE! In most nations of multiethnicity the tempo, the rhythm of the society in general is set by the majority groups! Take America for example, when the white people decided to be assholes there was no social justice for the blacks until the civil war by the patriotic white people against unpatriotic white peoples but it culminated with the civil right movement!

      Similarly the True Jiengs needs to take a second look at the likes of Madam Garang, Mabior, the eloquent youth leader Machar who recently defected from the presidents state of Warrap! Mr. True Millionaire, as a none Jeing I will vote for any of the above! But without such Jieng leadership, the reason why the Jeing council of elders hate democracy is because they know if true democracy where to take hold in South Sudan, there will never be a Jeing president again simply because the traumatized southerners will vote against Jiengs just as we overwhmingly vote for Kiir in opposition to the north! So by Patriots taking lead is not only to save the nation but also the future of the Jiengs themselves! The Jieng councils of elders need to be reminded, no ethnic groups no matter how small or helpless can be eliminated nor silence forever, they will always be a thorn in their flesh until they are free ! Thinks of the poor slaves in America history cited above, think of the Jews people under Hittler, think well, We south Sudanese under 80% of North Sudan! We were pain in their arssh until we are free! IT IS NO DIFFERENT!!!

      • Eli says:

        Great reply Mr Opiambira, it is minority intellectuals like you and I are the hopes of this crumbled nations. Although for the first time I find False M has written a reasonable comment. However, I still don’t trust and believe in these faceless internet heroes not using actual names means they are all cowards.
        Now, in reference to JCE or so-called jienge council of elders, these are the desperate people who prey on ignorant dinka youth believing that they could form a dinka kingomship in South Sudan, it is a nice dream but it’s too late for them, South Sudanese are not as damn as they assumed, they have miscalculated the timing. This time we should not settle for less but making a genuine change is very important. I too take the same approach as you do, it doesn’t matter which tribal person but it is very important that we scrutinize every candidate base on merits and excellence. And so far, that person hasn’t shown up yet. Let struggle continue.

  13. Waran Jefferson says:

    Excellent! A very good piece of writing for rational beings; however it may be seen as irrational for those citizens with a biased intuition and attitudes as discussed by the writer. The Mantra “ONE NATION ONE PEOPLE” is shocking no matter how many times your hear it, it just cant be accepted by our simple mind system operating automatically and quickly with no effort, and sense of voluntary control but rather is thrown to our other system responsible to cross check the fact, logically, scrutinize and then belief, because absence of traces of kindness, togetherness, forgiveness, remorselessness and unity in a Government so deceitful and evil violates the expectations set up by the halo effect. The inconsistencies that we see daily reduces the ease of our thoughts and the clarity of our feelings.
    Opportunity knocks once and for all, there are two factors here; (1)Its Either we revamp the current Gov plus its policies and people or (2) Support the current insurgencies with a hope of better Governance and prevailing opportunities.
    We can create here a logical equation to support the thinking of statisticians
    1. Current Gov = Kiir + Dinka Council of elders + Sparsely Selected Others + Rule forever policy( Autocratic)
    2. Insurgents = Dr Riek + Ordinary Citizens + Qualified Professional + Democratic State
    A simple equation but would require your usage of the other system to differentiate between the two. Good Luck!

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Waran Jefferson,
      That would be you plus rebels ideas equal self promotion by claiming wrong thing as democratic. Well, the reality is, your tribe and plus the rest of tribes togetherness minus that one tribe of Dinka equal failure of nothing to be called South Sudan. And most of you would be going back to your original hiding places in Uganda and Ethiopia as usual. Also,
      63 + Dinka = South Sudan
      Dinka + none = South Sudan.
      So, whether you need Dinka or not, still there can be no change without Dinka supports.

  14. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Equantorians.
    why not Equantorians tax payers than American taxes? from the very beginning your mother have never experiencing the tarmac road in Junuf Sudan.
    wooo!!!! you talks of sheets 19972 building even the buildings of 19983 were not seen or look like bloods.
    this rapid developments was brought by SPLM of Garang not Lagu. do you have a taxes of your own as Equatorians?

  15. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Jefferson,
    I dare to suggest to modify your equation of insurgents = Dr Riak + Ordinary citizens + Qualified Professionals + Democratic State to become: Insurgents = You + Ordinary Citizens + Qualified Professionals + Recycled sparsely selected others from Current Gov + Democratic State.

  16. Nuer - another Israel in East Africa says:

    False Millionaire,

    IN school, if the Pythagorean Theorem equation becomes too difficult for you to solve, you cannot change it to your liking. You must learn it or choose another subject that has no math. Mr. Jefferson has set his equation, if it is difficult for you, there are soft sciences you can resign to. However, you can change your name to ” True Millionaire ” but not the equation. Wish you best of luck in your soft science classes.

  17. False Millionaire says:

    Confining to hell fire Dr Riak,Kiir,Pagan and the rest of the likes thieves and killers;
    Acting within the context of my SSN web site powers;
    I proceed to suggest reconstitution of Mr Jefferson’s equation as follow:
    Insurgents = God + ngundeng + Mr Jefferson + Nuer – Another Israel in East Africa + Bantiu Ramaran + Ordinary citizens + Qualified Professionals + Recycled thugs,thieves and killers from SPLM/A-IO,SPML/A JUba and the G 10 for the insurgency’s fire woods + Democratic state.
    Satisfaction or Dissatisfaction?!!!

  18. Waran Jefferson says:

    The target equation is all there and follows the WYSIATI rule (What you see is all there in ) , Weak minds substitute the target equation with a heuristic equation that is simpler to answer instead. That is why every student after an exam have a belief to have answered all questions correctly. The mental shotgun makes it easy to generate quick answers to difficult questions without imposing much hard work on your lazy system.

    False Millionaire is a Smart blind guy, who only thinks in the negative and seems brainwashed by the Jieng Council of elders not to see anything good from anyone else apart from the Jieng Community. Loser! I will try a different approach. DO YOU SEE ANYTHING WRONG IN THE CURRENT LEADERSHIP?

  19. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Jefferson,
    Ofcourse I do.But please no fit.If your equation could be the best solution for all,it’s fine with me.

  20. Michael Koma says:


  21. Duol Chuol says:

    Thank you Mr. KOMA, some people stop comment due to political game which is killing our people. If some of elders or brothers from Dinka will not tell the true we will end with conflict untill south Sudan separate or federalism implement. I surprise even some insulting words Like Nyagat has been deny and given different meaning. I wish our brother from Dinka will change their attitudes.

  22. Wau naar says:

    Folks, even Abiel Alier at some point was called a Nyigat, so the term didn’t solely rest on our Nuer brothers.

  23. Dut Akol says:

    Mr. Koma,

    When you present a problem, you must also present a solution. If Salva Kirr was a tribalist,he wouldn’t have brought Wani Iga to be his Vice. Kirr is a true leader of this nation. Just to ask you one question, when was the last time South Sudan enjoyed peace?

    This part of our country is proving to be problematic to peace. Soon we signed the Comprehensive Peace Agreement with the Jalaba, there emerged Gabriel Tanginya fighting the government forces in Malakal, then Peter Gadet fighting the government in Unity, George Athor in Jonglei, David Yauyau in Pibor, Johnson Olony in Malakal , Puljang in Unity again after Peter Gadet re-joined the government from Khartoum, and lastly Riek Machar and Co.. What a bunch of trouble makers. Look again at the G10, how many people are upper Nilers, Majak Da Got, Pagan Amum, Oyai Deng Ajak, John Luk Jok Nyandeng Garang.

    People of South Sudan should be careful about Upper Nile, are they better than the rest of this Country? Why are they rebelling all the time? Even when Dr. John Garang was the Leader of SPLM/A many of them rebelled against him were from the greater Upper Nile.

    All these rebellions are all in search of ranks and positions nothing else. So Mr.Koma, the problem of South Sudan is not Dinkas, just because a dinka is rulling this Country, people just used them as scape-goat to express their feelings.

  24. Bul2 says:

    some how good article

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