It’s time for President Kiir to show Leadership or Leave!

BY: Kuir ë Garang, CANADA, AUG/21/2015, SSN;

A few days ago the president, without explanation, removed five state governors, some of whom being elected officials. It’s very clear the president has advisors who either have no idea what they are doing, or the president does things while occupying his own world. Everything coming out of this presidency makes no sense. It’s dividing us and killing civilians by the day!

Anytime government officials talk of the legitimacy of the president, they invoke the fact that ‘he’s a democratically elected president.’ However, these tired minds fail to show that the country is running not only on idiotic parameters but also on undemocratic fatalism: no reverse gear!

We are just going and going and going in the wrong direction!

This president is perhaps going to be the worst thing to happen to South Sudan if he doesn’t change to salva-ge what is left of his presidency.

The constantly unexplained, unjustified, undemocratic and unjustifiable removal of elected governors not only reminds us of the oppression South Sudanese fought against for more than five decades; it also reminds us of the terrifying reality of the developing Musevenism in South Sudan.

Museveni is an old man with no wisdom and human heart; a man who not only fears opposition but mobilizes state resources against people who’d actually make the democratic process in Uganda meaningful!

And our dear president not only copied Beshir’s government structures and mannerism, he’s also sniffing the dirt under Museveni’s armpits. Very dirty!

Copying Musevenism is the death of South Sudan as a nation with economic and political functionality.

How can you call yourself a democratically elected president when you not only violate the constitution, but also act in an atavistic, undemocratic foolhardiness?

Criticism of government is not to be against the government. It’s a way of letting the government know how it’s performing in order to improve its service provision.

I’m in my 30s but I know this fact to be the reality of all successful governance in the world! How the hell can’t old men in their 50s, 60s and 70s know this?

When will you ever grow up to steer this country ahead in a mature manner? When are you going to stop acting like small kids?

Blaming Riek Machar for everything is childish! Without any doubt, Riek Machar is a man who’s ready to die for the sake of leadership. He’s shown his own dictatorial mannerism: 1991-1994 and 2015!

Dr. Lam Akol, Dr. Peter Adwuok Nyaba, Major General Peter Gatdet Yaka and Major General Gatkuoth Gatoath Oathnyany are living witnesses of Riek’s one-man leadership. But Dr. Riek Machar is not the president of South Sudan.

As the president, Mr. Kiir, you have to show leadership by taking responsibility of the peace process and successful implementation.

How long will you depend on mindless, heartless opportunists in your government and foreigners such as the heartless Museveni to make decisions for you? Outsiders can now intimidate us because of your failed leadership! Where in the world is peace forced?

I agree with you that signing a conditioned peace under duress is irresponsible and detrimental to the integrity and human valuation of the South Sudanese people; however, you’ve shown that you are anything but a leader.

Your decisions are not independent and every decision you make has always proven disastrous to the country!

Grow up (politically that is) or stop listening to opportunists! Or even better, pack up and go to Akon! And as you do that, tell Dr. Riek Machar too to go to Leer! It’s time for you two to start farming not politiking!

Nhial Bol Aken is still facing a devilish force more fatal and brutal than the one he faced in Khartoum! How can a son of the land feel worse and more oppressed in his motherland than in a foreign, oppressor’s land? Shame on you, Mr. President!

What happened to the good old Commander Kiir Mayardit? When did you go from a humble, less ambitious High Commander to a ruthless, unprincipled, cold-blooded, irrational General and President? I couldn’t figure that one out!

We used to watch you humbly pass by us in your then slim body, small goatie and Castro-style cap as we played football next to your compound in Itang. You had no cowboy hat then! What happened to that man of the people?

Unashamedly, you recently warned journalists that you’d test the killing on them because they are ‘against the country.’ “If anybody among journalists does not know that this country has killed people,” you said, then “we will demonstrate it one day, one time. … Freedom of the press does not mean you work against the country.”

And indeed someone fulfilled your warning. Moi Peter Julius of citizen newspaper is shot dead! Bravo, Mr. President?

Criticism is meant to improve the country not to destroy it. Anyone who points out the wrongs you do isn’t your enemy! Your enemy is the one who doesn’t tell you what’s wrong! You are a human being and you are bound to make mistakes!

You also, like Museveni, don’t condone criticism, or someone who disagrees with your point of view.

Are you the one who decides to arrest opposition figures and dissidents, or is there someone else who tells you that arresting the likes of Dr. Lam Akol of SPLM-DC and Governor Joseph Bakosoro is a good idea?

How democratic is preventing Lam Akol and Joseph Bakosoro from leaving the country? What democratic principle says that free citizens have to be prevented from leaving? Have you made South Sudan a giant prison?

Arresting opposition leaders, like Dr. Lam, is a work of wicked, frightened small men. What scares you in being criticized!

If any opposition figure says something that’s not true then send your officials to the media to falsify it and clarify your position by presenting factual evidence.

What’s the point of intimidating South Sudanese citizens? South Sudan is not a prison but you are making it one!

I warned Dr. Lam Akol a few years ago about the undemocratic nature of SPLM and your government, and he condescendingly responded by questioning why I said democracy hasn’t yet come to South Sudan.

He can now understand the value of my words as he languishes under house arrest, which is a function of your needless fear, obsession and incompetence.

Doing a good job is the best response against critics. Bring peace to South Sudan and initiate development programs and you’ll see that critics will have less or nothing to say in criticism.

Besides, stop making South Sudan a Jieeng kingdom and stop speaking in Jieeng in public like you did recently during Independence Day commemoration. I know some of your officials and supporters will run around saying: “But Riek Machar is doing that too!” Riek is not the president of South Sudan!

1- Most if not all state police commissioners are Jieeng.
2- Most of the ambassadors are also Jieeng.
3- The people whose decisions matter to you are also Jieeng.
4- The government delegation is headed by Nhial Deng, a Jieeng and the delegation is under the tutelage, control and influence of Makuei Lueth, another Jieeng.
5- SPLA spokesperson, Philip Aguer Panyang, is Jieeng
6- The face of SPLA on SSTV, Malaak Ayueen, is Jieeng

You are right when you, after taking over as Sudan’s First Vice President, stated that your car will be running with no reverse gear. The current destruction can only be explained by such a car. I advise you as such:

1 – Start accepting criticism as part of your governance system so don’t arrest politicians who disagree with you. You are not building a nation of single opinion where you lead an army of ‘opinionless’ robots.

2 – See those who criticize you not as against the country but those who’d want to hold you accountable in order to improve your service provision.

3 – Those criminally liable should be tried in a competent court of law not just arrested anyhow at whim!

4 – Stop removing elected officials without constitutional provision that supports such removals. That makes you a dictator regardless of what you say.

5 – Democracy doesn’t only apply to presidency but to all elected officials.

I understand we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be controlled by outsiders like America and Europe, but we shouldn’t destroy the livelihood of our people just because we want to resist external influence.

You are not strong enough and that’s why you recruited the assistance of Museveni’s UPDF so don’t think you have a chance against an international force that has been in existence for more than three centuries.

Kuir ë Garang lives in Canada. For contact, visit or follow him on twitter @kuirthiy


  1. info@southsudannation says:

    Excellent article, but there is only one choice left open to pick for pres. Kiir and that is ‘LEAVE; the presidency.

  2. Joana Adams says:

    Well done young man! With voices like yours being more assertive, may be just my be there will still be hope to salvage the country from the ruins that is left. When non Jiengs write, we get a barrage of hate responses. When Luka Biong or John Akec writes, the Jieng government tolerates it.
    It is very sad that the country has been tragically destroyed by old mindless geriatrics who call themselves Jieng Council of Elders. Some members of this infamous Council are suppose to be learned people, they run parallel unconstitutional structure, interfere with function and running of the government and most astonishingly, have failed to see the contradiction of turning South Sudan into a Jieng Kingdom.
    They have not just destroyed the president, they have destroyed the country. Let us just hope that even at the eleventh hour, Kiir can rise up to the challenge, demonstrate compassion and leadership, and give this nascent country a chance to reconcile, grow and prosper. Let him show to the world that he is the president and not the Jieng Council. The people of South Sudan elected him as the president and not the Jieng Council of Elders. It is fraudulent f the JCE to ty and rule our country from the back door! If anyone f them Ambrose Ring included wants to lead this county, let them contest in their own right and see if they will be elected and not hide in cowardly manner behind someone else.
    In actual fact his term in office has expired but this compromise which is a win-win solution, still gives him the honour to lead this great country inspite of his possible complicity in ethnic cleansing, war crimes nd human rights abuses. What else does Kiir want?
    President Kiir had more than 5 months to consult widely since the peace process nearly collapsed in March. How would 15 days make a difference? Time for consultation is over. It’s is time to sign up or quit indeed!
    I genuinely hope your words will speak to his hardened heart to redeem his shattered legacy and bring peace, reconcilliation, and national unity back into our beloved country.

    Joana Adams

  3. martin L. says:

    Kuir, Great article. I wish Mr. president reads and heeds your advice!

  4. martin L. says:

    “When will you ever grow up to steer this country ahead in a mature manner?”
    True, it is shameful and pathetic a president and his cronies act and run the country like a bunch of mafia.

  5. Nyangchuor says:

    Mr Kuir,
    Your article is quite wonderful and I believe this is the kind of advice that our leaders needs in order for them to adjust. Condoning bad practices in the name of supporting a fellow tribe man will take south Sudan nowhere. I really admire your writing brother. Keep on with the same spirit and God bless you.

  6. Eastern says:

    Dear Kuir,

    This is another excellent piece coming from you! Unfortunately, Kiir the king doesn’t get to read such articles; his aides may read them but fear to transmit the message to King Kiir!

    Alexis Tsipras the premier of Greece has resigned with the hope of paving way for able leadership to steer his country to better economic future. Our own Kiir is coping every bid of Museveni’s autocratic leadership style. Museveni has the Special Forces Command (SFC) under the command of his son. This force doesn’t fall under the direct command of the UPDF chief of staff. Kiir hurriedly created the Mathiang Anyour outside the regular command of the SPLA to protect him. NRM has its guardian force the UPDF and here in South Sudan even after independence we are struggling to see the difference between SPLM and SPLA, the two are almost the same face of a coin!!!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      You have drawn an excellent comparison of the similarity between Kiir and godfather Museveni.
      However, I always have this bewilderment about our once revolutionary people: Why hasn’t any SPLA soldier (from private to the twenty star generals) ever thought of or moved to terminate the awful reign or tenure of Kiir? Just a wish!!!!

  7. Tyson says:

    Did anyone ever confirm to you that JIENG has the little mind to reason? All the rubbish/filth that Kiir is uttering is the whole work of the JIENG machinery including yourself. The Jieng claimed to have read or are educated BUT they remain the same Jieng! I am happy that the whole world knows the JIENG in their correct version. Kiir is equals to Jieng and Jieng equals to Kiir! Cursed is the kingdom of demagogues!
    Kiir should remain stubborn in his calculated days of survival so that he will be well swept including his despots of JCE.
    You cannot talk of foreign interference when Museveni is the one telling you how to sleep in bed or when to bury yourself in the well of alcohol, while Museveni never tastes any beer.
    It is not the Jieng numeracy that matters but the few brains among the non- Jieng that will send you wailing in the shortest possible time!! Good luck and may Jieng kingdom continue to flourish with the devil!!!!

  8. jojo lowaz says:

    The guy has proven to every one that he has no leadership qualities! he just has to leave or be pushed by force.

  9. Hardtarget says:

    Kuir Garang,

    God will surely bless you for being a patriot, blunt and on target.

    Your ariticle can only be understood by the learned patriots too, not tribalist SPLM looters.

    I need to point out that its ONLY Musevini as a person with few of his Generals benefiting from the war are barking and encouraging our poor presendent to resist the mighty West, China and the much stronger neighbors like Ethoipian and Sudan. Now the die is casted , the Gov’t has no option but to sign and implement if not, I am afriad this Old men will be apprehended and send to prison if not to the gallows.

    I can Assure you, 80% of Ugandans already hate us, time will come when we will be dragged to full scale war with Uganda all in account of weak leadership.

    They are asking people to demonstrate, and the killing of Peter Moi justifies invasion, they are messing themselves up everyday

    If Mzee won’t speak peace he will join the leaque of Charles Taylor, Laurent Gbagbo or worst still Ghadafii, Sadam

  10. Wau Naar says:

    Dear Kuir,

    When the heart is cut or cracked or broken; do not clutch it.
    Let the wound lie open; let the wind from the good old sea blow in, to bathe the wound with salt.
    And let it sting; let a stray dog lick it.
    Let a bird lean in the hole and sing a simple song like a tiny bell; and let it ring.

    By Michael Leunig,
    Australian cartoonist, poet and cultural commentator

  11. Simba says:

    Well written article,
    But please in your title replace the word “leadership” with the word “respect”…and replace “or” with “and”.
    There is no leadership left to show.

  12. Jerad says:

    Hey Kuir Garang, I didn’t know you are the cousin of Mabior Garang. What the worse leading you talking about? Start from Abiel Aliar leading in Juba, Equatorian people were crying even the security job was given to Bor person. Jump to Garang Mabior, the split of the SPLA and the death of almost two millions was his fault. Nobody knew that Dinkas were the worse in leading until you the twich Bor show it to the whole Southern Sudan during the struggle. Even yourself with your philosophy degree in McGill University no one will accept you to lead because of the previous mess done by your uncle. You will say here good but when people put you in position you will do the same like your uncles. let accept that we Dinkas fell the whole Southern Sudan but don’t make yourself good and make other Dinkas bad.

  13. Richard says:

    Now we are talking Kuir. You can now see who is controlling the brain of this confused man called Salva Kiir. You nailed it brother. It’s all about JCE or Jieng Council of Elders trying to promote Tyranny in South Sudan. Tyranny has no place in South Sudan, it just won’t happen. The man has to pack and go, indeed!

  14. BILL KUCH says:

    You are nobody, but rubbish and one of the rebels who is after Nyandeng. So, please, stay in Canada and don’t you ever come to South Sudan.

    • martin L. says:

      Bill, why name calling? Is it because Kuir is telling the truth?

    • user44 says:

      Bill Kuch,
      I am tired of traumatized, thick minded and ignorant and empty headed psychopaths like u, always quick to criticize without any clear reasons. Square up, we are in the 21st century!

      • BILL KUCH says:

        I got relevant reasons for criticism. One, Kuir Garang is a hypocrite man pretending to be a righteous Dinka. And secondly, he is for Majak Aghoot and Nyandeng who were happy with John Garang on how he runs his government and they totally forgot that John Garang himself did kill people as well. Therefore; Who would buy that bullshits?

  15. Guet Athina Guet says:

    Mr. Kuir ë Garang,

    With all due respect to your ….. article, you have shown your true colors dumb…. If anyone’s dividing people of south Sudan is you morons. If think Reik Machar the butcher of south Sudan should be president, then you need to pull you head out of your … because you’re on the wrong side of peace. Machar is a serial killer and he will never be leader in south Sudan. Any Nuer can run for higher office and I will be glad to vote him/her, Machar absolutely Not!. Bring Machar and your likes to justice for war crimes against humanity dead or alive. Since you’re having a good life in Canada, why don’t you come to south Sudan … you will really feel the heat of hard work here in Wau were leaders are born. … No peace with Machar the butcher!.

    • Deng Jieeng. says:

      Hey Guet, you need to understand that Mr Kuir is a Dinka and I talking myself is a Dinka too.
      Mr Kuir is also condemning Mr machar too, in the article he said the guy should go to Leer.
      The problem with us is that, we seems not to be seeing all these mess Mr kiir is doing or
      maybe because he is a Dinka we just keep quite…Mr kiir is a mess and he and riek machar must go
      home to sleep. fulstop

      • Guet Athina Guet says:

        Mr. Jieeng,

        No offense taken, however, Mr. Garang seem to have missed the point of the conflict, this is not something new as you know it. By the way I know Mr. Garang was a Dinka but I don’t buy his confusing article naming all ambassadors be Dinkas what is he trying prove !.. President Kiir was elected by the people of south Sudan, Machar was not. As I have been saying, Machar in my humble opinion his a serial killer who murdered innocence women, children and old in 1991 when he tried his failed coup against Dr. Garang. Mind you, the weak minded or the butcher of south Sudan Marchar tried it again in 2013 for his dumb ass second coup and failed again what an idiot, he never learn from his mistake and that why I call him the butcher!. Machar will never be leader in south Sudan … any Nuer can be elected to higher off in the land but Machar absolutely not!.

  16. Mr. President. says:

    Dear Kuir,
    That’s the move we need. You have demonstrated the heart of a really nationalist but be fair and just in your criticism because none of these two father figure is doing the right thing than the other. I personally denounced their move against the wish of South Sudanese.

  17. Goldit Akwot says:

    well done Mr: Kuir Garang for this great article,well, it is our duty, our responsibility as intellectuals of this young nation to teach and educate our people of South Sudan for how they can express their rights in peaceful manner , how they can demonstrate for their rights when they feel there violence taking place.
    it is our duty as intellectuals to educate our people that there a big different between the political party and tribe , telling them tribe is a group of people that have the same language and customs and ruled by chief and political party is a group of people came from different places from different tribes from different regions or states of the country ,this group came together with one ideology one idea and form a party.
    it is our duty as intellectuals to tell our people South Sudan is region of diversity and this diversity if we invested well it will make us to be a superpower state one day.

    stay blessed

    Goldit Akwot

  18. laku Modi Tombe says:

    Mr. Kuir
    Good job for your well written and educative article. Keep up the good work!

  19. Deng Jieeng. says:

    Thanks a lot brother for the cleverly written article, but can he read
    this piece of advise? Mr Kiir Mayar and Riek Machar must just have
    go to their respective villages and stop politicking for sure.
    These two guys are a true danger for the existent and progress
    of South Sudan. They must go home.

    • Guet Athina Guet says:

      Mr. Jieeng,

      I am really disappointed to read your comments, no need to insult president Kiir, you have to respect hisleadership, you need to address him as “Mr. President or President Kiir” and you don’t do what Mr.Garang has been doing in his lame article referring to the president by his first name like his body. You and Mr. Garang continues to disrespect the president which means you’re insulting the entire country who voted/elected him … I am going to hold my thought here for now about what I think about other buffoon idiots who continue to insulting the president. May God bless President Kiir and may god bless south Sudan.

      • user44 says:

        @ Guet Athina Guet
        ‘Mr president my foot! You are too dumb and blind to see the evil your so called president has done, and even go forth to call upon God’s blessings on him, well maybe your jieng, jaak, whatever gods… He isn’t legitimate by the way coz he messed things up just to escape the SPLM convention where he was gonna lose anyway. You can give him those titles or even worship him, i don’t care! But don’t ever potray him as the savior of South Sudan coz seriously, he has stagnated and divided everything yet he had the power to put things in order. OPEN YOUR EYES!

        • Guet Athina Guet says:

          Mr. User44,

          I don’t give titles, he earned those titles because south Sudan people elected him. President Kiir is the president of south Sudan and your president as well in case you missed. You people should worry about the butcher of south Sudan Machar who’s specialized in killing the innocence, women, children and the old. I have the facts to on my side to backup majority of what write. I object for anyone who put president Kiir in the same sentence with the butcher. Bring Machar to justices for war crimes against humanity dead or alive.,
          May god bless president Kiir, and may god bless south Sudan.

  20. martin L. says:

    “Criticism of government is not to be against the government.” Precisely, president Kiir and his officals think criticism is a violation of their pride and privacy!

  21. Madol Deng says:

    That he spoke Dinka is issue? Ethiopians speak Amhara, are they all Amharans?

  22. sonofman says:

    Mr. Kuir, u absolutely right and ur point of view is to correct the president bt there are some brainless buddies of his who will not allow him 2 read it coz they want to destroy him which doesn’t know it’s apitty

  23. Garang Biar says:

    well thought article, you very rational in your argument. congratulation Kuirdit

  24. Deng Piol says:

    Kuir Garang ,u r talking by like Rubbish and Condement The Hero Kiir who Liebrate ur ass while u were in Camp depending on UN ,now u running ur Dorty month aganist The Liebrator cause u r Oppertuness ,ur brother inlow Machar been with Kiir for Good 8 yrs in The Office working together Plus ur sister Nyandeng who became Machar Girl friend she also work with Kiir in The Same Goverment ,now u r critising Kiir side and try To clean ur Brother in Low Machar from his Durty history that he has ,u and ur sister Nyandeng and Reik with his Militias you guys be there in Etheopia or Kenya Kiir is not going to sign this stupid peace ,if Sanction we were in Sanction already with Western since Obama Refuse in 2010 to sell us Air craft Defense so dont worry We will see who will cry that he is hangry

  25. Hoiloom says:

    Dinka cannot blame Kiir alone without involving Riek Machar. Leave Machar alone and carry your own cross.
    The whole world knows now who’s messing up South Sudan and that person is none than Kiir Mayar.


  26. Denson Guor Deng says:

    Good article

    You written well article bro, salva kiir has gone so far because he was together with opportunities, blood sucker who just look after money, they didn’t know beautiful nature of the country, they didn’t advised him for the wrong things that he use to committed daily.

    No different between Salva kiir and Idi Amin of uganda we south sudanese have got second Amin in south sudan.

  27. Ruach Chuol says:

    boys we all southerners no one’s owners the south Sudan . Please you saying someone he can’t going back home .peace will come . please look for 10 yrs or 15yrs to come .no foods, schools , hospitals we put ours people’s fest .we have differences .but ours people’s fest.

  28. Bukjiok says:

    Well written article !! May God bless more. those who speak against injustice are God’s image bc in him no fault. It is our best wish for south Sudanese to come to their sense and support only those who doing right. comparatively Africa is backward continent, but if any nation promote those things that make Africa backward. what will we call z state ? some of u are weakly arguing with Mr. Garang z even Ethiopia is using Amharic as official language. Did u know z Amharic is written in Ethiopia constitution and by Amhara bu all Ethiopian. If Dinka is officially recognized language, no problem everybody cheer at it, but as stool of oppression. u are destroying urself than getting ur pride. We want u to live in peace and catch the others nations. Those who accept advice are wise likewise those who toleratecriticism are strong !!

  29. Bukjiok says:

    Well written article !! May God bless u more. those who speak against injustice are God’s image bc in him no fault. It is our best wish for south Sudanese to come to their sense and support only those who doing right. comparatively Africa is backward continent, but if any nation promote those things that make Africa backward. what will we call z state ? some of u are weakly arguing with Mr. Garang z even Ethiopia is using Amharic as official language. Did u know z Amharic is written in Ethiopian constitution and not by Amhara but all Ethiopian. If Dinka is officially recognized language, no problem everybody cheer at it, but as tool of oppression. u are destroying urself than getting ur pride. We want u to live in peace and catch the others nations. Those who accept advice are wise likewise those who toleratecriticism are strong !!

  30. Kuir e Garang,
    I will be waiting to read an article where you will talk about Rebecca Nyandeng and her children, Kuir e Garang, Majak D’Agot and other heartless Dinka Bor who ‘ve decided to ignored the call of Dr. John Garang who had once publicly declared his disappointment in Dr. Riek Machar as he continue to say that Dr. Riek can be forgiven but his evil deeds and destructions that he has caused on Dinka Bor should not be forgotten but his orders and curses ‘ve been broken by his immediate family and the good writer like yoy has turned blind and chose to be silent & neutral in this matter because you don’t wants to point out the truth from your immediate family even if they had committed such a gross mistake in a daylight but you can still turn your blind eyes on them because your wisdom, education, detections, analysis, suggested solutions, reasoning capacity and advices as well as blames are only meant to attack Salva Kiir simply because he hails from Greater Bahr el Ghazal Region which is to you whoever hails from there is the devil you know even he/she is known for his good deeds while whoever hails from Greater Upper Nile is the living Angel you know even if his/her devilish symptoms are crstyle clear.
    I am challenging you to come out with the list of those who ‘re killed by President Salva Kiir since he took over this leadership and compares them with the list of those who ‘ve perished in the hands of the then SPLA/M Leader Dr. John Garang your Bor man, believe me you will wrote another article where you willl apologize to President Kiir because he is not a killer like your uncle Dr. John Garang.
    FYI, you chose to hate Dr. Riek and treat him as subject because in 1990s he orders the massacre of innocent Dinka in Jonglei State and other parts of Greater Upper Nile Region and likewise with the case of former Governor of Western Equatoria State Joseph Bakasi Bakasoro, he is the one who has formed the so the called ARROW BOYS and orders the killing of Dinka Bahr el Ghazal in the army and the other innocent Dinka who are doing their normal business for living and the cattle keepers as well to the extent where cattle camp was bombed with hand granede and here you are condoning such behaviours by that the like of Bakasoro should not be dismissed because they ‘re elected although they were not elected to come and incited the peaceful and innocent community in the country.
    Now that you ‘ve stupidedly came out against the president, I wondered where do you really come from with your childish excuses of ages if you ‘re in his position with million years or Zero years still you can’t allowed such a lousy and barbaric attacks to happen paralelly in your presence and shamefully sit comfortably claiming or ssuming that everything is alright while you are informed and aware of the culprit behind all these attrocities in the country under your watch.
    Anyway, keep on pretending like you don’t know what you are doing after you were willingly released by the same Angel whom turns and treated as your no.1 devil today as you dirty mind cheated you that you ‘ve learned everything and that you assumes whatever rubbish and bullshits you preaches or posted are all correct but you are totally wrong ya Muony-Bor.
    Garang has killed more people including professors and other educated Bahr el Ghazalians and the Equatorians as well but he is now the most respected person in his tomb by the same victim whose their people ‘re killed by his regime and president did not kill even an insect in his leadership while many western puppets like you whom he himself released to go to a refugee camp and then make other necessary connections for you to travel abroad for resettlement are the very people who used to shouts at his ears calling or branding him with every name like killer, dictator, tribalist, illiterate, drunkard, corruptist and the list is endless but he don’t mind about such noises from 2005 up to date coz he is aware of the quote that says camels does not give much attention at the barking dogs instead they do continue with their journey without giving even a single glance at the noisy dogs.

  31. Kuir says:

    Mr dumb ass Kuir, you need to respect our elected President. Riek Machar is a killer, a traitor and tribal leader that can not because a president of South Sudan. Any South Sudanese can run for higher office, but Riek. The writer of this articles is off the point and from there you can tell that he is a rebel.

  32. Cikirinyi Ndendidrigyiniro says:

    Kuir ë Garang

    Thank you for going through the pain of writing all these facts. The writings are on the WALL.

  33. Mony A Raan says:

    Kuer Garang, stop being two face writer you ate merely a (Johung). Who do you fool by this nonsense article. I know what in your mind by writing this article you only intended to show the people you’re one of Elder Joung member sending alarm to you’re Joung President Kiir not to sign the peace agreement if fifteen days pass due. It was like last March, 2015 when the peace agreement was given deadline you came up with an article urging your Joung President Kiir Mayardit not to sign. Kuer Garang, have damaged people of south Sudan credibility to live in peace but, because you are one of Joung Elder members your articles always urging President to prolong the war for hundreds 100 year, your previous article has indicated your true faces. What a governors removel are you talking i new it in my heart that you just mockingly mentioned it in your nonsense current article in another way you are really happy. I’m sure you have red South Sudan too many Agreement Dishonest by Molana (Abel Alier).This tactics of removal people from their positions started during Molana Able Alier was a President of South Sudan High Executive, and perhaps he was the one causing fluctuation in the country since signing comprehensive peace agreement 2005. I’m no sure why people applauded whenever you came with a nonsense article like current one in which you calling your Joung President Mr. Kiir not to sign the peace on coming September. Kuer De-Garang, you have really revealed your true colors as a member of Joung Elders. Quot “when in the world is peace force”.As I have said, you are merely (Joung calling to prolong the sufferings of your people until hundreds 100 years). Kuer De-Garang, you Jackal, coward why do you revealed your Joung Elders memberships. Here is you DNA quot ” outsider can now intimidate us”as Bor Joung section of membership you included your self in government diction maker as you when further you have considered yourself a decision not to sign a force peace. “I agree with you signing peace by force is not acceptable”. Haaa! You are contradict personality, you have even forgot that your father Dr.John Garang De-Mabiour had signed (CPA) by force. Nuer Garang, enough, you behave like a cat, you always start your article with mixed feelings and the sealed it up with Dr. Machar that why I depicted as a cat. Example, in a Nuer or Dinka tradition, women made butter from cow milk by checking so the women would the best keeping the butter safely for month inside the family house, but one day that cat would and stolen and eat when it stomach would dug the butter finally defecate leaving feces inside butter. So KuerDe-Garang, please leave Dr. Machar alone. You Bor are the started this senless war. Durning Able Alier, he had removed many Nuer General from south Sudan Army. And during (Kocora) in Malkal a police commissioner from Bor Dinka had removed all Nuer soldiers and officers. So who started the war(You)

  34. Simba says:

    Just in case you havent read the contitution, it allows the president to remove elected governors in the name of national security.
    As draconian as this sounds, the president is well within his rights depending on one’s understanding of national security.
    I am for the changing of this clause in the constitution. Until then, the president will heed advice from self-interest group such as the JCE.
    A strong constitution to be upheld by an impartial judiciary…thats what the fight is about.

  35. Captain D says:

    Guet Athina Guet should go to school and be somebody. This article is written by a Dinka and condemn the Dinka leadership. If you did not understand the content due ti illiteracy, please ask educated close by. In all, the article is well and good.

    • Guet Athina Guet says:

      Mr. Captain D,

      You’re entitle to your opinion, but in my humble opinion the article was lame, you go back and reread the entire article.

  36. Malouda says:

    Kuir Garang, you are right some how in your article, but your word of Jieeng Kingdom is not correct, it is good to come out from such child like you who do not participate in the liberation of this country. can you employ some one who is not a doctor in the hospital to treat sick people or send untrained person to the war. Iam not defending president Kiir, but that is the style of the leadership you can greet people in Bari language and you are not from Bari. please enjoy your world and leave us.

  37. Alier-kon says:

    (r) remove a state Governor and/or dissolve a state legislative assembly in the event of a crisis in the state that threatens national security and territorial integrity;
    (s) appoint a state care-taker Governor who shall prepare for elections within sixty days in the state where the Governor has been removed or the state legislative assembly so dissolved in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution, the relevant state constitution and the law; and other business.
    Mr, Kuir Garang I though that you are sounded minded person in Canada who know how to under stand the role of President given to him by the transitional constitution of south Sudan as president of the republic, can you read again with your supporters of hatred and tribalism

  38. Mony A Raan says:

    Dear Kurr Garang, hope that will be your last article. I have read lots of you articles in which always wishes for salva Kiir government to South Sudan for 100 year a philosophy (Joung Elders stolen from Ethiopia 1125-1975). Please don’t ever seal your topics by insulting Dr. Risk Machr. Let the peace prevail

  39. Ohi,de says:

    It is good that you started to think freely. Do not allow yourself to be tied down by the common thoughts followed by most jieng like those of Alier-kon.

  40. Ohi,de says:

    good Kuir

  41. Monyluak Kur says:

    Dear Kuir Garang,
    You have written a very detailing article that challenged so much on the South Sudan’s government position, but details of your article could save life if you were likely a president of South Sudan.

    A bit of your article could be somehow accepted for reformations of the governance likewise if they were you then. However, those in the current South Sudan of government don’t like your slippery tongue especially when you are representing something very challenging to their positions.

    To me here, I can say your written article is equivalent to the article that had killed columnist Isaiah Abraham . However, life isn’t worthy for all you are intending to represent? Yet, mentioning of ” the Jieng’s name” on your article is too ridicule.

    You don’t even think firstly ten folds before you write about whatsoever that comes on your mind? There is much different between the government and a writer whose thoughts might be just a wishful. But government systems could be well contradictory on your inspiring revelations .

  42. Andrew says:

    This is one of those articles that can bring about a positive change if read and its inherent pieces of advice understood by its audience!

  43. Apuk says:

    “Somebody who doesn’t know himself talks loose” now when i read carefully Kuir’s article, i proved some thoughts of frustration the way he contradicts himself. reason being? he talked much of Dinka being dominant in current leadership, what about your uncle Garang? he was doing the same like Salva. Anyway let sleeping dog lie.

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