Is it Cowardliness or is the President Suffering from Coup-Amnesia?

BY: Gabrial Pager Ajang, USA, MAY/02/2014, SSN;

If there is anything that I have learned about Juba government, it is that the government is run by a COWARD. And if you are a coward, Mr. President, Politics isn’t for you. Our government had no confidence at its core leadership and that continues to exacerbate panic and anxiety in its executive.

The president has accused Oyai Deng Ajak, Majak D’Agoot Atem and Mac Paul of d’état coup eight times, and when facts were examined, there were no evidences that supported any alleged coup or the allegations.

This fear is caused by insecure people who run their mouths in the government and who do not know what exactly they are talking about.

It is basically done by members that were then rejected by Dr. John Garang, the SPLM/A founder and leader, during liberation struggle.

I think cowardliness is exacerbated by people who are determined to destroy South Sudan or people who do not know how to help run the national government. They feed president Kiir with nonsense.

They have told Kiir that the “solution to South Sudan’s problem should not be imported.”

Well, what can we do when our government does not trust anyone to solve its problems?

The South Sudanese government does not trust the (USA, UK, Norway for instance) countries that helped South Sudan to gain its independence. And the people are faced with immense problems and challenges.

This government of South Sudan had made mistakes after mistakes, and created problems after problems.

With these evidences, can this government of South Sudan bring peace to her country without help from foreign countries? And who will solve our problems, when the government rejected diverse opinions of our citizens?

However, President must be a person that holds up the core principle of leadership and basic standards of governance, and stops paying attention to criticism because it distracts him from delivery of services to the nation and solving grave problems that are facing our nation.

I think the president should be a real president of South Sudan, and start denouncing this empty rhetoric from cabinet ministers. These ministers that threaten former political detainees are entrenched in their failures and wallowing in desperation.

They have threatened to rearrest former political detainees if they continue talking, and running their mouths.

Besides, with this logic, political detainees were arrested because of their talking, and the Special Court found no sufficient evidences that support attempted coup, and the government knew it was losing the case.

Therefore, the president ordered the minister for justice to breach judicial proceeding, and prisoners were released.

Now, these freed prisoners are told by the minister for information that claims to have a law degree that he will arrest them if they continue talking. I will not dig down cabinet resumes but this abhorrent speech warrants attention!!!

I think the former political detainees can be granted the civic life of democracy by participating in interviews, movements, and building bonds of trust among citizens, and by participating in the political process that fuels a form of good government that could serve its citizens better.

To conclude this paper, based on the records of the liberation struggles, Tilar Ring, Makuei Lueth, Aleu Anyieny cannot question the patriotism of Pagan Amum, Oyai Deng Ajak, Magak D’Agoot Atem, and Deng Alor Kuol.

It is that clear and simple. Former political detainees are threatened because South Sudan is an orphan, and the country is run by the dead president.

The president is morally dead, if he is alive, then he must reverse course and look for peaceful sequential political resolution to problems.

The author teaches political Science and History at Career College, former Nebraska legislative assistance and passionate advocates of responsive government that observes rules of laws, and guarantees citizens protection; as an important principle of democratic government. Besides, he is specialized in Public administrations and policy
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  1. Elijah Samuel says:

    Well said! Indeed kiir by all report from most who met him believe at core he is a good person but lacks judgement when surrounded but hyenas! These semiliterate cabinet and a semiliterate president is a terrible combination! Indeed this who massive loss of lives our fellow country men, women, children and elderly persons is simply because the president and his cabinet can not stomach people talking, people talking politics against him! anyone who can not stand bad mouthing against himself should step down!

  2. Nuer-Another Israel In South Sudan says:

    Dear Mr. Ajang:

    You have answered yourself. Cowardice coupled with sheer stupidity is the case. Dinka’s President is dead indeed. He thought running a nation is like running his cattle camp in Luri. Cattle dung has entered into his narrow brain.

  3. Marik Lueth says:

    How dare are you? You call president coward! No wonder, some of you in abroad don’t feel the suffering and lives being lost every day here in the country (South Sudan). We need peace. This war, if pursued some of you in abroad will not fight and will not be achieved either but rather have suffering, destruction and killings among civil population. Am tired of your war of words from abroad. You continue taking care of household’s pets from there and then get a fat wage. Don’t defame our leaders and country by writing valueless articles.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Lueth, kiir is your leader not that of every south sudanese from the very moment he decided to massacre innocent Nuer women and children in Juba! Take you cow president with you and leave Juba! We do not want him, if you too are fed up with him give him to his boyfriend Museveni.

      • Ww says:


        You and the author of this nonsense should be dismiss altogether for your idiocy and ignorance but let me waste my next five minutes answering the above comment and all the rubbish you have been publishing on this forum.
        The saviors of Nuers in and around Juba and indeed the whole of South Sudan are President Kiir and Hoth Mai. Had it been different leaders you would have witnessed Rwanda or worst. Believe me I am in the army and a soldier and we sometimes waited for orders that never came from Juba to attack Nuer. We are sick of Nuer Militia mentality and want this to be last rebellion of which they will learn their lessons well.
        The brilliance of the blood sucking Dr evil, riek machar is that he understands his people Nuer very well. He knew that They are emotional, uneducated, irrational beings who foolishly fight now and ask for reasons later. He knows he can lie to them and they can run into it like rats that smelled a rotten meat. If more than 17,0000 Nuers were killed in juba you wouldn’t have to even mention it, UN and other world bodies would have done for you like the did for the recent cases of Bentiu and Bor. This number was a lie designed to get you dumb Nuers to die so blood sucking Dr. can become President by force. But you wouldn’t see that for riek machar is controlling the very essence of your being; thoughts and believes. And for what I can see so far Nuer as a tribe will continue to believe him until young nuer men are finished while his sons and daughters are studying abroad and … with white men and women in the Western countries.
        What democracy are you fighting for? Are you the smartest tribe out of the 64 tribes in the south Sudan? Or did your stupidity and the brilliant of the dark hearted Dr machar made you believed that you will capture the whole city within one hour with bare hands? I am sorry but you idiots will not put riek and taban to power by force. You have not learned your lessons in 1991 but now you will.
        Yes you can capture a city, win a victory, mercilessly killed unarmed civilians but RIEK will never be a president in South Sudan. And when you lunatics don’t want peace prepare yourselves for war in the next 20 to 30 years. Let see who will win it and where the fate of South Sudan as one country will be.
        Those who are fighting on the side of the government are truly South Sudanese HEROES and HISTORY will be on their side for they are defending the CONSTITUTION of the REPUBLIC. REBELS are dying in vain and the same HISTORY will judge them harshly for always being against South Sudan.

  4. Dear Lueth,

    I feel sorry for you when you made a big mistake by saying in your reckless comment above that,DO NOT DEFAME OUR LEADERS!!! Mr Lueth or what you call yourself ,We don,t have a Leader or Leaders in Juba for all tribes in South Sudan.What you called our Leaders in Juba are only local chiefs for only the Jieng tribe and some of their agents in Equatoria Region working for them in exchange for food and V8 vehicles from the Jiengs with the OIL MONEY and this examples can be seen from the current VP,Minster of cabinet affairs,Minister of Water resources ,Minister of Finance,Acting secretary general of the killers party the SPLM and the two Governors of Central and Eastern Equatoria States all the above mentioned are serious agents of the the Jiengs like you Lueth.

  5. Alier Gai says:

    The detainees have nothing to talk about to the media. If it is death, we know it. If it is corruption, it has been known. If it is peace, they have to make dialogue with government. If it is anything else, they should contact the igad, au or un for that matter. What media you are talking about brother, who will give them another chance of renewing their lip services again? They have to find their ways out of politics now than later so that they won’t create another round of mess. They are lucky enough to be released from the person, or otherwise they would have faced life time behind bars. Hope they talk better this time for the people than themselves.

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