Jieeng Council of Elders, the Erosion of Jieeng’s Values and the ‘Jieengization’ of South Sudan

BY: Kuir ë Garang, CANADA, NOV/19/2015, SSN;

First off, let’s remember that the elders I’m talking about are not the REAL ELDERS, but the dollar-intoxicated, Prado-Driving, educated political ‘elders’ in Juba. I’m not referencing the real elders in Jieeng Villages!

Elders, the world over, are supposed to be the voice of reason and wisdom. They should be the people to calm down a young and fiery generation, who are always interested in solving everything through myopic physical means. However, this is not the case in South Sudan as the nation has had every order of things turned upside down.

Elders have lost wisdom and reason as they are the first to beat the drum of war and division.

Personal benefits are put above the health and long term well-being of all citizenry! It’s very sad but there seems to be no end in sight. We are free falling!

Undoubtedly, it’s no secret that South Sudan is a tribalized nation and it will take a seasoned, self-sacrificing strategist to formulate a long-lasting and acceptable panacea for the chronic malady of tribalism.

So far this strategist is either not given a chance to help save South Sudan, or she/he doesn’t’ exist.

Since 2005, after the death of late Dr. John Garang De Mabior, South Sudan continued a downward spiral toward failure, naïve tribalism and unbridled corruption. The saddest part of all this affair is that the perpetrators of the problems don’t seem to realize the danger they caused and continue to cause.

Since the days of Sudan African Nation Union (SANU) with the likes of Father Saturnino, Joseph Oduho, Aggrey Jaden and Deng Nhial, tribalism has always been a problem.

Tribalism also caused Oduho to form Azania Liberation Front (ALF) and Aggrey forming Sudan African Liberation Front (SALF), all of which short-lived.

Tribalism also dogged the Southern Sudan Provisional Government (SSPG) with Gordon Muortat and Aggrey Jaden. The formation of Nile Provisional Government (NPG), the Anyidi Republic and the eventual takeover of the liberation struggle by Joseph Lagu resulted from both personal ambition and tribalism.

After the 1972 Addis Ababa agreement, the power-play between Joseph Lagu and Abel Alier was an epitome of instrumentalized tribalism. Energies and resources were focused on tribal rivalry as development was shamelessly ignored.

In a word, tribalism isn’t something new in the South. However, one always hopes that past historical mistakes be corrected in an attempt to create a helpful way forward.

Unfortunately, in South Sudan, past mistakes are reimagined, reformulated, and instrumentalized for power and wealth.

This brings me to the infamous Jieeng Council of Elders (JCE). Instead of making sure all tribal elders in South Sudan come together to not only help children understand tribal values, histories and historicity across tribal lines, but also make sure they institutionalize tribal wisdom in a helpful manner, JCE has become a divisive, boot-licking, dirty group bent on making South Sudan a Jieeng republic!

Jieeng are supposed to be peace-loving people, people who try to bring people together. It’s either I was wrong, or our elders have changed.

JCE, headed by the likes of Martin Majut Yak and Ambrose Riiny Thiik, has become a great liability to South Sudan.

Where on earth do you find young people advising elders not to be divisive and hawkish? Where have the Jieeng values gone that I can clearly see the danger they are causing South Sudan when they can’t see it?

If these are the elders we have, then South Sudan is doomed to fail beyond the current failure-pit level. Are these the elders young people should consult for wisdom?

Martin Majut recently told a Jieeng radio presenter [SBS Radio] that “Jieeng liberated South Sudan, so we [Jieeng] deserve to be the rulers.”

Are these the elders we should admire? Why do I know that such a statement is wrong when an elder can’t see it?

Ambrose Riiny Thiik recently admitted that the idea of the unconstitutional 28 states was their idea. It’s no wonder the president accepted it without putting any thought into how dangerous the idea could be.

How did we, the Jieeng, become this callous, greedy, divisive and short-sighted? Have Jieeng values become completely eroded that elders are now behaving like children?

A nation where younger people advise elders to be wise, conciliatory and inclusive, is a nation whose values have been eroded.

How can Jieeng elders allow Nuer to be massacred in Juba? Where is the wisdom of Jieeng in making sure Nuer are safe in Juba and out of UNMISS camps?

It’s no surprise that President Kiir has no elders to give him wisdom to lead. His being advised by corrupt, myopic, blood-thirsty, greedy old man who’ve abdicated their duty as elders is taking us to the grave.

This erosion of cultural values has resulted in South Sudan being seen as Jieeng property. The country is shamelessly Jieeng-dominated, but it’s only young people who can see such domination.

The elders don’t see it. Where does that happen?

The country has been shamelessly Jieengized but we still believe South Sudan will be a country in which all the 60 plus tribes can coexist.

Almost all ambassadors are Jieeng, most state commissioners are Jieeng, SPLM as we’ve seen recently seems Jieeng-dominated, most influential ministers are Jieeng, people who speak on behalf of the government and South Sudan are Jieeng.

This is a sad reality our elders find funny but it’s very dangerous. The president is Jieeng, his spokesperson is Jieeng, the minister of foreign affairs is (technically) Jieeng, the spokesperson of foreign minister is Jieeng, the government spokesperson is Jieeng, the chief of general staff of SPLA and the SPLA spokesperson are Jieeng, the defense minister is Jieeng, the the police Inspector General is Jieeng, the government peace delegation is basically a Jieeng entity.

How the hell do we expect South Sudan to prosper?

How come my elders love war when I, a young person, don’t like war? How come my elders are tribally divisive when I don’t like tribally divisive policies? How come I realize that Jieeng domination of South Sudan is dangerous for our collective future when my elders don’t?

I’m not saying we [Jieeng] are the only tribal people in South Sudan. Every single tribe is divisively tribal.

However, the government is led by one of our own and it’s imperative we show South Sudan that we are not this divisive and incompetent.

South Sudan is now a complete failure and the leader is Jieeng!

South Sudan is now at war and the leader is Jieeng!

I know the damage to Jieeng values and integrity has already been done; however, it’s not too late for the elders to stop ‘eating’ and instead bring back Jieeng wisdom and voice of reason if we actually had it.

Kuir ë Garang is the author of ‘South Sudan Ideologically” and “Is ‘Black’ Really Beautiful?” For contact, visit www.kuirthiy.info.


  1. info@southsudannation says:

    Brilliant article, I just wonder when will those presumed ‘elders’ alter their convoluted reasoning before the new nation sooner sinks to the bottom of the Nile?

  2. Hiy Guys:

    to me, there is nothing wrong the so called Dinka Elders. Each individual rulers in the governments in the countries around the world, they have their own different rule styles. Remember that the Alexander The Great. He was from Macedona in Greece Nation. He had had have many philosophers with aiding him on his administration affairs in both internal and external!

    Let him put his own tribesmen as his counselors.Very Fine! There is nothing wrong! May be they helping him to do things properly in the government in the country in the South Sudan Republic!


  3. upiu says:

    Kuir thinks South Sudan is on a downward spiral on the hands of Jieng elders since the demise of John Garang forgetting that he was one of these Jieng elders. He talk of how tribal minded and warmongering these Jieng elders are when he is not. He’s forgetting that his cherry-picking of John Garang can only be explained by the same tribalism he’s accusing others for. Perhaps wise Jieng elders can only come from Kuir’s backyard of Twic east county.

    • Eastern says:

      Dear Kuir,

      You always don’t disappoint me in your writings, excellent piece!

      To all dinkas out there, one of your sons, my brother and fellow South Sudanese has spoken succinctly, over to you!

    • Eastern says:


      As usual, you are toying with semantics! Kuir, to the best of my understanding of his missive, did not exonerate Dr Garang but rather mentioned him (RIP) in reference to the onset of dinka domination epoch 2005 to now.

      Kiir being a spineless leader is directed by the callous dinka ‘elders’ to mislead the country. Kuir also lambasted Abel Alier from his backyard, to borrow your words. It’s perhaps you who’s cherry-picking!

      • upiu says:

        I have come to expect that every time I commend on this forum I would see your ensuing comments beginning with…as usual….
        That doesn’t bother or won’t deter me either. If I have a few minutes I will always continue to put in my two cents on those issues raised by our prolific writers.
        To be clearer, what I was insinuating here is a caution against painting the entire ethnic group or elders with the same brush. The group that is in Juba that pose as a JCE is, and Kuir knows this, not technically a Jieng Council of elders. That JCE group is a group of some Jieng politicians, active and retired, who are trying to remain relevant in the affairs of a country presumably for their own livelihood. Jieng elders like any other community elders are in their respective communities and villages, not in a city. So to say that Jieng elders are this and that, is simply inaccurate and irresponsible because Kuir will one time become a Jieng elder and I doubt he will pride himself in those adjectives.
        I have seen a number of Jieng elders who are outspoken against the ills of the current government and I don’t think Kuir writing does any justice to those individuals.
        Again Eastern, you can believe what you want to believe about my comments but I won’t take any of it personally and I won’t take you on on any of them.
        Just that it is almost becoming a norm on this site that any writing that is derogatively sensational against Dinka is the brilliant, excellent, great etc piece.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          You are living in your own world to incite that ‘any writing that’s derogatively sensational against Dinka is a brilliant…… piece’ on this website. This is the only free-minded website and completely independent, for your information.
          You are doing great injustice to brilliant brains of free thinkers like a great literary figure like Mr. Kiur e Garang, an internationally recognized novelist and playwright with books being read globally. I read his latest book, ‘South Sudan Ideologically’ and I gave him a big credit.
          Being fair minded and specially being independent minded is a big asset missing many of us, the freedom to express yourself without fear or favour.
          Finally, the earlier the jieng free themselves from the inept and genocidal Kiir junta, the better our nation will become united and progressive. Clear the big log in your eyes, fellow countryman.

          • Bol says:

            “Just that it is almost becoming a norm on this site that any writing that is derogatively sensational against Dinka is the brilliant, excellent, great etc piece.”……..Fantastic! I have been looking for these words or something similar for a very long time…..They perfectly fit the description! Good On You

          • Gatdarwich says:

            JCE or Dinka in general will not and shall not halt the killing of the opponents of their ethnocracy/kakistocracy government as long as the majority(60 plus tribes) are allowing them to do so period

        • upiu says:

          Thank you for reminding me to clear my eyes of a log.
          In the same vein, a truly independent brain will see that what i said, “.. any writing that is derogatively sensational against Dinka is the brilliant, excellent, great etc piece..” is clearly evident in your line ” ….the earlier the jieng free themselves from the inept and genocidal Kiir junta, the better our nation will become united and progressive”.
          We all know that Kiir is president of South Sudan, voted in by all South Sudanese yet you are putting the responsibility of getting rid of him into Jiengs hands.
          That aside, I agree that this site is an independent entity supported by independent writers, but is that independence owned by certain personalities and not the rest of us? I thought that independent thinkers don’t live in other people’s world but their own. If that qualify as a measure of independence and you are telling me I’m living in my own world, I am not badly off.
          As long as we believe that the problems facing our country are a collective Jieng responsibility and not particular leaders’ problems, then we have a long way to seeing a better future. I have never seen an entire ethnic group being held accountable but individual leaders the world over get held accountable for their misdeeds.
          Have a truly independent day or night!

          • info@southsudannation says:

            Your point taken.
            Let’s turn our efforts to the nation’s ailments now.
            Thank you.

  4. Gatdarwich says:


    What Jiengs are practicing now in South Sudan is new to Jiengs’ culture. The theft of National Resources, killings, grand destructions of others’ properties, conspiring with foreigners, and hiring of mercenaries to killing others, is all embedded values in Jiengs’ veins.
    Kuir, JCE are not wisdomless as you seem to portrays, but are in fact, employing the wisdoms or values instilled in them by their great grand parents. Their admirations of destructions, shamelessness, killings, theft of national resources, and treacherous nature, are all part of Jiengs’s cultural values period.
    I, Gatdarwich, I am well versed on Jiengs’ values and cultural practices.

  5. Mafai says:

    This is a great analysis Kuir,

    These old guards are feeding on our blood but they will not finish it, I believe. It is good that they do no realize the consequences of their actions.It will be these consequences of their action to bury them including their lunatic, Salva Kir. I do not think they will succeed with the jiengnization of South Sudan. Already we have rebellion all over the country. The youth are becoming inpatient. Just few days back, the youth in Ikotos, Tambura, Mundri, Maridi, Ezo, Wanduruba and some parts in Western Bahr Gahzal have started to take on their militias. What they are yawning for is to establish supply routes between SPLA-IO and them to get bullets and Jiengnization is done. The impact of their behaviors have made some of their innocent brothers ”persona non Grata” along Nimule, Kajokeji, Yei and Maridi road. They now have to fly by plan to these towns which is expensive. Soon this situation will be worse if they do not reverse the gears by implementing peace. Then we shall see how they will further continue saying ” We liberated you” when they themselves need to be liberated.

  6. Torumonya says:

    Thanks bro, I was waiting long time for such an article about Jieng elders who decide for the whole nation based on Traditional belief.
    And this makes me wonder, what if we get a new president who is not from Jieng Clan, what will these elders tell him?
    I wonder if this is the last Jieng leadership.

  7. Okuc says:


    Thank you for your courage to speak your mind about the sad policies pursued by Kirr and his council of Jieng’s Elders supporters in South Sudan. Your are right Jieng without shame are claiming loudly that they have liberated South Sudan and therefore they have the right to rule with impunity regardless where the country is heading to.
    I want to say the claim made by Martin Majut on (SBS) radio that Jieng are the ones who have liberated South Sudan is a big lie whose purpose is to make Jieng believe they are liberators of South Sudanese and the rest owed them their emancipation from Jallaba’s slavery.
    The truth is that Jieng joined the rebellion in 1983 in great numbers not because they are more patriotic than the rest of South Sudanese but because the presidential degree of the president Numeri in June 1983 to dissolve the Regional Government of South Sudan(RGSS) which Abel Alier was a president was a catalyst behind the surge to join the rebellion. The notion that we liberated South Sudan is psychological myth intended to reinforce the sense of superiority which don’t exist.
    Kuir feeling of shame is well justified because his fellow Jieng especially president Kirr and so called council of Jieng’s Elders have made it crystal clear Jieng despite their numbers are not fit to rule.

  8. Gatdarwich says:

    South Sudan is deemed to failed under Jiengs/JCE leadership, unless the 60 plus tribes, quickly and decisively takes collective-bold action, and completely disbanded the current ethnocracy/kakistocracy government to avert it from eminent failure period. Any other alternative, will, and shall, undoubtedly be a tool for these proven traitorous/Jiengs to solidify their grips on power. So, rapping, burning of helpless humans alive/ Killings of elderly, children, sick, grand destruction of properties(livelihoods of none-Dinka tribe), and the thefts of national resources, will, and shall forever be of order of the day in Junub El Sudan under these treacherous’ leaderships.

  9. Choromke Jas says:

    Good analysis but too little too late. The disintegration of South Sudan has started. Every day the Equatorian youth (East, Central and West) are battling with desperate Jieeng soldiers. The small fire will soon spread and rage until the end. God will punish Sudan is indeed a prophesy that has come to pass.

  10. False Millionaire says:

    Thank u so much for pointing out what many have tried to do without any success.
    Even our editor,the half god whom we assumed to be the most untouchable intellectual on the forum has chosen to be deaf to the reality that the jieng elders are in their villages presiding over their communities and have nothing in common with the impersonating JCE members in town.
    Eastern who pretends to know so much about jieng and jieng lands,hasn’t he leaned anything about jieng rural social structures?since when has it been the jieng in general who have chosen the JCE members to represent the jieng masses in town?
    In 1970s after the Addis Ababa agreement,Dr Francis Mading Deng interviewed dinka paramount chiefs and published a book called,”Dinka Speaks”.
    The ditor,Eastern and the likes will suffer intellectual desert crossing for life without knowing anything about jieng if they fail to read that book and take it as a reference to jieng representation.
    Unfortunately that’s why,in their ignorance,they jump up so hastily to show the cross and throw stones on jieng masses every time an urbanne gentile like Kuir,on a pure political struggle drive,writes something to denounce urbanne political rivals like the JCE members.
    That’s,”the big log”,for them to clear from their conscience!!!

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      Personally, Francis Mading Deng is not one you would refer me to read his works.

      You folks want cover what is staring the country in the face. Kuir cited numerous examples of dinak excesses but you want to continue denying. Kuir made it very clear that there’s just too many dinka in the current government; you don’t seem to see any problem with this. Every time they announce through a presidential decree the beneficiary would be a dinka and few days later there will be tribal dances to thank the president and celebrate the new post – others are equally qualified but they are left out; what do you think is this?

      You seem not have problem with Kiir surrounding himself with dinkas, so you should be collectively bare the responsibility. If you ever have genuine dinka elders in your villages, let them rise up to the occasion to claim back their council which has now been usurped by some urbanne folks, to borrow your word.

      Let dinkas rise up and denounce any one of them making inflammatory statements in some distant radio stations/fora, thinking that such statements will not be heard back home in South Sudan. Let the dinaks show cause by isolating their own, who are drunk with power and ill-gotten wealth, them we shall truly understand what your likes have been struggling write for a very long time.

      Short of the above, I truly thank Kuir Garang for his openness; he’s a true South Sudanese and a very honest dinka!

  11. Southdn says:

    Dear Kuer E-Garang. I know why you attempted to write this unappreciated article praising so call Joung Elders, I Will not go into details. But to me I know who you are I also know where and to whom you words go to. Dear Sue E-Garang it is contradictory to write such instigated article praising Joung Elders of killing Nuer in Juba. Or….I understand this a message to you alerting Joung Elders to derailing Peace after you realized President kiir is being pressured by both international community and IGAD.
    Nuer E-Garang, instated urging Joung Elders to derail peace agreement, why don’t you write an article calling for Peace in south Sudan. Dear kuer E-Garang, I appreciate you and respect your intellectual professional. I recalled way back I read your article in which you coins Dr. Reik Machar as a tribal, coupic, 1991ic. For your information, 1991 was not coup it was a result of Dr. John Garang De-Maboiur dictator leadership. As I have said, you contradicts yourself. I have seen you abandoned your President kiir because, he had signed peace agreement.
    I also recalled during you urged President Kiir not to sign the agreement with Dr.Machar Reik, now you have shifting your attention to Joung Elders thinking if they derailing peace they wouldn’t get pressure. Nuer E-Garang, I remembered once on a a response to an article I advised you not insult Dr. Reik Machar again, if you do so people may think you Dinka Bor are the on causing Nuer massacred in juba and Bor.
    You have mentioned one Joung Elders probably Mr. Ring Thiik and don’t blame him he said the Dinka has librated south Sudan he following forefathers, Dinka ideology based on extortion, they are denying truths in the eyes of international community which acknowledges South Sudan independent was a result of democracy and self determination that was champions by Dr. Riek Machar Teny.
    I’m sorry, to hear Dinka behaviors now a days like Liberators, explores, inventors. To me nothing as such, according to a book I read black man possess nothing except his skull. in my opinion the Elders had already mad coup therefore they calling themselves Liberators denying facets south Sudan independent was a pure democracy voted process in which Nuer
    Voters were 100 percent for separation and Dinka Bor voted 100 percent for unity. For instant, I myself had voted for separation proudly and I deep my finger into flask ink to liberate south Sudan. Here is biblical verse about Democracy and self determination and referendum. John 20:27 “Then he said to Thomas Reach out your finger here, and see my hands; put out your hand and place it in my side”

  12. Amol Mabior says:

    Kuir E Garang, You said it all brother.

  13. Akwot says:

    It is great brother Kuir to acknowledge the damage done by Kiir and his Jieeng Council of Elders. Actually, these elders are executing the Jieeng’s plan to make South Sudan their property or kingdom. Many people in South Sudan are being deceived by Kiir he is fighting to protect the sovereignty of the country, but in the reality Kiir and his Jieeng Council are using the resources of the nation to achieve their dream which is the creating of the Jieeng’s kingdom. Which I see it would be difficult for them to realize.

    So, brother Kuir if you are sure, it good to ask them why they are tearing the country down ? Nevertheless, the answer you will get from them is this: they will assure you that they are doing it for you, Dinka; as Martain Majut and many more claim, though you and others from your tribe have another opinion about what Kiir and his Jieeng Council are doing to the country. Continue in you path and God will grant your efforts.

  14. taban lowani says:

    Kuir , your surely a nationalist regardless of your personal tribal background. You deserve credit for realizing the danger of this jiang council of elders. I suggest that keep advising those dinkas who’s don’t know what this jiang council of elders are doing for their respective jiang tribes. it is shameful for some segment of Dinkas for supporting this jiang council of elders blindly for their massive distraction of the country and killings of innocent people including young dinkas who had been decisive by this polish council of elders..my question is to those supporters of jiang council of elders. did you really believe that, this jiang council of elders are working in the interest of your tribes jiang or other way around. Don’t be blind for supporting this council of murders.

  15. BILL KUCH says:

    Kuir Garang,
    You are hypocrite and you should never deprive Dr. John Garang out of these messes in South Sudan. Just Garang was from Twic East Country does not mean he was a saint. So, please, stop lying to yourself because Twic East Country should be getting their own state instead of nonsense complaints. If Jieeng Elders are the problems then how would you be able to fix it since you are a Dinka yourself. Who would trust you for perfection to judge others. Were you not told that Dr. Riek took up arms against Dr. John Garang when there were no Jieeng Elders?

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Bill Kuch,
      Actually, if you didn’t know, Abel Alier had a Jieng Council of Elders which worked discreetly to ensure his slow rise to power in the Southern Front party in the late 1960’s until he became president of the High Executive Council in Juba in 1972. The JCE then reportedly was advising Abel Alier throughout his terrible regime until General Joseph Lagu finally booted him out.
      Those allegedly prominent in the first Jieng Council of Advisors, supposedly then not called Elders because many of them like Dr. Lawrence Wol, Daniel Awet, Bona Malual and others were younger or same age to Abel Alier.
      That JCE at the time made sure no Equatorian politicians like Ezboni Mondiri or Hillary Logali, and Nuers or Shilluks like Luigi Adwok, dared challenge Abel Alier for the presidency of the Southern Front party and later of the then High Executive Council. Only President Jaafar Nimeri’s declaration of Kokora in 1983 finally ended JCE domination, but only for a short time.
      However, it again resurfaced in the new movement called the SPLM/A under their poster boy, Dr. John Garang de Mabior in 1983. Not surprisingly, Garang’s first assignment was to eliminate the Nuer-dominated Anya-Nya Two under Gai Tut and company.
      Now, apparently, the power base of the current JCE has shifted to Bahr el Ghazel and that perhaps explains why nationalists like Kuir e Garang are vociferously antagonistic and critical of the diabolical actions and influences of this Kiir-financially empowered JCE.
      Editor (Just a historical/political antecedent, for your information)

      • Eastern says:

        Thank you editor; this is very valuable information.


      • Southdn says:

        In for south sudan nation, all readers

        You folks have to know the Jieng elders are not recognized by international community as ruling party for south Sudan. Since it is only President Kiir a recognized person in south Sudan let him be blamed. So it’s senseless for Kuir and Mabiour Garang simply to shift people attention to Jieng elders as if they are the ones ruling in juba.

        • Eastern says:

          The lumping together of Kiir and the JCE is because the former has not come out openly to dissociate himself from the latter, meaning he’s gleefully in agreement with their mission. The dinka as a tribe have not denounced the actions of the JCE though some claim to dissociate themselves from this group. Till then, I will only believe in Kuir Garang, a dinka, who has come out openly to denounce this group.

          I encourage courageous dinkas out there to come out and denounce JCE if they are real patriots. Having fought the war of liberation is not enough. Now we have another monster in the form of JCE rearing its ugly head in the country. By the way, where is the constituent of Ambrose Riing Thiik. Tribalism cannot be fought by remaining mute. It can be fought by naming names and denouncing it. By say tribalism is a national issue and not tagging individuals and tribes naturing it is being simplistic. Tribalism is a big problem in Africa and its perpetuated tribes in those countries. Look no further than what tribalism caused in Ruanda, Kenya and now Burundi.

          Individuals like Ambrose are motivated to do and say what they wish is because of the tribal support they will readily receive – which is what we are now witnessing! Ambrose continues to make utterances on governance issues that tend to subjugate the president he claims to support. Are Kiir and Ambrose playing with the minds of South Sudanese? Please read what Ambrose is alleged to have saidhttps://radiotamazuj.org/en/article/dinka-council-elders-takes-no-responsibility-28-states-controversy

          Is Ambrose not the president of the dinka country Kuir Garang alluded to in his missive? Who gave Ambrose all that power and influence if it’s not his constituent?

    • Southdn says:

      You are right Bill Much,
      Nonsense for kuir e-Garang to come up with new topic that said Jieng elders are erosion in south Sudan. Kuir E-Garang himself is one of Jieng elders. So why would fooling readers? I myself know the reason which made him criticize his money providers(Jieng elders). Because President Kiir failed and not favored by IGAD countries and international community.

      I also observed Kuir E-Garang and Mr. Mabiour Garang, son of Dr. John Garang D-mabiour are same faces of a coin. I wondered why Mabiour Garang would issue a statement on Radio Tamazuj like Kuir, criticizing Jieng elders.
      Question, for would he change Jieng elders minds?. kuir and Mabiour only criticised elders because they’ve learned President Kiir Mayardit whom Dinka Bor had given responsibility to wipe Nuer people on earth has failed and not longer welcome by IGAD and international community.

  16. Walamarpioor says:

    The name is a forgery because you are hesitating by blaming one side instead of highlighting mistakes on both sides.

  17. Dear: Author Keir e Garang

    I have not yet read your posted written article in the forum Discussion Board you wrote.In your article,I do not agree with you when saying Jieng Jiengizing South Sudan. Are people in the South Sudan living their lives like Dinka people in tribally way of their life in the tribe in the homeland??????????!!!!!!!! I fully do understand according to what you have expressed in the written article! I do not want make a comment!

    Now,tell me frankly speaking! Well what ideology do you know precisely about on in the South Sudan government so far at this point?????!!!! Thank you! Back to you to the audience!


    • GatCharwearbol says:


      Advisedly, open your eyes so you can vividly see the bigger picture or the gist of this article. It seems your upstairs is sleeping or seriously deprive from discerning things requiring critical anaylsis. If you don’t get the points Mr. Garang is driving home, you have yourself to blame.

  18. Biel Gatluak says:

    I believed our brother Kuire Garang has stated the fact about the Dinka elders. In south Sudan we have 64 tribes, why not formed a council of South Sudanese elders instead of Jieng elders if we don’t really follow tribal lines. I wish there are more south Sudanese who think like Kuire… God be with you young man for telling the facts although some of my Dinka brothers will cling onto your neck for saying the really.. for upto when are we going to be blinded by this created tribalism ?

  19. Deng Monymor says:


    History is not a fool. Your double standards so far won’t work anymore. Strangely, those who know you personally are always amazed when they see you jumping around with your unbridled hypocrisy. When every member of your family was an army officer during the war, what does that say about your background? Stop pretending.


  20. Dear: Southdn

    The Author:Mr.Kuir e Garang, knows well how to speak well in his writings as he always using prose.But he supposes to know logic.Calling Jienge,has Jiengeized the South.Very funny indeed!

    For him, he believes.The people in the South Sudan,they are cooking foods like Dinka! They speaking Dinka language! Eating food like them.Marrying women with a hefy charges cows! Assimilating South Sudanese society mainstream in Dinka culture. Behaving like Dinka in the tribe in the land. Conductin courts trials in Dinka local language and many more as well in general! They Dinka themselves.let them try!!!!!!!


  21. Southdn says:

    You are right Mr. Abiko
    Ya he wrote, “the jieng elders Jeingenized south Sudan”. In my opinion Kuir E-Garang did not write this article to criticise his Jieng elders for failing south Sudan, but to urge his Jieng elders in order to violate peace. This is a hypocrite, clandestine language he always uses.

  22. GatNor says:

    This author was a undeclared pro Jaang Council of Elders activities in the early stage of south Sudan civil war. I don’t know what to make of this confusion. If you can’tbeat them join them, and if you can join them confuse them. I don’t know if I am the confused one or the author. Kuir might say the truth but he is not good in his heart as per his old other writing concerning the general situation in the country. I agree with the comment made by Southdn above.

  23. Abiko! says:

    Dear: Gatcharweabol

    I respect your opinion in your comment! But I want tell to you my sincere word in plain language.I will never and ever blame myself at all in front of God! Kuir e Garang driving home because the car belonging for him.Not belonging for me!
    I am not suppose to fret for anything at all! I am a layman! I am far from ((Sudanese people politics)!!! Thank you! Feel free to talk to me! I will do my best to respond to you when I fee like! My eyes are well opened! There are no anymore eyelashes onto them! They are now very clean!!!!!But your well advice is well considered!


  24. Kuir Garang is an excellent writer, touching thè reàl hot issues that facing our country; and i think every one of us in this forum should give him a credit instead of discourging him not to say what he belive is right.

  25. Dear Mo. USA. IT does not matter whether the rest of the tribes in South Sudan are living the Dinka life or not. But what matters are the Dinka really dominating everything in South sudan as Mr. Kuir Garang stated in his article? And the answer here is yes, without repeating what Mr. Garang listed as examples of the Dinka domination. And i want to say something here to you and well educated brothers from Dinka community; is that nation builders can not be looters of the country they claim they liberated, liberators can not be killers of citizens they liberated. Liberators can not be coup people. But they are masters of planning for well being of the country and their citizens.

  26. Eastern Sledge Hammer says:


    In a scientific study involving human population, a small portion of the population (sample) is studied and the finding is generalized to the whole population. Therefore whatever traits that are exhibited by them jieng in Juba is in all likelihood, the traits possessed by the entire jieng population..

  27. False Millionaire says:

    Eastern Sledge Hammer,
    Are u a scientist or a sociologist and if your findings are biological,what do they have to do with sociology in connection to the jieng to jsutify your assertion?!!!

  28. Questions to southerners: this is not a comment rather than questions needs honest answers.1. was Dr. John grang nationalist? 2. Was Dr. John grang triblist? 3. if Dr. John grang was not died would he ruel South Sudan through Jieeng council of Elders? 4. if Dr. John grang was not died would he estiblised Jieeng kingdoom in South Sudan? 5.if Dr. John grang was died what would be the relationship between South and north Sudan? What do you think the system of government that would be empolyed in South Sudan?

  29. Eastern Sledge Hammer says:

    False millionaire

    What is sociology, if it’s not science

  30. False Millionaire says:

    Eastern Sledge Hammer,
    Now u are reasoning with common sense and it’s good.
    But your home work is incomplete.
    Every one in this forum is expecting u to provide the refernce to your,”scientific study”.
    When and where was it done,whom were the subject,what was the purpose,what were the findings and who did it?
    Good luck!!!

  31. Eastern Sledge Hammer says:

    False millionaire
    That was an example to give you an insght into why people have a bad impression of jieng. A study is not necessary coz what we are seeing and hearing is enough proof of the impression people have of you. I have worked for NGO’s for a while and i have been to places like Abiemnom, Rumbek, Twich, Bor, Parieng just to mention a few and i can testify that dinka is a close-nit homogeneous society that can’t coexist with other societies coz of their aggressive and war mongering behaviors. And that’s pretty much the common understanding our people and those beyond our borders have of the jieng society……

  32. False Millionaire says:

    Eastern Sledge Hammer,
    I thank u for the information.
    But if your feeling is out of deep conviction,please support those who ask for tribal/KOKORA federalism that will confine jieng to their homelands.It’s as simple as that and u will be able to live a happy life without ever feeling obliged to come into contacts with them.

    In fact if u could still bear with me a bit longer,u should know that there is a shocking phenomenon I was able to discover about fellow countrymen working for the NGO’s Like u.
    All of them are victims of ignorance and empty pride.
    The fact of workijng for the NGO’s to help the needy masses put them in the position of superiority.
    I understood at the end that,the white men who are the directors of your agencies stand in the place of God for u..That,if it’s u in immediate contacts with the needy masses,u assume the place of the white man and behave like God to look down upon the masses.
    Me personally I know south sudan so much geographically and socially but without anything to claim.
    My life is a bit above the life of an average RSS rural citizen.But that’s only due to many urbanne social,cultural and working experiences worldwide.Apart from that I am as ordinary as they are.
    If I am in places like Juba,I stay in most simple places like Haya Thura.It’s there that I prefer to fix pastime appointments with fellow friends among whom are ones working for the NGO’s.
    When they come,they appear like strangers.They detest everything and every ordinary citizen there.The tea,they refuse to drink.The food,they refuse to eat.The respectful mothers whom the dire economic conditions have forced to sell tea inorder to pay for their childern’s school fees,they look them down in disrepect.
    At the end,I undersood they only accept to come to such places in the hope of getting hooked up with materially desperate needy young girls to scrow cheap.
    That is the saddest reality I know about yuor likes and it kills my conscience to the core.

    Out of such context,it isn’t a surprise to me to see u saying that,” a study is not necessary coz what we are seeing and hearing is enough proof of the impression people have of you”.
    Time will proof to u that your assertion is an invalid dirty smear to accept in any minimum truth for the simple fact that u and your likes are never part of the masses.
    U only go to them for work to justify your salary beforefor your boss,the white man to keep u.But never to learn anything about them.

    With such mentality of ignorance and false superiority complex prevailing,u can come to the forum,mou like an innocent white ox,vomit shit and then walk away freely becouse many people don’t know who u really are.
    But the reality is,u will drive the society through imeasurable degree of suffering without changing anything at the end becouse you are not really the true God,that u dare to make of yourself,with powers to send the citizens that u hate to the sky.

  33. Wani diliga says:

    To dear poster, all these rubbish
    you put above can never fix any issue with current crisis in South Sudan. Remember only dead human is always appreciated after he is gone that is why you talk about people who passed on. Tomorrow Kiir or Riek will be gone and leave us with one worse than anyone before.

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