It’ll be Statesmanship & Charismatic for President Kiir to leave the Presidency

BY: Dhaal Mapuor Aterdit, JUBA, JUN/14/2013, SSN;

It is something hard to say. It is somewhat even harder to imagine here in Africa. The preacher of this ethical notion is looked on as a battering ram against prosperity, development and the political growth in my Continent. Elsewhere, they called it transfer of power from one statesman to the other. It has nothing to do with violence like what came about in 2007 in Kenya – the so-called election violence. This was a premeditated mess by the superiors who were administering the national affairs of the Republic of Kenya by then.

The President of Equatorial Guinea Mr. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo is Africa’s longest serving ruler. When he overthrew his uncle, Francisco Macías Nguema, in a bloody coup d’état in 1979, he stayed in power until today. Although Equatorial Guinea is one of the Continent’s largest producers of oil and has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, nothing much is said to have been accomplished in terms of development and prosperity for the civil population.

Many African leaders run their governments in a fashion that adversely portrays that the governments are their personal and privately-own saving business enterprises.

There in Zimbabwe, Robert Gabriel Mugabe is a norm. As one of the leaders of the guerilla movements against white-minority rule, he was elected into power in 1980. He has been on the throne for decades. He despotically ruled the country for 32 years. One may not tell clearly what kept Robert in his post for those years, but maybe Morgan Richard Tsvangirai (Mugabe’s toughest challenger in Zimbabwe) may have a vast knowledge about this.

In South Africa, things ran soft gently when self-rule was granted to South Africans in 1994. The freedom struggle, akin to South Sudan’s was characterized by a lot of sufferings enhanced by apartheid policy and mass slaughters. This racial segregation and discrimination nourished hate exceedingly in the hearts of the Black Community members and breed continuous violence protests against the White successive regime in Johannesburg.

Arrest and torture were innumerable and limitless. Robin Island was terrifyingly a den of lions in the ears of Black South Africans then.

Peace in the course of reconciliation was the subject of the year in 1994. As a matter of principled preference, reconciliation rank first on the surface of the national priorities. In 1994, Nelson Mandela becomes the first Black African to hold the office of presidency in a multiracial election. His administration focused on dismantling the legacy of apartheid by means of embarking upon institutionalized racism, poverty and disparity, and nurturing ethnic reconciliation.

Although, he didn’t do much as president, he left presidency in 1999. It was a brilliant personal magnetism. Many people loved him and chose to call him “the father of the nation.” Mandela earned international honor and recognition because of his democratic ideals.

The same thing also happened in The Republic of Cape Verde where President Pedro Verona Pires stand down after two terms and discarded requests to change the constitution to stay in office, like some African leaders have done. He incorporated presidential term-limit into the national constitution and decided to institute a multi-party democracy in the country.

Here in South Sudan, a cluster of patriots with one heart linked jointly to establish a world renowned revolutionary movement, the SPLM/A in 1983. The revolution was boldly geared towards moving away from the constraints of the Old Sudan of racism, religious bigotry, historical myopia, and the combined economic downturns, insecurity and continuous warfare.

Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit was one of the architects of these chronological events. He has never changed his heart only to see South Sudanese free at last. With great passion, they fought for 21 years; they demanded transformation and self-determination for South Sudan as a panacea for abject suffering of South Sudanese.

On the world’s calendar, 9th July tells us the birth of the Republic of South Sudan. This is a day that all South Sudanese love to witness. I love it and I cherish it too! It stands out visibly as a reminder for all the citizens of South Sudan that every one of us has contributed immensely to the establishment of the new republic. I call it patriotism and a march forward in pursuit of a democratic state.

In my faculty of thought, I believe that having stayed in power for innumerable years cannot count to any development and prosperity. But the principle of democracy counts to growth and success in all spheres. This is what the new country needs to be installed. It’s what the country needs to incorporate genuinely into its system as its core value and guidance.

It is not a political abomination if one tells President Salva Kiir to leave the presidency. It is for his regional and international honor and credit. I therefore, vividly urge Mr. President to buy honor and recognition at a priceless cost. It’s a cost that needs political will.

President Kiir, as egalitarian as he is, I hope he may accept some crucial ideas rather than sticking to harmful ones. There are quite a few reasons that I believe if Kiir leaves presidency, South Sudan will have a very clean and fundamental record in the world’s democratic timeline.

First of all, I am very eager to see Salva Kiir retiring from active national politics and become “a father of the nation and one of the champions of modern democracy in Africa”. If he does this, it will be in the interest of multitude historians of the modern world to insert his name deeply into the pages of history. He will be named as inventor of democracy in South Sudan.

Secondly, South Sudan is a tribes-oriented country which is yearning for a great deal of transformation. This transformation scheme involves peace-building and conflict settlement. This tribal rehabilitation can only go so successful when Kiir has stepped aside and advised the country as an experienced statesman. I hope his love for this nation has led to the birth of the Republic of South Sudan.

As a role model, President Kiir is sympathetically required to inject modification in the government structure without hostilities among the communal groupings in the country. I want him become a paradigm of national harmony by doing what will define his leadership. As a result of this he will discover universal view between humankind’s higher values and the politician’s ambitious desire for power.

If he steps aside, he will cement the national foundation of the hard-won new democracy in Africa.

A Bolshevik revolutionary and Marxist theorist, Leon Trotsky once said the subsequent quote, “The end may justify the means as long as there is something that justifies the end”.

In relation to the contextual argument of Leon, all South Sudanese will learn that the means of governance was democracy, so far the end was peaceful and fair transfer of power from Kiir to another popular South Sudanese regardless of tribe, sex, religion and party he/she comes from.

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  1. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear Mapuor,

    Thank you so much for making my day. You couldn’t be any truer.

    • Madior Dios Ajak says:

      we as south sudanese and Dinkas in particular need to know that in the last twenty years we have been victims of Sudan civil war….

    • Tut says:

      It is interesting article, brother. Kiir is great leader and his love for this nation and nationalities brought this country (South Sudan). We will missed him if he steps aside but South Sudan need fundamental changes.

  2. Dear Dhaal Mapuor Aterdit:
    I read your article very well with my energy,and I have sensed what you have talked about on President Kirr in his government. Look at his hand.It is open and but not closed! Open hand means he is ready to leave power in the government peacefully! There is no need for people to entertain any fear from him at all. Let him finish his grace tenure in office until time has come in 2015. This is not a right time yet to utter bad words before a mother who’s due with a child. Some people are talking about democracy. What does democracy mean first of all?

  3. Manyieldit says:

    As saying goes, “leaders are asked to lead; if they failed to lead, people can make them follow”. Coming back to our political lineup in Juba the current president Gen Salva Kiir’s still having political vision and mission ahead of him to do, compared to self-centered politicians in Juba who maliciously think they only have divine political qualifications which they haven’t at all.

  4. Dr.Duol Tut says:

    Thanks, my brother for commendable piece of writing. It has been constructive enough and you said it all. My fellow South Sudanese, President has clear choice to make this country move forward. No person can deny his personal conviction during the yrs of struggle, CPA, referendum and after independence. He miraculously joined all ranks of various political and army forces in South Sudan for the first time in our history, signed referendum result and singed the new law of creating the newest nation in the world where he was sworn as the first president. Those are the pillars of being called the father of the nation. For him to do the following as suggested by the writer would lead the nation to better hope of bright future
    1. Constitutional terms limit
    2. retiring from active politics,
    Those are absolutely his choices to save his history.

    • Wani Lo Igale says:

      Thanks to Aterdit and Dr. Dual for your comment. Indeed it is him to choose which is the best way to go. I know that our President might have the same idea but the advisors may not like to put up with that idea. For the President to leave permanent peace and prosperity for all South Sudanese then he ( President) should:
      1. Set a clear Constitutional Term Limit for Presidency,
      2. He should retire and give way for any best personality from any tribe in South Sudan. By doing so we will realize meaningful reconciliation, prosperity for all and above all national unity. Thanks once more, Aterdit. I know enemies of peace will not buy your ideas for reasons best known to them.

      • Wani Lo Igale says:

        I further recommend that this constructive article be published on news papers for wider coverage.

  5. wutchook says:

    impressive, this has to be the fairest and the most objective peace of writing i have seen from a south sudanese. the article is critical yet not riddled with insult and condemnations. given the reasons and the examples presented in the article, Kiir would seriously consider retiring, if he ever comes across this article…
    remarkable article, keep on writing.

  6. Kong Puok Tongluot - Finland says:

    Dear, Dhaal Mapuor
    All your features and analysis about African leadership’s terminology ruling, I myself don’t blame African governments of lack to it’s term, because, there is no preexisting government before constitutional reform.
    Hence, For South Sudan as world’s nascent nation, something may be half-hearted shift, despite of our movement SPLM’s guideline and manifesto theme as freedom, unity and justice became discharged and undermined by both government officials and ordinary people of South Sudan.
    Now there’s no such modules and government must be played illegally in Africa and our country in particular.

  7. Tyson says:

    This is a nice peice to read but true from acceptance and implementation by the SPLM hegemony.
    There is lack of discipline, nationalism and accountability within the SPLM rank and file. If the SPLM party had prescribed and practised solid principles of good governance, accountability, transparency, respect for rule of law and nationalism, then Kiir can ceremoniously and honourably step down. If the SPLM party and the club of non-performing Members of the Legislature critically scrutinized the Interim Constitution and trim the powers of the president, then Kiir can proudly step down. If tribalism did not override nationalism in the SPLM led government, then Kiir can consciously step down. If the Cabinet was a selection of talented, hard working, honest and respectable Southern Sudanese, then Kiir can cheerfully accept to step down.

    The whole government is rotten, Legislature is weak and Judiciary is a rubberstamp; all these lead to utmost suffering of our people. What do you expect if convicts, day time robbers and perpetual killers take over leadership of a country?

    How long can our people continue to suffer? Lack of vision, leadership, security, social services, etc are killing our people!!!!!!

  8. Chol Ajak says:

    Dear Mapuor,
    “Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand.” Well said, comrade.

  9. Diu J.Kuek says:

    Dhaal Mapour.
    Your article can show your true nationalist and brilliant mind, so with in this article the blind supporters groups may see you as you are disloyal to the President Kiir but you love our President more than every one as it can be indicated by some points in your article.
    All of us appreciated the well done jobs by Mr President Salva Kiir as hero in the history of our struggle, was the one among our freedom fighters and has lead us and united us toward in the independence of South Sudan with successful Referendum which may bring the golden life to our children and our grandchildren, all these never be waived.
    But so now we are in meddle of crisis so for next election of 2015 Mr President should elevate any one whom he likes if he doesn’t want his Vice to be in that position. let me say like that as we read in the media between him and Dr Riek Machar Teny so he should let the young nation to establishing democratic system.
    As the fear is for those who try to turn their political agenda in to tribal agenda and keep saying that Kiir don’t give up so as people should think twice because we are in the nation with high levels of ignorance percent of education in our Country is so less. so we need to do our politics with due care regarding these for the interest of the nation otherwise such a political interest from individuals will be misinterpreted by the people as our parties are still a backup political tribal parties.

    • Dau-network says:

      Diu J Kuek.
      Well said brother today! To acknowledge a big achievement done by our president Kiir with his team and, thank you,.. Diu for not rallying on Dr Riek today, both of them Kiir and Riek have to go, either they are good or bad, because we don’t like to see internal war anymore.

  10. Malou says:

    Dhaal Mapuor,
    why do you have to say the president must leave? Don’t we have Democracy and election; were we the people to elect the leader of our choice when we feel that our current president is not effective enough to serve us?
    Second, we need to see the potential candidates campaigning in order for us to see who is effective enough to serve as the next president of South Sudan. How are we the people going to know and have the knowledge to elect who will be the next president if we don’t see them campaigning?

    • well done, Mr Dhaal; this article is well written and my message to you and all our former/current Red Army Soldiers within the SPLA, lost boys and lost girls, united we Stand wherever we are around the worlds; please let us embrace this vision from now on as it will help inter-generations of South Sudanese in more than 60 years time ahead through “creative reasoning is one of the key characteristic of democratic governance, which depends on social harmony, stability and peaceful environment for today’s society prosperity, economic and social wellbeing”- Lual A.Deng

  11. Dear south sudanese, let us not forget the way ruling party splm government did in our beloved country such as clubs of killers, robbers, therefore, as a south sudanese, we would not accept that tribalism government of splm.

    • AKuranyang Moss:

      Please don’t spoil that beautiful name of Chief Abiko Akuranyang. Are you telling me that you came from the same family or clan of our SSN Chief Abik Akuranyang? If so, then smart up and reasoning just like our chief Akuranyang. It was those robbers and killers who made South Sudan a beloved Country for you and I. I know that they are so corrupted, greedy and selfish, however they had done something we should all be thankful and proud of. They stole our beloved Country back from the vicious Arabs. Yes indeed, they have looted and wasted everything from our Country but I reassure you that they will never steal our precious land, South Sudan. Let them steal the money in Juba and we will have our Country forever. Thieves come and go but Country stays forever.You will enjoy your life again and gain your full liberty when I become president of South Sudan in the near future. Please stay blessed and remain hopeful!


      • Dear Editor:

        Thank you for the compliment. it is well received and highly appreciated. I profoundly apologize for being little disrespectful in our online Parliament especially for those who provoke me. Honestly I don’t want to be disrespectful online but I’m often forced to respond to those diehard and heartless tribalists, Nyagats, Kokora warlords and fertit Militiamen. Sometimes, I miss appreciating the great job you are doing and the positive contributions of other South Sudanese Nationalists.
        Imagine, what will happen if you put us in the real Parliamentary debate in the National Parliament of South Sudan. We will debate all morning and then throw the Chairs at each other in the afternoon. We will all be respectful and focus to the point when Parliament resumes in the evening and will vote to impeach Kiir, Riek, Pagan and Wani Igga. The corrupted politicians will walk out of the Parliament in protest and that will be the only way we get rid of them and corruption in South Sudan.
        Please keep up the good work even though we are crazy and disrespectful sometimes.

        FROM EDITOR,

  12. James Lual Garang says:

    Dear Dhaal.

    This is very articulated piece of writing. Yr advice will be considered by someone who has the nation at heart…..When SPLM got power, they did not sit down and come up with how they will rule South Sudan, only had they in mind how to acquire riches; buying V8s and corrupting public resources. Some of them had in mind on how they would revenge from those who served in Dr. Garang’s regime, which they believe to have treated them unfairly (the Current SPLM is revenge party from Garang’ inner circle)….thanks once again that we don’t support you because you are Dinka, but objectives matter.

  13. Dear Dhaal,
    I disagree with you on this piece. It isn’t time yet to ask Kiir. Have you prepared any candidate as his replacement? I so much doubt if we have got any replacement yet. We can’t call on President Kiir willingness to leave presidency with no one in pipeline.

    Thank you.

    • Dhaal Mapuor says:

      Dear Mabior Abraham,
      Many thanks indeed for your question. In your comment you asked, “Have you prepared any candidate as his replacement?” In response to your question I would at the onset like to bring into light to you that this piece, though talks about politics, it’s not politically motivated or under influence of any other active politician in the country. The piece is based on my own opinion with a belief that there are some other active South Sudanese in the country and even within the circles of the SPLM that can actively assume the responsibilities of president.

      I want president Kiir have a treasured legacy with good reputation. You also need to know that I can’t replace Kiir as a person. I didn’t talk about replacement as you printed there in your comment. I talked about Kiir earning a precious political inheritance of being described as a Statesman & Charismatic leader of all times if he leaves the presidency after having incorporated Presidential Term-limits into our Constitution. Thanks for understanding!

  14. Dau-network says:

    Thanks Mapour.
    Well articulated, we like president Kiir to respect his dignity like president Julius Nyerere and Nelson Mandela. The problem are his advisors because they say you are the best person for this job, while they don’t consider his reputation and legacy which is “human to be human,” otherwise life is useless. His advisors need to secure their seats because different regimes would come with their advisors apart from the current advisors.
    Second to that:
    President Kiir knows that if Dr Riek is the only option then he better stay because our country could be looked by a world like a dumb Nation due To Riek RECORDS and Western world may not even congratulate him like President Uhuru Kenyatta, the Western countries did not endorse him because of his bad RECORDS in USA let alone our Murderer Dr Riek
    !! Different person is a solution otherwise everyone can say why me while am not a big criminal! So every culprit must compared themselves with him.

    • Diu J.Kuek says:

      Mr Dau Network.

      Your first statement is absolutely correct as President Kiir advisors work to protect their own interests; this what we know all of us aware of that even some of them pursue the NCP ideology within South Sudan Republican Palace.
      Dau, in your second comment you are totally wrong in the first place to try to deny the credibility of Dr Riek Machar in the International levels. please let me tell you if we are still having a little relations with western nations I can say 90% is because of Dr Riek Machar Teny and 10% is humanitarians ground put this in your mind brother Dau.
      if Dr Riek is a murderer from your eyes but in the eye of South Sudanese is visionary leader and the eye of International community is man with democratic principle, free man from the chronic corruption, a man of unity among his own people but if you have personal problem with Dr Riek Machar, so that is different thing therefore I have no right to say why you hate Dr Riek Machar because every one of us has gone his own enemies even you and me we have our own enemies, its a nature.

      • Dau-network says:

        First all, Dr Riek is a arch-enemy of South Sudanese and why he used a tricky style when he declared his assets and dodged public to tell how much he has and, where did he get that money within 8 years so that we would exclude him from their regimes corruption? !!
        Third, Dr Garang with others in 2013 has handed over lists of abducted children from Great Bor in 1991, about 1305 children taken by Nuer but your Dr Riek failed to follow upto now while those children are still alive, last month 3 cousins ladies had reported to Ayod with their children because they were remembering their parents regardless of their loss of dinka language.

        To be believed by public, let him disclose his assets.
        To be believed by public, let him bring back his live ABDUCTEES apart from dead ones!!
        To believe him, let him solve a small problem in his Unity State where they raid either others or the same relatives but failed to intervene if he is really a leader.

        • Diu J.Kuek says:

          Dau Network .
          Do you mean Dr John Garang de Mabior or you mean someone else as you mentioned Dr Garang with others in 2013 has handed over lists of abducted children from Great Bor in 1991 taken by Nuer? I am asking such question because late Dr John Garang passed away in 2005 so I totally fail to understand you here, second thing such a crime abduct children Nuer such criminal behavior you said even Murle who are well known for that activity can not abduct such numbers of children .
          Please do correction in your comment.

          • Dau-network says:

            Diu J Kuek.
            Brother, the above is not my original article because it has been manipulated or its meaning changed by Editor as I suspect as Elhag Paul to 2013 instead of 2003 , anyway they will not published this article but I will try to come to their office with original message to confirm how was it happened!!
            @Diu, you are right to dispute a number of abductees because that time you were JUST 7 years old, and also you been in Ethiopia, you didn’t witnessed really what had happened till you came back to South Sudan in 2009 for your first time since you left Pachala in 1992 for Kenya and then Australia.
            My family alone brother, have 3 abductees let alone second cousins abductees or other relatives.
            Diu> that lists was handed over by Bul Deng-Achuek and Arou to Dr Garang in 2003 but we are still waiting from next president Dr Riek to bring them back and he failed to do so while Ismali Konyi has brought back some children.
            I wonder, how did your potential leader fail a simple task of bringing back “abductees” apart from biggest task of national affairs !!
            Why he did not disclose his assets so that we should trust him as a “reformed -man” from past.

  15. Dear Compatriots:

    President Kiir Mayardit is a very humble man and he is not good at disappointing people. If it is up to Kiir, he may not seek the presidential re-election in 2015. However, his Rek Dinka, Cousins and Loyalists or 75 thieves may not want him to step down from the Presidency which they believe is a God given right and they must enjoy it fully and at the expense of others.

    In addition, the so called presidential advisors are not really doing their jobs in advising and correcting the president rightfully. They are just there to smile and praise Kiir for a job well done even though there is nothing done well in the Country except the cutting of their big pay cheques.

    One of the South Suudanese revoluntionary singers, Cde. Deng Kuot Thiec said in one of his songs that We would fight for South Sudan and the land of south Sudan would fight for itself too. In this regard, I hope that President Kiir will leave the presidency on his own accord otherwise the land of South Sudan would sack him along with his Cousins and loyalists/ 75 thieves. Please keep the hope alive and remain faithful!

  16. Chotngaal says:

    The overwhelmingly approval by majority of commentators to this article calling for peaceful and honest relinquishing of presidency by President Kiir Mayardit, showed a strong testimony that majority of South Sudanese want a change of SPLM leadership democratically, come 2015, with President Kiir instituting safeguards such as term limits, among others in the new the constitution.

  17. Dear Dhaal,

    Politics has no definition in any current dictionaries and political science texts, however, it is to be understood that any opinion authored by an individual is politically influenced by his/her desire to see things moving in right direction and path.
    Regardless of your opinion as just a mere call triggered by a look of things, not many will understand it as that, but that you are after something though constitutionally, you are entitled to your opinion and expression.
    My good friend in Lakes State narrated to me in March this year how he became a victim of his opinion when he got arrested with fellow steward and veteran journalist Alfred Taban, when he authored an opinion against former Governor of Lakes State, who had failed the state, and as a result, he was removed by President decree in January.
    This could be true with your case brother.

    I have been imagining of who could be an alternative to Kiir if things look the way they are today!!??
    It is important in your comment under this article you are calling on President Kiir to accept inserting term limits into the transitional constitution will be voted into permanent constitution before 2015.

  18. Buom Wal Yat says:

    It is inevitable for Dr. Machar to be next president of republic of South Sudan regardless of Dinka massacre leaders trying to blindfold the whole S.S using political/power vacuum.

  19. Yatwal says:

    I hate the Dinka opinion anticipating that “no one who is not Dinka should be the president of this nation, South Sudan.” That sounds ridiculous as liable to terminate Dinka ruling from South Sudan in near future as far as u don’t dilate ur mind for S.S to go democratic. Likewise this nation didn’t come in to being by Dinka rather by Dr. Machar to name it SSIM.
    Your massacre leader, John Garang’s aim was to liberate the whole Sudan just like Salva Kiir, without Dr. Machar no South Sudan Independent Movement, please top up! Despite the fact that Dr. Riek Machar has been given warning by Dinka regarding 1991 war b/n Nuer and Dinka Bor, how many Nuer people VIP along with civilians who were killed by Dr. Garang?

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