Jieng Council of Elders’ pre-plan: To arrest, harm & celebrate Dr. Riek Machar’s death on 9th July, 2016

By: Bol Khan, JUL/18/2016, SSN;

The pre-plan designed by Jieng Council of Elders’ leadership in Juba was to arrest Dr. Riek Machar on Friday 8th July 2016 at J1, harm/murder him and then celebrate his death on Saturday 9th July 2016. This was what the later details transpired. The details transpired that the postponement of Independence Day Celebrations was not done out of the blue.

It wasn’t a normal postponement as such! The primary plan was to divert the public’s attention from what the Administration’s Legislative body, the Jieng Council of Elders, had already worked on & cooked: A plan to arrest and harm Dr. Machar before Friday 8th July 2016.

Yes, the prime reason as reported was a financial hardship which had earlier on badly hit the Council led-Government of Salva Kiir. This became known to everybody. However, the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) in collaboration with the administration also thought of how they could get Riek Machar in an official corner so that they arrest and permanently harm him.

Thus, the council’s executive body led by Salva Kiir Mayardit on 8th Friday July 2016 was acting on its legislative body’s directives.

I have concrete evidences sent to me by an insider in the administration. Had this pre-plan succeeded on Friday 8th July 2016, a little budget reserved by the administration would have been used to celebrate Dr. Machar’s death instead on Saturday 9th July 2016.

Accordingly, as directed by the council, President Salva Kiir called Dr. Riek Machar for a meeting at J1 on Friday 8th July 2016. While on the other hand, the council also directed its military wing to send extra force as soon as Dr. Machar arrives at J1, State House.

Indeed, when Dr. Machar arrived at J1 on Friday 8th July 2016, the forces that would start fighting were immediately sent by the military wing under the leadership of Malong Awan. A huge forces which Ateny Wek, Salva Kiir’s spokesperson and Akuei Bona Malual, J1 Council’s Representative to the UN later described as “unknown gunmen” appeared from the Headquarters and opened fire on Dr. Machar’s bodyguards.

Paul Malong was nicknamed by the Administration as “King Paul” for having successfully masterminded 15 December 2013 genocide in Juba, Wau’s mass murder in June 2016 and many more atrocities he planned, instigated and executed.

Primarily, the Jieng Council of Elders’ forces took for granted that they would easily chase away Dr. Machar’s unit in three minutes time on Friday 8th July 2016.

Primitively, they only looked at Machar’s protection unit as was very small, without taking into account guards’ nationality and that fighting those natural bravest bodyguards was not as easy as withdrawing cash ($ USD) from South Sudan Central Bank (SSCB).

The council’s forces also thought once they start fighting, Machar’s gallant unit would be easily wiped out or even during the fighting, perhaps Riek would come out running, cowed, crouched or cringed in fear. Or might come out either to see what was happening or see his bodyguards’ whereabouts.

Instead, Machar small unit force made the opposite happen. That fierce fighting took place between unequal forces and Dr. Machar’s bodyguards humiliated the council’s forces instead. The two forces fought until when a third party, the UNMISS separating forces came. And reportedly, this was where the council’s members could start blaming each other for the failure to arrest and finally harm Dr. Machar.

On Friday night when the council’s prominent members realized that their designed pre-plan failed then they went back to the drawing board. Where they freshly start strategizing how they could again get Dr. Machar after the failure of a calculated assassination attempt at J1.

The Council leadership could not sleep for those two consecutive nights, i.e. Friday & Saturday nights. Desperately, they agreed to launch an open and direct attempt on Dr. Machar and his protection unit comprising of only one thousand-three hundred and seventy (1,370) servicemen.

They resolved that “All the available weaponry or military hardware currently in SPLA’s possession including helicopters gunships would be used against Machar and his forces on Sunday. Hoping, ordering over thirty (30,000 excluding unified police) to fight and crush Machar would have resulted into rounding up, arresting and permanently harming him.

Perhaps, by launching both ground and aerial bombardments attacks using heavy artillery plus helicopter gunships may result into a whole elimination of him and his forces.

On Sunday morning, 10th July 2016, SPLA launched fierce offensive ground attacks and then followed by aerial bombardments on SPLM-IO’s two bases, wishfully hoping to hear that Dr. Machar got killed in combat.

The multiple attacks which were coming from different directions were all beaten back at best by SPLA-IO’s protection and support units. A war which was initially set to take only two hours lasted for five good days between over thirty thousand (30, 000) Jieng Council of Elders’ troops and only one thousand, three hundred and seven (1,370) strong servicemen of Dr. Machar. While Machar’s small forces were using only slight machine guns e.g. AK47, RPGs and few PKMs compared to modern weaponry and military hardware including helicopter gunships the SPLA were using against Machar’s forces.

Congratulations Dr. Machar’s gallant forces!! With this unequal number of forces and military supplies the two armies had in mind, if you made SPLA-IO’s troops to be thirty thousands (30, 000) and SPLA-IG’s troops as only one thousand, three hundred and seventy (1,370 ) troops in Juba. What do you think would have happen therein?

Could Jieng Council of Elders still roving around maiming ordinary citizens, today in Juba? I don’t think. Hence, Malong and Council’s cronies must not proudly talk today in Juba as if theirs was braveness. They are not!! If they think they are, can they accept two equal forces with equal military hardware in Juba? Will they?

Willingly, and to avoid further clashes, the SPLM/A-IO’s forces had to voluntarily decide a tactical withdrawal from its two bases on Monday evening.

When Jieng Council of Elders heard this, the council’s online and blanket Ambassador, Gordon Buay Malek, quickly posted a white lie on his facebook account saying “SPLM-IO’s Chief of Staff, Gen. Gatwech Dual, IO’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Administration & Finance, Gen. James Koang Chuol and perhaps Dr. Riek Machar were all believed to have been confirmed dead during series confrontations between the SPLA-IG &SPLA-IO forces in Jebel Kujur”.

Gordon Buay is a South Sudan’s Jieng Council of Elders trivial, self-imposed representative to the United States of America. Gordon’s name was not included in South Sudan’s Ambassadorial list; so he has no fixed basic salary in the Council’s pay roll.

He depends only on wage; he earns a living by making up information and reports this hoodwinking information to the Council, JCE, so that he is given something to eat at least for a day. His (Gordon Buay) payment depends on how much information he made up or how many lies he makes/levels per day against Dr. Riek Machar’s character. This is how he survives all these years since late 2013.

Back to the topic, so the notorious Jieng Council of Elders’ deadly but failed pre-plan was to murder and celebrate Dr. Machar death on date 9th July 2016. Even if the executive branch of Jieng Council Elders managed to arrest and permanently harmed Dr. Machar on Friday 8th July 2016 at J1, the offensive attacks which were later launched on Sunday 10th July 2016 against the SPLA-IO would have all been suspended.

What they would have been busy doing was the celebrations. This was evidently transpired and was ascertained by the following two factors: 1) The celebratory sporadic firing of guns into the air allover Juba on Monday night was of this fact that they thought what Gordon Buay uttered about the alleged killings of Gen. Gatwech Dual, Gen. James Koang and Dr. Machar were true.

Some Jieng’s Community members automatically became arch enemies of Dr. Machar in 1990s when He, Dr. Machar challenged the SPLM’s first objective/vision of Secular, United, and One Sudan. Additionally, as a result of that long-established tribal incitement, which has later on been spread by some Jieng Elders for years now, about almost sixty-five (65) percent of today South Sudan’s Jieng Community, wish to see Dr. Riek Machar’s corpse placed into a grave.

From that year, Jieng Community (with more or less) began to believe that as long as Dr. Riek Machar still exists on this planet South Sudan cannot and will never be a stable country. Without complimenting Him (Dr. Machar) for having opposed that unachievable United Sudan Vision in 1991. Gluttonously, they also forget that what they are enjoying today in Juba was Dr. Machar’s brainchild.

Lastly and not the least, in my capacity as the said Council regime’s survivor, I would like to add my voice to those whose voices might have reached you, Dr. Machar, earlier on. About how you should be cautious or stay alert regarding these evil acts of Jieng Council of Elders.

Naturally, ninety (90%) percent of this Jieng Council of Elders-led Community knows very well how to set a political, coordinate and eliminating evils plans. Let’s not forget that, the organized terrorists always have millions tricky ways to achieve their evil and deadly plans every time, anywhere and at anytime.

Bol Khan can be reached on bolkhan39@yahoo.com


  1. Southdan says:

    I’m very sorry for jeing council, they created something that will hunt them for years to come. I believe Dinka Bor are the one blaming Riek Machar for 1991 incident but they forgot it was Dr John Garang fault for Presuming a dictatorship. Therefore, he who does not forgotten is not free forgiveness is a freedom. Every Nuer had forgotten Dr John Garang killing of Nuer Gajok in their home land 1983-88. Why would Dinka not following the bath of forgiveness and reconciliation?. I could say, reconciliation is a forgiveness. Forgiveness is freedom, therefore any men never knows reconciliation is not a free he will run away from his shadow.

  2. GatNor says:

    Cowards Jang writers like yel yel is below this article making noise by hailing loser Paol Malong as more significance than that elusive greater good of South Sudan. Jaang are doom should Nuers and other tribes decides to take the war to their door steps. I predict this will eventually happened sooner than later.

  3. mading says:

    Gatnor, please stop preaching hatred at this time, we need peace not war. Calling Muonyjang cowards will not help you at all, not to mention that you are far a way from South Sudan.

    • GatNor says:

      If I am preaching hatred Jaang are implementing hatred so shut of and go point fingers at your Jaang including your hypocritical self. I make no apology for voicing my opinion so keep scrolling and don’t make any stop by my comments.

  4. Gatdarwich says:


    Yes, the coward Jenges planned and executed their evil plan as you vividly stated, but embarrassingly and humiliatingly made their poorly trained coward militias committed suicide. 300 plus of Malong’s militias were nailed outside J1 compound on July 8th, 2016 by only 35 mightiest and the bravest Naath sons.
    2,000 plus were crucified around Jebel Kujur during their 15 times–failed attacks to captured or killed Dr. Riek and all his forces.
    Malong’s Jenges’ militias have undeniably been taught tough and historic war lesson

  5. Hoiloom says:


    You forgot to mention the other unforgettable lesson they were taught yesterday between Yei and Juba road when they attacked IO bases. The mood in Juba today is bitter among the Jieng. I fear for the lives of IO officials who are being held hostages should the war reach Juba again.


    • Gatdarwich says:


      Oh yeah, I forgot the traitorous coward Dinka–Malong’s militias were grilled and fried to perfection inside their tanks on July 19, 2016 by the mightiest and the bravest, patriot armed forces. The traitorous jenges are in some hot deep …. holes period

  6. mading says:

    Hoiloom, Gatdarwich, Gatnor, As nuer as you are, you need to go and research the meaning of the word coward,before you use it to describe Muonyjang.

    • Bol Khan says:


      Gatdarwich is right. Can equal Dinka men fight equal men with equal arms from other tribe in South Sudan? You fought unequal men from other side in Juba and saying that you’re brave. Your is not braveness let me tell you. You’re now killing unarmed Equatorians and you say you are brave that is not braveness. Take out ten (10) men from your side and other ten (10) men from other side with equal military supply and requirements. Would you defeat those men? Rather you would be defeated miserably.

  7. Hoiloom says:


    A coward is someone who starts a fight and cry for help from his neighbor. Dinka fits the description perfectly well.


  8. mading says:

    Hoiloon stupity is not called bravery in Jaang land where I came from.

  9. Gooner says:

    Jenges are good in making threats to civilians but not good in real fighting with their equals, I wish Machar and the freedom fighters return soon to rescue the innocent people from the hands of Kiir’s tribal militia “” The mathiang anyoor” The number of unknown gun men have increased and rape cases are on the rise. South Sudanese are tired but could not speak freely because its a dictatorship and they will be silenced by the gun. They talk of disarmament but it will only be collected from other tribes and the jenges’ will not, I have seen several disarmaments done but jenge civilians are still having guns, I really hate them because they are happily drilling floats of the ship not knowing we will all sink, third force should come and save the civilian from this tyrant government.

  10. Morgan says:

    Media war are not real wars, we on the ground know how to do it, stop blowing horns of cowardice nature, all asylum seekers should come to juba this time and joint us at front lines ……………… internet warriors are fake indeed,you are only good at inciting the masses. no forceful regime change ……………… it should be by Bullet but ballots ok??????????

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