Martyr Isaiah Abraham in the 6th Anniversary of his Death Fights the Juba Regime of Terror.

BY: ELHAG Paul, South Sudan, DEC/04/2018, SSN;

It’s 6 years since Isaiah Abraham was attacked in his own house in the dead of the night by members of the intelligence team of the Tiger battalion directly under the control of President Salva Kiir Mayardit.  Isaiah was shot in the head in cold blood in his own compound.  Isaiah’s sin was to speak the truth about President Kiir.

In one of his last articles, ‘South Sudanese skepticism on security deal with Sudan is real’ published on 19th October 2012 by South Sudan News agency, Isaiah vociferously lamented the sorrowful leadership of President Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar for failing to protect the territory of South Sudan from the encroachment of the Arabs in Sudan.

Isaiah wrote, “President is to blame squarely on our lands being occupied by the Arabs and now he has gone further to sign away Mile 14. His statement that he will not cede an inch of land to North comes too late, too little.  We are not buying this belated chest-thumping statement from a man we all know his frequent promises.  We know him better.”

Isaiah, in voicing the concerns of the people, paid with his life.  In his criticism of President Kiir, Isaiah spoke as a true son of South Sudan.

Though he was a Jieng, an SPLM/A die-hard member and an officer of the SPLA with the rank of  ‘Major,’ he took his duties to South Sudan seriously.

This principled stand made him to contradict his allegiance to the SPLM/A.  He certainly was in a dilemma to chose between standing up for South Sudan or remain firmly loyal to SPLM/A.

To his credit, he chose the former and dared to speak the truth to protect South Sudan.

Did his patriotic stand constitute treason to cost his life?  No! Isaiah as a human being and a citizen of South Sudan has the right to express his views as in the international instruments South Sudan has signed to and also as coded in the interim constitution of South Sudan.

Now even if Isaiah was wrong, why wasn’t he accorded/offered the right to defend himself  in a proper court of law?

The answer is simple, were Isaiah to be howled to court to answer for the contents of his articles, he’d no doubt win in any fair court of law.  This might put President Kiir and his regime in a bad place, possibly with hemorrhaging support of the people.

So the easiest way was for Isaiah to be brutally silenced for the truth to be buried and also for his murder to act as a warning to other writers.

Now, has the silencing of Isaiah worked? You the reader can guess for yourself.  It’s sad that the people of South Sudan didn’t make a deafening noise to call for proper investigation and accountability.

At the time there was a talk of the American Federal Bureau of Investigation joining their counterparts in Juba to investigate the murder.  Unfortunately nothing happened or materialized and the story died without the public realizing it has been swept under the carpet.

The murder of Isaiah mirrors the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi Arabia’s journalist and a critic of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman widely known as MBS.

Khashoggi, according to reports (Aljazeera), was lured by security agents of Saudi Arabia to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, where he was brutally murdered with his body dismembered.

Unlike in the case of Isaiah, Khashoggi has the Turkish state on his side pursuing justice for him.  Will Khashoggi get justice?

This remains to be seen as the case has become a highly complex diplomatic game internationally in nature drawing in arguments about business dealings and regional politics.

On the other hand, will Isaiah get justice? I’d like to believe that he’ll because the South Sudanese are committed to bringing President Kiir, the Jieng Council of Elders and the entire SPLM/A leadership to the book.

It may not happen now but it’ll certainly be in the future.  Ultimately Isaiah’s case will have to be handled by any of the courts to be set up in South Sudan.

All the horrific crimes against humanity committed by the SPLM/A leadership must be addressed if South Sudan is to see peace and prosperity.

Since the murder of Isaiah, a total of 9 journalists have been murdered by the Juba regime.  These are: Adam Juma of Raja Radio, Randa George of Raja Radio, Dalia Marko of Raja Radio, Boutros Martin of South Sudan TV, Musa Mohammad of South Sudan Radio Wau, Pew James Raeth of Radio Tamazuj, Peter Julius Moi of South Sudan Corporation weekly, and John Gatluak Manguest of the Radio Community Interview South Sudan.

The murder of these talented young professionals simply because they’re doing their jobs – telling truth isn’t only a horrendous crime but it’s also the destruction of valued human resources South Sudan desperately needs for its development.

The targeting of journalists is the rejection of truth by the privileged dictators who’re enjoying resources of their countries without providing any basic services to the people.

That privilege is derived from the current reigning ideology of neo-liberalism whose values don’t cherish human rights and humanity.  Neo-liberal economic values strictly promote markets, profits and growth.

Human life has a price which seems to be categorized by the standing of each individual in their society.  People from lower strata of society may be expendable.

So in South Sudan journalism hasn’t yet developed to be a profession to be reckoned with.  Without adequate support of the masses journalists will continue to pay with their lives.  Therefore, they’re expendable.

Perhaps President Trump of USA was right when he described the world as a dangerous place in reference to the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

How does the ‘West’ see this behavior by Juba regime and other dictators?  In principle, the ‘west’ condemns and announces it cares, but in reality they may not support the suffering people to free themselves from the tyranny of the dictators.

What is important for the ‘west’ is pursuance of business in line with the reigning economic ideology.  So long as they can make profit from these dictators they don’t care what the dictators do to their people.

Indeed, this is now a ‘dangerous world.’  In terms of the abuses in South Sudan by the SPLM/A, it appears that the ugly dragon called racism plays a big role.

Culturally, racism has been inculcated into the minds of people in the West through false scientific teachings and derogatory story telling using the media to the extent that the English language itself subtly has become a purveyor in the continuity of racist discrimination against people of color.

Slavery in the last couple of centuries has helped to cement the belief that the “other” are inferior and unequal to White people.

Eric Williams in his book, ‘Capitalism and slavery’ shines the light on how capitalism dehumanized people of color to justify their commodification for the ‘west’ to make profit and grow their economies.

Black life does not matter whether a single life or tens of thousands of lives.  So South Sudanese shouldn’t expect much that they’ll be supported by the international community.

The songs of we (west) care about the people of South Sudan doesn’t add up.  The way forward is D.I.Y, do it for yourself and rely on yourselves.  Raise your own funds, and do your own thing to prove your sovereignty.

This is precisely what Isaiah was talking about when he said “What is this argument that if the President signs it, the document, it can’t be challenged (?).

Who is this god in South Sudan that when he does something it can’t be reversed?  Whether Kiir or Garang signed it, people are more supreme.  They can redo what has been botched for the good of all.”

Here Isaiah is telling the people that they can do whatever they want that is in their interest to restore their dignity.  It is a matter of determination, conviction and organisation.

Paradoxically, on this 6th anniversary of Isaiah’s silencing, the same President Kiir, Dr Riek Machar and the compromised SSOA have connived with IGAD and the international community to distribute the resources of South Sudan among themselves under an ersatz agreement known as Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA) of 12th September 2018.

For those who don’t understand the impact of this sell-out agreement, please read the full article of Isaiah.  The agreement is about the negligent management of the abused people of South Sudan (willfully murdered, raped and displaced) and its resources.

The KPA has all the ingredients that led to the collapse of Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (ARCSS) of August 2015 which blew up in July 2016.  So it is highly likely that this fake peace would take the country back to square one in the nearest future without any change to the people – the suffering just continues and the looting of resources of South Sudan goes on unabated.

Think about it, the displacement of people in areas with natural resources is not by accident.  It’s deliberately designed to enable the exploiters of the people’s natural resources to continue looting without any obstacles or alarms being raised.

What does this mean?  One thing is clear: the South Sudanese through President Kiir, Dr Riek Machar, compromised SSOA and IGAD, are being killed and destroyed for their resources to be stolen.

In a sense, The Sentry to a certain extent states the truth when it argues that the problem of South Sudan is grounded in Kleptocracy.  But there’s more to this than meets the eye.

Please see, ‘Kenyan court halts South Sudan’s ‘gold rush’ by Brian Wasuna of Daily Nation. (

Isaiah sought to enlighten the masses 6 years ago and he paid with his life.  His sacrifice was not for nothing.  What he said then is still the reality of today with the fake KPA.

South Sudan land is being stolen, South Sudan mineral resources are being carted out to Khartoum and Uganda to maintain the ethnic regime in Juba.  South Sudanese people are being massively displaced, murdered, raped and sent into refuge without anybody caring.

Please see, ‘How European and Chinese arms diverted to South fuelled its civil war’ by Robbie Gramer. (

Welcome to the world of neo-liberal economics.  President Kiir and Dr Machar can freely sell and abuse the people with impunity because they hijacked state power in Juba. Thus they can buy IGAD and the international community to do what they want in terms of promoting their ethnic ideologies.

These failed leaders murdered Isaiah.  In death Isaiah continues to fight the failed leaders of South Sudan and this is what he is telling you the people now which is relevant to the current situation:

“My people have suffered under president Kiir and his heartless clique (IO, FDs and compromised SSOA), I have no kind words against these people.  The demonstration we made as people of South Sudan on Monday, not as Northern Bahr El Ghazal people, will go down in history as the beginning of things to come. 

Mr President is not apologetic and this is worrying.  The people of this country deserve a leader that respects their views.  We’ve never had problems with him since he accidentally ascended to power in 2005, because the situation dictated that people exercise patience.  For the past eight years we have learned bitterly that Mr Kiir is the problem and should be removed.  He has failed us in many fronts, and on this matter of land he must not be forgiven.”

Who can dispute this truism?  Isaiah Abraham, rest in peace and God bless.

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag Paul



  1. False Millionnaire says:

    Like any human society on earth, among jieng there are those whose mindsets are rotten to the core. But as it’s also true in any human society, among jieng there are also those who are as brilliant as Isaiah Abraham. But putting the two together and turning around to say that the two symbolize two faces of the same coin that must be fought is the genuine cause of a tragedy that will never alter the ever prevailing perception about those who vehicle it no matter how hard they may try to make of jieng like unfortunate Isaiah a jolly masquette in an ill-concieved attempt to rally jieng into their camp.
    Alhag is the same Alhag, an evil fellow who has tried everything in his intellectual capacity to incite every degree of hatred against jieng without distinction.

  2. Okuc says:


    You have shed light on the 6 years anniversary of the killing of Isaiah Abraham at hand of security intelligence of Kirr’s regime in Juba in 2012 because of his courage in criticizing kirr leadership. And as you have said more than 9 journalists were murdered by the same regime because of their courage to speak the truth in carrying out their profession.
    The question is what lesson have been learned by people of South Sudan to liberate them self from the yoke of oppression imposed on them by kirr’s regime since his ascend to power in 2015?
    Unfortunately, the answer to that question is nothing because the oppressive regime is being reinforced by Revitalized peace agreement signed on 12th August 2018 in Khartoum by so called IGAD and international community who connived in sacrificing people of South Sudan in pursuance of interests as you said it correctly in your article. The West and especially the Neo- liberals are not interested nor willing to champion the causes of human rights as it was the case during the cold war before the fall of Berlin wall in 1989.
    The imposition of reign of terror on South Sudanese people by IGAD and International community through the KPA have made it crystal clear that reliance on foreign forces in our pursuit of change of regime is a mistake and we have to change our strategies and course of action in bringing about the total reform and justice for those whose love ones were killed by murderer Salva kirr.

  3. Rest in peace Cde Isaiah Abraham. Almighty father may you take care of him for ever….;(;(;(

  4. Bismark says:

    False Millionaire,

    Having read your piece, I notice you paint Alhag with a paint brush that is used to paint dark images of people of opposite views. You have failed to notice that what Ahag is against is the dark forces among the Jieng communities who have set their lives to make Dinkaism a reality in the nation state of South Sudan. The Dark side of Jieng is what Alhag and many million South Sudanese are against however the other side of Jieng that embraces patriotism or South Sudanism is what all of stand for. We say NO to occupation of mile 14 by Jallaba, NO to occupation of Abyei by Jallaba, NO to occupation of Hufrat Nahas by Jallaba. No to occupation of Kafia Kingi by Jallaba. No to occupation of Alemi triangle by Kenya and No to Khartoum forces boots on our petroleum lands in Bentiu.

  5. Mor-Amook says:

    Until when you, the fellow citizens of South Sudan understand the different between individual’s Dinka behavior and the Dinka as a tribe. Isaiah Abraham was a Dinka and was suspected to have been murdered by the regime. Now, does it mean a Dinka was killed another Dinka?

    I respect opinions, comments or criticism in this websites against Kiir regime and not Dinka regime please. But if you fail to differentiate that, then note you have a problem and you are not ready to discuss things nationally.

    • Tyson says:

      Don’t blunder!
      Killer Kiir is kept in power by cohorts like you and the JCE machinery of evil. When did you learn to different between Kiir, JCE and JIENG?
      Kiir could have left power long time ago because he is not capable to rule. He is clueless on how to run a nation but because he is a JIENG, a kitchen cabinet of death in the form of JCE was constituted and sustained by government funds to run the nation to total doom and destruction. This is still JIENG machinery soiled with perpetual crime.
      Nevertheless, the positive thinking JIENG like late Isaiah were killed or being killed by your criminals because they have said NO to your evil deeds.
      You cannot escape because you are part of the problem coined by the JIENG.

      • Eastern says:

        Dear Tyson,

        What an excellent rebuttal, thanks?! The jenge think they can continue to peddle the same lie with the hope that it would be taken as the truth!

        Kiir is at helm mismanaging the country because jenge chiefs in their villages are willing to convince youths to enlist in the armed forces so that power, which is rightly theirs, shouldn’t slip out of their hands. This is an open secret.

        All nuer houses in Juba are occupied by jenge; all nuer vehicles grabbed from outside the UN PoCs were dones so by the jenge and this jenge zealot, Mor-Amook dare talk! Let the jenge come out to critise their own for their wrong acts, then they will have a face to save on this forum like the late Isaiah Abraham did.

  6. Hey Guys,

    All of us have missed The late Mr.Issaiah Abraham tremendously! He was so good as a human being! His alive would have contributed as much as possible for the benefit of his country! But,unfortunately,his death came in wrong time! President Salva Kirr Mayardit administration,,himself,he would not have had putted the Hand onto him to totally in front of God!
    He did the same to Student of Political Science University of Nairobi PhD Dr.Solomon Okuk. He was so lucky because there was the shield being putted behind his back! But,the late Issaiah Abraham,got none at all!

    Anyway,I thank a person who brought his commomoration and anniversary of His Demised of his CONSIENCE FOR FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION! He be well remembered forever! Back to you! Happy Holiday Season!

    Sincere Building Trust and Confidence in both heart and spirit!


    Kansas City,Missouri,USA

  7. Mor-Amook says:

    The so- called Tyson,
    you will never understand others opinion, unless somebody says Jieng, Jieng are worst creatures on earth. But that will never happen, if the struggle for independence was led by you again, it would have been like anya-anya 1. Sorry, your blood is full of hatred of Jieng for nothing.

    I blame Editor who always publish your nonsense and hate comments because you are Equatorian and the website was created by you. You like to call current government Jieng government because it is being led by Kiir and he (Editor) is always irritable when the website created by Equatorian is defined as Equatorian website.

    So bark and the camel is going!!!

  8. mading says:

    Big loud mouths for nothing like you caused SPLM/SPLA in 1991, they used to see John Garang doing hard work as our movement leader. They thought that he was not doing it right, because they were not doing it. But when they tried it , they ended up coming back to the man they used to called weak. that is what you big loud mouths are known for. You called Kiir clueless while your smart men are coming back to him now.

  9. Mor-Amook says:

    Tyson, you will remain barking until you either died in exile or come back and say apology. You are the worst Equatorian ever. You really demonstrate how my fellow Equatorian see themselves over others in South Sudan. For example, you are highly educated, democrats, well organizers of everything, farmers, fighters….Equatorians always like to associate themselves with everything good. You really behave like western countries in the world. But, we know who you are.

    You always refer to yourself as Equatorian, but Equatoria is a region not a tribe, please declare your tribe and I will tell you background of your tribe, or else stop hate comments against a tribe and rather criticize government as institution. Nevertheless, if your brother (Editor) continue to enjoy and publish your hate comments against Jieng because it is the objective of the website, then, I will discredit this website as xenophobic website against specific tribe and not for national interest.

  10. Lokosang says:

    Mor-Amook you should analyse critically with open mind why people are criticising Denka and not Kiir regime. It is a simple logic that requires no expertise opinion. What happened in 2013 was not a state orchestrated plan to supress the opposition in order to maintain the dictatorial rule of the ruling elite like what was happening in Sudan during Gaafar Nimeri, Uganda during Idi Amin, and during Moseveni and many other countries. But what happened and still happening in South Sudan is a tribal orchestrated plan by Jieng Council of elders to rule South Sudan at the expenses of others. Kiir recruited tribal militias and were trained at Luri just 6 miles from the capital Juba without the knowledge or consent of the general chief of SPLA genera James Hoath. The way those militias were recruited was against military doctrine, only those who are professional army know what I am talking about. For any country to a make a new recruit as a general policy it should be made known to all but not in secret. Kiir asked general Hoath to provide weapons and ammunitions but he refused because it is unprecedented for the president to recruit his own parallel army to the state army. This are facts documented and not my own making. General chief of the staff was forced to arm those militias and it is those militias that killed innocent Nuer in Juba and other areas. It is this private dinka army recruited by Kiir and JCE who killed and raped innocent men and women in greater Equatoria, Greater Bahel El Ghazal and Greater Upper Nile. While this evil deeds were happening non of you Mor-Amook opposed to it except those few like Isiah Abraham who have knowledge to predict that such tribal policy let by JCE will create hatred and detriment to jieng people at the end of the day if thses behaviours are not changed. Imagine who are the members of JCE! prominent politicians from the old Sudan people like Bona Malual, Aldo Ajo and those who are from SPLM/A, like chief justice Ambrose Ring, Daniel Awet Akot and many others. These are not ordinary people. These are well known politicians and when they speak all the Jieng people will listen to them and implement what they plan without objection. This is the dilemma that the Dinka people are in.
    The reason I write this is only to enlighten you why some commentators on this website criticise the Dinka tribe rather than the Kiir regime.I know you will not accept my highlights of the facts of the crises in South Sudan and I know you will comment against this but my advice to you is don’t read this subjectively but read it objectively and I believe you will understand what I mean. I am not supporting those whom you believe against your tribe but I am only shedding light why they are critical against your tribe.

    • Eastern says:


      Thanks for your effort in explaining this.

      However I don’t think and any other typical jenge hardliner is not aware of what you belaboured to explain here!

      When one raises the issue of tribalism and dinka domination in South Sudan, Mor-Amook and False Millionaire always comment or react with tongue in cheek. Please check out their comments in this forum!

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