Jay Johnson: The advocate of Squatters and fake IDPs in South Sudan


I read Jay Johnson’s article titled “Equatorians: Stop Land grabbing, occupation and colonization Nonsense” published in South Sudan Nation on 23rd March 2013 in disbelief. The audacity of Mr Johnson to sandpaper the facts around the issue is puzzling.

Mr Johnson from the outset made it clear that he wished to address “the question of land grabbing or more broadly the alleged occupation and colonization of the Equatoria region by Dinka” and to a large extend he has done so. So far so good. That is Ok and I shall restrict my argument to this premise for fairness shake.

In arguing his case, Mr Johnson refers heavily to the second civil war which took place from 1983 to 2005. According to him, the presence of the Jieng in Equatoria is the consequence of the war and he passingly mentions the fratricide between the Jieng and Nuer. Johnson writes, “this displacement phenomenon was undoubtedly felt and experience by people of South Sudan as the civil war intensified and became sectarian during the early and late 1990s.”

True, when Riek Machar unleashed his troops in 1990s on SPLM mainstream territories, the most affected area was south Jonglei, mainly Kongor and Bor with their surrounding areas. The slaughter of the Jieng of Bor by Riek’s troops was so heinous that both South Sudanese and the international community condemned it unreservedly. So, the fleeing Jieng who came to Equatoria for safety and protection from Bor and Western Bahr el Ghazal were sympathetically looked upon by the indigenous people.

Unfortunately, given Jieng’s poor skills of interactions with other people, and having been intoxicated by Dr Garang’s indoctrination assuring them settlements wherever they wished in South Sudan, the fleeing Jieng ignored the local authorities in the area and began to set up their own structure of administration whereby they embarked on systematic confiscation of people properties.

For example, Jieng came to various places in Equatoria and evicted people from their homes under gun point forcing them to go across the border in Uganda and Congo while they took over occupancy of the properties.

So, the crucial thing here is the manner in which the Jieng came to settle in Equatoria. Their approach was violent and illegal. Instead of coming as guests with respect, they came as occupiers by force proving the social theory which states that the abused always turns abuser. Having been abused by Riek Machar’s troops they came to Equatoria to abuse Equatorians and make themselves feel good.

Mr Johnson for whatever reasons conveniently omits this point from his article. That is understandable since we know that the Jieng are in a state of denial of their atrocious behaviour. He then sarcastically says, “Put it simply, there was no grand plan to invade the Equatoria region and specifically, Magwi County by Bor IDPS. The war forced them to sought (seek)refuge in the border region of Equatoria and Nimule town in particular.”

Although the war forced the Jieng to come to the border areas, it has to be noted that the war only accelerated and facilitated a plan that was already in the pipe line for years. Please read Jacqueline Ajak’s article “Let’s try to reform our people. A Dinka woman’s point of view on Madi land issue” published by South Sudan Nation in February 2009.

In addition there is a document recording minutes of a secret meeting held by Dinka cabal in Ark hotel in Kampala, Uganda in 2009 which exclusively states that, ‘The Dinka are the SPLM/A and the SPLM/A are the Dinka, The two are the two faces of the same coin.’. The motto of this group is ‘He who wins can not be in the wrong.’ In this document, there is a clear laid out plan for the Jieng to forcefully grab Mundari and Muru land in Equatoria

The plan for the Jieng to settle in the border areas and in Equatoria in general was designed by none other than Dr John Garang himself – the wolf who came to Equatorians in sheep’s skin and cunningly devoured them rendering them powerless and helpless in South Sudan now.

But to be fair, Equatorians also played a very important role in their own disempowerment by blindly believing in Dr Garang when the evidence was clear for everyone to see. For example, the “Dinka SPLA soldier” during the war behaved savagely throughout Equatoria with impunity and yet the so called Equatoria SPLM/A supporters buried their heads in sand like ostriches singing all the time “Monye likang Yewani” meaning our father Garang. Now Equatoria is reaping what it sowed during the war years.

Mr Johnson challengingly asks, “And why in the world should these people (IDPS) be called squatters and land grabbers in their own country? The eviction threats, land grabbing and Squatters nonsense campaign have been particularly spearheaded by the Bari and Madi communities more than any other community in Equatoria region. Is there any evidence of land grabbing and occupation? Or is the presence of Dinka people in Equatoria region being used as pretext of starting another Kokora?”

Certainly, the Jieng in the border areas fit the legal definition of squatters neatly. Mr Johnson argues that “the people of Upper Nile and Bahre El Ghazel regions like people of Equatoria region are citizens of the Republic of South Sudan. Therefore it is invalid and irrelevant to label and consider these citizens as Squatters, land grabbers, occupiers or colonizers, when they in fact exercising their rights to live, work or travel within the defined borders of the state in which they hold citizenship.”

Citizenship does not preclude a person from being labelled as a squatter. If the person engages in squatting, it does not matter whether he/she is a citizen or not, he becomes a squatter. Mr Johnson appears to think that squatters are only foreigners. No, he is wrong and ignorant of the term. Anybody can be a squatter. By definition a squatter is anybody who occupies someone else property or land without express permission from the owner.

As exemplified above, the manner in which the Jieng came to settle in the border areas does not confer any legitimacy on the Jieng to settle in those lands. Their settlement was/is unlawful and this remains to be the case. Therefore, they are squatters and subject to eviction. Simple as that and they will be evicted now or in future whether they like it or not.

Had the fleeing Jieng on arrival in these areas approached the local authorities (chiefs and head men) and applied for land to settle, the situation would be completely different. Because internationally, IDPS always are granted land to settle in by the local authorities and they must also abide by the local customs and laws. It is unheard of that an IDP fleeing from persecution comes to an area and he/she becomes a law unto himself/herself. It is only in Dinkocracy that such practice exists.

It is cynical for Mr Johnson to accuse Equatorians of harassing the Jieng in the border areas. It is the fully armed Jieng squatters who are harassing the unarmed indigenous population on daily basis. Not only that but they are daily importing more Jieng into the border areas to advance their settlement plan. This is done with the support of the Jieng government in Juba.

The question that needs answer is: why are the Jieng continuing to be IDPs in an independent South Sudan? Why don’t the Jieng repatriate to their original homes in the country? In 1985, the SPLM/A ravaged Mundari land and the Mundari came to Juba in big numbers as IDPs. The Mundari peacefully settled among the Bari and when the peace came they repatriated to their villages. Why don’t the Jieng do the same?

Mr Johnson invokes refugee laws and international laws as justification for the Jieng to remain in the border areas. This is ridiculous. What Mr Johnson has shown is that he lacks analytical and interpretation skills. His understanding of domestic and international law is warped. He argues that both South Sudan and United Nations laws allow people to freely settle anywhere they like. While it is true that individual’s liberty can not be restricted and is protected by law, such liberties are exercised within prescribed local laws and does not include communal liberty and movement.

To put it simply, an individual is free to move and seek settlement anywhere provided that they are accepted by the host community, and they abide by the local rules and respect the host community by subjecting himself/herself to the customs of the area. The law does not allow for mass (communal) movement unless in cases of war.

It is important to note that even in one country like South Sudan, you can not move en mass to another people’s area and impose your will because you are a citizens. No! it does not work like that. Otherwise this would be a recipe for chaos and instability. Mr Johnson in his mentality of denial chooses to interpret the law to suit his expansionist and colonialist views.

Drawing a parallel with the South Sudanese diaspora in order to strengthen his case amounts to an act of intellectual dishonesty. First of all, most of the South Sudan in Diaspora either are people holding full refugee status or citizens of the respective states where they live. When South Sudanese where resettled to their current second countries they were processed by the local authorities (receiving countries) and the United Nations agency for refugees.

There was a vetting process and some unlucky people were eliminated. Those chosen were processed and transported to their respective areas of settlement. They respected the host laws and lived peaceful which enabled them to be accepted as citizens. Crucially they did not impose themselves on the host community. They did not occupy properties of the host community unlawfully. They have not imposed themselves as administrators of their new country. How can Mr Johnson then make comparison with the lawless Jieng in the border areas?

To show that Mr Johnson is confused, he argues “If the Equatorian elite see the transition constitution of South Sudan as a Dinka political playbook, then they should respect the United Nations mobility right under article 12.” What is he talking about here? There is nothing called United Nation Mobility right article 12. What is he referring to? He should be clear and specific with reference when quoting. It seems he has no clue of what he is writing and thus engages in unnecessary waffle.

Now let us look at the issue of land grabbing. Mr Johnson makes very valid points in his argument about land grabbing, especially in his reference to what he terms Equatorian elites. The only flaw with Mr Johnson’s argument lies in the fact that he restricted the definition of land grabbing to large scale activities.

He defines land grabbing as “large scale acquisition of land through buying or leasing by domestic and international companies for commercial purpose.” This definition appears to have been lifted from the article of A. Haroon Akram-Lodhi titled “Contextualising land grabbing: contemporary land deals, the global subsistence crisis and the world food system,” published on 26 June 2012 by Canadian Journal of Development Studies.

Basically it refers to the current capitalist dealings in which multi-national corporations are seeking to invest in land all over the world to produce either food or bio fuels or exploitation of mineral resources etc.

However, there is another definition which is more politically grounded and this comes from Ruth Hall in her article “Land grabbing in Southern Africa: the many faces of investor rush,” published in 2011 by Review of African Political Economy. On page 194, Hall defines “land grabbing” or ‘farms race’ in Africa as “a new neo-colonial push by foreign companies and governments to annex key natural resources.”

The cases that Mr Johnson has referred to: the Mukaya Payam deal which involves “Equatorian elites” and a company from USA; and the Acholi land exploitation by Uganda fall within this definition.

It is true that “Equatorians elites” as he calls them were involved in these shoddy deals. This phenomenon also was unveiling itself throughout the country. The “Equatorian elites,” Mr Johnson refers to do not in any way represent Equatoria. These are agents of the Jieng. They are working for the Jieng. Remember that in 2010 none of these so called elites were voted into the parliament. They were out rightly rejected by Equatorian people.

It is president Kiir who forced them on the people against the wishes of the people. Since they are appointees of president Kiir and the government of South Sudan is a Jieng government, the issue of land grabbing automatically becomes a Jieng problem. Therefore Mr Johnson’s argument that “South Sudanese citizen of Dinka and Western Nilotic origin in Equatoria region can not be reasonably and objectively labelled as land grabbers when in fact they did not appropriate any piece of native land” falls flat on its face.

On the other hand, there is land grab exercised by Jieng throughout Equatoria which relate to properties and small plots of land belonging to individuals. The courts in Equatoria are overwhelmed with such cases. This is a huge political problem brewing up and the Jieng can not deny it by mixing it with large scale land grabbing. Some of the large scale land grab like the Mukaya Payam one has already been solved and the others will also be solved with time.

Therefore, land grabbing, occupation and colonization is not nonsense as Mr Johnson would want the world to believe. It is central to Jieng plans of expansion to dominate the entire South Sudan. This plan was constructed by the suave Dr Garang with the likes of late Dr Justin Yac and others. It remains the objective of the Jieng even under president Kiir.

All the little, little things done by the government to dis-empower and frustrate the Equatorians fall within this plan with the aim of wearing the Equatorian down to a total state of hopelessness to allow the Jieng to prevail. If the Jieng want to convince the world and everybody, then they need to pack and repatriate to their respective homelands for the sake of peace and harmony for the greater good of South Sudan.

They have no business bossing and abusing others in their own homes and people like Mr Johnson need to stop sandpapering facts which create disharmony in the country. There is no need being an advocate of squatters and fake IDPs.

Elhag Paul


  1. Aj says:

    Dear Elhag Paul,
    Thumps up, mate! We are heading for new war and that is for sure. These people…. will pay big time. They will not use spla as they do in Murle. We will clean them up. Let them get comfortable for now as entire nation is fed up with their illiterate president.

    Am happy that Murle whom they call them small tribe taught spla in Pibor a lesson. Spla will not fight proxy war once this comes out.

    NOTE: I know moderator will not allow my comments to be viewed as usual but that will not change anything. You can’t hide the truth.

    Mr. Ajeo: Please understand we don’t allow abusive, demeaning or provocative language; that’s why the moderator has to come in.

  2. Steve says:

    Dear Elhag Paul,

    Bravo, I have been waiting to read your article regarding the fake articles posted by Jay Johnson, this old man must be confused. Who is he ordering the DINKA to stay and grab you guys where no going to reply to his posting. BRAVO ELHAG, keep posting more tell them what they don’t know. only cows and grabbing of equatoria land they know best plus looting.

  3. Tyson says:

    Thanks for the informative response to the Jay’s article
    The message to all is that we need to teach our people the best way to live as human beings. Sounding drums of war is not the best option. We need to contribute in the development of this beloved country. The Jieng want to occupy other peoples land beacuse they don’t know how to live in peace among themselves. They need to appreciate their land and develop it. Importantly, they should invest all the stolen money in their villages instead of rushing with it to other countries. Now that the oil will start flowing again, the race for theft will be high among the Jieng. We will know the champions. The first loot shortlisted 75 and the same people will campaign to become champions.
    Non-Jieng are calling for federalism as the best option to quick development, the Jieng call it Kokora. Something is wrong!!!!!!!!!

  4. AJ
    Let us have emotional intelligence. Thank you Mr. Moderator for publishing his comment. Aj when you fight corrupt leaders, call us so that you leaders become corrupt, we shall also call you to fight them. We need a better South Sudan. Not equatoria president, Bharelgazel vp Upper nile spearker……

    Let us work for better South Sudan.

  5. Martin.L says:

    Dear Elhag, excellent!!

  6. Lokoyo says:

    Talking differs with action, Paul, you really love your people but could you sacrifice yourself for their freedom?

  7. Itikwili says:


    i am happy you took leave of your precious time to put Jay Johnson’s article into a dustbin. Fortunately, that is where it belongs. The mere fact of looking at an article ending with …’Nonsense’ ..gives you a sense of frustrated man consumed by emotions. He was quite lucky such an article gets published. The destabilizing effect of land grabbing is there for everybody to see. It is cynical how you Johnson should fly in circles just to grab a definition of land grabbing and use that to argue out a case that is morally despicable and impossible to argue through in any meaningful way.
    What a raw scholarship! it is high time we became honest about the reality on the ground and worked towards addressing it.

  8. Dear Elhag Paul and Kokora warlords:

    You have been preaching war against Jieng online for long. I think the time has come for the real men to test themselves.
    Please be informed that the Jieng/Dinka have accepted your call for War. When are you going to start? Please don’t expect the Jieng to come from the Greater Bhar El Ghazal and Greater Upper Nile Regions. There are sufficient Jieng who have already dug their trenches in every corner of your Backyards in Equatoria. Please dig your own grave and attack the Jieng in order to make your burial simple and speedy. Stop whinning like women and show your manhood. Due to the Arabs help and protection in ‘the 80, you succeeded in massacring Jieng in Juba during your stupid Kokora division. This war will be different this time around. Commit suicide and Jieng will bury you or show you the exit way from South Sudan for Good. Stop the threat and act now.

  9. Nibs says:

    Alhag Paul,
    indeed you must have gone to school but I’m afraid you learned absolutely nothing. Your education is a waste of resources. Your war against jieng on internet is futile, writing a detailed article is one thing, reasoning involved is quite another. You share reasoning capacity with a cattle raider.

  10. Moses Jal says:

    El Haj,
    Every Patriotic southerner is proud of you except those fake leaders who and their groups are the beneficiaries of this unsustainable, violent, corrupt, oppressive System of government.

    I thank God for you! I pray for the sake of south Sudan, the almighty preserve you! fight the intellectual war and fight on! They fear pens more than they fear guns because they were born and raised in the culture of violence! Just see the response above by Lukudu Garang.. See his reaction to such a beautiful intellectual article!

    These people are like the Nazi Germany! and Lukudu above has clearly spelt out their plan! They indeed planted themselves all over in other peoples backyard, from Kapoeta to Nimule! This is ethnic cleansing essentially and ethnic dominance which we need to continue to call it out! Of the 10 states at least three are exclusively theirs and the others they heavily colonized!

    Just as like their government heavily populated by them, they also do the same with all the territories of south Sudan! This is not oneness, this is not unity, this is fake oneness, this is fake unity to their advantage and to non-jieng disadvantage!

    God bless you, AlHaj and God bless Peace loving and true unity loving sons and daughters of our South Sudan!

    • Dear Moses Jal:
      Really Moses? At least your article above contains some elements of truth. Do you know why the Arabs and our Equatorian brothers/sisters call you Nuers, Dinka Nuer? They call you Dinka Nuer because they can not tell the difference between Jieng (Dinka) and Nuer (Naath). Jieng and Naath(Nuer) used to be brothers from one Mother and one Father and Jieng being an older brother and smarter than Nuer. Jieng and Naath are almost identical in term of culture and physical appearance. The only differences I have noticed so far between these two former brothers is that the Nuer or Naath are very uncivilized, emotional and aggressive while the Jieng are smart, patient, civilized and diplomatic in their approaches and/or ways of handling/doing things.

      The Jieng’s former brother Nuers have the tendency of fighting first and then reasoning afterwards and never accept their guilt or be remorseful of their actions/mistakes even if they know they are guilty. Therefore it is very hard to distinguish between an educated Nuer and a primitive one. You can not tell any difference between the Nuers’ PHD holders and illiterate or cattle herders. They are all the same and they think and act alike. My Prophet Ngundeng could attest to what I’m telling here if he was alive because he was the first one who discovered these weird behaviours and defiance of Nuers. What did they achieve when they collaborated with Our enemy, the Arabs, to fight Jieng? the only thing they gained from the War was the title given to them by their Arab Masters, “The Friendly Forces”. They were called Friendly Forces because they were fighting the gallant forces of Jieng/SPLA.

      Moses Jal, Is this what you want to repeat with the Equatorian warlords? Do you want to be called Friendly Forces again by Elhag Paul/Equatorians? The Mighty Jieng will survive the tribal war that you and Elhag Paul are instigating or calling against Jieng online and some of you will return to Gambella-Ethiopia or East Africa for good. The Mighty Jieng will survive this war again as they did when you collaborated with the Arabs against Jieng during the Liberation war. Please know that Jieng will never forgive you this time as they did in the past. Bring it on cowards!

  11. Liel Garang:
    People like you, Liel Garang holds diplomas certifying that you are well educated. You have no clue. Despite credentials, such people like you (you claimed to be a dinka) are as uneducated as those eighteenth-Century Nuer villagers. Except that the Nuer villagers have had reasonable intelligence during their Nuer Conquest and took over much of the Dinkaland. It takes reasonable intelligence and a warrior spirit to conquer people & land, my former brother. The Nuer warriors had done that without fake certificates in the Eighteenth-Century. I agreed with you that the Dinkas cannot wait & hope for what they are looking for in south sudan; but instead take action. and then take the responsibility for their own action. So, don’t worry former brother. we share south sudan. It’s a matter of days, weeks, or at least a year before a major conflict breakout. And that would be mine against yours. We have plenty of time to prove, the status quo is real. My Nuer ability to decide and act freely against the actual Dinka cowards.

    Leave truth teller like Elhag Paul alone. He is ONLY telling the Truth. But this truth is an anxiety provoking that produces pressure among a coward Dinka creatures. This shows Dinkas lack patience and self-confidence, and that Dinkas pipe dreams are far from the facts. Be honest my former brother. The so called Dinkas do not have excellent intelligence or superior reasonings or even real common sense. That’s a fact. It shows from your poor judgements and low reasoning ability toward this article. Improve your argument & intelligence. Don’t blame Elhag Paul/Equatorians or the Nuers. It is high time the Dinkas own their lies, thievery & chaos or even their cowardice. Main advice: Dinkas are kinda of an empty cliff now. empty pride, proudness will not bring back Abyei, Panthou/Heglig. Many people think Dinkas are an empty cliff when it comes to Abyei, Panthou/Heglig, and so many other issues.

    Please, check your very own education, not to mention a degree inflation! The possible consequences of what is happening now in south sudan. And your very wishful thinking. The Dinkas failed in security. National or regional in a land full of chaos and unpredictability, where the Dinkas themselves are devious, self-serving and treacherous. Where is the knowledge and intelligence you are claiming?

    • The Most Cowardly Warrior:
      Please know that the Mighty Dinka could not provide the effective security in South Sudan while Nuer’s White Army is busy, looting cattle from the Dinka and Murle land. How could President Kiir bring the security, peace and tranquility in South Sudan when your Nuer Militias are still engaged in the senseless war with the Dinkas? What did the SSLA (South Sudan Liberation Army) under the chairmanship of Peter Gatdet accomplish in 2011? and Where is Commander Peter Gatdet now? The Mighty Muonyjang/Jieng (Dinka) is ready and willing to defend itself and its land if you and your allies become insane again in 2015.

      There will be no middle man this time between Nyagats’ White Army and the Dinka’s Red Army. Your slave masters, the Arabs who have been using you and backing you up in the war against Dinka is no longer there. Stop making threats or bullying Dinka online and let us wait patiently for the outcome of 2015 election.

      Where were you and Alhag Paul, the truth telling prophet when you and I were under the slavery and oppression of the Arabs for 50+ years? Where were you and the truth telling prophet, Alhag Paul, when Dr. Riek Machar signed the peace agreement with the Arabs in Khartoum in 1997? Was that a peace agreement or sell out deal?

      I truly regret having you, Alhag Paul and Riek Machar in South Sudan. Your education is a waste and fruitless although you pretend to be intellectuals. The people of South Sudan have never and will never benefit from your education or leadership at all. Bring it on, cowards or stop talking like kids.

  12. Martin. L says:

    Dear Lukudu and The most Fearsome Warrior.
    Brothers, I’m curious to know what good are you getting from insulting your brothers and sisters by calling one another coward! Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a constructive debate about pressing issues of our homeland called South Sudan? I mean can’t we get along as South Sudanese instead of bickering and showing off unconfirmed tribal claims?

    • Dear Martin. L
      It seems that the SSN website was purposely designed to discuss or debate the issues that are relevant to the development of our new nation/Country. However some people including you think that the website is the golden opportunity or trench where you can attack and demean tribes and particularly the Dinka. Our South Sudanese fellow Citizens,especially those who consider themselves intellectuals, don’t know how to debate or present the issues affecting our Country. To my knowledge, the government of South Sudan is our national government, representing all the people of South Sudan regardless of their diverse ethnicity; and it is run by the individuals with their own personal and political interest or agenda in mind. They are not representing the interest of Jieng in particular or the interest of the people of South Sudanese in general.

      Those educated fools such as Elhag Paul and his like should be told that Jieng, Nuer and Equatorians are not the government of South Sudan. He should therefore refrain from attacking Jieng instead of President Kiir and his government officials in Juba. President Kiir is a national figure and he was not elected as president by the Jieng people alone. If Elhag Paul and his like are smart and well educated as they claimed, they should be attacking President Kiir and his corrupted politicians instead of the entire Jieng tribe. What Elhag Paul is saying or doing here online about Jieng is not different from what James Thombra/Kokora warlords and Dr.Riek Machar had done in 1980’s and 1991.

      The Kokora warlords became impatient and angry with the way the High executive government was ran by Mr. Abel Alier in Juba. That was indeed their political will and Right as Citizens of South Sudan. However, instead of dealing with the government of Abel Alier in Juba, they secretly rounded up the innocent Dinka Civilians in Juba, taken them to the Mountain in Western side of Juba and slaughtered them like goats and nicknamed the Mountain where thousands of innocent Jieng were murdered in cold blood as Jebel Dinka.

      On the other hand, the Nuer’s primitive and lunatic leader, Dr. Riek Machar defected from the SPLA in 1991 and claimed to be fighting for the independence of South Sudan. Instead he ordered his Militias to Massacre the innocent Jieng Civilians in Bor Town as if Dr. John Garang refused to give him the independence of South Sudan. He killed the innocent Civilians instead of overthrowing the leadership of Dr. John Garang in the Bush and kept the Jieng with him to fight for the independence of South Sudan. The well educated Morons, Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin massacred the innocent Jieng Civilians in Bor and fled to Khartoum to join the Arabs who denied the freedom and independence of South Sudan. They betrayed Jieng and fought alongside with the Arabs, attempting to prevent Jieng from achieving the total liberation of the people of South Sudan. Thugs, Who are you to call South Sudan, my beloved Country, when you collaborated with the Arabs to deny the independence of your beloved Country? Who are you to call South Sudan, my beloved Country, when you massacred innocent Jieng Civilians in Bor and Jebel Dinka in Westen Juba?

      My fellow Citizens, Let us all forget the past and start to rebuild our Country without scratching on our old wounds as it may bleed again. There is a saying that you can forgive your brothers/sisters but you will never forget what they had done to you or your loved ones in the past. The Mighty Jieng has forgiven you as brothers/sisters, however you should stop bringing back the past memory of your stupid actions/mistakes against the Jieng people. If you persist in glorifying the killing of innocent Jieng in Bor and Jebel Dinka in Juba, the Jieng will take the decisive action to revenge their loved ones.

      Some people are busy instigating or calling for the tribal war against Jieng in diaspora and online and they forgot that Jieng have been fighting with the Arabs and their allies Nyagats/Friendly Forces since 1983. If the Arabs and their allies Nuer and Murle did not defeat and wipe out the Jieng from South Sudan for the last 30 years of war, Who will? Elhag Paul, Kokora warlords or traitor Lam Akol Ajawin? Please be advised that there will be no South Sudan without Jieng (Dinka) and there will be no Jieng without South Sudan. The Jieng will never attack any tribe in South Sudan, however, it will defend itself and its’ land if attacked by anybody in South Sudan. Be rest assured that there will be no another massacre of innocent Jieng (Dinka) in Bor, Jebel Dinka (Juba) and/or anywhere in South Sudan in our life time unless otherwise some people want to live like Palestinians or Hutus of Rwanda.

  13. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear brothers an Sisters,

    It seems that we are heading into a destructive state. We could not have constructive debate. We always rush into spitting nasty debate that will never help our country be peaceful. This tribal debates are consuming the valuable debate that we should have instead. Can we be a big happy family and cease being belligerent toward each other’s tribe?

    The hatred is consuming our effort to do good things. it is eating away every efforts we should place on brainstorming for better ideas to help lift our nation up to world’s decent standard. Let us please stop looking on the past and stop tribal bickering. It is taking us nowhere. We look like bunch of idiots to the rest of the world.

    Instead of debating over tribal issues, can we start think of what we should do to stop our nation from failing?

    • Dear GatCharwearbol:

      Welcome aboard! It is nice to hear from you again. Thank you for your brotherly and patriotic advice. In fact, I agreed with you and Mr. Martin L that the time have come for us to debate the issues that will bring real changes and development in our new Country. However, those thugs, Nyagats and Kokora warlords have nothing in mind to debate or offer to the people of South Sudan except blaming and holding the entire Jieng (Dinka) tribe responsible for Kiir’s corrupted government in Juba. They have failed to realize that all the Citizens of the Republic of South Sudan including Jieng(Dinka) are not happy with the way our government is being run in Juba and that everybody is waiting patiently for the forthcoming election in 2015.

      They have failed to acknowledge the fact that President Kiir was not elected by Jieng alone in 2010. He was elected and mandated to reign by the people of South Sudan and will be voted out by the same people who gave him the opportunity to rule South Sudan. Why on earth did Nyagats and Kokora warlords miss this fact and went after the entire Jieng tribe for something they haven’t done by themselves and attempting to bring up the old wounds with the imminent threat to repeat what they had done to Jieng in the past, especially the massacre of Jieng in Bor and Jebel Dinka in Juba?

      Let us move forward and let bygones be bygones. You Must Cease Scratching On The Old Wounds That You Had Intentionally Inflicted On Jieng. I sincerely warn you that the blood may spill on you if you continue to scratch on the old wounds.

      Long Live Jieng! , Long Live the People of South Sudan! Long Live South Sudan Nation.com! and Long Live the Republic of South Sudan!

  14. GatCharwearbol says:

    Mr. Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang,
    The best response to those who seem to miss your point is to ignore them. Why they are bickering has something to do with you charging back, which in turn, gives them more reasons to keep on writing about the same thing. If you ignore them, they will eventually stop because they know that nobody cares about them generalizing Jieng people.

    If you know what they are saying does not have any sanity, then stop responding to them. That would be my personal advice to you. Let us instead forge a reasonable debate that will benefit our nation at large.

    An elected president is the president of the whole nation including those who did not vote for him or her. President Kiir is our President. If we all witnessed the incompetency of Kiir’s leadership, then we have the right to remove him in the upcoming election and install someone of our choosing. The debate should indeed boils down to only meaningful ones rather than the trashy ones we immersed ourselves in. It is time to stop this kind of trashy debates and try to embark on the logical ones.

    God, bless the people of South Sudan and turn their hearts from evilness to the path of peacefulness so that we can build our nation together as one people.

  15. Agou guet says:

    TO me i doubt whether all the writers were in the war with us during that time, why i said so, instead of talking things for development people mingle along tribal issues and they are intellectuals. the former president of Kenya said, to destroy the country can not take an hour but to build the country might take you thirty to forty years. my advice to you guys, let us put all our minds on transformation of our country as our task all instead of blaming ourselves for nothing. if you are educated person and you don’t want some one just wait that time and vote the person of your choice. what i realized here is that empty basket makes more noise. issue of land can not be put as an agenda because it is the same land that has taken our brothers and even now at border.

  16. Rublikbublik says:

    I am regular visitor, һow are you еverybody? TҺis post posted
    at thiѕ site is actuaⅼly pleasant.

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