Irrationality of Dr. Riek’s Rebellion & the Addis Ababa Talks

QUOTE: “Men will cease to commit atrocities only when they cease to believe in absurdities” – Voltaire.

BY: Dr. James Okuk, SOUTH SUDAN, MAR/04/2014, SSN;

What does the attempted coup d’etat and the rebellion of Dr. Riek Machar and his group mean for South Sudan (the people, the government, the territory and the sovereignty) and the world at large? This is the essential question whose attempted answers attract many connections and conclusions, including this article.

However, the question of the failed coup in Juba does not any longer make sense even if we travel all over the world on expensive costs to sell it to the skeptics. It is a gone case because the coup has already failed.

What we should deal with now in a realistic manner is the on-going devastating Nuer rebellion against what they call Dinka government.

This rebellion has been declared and is pursued under leadership of Dr. Riek and his allies who are now operating at large. It is being funded and defended by a good number of Nuer in Diaspora and with the help of their foreign friends.

The rebellion will have slim chances to succeed on ‘defeat-victory’ premise since the Nuer and Dinka ethnic groups, in their anthropologies, are known of rejecting defeat and glorying victory only.

Beginning at the start:

But before getting into the substance, let me make sense of my previous prophetic opinion articles published on various websites.

The first core quote: “with the good news of the declaration of the independence of the Republic of South Sudan kicking off on 9th July 2011, yet bad news of bad leadership from the SPLM and its military wing (the SPLA) remains the greatest concern locally, nationally, regionally and internationally….. God have mercy on the poor people of South Sudan since their leaders are failing to protect them from harms!”

The second lead quote: “Everybody within the SPLM seems to be touched and you could see black signs of reactions written clearly on the grey wall. But for how long is this strange political culture going to continue before the SPLM split and splinter officially? Again, absurdity and uncertainty seems to have the reign, hence fear of resultant atrocities!”

The third main quote: “Pres. Salva Kiir knows that Dr. Riek has never helped but been working against him by not advising him well in many critical occasions… He was afraid to run in 2010 elections against Pres. Salva Kiir Mayardit, perhaps, because he has realized that democracy is higher than his (Dr. Riek’s) despotic and tribally magical mentality. Now it is too late for him and nothing but home is going to be the best place for him soon.”

The fourth essential quote: “Spilling the milk on dry sand and telling your leader to cry over it does not show sincerity and maturity in political statesmanship. The end result of such irresponsible culture and erratic behavior will be bitter divisions and ungrateful departures on toxic politics of lies, denials, fear, rage, retribution and malice. The solution is to give each rivaling Group of the SPLM a big mirror so that they can reflect on themselves from top to toe. Do they desire the common good of South Sudan or they love only power and wealth for themselves? Can somebody who loves his country wish it a bad luck of chaos, disorder, instability and abyss? …Time for the SPLM is gone. It is the moment for South Sudan!” End quotes.

The consequences of independence with bush mentality:

Indeed and with the evils that have engulfed the Republic of South Sudan due to the SPLM coup attempt on itself, it could be seen that my worries were not in vain.

The fact that the SPLM and its SPLA military wing wanted to continue running South Sudan on bush and guerrilla mentality became the mother of all atrocious absurdities.

South Sudanese, especially Nuer, Dinka and Shilluk tribes, became prey of these unjustifiable atrocities that have never been witnessed in the known history of South Sudan. Akobo, Bentieu, Parieng, Bor, Leer, Malakal and many historical ethnic villages around them (Doleib Hill, Baliet, etc.,) got ruined to ashes and became ghosts and inhumane habitats within a shortest time unprecedented.

No good scenes any more in these territories except apocalyptic memories of mass shootings, mass killings, mass graves, mass looting, mass blazing, and mass displacement of the survivors by the trigger-happy illiterate youth hailing from Nuer and Dinka tribes. Unimaginable savagery destruction!

It has been observed that Dr. Riek and his allies within the SPLM wanted to push President Salva Kiir out of power for the reasons that he is too weak to handle the rampant corruption, recurrent insecurity, bad governance, non-existent foreign policy, Dutch-diseased economy and deformed SPLM political party.

They have been preparing themselves to become the alternatives to the extent that President Kiir has been accusing them of running a parallel government within his government.

What betrayed them is impatience and improper planning to oust Salva Kiir at the right time and without using wrong means of transfer of power.

Now Dr. Riek and his allies have missed the opportunity so badly that they have to disgracefully descend from governance palaces to the rebellion bushes of South Sudan.

They have cultivated more seeds of hatred that will take longer time to weed out.

I don’t know if they know that coming back from bush to presidency is not an easy ride under normal governance situation. In the rebellion wars the unlucky usually perish and the lucky take longer time to get back to civility.

Dr. Riek and his allies lost the sympathy of many of those who might have been supporting them if they did not resort to violence.

They failed to understand that whoever kills and displaces innocent civilians in the name of power gains and victory is supposed to lose respect and legitimacy in politics immediately.

Comparatively, Mr. Salva Kiir is not losing much because he has already been recorded by history as the first President of the Republic of South Sudan. Even if he is out of power (alive or not) that known history shall remain to his advantage.

Given the well known fact-sheets about the SPLM’s top leadership conspiracies and rivalries for power monopoly, it could be concluded that Dr. Riek and his allies were the ones who put President Kiir into the catty corner he operated in.

They wanted democracy within the SPLM but only after the resignation of their Chairman Kiir.

If democracy is about open and free competition for leadership through elections why Dr. Riek and his allies did attempt to be dictators on resignation of Kiir while they claim to champion democracy?

Is it not negligence and senselessness when the SPLM/SPLA in government runs from the SPLM/A in opposition in the theatre of operation and leaves the civilians alone to suffer in hospitals, churches, UNMISS compounds, etc.

Also is it not the height of hypocrisy from the so-called international friends of South Sudan (especially USA) to care more for the few political detainees, who are under protection rather than worrying about the suffering innocent civilians who are left alone to perish as victims?

It is known that the rebels are outlaws and are never accountable to the people; but what about the government?

Who is really governing the government of South Sudan in this crisis, especially in Upper Nile State?

I think South Sudan is lucky to be South Sudan. Otherwise, resignations and dismissals would have been the order of the day since the time things fell apart within the SPLM ruling party!

Despite the crisis, President Kiir wants to maintain power based on the following road map: cessation of hostilities, humanitarian assistance, grand national political dialogue, investigation of aborted coup crimes and accountability, presidential pardons and amnesty to the guilty, national peace and reconciliation, government review and reforms, preparation for 2015 elections and re-organization of the SPLM ruling party.

Will he be victorious or shall he be defeated in all these?

Cessation of hostilities that has never ceased the hostilities:

The peace talks in Addis Ababa between the Government of South Sudan and the rebels’ leaders have superseded SPLM internalization and localization, yet the SPLM is still sleeping in hangovers of a lost glory.

Regional and international interests have already sneaked in with more sophisticated complications than simplifications.

The international community intensively pressured the two warring sides to sign initial agreement on secession of hostilities in terms of military confrontations (including progressive withdrawal of allied forces invited to the theatre of operations), negative media and propaganda campaigns, ethnic hatred propagation, killings and displacement of civilians (especially children, girls, women and elderly), human rights abuses, destruction of properties, attacking of civilian air-crafts and other means of transport, recruitment of child soldiers, humanitarian assistance access, burial of the dead and memorization, reunion of families and movements of the civilians and their goods.

The other complimentary agreement acknowledged the role that the detainees can play (together with other political actors, civil society organizations, traditional and religious leaders) in the process of dialogue for peace and reconciliation in South Sudan after the war has been stopped.

All these terms of the agreements shall be noted by the Monitoring and Verification Mechanism, advised by the Technical Committee under the leadership of the IGAD.

However, the cessation of hostilities has been signed on paper only; it is not working on the ground. The reason is that majority of the people of South Sudan and their leaders are absurdly complicated in their being rather than reasonably sophisticated in their thinking.

They have not thought that they could go to war with one another one day, hence, they have not been preparing for war.

They did not think that the military training they were getting was for killing themselves so badly than a neighboring enemy elsewhere.

They did not think that they could burn down their own cities and towns. They did not think that they could displace themselves and becomes refugees in more numbers than they used to be during the war with Khartoum regimes.

They did not imagine that they could sit opposite to each other as opponents mediated by foreigners for negotiations.

Now they did all these but they still don’t believe it. They propagate that they are one nation when they are not.

Their loyalty to the independent South Sudan has become questionable? They are loyal to their tribal leaders. What a people!

Irrationality of Dr. Riek’s rebellion:

Dr. Riek and his allies wanted to remove President Salva Kiir from power, yet they are harming and destroying innocent civilians and their livelihoods so evilly.

Is Salva Kiir Pariang Dinka? Is Salva Kiir Bor Dinka? Is Salva Kiir Bailiet Dinka, Is Salva Kiir Shilluk people and kingdom?

Has Salva Kiir left J-One in Juba to go hiding in these places so that Dr. Riek forces would have been justified of committing untold atrocities on innocent civilians who did not know what went wrong with SPLM politicians in Juba?

With all what has happened, the healing shall not be easy. It shall not be safer any more for the Nuer to cross to the Shilluk and Dinka areas and vise versa.

The binding fabric of South Sudanese people has been lost terribly. Perhaps, Greater Equatoria is the only region where a little neutrality is left. What an unlucky people!

Dr. Riek’s rebellion has really exposed the ugly tribal bigotry and savagery realities in South Sudan based on absurdities of deceitful politics mixed with black magic.

The savagery deeds of the White Army in Jonglei and Upper Nile States speak louder. This betrays Dr. Riek and the cronies more than they would have thought.

The end of Addis Ababa peace talks:

The Addis Ababa peace talks should not come back with the SPLM glory because South Sudan shall for a longer time be held hostage for no noble reason apart from greed and malice.

A democratically elected dictator and killer does not make any special meaning of genuine democracy!

The peace talks should bring home the dignity of the people of South Sudan where they will choose the leaders who have no blood of innocent people on their hands.

No more power and wealth rewards to heartless warlords.

Those who are fueling Dr. Riek’s rebellion and contributing money for killings and destruction in his name should not be allowed to govern South Sudan.

It is time to punish killings, atrocities and human rights abuses that have been committed with impunity in South Sudan.

In the first place ‘peace-first’ has been tried and even bought with money and power but it did not work.

It is now time to try ‘justice-first’ without any fear or favor.

These should come out clearly in the IGAD declaration of principles that would constitute the basis for resolution of the current crisis, unjustifiably created by the SPLM for South Sudan.

“Know thyself” is the Socrates’ philosophic command that the people of South Sudan need to notice keenly from the current crisis and after it is over.

Call it SPLM in opposition or SPLM in resistance or SPLM in detention or whatsoever absurdity, the fact is that this former liberation movement has brought greatest shame to the Republic of South Sudan than expected.

The SPLM, hitherto, doesn’t deserve any future credit of legitimacy and dignity. This outdated dinosaur and its military wing must be laid to rest in the grave of historical archives.

The good future of South Sudan should transcend beyond the evils of the SPLM/A. It is then, and only from then, will the Republic of South Sudan see in reality values called peace, harmony, justice and prosperity.

Dr. James Okuk is reachable at


  1. Elijah Samuel says:

    Dr.Okuk, What are you Doctor in? in lie? Your article is very unfortunate! Indeed if this is how the inner circles of Kiir thinks then we are doomed! Dr. Okuk..I once heard a medical Doctor say, the first step in prescribing remedy is giving the actual and correct diagnosis of your patients disease. If you failed to give the correct diagnosis, you could give all the medicine in the world to your patient and he will still die!! In addition to a correct diagnosis resulting to a correct therapy, it also allows for an accurate prognosis!

    Your article is largely based on a lie reported by a lier! You were told someone is dead, you bought the lie despite, there is no corpse, grave of any sorts. 99% of world powers can not be stupid to say there was no coup! because your article is based on what did not take place, then it is a fiction!!!!

    As there was no coup, then what was it? the news for you is…rather than a failed coup attempt on kiir, IT WAS A FAILED ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON RIEK BY KIIR. What failed was an assassination attempt, not a coupe!!

    Why will Riek and his fellows who want power be patient rather than democratically campaigning for power, is that not what democracy call for? Kiirs dictatorial mind could not fathom such and resorted to eliminate his political opponent! Can there be democracy without political opponents, within or outside the party??

    This is the correct events and the true diagnosis: Kirrs failed assassination attempt on Riek!!! Kiirs dogs went to Rieks house and demolished the house and killed all human soul they found there to include 19 body guards!! Kiirs dogs went all over Juba and massacred Nuer Women and Children. Now even if there was indeed a coup by kiir, Amun and Madam Rebecca, How comes, they killed only Nuer women and children, why not Dinkas of Madam Rebecca?? No matter how you look at it, this mess is of kiir and kiir making alone!

    Given the massacre of Nuer Women and Children, and the killing in Rieks house in juba, Riek could have been Killed. No one, I hope not even you do not doubt this fact! If this be the case, then fighting back is a natural right!!! Riek fights, The nuer fights not because they want to, they fight because it has been pushed on them and they must fight and continue to fight for self preservations and their survival PERIOD! Calling them in this regards rebels is a misnomer…they are survivalist fighters! They fight for their rights to remain alive, first and foremost! Without their ability to fight, Riek could have been dead and all the Nuer who are not puppets to Kiir could have been dead as well! Now tell me why was not Madam Rebecca not put in Jail if she was part of the team Riek???? This is a tribal president who was after eliminating the top Bull sure to dethrone him!!
    You are a disgrace to doctorates!

  2. Elijah Samuel says:

    The universal human right was the first victim in south Sudan before the very first soul was lost in the unfortunate day of December 15 2013. The below article puts it best.

  3. Alier Gai says:

    Dr. Okuk,
    Your lost voice is found again in the midst of ongoing crisis facing South Sudan. Macher”s called for the removal of Kiir by force is not helping us to bring back those lost souls, those lost properties, and the lost unity of the people of South Sudan. It was a coup, and the coup was the cause with no other answer to be given. Macher has to accept to come back and work with Kiir in order to put the party back on the right way. If he is not willing to be a member of the Splm party, anymore, he has right to form his own party, whatever the name he wants to name his party. However, reviewing constitution is now their share responsibility that is mandated to them before 2015 election year. Term limit should come with all parties’ registration during the review, and participations of all the opposition parties have to be recognized in the constitutional review as well. What was happening before the eruption of war was a mere political corruption practiced by the party members who put Kiir on the defensive strategy to dismiss the cabinet in his no time plan. They were supporting the very corrupt system they are blaming him now when they were then ministers. Things got changed after they had been defrocked from their positions, because they were no longer part of the established corrupt system. They demanded change so that they have a piece of belonging in the party. That was a way in for another corruption. It was a bad choice made to dismiss all of them at once, but not so devil to let them go. Taking an arm rebellion against elected government is an expression of their unseen colors during our two decades of struggle and during the last eight years in power. Interim government is less of a meaningful approach to the cause unless Southerners address 2015 election on broad-base capacity plans to end wars beyond the current one. Any political organization ( whether the warring party or the none warring party) that needs to see the future of South Sudan in the interim government without President Kiir now, is wrong. Who will takeover when kiir is not there is very difficult to tell, and it will be an extension of the present war to the next. Splm party and all oppositions will have to sit down and nominate their runners. And if Kiir will be nominated by the party convention or SPLM Political Bureau, fine; and if not him, then nothing wrong with that at all. The nominee will then contest with SPLM-DC of Lam Akol, or the like of any kind. No nonsense is needed here to thrust democracy in the hand of dictators now. Coming election in 2015 should not be sabotaged in the name of interim government with no ending to the recent crisis. Peace must come through one organized and a committed dialogue in accepting one another’s failures and successes. And cheating one another through the wrong entrances and bad practices of self-interest would allow distrust to continue among the people of southern tribes for many years to come. Good article.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Would you not call for the removal of one who attempted to assasinate you and killed people in your house and went after your tribesmen who have never even met you? Where is this moral superiority coming from?

      • Alier Gai says:

        Mr. Samuel
        Macher missed the right passage to resolve this crisis before it has become uncontrollable in nature. First, he would have sought protection from the ambassies in juba and from the UN, in order to ensure his safety. Second, he would have not made more movements beyond that point and call in the igad and oau to investigate what happened there. These two ideal ways are cheap and more lives-saving than waging a war. Macher, however, did not provide us with the condition of his threats when the guards had clashes, how he had been targeted that night. The needed answer is still far out than being near miss. He instead chooses a lowest road of running to bor and declared his dissatisfication for the removal of kiir. Bor fall down, and malkal and bentiu became part of the fire triplet plans. This is how coup set the record: what happened in juba reached everywhere in the same fashion of the style used.

        • Elijah Samuel says:

          It is amazing how Jiengs reasons, If this how it is then there is no hope for South Sudan! Tell me this, Even if all you said where true which are not, Where does the genocide against Nuer government officials, Civils servants, women and children in Juba have to do with Rieks supposed coup have to do with this?
          Now think, if not asking too much, If these helpless fellow citizens where being massacred simply because they are Rieks tribesmen, DO YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT LEFT THAT RIEK DEFINATELY COULD HAVE BEEN MURDERED, had he not managed to escape?
          DOes this has to do with the Dinka Superirity complex that, while Riek and his tribal kins where being targeted and massacred, Riek Should have just sought help at the Embassies etc and not fight back????? Why is his right to self defense being denied for the benefit of Dinkas Keeping their Kingdom? Why was it not expected the same from the President, if he felt coup was attempted, why did he issue immediate amnesty and diffuse the fighting, instead he invoke 1991!
          The Generals in Bor etc who defected, did so Simply because their loved, ones, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and cousins where massacred in Juba!! With or without Riek, these henrals could have responded the very same way to the genocide against their people!!! Tell me this much, when was the last time Jiengs killed Nuer, or any other tribes Kill Nuer without response from Nuer??? For all my observations of the Nuer people, they do not provoke atrocities but will never leave atrocities unanswered! So blame Kiir.
          If Kiirs Jiengs think the way you do we are doomed forever!!

    • Gatkuoth Lok says:

      Alier Gai you made a nonsensical and absurd comment.

  4. lomika says:

    There is not any coup and so nothing has failed in the first place. This premise be maintained.

  5. john says:

    James Okuk, you argue on the contary in which you have no base to back up your claim. And you blind yourself by looking at one picture rather than addresing the root cause of conflict. If it was of Riek Machar, why innocents Nuer were slaughtered in Juba? Why the government targeted Nuer? Why Kiir bring Uganda in right after the event of Dec 15, 2013? And if Kiir did not order the killings of Nuer in Juba, why cover it up? Why he declares cerfew on the street of Juba? Kiir has lost trust from all walks of lives in South Sudan. Which include the following tribes: Dinka, Nuer, Anyuk, Shuluk ,and so much more. It is a time for South Sudanese to speak one voice and call on the president to step down. He really need to face the reality that if there no people of South Sudan he would not have a country or become a president. He has to give a people a chance to have their voices heard and put their first than his own.

  6. I truly concur with your analysis Dr. Okuk, the warlords should not be rewarded by giving them power, they have to face justice, Dr. Riek has committed a political suicide by allowing his own tribesmen to be the ones fighting for him to ascend to power, he has fooled and taken some disgruntled politicians who became angry when they lost their lucrative positions in the government for a ride, they might not know what Dr. Riek was up to, but the disgruntled SPLM politicians took it for granted that they were to remain in the Ministerial positions for life regardless of their performances, it is really appalling to see that, the man who assumed himself as a champion of democracy and a PHD holder at the same time believing in an ancient prophecies of Ngondeng Bong to let innocent people die on the pretext that it was prophesied by Ngondeng to happen so! where is the benefit of the education Dr. Riek has acquired? Dr. Riek a mechanical engineer who had not practice his profession but just got himself in a higher political position without any prior political experience, south Sudan is really cursed by the presence of such greedy and blood thirty leaders.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      How about rwarding a criminal dictator, a killer of Isaiah Abraham, Nuer Women and Children? A Lier who lied about a coup that never took place? A traitor who hired freign troops with our money to genocide one ethnic group just to keep him in power?
      Kiir has lost legitimacy and indeed is a criminal.

  7. Kuch, William M says:

    Dr. Okuk,
    Thank you for the best article and I absolutely give you that. You smart man Dr. we need for South Sudan leadership. Thank!

  8. Leader says:

    James Okuk,

    Riek Machar has lost forever.
    His Nuer militias are not fighting for anything political. They are motivated by looting and magic.
    Nuer since time immemorial believe in magic more than anything else.
    They have been deceived over time to go to war with their neighbours by magicians such as Ngundeng Bong, Guek Ngundeng, Teny Dhuorgon, Deng Laki, Wurnyang, Gai Manyuon and now Dak Kueth

    Why did his Nuer supporters choose to take revenge against their Dinka and Shilluk neighbours for the exaggerated atrocities in Juba? If they think they are marginalised, then they are marginalised together with their neighbours.
    If they are fighting for political change and democracy, then why do they take it upon themselves alone since it would be for the benefit of all S. Sudanese unless they want to install Riek in power so that they can equally loot the public

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Leader of Slave?
      You called the massacre of government civil servants, women and children in the streets, houses and police stations in Juba as exaggerated?
      Do you doubt that Riek could have never been cuptured alive live the group of seven and four? This Dinka way of thinking is what dashes hope for our nation not Riek!
      How could there be a coup when all the allerged coup leaders where caught and arrested from their own houses?
      Madam Rebecca was part of team Riek, how comes she was not arrested?
      Riek did not ask for rebellion, Riek had no choice but to fight back after the failled assasination attempts on him! The rest of the Nuer fight back because some of these same generals and nuer militery men who diffected had lost children and mothers in the Juba massacre! If it the Killings were carried againts Dinka, i can guarantee you that the Dinkas could have reacted the very same way if not worse! When was the last time a Dinka did not fight back a killing carried against them? Why would you hypocritically call on Nuer not to fight back for the killings started bu Kiir?
      If you like it or not Kiir threw the first stone!!
      Any government formed with Kiir will never bring peace in South Sudan. kiir has lost legiticimacy because he has blood in his hands, he lied, he violated our national sovereignity and brough mercenaries to genocide our fellow country men!

  9. Leader says:

    resources since Riek is known for condoning such practices.

    Riek and his Nuer supporters call themselves pro-democracy forces which is a white lie. They want to woo over the western world with those terms but now their actions exposed them.
    In reality, they are pro-demon-crazy since they believe in demons in the name of Ngundeng and Dak Kueth.
    So there you are, Demon-crats.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Leader, a lie repeated many times become the truth, but tuth have a way of catching Up.
      All those us who are not Jieng, hear about the 1991 fiasco is the jieng version. Indeed if truth must be told, 1991 was very identical to 2013. No one dispute that garang was running the movement as a dictator and a one mans show! Even Kiir himself had a fall out with him because of that! Just like now Kiir did not arrest Madam Rebecca, Garang spared Kiir and did not kill him for his questioning because Kiir was a Jieng!
      However the same questions raised by Kiir, was earlier in 1991 raised by Riek, for which garang wanted to arrest Riek for treason and eventually killed, of course Riek had to escape and fight back. The so called bor massacre was also a retaliations of Dinka Massacering Nure in a church, for which the white army again had to assemble, infact that was thgeir origin and they took revenge! That ccan not be place on Riek as is the current white army or any Buers revenge on Dinka for loss of loved one in juba under kiir killed by Dinka. The arguement will stand in true court of laws!
      Through out my review of the Nuer wars, The Nuer have never initiate aggressions but they will not let any aggression against their people go unaanswered! I totally support their rights to self defense which is a natural rigts!!

  10. Thiang Geka says:

    You may have a personnel problem with Dr. Riek but what he is preaching now is something will be benefiting all South Sudanese including those of you who are opposing him now. Whether you like it or not next President is Dr. Riek in 2015.

    • You are joking on Dr. Riek for president right? I am sure you don’t understand your statement. He will never ever be president in South Sudan! Dr. Riek is not smart enough win people mind and hearts other than uncivilize ones.

  11. Kong Puok Tong - Finland says:

    Dear, Dr. James Okuk
    First of all, I woudl like to forward appreciatly salude for your editorial analyse, about .what so called mainly warrning between rivals Nuer led by Dr. Riek Machar, and by Salva Kiir.

    Your above mentioned question, was verified by all witness SPLM’s politicians and International diplomats iin South Sudan – Juba. The majority SPLM , PB’s members’ their rejecting Salva was motivated Pres. Kiir Mayardit ‘s plotted and the Nuer vast ethnic majority in Juba Dec, 15, 16, 17. 2013

    Dr. Riek Machar himself was escaped that killing plot led and commanded by, Salva Kiir Mayardit himself in Juba on above metion date. The Reaction warrng spreaded guickly, because those who lost their lives were widely Nuer areas. The massacre toll about six thousands Nuers death. This brieffly comment is much concerned. Thanks ! ! !

  12. Apalkou says:

    We must reasoning like this James Okuk whom I think clearly must hail from Equatoria Greater. If you all read a book with title “International Review on Iraq War” you will really know that we are playing a joke. At the end, it is Equatoria that will be majority of South Sudan based on their neutrality even in the long war with Sudan. Democracy doesn’t come without liberation first. All the atrocities are causes by Dr. Riek because we left only with one year to kick old leaders who wants very much to rule South Sudan with Bush mentality. This opsimath Riek who is not leniency in some cases has cause all these chaos.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Okuk is not an Equatorian, he is a Shiluk, that does not matter, he is a Southerner, that is all what matters. What matters is him propagating lies!
      Back to you, how is it that Riek is the cause of the current crises? Riek himself like most of his tribesmen who are opposed to Kiir are victims of the Dinka imperialism. The Civilian death were carried out a stime throw away from Kiir palace. It occured in juba while Riek was running for his life, he was not able to even save his own people being slaughtered in Juba, how is it that he was the root cause of this?
      Even politically it was Kiir who deactivate the SPLM party, so he is the one who made the founding members to include Madam Rebecca to feel the need to speak out because Kiir stiffled democratic debate!
      Tribalism does not let people like your self not see this truth!The Author of the evil that befall us is Kiir and the Dinka elite that sapre no one that critisize them…Remeber Isaiah Abraham?

  13. Kim Deng says:

    Jaang Aka slaves are not good friends, my friend Mr Okuk,
    you need to be frank, either to be with the pro genocidal regime or with the pro democracy

  14. Choromke Jas says:

    Daktari Okuk,

    I salute you! Brother, times have changed indeed. The present offering is a little bit convoluted, ambivalent and less biting, so to speak. I understand. Having escaped he fate of our brother Abraham, I do not expect you to be so explicit as to bring the wrath of the power-that-be on your head. This is an observation; not a criticism. By now, I know the community from which you hail. It is the Collo, one of the oft-quoted 60+ minority groups in South Sudan.

    I disagree with you that a mere fact of being the first leader of South Sudan is a celebrated legacy for Kiir. Even, Hitler (my favorite Dictator) was a leader of his country at a crucial. It is the content of the leadership which should be an enduring legacy not the mere fact of being a leader, I aver. This is a minor point.

    But, I wanted to briefly touch on the dilemma, to which your community (tribe) must now be in. The Collo are over represented in the present dispute, in terms of leadership. Those still under custody of Kiir are 50% Collo: Oyai Deng and Pagan Amum. Further, in the bailed group sits Peter Adwok. And as this was not enough, a leading opponent of Kiir dictatorship, Lam Akol, is also in the frame! Not on the side of the opposition but as a delegate of Kiir’s! So, what is happening in the Kingdom, brother? Could this be the reason for your hesitancy?

    How are you going to sort this conundrum? Are Nuer your enemies now? Or are they your perennial ones? What about the Jieng? Were they not the ones who recently threatened to reduce your Kingdom through land grab? Which way are you now propelled to jump? To complicate matters, General Oliny is fighting alongside the Kiir’s army and he got shot for that!

    I have no answers to these questions. But I do not think obfuscation like your present offering will be of help to the ordinary Collo who seeks political direction. Peace.

  15. Elijah Samuel says:

    Dear Editor,
    Why would you delay the release of comments with opposing views to this blatant lies?? Is it because you want to solidify what he is saying here to seed lies as your editorials also believed in the non-existent coup? Please release all the comments and the nation (SSN) deserve to voice their oppositions to the lies. Do not block our voices, is this not what SSN is all about, to give voices to we the nation?


    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Thanks and I appreciate your input.I however am not able to comprehend how one can calm down in the face of lies that lead to genocides and massacres. Anyways thanks for your advocacy for the truth and giving space for the truth.

  16. upiu says:

    This is one of the only few times you wrote a piece about the welfare of people and Republic of South Sudan, rather than policitcs as usual. I have been saying that SPLM as a party did indeed brought us independence but they have caused unspeakable destruction to our new nation. I don’t think they will approach the next general elections, whenever that will be, with the arrogance they had in 2010 regardless of who’s going to be their torch bearer. And any party that carries that SPLM name won’t have an easier ride either.
    Regardless of the interim government composition, which seems to be direction of the talk in Addis, an agreement that will serve the interest of citizens of South Sudan should include a clause which stipulates that both Kiir and Riek are barred from running in the next general elections. That way an unimpeded investigation into abuses committed can be carried out without any of them in office.

  17. Wad atar Malakal says:

    the ideas without Dr Riek and President Salv Kiir, in interim period it’s productive idea and i support that, if we are really peace lover, dr riek and mr kiir, both gentlemen should be charged a crime against humanity. i am certain that Dr riek case has been destroyed by his own white army, they turnout that they are criminals and looters and savage evils and in fact they are not revolutionary. and i do not think they will succeed.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Riek did not command the white army, how could he be charged for a crime he did not have controll over? Where as Kiir is the commander in chief, he also was the head of his private militia. The crime was not carried out in one hour or isolated, but systematic in three full days? Not fare from his presidential residence, is there any way a brilliant lawyer can buy the arguement that, the killings were done for three days by undiscipline soldiers who are now arrested as sacrificial lambs? Kiir must go for ICC even if he does not, his soul shall torment in hell!

  18. Okuc says:

    Dear Jas,
    I for one, don’t beleive there was a coup attempt on 15th Dec 2013 by Dr. Riak and Co but Dr Okuk is entitled to his opinion.
    The point i want to make here Collo people in Malakal and in their villages shouldn’t been targeted and killed in cold blood by SPLA/M in opposition white army because Collo are not responsible of killing Nuers in Juba on 15th, 16th and 17th Dec 2013 respectively nor they condone killing of innocent Nuers who have nothing to do with SPLA power struggle in Juba.Unfortunately, Riak failed to reign over his supporters especially his so called white army and former mitilias incorporated into SPLA/M army after CPA agreement by targeting and killing innocent civilains in towns under their control.He ( Riak) should have been mindful about the negative impact on his leadership if he failed to instil discipline on supporters by allowing them to kill civilans and destroyed their properties like in Bor and Malakal.
    Coming to your question you posed on which side Collo people are supporting? Collo people don’t want to take side though they are caught up in the conflict they are not part to because of simple reason: the rebellion by Nuers was triggered by ethnic killing of Nuers by Kirr’ militia disguised as republican guards on 15th Dec 2013 and is not a coup nor a revolution by Nuers. Second, the invovlement of Pagan Amum and Oyay Ajack in the alleged coup don’t mean they represent Collo people but they are members of SPLA party. Third, Lam Akol and Joseph Okello are to represent a third party in Adidas Abba but he is being portrayed by media as part of Kirr’ team of negotiatation which misleading public opinion.
    In conclusion, Oliny is a soldier and his involvlement in the war don’t warrant of killing Collo civilians and destroying their properties in Malakal by Riak supporters who took up arms to fight for injustice done to them by Kirr’s regime how come you turned round and commit the same atrocities to people who are not part to to killing Nuers have been subjected to by Kirr’s militia in Juba?
    I think Dr. Okuk is right to say that the relationship that existed between two tribes have been severely destroyed given that Collo value human life which is sacred.

    • Choromke Jas says:

      The entry of the so-called “white army” into the fray has always caused a lot of doubt, both locally and internationally, whether they are under the control of Riek Machar. Like you, I do not accept that armed people should cowardly target civilians who are unarmed. In the long run, though, people like Okuk, who are educated need to take a sober look at the dynamics of the war and decide whether to side with the greater evil or lesser evil. To me, the greatest evil in South Sudan is Kiir and his government system. To kow tow to this government as my brother Okuk has done in his article is to give encouragement to this evil killer. In the end, the Collo, and the rest of the South will lose big if we fail to make strategic assessment and decision regarding the two sides in this war. Peace.

  19. Peter Madual says:

    Dr. James Okuk, I,m not sure what you mean. As I said before you are just a little rat. I mean you are a despicable traitor. Our gallants crashed the SPLA soldiers who are loyal to the criminal Kiir and Lam Akol cockroaches. A simultaneous defeat on Kiir forces and Lam cockroaches. Now they are on the ran. It seems to me that the collapse of Chollo militia have made you desperate. By the way, you for got to tell us news about your militia commander Johnson Oliny. Is he still alive or dead?

    • Peter Madual:

      Cowards! You have never defeated the Mighty Dinka and Chollo until you drive them out of the Greater Upper Nile Region. Our forces will soon retake Malakal and march to kick you out of Nasir and Akobo. Just wait and see. The days of Riek Machar are pretty numbered and we will soon dig or smoke him out from the hole like Saddam Hussein of Iraq.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Dear Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang:

        Dear UPDF and Nuers sellout Cook:

        When the real men are twisting their arms, cowards and women should be busy doing what they do best. Please let UPDF and Nuers twist their arms. Instead of lying to us about your unfounded brave, you should be collecting firewood, fetching water, washing dishes and washing clothes for real men of Uganda and Nuers.

        Coward! That is the only thing you are good at. Don’t you see the writing on the wall? Kiir has no faith in you. It is why he hired mercenaries to protect and keep him in power. Please stop making a fool of yourself and stop writing about your bravery that does not exist. Should Malakal be taken back today, it will be the work of UPDF and the sellout Nuers. We are not talking about cooking and womanly stuffs here, coward. We are talking about what the real men can do. Kitchen is where you belong, Cousin.

        • Dear Gatcharwearbol:

          Ha… Ha… Ha… you are very funny my Cousin. Coward, Who are you trying to fool on this national forum while you are getting Military support from Riek Machar’s UNMISS girl friend, Hilda Johnson. In fact, Hilda Johnson has given you the UNMISS Tanks and many other weaponry to fight the Dinka in South Sudan. The UNMISS is arming and fighting alongside Riek Machar’s forces in Upper Nile Region. Coward! Why did you and Riek Machar run away from me and Bishop Kiir Mayardit in Juba on December 15th, 2013? It was you and me at the Geida/Military Barracks on that night and there was no UPDF nor UNMISS in our midst. Why did you run away from me in Juba if you think I’m a women and cook for the UPDF, Coward?

          In 1991, you sold me rotten to Jalaba and allied your forces with Jalaba to fight against me in South Sudan. Did I run away from you in South Sudan? No, I fought you and Jalaba without any help from the UPDF and still managed to achieve the CPA peace accord with Jalaba. When did you came back to me,Cowards? Take it from me my beloved Cousin. This war will end soon since there is nothing left to loot in Bor, Bentiu and Malakal. Those who came to enrich themselves from looting will either kill Riek Machar or desert the rebellion very soon and return to their villages. undoubtedly, those Nuer villagers would soon return to their villagers since I’m not allowing them to go and loot Juba and the rest of Equatoria and Bhar El Ghazal Region. Cowards! Are you really freedom fighters or looters, lawless food lovers? The governor of Lakes State, General Matur Chut has just seized the weaponry which were shipped to your forces in Unity State by Hild Johnson of UNMISS. We will kick out that bitch from South Sudan very soon. The plot which you have been planning for years will end up in failure and Riek Machar will pay for it with his own life. If the Bishop Kiir Mayardit, the master of forgiveness, forgives Riek Machar, I, LGG will never forgive this Devil (Riek) again this time. His days are numbered…Period. Why do you loot and burn down houses and business if you are truly freedom fighters?

          “The truth hurts but it is worth telling it”
          Lukudu Gatkuoth Garang! (The living voice for the forgotten martyrs of South Sudan.

          • GatCharwearbol says:

            Dear UPDF and Nuer sellout Cook AKA LGG:

            Indeed, there were no Uganda forces on the night of December 15, 2013 at Gieda. We, the 200 soldiers all hail from Nuer tribe defeated you in Gieda. You were no match to us despite the fact that you outnumbered us. It was not you who chased us away, coward. It was the combine forces of Commando, Tiger, and your 15, 000 private army. They were both under the command of James Hoth Mai, the Nuer sellout son that you have been cooking for.

            Coward! You can’t pull the wool over my eyes. I know how coward you are very well.

            Cousin, what happened when they White Army and Peter Gatdet responded, you were sick to your stomach, weren’t you? The bishop of doom knows you are useless who will never drive back the White Army and decided to run to your husband, Museveni for intervention. That was indeed your saving grace.

            Had it not been for Museveni, you won’t be in Juba as we speak or write to each other. Despite the ground and air force reinforcement from Uganda, Kiir was still nervous. He had to solicit Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, JEM, and SPLM-N for help. These are the forces that stop White Army from reaching Juba. Hence, I strongly advise you to keep cooking for UPDF as they are the only power you got right now. I read from one of your comments that you are begging Kiir to make UPDF pull out of South Sudan. Cousin, don’t make that mistake. You will be wallowing in muddy water if they pull out of South Sudan.

            Anyway, Kiir has no confident in you and thus, he will not heed to your call of having UPDF go home. So you are stuck cooking for them. You might just as well change your name to UPDF and Nuer sellout Cook. I pity your finger nails my friend.

  20. Thon Giei says:

    Dr. James Okuk:
    Let me take a hat off for deservedly well-crafted article. No one would keep silent and seeing the killings and displacement of innocent people in the country. We must call spade a spade. 100% of Riek Machar forces are Nuers. this could not be by accident or chance. The massacres have taken place and committed by Nuers loyal to Riek.

    Dr. Okuk do not be swayed from telling the truth.

    Dr. Thon

  21. Chul Mi Lual says:

    Dr. James Ogoth: When did you become such a good supporter of Selfish Killer? Just I am curios? Yeah! Your father Lam Akol has returned back to Juba and he is a member of Killer’s delegation to the peace talks in Addis Ababa. Yeah, opportunistic like you will take advantage of the current crisis and say anything that please the dictator.

    • Bankoi Gatkuoth says:

      Thanks I read many of your articles when Dr. Lam was in terrible situation with Kiir and you used to abuse Dinka most of the times on the way Dinka took over Collo places like ATAR and others. Dr. James let ‘s be realistic on this matter I had opportunity to read article written by Edward Lino he clearly stated why it was not a coup and not only him but many people who have done research on coup.
      A coup without targeting many installations like presidential Palace, Army HQ and government Radio if these importance institutions were not targeted how do you called a coup ?
      Secondly it is a Nuer and whole South Sudan Plus Uganda and Darfurian, if it were only Nuer and Dinka we would have been in Juba by then but we are consolidated our forces and we shall defeat you including helpless COLLO. You have witnessed in Malakal how we chassed you like cowboys.

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Dear Bankoi Gatkuoth:

        Thank you for uttering the absolute truth to Dr. James Okuk. In fact, Dr. James knows exactly what happened in Juba but he chose to deny the fact and indulge in manufacturing lies. We know they are siding with the Dictator who bribed them including their souls. It is ok. Truth always comes out as true. It never comes out as a lie. There was no coup in Juba and he knows that, the money fishing business is booming.

        Mr. Kiir’s university of lie is indeed doing wonders. We shall overcome them together with their lies!! Keep up with good work, pal!

  22. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear James Okuk:

    Unbelievable. Even Chollos fellas and the Educated ones have now dive into lying business too? Salva Kiir’s university of lies and intimidation must be working at best. There is no logical explanation for this loaded lies. It is funny when looking for pay position in South Sudan. Do you really have to sell your dignity to get a rewarding position? Terrible!

    • jay johnson says:


      Where did Dr. Okuk lied? Be specific please

      the Chollo people have been killed mercilessly despite the fact that they are not Dinka if the war, as you have been singing all along is between Dinka and Nuer. Why targeted the shilluk kingdom and yet it is the strong hold and based of the opposition, SPLM-DC.

  23. Defender says:

    Dr. Okuk,

    Your article seems to touch so many issues at the same time, which is commendable, but it also lost focus. In trying to objectively summarize the events, your emotions have taken most of the analytical vigor away. Keep your argument simple so that you reach your audience with clarity. Because it seems you are trying be on the fence so much so that your readers are left with more questions than answers. Example: do you believe in the coup theory? if so, where is your evidence? It is important your readers to see compelling evidence so that they can follow your analysis. Also, there seems to be ambiguous bias in your article against the suffering section of society that suffered unspeakable crimes in Juba. You have glossed over their case with complete literal mastery without addressing the core issues that led to the failure of the leadership in the SPLM to address their problems with civility.

    On the ethnic dimension of the conflict, you seem to target, though un-candidly, the White Army as being the aggressor in this senseless violence but failed to equally attribute the same to the other groups who are complicit in the mass killings in Juba and other areas.

    Finally, your assessment of the role of the UPDF in the conflict seems to be very starved. As an objective assessor of the political situation in South Sudan, the involvement of the UPDF should be categorically opposed, no matter the reasons. Their presence and support of the government in the current crisis is a failure that you did not confer much thought to in your assessment of the political dynamics and the belligerence with which they have executed the war on behalf of the government. These issues as stated, rendered your piece more problematic than the initial intent you wanted to make, I guess.

    • upiu says:

      The government admitted the atrocities committed by its forces in Juba and they have people accused in custody, and you as a spokeman of White army/Nuer militia must also admit to crimes your militia has caused in the greater Upper Nile region. If you are truthful without any political motivation, then you should also concede that more Nuers have died elsewhere in South Sudan than those who died in Juba post Dec.15. As much as they have killed more Dinkas and Shilluks in the three states of greater Upper Nile, their causualties are also significant and there is no reason for that undue suffering on our people.
      Democracy that Riek and cohorts talk about is a numbers game. If the greater Upper Nile region is getting depopulated as is the case right now, who are the voters that you and your boss in crime think will vote him into presidency? You keep on killing your biggest voting block while preaching democracy. What a shame!
      The three states of greater Upper Nile are going decades behind the other states in the country for a problem that started in Juba, Central Equatoria. In the two other regions, kids are going to schools, clinics are runnning and it’s business as usual for normal folks fending for their lives. While in greater Upper Nile it’s massacres after massacres. Why the savagery? Those politicians who are the cause of all of these have no interest of the people they are using in their hearts. So tell your boss to stop the perpetual anarchy/destruction and get serious on the table. That is where the solution will come, not in the battle grounds and stop the UPDF involvement nonesense. They did not invade our country when we where at peace.

      • Defender says:


        Raising issues with the article and being objective does not make me a Nuer or supporter of Riek Machar. That out of the way, let us come to the substance of my critique. Atrocities committed against the people in South Sudan is not something that I undermine, even if I am a soulless being. It is the failure of both leaders to understand the magnitude of their incompetence. However, I still hold the president and his henchmen to account more than any other person in this crisis. His is the leader of the nation and is responsible to the wellbeing of the whole nation. If he failed to hold to the letter and spirit of the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan, who should then? This question should be answered first. Leaders are held to higher standards not because they are saints, but because the trust people put on them require that they use their wisdom to govern. If they failed, such as the case we are dealing with now, one cannot justify/condone/applaud/praise, anything they say.

        Regarding Democracy and its application, whether in Juba or the Bushes of Jonglei, they are all relative. People who speak of democracy are the least you can trust with its application. So, give yourself a break and follow your conscience when talking about issues and reflecting on the meaning they hold.

        The failures of the President in arresting the excesses of power within his office and that of those he has brought through isolated peace, will continue to be a problem for us all. But if the president was genuine about transforming the national army in the last nine years, what we have seen would not have happened. The president himself would not have had to rely on his personal militia to protect his power. But come to think of it, here is where lies the problem. Thus, relying on paid army of another country to uphold the constitution of a sovereign state is a failure that cannot be explained, whether one is a supporter of the president or his detractor. As such, the massacres committed in Juba and many other areas in South Sudan are a shame, not only on those who have rebelled but to us who are not even party to the carnage. We are a nation and as a nation, no matter what has transpired, our obligation must be to protect the truth and not people who would tell us what that truth look like.

        So, in your own analysis of the current situation, develop an opinion and make it your own, devoid of the malice that has engulfed our nation so much so that an objective opinion is seen as dissenting voice. And for your information, since when did Dr. Ukok become a bedfellow with the SPLM? If you are able to answer this question, then I will be surely content that objectivity was the main driver of his attempt impart an intellectual discourse on the current debate around all the narratives the government has put out there about the claim of an attempt to circumvent the democratic process in South Sudan.
        Be my guest!

        • upiu says:

          Your first line in this comment answers your question about this article author’s relationship with SPLM. The fact that he agrees with the government claims about the ongoing crisis does not necessarily make him an SPLM bedfellow. Also, the fact that Kiir is an utter failure in his leadership is not a secret to South Sudanese. Unlike you, I do not however believe it is enough justification for the kind of carnage/destruction we’ve inflicted on ourselves. There are so many failed leaders in this world but people don’t go on a killing/destruction spree and turn around to blame the failed leaders for their vicious acts. If that was the case, then we would be seeing active massacres/genocides all over the world. There are things called elections were tried and failed leaders are sent home. Why didn’t we wait for 2015 to at least accuse him of rigging, or delaying/avoiding elections before we turn on ourselves?
          On the question of whether there was a coup or not, lack of presentation of evidences does not justify the contrary either. So chill out. There are so many unanswered questions for those on opposing sides of this claim.
          Since you said, “..involvement of the UPDF should be categorically opposed, no matter the reasons”, says it all about you. You may claim to not being a supporter of Riek/rebellion but that quote betrays you. UPDF has been in S.Sudan for so long and nobody complained about them. They even provided significant assistance to SPLA during the liberation struggle and they were celebrated then. So I feel your pain if they happen to be on your way this time.

          • Defender says:


            It is bemusing to read your reply and the confidence with which you are twisting the reality of the situation in South Sudan. It matters not that the UPDF forces were in South Sudan. The mandate of their presence in South Sudan was to fight LRA and not South Sudanese. So lay to rest that assertion that they were in South Sudan for a benevolence of protecting us from ourselves. If that is the case, the Americans who are have marines in South Sudan as part of the same contingency would have involved themselves in the war too. Americans and our western allies, were responsible for the liberation of our nation. Why aren’t they involved in fighting? Kenya was the home of the movement during the war of liberation and they did not take sides in the crisis. Do you think they are not informed about what is best for South Sudan and the region? Yes, they do. So claiming the presence of UPDF in South Sudan was sanctioned to fight the war of annihilating one section of society is heartless as many of the crimes committed by all in this current situation.

            If the presence of UPDF was sanction, why aren’t they footing the bill of fighting in South Sudan? This question exposes the reality of the current situation that the President has lost focus and there is nothing that he can do to erase the fact the he solely hold the responsibility of creating this crisis.

            With regard to Election in 2015: you have seen what happened in the process of transaction of the SPLM documents. The president rigged the whole process in his favour, by completely changing avenues of due process to a one that is imposed on the party to cement his grip on power quashing away with any real reforms within the party, to satisfy his own ego to maintain power. The party has effectively been made a one person’s property. As such those who do not confirm to the rules of the chairman, or challenge the chairman are seen as anti SPLM. Where will democracy that you claim would be exercised in 2015 come from? It is trying to play fast with peoples’ thinking that there is a process in South Sudan by which fairness would prevail.

            With regard to coup theory: you are now on record saying that if there is no enough evidence that does not discount the fact that a coup was foiled. If you clearly admitted that there is no enough evidence then you cannot make a case. This is simply principle of jurisprudence. If this is so, why hold people, in a supposedly democratic country against their will, if one does not have enough proof to hold people in detention? If there is any justification, please provide. The rights of those who are now in detention have been violated as well as the rights of those Nuers that are being hunted daily like dogs in Juba, just for being Nuers. Are they not South Sudanese? If yes, why are they falling prey to the private militias of the President and his UPDF mercenaries?

            Finally, with regard to the position of the author of this article, let me let you in on something that you might not have not known about him. He is SPLM-DC member and unquestionable supporter of Dr. Lam. He follows where the wind leads the Leader of the DC. Now that the SPLM-DC is in bed with SPLM proper, he has shifted his political orientation. So, when you see people right here, please check their background first and then fall all over behind their supposed objectivity.

          • upiu says:

            Response to your comment of Mar.9th.
            The editor has somehow disabled the reply button after your comment, so I’m obliged to respond to you here. I believe this to be a civilized exchange of ideas which won’t make it a cause for disgust to the editor or anybody else. This is what should be happening in South Sudan rather than using the bullets and other weapons to do the talking.
            Defender, the deeper we’ve gone on with this exchange the clearer your hidden ‘inner’ you surfaces. Your original claim of neutrality has quickly dissipated here. I must also reiterate my position here that I am against the death of our people as well as the destruction of people’s livelihood on both sides of this senseless conflict. The issues of UPDF and political detainees as preconditions to peaceful settlement of the political differences gets so beaten up by the rebels so much so that they lose their objective. Is that what the rebellion is about? How many more lives are we preparing to lose because of UPDF forces presence in south Sudan and the few politicians in detention? Who is going to fight for those innocent civilians who are dying on daily basis if our politicians are only fighting for themselves? You can not hold the entire nation hostage, and set villages and towns up in flames due to a few politicians who are safe in detention.
            You talked of Americans and other western allies not being involved in the current war. My friend, you need to be wary of those Yankees and those so called allies. Their fingerprints are all over the wall and their participation however subtle can not be overlooked. They admitted to stopping the military aid to GOSS but God knows where it’s going. They may not have their boots on the ground but like they did during the liberation struggle, their role is quite glaring. If you read carefully, you will understand that they are the only side benefitting from this instability. China’s economic growth is a big threat to those “western allies” you referred to and any stunt in China’s economic power is a big achievement to them which they have perfected. If you can tell us where the white army gets their military supply, then you can convience yourself and the rest of us that other eastern Africa countries, most notably Ethiopia, and other western “allies” are not involved. Also tell me, how many oil producing and resource-rich countries are peaceful and stable in Africa?
            So, don’t count anybody out yet.
            You could surprise yourself with how many players are holding so much stake in this conflict – all at the expense of innocent/ordinary citizens. Shame on them all!
            On the Coup or no Coup theories, I am not privy to either side – govt or rebels. So I can’t give you evidences for or against it. If you believe in the no coup, then you should tell us why you don’t think there was a coup.
            Atrocities committed against civilians in Juba and elsewhere in the country are both damnable. Those who committed the atrocities in Juba are in Juba, not in Bor, Bentiu, or Malakal. If they are to be held accountable, it should be done to them in Juba, Central Equatoria, not in the states of greater Upper Nile region.
            Democracy – I think you are contradicting yourself here. You said, “People who speak of democracy are the least you can trust with its application”. I don’t know how much you meant by that statement and, to whom does it apply?
            I can not defend Kiir and his govt agents in this carnage. Kiir has failed the country and so has Riek. If democratic transformation is what Riek and his group were fighting for in SPLM as they claim, why then turn the whole country upside down? Why didn’t they keep their fight to their party? If they the SPLM chair had so much grip on the party, which I heard is not even registered, why didn’t the aggrieved parties exit the corrupt party en masse and take the abandoned ‘vision’ and form a new party? This could have been the most sensible thing to do. Since when has SPLM become another Ngundeng dang? Did Ngundeng also say that Riek has to become SPLM chair to become president of South Sudan?
            To me, the rebellion is not going to achieve anything for the people of south Sudan. It may, and only may, dislodge the sitting government and only breed cycles of rebellions, mutinies and coups. South Sudan is for all and nobody should brag about winning wars against one another. The only bragging rights which we could help instill in our nation is, which state did better in national exams, which state has done better in development. Not which tribe is more brave and powerful over others.
            Regarding Okuk, I care less about his political inclination. And I don’t care about what he has written in the past or what he’ll do in the future. I simply agree with what he wrote about here.
            Since when has it become a sin to belong to a different political party than SPLM in South Sudan? No wonder we are slaughtering each other SPLM party leadership.

      • Elijah Samuel says:

        Those Soldier arrested for the genocide are simply sacrificial lambs to save Kiir from going to ICC
        see the details here:

  24. Arop Ater says:

    Elijah Samuel
    You need to moderate your self and know that when the hell broke its silence on 15th of December every southerner in south sudan know in details the incident that happened Juba and the proved is the current rebellion led by Riek. this is another senesless war in medias by nuers wrong elements like Elijah who believe their lies will convince western countries and have Kiir remove in favour of Riek that may give them credit of replacing China the biggest oil producer in south sudan. mr. Elijah, you are doing the opposite by giving medicince without proper diagnosis to the patients and of course that’s a good reason for those nuers white army who are dying because of such narratives. acording to Elijah, it was not a coup but an assassination atempt on Riek by Salva that caused rebellion. These propagandas will not solve the problems. Was Riek in the military barrack by the time he survived assassination atempt as you call it? Why did he ran to the bush and lead the mutineers instead of going to exile in neigbouring countries? Dr. Okuk you hit the nail on the head. this coup was planned and funded by nuers in diaspora. the 2% of oil was use by Taban Deng to recrute nuer youth to fight over throw the government. if you doubt my arguement then show me the 2% of oil money for all these years? Is it used on which development. Now you should not cry of this conflict and give it another name. it is some thing you have cooked and you must taste it.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      What you can not answer is, Who were the generals carrying out the coup in Juba for Riek, Madam Rebecca and the rest of the team Riek?? How were they suppose to carry their plot to get the big fish in Juba, if they are relying on the generals in Bor etc? It is only a shallow brain that can believe there was a coup!
      If Riek made a coup, why kill Nuer Civil servants, women and children? Why only targeted Nuer?
      You can say all that you want, no intelligent people buy it! KIIR IS A KILLER, A LIER AND HAS A FAILED ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON RIEK…PERIOD!

  25. Robert says:


  26. democrat says:

    I think splm -DC has no people and foreign friends to fund the rebellion or pays attention to their political grieves.

  27. Alier Gai says:

    Mr. Lok,
    All I have been saying will always stay there my brother. The high volume of suffering we are experiencing now is caused by one mistake, and that one mistake is macher’s temerity to act poorly. My earlier comments proposed simple equations that are save and easy to execute than working in the bush aimlessly. If macher did not leave Juba and fight his case from within and through the social change, no body would have been on kiir’s side by this time. Everybody, including macher’s haters would have been celebrating the one missed giant step with no fear to say Macher is a leader in 2015, no matter what. And by contrast, his lack of political attraction is the cause of no taste to him and to the suffering masses, together now. AM I nonsensical? No. Was my comment obscured? Absolutely no. And by the way, what is your position? Taking arm?

  28. malual deng de del says:

    I would not going to comment like foolish people who are not empathy on the people. For those two positions are not belong to whole ss Sudan. The only solution is to pray to God, so that to pour his wisdom

  29. Alier Gai says:

    Let pray, amen! But why don’t we tell God first the items we are asking and praying for? I am honestly serious brother. Are we praying for riek macher or kiir mayardit, in person? Or are we praying for peace and unity? Or is it this website itself, unmiss, ethiopia, eriteria, sudan, usa, erupe, china or m. east? Problems are many.

  30. Kayier says:

    Sorry to hear this lies and a U turn from the person I respect and love to read his articles for along time.Dr Okuk with this article of pure lies and propaganda has reduced himself to a mere puppet and chosed to live a kind of parasitic niche where he cannot survived and live to his own opinion without following Dr.Lam Akol…..Welcome to the new kingdom and enjoy the benefit of shame though politic tells different story.

  31. Defender says:

    It is now clear that you have moved much more to my side of the argument that no matter what is proclaimed to have had happened, innocent civilians are the victims. This much we agree on. That is good. With regard to regional and global interests, there will always be a gravitational pull by either, the West or East, as is the case in China. We cannot abandon values that fought to secure our liberation for the sake of staying in power. This alone is what has transpired over the last few months. Principles are just names people attach to situation but never actually apply. This is what I meant with my description of Democracy that many who see the legitimacy with which the government is executing the war at the moment, continue to trounce common sense with every step they make. Thus, seeing your overt acknowledgement that there is nothing to be defended on both side, tells me more about soul searching you have embraced.

    With this response, I will say that I have found someone who reasons with composure and understands the art of public discourse; which is not easy to accept when all is bent on labelling and ignoring facts in the face of mediocrity. Let us both agree to disagree and move on with humility that is deserving of the future that our country deserve.

  32. Marik Lueth says:

    What a educative and truthful article! Dr. Okuk, I believe that our country has some potential statesmen to run it even far much better compared to having strongmen who are greedy for power and wealth.
    Quite informative and resourceful for some of us to use it as a reference even after 30 years to come.
    I once wrote on ”radio miraya face book” before 15.Dec.2013 incident that if SPLM party does what the NCP party in Kartuom did to us in the South then ‘we’ shall do what we did to NCP in Kartuom.
    So we are going to do it differently during elections to come, no matter whenever they come!
    Keep it up!

  33. Robt says:

    You are so cool! I don’t suppose I’ve read something like this before.
    So good to find another person with a few genuine thoughts
    on this subject matter. Really.. thanks for starting this
    up. This web site is something that is needed on the web, someone with a
    little originality!

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