JCE: Supports 28 states and appeals for survival as jieng nation!!

DECEMBER 28th, 2015;

The Jieng Council of Elders (JCE), on behalf of the entire Jieng People wishes the people of the Republic of South Sudan a Happy and Prosperous New Year -2016. 2015 has been a year full of trials and should be remembered as a remarkable year because the people of South Sudan witnessed the following milestones:

1. Signing of Arusha SPLM Re-unification Agreement;
2. Signing of IGAD-PLUS led Peace agreement (ACRISS);
3. Presidential Order 36/2015 for establishment of twenty-eight (28) states;
4. Return to Juba of the SPLM-IO members and SPLM Former Detainees; and,
5. Appointment of the twenty-eight (28) state governors.

Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) applauds the President of the Republic, H.E. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardiit, for his tireless efforts and wisdom to achieve Peace and desire to deliver on the wishes of the people of the beloved nation.

On this occasion JCE would like to welcome to South Sudan H.E. President Festus Mogae – Chairman of the Joint Monitoring & Evaluation Commission (JMEC) as he embarks on his assignment; welcome the return to Juba of SPLM-IO under the leadership of Riek Machar Teny and the SPLM-Former Detainees under the leadership of Pagan Amum Okiech.

We applaud their efforts to work towards peaceful implementation of the agreement with our government and people.

The Jieng Council of Elders (JCE), on behalf of the entire Jieng People, wholeheartedly congratulates the President of the Republic H.E. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayayrdit, for the courageous decision to establish twenty-eight (28) states and appointment of 28 state governors.

This is the second historic and most popular decision and action ever made. The first event was when H.E. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardiit united and led the people of South Sudan into the referendum – to vote for our independent new African nation.

The establishment of 28 states which was subsequently followed by the appointment of well selected governors is received with joy nationwide as it is a poplar fulfillment of a long awaited and aspired promise of the glorious liberation movement to gradually devolve powers to the people through deployment of educated, qualified and experienced manpower in the communities to develop the abundant natural resources, to provide modern infrastructure and to connect people countrywide.

This is the sure way of taking services and development to the people in rural areas. This action is worth praising as it is a response to public call for further meaningful decentralization.

JCE strongly supports this decision and calls upon the people of this nation to stand firm in its implementation.

The colonial administration divided the country into districts more or less categorized on tribal/ ethnic lines. If we may recall, the people of South Sudan expressed their approval of decentralization when re-division (Kokora) resulted into three (3) autonomous Southern regions in 1982- directly subjected to Khartoum authority.

Again, the call for ethnic based system of the “House of Nationalities” similar to the Switzerland’s system based on ethnic representation was advocated for by Dr. Peter Adwok Nyaba and his ideologues from Equatoria region [see minutes of Juba Conference under three Governors of Equatoria States in 2014].

Moreover, Equatoria has demanded a federal arrangement while other Equatoria people still demand twenty-three (23) more states for Equatoria region alone.

Similarly SPLM-IO of Riek Machar tried to divide the country into twenty-one (21) states and appointed governors for their states.

Country-men and women, since colonial times, tribal administrative units prevailed as the mode of governance all over South Sudan. Organic unity in South Sudan ended with the High Executive Council in 1983 when late Eng. Joseph Tambura handed over the South to President Jaafer Nimeri to divide it up into 3 administrative regions.

Later on, President Omar al Bashir expanded the administrative units to 10 states. Therefore, there’s nothing new nor surprising about the establishment of 18 additional states out of 10 former states as there was no objection to other decentralization proposals by colonial masters.

If not mistaken, this twenty-eight states’ decision is also a solution to faulty charge of Jieng domination by other tribes at the centre.

It will allow comparative and competitive development of resources in each state after which it will be easy to develop the central governments’ institutions from resources contributed by the states. Hence, unity of purpose will be highly valued without grudges or prejudice.

As we begin a New Year, JCE would like to remind the International Community, the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) and all parties to the IGAD-PLUS peace agreement to cautiously tread the path to implementation of “ACRISS” due to the fact that certain clauses in the agreement undermine the sovereignty of our beloved Republic.

Finally, as we enter the New Year “2016”, JCE calls upon all feuding parties, sections, clans or tribes of Jieng in the Republic of South Sudan to choose civility and wisdom in their daily lives and insist on peaceful co-existence among ourselves and with other communities in South Sudan as one people, one nation.

Let us encourage ourselves to tow the footsteps of our forefathers who wisely taught us – generation after generation, Jieng cultures and traditional laws which guide us on how to amicably resolve disputes and differences through dialogue!

Our survival and existence as Jieng nation depends on upholding Jieng guiding principles of respecting ourselves, our neighbors, our cultures, traditions and God the creator!

May God bless our Country!
God bless the People of South Sudan!

Signed on behalf of Jieng Council of Elders (JCE):

Justice Ambrose Riny Thiik

Hon. Joshua Dau Diu

Hon. Aldo Ajou Deng

Hon. Maker Thiong Maal

Hon. Parmena Aluong


  1. Gatdarwich says:

    Complete nonsense. The Jenges council of evils have absolutely zero chance in hell of implementing the annexation of the patriots South Sudanese tribes’ lands to the indisputable traitorous Jenges period.

    To hell with them and the incompetent-power-hungry, and the treacherous, killer NyanKiir.

    • Raan Naath says:

      It seems the Jieng (Dinka) Council of Elders (JCE) have sensed that the cursed leadership of their sons is soon coming to an end and want to behalf like stupid losers in the process…trying to scream louder.

      Bye bye soon evil men….

  2. Eli says:

    Justice Ambrose Riny Thiik
    You are a hypocrite. Why do you keep promoting your tribal hegemony and yet preside as a chief justice for the whole nation? Such a national title belongs to a neutral and peace making figure, and not like yourself. What a shame that you even mention about God, while on the other hand you are stealing, killing and looting from the innocent population?

    Am not sure if you have ever open the Bible to read about wisdom.
    Proverbs 28:28 says; “When the wicked rise to power, people go into hiding; but when the wicked perish, the righteous thrive”.
    Look around the nation. Where are the, educated, the trained and skilled South Sudanese who are supposed to develop the nation? All in exile, why should they come to be intimidated and harassed as if there are no places much better than South Sudan that offers better standards of living?
    But, we all know from the history, that every wicked regime will come to an end. “Our time shall come” says; Nelson Mandela.

    According to you and your colleagues; that every tribe should start to form their Council of Elders? So, that means there is up to 54+ tribal council of elders? Now who is the real tribalist?
    At least the Colonial English tried to unite our people, and James Tombura only formed three regions which actually did united many tribes as opposed to Omar Bashir’s 10 States and yet SPLA/IO came up with 21 States and worst of all now you JCE completely divided us into what we have always tried to avoid, a true tribal lines of 28 States. Unfairly, you allocated the lion shares all to your own tribal people. Is that what your god teaches you?
    Again in Proverbs 22:28; says: “Do not remove an ancient boundary stone set up by your ancestors”. That doesn’t exactly sound like what you said up hear about the true God of Bible.
    Please do not use the name of GOD for your personal gains, because God loves everyone equally and not only the Jienge people or Jieng Council of Elders.

    Dear wise elders of Jienge people, namely:

    Justice Ambrose Riny Thiik
    Hon. Joshua Dau Diu
    Hon. Aldo Ajou Deng
    Hon. Maker Thiong Maal
    Hon. Parmena Aluong

    What you are doing is sowing seeds of hatreds, creation of generational animosity. Be prepared to wage everlasting wars. A simple lesson you elders should learn from is that every illegal occupation around the world ended up into endless bloodsheds and they all produce more curses than blessings.

  3. Gatdarwich says:

    Complete nonsense. The Jenges Council of Evils’ plan of annexing the patriots South Sudanese tribes’ lands to the traitorous Dinka through the illegal creation of the 28 states will not and shall never materialized or be implemented in the patriots tribes’ watchful eyes period.

    Absolutely billion zeros chances in hell.

    To hell with the treacherous Jenges Council of Evils and the incompetent-power-hungry-greedy, and the traitorous, Killer NyanKiir.

  4. Eastern says:

    Oh, my…..,

    I quote “As we begin a New Year, JCE would like to remind the International Community, the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) and all parties to the IGAD-PLUS peace agreement to cautiously tread the path to implementation of “ACRISS” due to the fact that certain clauses in the agreement undermine the sovereignty of our beloved Republic” end of quote.

    The above statement can be insinuated that:
    1. South Sudan is a jieng affair and those listed above must stay out of its business;
    2. South Sudanese are only those that pay their allegiance to Kiir and the JCE during the current war;
    3. Other non-jiengs in South Sudan do not have to contribute to the governance of the country even if they pay allegiance to Kiir and the JCE;
    4. Kiir’s Order 36/2015 AD is a counter solution to the ACRISS: the JCE were offended by the text of the agreement (ACRISS) and therefore they had to compel Kiir to provide an alternative solution to them or the ARCISS goes up in flames – no peace in South Sudan.

    Given the above scenario, Ambrose Riny Thiik et al would be sued in the nearest future as they are some of the people who have prolonged the war for the better parts of the two years and therefore culpable for most of the war crimes committed by the government forces in Upper Nile and Unity states among others. The actions of the JCE only emboldened the resolve of the army (mostly dinka people) to fight the war and emerge victors at whatever cost.

    I see the possibility of some of these folks ending up in ICC in the Hague to answer for their actions. I am willing to be a witness. I am just working on gathering more evidence to build a case and sue!!!

  5. Abuchook says:

    Dear Readers and Reporters:

    May I Congratulated the Council Elders of the Great People of Jieng Nation: for their new Year message to Our Beloved Nation of the Republic of South Sudan and It’s Peoples.
    The Unity of Jieng Nations and their Traditional laws and regulations of Jieng Nation that respecting themselves and their Neighbors, brothers and sisters must hold together and make sure all these are put In to practical and actions.

    God bless you all and May God Bless our beloved country of South Sudan and it’s peoples.

    Please Note: seemed like It is very easily to rebellion than to maintain the objectives and goals Now All are coming Back to Juba: Same as in the 1990s during the code named Operation Saving the Life Line of the Movement; the SPLA MAINSTREAM TORIT response effectively and organized large forces against Riek Machar rebellion Nasir. For example
    Mr. Taban Deng Gai and Dr. Lam M’ Akol and Riek Machar Ebola knew very well what the results were… all their forces and Ideology and Influence were defeated and humiliated and begging the SPLA MAINSTREAM TORIT how they would come back safely…by the end of the day they joined again. Haaaa haaa. It was a Message to those who rebellion easily but never finished what they have started!

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation

    I have spoken my mind and may the Supreme Law of our land hear me and the rest of Nationalists and Patriotic citizens. We shall and must prevailed and we have seen too many challenges and obstacles than we were now today.
    For Riek Machar Ebola rebellion Group: Commitment and resilience are not part of their Equation that’s why they failed terribly many times because of such Doomed Beliefs that never translated Into realities.

  6. David.K, says:

    Here you go. This is the minds of Denka council of Elders(DCE, JCE) who control and making chaos in South Sudan.
    First: you said 2015 was full of “trials”.that is true,JCE has been murdering people directly or indirectly from 2005 -2016.
    Secondly;the Jieng council of Elders are either ignorance or completly primitive:Here is the reason,they do not know the meaning between proposal and order. 3 stats of En-Joseph Tambura and Jaafer Nimeri was a proposal,10 stats of Omer Al basher was a proposal from 3 stats administrations in South Sudan, 23 stats of Equatoria is a proposal, 21 stats of SPLM-IO is a proposal, but 28 stats of Kirr and Denka council of elders was and an ORDER. Many southerns rejected 28 stats order number 36/2015 except Denka community only. You can not just say why people did not rejected 3 stats or 10 stats when they was created by colonial masters, that is an idiot question. You want to replace the former colonial masters in South Sudan;go ahead with it,but you will get it soon or latter.

  7. Gatdarwich says:


    Please halt writing rubbish and complete nonsense.

    SSIA/M decisively defeated SPLA-Torit faction in all fronts. The last battle was fought at Magwi and Magali, and Gatdarwich participated in it, and a true living witness of it.

    Ask Gen. Oyai, Isaac mumure, and Kuol, the direct trio commanding Generals-SPLA-Torit faction in that battle.

    Abuchook, never again write rubbish and easily trashed claims on this forum, ok, braggart!

  8. Hoiloom says:

    What’s Abuchook saying? The plan of Evil Council will never succeed, grabbing other people’s land by force won’t be accepted anywhere in South Sudan. In fact the evil forces are putting the Dinka of Greater Upper Nile at risk.


  9. Gatdarwich says:

    Gatdarwich can’t wait for the day when these 28 pseudo governors relocates from Juba to the 28 nonexisting states, because it would be the day that South Sudan shall burns from all corners period.

    It would be a good a day for the patriots, and a catastrophic one for the natural born traitors, Jenges.

  10. Gatdarwich says:

    Total comical and complete blagging. The traitorous Jenges’ 28 states will never be implemented in the midst of the patriots, 63 tribes, in South Sudan period

    Absolutely not an inch of the patriot tribes’ lands will and shall be annexed to the Jenges’ worthless land.

    The Jenges Council of Evils’ new year message is indubitably abominable towards the 63 patriot tribes in South Sudan.

    To hell with the abdominous Jenges Council of Evils and the highly Incompetent-power-hungry-greedy, and the treacherous, Killer NyanKiir.

  11. Abuchook says:


    First of All: I am very sorry for the poor Lou Nuer Young people who are always being used as Human shield by Dr. DOOMED Ebola Machar. Without any benefit for them and Families
    Gatdarwich Honestly you can talked as much as you wanted as long as you wished but the mission and New Year message from the Great Council Jieng Nation is Continuing.
    As you may know: any Nyagats can be Nyagats again and again but by the end of the day these Nyagats rebels just came back to the SPLA MAINSTREAM as losers and humiliated and defeated as always as history witness It.
    So nothing New Here. So your mouth can not change any thing on the ground here in South Sudan.

    To be honest: just the Great Jieng Nation loved peace and harmony but if needed to be: now no body can replace the Reserved of 340,000 in 11 Strategic Locations around the Country of South Sudan for quick response to any Nyagats.

    So please stop pretending that you can easily deal with the Great Jieng Nations. As you may recalled it The Great Jieng Nations can deal with any Threats and Challenges no matter how big and small they are. No matter how loud and long they can be. Any Nyagats can be violent and must to be defeated or else Joint the Great Jieng Nation as brothers and sisters. As of now they are all Coming back to Juba. 90 % percent of Nyagats are for personal positions not for vision and objectives and goals with clear Change.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    • Gatdarwich says:


      You’re lucky for you won’t be able to read Gatdarwich’s unfiltered response to your rubbish-braggart-bullshit because the Editor treacherously and discrimatorily deleted it to protect your likes from embarrassment and self-ignorant exposure.

      Say the Editor is your Nhialic on this web site period

  12. GatNor says:

    Jaang councils of hopeless old men. With Equatorian Nation, Nuer Nation, Chilluk Kingdom, The mighty Murlei still standing strong and united, the dream of these old jaang men is next to impossible. Any dream that vividly includes establishment of a jaang empire in South Sudan is indeed a sad dream regardless of who is supporting such idiocy of a notion. From those on the jaang side pinned down by some strange fear of leaving to those who made it their life’s mission. The end is equally fateful. I Ike the dump idea of 28 states because it will actually help those cowards who can’t make their minds up to decide rationally on which side is more logical to fight for.

  13. Abuchook says:

    Mr. David K.

    I am very sure you will never understand the logical for the Great Jieng Nations creation of the 28 States but that is how you are and how you will be: complaining always and no doing anything about It.

    YOU can bark as much as you wanted and Wished as you may to complain but the mission is Continuing.

    It is impossible But to be honest: Even though if All 63 tribes of South Sudan go against the Great Jieng Nations they still can not win because history is witness. None of them can not with Stand the Great Power of the Jieng people.

    It is just an example of honest conversation.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

  14. Gatdarwich says:


    Why always deletes Gatdarwich’s comments?

    Judging from your comments, you don’t know the language that these Jenges comprehends, and that’s why they always throw feces at you whenever you confronts their braggarts’ behinds with wrongly worded concrete evidents!

    Editor, By always deleting or not posting Gatdarwich’s unfiltered rebuttal comments, You are definitely doing a great disservice to the patriots by letting these traitors-Jenges getaway with total rubbish comments period.

    Are you getting paid for this double standard act or you are just too intimidated to exposes the fact that these natural born traitors-Jenges have absolutely zero chance in hell of backing up their rubbish and baseless comments?

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Since you always complain when your comments are deleted, here is the reason: Your comments containing these unacceptable sexual and other explicit words not worthy of publishing.
      As a matured man, I wanted you to see why those words are utterly inappropriate in the setting of this website. So, please, if I see one such word, that comment will be automatically deleted.

      • Bol says:

        His comnents should hsve been deleted a while ago…His comments should only resurface after submitting Medical Certificate proving his mental wellbeing.

  15. Deng Deng says:

    JCE = Jenge Council of Evil! under the Leadership of Ambrosio Rng Thinkless

  16. Husband of Dinkas says:

    this is a blind community of unreasonable thoughts and believes you the jenge uncivilized people

  17. Mony-etet says:

    Great thanks to JCE for having written this wonderful article. As peace is now among us as attested by the formation of government of national Unity , i appeal to your organization to leave politics but focus on the followings more seriously :

    1. Embarking on writing unified Dinka language to be taught at all school where Dinka tribe exist . that is development of Dinka books and Dictionary .
    2. Enforcing Dinka cultures on seemingly unaware generation who do not even know Dinka values , language .
    3. Focus on marriage issues , so that girls are not prise more expensively , this make them more less commodities .This can be achieved if your organization move from state to state focusing on matters that affects marriages ., with aim are defining max. number of cows for each each , that would reduce cattle rustling .
    4. Focus on reviving cultural day. cultural day usually falls on week ends if i can remember . it is a day where all people of Jieng converged to showcase their dances . cultural day unifies and it acts as a forum where youth can meet . it is where beautiful girls are seen and whoever wants to marry can easily chose .
    5. More generally , your group should be concerned by why , there is no road linking greater Bhar el Ghazal to Equatoria and to upper Nile where Jieng people exist . in that regard , your group should be seen lobbying for how Jieng can be connected with other tribes by road to boost trade .
    6. JCE should lobby for establishing of TV and radio state that broadcast in Dinka ,just like Bukedde in Kampala that broadcast in Luganda . This is not tribal because each tribe is free to do. It is through such radios that Dinka lanague can be preserved for the next generation , children that are born in Equatoria or overseas are most likely to forget their language , but having such as radio can assist them .
    7.Where elders’ wisdom is needed by your sons in power , you can be called to render your service . wisdom that is not dividing . because we are the first tribe that is leading the nation, we need to act exemplary .
    8. once the radio and TV stations are stablished , they could be used to preach the gospel . in Kenya , Jieng was having a radio station called kiba radio that preaches in Nuer and Dinka . That similar radio station need to be revive here .otherwise if other tribes see you as being more involved , they will quickly think that the government is tribal government


    • Gatdarwich says:


      You are mentally insane for writing this rubbish comments.
      You absolutely have no idea why the 63 tribes wholeheartedly accepted peace and be led by the Killer NyanKiir.

      Call it defeat if you like. For Gatdarwich and millions of South Sudanese patriots, it’s an ultimate act of patriotism-preserving South Sudan national sovereignty from total collapsed/dead.

      Mony-ete, start building Jenges Language schools, TV stations, Radio stations,and submit your application to the Jenges Council Evils so that you will teaches Gatdarwich and other patriots-Non-Jenges, your cultural values and how to write and speak ThokMonyJieng/Jenges’ Languages.

      Gatdarwich will and shall be your first student in all classes offered.

      Stay calm and cornered for now while the peace agreement implementation is successfully being implemented in your favor/according to the Jenges’ wish.

  18. Eli says:

    Dr. Editor
    Please explain to your audience if the kinds like Mony-etet’s cooments are reeeeeaaaally worth publishing? Obviously your website is now purely hijacked by Jenges, literally you are promoting Jenges’ ideologies daily now.
    Indeed, you are making it hard for individuals like myself to disagree with those who allegedly claimed that you are likely receiving some financial backing from these so-called colonizer? However, I highly doubted those allegations.
    Just as you said to Gatdarwich, that an explicit or abusive languages are not worth publishing. Also, you need to edit and avoid publishing contrary propagandas and brainwashing lies by the members of JCE and the hostile regime in Juba whose ideologies carry no national values, whatsoever.

    I really hope, that our brothers in CE haven’t given up the hope to resist jengenization. You may as well just change your website to http://www.southsudanjengenation.com, just an idea, or else….what’s point of visiting the site just hear pure Dinka tribalism behing preached nakedly. Nowhere else except SSTV and SSN.

    Bro. Peter;
    Quoting from the book of wisdom:
    Proverbs 31:8, 9 says; “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.”

    If there is anything we who still have voices like you and I, are to boost the morals of those who are outcasted, marginalized, whose lands are being grabbed, getting killed, terrorized by days and nights, being humiliated at every level. Am sure you would agree with me that Equatorians are at the lowest level ever in history. Particularly in the hands of the current oppressive regime in Juba. I haven’t even read on your SSN any reports about what is happening as we speak in WE. I would like to post articles to expose the lies, and the situation on the ground on your site, but off course, you will once again censor them because of “editing issues”. Mind you, even prior to 1800s, South Sudanese who fought for our freedom never debated about the issues of perfection in linguistics, all that matter is that we know our rights and we stood up to face our challenges regardless of our shortcomings. The power to enlighten the masses and to expose the lies and the evil deeds in South Sudan are in your hands as media moguls.

    I advise that, we all do the right things regardless of the circumstances, history shall one day narrate, as to who was who.

    Lest I forget, huge congrats to Dr. Lam Akol and members of DC. For, finally, realizing that we are no longer Sudan. Scratching out that outdated “SPLM”, ushers new era. Now, I can sense some of our politicians are progressive.
    Time and time Again I have advocated for real change and so far DC has just being revived.

    Eli Wani

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Eli Wani,
      I am utterly flabbergasted by your personalized attacks on me and the SSN website for those outrageous allegations you’ve concocted.

      Please be assured that:
      1- Nobody has ever ‘hijacked’ this website, it’s still solidly independent.
      2- SSN website is and will continue to remain completely self-supporting and nobody will ever pocket it but only the ever oppressed people of South Sudan. Your behavior remains me of this analogy: Back in Juba during the days of Kokora in 1983, a friend from North Sudan told us that you, Equatorians, just ‘like coming with your mouths but not with your hands.” Meaning: Some of us like to criticize instead of helping.
      3- For your information, this website was started in 2003 to primarily campaign for the total independence of South Sudan vis-a-vis the then prevailing John Garang’s call for a ‘New Sudan.’ We persevered and still surviving, although now the primary focus is on the current abominable dictatorship and misrule in Juba.
      4- As per our policy of openness, we do equally publish views from both sides of the political divide and it’s left to our intelligent audience to decipher the gist of the article. I recall we have published previously your views and will continue publishing your tirades as proof of our independence.
      5- Finally, Mr. Wani, I want to reassure you that we shall always publish your opinions regardless of any bias, insults and misconceptions, and this website till its last minute of existence will always be called the SouthSudanNation.com.

      Just cool down a little bit before you again recharge and start another bout of your needless emotional missiles.

      • Toria says:

        Mind wasn’t attack on you or SSN. Am sure you did noticed lots of question marks and ifs. Perhaps I should have differently rephrased those statements you deem offensive. If that is how you felt then accept my sincere apology. I have always spoken in favor of you, and the contribution you offer for our citizens to freely express their opinions. Please keep it going.
        However; you compelled me to reply to the comment about that friend of yours from North Sudan. I don’t think you take anything the jalabas said seriously, even if they were true, I personally won’t take offence about what they think or say. I mean those people called us every nasty names found under the sun. We are Abeed, kufars, infidels, etc. The truth is that every jalaba is scared of Equatorians more than any group. I don’t have to ask, but wasn’t it Equatorians who revolted against their system even before the independence of Sudan?
        If you are questioning my credibility, I need to reassure you, that I am deeply involved. There was a time if you remember, I issued warnings on this very site that there will be attacks on Juba-Nimule road, that there will emerge rebellions in Equatoria. I wonder if those were just some lucky predictions or was there some hands and plannings involved? There was a blogger on this site calling himself Nikalongo, who disputed me that there will never be unrest in Equatoria. Our intention was/is not to cause pains to innocent civilians but to make Juba regime feel the pinch of their unruly actions. And guess what? Today, the Kirr regime is slowly coming to the centre. It took them more than 22 years, it is unrealistic to assume that they will just walk away, not so. As we speak there are ears and hands inside the country working behind the scenes. Time will tell.

        • info@southsudannation says:

          My comment was casual and completely benign, no offence intended.
          Hopefully, let us join those “ears and hands inside” the country for a true change.
          Best regards,

  19. Gatdarwich says:

    Dr. Lam Akol did a very commendable and super-deluxe job for boldly, courageously, and single-handedly initiating the imminently dismantlement of the Jenges’ killing machine, SPLA/SPLM.

    Gatdarwich hope all the patriots parties promptly follows the exemplary-patriotism action of Dr. Lam Akol, unreservedly to hell with the SPLA/SPLM period.

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