January 2016 is Month of SPLM’s Do or Quit ARCISS in South Sudan

By James Okuk, PhD. JAN/05/2016, SSN;

The month of January was originally named by the Ancient Greek to signify a god of double heads: one head facing forward to a bright future and another head facing backward to a dark past. This Greek nomenclature mythology seems to be making sense with the current situation of the Republic of South Sudan under the confusing SPLM regime that has not learnt the dignity of revering credibility and truth.

The SPLM leaders have even spoiled the communist favorable term of ‘comrade’ which has now come to connote a ‘thief of public money’ – corruption – in the one-party dominated government. That is why some common South Sudanese react offendedly these days if you happen to call them ‘comrades’ as this liberation virtue got blown away by wind of kleptocracy.

The shameless SPLM’s behaviour could be the core reason that led to failure or hijacking of the leadership of the Republic of South Sudan to the extent that people don’t enjoy what can be called citizenship, peace, justice and prosperity for all.

The previously trusted SPLM liberators have turned around to betray the people’s trust by taking them back to the anguishing situation of wars and tribal hegemonic oppression that came to replace Jellaba’s injustice.

That is why President Salva Kiir Mayardit feels nostalgic at times about the bush life compared to the current terrible SPLM power wrangling situation he has been wrongly managing in futility.

Since the signing of August 2015 Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS), many days and months have been made to pass without putting an end to the senseless war so as to restore the sanctity of life through peace.

However, the month of January 2016 has come to remain the critical and deterministic epoch for ending the shameless SPLM status quo by effecting a rebooting political dispensation.

This January will tell soon that it is irrationally unrealistic to sign a peace agreement on paper and do something different on the ground. It would have been better for the SPLM leaders not to append their signatures on ARCISS if they didn’t believe in honoring it because this would have saved them from the wrath of contradictions and confusions.

Now, the commitment for ARCISS implementation is on their necks with escape routes blocked. The concerned international and regional communities have already entrenched themselves to deal with the SPLM regime even if it means ‘highway methodology.’

The fact that the UN Security Council has approved Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems (known as drones), tactical military helicopters and other sophisticated heaviest arms with additional troops being deployed to South Sudan under Chapter VII of UN Charter, is already a clear signal that leaders of the new country are not going to be left alone to continue misbehaving on their vulnerable citizens.

Peace is going to be enforced down on the throats of the unwilling SPLM regime by nooks and crooks because the biggest UN peacekeeping force in the world with unique civilian camps called PoCs shall not quit in shame.

There is not going to be a new negotiated peace deal but the ARCISS itself under supervision of the most able Botswana’s Former President and his deputies who were dispatched by western superpowers to teach the intransigent Machiavellian SPLM leaders some lessons of good governance and modern political discipline.

As it is commonly said that the whites’ taxpayers money (especially the Troika) can’t be spent with no returns, it has become evident that the SPLM regime has been caught finally at the tight corner of ARCISS they have been lying about in the wasted past months.

Hence, it will be a safer soft landing for the SPLM leaders to implement the ARCISS in letter and spirit in accordance with matrixes and timelines provided by the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC).

As the clock of the first week of the deterministic January 2016 is ticking towards a finishing line and as the second week is already knocking at the doors of the SPLM-J regime, the joint regional and international actors together with internal economic pressure is mounting yet again on the ruling SPLM leaders.

All the rivalling SPLM factions are already in Juba to tell the whole world, including the people of South Sudan, that they are for peace and nothing else. Thus, whoever would attempt to obstruct the peace process by acting unilaterally outside the ARCISS provisions should be designated to carry the cross of undesirable sanctions alone.

The ARCISS should be allowed to overrule the Transitional Constitutions (2011) and its amendments, including the recently created troublesome 28 states that lacks scientific feasibility studies apart from parochial dirty politicking.

The delayed National Constitutional Amendment Committee (NCAC) should be allowed to complete its work by second week of January 2016 without any attempt at renewed negotiations on ARCISS provisions.

As it has been stipulated in Article 13 of the ARCISS, the IGAD-led mediation initiated the formation of the 8-membered NCAC with mandate to complete the necessary tasks for transition period and establishment of Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) with all its legislative, executive and judicial branches.

However, it has been very strange as usual for the GRSS representatives to object to the progress of NCAC’s duty on a lame duck excuse that they have not read and studied the ARCISS and should be given enough time to do so, when actually much time has already been wasted in vanity.

The Other Political Parties’ representative to NCAC has not been nominated due to obstruction by the GRSS’ wing who call themselves the ‘Programme Parties’ under satellitic leadership of Martin Elia Lomuro in contrast to the National Alliance under the astute liberalized leadership of Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin.

Nevertheless, the NCAC boat has been moving because the quorum is complete even with the absence of one member of political parties or two members of the GRSS. The draft peace constitutional amendments bill is supposed to be completed within 21 days from the date NCAC started its work (i.e., 22nd December 2015 – 12 January 2016).

Anything that the NCAC is unable to do in the set time shall be done by the supreme supervisor of the ARCISS, H.E. Festus Mogae, so that the GRSS Minister of Justice could receive the draft peace constitutional amendments and other relevant legislations to be tabled in the current Council of Ministers (before it is dissolved) and thereafter within 7 days to the 400-membered reconstituted Transitional National Assembly (TNLA) led by an elected strong Equatorian MP.

The TNLA is supposed to ratify the peace constitutional amendments within 30 days (i.e., by second week of February 2016) so that it is assented to by the President of the Republic immediately and thereafter be used as the supreme legal basis of conferred powers for establishment of institutions and mechanisms that are necessary for legitimatization of TGoNU, with consideration of inclusivity and national diversity of South Sudanese by their political parties, tribal affiliations and gender categorisations for appointments to government posts.

The ARCISS set time could even be shortened so that the loss pre-transition period is compensated all by January so that the actual peace government assumes its total mandate by February after appointments of the 1st VP Dr. Riek Machar, the VP James Wani Igga, the 30 National Ministers and 8 Deputies, and 10 governors of ten states with their ministers in accordance with the ARCISS lottery and quotas of the principal parties (GRSS, SPLM-IO, FDs and OPP).

The Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU), including 10 states governments, has to take up its duties as mandated horizontally and vertically with a new political dispensation for reforms and adjustments in the country.

However, if the SPLM regime misses January 2016 it will not miss U.S plan ‘B’ in collaboration with the IGAD-Plus countries and allies. Under this plan, the UNMISS with its well armed peacekeeping forces may automatically turn into an enemy of the SPLM-J regime, joined by IGAD-Plus stabilizing forces and other armed forces inside the country that are not happy with the political status quo.

The current JMEC leadership may also automatically be tasked with a direct UN-AU Trusteeship for South Sudan for a government of technocrats in the transitional period before elections of politicians takes place later in fair and free atmosphere.

Because of this possibility, a Rational Choice Theory would suggest that the loss that shall be incurred by the SPLM regime could be severe in case of opening up the auction for plan ‘B’ to get effected, compared to reasonable gains that are engrained in the ARCISS (or call it plan ‘A’) if it is implemented willingly.

Therefore, if there are ears left in SPLM leaders, I hope they got to hear it well now in this January 2016 before it is too late for their political salvation after. Let them grab quickly the forward head of January before it is grabbed for them by foreigners.

There is no ‘either or’ on the compromise of peace in South Sudan now because both the regional and international communities will not tolerate a making of another Somalia or Syria. South Sudan is a different gene altogether, especially its geopolitical position.

It would be better and safer to develop good faith for ARCISS implementation so that all of us can enjoy dividends of safety of peace in 2016 and beyond with the NCAC mandate extended up to a maximum of 12 months (i.e., December 2016) for drafting or revising the relevant legislations of reforms and peaceful adjustments in the country.

Otherwise, the GRSS would be left alone in the cold singing the outdated sovereignty song on unviable unilateral 28 states because it doesn’t fit into the ARCISS and it is not easy for this to get swallowed without causing death to the Mother Peace in all corners of our promised land.

With the unpredictability we have known of our President Kiir since the time he assumed the highest office in 2005, things may just turn around positively at the last peak hour as he did it with nomination of GoNU ministers in Khartoum in 2005, with SPLM ministers’ boycott of GoNU in 2007, with national census in 2008, with referendum for self-determination in 2010, and with his signature on ARCISS in Juba on 26th August 2015.

He may surprise the JMEC, the regional and international communities by endorsing the supremacy of the ARCISS over any decision he has taken and assenting to the supervisory directives of H.E. Festus G. Mogae who came to South Sudan with good intentions of helping the new country to exit fragility through peace, justice and prosperity so that any attempt for plan ‘B’ is aborted in shambles.

Let’s all converge on ARCISS implementation and other minor things shall get tackled harmoniously later with no abhorrent bloodshed any more. Viva South Sudan Viva!
Dr. James Okuk is a lecturer of politics reachable at okukjimy@hotmail.com


  1. Gatdarwich says:

    SPLA/SPLM leaders under the highly incompetent-power-hungry-greedy, and the treacherous, Killer NyanKiir, will not and shall not faithfully implement the peace agreement period.
    In fact, it is now evident that Killer NyanKiir and the traitorous, Jenges Council of Evils, are tactically using the TROIKA tax payers’ dollars to implement the Jiengs’ interest-annexations of the 63 patriots tribes’ lands to the Jenges.

    Plainly put, President Festus and the TROIKA are evidently and undeniably becoming Killer NyanKiir’ and the Jenges Council of Evils’ pawns.

    I really hope TROIKA have decisive and implementable “plan B” in place that would swiftly and harshly dealt with Killer Nyankiir and the Jenges Council of Evils, the indubitable impeders of August 2015 peace agreement implementation in South Sudan.

    Putting South Sudan under the United Nations’ trusteeship is the only tenable and achievable option that Gatdarwich could think of period.

    • Southdn says:

      Dr.okuk, well done and your article is so brilliant. Your writing contained no conspiracy, but I wanted to to tell you Dinka specially Bor are pursuing president Kiir to violates this peace agreement can want Kiir be topple by force.

  2. Okuc says:


    Let idiot Kirr swallow his pride by rescinding his ill thought project of creating 28 states model on Home land states
    created by apartheid in South Africa during the of rule of white minority regime.
    I can’t think there are bunch of people like so called ( JCE) Jieng Council of Elders in 21st century want to replicate most abhorrent system of governance ever known by human race in South Sudan.
    Kirr is an embarrassment to the people of South Sudan and should he refuse to rescind his controversial policy; let the rest of South Sudanese unite to bring down his tribal regime by force.

    • Mading Lual says:

      @ Okuc

      You don’t have to take your frustration to president Kiir; you don’t like more states; fine; it wouldn’t a problem either president Kiir or Dinka; if you’re an Equatorian and don’t like 28 states idea; then just combine your 8 states into one state of Equatoria.
      On the other hand; if you’re from newly created five states of Nuer from Unity, Upper Nile and Jonglei States; well; combine your 5 states into one Nuer state called “thokduel” states. Or if you’re a Shulluk state called western Upper Nile; well; you share the border with the Nuer Thokduel States; you would be 6 states combine into one state called “Thokduel-Nyemay” state. Now the count is; the 8 states of Equatoria and 6 states of Nuer and Shulluk would be 14 combine into 2 States of Equatoria and Thokduel-Nyemay State! This will leave us with 2 plus 14 equals 16 states in South Sudan and case close!

      • johnjerry says:

        What makes you think that 28 States is better than 10 states that the government cannot even afford to keep afloat.There are no Schools,Hospitals, Roads . All our children go to neighboring Countries for their education,when they are sick go to neighboring Countries and the only paved road (highway)in the Country is the A43 HW or Juba-Nimule Road built for free by USAID Money.We have become a Borrow-Borrow Nation. When shall we stand on our own?. It is better to form a Federal government based on the 3 greater regions of Bhar El Ghazal, Equatoria and Upper Nile. Change can be made in the future with development in place,security and population growth.

        • Mading Lual says:


          You still doesn’t have any idea that in this world there is nothing free; unless it’s in your own alternative unrealistic world. The USAID is doing nothing for free; it’s a loan that’s already built to South Sudan as a credit to be paid back in the near future. If you think they are doing those projects for free; then you must be daydreaming!

          Second of all; if you can’t afford to fund 28 states; then you wouldn’t be able to afford to fund 10 states either! This is like saying “You can afford to buy a house or home but can’t afford to pay for its utilities; that would make any sense! But in your own imaginary world; it would make a perfect sense! Get out of the bubble and think rationally!

      • Kenyi Kenyi says:

        Mading Lual,
        Your mind is just sick like that one of JCE. The Dinka Youths plus fare minded other tribes know what South Sudan need now. Not 28 States please But; Peace, Roads, Hospitals, School… what meaning do you get from Abiemnom and Pariang combined together to make a state yet they have no common border? What if Robkona County say no people of Abiemnom should not pass through their land to Pariang where their State City is?

        • Mading Lual says:

          @ Kenyi

          We never had peace since the first CPA in 2005; because we hate one another that’s why we had war in the last 20 months. Do you think we had war during those months because of the creation of 28 states? Absolutely not. If 10 states can give us war-less, peace and development in South Sudan; we would have had it long time ago but wasn’t the case. You’re telling us to keep doing the same thing and expect different result? Go to your one of the 28 states and have peace to yourselves first before the peace of entire South Sudan.

  3. Jago Adongjak says:

    The truth has been said, and the clock is ticking, let those who have EARS HEAR. Thank you Dr. Okuk
    Viva South Sudan

  4. martin L. says:

    “That is why President Salva Kiir Mayardit feels nostalgic at times..” Brother James, President Kiir should feel ashamed with the way he mismanaged South Sudan. Of course that would require courage and honesty!

  5. Itikwili says:

    You said it all Dr. Okuk if they have ears to hear and ability to read international policy directions. American tax payers money spent over the years on South Sudan could have not been in vain my brother! With the US Congress having come out clearly about the feeling of this hijacked nation state called South Sudan, you are right January 2016 in actuality is the determining factor. The tribal headed government is moving on with wars in Equatoria and other areas as if the status quo is sustainable when in all possible permutations, the ICC is red on the heels of these atrocious regime with its ongoing human rights reports properly documented. i am afraid with the tribal mindset they may not have the ears to ears.Those in opposition are already in Juba; the space for gerrymandering has been closed if not indefinitely!

  6. Eastern says:

    Dear Dr Okuk,

    Thanks for the wonderful piece.

    Indeed and I quote “Let’s all converge on ARCISS implementation and other minor things shall get tackled harmoniously later with no abhorrent bloodshed anymore. Viva South Sudan Viva!” End of quote…

    However, let also say that we shouldn’t be nursing those ‘other minor things’ which I suppose are the reservations the parties to the conflict had with the ARCISS. No agreement is 100% palatable to belligerent parties.

    Let’s have peace in 2016.

    The Eastern Rock

  7. Jerad says:

    Okuk 28 states remained as a disguised star to Chollok Kingdom, but the reality is that even if 2/3 of Southern Sudan went to the hell no one will reverse it. Believe me or not.

    • Yien Mathew says:

      Mr Okuk,
      The best simplest way if you are not happy with the creation of 28 states you just mobilized Equatorians and Chollo Kingdom to fight military to reverse the 28 states full stop.It does not require much writing of long articles where p,ple like Eastern make unnecessary comments.If you want to fight for yr rights u can not get it through internet where u make alots of noises.But you will not win that war since we Nuers will not be part of it.End
      Comrade Yien Mathew

      • Bentiu Ramaran says:

        Yien Mathew,

        Please stop saying “we Nuer” because you are not a Nuer. There is no single Nuer that is happy with the creation of 28 states that annexed major Nuer land to Jang land. I discovered that you are using the strategies Alex, Agumut, and False Millionare previousily used. The aforementioned individuals use to say they are Equatorians. They criticized Nuer in the name of Equatorians and now you are criticizing other tribes in the name of Nuer because want Nuer to have problems with their Shilluk and Equatorians friends. I swear to God you are not a Nuer period. You are heartless, visionless, tribalist, and a greedy Dinka. Stop saying you are a Nuer.

      • Gatdarwich says:

        Editor should block this Jenge with alias, Yien Mathew from commenting on this forum because using someone’s name negatively is defamatory and libelous which is legally a criminal act period.

        If the Editor constantly deletes Gatdarwich’s comments,”sexy-abusive-derogatory ones”, then why permits/publishes the comments of this dumb-stupid-confused-idiot- fool with pen named Yien Mathew.

        Editor, fairness and censorship must be applied to all period

        • alex says:

          Mr Gatdarwich
          If you ban Yien, then the world will know that you lairs. You claim to be Democrats
          while you are oppressors. Why would you blog someone who is expressing his own opinion. If you do that, then you are hypocrites. People like you do not want the truth to be said. You want people to follow your naked lair. You have embraced your selves in the civilised world. The end of lairs is all the people will turn against them when people discover they are confuse people.

          • Gatdarwich says:


            This person using the alias, Yien Mathew, is not the real comrade Yien Mathew, but someone else that is hell bent of tarnishing, defaming, and libeling Yien’s reputation.

            This individual’s action is criminal in nature and warrants banned period.

            Banning known criminals from overusing media freedom is line with the democratic principles and is ethical.

          • Gatdarwich says:


            This person using the alias, Yien Mathew, is not the real comrade Yien Mathew, but someone else that is hell bent of tarnishing, defaming, and libeling Yien’s reputation.

            This individual’s action is criminal in nature and warrants banned period.

            Banning known criminals from overusing media freedom is not dictatorial or oppressive but line with the democratic principles and is ethical.

      • Eastern says:


        Please forget about the quiet you want to see in your 28 b******t! Nobody, I repeat nobody has the right to silence anybody in this country called South Sudan. Those from the tribes who claim to number zillion must accord the due respect those numbering 100 people deserve.

        Forget the time when you expect to see South Sudan to become a Dinka and Nuer affairs; that time won’t come to pass in your lifetime.

        Yien, Eastern will continue to remain a pain at the backside of those hell bend on propagating tribal hegemony in South Sudan. Get something better to think about than hoping to see Eastern cease commenting on this forum!

      • Jerad says:

        I think Yien Mathew is the right person. He is a man people tried to change his identity because he tells the right things. Waring online is nothing, and cannot change anything. Particularly, some equatorial people adopted the all matching war online but if you may give them a gun I think they will run away. Before the war, Equatorians were the people murmuring against the government, but after Nuer took army they run to Uganda instead of going to war. Now they became critic about why Nuer signed peace and not toppled the government by force. Some Equatorians want the war to continuous until two big tribes(Nuer and Dinka) in South Sudan become minorities, but that will not happen.If Nuer and Dinka finished until the few left chance is they will united and become another big tribe in South Sudan. How long did Dinka and Nuer fight but they remain close to each other than any tribe in South Sudan.

        • Eastern says:

          Mind you, the refugee camps in Uganda are full of nuers and dinkas at the moment. The Protection of Civilian centres in South Sudan are homes to nuers and dinkas; what are you talking about?

      • Southdn says:

        Yein Mathew
        My condolences to you, due to death of your brother Tut Mathew, who was one of victim of Kiir’s genocide in juba December 13, 2013. I’m was sorry to hear Tut was killed by Dika genocidal tribals government. I attended same school, I met Sofia when she escorted Dr.Riek Machar delegation to us, but failed to mention anything the place was to crowded people who want to meet Dr. Riek Macha. I was deeply in chock Tut had died in vain. He(Tut )was smart, strong and funny human being my this senless war end for ever.
        This is SThB

      • Gatdarwich says:


        Banning or blocking this criminal from continuously using Yien Mathew’s name libelously on this website is not dictatorial or oppressive, but it’s legally the democratic-ethical thing to do period

    • Jerad it will be utterly mad for somebody to think that 28 states will work to replace the compromise peace agreement signed by both parties in August 2015. who war when the country is falling apart ? irresponsible people would think like that…PEACE IS GOOD FOR THE PEOPLE OF SOUTH SUDAN, AND SOUTH SUDANESE PEOPLE. LED WORK TOWARDS PEACE.

  8. John says:

    For us in New Jonglei we dont need any other tribe to share a state with even if God comes down and says do it we are tire of foolish Murle and brainless Nuers

    • info@southsudannation says:

      I wonder whether God really and seriously cares about your tribe in so-called New Jonglei or even about South Sudan anymore. Thus, in spite of your numerous churches, e.g. Emmanuel Jieeng church, or your thousands of so-called pastors and bishops and archbishop, God has completely forsaken you and you can kill as many as you like.
      There was a saying that when God created Sudan where we were recently part of, he laughed. Similarly, it can also be construed that when God granted South Sudan its independence in 2011, he cried, regretted and left South Sudan for good and shut the doors of heaven.
      You can keep your New Jonglei, because God has gone away forever.
      Now, tell us, should the new states of Budwe, Amadi, Gubek, Terkeka, Imatong, Yei River, Namurunyang, Meridi also declare a policy like yours in New Jonglei by kicking out those unwanted tribes in their states?

      • Mading Lual says:

        According to South Sudan constitution; it says “Every South Sudanese have the right of residency anywhere in South Sudan”!
        Either by constitution or by any mean Dinka or anyone can stay anywhere in South Sudan regardless of who says what!

    • Southdn says:

      Johndiid, or (Big John as it means, in Jeing language) . I have relatives from Bor dinka, ngok, and twich. pleas do not preach hate speech. We know, Dr John Diid( Garng De-Mabiour, was preaching love and progressive for all South Sudanese. why would you alater the ideology. Please you have to know jongli state was established by Able Alier to combined Nuer,Murle and others. Any attempt to undermine Will be deemed as whole Bor weaknesses.

  9. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear Dr. Okuk,

    Welcome back to the forum. From the onset, it was seen as Nuer problem and now it is everybody problem. Welcome aboard! Once it is said and done, the reversing of what is already done is no easy task. History is good teacher, however, having said this, I am not condoing the creation of 28 states by your President. I’m just telling you that be careful whom you associate yourself with; your associate could be the devil in disguise. After Salva Kiir terrorized Dr. James Okuk, we immediately saw a change in tune. You succumbed to him and his vile plan of ethnic cleansing of Nuer people little did you know that it will come and bite you later. Here it is. Thanks to our Chollo brothers who in the early stage of this civil war understood the path Kiir is taking. I hope you have learned your lesson. It is going to take Nuer again to reverse this 28 states imposition and annexation of others land. Don’t side with the devil again.

  10. Well Done Dr. Okuk!! Well Done!! says:

    The game of “Russian Roulette” that is being played by the Jieng Council of Elders and their depraved friends has morphed into an elaborate game of chess (haha!!) They made their first move on the very first day the world was going to begin the actual implementation of the Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS) by the book http://www.nyamile.com/2016/01/06/jmec-chairman-stranded-due-to-unrest-at-juba-international-airport-south-sudan/. However, these suicidal seniors have not seen anything yet. Watch this space as the jumble of “Dinka bulls in a china store” is tackled to the ground in “THE PEOPLE OF SOUTH SUDAN AND THEIR GENUINE FRIENDS VERSUS THE JIENG COUNCIL OF ELDERS AND THEIR IMMORAL FRIENDS”. Their long horns are breaking all china in sight but mark my words. They will be restrained as the number of “chess players” increases. Everyone who wishes South Sudan well should keep hope alive because South Sudan will be restored. This beautiful and wealthy country will become a God honouring actual democracy very soon!! http://www.southsudannation.com/?s=God+please+hurry+up+and+kick+their+arses. Let the game of chess gather speed and the unbeatable players win!!
    M. Akulia

    • Dutajiengdit says:

      We all need peace but u all got to understand that we in New Jonglei dont want to see those brainless Nuers and Murles in our state let them stage in their newly created states, we are tired of them raiding our cows and abducting our children those that disagree with 28 states are wasting time for nara

      • GatCharwearbol says:


        If you think giving you a state of your own will stop cattle rustling, you are indeed out of your mind. Think again… The only way the cattle rustling is going to stop is if you either give up raising cattle or you roll your piece of land up in Jonglei and transport it to heaven where you are not going to be neighbor with Nuer and Murle. That is the only possible ways I can see. In fact, the creation of more states is going to make it worse than you think.

  11. BILL KUCH says:

    If you think you have power to change things then you are free to take it back. Those complaints base on western ideas to serve their interests would not work here online. Please, it would be better to take Yien Matthews advice as for recommendations or go along like the rest of south Sudanese. Gen. Taban Deng Ghai got an idea, and he is the cause here for the speedy implementation of the newly created 28 states.

  12. Peace maker says:

    Dear Mr. Okuk, thanks for the well thought analysis of how ARCISS implementation will crystallize. President Kiir should by now understand this question. “Is he better off now than before Dec. 15,2013? ” A good scholar should be able to draw an ugly picture of where he stands currently. He created a false coup to justify his intent to kill his opponents who asked for reforms in the party. Secondly, he unleashed his “Jihad” war to kill and terrorize the people of South Sudan in the thousands, to keep himself in power. Now the country will sustain two armies. His former V. President is back to his seat, and ARCISS hangs above his head like a sword. Plan B is another trouble for sure.

    • Yien Mathew says:

      Mr Bentiu Ramadan and others,
      Be reminded i have never fear any body even when i was in Kiir gov,t.I do criticize the president publicly not internet.There is no any reason you swear for nothing that iam not Nuer.When incident Dec 15 2013 took place have you ever seen me here in Juba i follow my fellow comrades to the bush bse iam also oppose to the system of gov,t of kiir.So p,ple who are also opposed would have joint us in the bush and fight for the regime change simple.let me remind you making wars in the net can not bring any change of gov,t in stay those who use internet as a mean of fighting are just cowards.If all of you like Dr.Okuk and others who are internet war mongers would have joint us on the military field Kiir by now would have not been a president but topple.Just individuals like Gen.Ladu Gore try their best to joint us but with no followers later on they will claim for big position.In that way it will not work as you can see it is gen.Taban who represent Dr.Machar to Juba analyze, it would have been Gore to represent bse he is dupty C in C in command, why it is bse there are factors that are considers in the moment not just who follow.Thank,
      Comrade Yien Mathew

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Yien Mathew,

        If you are the real Yien Mathew, these writings of yours are world apart from what you used to write. Your English was better back then than now. You are regressing really bad in writing. Is the bush life taking your writing skill away from you?

  13. John Gabriel says:


    If your hope is banking on America and the likes to destroy SPLM or oust President Salva Kiir from power through your fellow traitors, forget it. Coz it wont happen. You are headed for a serious disappointment. UN sanctions or the so call American Plan B will never come to pass. We are prepared for it and will give it the treatment it deserves. As for Equatorians, now that we are almost done with the Nyagateens (Nuer), we are surely coming for you with our guns blazing.

    28 States issue has long gone into the history and no one can reverse it comes rain or shine. For the chollo Kingdom, you can continue barking for as long as your throats can handle but be assured that we will never rescind it.

    • alex says:

      Hi Mr Eastern
      Do you know what is a ladder. Although you are rejoicing, the game is over for cowards. Taban Gai Deng is leading the second in command to Juba. Do you now know your status as Equtorians? You will get paid according to what you have done. It is enough for Internet warriors. Even more than you deserve. so no need for mr info to be pleading to Yien to be fear, fear, fear in sharing the cakes. The Equtorians should learn now.

  14. Peacemaker says:

    jerad, yen and john, Do not be naive. The writing is already on the wall for the demise of your barbaric regime and the subsequent accountability for the heinous crimes committed.Dr. Okuki Solomon in his elaborate piece was presenting you with and objective analysis which you unfortunately failed to appreciate and took tribal as would your ass chief do. Believe me, all the 63 South Sudanese tribes and a good number of Dinka patriots are resolved to bring down Kiir’s regime by any available means and then you will go to where you rightly belong, Prison or cattle camp of course.

    • Jerad says:

      I thought Equatoria should be talking about their stomach and not patriots because they don’t believe patriots. Every Equatoria talk just against Dinka and forget how many patriots in Dinka land compare to Equatoria? If you think that Dinkas are not educated than you are the lie, no one is going back to cattle keeping due to lack of education. Only those who came recently from Khartoum believed that all Dinks except few are uneducated. Whether you reject 28 states or accept it, it is up to you.overthrow government on the internet is vague idea my friend, how many lives was lost to bring the jalaba to sense leave overthrown? Your plan is useless, I don’t know if international communities at this time will tell Kiir and Riek to leave and give Equatoria everything in South Sudan. Even if those two guys go to ICC the worst people will come and I think Equatorians will go to their ancestor land in Uganda or Congo.

  15. Hoiloom says:


    One love brother and Happy New Year. Dr. Okuk used mock Nuers in the early part of the conflict with the hope that he will forge an ally with JCE little did he know that the devil will turn against Chollo Kingdom. I commented in one of his articles warning him “what comes around goes around”. Indeed the snake that beat Nuer in December 2013 is now biting every ethnic group in South Sudan. Anyway, it’s better late than never, I like the change of tune in his writings. It will indeed take a Nuer man to reverse the 28 states.


  16. GatCharwearbol says:


    Rightly so, the theory of what goes around comes around has been proven true numerous times in the past and present. Dr. James Okuk is a case in point. Let us brace ourselves for the worse. Awarding other ancestral’s land to their foes is a time bomb waiting to go off. We will revisit our conversations when time comes to contrast our predictions. Happy new year to you brother.

  17. Amum Machar says:

    I know why Nuer don’t like 28 States to be promoted is the fact that Nuer want to remained as a dominant power in Greater Upper Nile land of Padang Jieng together with Bor people and Padang neighbors Chollo. Nuer and Chollo who Chollo and Nuer combined power against Dinka have been the worst dominant pretender of Padang Jieng ever. The Bor leaderships behind them tends to focus on positions rules of laws, and their interest first while Nuer leaders want to killing more people from Padang Jieng, conquer and occupied the land of Padang Jieng even though Padang gave them enough land peaceful to live, they still angry, and wanted to threaten lives of innocence people, take their properties with higher interest of occupying more lands and properties with blooded. If Nuer, Bor and Chollo have achieved what they wanted, I think South Sudan would have been in in peace state! However, the question which will always be in Padang’s mind is that even though these groups have many educated people,or got what they wanted don’t you think of what would happened some day if Padang Jieng rise up beyond that kind of power, concept, and ideology? Dr. OKUK and others Nuer leaders should be part of people correcting the system if they doesn’t.t applied hatred!

  18. Hoiloom says:

    I said that someone is defaming Yien Mathew who is currently in the field.
    Editor needs to do something about it.


    • info@southsudannation says:

      Hoiloom and others,
      From now on wards, any comment bearing the name of “Yien Matthews” won’t be published.

  19. False Millionaire says:

    Do you know personally who are Garcharwearbol,Holioom,Bantiu Ramaran and the rest of the likes?
    What’s justice in publishing their comments and not those of Yien Mathiews?
    You are shooting yourself in the foot sir becouse your great website is highly appreciated by all RSS masses becouse it represents the only means of freedom of expression!!!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      False Millionaire,
      Thanks for your concern.
      Regarding the problem emanating from Yien Matthew’s alleged falsification, I reached that conclusion after getting conflicting and rival claims as to the use or misuse of that name. So, until the real Yien Matthew comes up and write to the web editor that he is indeed the real person, my decision to delete all emails stands.

    • Patriot, Gatdarwich says:

      False Millionaire,

      The issue of not posting the alias Yien’s comments is very clear;
      This individual have evidently committed a criminal act, that is libelous impersonation of Comrade Yien Mathew.

      Defamatory or malicious Impersonation of any person is strictly prohibited and criminally codified in most countries. So, the Editor exonerated himself from any legal implications that may arises from this matter.

      False Millionaire, Please bear in mind that real Comrade Yien Mathew can legally sue the Editor if he/Yien somehow discovered that someone has been using his name maliciously on this forum, and the Editor has been warned/alerted by many commentators about it, but intentionally ignored it.

      False Millionaire, you shouldn’t be whining unjustifiably, but superbly appreciate the Editor’s decision, if at all you’ve any minimal knowledge of the media ethic or legal obligation.

      More importantly, you should be glad that the Editor has given this individual a second chance, that is, to personally contact the Editor for validation of his or her identity.
      False Millionaire, you absolutely have no legitimate reason of baselessly complaining or whining, unless, you are the one libelously impersonating Comrade Yien Mathew on this website period

  20. Gatdarwich says:


    You’ve taken very commendable, superb, and ethical decision for beginning deleting all comments coming from this criminal with alias Yien Mathew, who libelously uses Comrade Yien Mathew’s name on your website.

    If the individual in question is real, then he will directly write to you and verify his identity period.

    Thank for the job well done !

    Mission accomplished.

  21. Hoiloom says:


    Many thanks, I know Yien Mathew personally and he is currently in a remote area where there is no Internet access. Secondly, Yien is a member of SPLM-IO National Liberation Council and for him to write such rubbish against Equatorians in general and Alfred Lado Gore in particular would be unthinkable.
    Thank you once more for taking action.


    • Eastern says:

      Dear Hoiloom,

      Thank you for the background work. Whoever thought they can silence Eastern on matters of civil liberty better be careful.

      I am going to work closely with all peace loving patriotic South Sudanese to realise a viable country devoid of tribal hegemony hell bend on establishing tribal enclaves preaching sectarian agenda.

      Whoever bothered to check, Equatoria is a conglomerate of differnt tribes happy and willing to co-exist with one another while the Dinka is a tribe with ‘sections’ within the same tribe killing one another.

      Gentile but firm reminder, don’t waste your time silencing Eastern, another firm voice from Equatoria.

      Thank you Editor,

      The Eastern Rock

  22. Hoiloom says:


    You are welcome brother! Let us all work for a better South Sudan.


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