James Gathoth Mai is an invisible Judas Iscariot of South Sudan

By: Stephen Kong, South Sudan, OCT/02/2014, SSN;

James Gathoth Mai. The invisible Judas is worse than Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus Christ. According to Matthew 27:5-8 when Judas realized his crime is too big to handle, “he threw the money into the temple floor and left. Then he went away and hanged himself. The chief priests picked up the coins and said, ‘It is against the law to put this into the treasury, since it is blood money.’ So they decided to use the money to buy the potter’s field as a burial place for foreigners. That is why it has been called the Field of Blood to this day.

But the former Chief of Staff of the SPLA (South Sudan National Army), James Gathoth, the invisible Judas collected his money and went for vocation in Australia where his family resides.

These two men shared a lot in common. They both hated those who love them. And in death, they are friendless. During December 15-24, 2013, Invisible Judas James Gathoth Mai could not talk to his dying relatives whom their only crime is because they are born to a Nuer mother and father.

The powerful General who claimed to have liberated South Sudan from the North, offered no help. Hung up the phone and congratulated his relatives’ killers. Judas Iscariot and an invisible James Gathoth Mai are the elements and the influences of evil. Their only differences is how they used their blood money.

Then Judas Iscariot realized his mistake stood like a man and faced the confrontation with a judgment verdict of his delusion and disappointment. He Judas Iscariot of Jews took responsibility to end his own life by hanging himself.

The invisible Judas James Gathoth of Nuer never until this day realized the crime he himself perpetrated against his own brothers, sisters and their children.

The sad fact about invisible Judas James Gathoth is, his real accomplishment in life is fighting with his Nuer tribe. But the good thing is, this time he betrayed the nation. Nuer are the tribe of South Sudan, since he was the second powerful man.

The innocent Nuer who died on December 15-24 owed him protection because they were his subjects. Invisible Judas James Gathoth, committed act of Genocide against the Nuer. He Judas Iscariot James Gathoth Mai is constitutionally responsible ruler at the time of genocide.

He chose not to protect them because he was a willing full participant. I choose the word Genocide here because it doesn’t need a lawyer or law degree to define what happened in Juba against Nuer people do constitute genocide.

It is purely a genocide. Why? Because Nuer are killed, they were singled out, sometimes by the scars on their foreheads or discovered their ethnicity based on their ID cards. They are executed to death simply because they are members of Nuer tribe.

Salva Kirr gave hate speeches on two occasions before genocide took place, James Gathoth Mai whom I suspected of being an invisible Judas Iscariot concealed behind Salva Kirr and Kuol Manyang Juuk.

The invisible Judas kept himself busy by talking on South Sudan TV, directed his messages especially to Nuer in army. On many occasions before and after Juba genocide took place, invisible Judas James Gathoth Mai was quoted by Sudan Tribune “South Sudan army chief warns against involvement in politics”.

Thank God, his goofy conspiracy backfired and failed to produce anything of value to deter Nuer sons and daughters from rescuing their own people. Invisible Judas, James Gathoth Mai is the military leader who oversaw the killing of Nuer women and children and at the same time expecting Nuer in army will bow to his plea.

My friends from Dinka Bor community argued that invisible Judas Iscariot, James Gathoth Mai did not kill the Nuer in December of 2013. I confronted them with the question who has the power to prevent Juba massacre than invisible Judas, James Gathoth Mai?

I was blasted to hear their claims that former governor of northern Bar-Elghazal Malong Awan is the one who is responsible for killing of Nuer in Juba.

The main point here is who has the power and constitutional authority to protect the lives of innocent women and children no matter what their tribe is? No other person rather than Salva Kirr and invisible Judas James Gathoth Mai.

I cannot believe that people forget the facts, shut their eye and even contradict themselves. Current Army Chief of Staff, Paul Malong, like majority of Dinkas, killed Nuer with guarantee from Chief of Staff Judas Iscariot James Gathoth that there is no Nuer threat.

Dinka are free to kill. Malong Awan did contribute with recruitment and selection of Dutku Bany and Gwelweng (Special Dinka presidential force). With instruction of invisible Judas Iscariot, James Gathoth Mai Nguth. This is cunning way to detached people’s is attention from present danger.

I am sorry to say the least but the plan worked, many innocent lives are lost because Nuer in particular anticipating the general chief of staff, a Nuer by birth, Judas Iscariot by alienation, will protect their innocent children from Dut-ku Bany and Guelweng.

Nuer always mentioned the conjunction word “if” (Dung MI, LAMI, and Kami) regardless of all the warning signs, Nuer forgot to say if. If they did the result could have been different. Many lives could have been saved from massacre.

If Nuer profiled Judas Iscariot James Gathoth Mai’s background from the time where the devil James started his military career, they should have seen too many red-flags, this is a general who spent all his military life independently killing and fighting with Nuer.

Nuer are blinded by the love of a country called South Sudan. They are hopeful the past is forgotten and life will continue.

That’s until when war broke out within the presidential guards, when invisible Judas Iscariot, James Gathoth Mai, used his constitutional power of chief of general staff to protect the Dinka presidential Guard against their Nuer colleague.

This is Judas’s response to a flashback that resulted from his discrimination and violent crime against Nuer people, this is a general who is in delusion and paranoid in fighting with Nuer resistant movement known as the separatists, or Anyanya II, abbreviated as (A.2).

The simple question is, if Judas Iscariot, James Gathoth Mai is able to protect a well equipped Salva Kirr’s Dinkas presidential Guards from their Nuer colleagues, why? And only why he never tried to stop genocides against Nuer innocent women and children from Dutku-Beny and Guelweng?

This must be a trillion dollar question. The answered is obvious, Judas Iscariot, James Gathoth Mai and his boss (Banydit) Salva Kirr Mayardit previous blueprint, the heinous crime against Nuer people.

To South Sudanese the truth is Judas Iscariot, James Gathoth Mai’s involvement in crimes, made the entire Nuer community left with nothing but the feeling of victimization, vulnerability, fearfulness, isolation and unprotected by the law.

In the history of Nuer tribes anything that threatened the lives of Nuer women and children always leads to war-cry. The technical term in Nuer is (Wiwi) when Nuer heard the messengers of war cry there is no question asked.

It is a message that tells Nuer women and children their lives are in real danger. Thank God the four sons of Denah namely Yien, Dak, Baal, and Bany heard the war cries and answered the call according to the threats.

And they will always be the first responders to anything that threatened Nuer Homeland, whether the threats arise from Sky, Land or River, DENAI SON of Geah, and Gaawar son of Kar or Jakar will always be the first defence for the Nuer Homeland and her people’s dignity.

Judas, that is the message.

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Stephen Pajok Kong Kulang


  1. Stephen Kong,

    You are right to described James Hoth that way. James Hoth had a big responsibility to prevent the massacre of Nuer in Juba as well as preventing the war in general not to spread all over the country. James Hoth could have brought the war to an end within two days, but he chose to support the party which massacre his very people. In the end the people he supported turned against him too and dismiss him (Hoth) his position.

    • Deng Hanbol says:

      Brother Kong, many thank. As regard to the coward Hoth Mai, there is know doubt in mind that he cursed himself for helping Dinka Generals to massacre Nuer people in Juba. Dear gat naath, Hoth Mai has committed genocide against his own people and therefore, he’s brought shame on the whole tribe .If Hoth had a courage like Judas Iscariot, he would/could have hanged himself. By the way, never mind the Nuer has a strongest generals that South Sudan has never seen. Among the those courageous men are Gatdit, Tang, Gatkouth, Gatwach, Kong, Saddam (Shayout)and many more who are determined to dislodge Salva Kiir. Now they are fighting attrition war till they will finish the job. According to one Prof. here in Canada whose ethnic origin from Uganda that the whole Africa and world knew only Zulu tribe in south AFRICA in terms of. Nevertheless, now the African politicians realize that Nuer warrior are superior than Zulu warrior. After visiting his homeland Ugandan, the decision makers in his country told him that they misclulated

  2. Deng Hanbol says:

    the Nuer power. The Prof. said that president Museveni decision to send Uganda troops to protect south Sudanese weak president was a regrettable mistake. “Our country’s decision to go to war has caused a major dilemma for its people”. Said prof. “President Museveni doesn’t know what to do; it’s a real dilemma.” Said prof. Thus,People of Uganda are really very concerned about the relationship between their country and south Sudan if Dr. Machar has taken power by force. Also he admitted that the UPDF had used special ammunitions in other words, the cluster bums so that to about humiliate defeat when they faced general Peter Gadit and the white army at Bor Juba rout in Jan 2013. In fact, the Prof. advises Dr. Machar that he should decline to chair the purpose interme government instead he ought to wait for the upcoming elections if there a comprehensive peace between his SPLA faction and Kiir SPLA faction.

  3. wanilosake says:

    James Hoth is the greatest sons of South Sudan when riak tried to used him he refused to join the genocide of Riak and as a result had avoided the worst genocide

  4. Peter says:

    James was indeed constitutionally COGS at the of crises, but had no really power. He would have been dead by now for he was a marked man that time. Let us talk of what is the way out of all these mess that threaten the very foundation of our new nation?

  5. jok lual says:

    to mr Pajok Kong
    James Hoth Mai is a famous general in south sudan please stop the bad word when you use to him we hav to respect our leader thank you

  6. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

    Jok Lual:

    A leader who cannot protect his people or murder them himself forfeited the respect he should received in return. Gathoth Mai does not deserve to be respected. Perhaps, he is a respected man in Dinkaland, but in Nuerland, it is the exact opposite. If he was indeed a patriot leader, he should have gone after Dr. Machar and the rest of the opponents instead of going after the innocent civilians.

    Gathoth Mai is faint hearted in Nuerland. We sincerely Thanks the almighty God for endowing us with ability to fight otherwise we would have been wiped out.

  7. Pajok Kong, please do not incite war between Dinka and Nuer ,the on going war is between government and rebels but the way you are talking then you are going to invite Dinka to believe that the war is between Dinka and Nuer and if happened you will know by yourselves only greater upper Nile dinka will finish you out of greater B.G Dinka as you see now they (Dinkas) are killing themselves alone in Lakes and Warrap because they have nothing about what is going on between rebels and government but if Dinkas start for mobilization like you then you learn the lesson that all Nuer will not forget for ever so do not preach such issue. Regarding Gen. Hoth, Hoth is a wise man who do not think like other Nuers who they do not know the word patient (Kuong-koc) in Dinka language and that is only a big mistake form Nuer society they do not ask themselves if one person did a mistake, they follow him/her and that is what happened when they follow Dr.Riek who his family are well-off in Europe and went out and displaced those who are living in only tukules building by grass and their daily income less the one ssp.

  8. Majak Aderek says:

    The writer of this article is the most person whose cognitive dissonance and neocortex is so blurred, so concocted and above all so pandemonium. Nonetheless, James H. Mai should be the most decorated general for his unequivocal support for the total liberation of South Sudan without ever switching sides.

  9. BILL KUCH says:

    Hoth, cannot be Judas in this case because there was no Jesus Christ. Of Dr. Riek is no Jesus and he should be called Judas for betraying South Sudan. Kong, you sure not smart just like your boss Machar for you are blind and cannot see the outstanding help Nuer got from James Hoth Mai. He was helping Nuers by not supplying army in the field when they needed necessary reinforcement and he also ordered not to use artilleries on White Army Militia because they were mostly civilians. Also, an army move on tactics was easily given away by Nuers in the army rank under James Hoth. And after people army figured that out then Hoth was immediately removed and Nuers became powerless in all and with all that he had were given to Dinka person by the name Malongdit Awan, then the army is more powerful today. So, can you compare Nuer’s position today to when Hoth was in charged? Thanks.

  10. Kwacha says:

    Stephen Kong,
    Is Riak the only fit Nuer to lead South Sudan? This man has been creating problems in South Sudan and collided with the enemy to destroy the SPLA for for his selfish interests. Why can’t you people (Nuers) find another alternative to this greedy felow?

  11. Thomas T says:

    I am very sorry could nuer turn against James hoth! If there was no James, you would have not still insisted to rebel. Many Dinka leaders have died through his tactics. It was my first time to see anti-tank being chased away by mere men in Dong but this was done for nuer to succeed in defeating the spla. Time has come for you not to rebel the third time! Warning to rebel with in!

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