JAN12 2014

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  1. Kenyi Alfred says:

    Hahaaaaaaaaaaaa Oga you go make for laff Oh.
    I think He loves the seat more then the people who gave him the seat.

  2. Kidepo says:

    You got it. The guy is feeding on his own people’s blood not thinking about the ICC in future

  3. Joseph Duol says:

    That was the escalation of fighting. killing innocent people. even some of them could have stand with him. Kiir will never have supporter accept individual who have interest and his relative.

  4. peace says:

    Oops! What the hell is that?

  5. Kidepo says:

    I agree with you Duol!

  6. Gatwech Kuan says:

    Kiir can read only the money and his husband Museveni

  7. Gatwech Kuan says:

    the problems is, South.Sudan has the leader who is not well educated. this current situation wound not end until he resign from power. imagine if you kill all the Nuer people and you left with Dinka only, what are you going to do with one tribe only? will you eat the meat of Nuer people that you killed? Kiir think like animal and he also lost touch with the people of south sudan and international communities. the only way that will resolve this current conflict is whenever Kiir step down. Kiir and his supporter like Kun Puoch and Hoth Mai have no place in South Sudan, except ICC.

  8. Medi says:

    At the age of two, ours country has been under martial law since attempted coup. And no one wants to revamp the situation.

  9. Willy says:

    Barking is what nuer intellects will keep doing but there is no more forgiveness for you. anyone believed to be supporting Riek must also face the same penalty.

  10. Nuer - Another Israel in East Africa says:


    Nuers never bark. They take action. Didn’t you see what happened in Bor, Malakal, and Bentiu. It is the result of Nuers taking action. We will not entertain your stupidity for as long as we live on this planet earth. So worry about us when your Museveni leave us alone. If Israel can fight 19 countries, Nuer can fight your Museveni, M23, JEM, SPLM-N, Burudi, Rwanda, and Kenya. We are not simple people my friend.

  11. Lado says:


    I would like to urge all who are posting in this website not instigate hatred among S Sudanese people but to be peace lovers in order to avoid somalism in our young nation. Avoid siding with your fellow clansmen in politics.

  12. Majok Arol says:

    This was wrong. how can you people created such crime to insult the president

  13. Bentiu today says:

    Nuer have never and will never bark,
    dinka are the one calling Uganda for help in the first day of conflict, because they can not face us directly with out help from others despite being a larger tribe in the country.
    now again they request Rawanda and Burudi to protect oilfields, and we are going to defeat them agains untill dinka remain alone without husband to dig them.
    and we shall teach them the leason they will never forget.

  14. John C. says:

    museveni and kiir will never last long

  15. Kerem says:

    Something must be done to restore peace and stability in South Sudan. I have realized that the cause of this crisis is not from President or Riek Machar. It is from us the citizen because we are able to control it but we let it go and planted more seeds of hatred based on tribalism

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