Interim government of national unity must exclude Kiir

BY: David Lokosang, South Sudan, NOV/10/2014, SSN;

I don’t understand the logic behind the proposal of the interim government of national unity as being peddled by IGAD. There is nothing called interim government of national unity unless IGAD countries just want to please both sides to the conflict and to hell with innocent civilians who were killed by Kiir’s tribe militias in Juba and those killed in Bor, Malakal, Bentiu and other areas as the result of direct retaliation to what had happened in Juba between 15 – 24 of December 2013.

Without any doubt, an ‘Interim government’ and a ‘Government of national unity’ are two completely different systems of government serving different purposes.

Interim Government
The main difference between an Interim government and the government of national unity is this:
an Interim government normally is formed when a country has gone into and through serious national crises such that the leadership in charge or the government in charge created a mess and is therefore incapable to bring a solution.

In such a situation, therefore, either the president is to resign or the whole government is to resign and then the ‘Interim government’ is formed out of and by a neutral body (preferably technocrats) to clean up the mess and put up a good strategy how to govern the country effectively and efficiently.

The interim period would be normally one and half or two years. The responsibility of the interim government is to run the affairs of the state during the interim period, and includes all the stake-holders who would be tasked to prepare a new constitution, a system of governance, the laws governing political parties, form an electoral body and make necessary arrangement for national election at the end of the interim period.

For instance, when former Sudanese president Nimeiri was ousted in April 1985, Gen. Thowar El dahab formed an interim government for a period of one year. At the end of that period, national election was subsequently conducted and that was how Sadig El Mahde became the prime minister of Sudan for the second time.

The second example is in Ukraine. When the former Ukraine president messed up with the affairs of the state, he was ousted by the people of Ukraine and some one had to be selected to form an interim government and then recently we have seen an election conducted and there is now a newly elected president in that country.

Government of national unity
In contrast, the Government of national unity is normally formed to accommodate other political parties in the country and you can find this type of government mostly in Third world democracy and the main aim is to address certain grievances but in the Western democracy only the winning party occupies all the ministerial position.

Clearly, as an example of the government of national unity is the current government of South Sudan which includes other political parties. Sudan, Iraq, and other countries have governments of national unity that include other political parties in the government.

As a matter of fact, what happened on December 15th is not a coup attempt but it was a failed assassination attempt instigated by the president, Kiir, and his warlords.

All embassies in Juba including the UN have substantial evidence that there was no coup attempt. It is only the dictatorial regime and its supporters that still are dancing about the alleged coup. Even the closest ally to the regime, dictator Museveni, has recently denied the coup rhetoric.

The reason behind the coup attempt rhetoric was to down play the call by the majority members of SPLM Political Bureau and the National Liberation Council to transform SPLM from a national liberation movement to a national political party.

In this regard there are a number of issues that needed to be addressed but the war lords in Juba objected to the proposed changes. They want to clink in power only to serve themselves and their relatives but not for the general good.

Why the conflict within the SPLM party twisted to be a tribal conflict between Dinka and Nuer? It is the work of the inner circle around the president, those of Telar, Paul Malong and others and with an evil advice either from Beshir or Moseveni behind the current crises.

The simple logic behind it is that if you kill innocent Nuer, all the nuer will take arms and rally behind Dr. Riak Machar. Therefore it will be easy to mobilize other tribes to finish the Nuer and in that sense they will rule the country without opposition.

Truth speaks for itself, there is nothing done by the current government of Salva Kiir for the full 9 years since 2005 up to now.

SPLM/A fought the regimes in Khartoum because of social, political, economical, religious, ethnic and cultural discriminations, denial for freedom of expression, lack of democracy yet we still experience those things happening in a government that we thought to be the protector of human rights, freedom of expression and Anti-discrimination.

If our government in Juba does these things then what is the difference between the various regimes that have come and gone in Khartoum with the current government in Juba?

Evil behaviors can not be replaced with evil but with good and honest behaviors. Our visionary leader Cde Dr. Garang once said and I quote: “A colonizer has no colour or tribe, even your own brother can be a colonizer,” and this is exactly what is happening in South Sudan.

Some people believed they are more equal than others and therefore they deserve to run all the apparatus of the state. They enjoy luxurious life while the majority of people are suffering. This is not what we fought for!

We fought to form a democratic system of governance in the new nation. We fought for equal opportunities based on merit. We fought to build infrastructures of the 21st century, take towns to rural areas with all the basic services so that there is no reason for the ordinary citizens to come and look for those basic services in major villages like Juba, Malakal and Wau.

Don’t take my description offensive because for a town to be called a town or a city to be called a city, it is not only the buildings that matter but the town planning that matters. There must be a sewage system, proper roads network, electricity, clean water, modest health system, security of all citizens and proper system of governance.

I profoundly believe that if Salva Kiir (Kin) is still the president of South Sudan, there will never be peace, social economic development, justice, equality and freedom. My belief is based on the fact that he lacks a vision. He lacks wisdom and capabilities to run a nation.

How many times he changed the government? Where is the program of a hundred days? How many zero tolerance ultimatums he issued because of corruption? Has any one seen any progress done in South Sudan accept more rampant corruption and abuse of human rights and powers?

He was there as a second man to Cde Dr. John Garang but he did not benefit any experiences and knowledge from him. He is not even fit to be a commander because he lacks military strategies. The reality is that there is no real government in South Sudan. Those are groups of war lords working to serve themselves and their families and relatives but not the people of South Sudan. Therefore they must go.

In my own opinion for peace to prevail in South Sudan, President Kiir should resign and pave a way for an interim government to be formed, which by the definition above, will exclude Kiir as president. That’s why the proposed IGAD modality of an interim government is unacceptable.

He should not be a party to the interim government but should engage fully to negotiate a way out of current mess and reach a permanent solution. He is the one who recruited the militias from his own region. And it was the current chief of the general staff Paul Malong who was in charge of the killing of the innocent Nuer in Juba and elsewhere in different locations in South Sudan.

President Kiir himself accepted the master plan when he was addressing the New Sudan Youth Gathering on May 16th and I quote: “I order the recruitment of reserve army in case there is a war but some politicians and military personnel refused salaries and weapons to them and now these reserve army are the ones who fought in Juba and are the ones fighting in Bor, Malakal and Bentiu,”

In other words, it is these reserve army who executed the killings of innocent Nuer in Juba on December 15th and will continue killing innocent civilians elsewhere.

Hence, a corrupt and murderous people can not be rewarded by giving them another 2 years to steal more and kill more innocent people. I therefore appeal to all members of the SPLM party wherever they are and all the people of South Sudan to join ranks and work together for regime change as the only way forward for a genuine change in our new nation.

Written by

David Lokosang

19th October 19, 2014


  1. Force says:

    David Lokosang;
    It’s easy to say on the web that president Kiir must be excluded; well president to be excluded and go where? Tell us someone who works as hard as the president during the liberation to take over the leadership? Make no mistake about it; we know those who work as hard as this president during the liberation and we expect their time to come and no traitors would say otherwise!

    The President and many others have archive records of the work they have done during the liberation. The traitors have their archive records as well of the work they have done during the liberation and we know them one by one.

    It’s our duty to replace president Kiir when his time is over with someone who works as hard as he is to take over the leadership. You guys here can make as many noises as you can here on the web and as long as you’re not over there in South Sudan or show up in the parliament to make that noise; no one would care.

  2. Daniel says:

    Dear David,

    I support some of your arguments but I want to advice you to be patrotic and nationalist in your approach, both leaders had failed South Sudan, they had been in that failing government for eight good years before they disagree and they never achieve anything tangible except corruption. Both of them should not be part of new system if we real means peace to pervail in the South. Nuer community will not welcome the present of Salva in government also Dinka community will not welcome the present of Riek in the government because of messes they had created. What I am saying must be put in consideration if we wish to have peaceful nation especially during Interim period.

  3. Terketh says:

    David Lokosang, you are among those who are inciting and encouraging the current on going war in South Sudan to go on . I think you are living outside South Sudan, because the way you wrote this article is for someone who is not concern about the future of this country. yes if there is a bad government then you can not address in such way. President Kiir has no tribe militias and is not the one instigated his warlords as you stated. you brought examples of Sudan and Ukraine but our conflict nature is different with them, because what happened in Sudan and Ukraine is between the national citizens and systems not like South Sudan which was started as differences between one party and lastly involved the tribe as Nuer tribe start shooting Dinka soldiers in Juba barrack at night of 15/12/2013 and shifting attacks to New site for the aim to capture the SPLA GHQS so that is why I said you are not in Juba or South Sudan, becaus3 the way you are talking is not the way of neutral writer you are totally Gatluak or white army that was defeated on their moving to occupy Juba and those who rescue Juba are South Sudanese citizens not Dinka as you are inciting. Stop division, stop division, division will not take us a head.

    • Kulang says:

      You see the thing is that Salva Kiir himself has admitted to having a private army ( Dootku Bany, Gelweng) whatever you wanna call it. Which can only mean one of two things either your in denial or Banydit is a liar. And this coup chorus people like you keep singing I urge you to take a second to ask yourselves this question, why can’t we provide any shred of credible evidence to the rest of the world which proves that a coup had indeed been foiled? Simple answer it doesn’t exist. With regards to the current deal I would rather see both Riek and Salva excluded then to see this pathetic excuse for a president remain in office for another year, totally unexceptable.

  4. LONG says:

    Dear Brother Lokosang,

    You spoke like a man, real Pojulu, calling spade a spade not big spoon.

    However, there are more dimensions to this conflict than just removing Kiir, he is just the one of the heads of the imaginary dragon with too many heads. Kiir is actually held hostage by the likes of Manyan, Malong, etc whose political survival depends solely on him and many more old and young alike. I can assure you that if Kiir resign to day, there is possibility of internal coup to sustain Dinka hold on power.

    THE DEVIL CALLED MUSEVENI; we all know, Kiir is where he is because of him(M7) other wise it would have been another story. The loud silence of the Equatorians, is largely coz of Ugandan taking sides with Kiir, Lets not forget the defeat of Anya Anya1 was a direct result of Amin shifting allegiance to Middle East, denying us base and corridor for training and arm shipment. Its same political prostitute M7 who calls shots at IGAD and Kiir notes in approval. as far as I know Kiir is politically impotent – he even know that.

    In my opinion, the country must be divided into three Confederate states, of upper Nile, BEG and Equatoria.
    This must be the demand of all Equatorians if we have to develop and realized our potentials. Unity is not possible we are not same we are just forced to be together.

  5. monychol says:

    David, actually there was a coup a completion of the 2004 Yei coup led by non rather then Salva Kiir against John Garang.Though John Garang is no longer there, Kiir’s coup had to be completed against the SPLM and the SPLA and that is why Kiir’s loyalists are still dancing for their successful coup against the SPLM/SPLA leaders and the people of South Sudan.The 2004 Yei coup plotters and NIF converts are celebrating the success of their 2013 coup against the SPLM/SPLA and you citizens.You and your SPLM/SPLA are the losers.
    This is the coup that we know believed and so do the international community.

  6. Agook Mayek Riak says:

    Isn’t it a one-sided, Isn’t it myopic,Isn’t it simplistic? From left to right, their hands are all drifting with the blood of their own people. Where do you start mister?

  7. David Lokosang says:

    I would like to thanks everyone who made a comment on my article. This is what democracy is, you can agree to disagree but not to kill each other without reason. When I decided to write this article, I am not against Kiir as a person, or supporting Dr. Machar. Both Kiir and Machar are not the only people or messiahs in South Sudan. For those who do not know who David Lokosang is, I am one of those who opposed Dr. Machar and Dr. Lam Akol when they made the coupe of 1991 that retarded SPLM/A some years back and majority of SPLM members know that very well but the reality is, we cannot dowel on history, when the peace reconciliations was done between SPLM/A and Dr. Machar and his group, it was over. He became the third man in command after Dr. John and Kirr. Therefore you cannot deny him any rights what soever. The problem with you guys you don’t understand how democratic procedures work if some wants run for the leadership. For example some people say why Dr. Machar not wait til election 2015 then he can run for the presidency. Tell me how is he going to run for the presidency? Is he going to stand as an independent candidate or form his own political party?
    Let me explain to you how it works. SPLM National Convention was going to convene in February 2013 and it is on this convention that the delegates were going to pass all basic SPLM documents then eventually they were going to elect the chairman of the party who would then run for the presidency with other political party in 2015. Kiir is the one in charge of the state what he would have done was to lobby the SPLM delegates to vote for him and if he worn Dr. Machar would have accepted it in democratic manner otherwise no one would have support him if he went against the will of the people. Now tell me why President Kiir stands as an obstacle for the SPLM National Convention to take place?

    I was keeping quite hoping that things can improve but unfortunately not that is why I broke my ranks. I am one of those who is committed to the SPLM because I believe in its vision and I have exerted my energy for SPLM/A for the last 21 years during the liberation war but unfortunately after the death of Dr. John Garang, the current leadership of Kiir has let us all down.
    I hope you would understand how the procedures works and the current unnecessary war would have been avoided.

  8. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, David.
    it seem that you are blaming salva Kiir for failing the Government of South Sudan in 9 years time and give upper hand to Riek Machar to be next president of Republic through barrel of Gun.
    let me tell you these your article is not very clear because you said that how is Mr. machar going to run in next election while it was block by head of state? you proved it to us that the only short cut is to fire the bullets that is your answer Sir.
    in the above article I have been following it and you mentioned to us that there was no coup, if there was no coup how come for the sound of gun to be hard as a mean of wining candidacy? you are been told by some of commentators that the whole groups of spla-in-opp, Government, Detainees all are mess up the country but you failed to understand it, yet you are insisting of Kiir what happen to him? if people talks of militia then what about white army are they national army?

    • Kulang says:


      The situation in South Sudan is a reflection of leadership (extremely poor) lets acknowledge that, for 9 years Salva ruled the country with daily presidential degrees with no explanations, let alone reasonable ones. Now aboutthis coup story, okays let’s say this was what happened and Salva and his henchmen (Makuei,Mayang, Hoth) had indeed foiled it. The sensible(logical) thing to do would be to have Riek and his conspirators arrested, if he had focused his efforts on capturing Riek he may well have succeeded but instead Gatdet rebelled in Mading Bor and after hearing about the targeted killings of Nuer civilians.

  9. monychol says:

    Hey Kulang and Alier, there was no coup plot or staged on the side of Machar and SPLM leaders.Instead there had been a long time coup plot dated back to that Kiir’s Yei compound in 2004 awaiting implementation.These coup plotters in that compound were eagerly waiting for an opportunity to implent their plot and they are:Salva Kiir, Kuol Manyang, Aleu Ayeny, Makuei Lueth, Telar Deng, Awet Akot and Wani Igga.These folks overthrew the SPLM and SPLA as organisations and replaced the with themselves and NIF converts on the political side and Rek boys and UPDF on the military side.
    Machar was just used as a trump card since he has history of coup and his name was also used to blackmail the Dinka tribal support by Yei 2004 coup plotters as Riek Machar name anf association in the ear of most Dinkas is synonymous to that of a hyena.Give the devil the credit when it is his.Riek Machar has nothing to do with military violence in Juba.Instead, it was the 2004 Yei coup plotters who seriously wanted to finish their unfinished coup business.

  10. Deng Deng says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    Mr. Lokosong’s article is great.
    Please, South Sudanese youth do not use the social media to attack and fight ourselves. let the for a be used to mobilize ourselves for mass action. Burkina Faso Youth did great job by removing dictatorial and corrupt leadership in their country. We SS youth can do it even better in SS rather than the current war taking thousand of lives. If you wait for IGAD and others to recycle the old politicians, it will be total disaster. It is we the youth who should decide our destiny. Please, think over it and act!

  11. Kondokoro says:

    LOKOSANG is a real son of Bari Pojulu the cousins of Jubek or Juba you did what real south sudanese can say where will the president elected go? I tell you he will go no where
    long Live Lokosang

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