Jieng Council of Elders rejects Deployment of Regional Force in South Sudan

APR/19/2017, Press Release;

The adoption of Resolution 2304 by the UN Security Council on August 12, 2016 barely a month after Riek Machar’s unsuccessful third coup attempt on July 8, 2017 was a serious mistake by the world’s body as it missed a great opportunity to help South Sudan in its quest for peace and stability.

In the view of the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE), this move is flagrantly un-constructive and conspicuously fails to recognize the sovereignty of the Republic of South Sudan and the will of its people.

The Resolution is sadly a hollow and misguided regime change agenda that certain powers would like to effect in our beloved country.

Feeling a bit emboldened by the passage of Resolution 2304 by the Security Council, proponents of the Neo-Trusteeship international administration in South Sudan and their supporters managed to convene a series of hearings before the Foreign Relations Committee of the United States Senate on September 20, 2016.

The aim of these hearings was to foster better understanding as to the feasibility of the establishment of international administration in South Sudan under the auspices of the United Nations and African Union.

Among the notable “experts” that presented to the Senate committee were Dr. Paul R. Williams and Kate Almquist Knopf.

Dr. Williams acknowledged that there is no legal framework for Neo-Trusteeship but erroneously recommended that it might be a viable means of creating peace and stability in South Sudan.

In a way that directly links the regime change agenda in South Sudan with the so-called Regional Protection Force, Williams added, “neo-trusteeships typically require a robust and sustained peacekeeping presence.”

On her part, Kate Knopf recommended the establishment of “international transitional administration” in South Sudan under the United Nations and the African Union for 10-15 years.

Ms. Knopf went on to state that any opposition to UN/AU transitional administration could be mitigated through:

1) Negotiating President Kiir’s and Riek Machar’s renunciation of a role in South Sudan politics.
2) Leveraging important constituencies’ frustration with President Kiir, Machar and their “cronies to gain these constituencies support for transitional administration.”
3) “By deploying a peace intervention mission with credible coercive force.”

Suffice to say that judging from the position cited above, the Regional Protection Force is clearly a tool for invading South Sudan so as to effect a regime change agenda in South Sudan.

Simply put, everything from the level of armament and mandate given to the Regional Protection Force smacks of the regime change agenda, which we are strongly against.

Moreover, the area of operation for the force, which is Juba, is chosen purposely as a first step towards the establishment of Neo-Trusteeship in South Sudan.

In our view, the Resolution would actually foment animosity among the people of South Sudan. Among other shortcomings, the Resolution would disrupt internal peace processes and embolden the armed opposition against the government, hence, more discord and disunity in our country.

If allowed to happen, this situation would certainly spell more suffering for our people.

The Resolution essentially gives this force unfettered powers and an unlimited freedom “to use all means necessary” to meet their operational objectives, a condition that undermines both the security of ordinary citizens and the power of the state and government.

Instead of a constructive engagement premised on genuine dialogue, the proponents of Resolution 2304 have now made it abundantly clear that they intend to place South Sudan under the so-called UN/AU Neo-trusteeship, an idea that a few disgruntled South Sudanese politicians with their foreign allies, all of whom are hell-bent to effect a well premeditated regime change agenda through illegitimate means.

According to these elements, since they are defeated politically as they have successfully displaced themselves out of the government by their wrong political calculations and misjudgments, they prefer that it is better for the country’s independence and sovereignty, which claimed a million lives of our martyrs, be turned over to foreign bodies like the UN/AU.

In short, it is either their way or the highway.

To reiterate, Resolution 2304 is an affront to the South Sudanese people, as it aims to usurp their hard-won independence and sovereignty.

In terms of its content and objective, this misguided document claims to want to fix South Sudan’s crisis by allowing foreign forces to take over the security of our national capital, Juba, including the airport.

On some unrealistic and baseless grounds that the security environment in Juba has worsened since the last tragic and violent events that unfolded on July 8, 10-11, 2016, the world body is trying to sanction an illegal activity – taking over and placing a sovereign and independent nation under a UN trusteeship.

As a member of the UN family, there is no any legal basis whatsoever for the Republic of South Sudan to turn over its hard-won independence and sovereignty to anybody in the world.

This includes the UN, which is not allowed by its own charter to usurp power of any member state such as South Sudan.

While it may be true that the security environment ins still fragile in South Sudan in a way consistent with that of any post-conflict recovery situation, nothing warrants the deployment of any additional force besides the UNMISS 13,000 forces already on the ground.

On this note, the world should be informed that following Riek Machar’s third failed coup attempt this post July and consistent with Mr. Machar’s third failed coup attempt this post July and Mr. Machar’s demonstrated recidivism into political violence of catastrophic magnitudes, the security situation is not bad as anybody would like to portray, particularly in Juba where the UN envisions the need to bring additional 4,000 troops as called for in Resolution 2304.

In light of the aforementioned grounds, the Council strongly rejects in its entirety Resolution 2304, because it is a ploy to exacerbate discord amongst and suffering of our people.

It gives foreign forces a blank check “to use all means necessary” so as to achieve the establishment of the so-called Neo-trusteeship, which others are openly advocating for.

South Sudan does not need foreign troops, who are bent on toppling the government but it rather needs the international community to support the Transitional Government of National Unity to consolidate peace in order to restore decent livelihoods to our people.


Hon.Joshua Dau Diu,
Co-Chair, Jieng Council of Elders


  1. Gatdarwich says:

    Here we go again. The traitorous Jenges Council of Evils vice chairman, Dau Diu mockingly calling the third failed assassination attempt on Dr. Riek at J1-palace on July 8th, 2016, “Riek Machar’s unsuccessful third coup attempt on July 8th 2017”. But in reality, the July 8th, 2016, the day, the Evils Council initiated a deadly assassination attempt on Dr. Riek’s life, was infact the third unsuccessful attempt by the traitorous Jenges Council of Evils to kill Dr. Riek. First attempt-August 29th, 1991, and second attempt–December 15th, 2013.
    Also, the traitorous Jenges Council of Evils are shamelessly claiming that the security situation in South Sudan is “Not that Bad”—because the people being killed and displaced are non-Dinka ethnic individuals. This council of Evils isn’t completely aware that the world is fully informed that Wau-Rajah-Fertit-lou land, Cholloland, Yei, Nuerland, and Parjok which are burning right now are part of South Sudan. Of course, they know it, but the Council of evils’ ultimate goal is ethnic cleansing of non-Dinka tribe and grand destruction of all non-Dinka areas period

  2. False Millionnaire says:

    Why are u unhappy with your création?
    If u have read Dr Nyaba’s Last article,it’s the centeral thème of the same article that has perfectly translated into the events of Wau and far beyond.Set the cause of the death of the generals apart and it’s good to know that even Jur Chol fellows are marauding guning down jieng in compromised security conditions.
    Things have reached the point of no return and well informed masses are embracing for the worst which only God knows what it will be.
    It’s irresponsable then to ignore that u and me and Dr Nyaba are all good targets for MTN and counter MTN hunting.
    Go call ngundeng to tell God to stop it if u deem the UN useless instead of barking which wouldn’t change the course of the events.

  3. Gatdarwich says:

    False Millionaire,

    The two commanding Generals, traitor Par, and Machut of killer NyanKiir’s tribal militias in Wau were nailed in the battlefield with the Freedom Fighters. But I know you, the traitorous Dinka are exceedingly happy slaughtering non-Dinka civilians within your reach when shit gets hot with your cowards–tribal militias in frontlines. Pure manifestation of cowardice nature. Yes, I am glad you acknowledged that, you, the traitorous Dinka have collectively agreed that you’ve reached a “point of no return”. The ball is clearly on the targeted tribes’ courts to effectively implement counter-measures of your ethnic cleansing campaigns against them!
    As per Prophet Ngundeng, yours–traitorous Dinka’s D-Day is eminently coming period

  4. mading says:

    False Millionaire. Do not waste your time to try to educated this mentally sick Gatdarwich brother. He is the most dumb person in the world to be taught about our current and past Riek Machar’s violence history, with out preaching their prophet Ngundeng none existing history with his evil Riek. Look now ,he will cry today about government soldiers killing them, and tomorrow government soldiers will be tribal militias who are waiting to be finish by their gallant freedom fighters. Hard to tell what he is talking about. So leave mentally sick Gatdarwich alone brother.

  5. Gatdarwich says:

    Traitorous Mading,

    You have zero point of debate on this particular article. Your traitorous likes shall eminently be made to pay heavy price in South Sudan soil. There’s absolutely no way in hell, you, the traitorous Jenges shall get away with the murders of the civilians from the patriot tribes. Patriot forces–Freedom Fighters have already reached Bhar El Ghazale.

    • Chulbaar says:

      Gatdarwich – how about you get displaced by Jieng permanently from South Sudan? I think you must be residing in the foreign shadows that’s why you seem to not know the magnitude and impacts of this war. I beg you to go visit your frontlines across S. Sudan to see with you own eyes how the lion (Jieng) is mauls everyone of your useless tribesmen in battlefields…..Jieng could never be defeated by anything in this living world except God who made them – Remember when Arab used to call their Allah to their three enemies namely, The Jews, The Dinka and the America…it is something every non-Jieng who opts to confront Muonyjieng should deal with…..JIENG EMPIRE IS LOADING……

      • Gatdarwich says:


        Yes, the participation of Uganda army, SPLA-N, and Darfur rebels along side your tribal militias definitely confirm your assertion that “Jieng could never be defeated by anything in this living world except God”.

  6. mading says:

    Gatdarwich. Go find some to do, your patriots who are now living in refuges camps in Ethiopia, Uganda, and North Sudan, are not doing anything to liberate South Sudan. You are just saying those thing to feel better, I am sure heard some of your rebels commanders turned themselves to Uganda army last week. So it is still you internet warriors who are still talking about winning Gardarwich.

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