Irresponsibility: How Norway is under-developing South Sudan!

Editorial Analysis: JAN/23/2016, SSN;

Watching the Norwegian Ambassador in Juba, Ms. Tone Tinnes, participating in an undeserving demonstration of her country’s inappropriate so-called ‘development aid’ during the opening of a new building her country constructed for the Juba electricity and water department, one feels utterly disgusted by this misdirected generosity.

Although the building only cost 3 million dollars, this apparent benevolence to the Juba government was an unwise and ill-advised usage of money by Norway to an unworthy recipient, the corrupt Kiir government.

It also seriously begs the obvious question: How come the Kiir Juba government of South Sudan can’t afford to construct for itself such a simplistic and supposedly “modern” building during the last ten years of its failed reign in South Sudan?

By any technical standard, the building itself was a simplistic and normal construction of concrete and glass, and at the price of a mere 3 million dollars, the government of Kiir would have easily paid the entire bill if proper financial prudence was effected in the usage of the billions of oil money received by Kiir over the ten years.

Furthermore, if the oil monies remitted to Kiir’s government by Norway immediately after the peace agreement (CPA) in 2005 was used properly, schools, hospitals, roads and bridges would have been constructed across the country without ever soliciting much of Norwegian generosity and pampering.

Ambassador Tone Tinnes must surely be fully cognizant of the prevailing realities in Juba; 3 million dollars is just small personal change for both president Kiir and his vice, Wani-Igga, the latter, who whilst officiating the ceremony must be laughing at the sheer Norwegian stupidity to so easily succumb to the government’s scam.

It must be clearly recalled that Norway was the country chosen to take custody of all the money accruing from the sale of South Sudanese oil during the war years and it was Norway itself that repatriated all those billions (over 50 billion dollars) to president Kiir Juba regime.

Most certainly, Ambassador Tinnes must have some delegated responsibility of keeping an eye on how and where the billions have gotten out or misused, or who has siphoned this money to foreign bank accounts since Norway, like the good matron, must morally assume some responsibility on how that money was being utilized or misappropriated.

Unfortunately, almost all the money was avariciously looted and most of it eventually ended up in the pockets of Kiir, Wani and the rest of the SPLM/A gangsters. A shinning example, Arthur Akuein once the finance minister initially responsible, was accused of stealing the money and briefly incarcerated but was expeditiously released by fellow tribesmen.

Norway obviously stands morally culpable of criminal negligence in the eventual massive corruption seen within the Kiir SPLM/A monstrosity that expeditiously ensued and consumed the entire oil revenues.

Basically, Norway and the others like the USA, who expedited the CPA deal between North and South Sudan and subsequently took up the responsibility of midwifying the new nation, should have continued with the responsibility of dishing out the money according to some approved financial modality.

Giving president Kiir all the money at once and at the same time generously providing massive so-called ‘donor support’ only served to increase the Juba ruling mobsters’ appetites and propensities to loot.

Furthermore, it must be recalled that when the British ambassador in Juba reportedly exposed that infamous list of those 75 corrupt individuals in Kiir’s government who allegedly looted over 5 billion dollars, the Norwegian Ambassador in Juba must have certainly been one of the few privileged diplomats who accessed the list of the 75 alleged thieves.

Unfortunately and inexplicably, up to date, Norway, like Britain and the rest, is conspiratorially silent about exposing these very thieves who blatantly looted the nation’s resources.

The badly depraved people of South Sudan deserve to know who the thieves are so that they are prosecuted in the courts of law and the money stolen is rightly repatriated back to the national coffers.

Norway, in most South Sudanese eyes, has been justly regarded as a truly committed friend of the people and thus its support was most expected in the exposition to the public of that list of thieves.

Sadly, Norway has unwisely chosen not to divulge the kleptocrats and this act of irresponsibility has severely disappointed many in South Sudan.

Instead, in spite of the Kiir’s regime becoming increasingly repressive and having committed a terrible genocide against its people in 2013, Norway and its embassy in Juba under Ambassador Tone Tinnes are blatantly in full collaboration with and abetting the terror regime of president Kiir.

One is forcefully reminded of Walter Rodney’s famous book, “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa,” and it’s becoming more apparent that Norway today is obviously contributing to the ongoing ‘underdevelopment’ of South Sudan by its collaboration and collusion with the corrupt ‘tribal colonial’ regime in Juba.

Walter Rodney aptly contended that, “Colonialism created conditions which led not just to periodic famine but to chronic undernourishment, malnutrition, and deterioration in the physique of the people.” Isn’t that what is now happening to the South Sudanese people?

Predictably, Ambassador Tone Tinnes of Norway in Juba is unfortunately an unwitting accomplice in the perpetuation of the corruption in Juba, she’d be made fully aware that monies probably allocated earlier by Kiir’s government for the building of this very same structure for Water and Electricity might have long been callously pocketed by the same ruling regime of Juba.

One is compelled to assert that Norway is currently behaving like an insidiously active imperial power in South Sudan by its over-domineering presence in practically all facets and events taking place within and across the country, from war to peace and again to war and back to peace.

Since first coming to the country in a big way in 1972 after the Addis Ababa peace agreement and the establishment of the first self-rule government in South South, Norway has been favorably accorded a special status and an unfair domineering role in the country.

Norway was allowed then to literally ‘colonize’ the then Eastern Equatoria province but, arguably, in spite of its preponderance in those so-called ‘development’ projects, there was little that can truly be classified as tangible development of the people in those areas allocated to Norway.

However, despite the altruism and benevolence renown of the Norwegians, in reality the Norwegian NGO’s practically provided little in terms of tangible ‘development.” Most of the men in the area became bonded employees of the NCA and their women ended up doing basket weaving and other futile projects just for petty cash.

The Eastern Equatoria area, unfortunately, after a decade of Norwegian dominance, never achieved any self-reliance or self-sufficiency, instead, the NCA callously impoverished the area and its people.

Quoting Rodney again, “wealth has to be produced out of nature, from tilling the land or mining metals or felling trees or turning raw materials into finished products for human consumption. These things are done by the vast majority of the people who are peasants and workers.”

South Sudan is providentially blessed with a lot of natural resources which could go into making a better life for its people. A country like Norway itself which is also blessed with plentiful of natural resources like us, should direct more of their aid to helping the common people in exploiting these possibilities and not in only fattening or comforting the leaders in Juba.

This is where Ambassador Tone Tinnes should now direct her country’s efforts and money to, instead of paying for the construction of a luxurious building for a government agency better known to the entire residents of Juba for gross corruption, inefficiency and thievery of fuel and other materials by its employees while Juba residents perpetually wallow in darkness and thirst.

When the second liberation war erupted in 1983, once again, Norway and its NGO’s intruded massively on the side of the SPLM/A and this perhaps explains its contagious and misguided infatuation with the corrupt regime of Kiir.

Arguably, just like turning a blind eye to the egregious human rights abuses that were being blatantly perpetuated by the Garang’s SPLM/A, Norway today is shamefully and financially abetting the genocidal and kleptocratic Kiir’s Juba regime whilst the citizens are being deliberately oppressed and impoverished.

In her benign infatuation to perpetuate the well-acclaimed generosity of the Norwegian people since 1972 to the people of South Sudan, Ambassador Tone Tinnes, is being blinded by her impulsive compulsion to pamper and appease the ruling gangsters in Juba.

Finally, whether in terms of rendering development aid or participating as a Troika member in the current peace talks between the Kiir junta and the SPLM-IO, Norway must assert fairness and a clear stance on the side of the common people of South Sudan.


  1. kondokoro says:

    So because you don’t like Kiir Juba people should not have electricity is it the right thinking for you as a southern Sudanese? they have to wait till Riak become president?
    Norway is doing the right thing and You guys had destroyed oil wells now Troika is not going to pay your bills what are you going todo/ your Kiir will pay for one week only or Beshir might pay Im I right mr Editor?

    • info@southsudannation says:

      If you had the chance of watching the ceremony of handing over the building, the Norwegian ambassador herself stated that her country was going to build the Fula Rapids hydroelectricity plant. So, in a way, offices built is a waste of money because after the dam is built the headquarters might move to Nimule or Lobonok.
      The point is why not improve the machinery first instead of providing luxurious offices for a bunch of inefficient officers?
      How long is the Ambassador and her country going to breast feed our corrupt government?

      • Lavina Lual says:


        I am utterly disappointed with your article although I have great respect for you.

        Now how can we differentiate you from particular and shameless South Sudanese people who had been shamelessly barking against our god fathers; USA, UK, Canadian and all the western countries that assisted us to get our independent country?

        Your article is quite bazar because the Norwegian People, Ambassador, etc should be the last people to get wrath from supposedly well informed calibers of your like. The Norway people and Governments have contributed a lot for the course of this country before and now after the CPA; from supplying weapons to liberate the RSS from the Arabs to supplying medical and necessary aid support during the SPLA-SAF war operations.

        You should know more than any one as Chol Deng had put it clearly that “the building built by Norwegian government is for people of South Sudan and has nothing to do with Kiir leadership. On the other hand, the failure of the government to prosecute individuals accused of siphoning money cannot be viewed as failure of Norwegian Ambassador”

        Shame on you, I am not happy with your article.

  2. Chol Deng Anyieth says:

    Dear Editor,
    I think you failed to understand the positive role played by Norwegian government since 1990s. Norway is a true friend to people of South Sudan and not Salva Kiir. The building built by Norwegian government is for people of South Sudan and has nothing to do with Kiir leadership. On the other hand, the failure of the government to prosecute individuals accused of siphoning money cannot be viewed as failure of Norwegian Ambassador. It is not her duty as diplomatic mission is concern. Every country as a duty to refrain from interfering in another state’s internal affairs.

  3. David says:

    One thing any one can learn from these nations is by learning their history, their background and their actions, which are slavery, murder, rape, occupying other countries by force, looting natural resource, creating environment that creates war and so on.
    Always they support destructive person. Just wait, they want to regroup SPLM-IO and SPLM-IG without rule of peace agreement so that another big genocide will happen again, even those in UN compound now, this time will be killed like what happened in Rwanda in 1994 in front of UN army.
    Government has been breaking peace agreements, rule and they pretending like not a problem. I think people who are living in UN compounds now should get a way out to other neighboring countries. Look at DCR.

  4. alex says:

    The West is slowly coming to understand the lairs in S.Sudan.
    so the end of a lair is to be dumped and ignored. Poverty can make people so furious that you can even kill your own brother for no proven facts. So let Norway go ahead in its development plans. I do not understand why someone will be against something build to help your own people.

  5. Beek says:

    I would like to thanks Editorial Analysis who have contribute this wonderful well written Article about Turning a blind eye to the egregious human rights abuses that were being blatantly perpetuated by Garang’s SPLM/A. It is indeed one of us have been abused,but almighty God has change that and it is now Okay. I have nothing to say about Norway because i remembered their own District in Torit Eastern Equatoria,but i don’t know what had happened to that Area when a Civil War broke out.

  6. Juba Citizen says:

    Millions of Norwegian tax money is spend on aid in South Sudan. Please don’t forget that this money comes from hardworking people who pay high amount of tax. Norway give money voluntarily, so we should be thankful.

  7. Nikalongo says:

    As an admirer of your editorials, I am utterly disappointed. Why? We will never be able to help and develop ourselves if we go on maligning others for our own failures and stupidity. Look around carefully and you will discover that the leadership of our country is responsible for all the troubles that our country is undergoing. Thousands killed and displaced in Juba, Malakal, Bor,…….and thousands more displaced to a life of misery in neighbouring countries. Hundreds of our citizens are languishing in detention for trump up charges. Are the above the actions of foreign powers? Your accusation of Norway for her generosity it inappropriate and baseless. Did you expect Norway, the USA and Britain to police our streets, supervise our finances and financial institutions, legislate our laws, feed our citizens, educate our children, build our roads…..etc? If the above were indeed your expectations, then I understand why you are frustrated and angry. Listen and listen very carefully, the development of our country and the welfare of our citizens is the responsibility of our government. Build your country with your own hands. Norway, the USA, Britain and many others have done it. Yes! Like them, you can.
    Editor, Norway like many others who continue to assist our country are doing a tremendous job. The electricity house that has incensed you, will benefit all. That it had to be built by Norway at only 3m is unfortunate and shameful. NCA in EE built schools, roads, health centres, trained teachers, employed thousands,…etc. But ultimately, no country can develop on foreign aid. I do not know what you mean by self reliance/sufficient. All I know is that, EE like the rest of Equatoria is self reliant under normal circumstances. Equatorians are an incredibly ingenious people. They can turn sand into gold. Communities in Equatoria do not rely on government handouts or on aid agencies for things they can produce. Since the CPA, local communities in Equatoria have built schools, health and business centres and are working hard to make life better for the present and for generations to come. All they need is peace.
    Once more, let us believe in our ability to do things and not blame others for our failures to effectively govern ourselves. What is happening in our country is entirely our own making. It makes no sense shifting blames around. Unless we accept our responsibilities and devise ways and means to come out of our self inflicted miseries, we will remain a basket case. The ball is in our court.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Your point is accepted, however, what I meant to hit at Norway was their open generosity which in a cynical way allows the thieves in Juba government to exploit.
      That money SHOULD have been better used to buy and upgrade the machines not to avail more comfort for those lazy workers.
      This “Eidara markaaziya” since 2005 has been badly exploited by the GOSS officials. Also, the Kiir government is practically doing nothing to re-electrify the town or install newer water pipelines across the town. After eleven years, the city has no modern sewage system.
      Finally, as even confirmed by GOSS officials, raw sewage is directly dumped into the Nile river especially that upstream, and that is is why Juba residents have periodic epidemics of cholera. The government and this department specifically simply can not prosecute the offenders because those dumping the sewage from their hotels or factories are highly connected to the corrupt rulers.
      So, Nikalongo, if the Norwegians are here to clean our shit, that’s ok, but for how long? When shall we mature enough to take care of our business?

      • kondokoro says:

        Who are the thieves?
        And Where are the thieves?
        WHERE is pagan where is Deng Alor Uyai magoot Where is Riak? these few alone I mention had pocketed more money and likewise Taban had stolen all the 2% of all former unity state oil producing allowance now all the thieves are the heros.

    • Elhag Paul says:

      A well balanced critique which should help the authorities in Oslo to readjust their foreign policy towards South Sudan. Appeasing ethnic cleansers will not work. In Second World War some European powers appeased Hitler but they paid dearly at the end and the same will be with Juba. The Jieng regime is not different from the Nazi regime. The Troika including Norway should be stopping any aid to South Sudan until the regime in Juba is removed. What is so buffling is that President Salva Kiir and JCE committed grave crime like the Nazi in Second World War but they are still tolerated. Why???????

      • Beek says:

        Norwegians were present in Eastern Equatoria province before the division Southern Sudan /Kokora into three regions and i think you should blamed Equatorian themselves and not the government in Juba. To be fair Torit’s roads were better than anywhere in South Sudan.

      • Nikalongo says:

        If your secondment and the content of this article were forwarded to the authorities in Oslo, it would only demonstrate to the Norwegian people how hopeless all of us have become. The Norwegian aid is to the people of South Sudan. It is not budget subsidy or any form of direct aid to the government of South Sudan. Had we been a little more wiser, which we are not, we would use the opportunity accorded by foreign aid to invest the extra resources in capacity building. It is, however, getting clearer that, people like you were expecting Norway, USA and Britain to police what we do and how we did them. Let us carry our cross and carry them responsibly.
        The government and the armed opposition have been and are a disaster to the expectations and aspirations to the people of South Sudan. Their continuous presence on our political landscape has nothing also to do with the policy of appeasement or support by Norway or any other foreign power. Whether me and you like it or not, the SPLM/As for the moment have many followers in South Sudan. Like you, I do not like the authorities in Juba and Pagak but we are just a handful of us and nothing more. Instead of campaigning for more support and rallying our people on this forum and beyond for a good cause, you are busy shifting and misdirecting blames.
        Elhag, have you any idea where our country and people would be without support from the international community and in particular the Troika? Take the IDPs in the UN camps. They are being guarded, feed and treated by foreigners 27/7. We are first class barbarians and a threat to our very existence. We are being protected from our own selves. You are free to disagree, but that is the truth. It is my hope that, somehow, someday, we will value ourselves, our people, our country and stand on our own. For now, we remain a nation of hooligans rule by a ruthless brigade of murderers and a professional gang of thieves.

        • Beek says:

          Job opportunities were in Eastern Equatoria province in 1980’s than elsewhere in South Sudan,that is why majority of our people support 28 States because our people have been neglect by the big three regions for years.

      • alex says:

        Brother Hag
        relocate with all your family to south sudan. You yourself and your family are enjoying good life in the west and you do not want your own people to enjoy. I think is the reason you people burn universities, hospitals and houses. You are not fit to live in a diverse society because of your hate for other people. You will only deceive fools to follow you.
        Many of you tried to feed the world with lies do you think the enlightened people will follow doom politicians like you. Let Norway and other go ahead in helping out people. We know some of you are expressing their frustrations because you have reached a stage of life evaluation and you do not want to hear others did something. If Norway was giving money to the government then you could have a genuine fear that the money will go to wrong hands. But a house which is built to help our people and you don’t want isn’t right. There is something wrong with you people.

      • Ww says:

        Mr. Elhag,

        Take an example of this editorial. The editor blame the failures on the government not Dinka. I don’t know what exactly is your problem with Dinka including those who are suffering under Kiir Government. If don’t change your ways you die a fat loser in the United States.

        The only part I disagree with the Editor is that the building belong to the people of the Republic of South Sudan. Kiir government is using it now and Reik, his candidate, may come and use it tomorrow to serve the people. so Norway has done nothing wrong.

        • Elhag Paul says:

          Please watch this vedio careful to get my point. Here it is, Uncle Ambrose Riiny and the Jieng Council of Elders.

          I hope this will be the conclusive evidence that you seek from me. Get a bottle of wine and enjoy watching.
          All the best

          • Ww says:

            Mr. Elhag Paul,

            This Video validates my arguement exactly. Mr. Kuir is a Dinka and just like many others, does not support Kiir’s government but you tends to lump them all Jieng community into your favorite phrase “Jenge”. JCE is unelected body, which does not justify you calling the whole Dinka community names. Salva is a Dinka but not the whole community decides the national policies. The Dinka sees JCE negatively and don’t ask me why the governement seek and use their advise.

            In your distorted view, the Dinka is the problem of South Sudan. Right? If God wiped out the Dinka today, problem solved, and you would be elated, celebrating joyously. If Jesus or Mohamed came down from heaven today and said they are Dinka you would automatically despise them.

            I beg you to provide us an alternative to this mess we are in. Give us a true patroitic son of South Sudan not a traitor. It doesn’t matter what tribe he/she is, they will be supported. Bring someone who will united us and not some Dinka hater who sweats sleepless nights because God created the Dinka in South Sudan.

            The evil PhD holder killer, Riek Machar is not that Candidate please. His Thirst for the blood of South Sudanese is unquenchable and the pugnacious white army and their psuedo intellectuals who support their suicide are unstoppable in the killing and destruction of South Sudan.

            All I am saying Mr. Elhag, No opposition will succeed in South Sudan without the support of many Dinkas, this the reality. The image of the Dinka you have and your experiences are misleading you. Quiet frankly, if Dinka is the problem then there is no solution, no matter where you will go.

    • Gatdarwich says:

      It seems like nikalongo is among the few individuals who unashamedly make fortunes or living through theft of international aids—an employee/exploiter—ultimate beneficiary of the international financial aids. These individuals cleverly designs highly unsustainable sham projects so as to milked the international community financially. Theirs only goal is financial gains, but, they’ve to show any worthless finished project to the financiers—-$10 million Norwegian project is a clear manifest as to why instability in one nation is a lucrative business to another!

      • Nikalongo says:

        You represent a picture of someone totally confused. One moment you support aid as below, and another you oppose as above. If you have nothing to contribute to the debate, go mute. It is your tribesmen, the Nuer and your Dinka cousins looting South Sudan clean and killing her citizens. It is a shame sharing this country with your likes.

        • Gatdarwich says:


          Nobody besides your likes needs the TROIKA nations’ help direly. We, the Nuer have decisively defended our homelands from the modestly armed invaders, Uganda, Darfur rebels, Malik Agar forces, and against all the South Sudanese individuals in uniforms under Killer NyanKiir’s Kleptocracy regime.
          Naath Nation had humiliatingly and embarrassingly compelled these evil forces to had hurriedly retreated permanently from the Nuer’s backyards.

          As of now, Not an inch of Nuer’s land is being forcefully occupied by any evil force–be it domestic, regional, or international entity.

          It never has been and never will be period.

          Gatdarwich is not bragging but simply being brutally honest.

          Fact checks and proves Gatdarwich wrong if you can magically or stupidly can !

    • Gatdarwich says:


      Norway or all the TROIKA nations are not entirely blameless on this current war because they were the very forces that phoned Dr. Riek to immediately halt white army from marching to Juba. These same angels, bluntly asked Dr. Riek to choose any country he wants to go to, and one of the TROIKA nations would jetted him there. Fortunately, Dr. Riek refused–gave them butts biting questions and answers—which ultimately compelled them to secretly hired–advised Uganda to intervened militarily. According to a reliable intelligence source, one of the TROIKA nations rented 2-F-15s–fully loaded with cluster bombs from Zambia–these bombs were mercilessly dropped on already ordered to retreat white army forces.
      Killer NyanKiir and the lunatics-fanatics Jenges council of evils are in Juba right now because of the treacherous intervention of the TROIKA nations in this war. Otherwise, they could have had been history in February 2014.
      As per your shallow-illogical argument pertaining to the international aids–Gatdarwich pays 12% of his earning incomes-taxes to one of these nations. So, in a nutshell, Gatdarwich partially feeds, clothes, educates, medically treats, and Provides shelters to the prisoners residing in a TROIKA run in humane concentration camps-prisons in South Sudan.
      Your angel-Norway, is evidently among the devils in this war period

  8. Gatdarwich says:

    Norwegians have done their part. So, no need to blame them for the Jenges’ thieveries–madness period.
    The incompetent-power-hungry-greedy-traitorous, killer NyanKiir and the lunatics-fanatics Jenges council of evils, are squarely responsible for the carnage in South Sudan period.

  9. Elhag Paul says:

    Dear Nikalogo
    I am puzzled by your assertions that the Norwegian aid is good and it is for the people of South Sudan. I beg to disagree with you completely. Aid has been proven through extensive research as one of those things responsible for the under development of Africa. Read the work of our brilliant African girl from Zambia Dambisa Moyo and that of British educator Paul Collier to grasp the corrosive effect of aid on Africans. What is called aid is not for nothing. It plays a big role in disempowering people psychologically making them not to have confidence on themselves. It removes the incentive to work hard and enables corruption to flourish as stated by the editor. Why on earth do South Sudanese want an outsider to build for them a simple thing as power station? Can this be called development? Development is not about buildings. It is more than that – it is about human cognitive advancement and human safety. South Sudanese are not developed and that is why we do not understand the importance of life and the preservation of life. It is ironic that you appear to believe that the UN protection camps are something we should appreciate and be ever grateful to the Troika for. You state, ‘Elhag, have you any idea where our country and people would be without support from the international community and in particular the Troika? Take the IDPs in the UN camps. They are being guarded, feed and treated by foreigners 27/7′. I find this argument to be naive in that it fails to take into consideration the duty of the UN to enforce international legal instruments about grave crimes on South Sudan. It then chooses to support the imprisonment of our unfortunate brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers aunts, uncles and young people in these horrible camps in the midst of human waste which in turn exposes these innocent people to disease. True help is not supporting the curtailment of peoples’ freedom. True help is the invocation of international law to hold the system in Juba to account. Why is the Troika not doing it? It is simple case of racism and nothing more. I am surprised that you Nikalongo is buying into the nonsense of aid. What is the use of that power house when the people are being killed by the system? Come on Nikalongo, wake up and get to grip with the real issues. Aid is not good for South Sudan. During the first war from 1955 to 1972 South Sudan did not have any aid and we survived perfectly well applying our own survival techniques. Aid is a tool of the powerful nations of the world to interfere with local politics in favour of their own interest.
    Do I expect help form the Troika? No, I do not but I certainly have a right to expect them to apply international instruments as they have applied it in other parts of the world. Therefore, yes we have murderers in the power in South Sudan and they need to act as they acted in former Yugoslavia. The racism of international community was exposed in Rwanda and unfortunately it is being advanced now in South Sudan. Sad that people like you Nikalongo think that the Troika care about South Sudanese. Please watch the video Hotel Rwanda and listen to the Canadian General responsible for UN troops telling the African manager of the hotel that they would not be rescued by the West because they are not even blacks but Africans for that matter. There you go. I rest my case

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Brother ElHag,
      You made a pertinent point, that’s is: “True help is not the curtailment of people’s freedom.”
      For how long is the UNMISS going to keep those people incarcerated in the concentration camps right in Juba and other places? This by itself reinforces your point of racism.
      Those unfortunate Nuers are been kept like cattle in a kraal. If the UNMISS really had that mandate of the United Nations Security Council, those people would been found a better place and not the shit hole they are now in called ‘protection camp.’
      In the former Yugoslavia, the Western powers under UN mandate, had to get rid of the system in power and the people were able to have peace. But who are we…..????

      • alex says:

        Mr info that was the logic of splm in opp. Advice their supporters
        to run into protected camps so that the international community will get rid of the government and they will be installed as government. What a cheap politics. They are encouraging their own supporters to suffer for no reason. The world knows the rebels are manipulating their own supporters for their own ends. If they the top rebels commanders are now roaming Juba without being harmed, who will harm the innocent civilians. It is America who knows your baseless argument. Riack should go to Juba. You were even encouraging the top 40 rebels commanders not to return. What a satanic people you are who enjoy in war. Now coming to aid it is only relieve aid in form of food that discourage people from being self reliant. So do not blame Norway for building the electric house. You should blame your senseless war of revenge that has led you down including your tribal politics. The mission is now accomplished just you are for the 30 months of the national government and after that you pack you bags from the parliament. We will utilise you in our universities and the private sector because you are not political mature. You have not reached the intellectual politics

    • Nikalongo says:

      Let us take responsibility for our immoral actions and avoid shifting blames. I also implore you to reread my response to the Editor before jumping to conclusion of what I said or did not say. Justifying our underdevelopment, instability,…etc because of dependency on aid is hopeless and naive. Aids were never meant to stifle our ingenuity, imprison our minds, destroy our moral and social probity or tie our hands from helping ourselves. The books you are referring to are an insult to the vast majority of the African people who labour hard to make ends meet. Those books are playing in the hands of the people who believe Africans are animals that can be conditioned into anything. I reject that Pavlov/Skinner psychological conception on our people.
      Elhag, I find it strange to think that we kill our people, have little or no regard for the sanctity of life,……etc because we are cognitively deficient. ” Development is not about buildings. It is more than that – it is about human cognitive advancement and human safety. South Sudanese are not developed and that is why we do not understand the importance of life and the preservation of life” (Elhag). I disagree with that statement. The UN and other international relief agencies are doing a tremendous job in preserving lives in South Sudan. Blame our govt. for abdicating her constitutional mandate. The only thing UNMISS is not doing for IDPs is resettling the IDPs to third countries (e.g., Britain, Norway, USA, Australia, etc) like they probably did to you. It is possible your disappointments and frustrations stems from lack of progress in that direction.
      I do not know what to admire from the dark periods between 1955-1972 that you think should be a model for resolving current IDPs and development crisis. All I know is that our people in the garrison towns of Juba, Malakal, Wau, Torit, etc were living in open prisons. I am not in position to know what help South Sudan being part of Sudan received in this period. My parents lived in UN camp in exile and got help from aid agencies. I understand your preoccupation with racism and international justice for domestic crimes. Yugoslavia that you often mention is a classical failure in international justice and peacemaking. The European Union with all her might, carrots and sticks, etc have failed to enforce coexistence in former Yugoslavia. Bosnian Muslims and Croats displaced from their homes, a bus ride away in Pale are still living as IDPs in Sarajevo. Mitrovitsa and other Serb dominated cities and towns in Kosovo remains a no go zone for the government of Kosovo. Do you know when the Germans of Sudetenland in the Czech Republic go back home? It is over 50 yrs since they were last home. Stop those empty quotes. They are of no use. It is time people like you accept responsibilities for the bad things done and pledge to do better. You must be dreaming if you think you can convert the Troika into a South Sudan Ministry of Justice, Police and Peace Enforcement. Blaming foreigners and doing nothing is not a remedy. Yes! The Troika do not care about South Sudan. Why should they anyway? Do something that promote peace, sanity and stability to our country instead of just sitting there complaining.

      • Elhag Paul says:

        Dear Nikalongo
        You have certainly lost the point. I am arguing that aid is not helpful to us when our rights as members of international community is violated by Troika and masked by aid gifts. I stand by this argument and I am happy to pursue it with upto any level. Unfortunately you are all over the place bringing examples which have nothing to do with aid. For example the Germans of Sudatent in Czeck Republic. Germany lost that land to the Czec as a result of its aggression and I do not know why you are referring to it. Again you for no logical reason you attack my person in reference to resettlement in the West. I can assure, you are dead wrong because I do not belong to that group. It appears you are jealous of the South Sudanese who got resettled in the West. There is nothing I can do about that because that is your problem.
        You make a lot of noise about peace, tell us what are you doing to bring peace? Does your barking about the war mongers bring peace? What a naive way of thinking. If your remember sometimes back you were all over the place shouting and vowing that Equatoria will remain peaceful in the face of clear evidence. I remember telling you that war will come to Equatoria like it did in 1980s when SPLM started. Equatorians at the time were talking like you until they found themselves in the middle of war. You naively rejected what everybody could see. Is Equatoria now not war zone? There will never be peace in Equatoria without Equatorians possessing hard power.
        Back to the issue of aid. I take your point and it is good that you referred to Pavlov and Skinner, the thinkers associated with classical conditioning. If aid is not a vehicle of classical conditioning of the people to be reliant on aid, then what is it? David Lokosang makes the point of self reliance, what is wrong with South Sudanese maintaining their dignity and working for themselves to achieve self reliance which is a true element of autonomy. If we are sovereign people we must self determine and not be reliant on others. Is this difficult to understand or ask for? It is strange that you do not consider South Sudan as having right to expect equal treatment like other countries.
        You settle for aid and expect others to be grateful for it. Why should we be grateful for irrelevant ‘helps’.
        You say I am insulting Africa. Sorry Sir I am not. I referred to well published evidence based work on aid. Dambisa Moyo’s work is accepted as a phenomenal academic work on the downside of aid in Africa and all over the world. African leaders have agreed with her, therefore I can not in any way be seen to insult Africans. Another book on aid which I read sometimes in 2008 helps a lot in understanding the fallacy of aid. It is written by Giles Bolton and the title is ‘Aid and other dirty business’.
        As you were wrong with war coming to Equatoria you will also be wrong on the issue of aid. Wish you a good honey moon with your aid donors.

        • Nikalongo says:

          I brought in the Sudetenland issue and expounded further on failed peace efforts in former Yugoslavia to counter your insistence in international justice. Is it not true that Germans, Serbs, Bosnian Muslims and Croats are victims of your International justice system in the heart of Europe? When will they go back to home from their IDPs hideouts? We created our wars, destroyed our country, killed our people and is stealing all that can be stolen. Let us face the consequences of our ignorance and failed attempts on nation building and stop blaming foreigners. I am also not jealous about who is resettled where. You simply misread what I wrote and here it is, “The only thing UNMISS is not doing for IDPs is resettling the IDPs to third countries (e.g., Britain, Norway, USA, Australia, etc) like they probably did to you”. How does this constitute jealousy on my side or even attack on your personality? If this is not overreaction, then I do not know what it is.
          The editorial is not about how, who and why war, instability and displacement was brought to some parts in Equatoria. To answer your queries, I am aware that some of you are happy that war, instability and displacement of our civil population is at last in some parts of Equatoria justifying your prophecies all along. It is early days to celebrate. Peace in the hot sports in Equatoria will be restored. As I said before, and I say it now, we will defend peace in Equatoria by preventing war. That remains our goal.
          Elhag, had you been just to yourself, you would have known that I never justified aid nor reliance on foreign assistance in anyway to sustain our livelihood. At the same time, I do not see why a generous help from Norway, Britain, the USA translates into into dependency. Why don’t you tell the forum how the people of South Sudan can feed, cloth, educate, treat and protect millions of our citizens living in displaced environments? Can we have that answer sir?
          I have only kind words for those trying to help our people in their vulnerabilities. If I had resources myself, I would do the same. I have read and heard about Dambisa and Bolton. That their thoughts are accepted in some quarters does not make them infallible. I principally disagree with their conclusions that Aids is exclusively the reasons for our instability, infighting or underdevelopment. I am not going to fool myself into accepting that our people are lazy. Underdevelopment have roots elsewhere. Look around you and you will discover that people in your village are not living on handouts for things they can produce. I feel insulted. Those books represents nothing about what I am. I work hard to make ends meet. I am ashamed there are Africans who think Africans are lazy.

          • Elhag Paul says:

            Dear Nikalongo
            Thanks for clarification on some points. I appreciate that. I am not sure whether the Germans, Serbs, Bosnian Muslims and Croats are victims of international justice. The contexts on where these countries found themselves have their own unique particularities dating back to the Habsburg/Ottoman (empire) wars of yester centuries which show Turks settling in the Balkans displacing some indigenous people like the Serbs. The Germans brought the loss of their land (Sudatent) on themselves by declaring their supremacist Nazi ideology which led to two world wars. The Serbs on the other hand abused the state of Yugoslavia to try to regain lands lost in the past and this led to the Balkan war which saw them lose the war. Now it is common knowledge that warring countries risk losing land to victors. If this is what happened with the countries in question, then it is fair and square.
            I fully agree with you we South Sudanese created our war. It is our responsibility to deal with it. The editor, yourself, many others and I have spoken loud and clear condemning both President Salva Kiir and Dr Riek Machar. Most of us have concluded that SPLM must go if South Sudan is to recover itself. Most of us have been very vocal on this point. Nobody has blamed the international community for starting the war, where then do you get this assertation that we are blaming foreigners. I personally blame the foreigners for jumping into South Sudan issues and distorting the reality of it. For example, the conduct of all those countries including the Troika during the IGAD negotiation has been without care for the long term peace and stability of South Sudan. The ARCISS itself is a time bomb waiting to explode and this is the making of foreigners. Why then do you think we should not have the right to blame them? Are we stupid to be corralled like animals. The foreigners have interfered with South Sudanese exercising their sovereignty. Why did they interfere to prolong the war? Let me be specific here: why did Uganda join the war with support of those countries? Uganda being part of the international community committed crimes in South Sudan. Why do you blindly support them when they have been supporting the war indirectly? Had these foreigners not intervened President Kiir and his JCE would have been thrown out long ago. Come on Nikalongo, please be fair to South Sudanese. The foreigners are not innocent as you wish us to believe. They have played a major in the suffering of our people. I am surprised that you minimize this crucial point.
            Nikalongo, please do not label people without evidence. I am not a warmonger and the suffering in Equatoria and the whole country does not make me happy. It deeply saddens. However, given what is going on in South Sudan, Equatoria has full right to defend itself and this I fully support. The current war is not senseless as some people claim. This war is about power and therefore extremely important. Obtaining power involves all the bad things going on in Equatoria. Since time immemorial wars have been about power and the brutal nature of it is part of the price paid. The writings of Niccolo Machaivelli,
            and the historian Eric Hobsbuam attest to this fact Also the American civil war is another example. Watch the film: Lincoln to understand why people go into wars despite the horrible things it brings along. Therefore, the Jieng and the Nuer are not fools, stupid or backwards as you like to portray. They are fighting to shape South Sudan and those of us in Equatoria due to our naivete of claiming to be civilized are excluded in this crucial process. Unless Equatoria flexes its muscle it will be sliced and shredded while you are singing your song of civilization.
            You pose the question:”Why don’t you tell the forum how the people of South Sudan can feed, cloth, educate, treat and protect millions of our citizens living in displaced environments? Can we have that answer sir?” My answer is simple, the responsibility to care for South Sudanese is the job of our government in Juba and since it is failing we South Sudanese needs to unite and fight back, As sovereign people I do not expect to be cared for by the international community, otherwise there would be no reason for us to have gained our independence.
            On Aid I note that we have agreed to disagree and let it be that way.

          • Nikalongo says:

            If they (Croat,Serbs….) are not victims, why are they not able to go home? You now see for yourself how flawed your international justice works. You and your International justice are even justifying collective punishment for a people who had nothing to do with the malevolent behavious of their leaders (Hitler, Milosevic, Tuzman, Karadicz and Izegovevich). I can also see that you are still bend on shifting blames and refusing to acknowledge absolute responsibility for crimes against our people. You claim affinity with the suffering of our people but at the same time calling for violence as a mean to conflict resolution. You have totally forgotten that arms in the hands of ruthless hooligans is not an instrument of liberation but barbarity.
            Elhag, given the above, I think me and you disagree pretty much on the most humane path to stability, peace and prosperity for our country.

      • Bol says:

        Sometimes, your comments make a lot of sense. This is one of your best comments which ignites hope that one day…may be one day the real peace loving intellectuals would reign in RSS.

        • Elhag Paul says:

          Dear Nikalongo
          It would be honourable if you could engage with the issues in an honest way. Your response to the realities I raised can not simply be fogged away by simplistic war rhetoric. I have said time and again that I am against wars but at the same time I have to accept the realities of life. Nobody in this world respects the weak and if you are weak you will always be bullied and denied your rights. This is a fact of life. Even the west frequently resorts to violence to protect their interest. Why don’t you use the words you apply on the Nuer and the Jieng on the Troika in relations to events in the Middle East? Where is your ethical position here? Can’t you even see that the exclusion of Equatoria on the issues of our country is simply because circumstantially we are weak? Better wake up and understand that nobody will hand you power because you are an excellent orator and a polished civilised man. The savages (Kiir and Riek) as you like to call them will with their brutality shape South Sudan to their liking and you can do nothing about it with your defeatist strategies. Worse still you will continue to obediently serve under one of them who probably is illiterate. After all Kiir is already one. Self defence is a legitimate right and I support in Equatoria.

    • Itikwili says:

      Editor and Alhag,
      I am not sure these guys will comprehend the kind of analysis about the demeaning effect of Aid you are making. many of them come from a region or called it the 28 ethnic states whose people have been depending on aid time immemorial as they devout their entire life to stealing each other’s cattle. we are dealing with people who have ashamed us and make us look stupid in the eyes of community of nations. how could you explain the fact that WFP continue to charter planes to throw sacks of GMO grains from the sky reminiscent of the biblical manna? As we talk many have died of broken necks as their rush to grab the sacks from the skies. Throwing food at somebody is the worst form of humiliation that could happen to somebody; none of their leaders could see this, unfortunately when in actual fact they and their leaders have been turned into an amusement park. pathetic! no wonder the US senators could query with disbelief as they stood with their usual over-sized black suit: what kind of government do you represent?

    • Bentiu Ramaran says:

      Elhag Paul,

      Answering to Nikalongo’s comments is a waste of valuable time that you could have used to answer someone else comments. Nikalongo has never made a convincing comments since this web site was developed and he will never ever convince any living person that seeks for truth. His frozen brain makes him write whatever come to his mind without logical thinking.

      • Nikalongo says:

        If you think going general will make you look intelligible, then go on making a fool of yourself. Why don’t you feed, cloth and treat your displaced people (Dinka and Nuer) in UN camps instead of supporting nonsense on the forum? Given your background, you should be the last person to argue against relief aid/assistance and protection to the people of South Sudan. Point out what is wrong with what Nikalongo wrote than becoming a choir master for what others write. If convincing comments to you means supporting the govt. (Kiir), the armed opposition (Riek) or denying our people relief aid and protection from hooligans like you, expect none of that from me. Who are those sweeping the coffers of the Republic clean if not your people (Nuer and Dinka)? Tell your leaders to stop fighting and stealing form the state so that we can kick out dependency.

        • Gatdarwich says:


          Ten of thousands of Naath Nation sons and daughters in diaspora/western world pays between 6-12% of their earning incomes-taxes to the TROIKA nations’ treasury departments—each TROIKA nations takes money out of it treasury departments–tax payers’ dollars/pounds-donates it to the UN refugee agency. So, in short, Gatdarwich, plus hundred of thousands of Naath Nation in diaspora, do, in actuality, clothes, feeds, educates, provides medications to the sicks, pay the salaries of their protectors, and shelters to the IDPS in UNMISS concentration camps, refugee camps in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, and in Sudan–through international aid. In a nutshell, your shallow questioning of our financial contributions towards international aids, simply exposes your total of inanity to the sources of international aid foods—$$$$$$ period.
          Nikalongo, Don’t stupidly think it is only Norwegian whites that provides aid to the South Sudanese IDPS or refugees in neighboring countries, but Gatdarwich personally contributes to their survival–financially.

  10. David Lokosang says:

    Dear editor, having read your article and all the comments, one can tell that the readers did not give themselves time to analyse critically your point of opposition. They rushed to conclusion simply because you criticised Kiir government or why such a building should be built by the government of Norway and not the government of South Sudan.
    Imagine some one providing you with food and all your needs everyday and you doing nothing, what will happen! you would become lazy and un able to work for your self to become self reliance.
    If you analysed it critically you would know that instead of government of Norway built a building for the ministry of Electricity why not built an institute to trained electricians so that when the hydro-electric dam is built South Sudan has electricians who can do the job without bringing foreigners. There is a Chinese say instead of giving a man a fish, teach him how to fish so that he can rely on himself. As some of you mentioned how Norwegian aids has been valuable to us since seventies up to now, the question is for how long are we going to rely on foreign aid?
    10 years in a government we have been relying on foreign support almost in every thing. Our schools, hospitals, roads, are being operative on foreign aid while our government is looting million of dollars for their families benefits. For those who are opposing the editor, if the government can not build its institutions, schools, hospitals, roads, what can it build then? The questions is where is the billions of dollars gone? The only major high way between Juba and Nimule that is asphalted has been constructed by US Aid the rest of the country is facing dilemma so what is the point of criticising the editor. How many days to travel from Juba to Rumbek now, it may be one week or more but had the government use the money they embezzled to connect all the 10 states with major roads, it will be only one day to travel from Juba to Wau or from Juba to Malakal. It is good to receive foreign aid even the developed countries do receive foreign aid at times of disasters but what the editor meant is that we should not be relying on foreign aid in almost every thing. Because the logic behind is a building costing 3 millions dollars is not a difficult thing that our government can not build. We have human resources, we have natural resources that can build hundreds of buildings worth that amount. We should use foreign aid in programs that we are unable to do them ourselves that is what the editor meant and not because he is against the building.
    Let me conclude by saying before you criticise any thing, try to understand what the writer mean rather than jumping into conclusion.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      To David Lokonsang,
      Thanks for your interjection here and you made the most important point, that’s self-reliance.
      For how long shall we exploiting the Norwegian benevolence and charity while the SPLM/A ruling thieves are allowed to steal all the money of the nation?

    • Nikalongo says:

      “One is compelled to assert that Norway is currently behaving like an insidiously active imperial power in South Sudan by its over-domineering presence in practically all facets and events taking place within and across the country, from war to peace and again to war and back to peace” (Editor). The editorial is clear and simple, do not make it look complicated to understand. Our Editor is blaming Norway for being a benevolent benefactor with deeply rooted colonial tendency. Let us be responsible and blame the government and the leadership of the SPLM/As for absconding their constitutional mandate instead of blaming foreigners for building our schools, roads, health facilities, etc. Remember also that, not everyone who criticise the editorial necessarily peddles a government project. These are honest criticisms devoid of any partisan support. We will remain a basket case until such a time we learn to take responsibility for the welfare of our country, people and destiny. Shifting and misdirecting blames is no remedy to a self inflicted pain.

  11. Peace maker says:

    South Sudanese civilians are found all over the country under the protection of UNMISS. These people are real South Sudanese being protected by a foreign army. Why are they taking shelter in this appalling environment. Because we don’t care for their lives anymore. Shame on us and our government. We either protect our citizens or don’t have a country at all.

  12. alex says:

    Mr info I think you are confused for example, in Malakal when the new governor a pealed for the IDPS to
    return to Malakal , the SPLM in opp those people should remain in the camps until the transitional government id formed. Did you people really care about the welfare of our people. In Juba those IDPS who listened and came out are living free today it id the fake politics of Splm in opp to encourage our people to remain in the camps so that the international community would intervene. This is a miscalculated political campaign because even the UNMIS knows during the day our brothers moves in Juba freely. They just go there to sleep. Our people in the vamps are being controlled by Splm in opp rebels. See the 700 rebels who moved out from the UNMIS camps from Juba with land cruisers mounted with machine guns are the one controlling this innocent people. The international community is wise and all our phone conversation are being monitored. They know all this unless tricks you people are playing . You are working hard to tarnish the image of the government with the hope that the international community would then remove the government . This is a childish politics. People have eyes and ears.

  13. Dear Editor,
    Your analysis is in place but you must understand that, the building is for South Sudan and not for a particular family. Norwegian government has been one of the country that has helped and continue to help South Sudan. If other countries can really follow Norway example, instead of giving money to South Sudan government, they should construct roads, schools, and hospitals themselves. USA government built Juba-Nimule road, they did not give money to South Sudan but road. The road that our government has totally failed to maintain. Sometimes the best thing to deal with a greedy child is to get food in his hand, and once he finish his portion, he will still be hungry, but he won’t get more food because nothing is there to be eaten. He will continue to admired the nice food that is already gone. In this case the building will be standing for us and those thieves will continue to speculate.
    I think we need to applaud the Government of Norway for a job well done. They did not give money but they build a nice house for us. In the sane vein, they should build Fulla Dam themselves without giving any coin to the government of South Sudan. The project has been proposed since 1970s and the Dam has not been build yet. With the rampant corrupt government, if the money if given to them, I think we shall never see any dam, road, hospital, and schools standing in South Sudan. I am sure all of us have different opinion on this but I think the Norway government did a good think, they gave us a beautiful building. There is no need to look at a gifted horse at the mouth, the Norwegian did a good think because no money is lost. it is good to tell spade as spade, this one is a real spade. Bravo Norway.

  14. Peacemaker says:

    The point is, you cannot, given the present situation in the country direct aid on building that might be destroyed by the still raging war tomorrow. It could have been better spending it on education in POC Sites in the Country.Again, seeing the Norwegian Ambassador inaugurating and pledging support to such projects at this critical time will give false impression to others that all is fine in South Sudan which will in turn keep them to cooperate with the government rather than giving it pressure to honour it commitment and implement peace. Such projects could be suspended until after peace is implemented. In the meantime all efforts should be directed towards peace implementation. Countries like Japan and China should also suspend their infrastructure projects and shift to humanitarian and relief assistance Thanks to Mr Editor for reminding our friends..

  15. Gatdarwich says:


    It’s a common culture in a West to support the strongs not the weaks! So, it is not surprising to see the
    TROIKA nations gradually making killer NyanKiir’s kleptocracy regime surviving it own genocide. Survival of the fittest is their-TROIKA nations’ sternly enforced diplomatic mission worldwide.
    The strong-crime perpetrators are unashamelessly empowered to finished their helpless-weak victims. The mockery-TROIKA infamous condemnation, “all sides did this and that–squarely blames for the indescribable carnage in South Sudan —mass displacements of civilians”–, and the expansions-constructions of concentration camps–UNMISS sites–prisons being managed by the West stooges in South Sudan, is a vivid manifestation of the TROIKA nations’ position in killer NyanKiir’s genocidal war campaigns—-it is wholeheartedly sanctioned and blessed by the world superpowers period. Now, TROIKA nations are undeniably–treacherously luring SPLA-IO leaderships to Juba so that killer NyanKiir can successfully sealed or accomplished the project without hurdles or difficulties period

  16. False Millionaire says:

    While the aid to build,”a new building for the Juba electricity and water department”,from the part of Norway desrves welcoming,there is a sense of disappointment coming from the fact that such an aid hasn’t been used for building electricity and water purification plants with the training of technicians to run them included.
    Lack of electricity and running clean water are the two most grave factors that makes life too unbearable in Juba as in the all parts of RSS.But such are known facts to every one who has every lived for one single day in South sudan let alone the norvegian ambassador who works and lives permenantly in RSS.

    Considering Norway as a universally developed country among most modernized nations with great understanding of human primary needs of life,opting to build,”electricity and water department”,but ignoring to give priority to electricity and water purification plants makes Norway’s intentions towards RSS and it’s masses extremely suspecious.
    Such context is most unexpected from such a friendly state which has long pretended to serve the needs of south sudan as well as those of south sudaneses citizens.At this very point,it’s hard to disagree with the editor.
    But that’s just another bitter lesson that should reinforce the assertion of,”self reliance”,as the only means of achieving our needs but never aids dished out by such seemingly ill intentioned states as Norway.

  17. David Lokosang says:

    Dear Nikalongo,
    Though the time I have wasted would be used for some thing valuable, but let me just remind you that in the world that we live in, there is nothing free of charge. So instead of replying to me revisit history to prove my point.

    • Nikalongo says:

      I am choosing to reply you because there is nothing whatsoever, to prove your point beyond nonsense being propagated around by racist right wing conservatives in the West and some Western and African scholars about our laziness. Where you and me come from, people are supported so as to be self supportive. That support make me and you lazy is an insult to our cultural and communal beliefs and must therefore be rejected with the contempt it deserve. Let us accept our responsibilities for fail attempts to build a viable society so as to be able to move on. Blaming foreigners, their aids and their whatever contributions is not going to bring us good governance, peace, development and prosperity. The sooner we get away from blame gaming, the better. The ball is in our court lokosang.

  18. Eli Wani says:

    Although your article if read with some reading, your intention was suppose to be properly addressed. But unfortunately your message was misinterpreted by most of the respondents. The temperament in the country right now is all about anger and frustrations, people are in the state of shock and disillusionment. A situation in which everybody has lost something, they are ready to kill and be be killed. Any message from even good intention people are taken out of context.

    As fas as the Norway government. This is not the first time the Norwegian people have helped the people of South Sudan. They have been friends of our people in ages, they understand the situation and I am sure they just don’t like to sit idle and watch innocent people suffer. As you mentioned, Norwegians could have finished the construction of Fula falls hydroelectric project, had it not been for the constant insecurity in the nation. Theirs is a good gesture to alleviate people’s miserable conditions.

    Now when it comes to the issue of aids. My personal opinion is that Africa as a whole need to stop this “Aid dependence”, particularly from the Western world, because they come with strings attached, and it’s a sort of mental bondage.

    However, there are exceptions; new Countries like South Sudan will continue to depend on foreign aids for many years to come due to lack of edequate knowledge in running an ethnically diverse government, lack of financial management, no fiscal responsibility, no blue print to direct the nation’s banking system, no set of rules or laws to hold power abusers responsible to face penalties for their action, etc.

    When leaders are the laws and laws are not respected, then the country is deemed lawless. South Sudan officially has qualified to be called a “failed state”, and by now the whole world should have been aware that without external help the trend is irreversible. We need to admit that we need an immediate external rescue mission.
    Our national resources will continue to be a curse and innocent population will continue to bear the burdens until accountabilities are assumed and true selfless patriotic citizens take charge of running the system. This scenario will require unified efforts of all people not just some sectarian elitist groups.

    South Sudanese will need to copy the system of Angola, post UNITA and Gen. Savimbi, Angolans learnt that they can never win by fighting among themselves, they mutually developed a system (as odd as it may sound) of ethnic federalism in which each tribe manages their own affairs in their regions or provinces or states, respective leaders report to the federal president. Certain percentage of taxes and revenues from every region are pooled in national treasury to be equally distributed to the less fortunate states. But shares of income from resources in each regions are first given to the locals to develop their regions and whatever belongs to federal government goes to the central. So far, Angola is one of the fastest progressing and developing economies in Africa and in the third world countries at large.

    At this point, the international community is the only body responsible to bring a genuine solution to either broker the the so-called power sharing deal or intervene without any excuse.

    But before proclaiming peace, now that the culprits responsible for all human rights abuses are being identified daily, they must face courts of justice. If those people who commit atrocities are taken to court and tried then there might be some relief as well as future wannabes warlords will think twice before doing anything stupid.

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