Is The Compromise Peace Agreement falling apart?

BY: Dr Lako Jada Kwajok, DEC/27/2015, SSN;

A quote from what president Kiir said on Wednesday 23/12/2015 reads as follows: “We will do everything to keep our commitments in the implementation of the peace agreement which we have signed with our brothers.” Kiir said that after meeting with representatives of the advance team of the SPLM-IO on Tuesday 22/12/2015 in Juba.

24 hours later he issued a presidential decree appointing governors for the newly created controversial states. This is an unequivocal violation of the compromise peace agreement as it is based on the legitimate 10 states.

The move is clearly not in the spirit of bringing peace and stability to the war-devastated country. It’s mind-boggling that a president could have two utterly different messages to his people within 24 hours. People heard a pro peace message on Wednesday only to be confronted with a pro-war message on Thursday embedded in the latest presidential decree.

So what do we make of what he said on Wednesday?! It does not qualify for political bullshit according to Harry Frankfurt philosophical definition of it. It was an outright lie.

Scepticism never truly parted with the peace process since its beginning. Extreme animosity, mistrust and leaders putting personal and tribal interests before country interests were and are still the order of the day.

The reservation about the peace deal that the president declared at the time of signing the document was a clear indication that a bumpy road is ahead of the peace process. It even became apparent that sabotage and delaying tactics were being employed to frustrate and disrupt the implementation of the peace agreement.

The government initially demanded to be provided with biographies of the advance team members beforehand. This was followed by a demand to limit the number of the advance team to 30 individuals only.

Of course both demands were rejected by SPLM-IO as there are no provisions in the compromise peace agreement that support the government’s demands. The purpose of such demands is unclear but certainly leads to suspicion and further erosion of trust between the two parties.

It was the pressure from the IGAD-PLUS peace mediators and the chairman of the Joint Monitoring and evaluation commission (JMEC), former President of Botswana, Festus Gontebanye Mogae, that brought about the breakthrough in the deadlock and led to rapid movement towards implementation of the peace deal.

Mogae should be applauded for the no-nonsense stance that he has exhibited by serving both parties of the peace agreement with a timetable for tasks to be completed within a timeframe. By doing so he managed to put both parties under pressure to start implementing the peace deal.

In the first meeting of the JMEC involving all the parties, he urged them to work vigorously to pursue their tasks even if it means they have to work during the holiday period. He was very keen to make up for lost time as the implementation of the peace accord is already behind schedule.

It’s somewhat embarrassing that a foreigner is fully aware of the plight of our people and has the understanding of the need to move fast to avert disaster while the government continues to drag its feet all along the way.

From the moment the SPLM-IO advance team arrived in Juba, it became clear that they are up to a rocky start. Neither the government chief negotiator nor the spokesperson of its negotiating team and the chief of general staff of the SPLA were there to receive them.

It has since been revealed that the military command council (MCC) of the SPLA is sharply divided over the implementation of the security arrangements.

The cantonment provision in the compromise peace agreement is facing a stiff resistance and was never adhered to by the SPLA high command. The chief of general staff of the SPLA and a number of high ranking officers are stubbornly opposed to the security arrangements and would not stick to what was agreed upon.

Furthermore, the National Constitutional Amendment Committee (NCAC) was supposed to have started its work by incorporating the compromise peace agreement into an amended constitution before the formation of the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) next month.

All these tell us that the peace agreement is in deep trouble.

However the appointment of the governors has elevated the conflict to a higher level. It should be noted that Festus G. Mogae made it clear to all the parties in the JMEC meeting that there will be no room for re-negotiation of the peace deal.

Now that new dynamics have come into play, we as South Sudanese citizens should be clear about where the country is heading to.

Key provisions in the compromise peace agreement have been made redundant by the latest presidential decree. The NCAC will not be able to function as stipulated in the peace accord because the government with the help of the illegitimate National Legislative Assembly (NLA) has enacted its unilateral amendments.

With the naming of the new state governors, SPLM-IO has been effectively blocked out of taking up its share of governorships. Also the states that were allocated to SPLM-IO do not exist anymore.

The future looks quite bleak even if the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) is finally formed.

Just consider two characters out of many, Paul Malong, the chief of general staff and Michael Makuei, the minister of information – whether they are kept in or left out of the would be TGoNU, they would still cause problems and not relent in their endeavour to derail the peace agreement.

At this moment in time; it’s fair to say that the appointment of the governors has rendered the peace agreement obsolete unless President Kiir rescinds it or refers it to the JMEC for discussion.

Now is the time for the heavyweight stakeholders to stand firm in support of the compromise peace agreement. The situation has reached the point of ‘to be or not to be’ for the peace agreement.

Kiir and his ruling clique should be put under maximum pressure to reverse course. Mogae should be empowered and given the support he needs to carry on with his highly appreciated efforts.

At this critical stage in the implementation of the peace agreement, there should be no ambiguity and the possibility of a showdown between Kiir’s regime and the international community should be borne in mind.

Dr Lako Jada Kwajok


  1. Gatdarwich says:

    Dr. Lako,

    You’ve vividly states it all !

    Killer NyanKiir and the Dinka tribal warlords still firmly holds extreme animosity-hatred towards the patriots.
    Not only that, they’re evidently-psychologically suffering from taphephobia(abnormal fear of being buried alive by the patriots should they looses grips on power)
    Killer NyanKiir, Malong, Kuol, makuei liar, Philip Aguer, JCE, and others prominent Jenges in Kiir’s kleptocracy regime are absolutely not for peaceful resolution of this genocidal war campaigns being deadly-cowardly waged by the Jenges on the patriots-tribes in South Sudan.
    So, IGAD and international community should either immediately scuds missiled these indisputably proven national traitors or considered themselves voiceless, toothless, powerless, and pawns entities to the Killer NyanKiir and cohorts period

  2. Splm in opp have choices to make. Gadet is coming home soon
    those who are beating drums of peace failure are immature politicians. Government will not let the demand of its people down. The new constitution will be the one to make any changes. So at moment our constitution is in place and on work till the transitional constitution comes to effect

  3. Eastern says:

    Dear Lako,

    South Sudanese ‘leaders’ want to show the whole world they indeed know nothing! Why should Kiir and cohorts be allowed to become a cost to the international community? By South Sudan remaining at war, the international community will continue to put in their money to help the needy poor in the country while those at the helm of leadership remain inured from the trouble they cause.

    Waging war must be made a costly undertaking for bad leaders.

    From the onset, there was lack of political will from the side of Kiir to sign the peace accord let alone implement it. Individuals against peace in Kiir’s side are known. They should be held accountable for further suffering of the people. The fear of jeopardising the peace accord by arresting these folks holds ground. The country must be put above individuals.

    I like the hardliner approach of Mr Corker the US congressman on handling the hardliners in Juba. Once they are cut off from Kampala and Nairobi, they are more than neutralised!!!!!

    • Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

      Dear Eastern,

      Indeed, there was a lot to be desired in that congressional hearing held by Senator Corker. John Prendergast was spot on. Taking the opinions of the participants on their face values, makes confrontation with Kiir’s regime inevitable following the appointment of the governors.

  4. Gatdarwich says:


    You’re daydreaming if you inanely believe that killer NyanKiir’s dictatorial decrees constitution won’t be altered. Killer NyanKiir’s dictatorial decrees constitution is the primary-main source of the current chaos and carnage in South Sudan.
    It will accordingly be amended prior to the formation of the transitional government of national unity period.

    As per Gatdet going to Juba, Gatdet , Gathoth, and cohorts have been meticulously stripped of any miniutea military power since fall of 2015.
    Let them gets one way hell-tickets to Juba, and hopelessly joins yayau, Lam, Col. Bako, Wani Konga, and others house-arrestees in Juba.

    • Mr Gatdarwich
      Iam not dreaming. The constitution will change but it has to be done by
      agreement of all parties. Your movement has created 21 states and even has elected governors for those states. The delegation you send to Juba is based on 21 states and you want the government to sleep while you are implementing your decisions. Who will agree. You are not the majority so you can talk but it will be the S.Sudanse people to decide how many states they want. Your are heading for major defeat in the elections but you can not see. Majority of our brothers the Nuer are supporters of the government. Gadet and the group are coming in so what percentage support your movement? Even I am sensing a major split among your group is about to happen. So hurry and do not leave this golden opportunity to slip down.

  5. Bentiu Ramaran says:

    Dr. Kwajok,

    You have said all. Kiir is hypocrite and has no interest in bringing peace. Kiir is total foolish, visionless, power hungry, full time drunkard, and most tribalist world youngest country leader.

  6. Cry and cry
    peace lovers are going ahead. You have to put your own house in
    order before critics the government. The government has brought many rebels home before and after referendum. The is an indication that they are peace lovers unlike corrupt rebels whom their leader is commander in chief, the wife is the minister of national security, the in law is the chief naigoitor and the son in law is the personal body guard of the commander in chief. I would rather support the government. A rebel leader wearing a clock of five million dollars while the people he claims to be fighting for have nothing at all. This is a corrupt leader followed by the same corrupt people. Otherwise his followers would question the morality of the appointment of the wife to such position if they are not corrupt too.

      Is Sultan Kiir a peace lover or a blood sucker? Be honest before you label SPLM-IO. By unilaterally creating 28 tribal states Kiir declares war and violates the peace agreement signed in August 2015. SPLM-IO is not honoured by your membership so long as you approve the killing of innocent civilians. The SPLA-IO is coming. You will regret the day Kiir thought of violating the August 2015 peace agreement. Mark my words.

  7. Gatdarwich says:


    You must be totally blinded and completely submerged by extreme hatred and jealousy against the patriots-Dr. Riek, Gen. Taban, and Mama Teny!

    Lodani, what kind of watch cost $5 million, and what miniutea evidence do you’ve, indicating the individual you accuses of having one, and when, and where did he purchased it from?

    Your failure to provide Gatdarwich and others with concrete evidence will only proves one thing and one thing only, that
    Your baseless accusations of the SPLA-IO leaderships is nothing more than unintentionally exposure of your personal jealousy and extreme hatred towards the Nuer sages-Dr. Riek, Gen. Taban, and madam Angelina period.

  8. Hoiloom says:

    Dr. Kwajok,

    Thank you once again for this informative piece. Kiir and his JCE are not interested in peace implementation. Let us wait for the reaction of International Community. I think if nothing is done by the world super powers then IO has no option but to fight for the right of our people. Anyway, let us be calm for now..


    • Look why do you cry and cry remain silent or accept every thing because you are the cause of all these only same people who like rebellion, come back, go back give themselves a lot of ranks mess up the whole country only tribe don’t you have some thought to asked yourselves the whole one tribe call Nuer. you think why other tribes or Dinka in particular if the accept to fight you will you survive in South Sudan as one tribe?

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