Is South Sudan ready for peace?

BY: Abraham Garang, NAIROBI, Kenya, MAR/18/2015, SSN;

This is a question I’d like to ask if I have an opportunity to meet the President and the incumbent rebel leader Riek Machar. One may puzzle of why I ask this question when South Sudan is already bleeding. But honestly speaking, what constitutes me to ask this question is the behaviors that our two prominent leaders have adopted in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Our leaders seem like they care less about the lives of innocent South Sudanese who are dying every day all across the country and their leaders turn their eyes the other away, not ready to return peace and normalcy to South Sudan.

This war that erupted between the presidential guards was not believed to engulf the whole nation and perhaps I did not think that war will linger that long because of the enduring suffering the people of South Sudan have gone through during the protracted struggle which resulted in the birth of the nation of South Sudan in which some millions lost their precious lives due to the cause of freedom.

Therefore, nobody could expect the South Sudanese to have another serious civil war after the war of Arab colonization amongst themselves. This has subjugated us as citizens who’re condemned to fight each other on behalf of Kiir vs. Riek.

This makes me loose buoyancy. The two leaders have shaped the country into where it is and therefore they should be the ones who will reshape this country again and bring our masses of people back together.

As a student of politics, I am well aware that in politics, you may use people against people in order to gain political objectives. This is what our leaders are doing and it is an inept juncture in South Sudan to use people against people just for one man’s gain.

South Sudan is a country that achieved independence from an oppressive regime of Khartoum and a country that was born without proper institutions. Therefore, it could not be compared with other countries.

There’s need to know that South Sudan did not obtain its Independence in 1983 but 2011. This must be clarified to those leaders in the opposition who claimed that South Sudan is not well governed.

These leaders must know the fact that South Sudan is still a young nation and it’s wrong to compare it with Kenya, South Africa and Ghana. It’s also wrong for our leaders to mobilize the future generation to fight for their own political egoism when they are defeated politically.

Supporting either rebels nor government is baseless, however supporting peace and formation of a transitional government with a creation of non-executive Prime Minister will end the bleeding of innocent lives.

This war wittingly created by the president and the former vice president to dichotomize South Sudan into tribalism, regionalism and sectarianism and I strongly deem that South Sudan with this political nature will be more likely worse than Somalia if South Sudan leaders don’t come out publicly and denounce the current war and make public apology and finally condone the transitional government that includes all political parties and share power equally.

I think this should help South Sudanese. But blaming the president, neither the former vice president at the same time when the country is at war with itself is a dangerous proposition.

I think this time isn’t a time for blame, it’s time for peace and after peace is achieved, then the Africa Union Commission and United Nations Security Council will publish the report and that would be the time….may be a mythical time… for justice to prevail.

And the commission will have virtue to bring to justice whoever is the culprit for this war.

If South Sudan is ready for peace, therefore their leaders should sign peace deal for the interest of South Sudanese but not the interest of the leaders.

Otherwise, military race will not bring the reforms and reconstitionalize the constitution of the republic of South Sudan.

Abraham Garang is a South Sudanese Independent thinker who lives in Nairobi- Kenya.


  1. Abraham Garang,

    Mr. Dinka, do not balance the blame. “Is South Sudan ready for peace?” you should direct your question to Salva Kiir. Do not try to balance the blame on the two leaders. Salva instigated the violence so he as the capability to bring peace like he had ability to started the war. Kiir killed Nuer civilians for two good weeks while Dr. Machar was on the run. Hence, please direct your blame to your tribal paramount chief Kiir. Mr. Garang, even a wild animal who does not speak fight back when you hurt them. A radical snake fight back, a hyena fight back, a dog fight, and a cat fight back. How do you expect Dr. Machar not to fight?

    Please send your question to Ateny Wek Ateny so he can forward it to Kiir.

  2. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Abraham,
    Your article deserves great appreciation.But one gets the impression that the events of 15 December 2013 n the prolonged war that has followed have their roots on the events dating to the days of the foundation of the SPLM/A under Dr Garang’s chairmanship as well as those of the 1991 SPLM/A split.That’s the only plausible explaination why the war is characterized by such bitterness that both sides never hesitate to murder childern,women and those already half dead like too old elders n the sick in hospital beds.Viewing from this context,it’s natural to conclude that the majority of nuer citizens are not ready to accept peace under the leadership of a dinka tribesman like Salva Kiir in much thesame way as the dinka citizens will not accept peace under the leadership of a nuer tribesman like Riak Machar.This to me seems to be the point of the deadlock which may remain as such forever as long as Riak n Kiir are not willing to step aside in favor of a neutral person who can preside over the government during a negotiated transitional period.

    But neither during these high times of the crisis,nor during the probable transitional period or after it would the future of RSS as a state with it’s society be assured.Why?becouse political forces of tribal origin would always conquer power by bullet or ballot by mobilizing their tribesmen.Once in power,serving the interests of their tribesmen in sacrifice of those of the state n of the society will be their priority.That’s why new forces should rise from a neutral forum that can absorb every independent thinking citizen including those from dinka n nuer tribesmen.The future of RSS will n it’s society will be guaranteed the day those forces take over power but never under Kiir or Riak Machar!!!

  3. Deng says:

    “I think this time isn’t a time for blame, it’s time for peace and after peace is achieved, then the Africa Union Commission and United Nations Security Council will publish the report and that would be the time….may be a mythical time… for justice to prevail” By Abraham Garang

    Unquote: Abraham, I read your article with great interest but unfortunately when I stumbled across the above-mentioned section then I immediately discontinued reading your article.

    Please, re-read your article and you will find out that you have done exactly the same thing, so what are you talking about here? Are you telling us that these two animals should not be made aware of their despicable crimes they have inflicted on our innocents people? If that is what you meant, then I would say to you no, they need to be told of their mistakes and their willingness to continue their costly war when this only serves their interests but not South Sudanese’s interests.

    To answer your question, yes South Sudan is ready for peace now. Unfortunately, as long as these two animals are still around in this part of the World there will be no peace in South Sudan, don’t take me wrong both of them can still compromise and end this unnecessary sufferings they have imposed on South Sudanese people if they are true leaders of the people as they claim.On the other hand, they can do anything to bring peace to South Sudanese people if their own children happened to be in front lines in Upper Nile State, Unity State, Jonglei State and WB. State or starving in UN run camps or in rural areas around the country.

  4. Manyiel Atem says:

    Mr. Abraham Deng,
    War was created by these two stupid leaders. Your suggestion to meeting them make you look wickedly stupid like them. If you don’t have prominent person in South Sudan to compare yourself with, then compare yourself to Salva Kiir and Riak Machar.

    If there are no prominent people in South Sudan whom I can compare myself with, I would rather die with good person to compare myself. In the other words, they are less prominent leaders.

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