Is Dr. Riek Machar “signing” His Death Certificate by Returning to Militarily Fortified Juba City?

BY: J. Nguen, CANADA, APR/10/2016, SSN;

Warmongering is one thing but telling nothing but the truth is another. This piece is one of the truth-telling political commentaries on South Sudan’s political affairs and road to peace and stability. Dr. Machar, the Chairman and Commander in Chief of the SPLM/A-IO, the armed opposition in the country is scheduled to return to Juba, South Sudan 18 April 2016.

This step is in line with the Compromised Peace Agreement signed in August 2015 but I recently developed serious reservations regarding this tentative Machar’s return to Juba based on saboteur evidence or much more.

In March 2016, I wrote a commentary questioning the Government of South Sudan’s readiness for peace, particularly over Lt. Gen. James Gai Yoach saga. I outlined why I was justified and should be concerned over unprecedented prevailing bad intention at the time and still relevant while writing this piece.

On the second week of April 2016, I became more certain over the Government of South Sudan’s intransigence, saboteur attitude toward peace and possible secretive intention to do away with Machar upon arrival to Juba.

My thoughts became more apparent on the following grounds:
I. Juba is not demilitarized as required by the August Peace Deal and this is as one of the crucial steps to ensure Dr. Machar to return to the capital. Unfortunately, this didn’t occur and there are no signs showing its eventuality in the near future.

II. The Government of South Sudan is currently on the military operations; the commanding officer is none other than the army’s General Chief of Staff, Paul Malong Awan. This offensive is ongoing in the West and Eastern Equatoria States and Western Bhar El Ghazal respectively. This is no secret to no one.

III. The operationalization of the illegal 28 States created by President Kiir is also underway unabated despite IGAD’s resolution to suspend such operations.

IV. Gen. Paul Malong Awan has once again mobilized a force outside the regular SPLA-Juba army in Bhar El Ghazal region. This force is reminiscent to the illegal armed Dinka militia which he commanded and carried out the Nuer massacre in Juba in December 2013.

V. Gen. Malong ordered the transportation of this force to Juba and “eight lorries” full of these troops arrived in Juba on the 10th of April 2016 prior to Dr. Machar’s scheduled arrival.

VI. Gen. Paul Malong “vowed never to accept,” South Sudan’s 1st Vice President Designate, Dr. Riek Machar “acting as President in the absence of President Salva.” It was alleged that Gen. Malong has stressed that he will “never allow Dr. Machar to be a acting President or President” but after he is “dead.”

VII. Salva Kiir’s Government has rejected any meeting between Dr. Machar and Salva Kiir to be facilitated by JMEC’s chairman upon Machar’s arrival in Juba. This in itself is an issue of concern since both men don’t talk to each other; maybe, this is where hell will break loose, God forbid!

These articulated points are on the public domain and there are becoming apparent by the day, as Machar’s return to Juba draws closer.

So, the question becomes if indeed, Dr. Machar is “signing” his own death certificate by returning to Juba given the prevailing evidences that Juba is not demilitarized yet and is being fortified with illegal armed militia and by Kiir’s government’s refusal for a neutral body to facilitate the first meeting of these supposed two rivals?

These developments are imminent threats to the implementation of the peace agreement and to Machar’s personal life.

Therefore, I seriously recommend that JMEC take the lead by informing the Peace Guarantors of the apparent troops build up in Juba, possible issue of sabotage of the peace in South Sudan and, finally, Dr. Machar must be advised to withhold plans to return to Juba until further notice because the eventuality of letting these slips go uncorrected would be a grossly deadly ignorance.

J. Nguen is a concerned South Sudan citizen living in Canada. He can be reached at


  1. Deng Hanbol says:

    Brother Nguen, we are all very concerned about possible assassination of Dr. Machar by Salva and Malong Awan. The is question is why Gat wants to die in that way? Why he doesn’t to in front line with his troops? They can kill him via Israeli agents who are now in Juba by using car Bomb.

  2. Deng Hanbol says:

    Hi, James Nhuen,
    Sorry for so many errors. The face is, I made so many mistakes due to the fact that the light in my house went off when I was trying to write a comment on the overhead comment. Brother James Nguen, thank you very much indeed. Similarly I’m very concerned about Dr. Machar’s life. I think the assassination attempt of Dr. Riek is imminent. Hence,,Gat Machar should understand this game theory.The government of Dinka Bar EL-Ghazal is not an ultimate authority, it is an anarchy. I mean South Sudan is a failed State. With regard to assassination plan, there are many scenarios and the worst- case scenarios would be if Malong Awan had to convince a third party such as Israeli agents (Mu sad) to do the job on Jaang behalf by using car bomb or any thing else. I don’t think Kiir, M7 and Darfuran forces which are currently in Juba will be able to confront the SPLA-IO forces inside the city because the they know (Kiir-Awan) the outcome. Therefore, the SPLA-IO generals ought to take a right decision not to allow Gat Machar to go Juba now. I think what the SPLA-IO leadership should do now is a two-level game and coalition building approach which I believe is a rational choice ya Gat Jiegah.

  3. Raan Naath says:

    J. Nguen,

    Never worry. Machar already learned a terrible lesson in December 2013 and left thousands of Nuers killed in Juba. This time he will not repeat the same mistake of ignoring danger. I believe if Juba is not for peace and they mess up again, not Machar this time to face the wrath. Someone else in the government will experience whatever that comes with war.

  4. False Millionaire says:

    Good analysis but what would u have done if u were already in the plane in mid-air?
    The peace Dr Riak had signed too hariedly had to take him to Juba.Best or bad security conditions change nothing.John Garang could have had the notion of his death before going to Khartoum.But he had nothing to do about it.So as u know,he took his cross and went to Khartoum meeting his fate at the end but leaving the peace he had signed in the course of implementation.
    Mr Nguen,there is nothing akin to leadership neither in Dr Riak nor in Kiir.The two are burden to RSS and the society.So it’s best to stay calm and watch them bumping against each other.U wouldn’t be in a rage to see two rotten eggs colliding,would u?

  5. Bol says:

    Mr Nguen,
    Its true that Dr Riek’s life could be in danger……Dr Riek enemies are numerous and Gen. Awan is the most stupid enemy one to declare his intentions of not allowing him to become the President of RSS, but Awan isn’t for sure the only enemy Dr Reik has. However,Dr Reik wouldn’t afford abstaining from coming to Juba without risking being rename a terrorist, and kick out of Ethiopia and Kenya, if he chooses not to show up! ….East African Community will assumed him not cooperating to end the war…….Dr Reik dilemma is well sum up in this quote………. “He was shaken by the over-whelming revelation that the headlong race between his (misfortunes) and his (dreams) was at that moment reaching (the finish line). The rest was (darkness), ‘Damn it,’ he sighed. ‘How will I ever get out of this (labyrinth)?” ― Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez, The General in His Labyrinth………

    • Gatdarwich says:


      Dr. Riek will and shall go to Juba when time permits. We, Gaatwich, and the patriot forces are fully aware of all the worst and best scenario, which might or might not occur in Juba.
      As per Malong or whoever the heck stupidly think will repeat December 15, 2013, and would getaway with it unscratched—must think triple period

  6. Dear Contributor MrJ.Nguen

    Dr..Riak Machar,must go to Juba!!!Do not worry much about for his safety in his life! Stopr worringy for what Paul Malong Awan,had uttered in the press media at all! He,by himself,,he is misleading President Salva Kirr Mayardit! President Salva Kirr Mayardit,should REMOVED HIM IMMEDIATELY FROM ARMY! He by himself Paul Malong Awan,should understand first and foremost that,people the Southeners themselves,they do not want sarcrifice themselves in this SENSELESS WAR!!!! Again,they do not want kill their own people the Dinka!!!!!

    DINKA CANNOT OUTWIT PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE SOUTH SUDAN IN BOTH IN MILITARY AND IN POLITICS AT ALL!!!! I want peace to people at home!!!!! People are suffering in the South Sudan!!!!!!! But Paul Malong Awan is ENEMY OF PEACE! He Himself,he will not be a president of South Sudan totally in front of God! He is keeping recruiting his ethnic Dinka in army illegally!!!!! But for what reason precisely when using private private in one government in the country???????!!!!!!!!????

    Ongletet Village,Torit State!

  7. abai okwahu says:

    riek machar is like a ‘battered wife’, who is constantly abused, driven out of the matrimonial dwelling, only to beg her in-laws to persuade the husband to let her back. riek machar has watered down his demands and negotiated from a position of weakness. how about machar set a parallel government in pagak for the duration of the transitional period and have a few representatives in juba? libya had two governments and yemen too.

  8. alex says:

    Please S.Sudanse give peace a chance. No body is interested in killing Machar. He is our brother and the only he should do is to cut all the relationship with Khartoum. The Is realise are our friends. They have come to help us develop agriculture
    You have seen how insecure we are without food
    . The Isrealies are not different from our friends TROIKA. . So leave discouraging Machar from coming. I know this is ant peace people who are working to derail the peace by creating unfounded rumours

    • info@southsudannation says:

      As always typical of your insensitivity and bias, you are not taking the jieng threat against Machar and others seriously. Just jerk your brain a little bit and recollect that it was the same primitive, illiterate and blood-thirsty then Governor Paul Malong who recruited and trained the jieng militia from Aweil and deployed in Juba to carry out the genocide in December 2013.
      Now that Malong is purposely promoted to Chief of Staff of the SPLA, it just fits into the preconceived jieng plan to summarily kill Machar and totally eliminate any anticipated opposition from Equatoria, Collo and Western Bhar el Ghazel.

      Just remember, Alex, this historical anecdote:
      “When they- the Nazi- came for the Jews, I didn’t say anything because I was not a Jew;
      “Then they came for the ….., and I didn’t say anything because I was not a ……
      “Finally, when they came for me, there was nobody left to say anything or save me…”

      That, propitiously, is what is going to happen to your own people once Killers Kiir and Malong are done with the Machar opposition.


      • alex says:

        Mr info I tell you there is nobody who is interested in killing Machar because all people need peace. If the government have a plan to derail the peace, by this time it wouldn’t be paying the hotel expenses of the advance team. Secondly, Machar is not the big fish in the splm -opp. This man just sleeps and live in hotel in Addisababa. He is a political leader without a teeth. Those fears are unfounded. He is a brother to us. The only thing he needs to do is cutting off relations with Khartoum and put our nation’s interest first otherwise he is welcome home. His enemies are the people he misled.

  9. Gatdarwich says:


    Killer NyanKiir and malong Awan are just uncontrollably shakened–cowardly farting toxic chemicals by the present of the few SPLA-IO elite troops(one bullet one killed–experts) in Juba.
    They can’t possibly risked starting shit again like they did in December 15, 2013–because doing so will and shall be catastrophic on their traitorous’ …. They badly and wholeheartedly needs Dr. Riek in Juba–ASAP–$$$–Juba is bankrupt–economically on its knees.
    Why hate speeches?–They simply just want mere attention and smartly playing with the less-informed persons’ emotions–while at the time boosting the dying morals of their starving–unpaid troops–militants.
    It’s call the art of emotional warfare. So, you, Nguen, is evidently among the first casualties of killer NyanKiir’s and Malong NyanAwandit’s emotional warfare period

  10. Southdan says:

    Mr. Nguyen you have a right to alert South Sudanese and the world so that the be aware. I think this matter is not a game or jocks it’s real deal. In my opinion I really sense Dinka government are trying their best to protect the legacy of a deceased dictator Dr. John Garang D-Mabiour. therefore, Kiir or Making all are programs inoder to protect Grangsim. However they fail and will succumbs to peace. I’m confident, if the US, Troika had defeated radical Sudanese government in the name of peaceful revolution which brought us refrendum Kiir and Malong are powerless, they just using delaying tactics as a coup.

  11. Southdan says:

    False Millionaire
    You have said “Kiir and Riek are burden to RSS and society again you have said ” (you wouldn’t be in rage to see two rotten eggs colliding)” yamayk you, your words have a wide hole. Therefore, if you would think Dr. Riek Machar a rotten egg and a burden to society this a craziest word someone could have said. Yes you might think your Kiir is rotten egg but Dr. Riek is not a rotten egg. False M, you act like the prostitute in the bible story that stole another woman child, but when they appeared before the Court, the first prostitute claimed the child is hers, while the second also claimed the possession of the child. False Millionaire, please learn the following before you say something.
    1. Who had ordered that child must be killed?
    2. And who said the child must not be killed?
    3.And which one of these two women you think the judge gave the right before public?

  12. Southdan says:

    Dear False Millionaire
    I’m always following your reply and they’re good. I appreciate you and whatever you might have written on your response, but remember. This war is a senseless war that needs to be Stopped for sake of our people. In addition, I closely observe most Dinka speeches poured on Dr. Machar and president kiir must leave. This idea is not in favor by international community, and South Sudanese people and it’s totally wrong; you can’t be allowed to select some which is only good for you while you ignore something which is good for whole country.

  13. David Lokosang says:

    Dear brother Nguen your worry about the fate of Dr Riak Machar’s life is in place because the same people who joined ranks with the enemy of peace in South Sudan to assassinate Dr John Garang are the one running the government.

    They hate people with ideas because it is against their interest of looting public money for their personal benefits and their closed relatives.
    They played a major role to ensure the outcome of investigation of plane crash that was carrying Dr.John is not reveal to cover their dirty game.
    The people of South Sudan , the IGAD and Troika countries should be alerted because we don’t want too see again another blood birth.

    • alex says:

      The enemies of peace will find themselves isolated. They tried to discourage the advance team from going to Juba with this same unfounded fears but now the same advance team is drinking the whole night and moving freely in Juba nothing happened to them. Now with Lodu Gore in Juba let the ant peace hang themselves because of their hate.

  14. kajokeji Lokuron says:

    Dear Mr. Nguen, your worries about the impending assassination possibility against the life of Dr. Riek Machar is 100% correct. Thank you for alerting Dr. Riek and the public about the impending danger in Juba. For me, Riek should not venture to go to Juba until demilitarization of Juba is confirmed. However the decision is his and his alone- for he knows better than we do. But on the truth is that Juba government will never accept to demilitarize for obvious reason: The President and all his allies have committed crimes against humanity and they do not want to face the wrath of the law by accepting the implementation of the CPA 2. Yes, Dr. Machar can choose to abstain from going to Juba if he wants to preserve his life but if he values the lives of diseased and the living South Sudanese, he will have to take a gamble with his own life because the coward of Juba government will never reform! Remember Jesus, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and others sacrificed their lives to save the oppressed people. To be sure, I know that Dr. Riek Machar’s name will remain immortal but his chances to preserve his physical life are very limited if indeed he wants to achieve what he stands for.

  15. Hoiloom says:


    I tend to agree with J. Nguen on this issue. JCE is not for peace period. Their action in Western Bhar el Gazal and Western Equatoria speak volume. You can’t have peace in Greater Uppernile while bombing opposition positions in the rest of the country. This would be partial peace and not comprehensive. Malong’s threats are real and should not be ignored. I’ve this feeling what began in Juba in 2013 will also end up in Juba. The question is, are we prepared? This time around some untouchable goons will also face the heat.


    • Gatdarwich says:


      The extreme anonymity that all Jenges tightly hold against the NaathNation is unquestionable. So, whoever Nuer make a shaded deal with the traitorous Jenges, should, and must bear this undeniable reality in mind.
      Jenges’ extreme hatred towards the NaathNation didn’t start with Dr. Riek, and shall never ends with Dr. Riek’s demise because it’s generational period.
      In short, all NaathNation–including Minytuils, Gathoths, Puochs, Kongs, Riek Gais, Mangok Rundials,Duoth Guets, and the rest of Nuer that are slavishly serving in Jenges’ government are not exception to this–Jenges’ extreme anonymity-hatred towards the Nuer—there’re all in Jenges’ hit list period

      Peace, and Ngundeng bless,

      Patriot, Gatdarwich

      • Bol says:

        You are always exaggerating everything…Nuer/Dinka war is just like Dinka/Dinka war or Nuer/Nuer war….One thing is new though, the presence of modern weapons and extremist like yourself. Please think of ways to create harmony between communities not hatred.

        • Gatdarwich says:

          Cousin Bol,

          The current extreme hatred that Jenges direct towards the Nuer is indescribable. It’s absolutely no exaggeration, and has zero comparison to the Jenges or Nuer intertribal skirmishes–tribal clan feud period
          Jenges are hell bent to eliminate any living Nuer from South Sudan’s soil–if given the chance–December 15, 2013–Nuer massacre in Juba—was the unambiguous manifestation of Jenges’ extreme hatred towards the Nuer. No single Nuer is exception to Jenges’ extreme hatred— start from Dr. Riek to the last–harmless Nuer peasants in village period

  16. Alier Gai says:

    Peace please.

  17. Rajab says:

    Brothers and Sisters I think Dr. Riak has to come and form the long awaited GoNu this is in line with the peace agreement there is nothing wrong about it please do not worry. We are tired of war,we want peace.


  18. Peacemaker says:

    Riak return to Juba should be based on a collective recommendation of his deputy, Alfred L. Gore, the advance team leader, Taban Deng and the concerned body overseeing the security arrangements with regards of demilitarization of Juab among others. Threat on Riak’s life and the entire peace process is real.

  19. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Lokuron,
    It’s too late.The SPLA-IO is deep to the neck in Juba already.That’s the point of no return and Dr Riak should have calculated against it before signing the peace.But as human beings,let’s put the believe in God and just hope for the best.
    After all,Sam Ngiuma of the SWAPO was taken for assassination after returning to Namibia to mastermine political changes befor his rebels set feet in Windhook.Who knows,Ngiuma’s survival odds could prove to be the case for Dr Riak at the end.

  20. Andrew Modi says:

    God, forgive those who always engineering and endangering people’s lives and peace. Turn their minds and hearts to be your (God) lovers and healers. All words when seeing are illogical and tarnish country at large and also worst or most horrible comments ever since South Sudan become a Nation.

    Please do not pour South Sudan and as well as this website with these ill words.

    God give us courage to overcome all these ills.

  21. Hoiloom says:


    Make no mistake, 2016 is different from 2013. The Nuer are aware of JCE plot on Riek’s live, however this time around some fat cats will pay heavy price unlike massacring of unarmed men and women in December 2013. In fact nothing will stop Riek’s coming to Juba and let whatever happen. You could see the panic from regime’s sycophants yesterday when the deputy chairman of IO, Lado Gore arrived in Juba. Arresting and harassment of IO officials and supporters alike is not in the spirit of peace. The regime thought their threats would deter the supporters from large turnout to welcome Gore home but to the contrary. Malong and his JCE members are indeed in panic mood…


  22. False Millionaire,
    I never agree with you on anything, but I strongly agreed with you this time. Your example on Ngiuma’s assassination by Namibian president is an excellent example of looming assassination of Dr. Riek upon his return to Juba by President Kiir.

  23. Dear Bentiu Ramaran

    No assassination practice in our government in the South Sudan Republic! Assassination will bring counterassassination among government officials in the country in general in which it reach people living local level entirely! I need peace coxistance and harmony!

    No foreign politics! Njumba in Nambia,his problem must came from different place in the world! Not in Namimbia!

    • Chief Abiko Akuranyang!

      I will ignore your comment because you do not know what you are talking about. Your denial for Nuer genocide in Juba from day one indicates that you are Dinka’s Coucil of Elder hiring agent. Journalists are being killed everyday in South Sudan and you do not want to acknowledge that killing. If you do not care about the killing of Nuer because they are Nuer, where is Peter Sule? Find out where he is.

    • Southdan says:

      Chief Abiko
      Your right, i appreciate your wisdom. False Millionaire is blindly calling for Dr. Riek Machar assassination, meanwhile forgetting Dr. Riek Machar had no enemies internationally like Njuma, and Dr. Garang De-Mabiour. False Millionaire, he is like prostitute of bible history who claims somebody else child.

  24. Aguer says:

    For all Riek machar supporters don’t panic yet’ nothing will happen to your prophet of doom.politically speaking he is a dead man walking, who want to kill the man who is politically dead just prays for his replacement.if I were U start looking for new leader.

  25. Southdan says:

    I mean Aguer
    Don’t ever call President Dr. Riek Machar prophet Of doom, you using an ethnic cleansing word coined by Garang Atem

  26. Southdan says:

    Calling an assesnation to Dr. Machar is a dog barking an allegation of False Millionaire to assassinate is a lie fall from sky

  27. Hoiloom says:


    Then why panic from your side by arresting our media team members and supporters if Machar is irrelevant in South Sudan politics? Typical Lueth and Philip Aguer nonsense talk..


  28. False Millionaire says:

    What do u expect when the masses have been instrumentalized to go against each other by political elites for political objectives?
    The events of 1991 are as much to the point as those of 2013.
    Things will not get any better until elites like u give value to popular consensus as the only means of ascending to power but never the use of innocent masses.

  29. Ngunye Deng,
    Peace need sacrifice and without sacrifice there will be no peace. Just like many of my colleagues who have written already, there should be no worry. Machar should come to Juba and make a push for a better tomorrow. If he is the sacrificial lamb for the peace in south Sudanese let be it. How long should we keep on holding the citizens of south Sudan hostage for fear of the jieng? Paul Malong must know that the job of the military is to protect the country not to assassinate its citizens. He should remember that this time M7 will not come to Juba because the citizens are ready to defend themselves. No one is happy to see South Sudan going down just because of the notorious tribe. God forbids.

  30. False Millionaire says:

    Which planet are u in?
    Please could u quote any phrase in my comments implying that I have called for Dr Riak’s assassination to justify your point?!!!

  31. False Millionaire says:

    Which planet are u in?
    Please could u quote any phrase in my comments implying that I have called for Dr Riak’s assassination to justify your point?

  32. Dear brothers (Nguen and the commenters),
    I really honor all your opinions on this matter and I respect Nguen especially for being critical enough as well as foreseeing dangers which might befall our man. However, I am made to believe that while trying to protect our man; we are also forgetting the rest of the generals who have already come to Juba. Therefore; it would be better to comprise on some outstanding issues for the sake of the many people why who are in Juba as well as to bring peace to the needy not forgetting that other things could be settled within since gat Machar is also part of the government.

  33. Please be informed that politics is not an easy thing ask Machar how he smell it in 2013 Dec. currently I hope he will beehive nicely.
    for those who keep fighting on web. Machar will never ever accept going to the bush against .

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