Installing a government of the people, by the people, for the people in South Sudan (Part 1)


“They said that while Dr. Riek will heed to their hook through their treacheries, Losuba will not,” a confidential source tipped. The source was relaying a chilling message about an assassination attempt on the life of Major Losuba Ludoru Won’go, a decorated former Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) Officer who together with other SPLA Officers formed the Revolutionary Movement for National Salvation (REMNASA).

The former SPLA Officers who are crossing over to REMNASA in droves are disgruntled with the way their obsolete army continues to conduct itself and concerned with the way South Sudan is being driven to the ground by the archaic so-called Liberation Army.

According to the mole, Salvatore Kiir Mayardit and his inner circle, determined that the Leader of REMNASA is the real threat to their tyrannical government in Juba not Riek Machar because Machar is unprincipled and easy to dupe!

National Security under the directives of Salva Kiir Mayardit in collaboration with a well known, equally unethical Equatoria State governor, allegedly decided to draw a plan to assassinate Major Won’go because he has become a spoiler to a hurried peace agreement that does not address the root causes of the South Sudan carnage!

South Sudan is a country of 64 ethnic groups which became independent through a combined struggle of all these nationalities regardless of their individual populations.

Therefore, while 62 nationalities remain peaceful and continue to work hard despite the crisis in the country for a progressive and prosperous South Sudan, the two traditionally antagonistic nationalities continue to destroy the country.

As such the 62 nationalities referred to as the “majority peaceful South Sudanese” can no longer continue to stand by and watch as the country is being destroyed but must act to find a solution to salvage the country from total collapse,” reads a section of a document that outlines why REMNASA was formed.

The document is one of many released by REMNASA and it serves as a clarion call for all the 64 tribes of South Sudan to join REMNASA in wresting the steering wheel from the dealers and wheelers of a lousy peace deal!

Read “The Awaited Devils in Details of IGAD’s Mediated Proposed Truce”.
Read “IGAD proposes new South Sudan power sharing deal”.

Major Won’go and the former SPLA soldiers who are determined to bring about a government that respects and treats all the 64 tribes of South Sudan equally are principled people.

They cannot be bribed or bought and they will never accept a peace deal that only gratifies so-called leaders who leave ordinary people high and dry. That is why Salvatore Kiir Mayardit and his cronies are running scared!

“They gave Likambo my photos and urged the chief with his police to hand me to them should they get me,” Major Losuba Ludoru Won’go offered as he explained Kiir’s bribery of three unprincipled Kakwa men to track him down to Kakwaland in the Democratic Republic of Congo and assassinate him for a ridiculous amount of US $2000.00 each.

The three governors of Equatoria are reported to be very unhappy with Major Won’go’s audacity to launch REMNASA in Equatoria because they had promised Kiir that he could trust them to keep Greater Equatoria peaceful but much to their collective chagrin, REMNASA now has “boots on the ground” and it is gaining strength and momentum as individuals and groups from all the 64 tribes especially ones formerly attached to the SPLA come to the bleak realization that their doddering so-called Liberation Army and its phony friends are out to harm South Sudan through muddled arrangements.

The battle hardened officers are joining REMNASA in droves because they now realize that the only way to bring about sustainable peace in South Sudan and the model country South Sudanese and their genuine friends fought and died for is to tackle their former SPLA colleagues to the ground and place them in a choke-hold as Police Officers would criminals that must be restrained to protect society!

That South Sudanese need fortified protection from a criminal ragtag so-called National Army is now crystal clear as is the fact that the citizens of South Sudan and their genuine friends must secure South Sudan themselves instead of relying on a Dysfunctional self-appointed peace process now dubbed IGAD so-called Plus.

That is why Major Losuba Ludoru Won’go and the former SPLA Officers who defected from the lawless so-called National Army and founded REMNASA deserve praise for daring to defect the outmoded SPLA and forming a patriotic organization that protects civilians.

Read and watch “South Sudan: Women raped under the noses of UN forces”.
Read “The Bloodiest Conflict No One Is Talking About”.

“REMNASA forces will defend the people till their last breath”, a member of the organization shared during an open forum that is organized via teleconference.

The forum allows historians, storytellers, journalists, members, supporters, admirers and sympathizers of REMNASA to converge on line to learn about REMNASA’s work on the ground, obtain updates, ask questions and provide constructive criticism!

Unlike the lawless SPLA that forbids people from providing feedback, open dialogue, transparency and critical analysis are encouraged in REMNASA and no one is stopped from talking, asking questions and even criticizing REMNASA!

“The confrontation happened after our revolutionary forces stationed in a nearby area had been informed of the situation in Maridi and were heading to rescue the civilians from the SPLA; while the two Platoons of the SPLA were also heading from their bases to Maridi to reinforce their fellow thugs” a section of a Press Release by Colonel John Sunday Martin the REMNASA spokesperson read.

He was explaining REMNASA’s determination to protect the people of South Sudan using force when necessary.

On the occasion explicated by Colonel Martin in this particular Press Release, REMNASA forces felt compelled to confront SPLA forces affiliated with South Sudan’s lawless government who were reportedly heading to Maridi, a town in Western Equatoria State to reinforce a lawless group that was murdering civilians, burning houses and looting property the same way they were doing in Upper Nile State and other parts of South Sudan.

The death and destruction described by REMNASA’s spokesperson in Press Releases often results from firefights between REMNASA forces and marauding SPLA soldiers out to harm unarmed civilians.

It is the exact same thing upright Police Officers charged with the duty to protect citizens do if menacing criminals refuse to put down their guns after being asked to do so.

Respectable Police Officers always prefer dialogue but they are authorized to shoot coldblooded criminals to protect society.

Everyone who resides in a country that doesn’t have felons running amok like South Sudan knows that fact.

“The worst scenario was a woman and her children, together with her husband was burnt to death in their house by the SPLA. It is most unfortunate that, the National Army (SPLA) has become not only tribal but a criminal institution, and it has totally failed to serve and save our Nation without discriminations on tribal lines. What happened in Maridi is indeed a crime against humanity that will never have to go unquestioned and unaccounted for, by the SPLA
leadership,” another section of a REMNASA Press Release read.

It underscores the need to rescue South Sudanese from the lawless SPLA and REMNASA’s determination to protect the citizens of South Sudan and defend the country from being vended to unscrupulous non citizens.

The people of South Sudan must reject the irrational IGAD so-called Plus peace process bent on rewarding a lawless army with a blatantly abusive power sharing arrangement forthwith! Yes they can because IGAD so-called Plus is not the boss of South Sudanese.

It has no authority over South Sudan whatsoever and it needs to stop its impervious meddling with South Sudanese lives!

It has been repeatedly pointed out that for sustainable peace to be attained in South Sudan, all the stakeholders must be involved in the solution but this simple fact continues to fall on deaf ears while institutions entrusted with global security such as the United Nations continue to walk on putrid egg shells with respect to South Sudan!

That is the reason why the people of South Sudan must now wrest the steering wheel from the unauthorized IGAD so-called Plus and carve out the South Sudan they want themselves!

The Dysfunctional agreement proposed by IGAD so-called Plus will most definitely impel South Sudan into the abyss. It is a barefaced truth known by all the people of South Sudan who want the best for all the 64 tribes of South Sudan and their actual friends.

Not the phony ones responsible for some of the nightmarish scenarios and carnage that was instigated with the mass murder of Nuer people by Kiir’s side of the lawless cartel in December 2013!

The unconcealed intentions of South Sudan’s haughty so-called friends to gorge on South Sudan’s rich resources at the expense of its ordinary people drive the unproductive self-styled interventions that have now brought South Sudan to a tipping point.

It has necessitated the people of South Sudan themselves to step in so that they can install a government of the people, by the people, for the people in South Sudan.

“As of 13 minutes ago, Kiir’s so-called democratically elected government expired,” a friend observed in the early hours of May 22, 2015 as we chatted about the lawlessness that has engulfed South Sudan and the sightlessness accompanying it.

It is a fact that has been ignored by the IGAD so-called Plus because of the same overconfidence that almost got Sudan’s Omar Bashir arrested when he traveled to South Africa thinking he was above international law.

Legally, South Sudan is already a failed state and Salvatore Kiir Mayardit is no longer the quasi so-called democratically elected president of South Sudan anyway even though IGAD so-called Plus has knowingly ignored that fact the same way the South African government ignored a court order to confine Sudan’s Omar Bashir so that he can be handed over to the International Criminal Court.

Read “Court demands to know how Bashir escaped South Africa”.

The documents released by REMNASA speak for themselves but one message reverberates through all of them and it is that of inclusivity, eliminating lawlessness from South Sudan and ushering in a properly functioning government that respects all the people of South Sudan from all the 64 tribes – a government of the people, by the people, for the people. The SPLA is incapable of protecting the people of South Sudan and defending the country against the encroachment masquerading as a Dysfunctional Peace Process which is the reason why REMNASA should be supported in building a professional and disciplined South Sudan National Army that upholds and personifies the army values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage. An army that will defend the sovereignty of South Sudan and its citizens like the commandos who flew thousands of miles to rescue citizens held hostage at Entebbe International Airport in Uganda!
Watch “The Greatest Hostage Rescue in History Documentary on The Entebbe Raid”.

Major Losuba Ludoru Won’go the lead founder of REMNASA and the other founders deserve praise for ditching a genocidal and lawless SPLM cum SPLA oligopoly, forming REMNASA and doubling as a Police Force for South Sudan in the face of anarchy that is in a class of its own. Armed robbery, plunder of public resources, mass murder of citizens they are supposed to protect with impunity, rape of women, men and children in the most horrific ways are but a few of the evil disorders that continue to be the modus operandi of a so-called Historical Army that should be brought to book instead of being rewarded with the power sharing deal being proposed by a tainted IGAD so-called Plus. Simply put, the lawless and genocidal SPLA cum SPLM oligopoly cannot and should not be trusted with the future of South Sudan!
Major Won’go and his colleagues at REMNASA are issuing a clarion call for all able bodied South Sudanese and their friends to cross over to their side so that they can challenge the defunct SPLM cum SPLA oligopoly. Plainly speaking, the modus operandi of the lawless SPLA is no longer acceptable and REMNASA appears to be willing to collaborate with like minded individuals and groups to use force to eject the lawless traitors if necessary. The SPLA which wants to continue forcing itself on the people of South Sudan is no longer tolerable after decades of committing the most abhorrent forms of human rights violations against citizens it is supposed to protect and defend with its members’ lives if it was indeed an actual army and not the anarchic and splintered tribal militia it is.
REMNASA’s unassuming raison d’être (reason or justification for existence) as articulated in all its documents is what will save South Sudan and prevent the country from plummeting into the chasm. This is because soldiers who cross to REMNASA and civilians who join the organization are willing and able to tackle an armed and dangerous SPLA and the lawless government of South Sudan under Salvatore Kiir Mayardit and his cronies. A failed government that is fully aware of REMNASA’s power. The fact that REMNASA is a National Movement for all the 64 tribes of South Sudan including the two Dinka and Nuer tribes is a threat to Kiir’s side of the lawless and genocidal SPLA cum SPLM oligopoly. In addition, there are verified reports about individuals from the Dinka and Nuer tribes flocking to join REMNASA because they look at the organization as the one that will pull South Sudan from the melee that is threatening to annihilate the country. They are determined to save South Sudan with more of their “boots on the ground” to the mortification of a government that is hanging by the skin of its teeth. As REMNASA continues its clarion call for SPLA soldiers and civilians alike from all the 64 tribes of South Sudan to cross to its side while isolating and restraining lawless tribal elements, it is determined to protect civilians and install a government of the people, by the people, for the people.
“He is one of us” an American soldier gushed when a representative of REMNASA in the United States of America gave an account of Why REMNASA was formed and shared information about Major Losuba Ludoru Won’go who has numerous credentials. They include credentials in National Security which he obtained from the United States of America and others obtained from the United Kingdom and many additional places. As an American soldier, the gusher was fully aware of the high standards expected from soldiers, unlike the SPLA that ran amok right from its inception and continues to terrorize South Sudanese and anyone who is working to clean up their mess, in the most horrid forms! Major Won’go and the other defecting SPLA soldiers who launched REMNASA personify the army values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage and they want to build a South Sudan Army that upholds those values. Conventional and law abiding soldiers learn those values during Basic Combat Training and live them every single day on and off the job in countries around the world whose civilians trust their soldiers with their lives.
Watch “The Greatest Hostage Rescue in History Documentary on The Entebbe Raid”.

“Our forces do not loiter without a task commander” Major Won’go enlightened to dispel unfair insinuations that REMNASA forces are just as lawless as the so-called Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) that will go down in history as the biggest criminal cartel that existed in the face of this world because they are not! Instead of emulating selfless and revered armies around the world whose sole purpose is to protect, secure and assist their own citizens, a self centered SPLA prides itself in lawlessness and swindling the ordinary people of South Sudan.
“We have strict standard rules of operation. Discipline is our first priority for all our fighters who have come to join us and since we started our operational maneuvers, our forces have
shown a high level of discipline unlike the SPLA soldiers”, offered Major Won’go. He was responding to blatantly false reports about ambushes in which soldiers from his Revolutionary Movement for National Salvation (REMNASA) allegedly stopped a number of SPLA military vehicles, ordered out South Sudanese from the Dinka tribe and shot them dead before vanishing into the bushes of Western Equatoria State where REMNASA was launched.
Western Equatoria State is also home to South Sudan’s “Arrow Boys”, a group of local residents compelled to defend communities against Uganda’s lawless cult the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) themselves because the equally lawless so-called Sudan People’s Liberation Army and its equally anarchic so-called government was incapable of protecting the people of South Sudan as an upright army and government is supposed to. They were forced to take their own defense into their own hands because the regional government of Southern Sudan at the time under the very SPLA that is now doing the pillaging, murdering and raping the Arrow Boys battled from the LRA was unable to protect them. The “Arrow Boys” are being forced to regroup because of a fresh threat from their own so-called National Army. They must now defend the people themselves against lawless tribal elements within the SPLA and REMNASA has their backs covered!
It is the same SPLA that is being forced down the throats of South Sudanese under the facade of reawakening principles advanced by Africa’s most honorable fathers Nelson Mandela and Mwalimu Julius Nyerere. Africa’s revered sons would cringe at the equation of the murderous SPLM cum SPLA oligopoly to their honorable parties the African National Congress and Chama Cha Mapinduzi. They would be dismayed at the immoral patchwork of the Arusha so-called Agreement and saddened that younger party members are already dropping the batons relayed to them by soiling their reputations and the reputations of the parties they founded with the audacity to place a lawless SPLA at the same echelon.
Read “Document: SPLM Arusha agreement”
Read and listen to “Sudan’s ‘Arrow Boys’ Challenge Militants”.
“REMNASA denounces tribalism as a means to an end” Major Won’go emphasized while challenging anyone who made the allegation that his forces stopped a number of Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) military vehicles, ordered out South Sudanese from the Dinka tribe and shot them dead to provide concrete evidence.
“It is important in the future to state exactly where such an incident occurred and the timing. Otherwise there are people out there who would want to bring into play the tribal
propaganda aspect to try to damage the imagine of REMNASA” Major Won’go expanded, to underscore REMNASA’s raison d’être (reason or justification for existence) and disapproval of the tribalism that has pitted the Dinka against the Nuer and is threatening to spill over to neighboring countries because of blood relations that connect neighboring countries.
Equatorians are fully aware of this phenomenon which is why the ones who lack integrity were easily bribed with army promotions and a shameful amount of US $2000.00 to cross over to the Democratic Republic of Congo to look for Major Won’go among the Kakwa of Congo. The dodgy and bribable Equatorians are playing with fire because it is very easy to set the region ablaze with their immoral shenanigans. Tribes across countries can and will become involved in the South Sudan melee if the proper solution is not implemented in South Sudan which solution is installing a government that respects and treats all the 64 tribes of South Sudan equally; A government of the people, by the people, for the people.
The importance of understanding that REMNASA is a National Movement for all the 64 tribes of South Sudan including the two Dinka and Nuer tribes that are the lead players in the South Sudan melee that begun with the mass murder of Nuer people by Kiir’s side of the lawless and genocidal SPLA cum SPLM oligopoly on December 15, 2013 is crystal clear in all of REMNASA’s documents. The documents are part of a full Manifesto that underscores the need to install a government that esteems the vision of South Sudan that South Sudanese fought and died for, for over half a century, beginning with Anyanya 1. The founders of REMNASA deserted a lawless and now defunct so-called Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) so that they could constitute a disciplined army for all of South Sudan. An army that protects civilians and holds actual Democracy in the highest esteem, not the whacky version currently being touted in South Sudan; a government that respects and treats all the 64 tribes of South Sudan equally; a government of the people of South Sudan, by the people of South Sudan, for the people of South Sudan.
Learn about REMNASA at
Read “Cat fight among the S. Sudan experts and the failure of peace-making”

Margaret Akulia is co-author of the sequel Idi Amin: Hero or Villain? His son Jaffar Amin and other people speak. She brings to the South Sudan dialogue a multidisciplinary professional background including but not limited to “grassroots activism”.


  1. Alier Gai says:

    This is a rambling nonsense. Whose heart are you in supporting the war and whose mind are you by thinking devil?

    • For Alier Gai, says:

      Your “knee jerk” reactions make you the worst critic. Who said anything about supporting a war? Read the article again and grow up!
      M. Akulia

  2. Elhag Paul says:

    Brilliant and informative!

  3. False Millionaire says:

    “False reports about ambushes in which soldiers from REMNASA stopped a number of military vehicles,ordered out south sudanese of the dinka origin and shot them dead before vanishing into the bush…”,that’s true and not false.
    But just a correction:in all the unfortunate incidents of the kind along Juba-Munderi-M’volo or Munderii-Maridi roads,REMNASA never stopped or attacked military vehicles.They only stop civilian vehicles and heavy commercial good transport trucks traveling to either zandi land or to Wau via Rumbek.They rob passingers’ money,valueable items like mobile telephones and take high value goods like sugar and fuel from the trucks and finally seperate dinka citizens from the rest of the passingers and shoot them,”before vanishing into the bush”.

    There is no need to show such navity as the assertion,”a government of the people of south sudan,by the people of south sudan,for the people of south sudan”.All has started so badly and we are at the hour of fire,blood and tears settling tribal grudges.In brief,it’s best to pray for God’s mercy than to waste time and space with a misleading article!!!

    • For False Millionnaire says:

      You are precisely the reason I pursued REMNASA and left no stone unturned in my thorough investigation. Remember your posting below? There is absolutely no truth to all your allegations. The next time you project uncouth and anarchic Jieng behavior onto REMNASA, think before you shoot your mouth off. Better still read the myriad of articles pointing fingers at the evil behaviors of the country bumpkins you are related to. Granted, not all Jieng are uncivilized but when you defend the ones who have soiled the reputation of the others by projecting a criminal culture and signature behaviours onto individuals like the ones in REMNASA who are determined to defend the defenseless people of South Sudan from lawless bullies, you will be lumped with the primitive ones. Watch this space and see God’s agents usher in “a government of the people of South Sudan, by the people of South Sudan, for the people of South Sudan”. Did you call me naïve? Why don’t you let time be the judge? Better still, come out of hiding and stop using an alias when REMNASA successfully kicks out the criminals and we can have a well-educated debate without being shot at by your relatives.

      False Millionaire
      May 24, 2015 at 10:45 am
      Mr Kenyi,
      I totally agree with you on the assertion that,”the situation has more to do with bad leadership,”to explain the extreme bad order of things in RSS.Accordingly:it’s interesting to get the impression that REMNASA is a national revolutionary movement.One makes out of your dispatch the configuration of the 1983 SPLM/A manifesto by Chairman Garang.That manifesto was very interesting as a document.But it took sacrifices and efforts to transform it into acceptable national agenda.Such sacrifices included divisions and bloodshed within the SPLM/A ranks.There were those who were only for the liberation of South Sudan as opposed to the objectives of a united democratic socialist secular Sudan.But as the forces in favor of the later prevailed under Dr Garang,the war was against the government and the government forces be it soldiers of southeren or northern origins.This was the strategy that facilitated northern citizens like those of the nuba mountains and the fonj of the blue nile to join the movement.Whether it was a matter of strategy to reduce the force of the enemy’s fire or good intention,it’s best to invite historians to judge it.But the truth is,even armed government soldiers captured in battles were not kilt but encouraged politely to join the movement.
      But as for the REMNASA,I am one of those who have followed it from the date of the declaration of it’s foundation.It’s strong hold is around Maredi,Juba-Yei road and Munderi areas.It seems there is a problem in implementing it’s agenda on the ground.Very reliable friends on the ground informed me that,there were incidents in which REMNASA rebels stopped none military vehicles,searched them and ordered out dinka citizens whom they shot dead before disappearing to the bush.If there are best intentions in REMNASA as a national movement,those in the leadership like you have interest to investigate such incidents and be able to correct them as soon as possible.Becouse any mistake of allowing it to take the form of a tribal movement will soon give birth to a tragedy beyond any one’s control.
      Wishing you best luck,thank you.
      M. Akulia

  4. Force_1 says:

    Margaret Kulia;
    First of all I don’t have any evident of whether or not there is an assassination attempt on Major General Won’go’s life ; but let’s all assumed there is one against his life just for the sake of a fair debate. When Major Losuba was with the government; did we had those gossips against his life? Why did he have to resort to violent to deliver his point? You people can’t take it both ways; because you can’t be against the violence in South Sudan and at the same time contribute to the violent. By the way your Entebbe rescue is extremely laughable; you’re quite a comedian!

    • For Force_1 says:

      Stop using an alias and we can have a fair debate! I will have armed body guards with me who are licenced to shoot armed thugs in self defence. REMNASA is defending the defenceless people of South Sudan because of the marauding thugs who call themselves security personnel and a so-called South Sudan Army. Do you know that Won’go and REMNASA have their phones ringing off the hook with commendations from around the world for protecting and defending innocent and unarmed civilians? Watch this space as REMNASA gains momentum. If you didn’t get the message of the Entebbe Rescue, you are too off the beaten track for a debate.
      M. Akulia

  5. Bol says:

    Won’go is a thug…The stupid government of RSS should put a bond of 100, 000 SSP on his nasty head! Liquidating him and any other hoodlums is a core and legitimate business of a responsible government. Watch out carefully, western countries are changing their laws to criminalize their citizens who support criminal enterprises in other countries. Some S. Sudanese are already facing 10 years imprisonment if their adopted countries got hold of them. The crime is supporting SPLA /IO! Canada is more likely to craft such laws. So, please stay low… Your tummy may not be able to digest (Korofo & Bafara) after all these years of Canadian luxurious diet.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      How cynical of you to think that free thinkers like Ms. Akulla will ever be persecuted by those imaginary laws you’re claiming Canada is drafting!
      On the contrary, Canada will and should soon think of arresting and trying all those Canadian citizens working and colluding with and in support of the genocidal regime of Kiir. We know them and when that time arrives that Canada or the USA need their names, we will expeditiously supply the names, but, certainly, not Ms. Akulla by any means.

      • For Bol says:

        Hear Hear Editor!! Bol, your stupid so-called government of RSS is a wack job and train wreck. A little while longer and it will completely self-destroy. I have taken a front seat to watch it burn and crash at last so that the people of South Sudan can build an actual country. The one they fought for for decades. Watch this space and stop preaching about Canadian laws to the converted. Where do you think I spend some of my time and why do you think I don’t use an alias like you? Canada’s laws protect upright citizens like me and I always cheer loudest when Canada’s honourable law enforcement agents arrest hooligans like you for uttering threats like the one you uttered against Won’go. If you don’t believe me stop hiding behind a common three letter Dinka name. For your information, Won’go and REMNASA have their phones ringing off the hook with commendations from around the world for protecting and defending innocent and unarmed civilians. Watch this space.

        • Bol says:

          Replacing a criminal government by another criminal government of Moro and Azande tribes is a hard ask …If Nuer couldn’t make it for nearly two years, how can Moro amd Azande make it ever ? Use just a quarter of one millimetre of your brain and you will see it crystal clear. I don’t know who are the converted you referring to, nor am I preaching Canadian law, I just stated the legsl changes and its implications, which is nothing to you until Canadian Security Intelligence Services knocks on your doors. What logic is in destroying a country in order to rebuild it? What guarantees do we have to think that new rebellion will act differently? Please don’t forget (the revolution, much like Saturn, ate its children), which is happening these days with SPLA …….We should be looking for less revolutions and more (Thermidor) to save RSS from redicalisation because redical of yesterdsy are conservatives of today!? Please, let me assure you that Bol is my first name , but i dont see any reason to tell you my last name. Happy 09/07.

          • For Bol says:

            If you haven’t discerned it yet, I have now made it my business to make sure South Sudan’s story is told in full for the purpose of emancipating South Sudanese from the brutish SPLM/SPLA that usurped a people’s dream. The REMNASA story is part of the jigsaw puzzle of a crime that will be exposed to the fullest extent and I am the lead investigator. Read parts of the REMNASA story at but you must first remove the Dysfunctional “tribal lenses” that made you boorishly label REMNASA as a Moro or Azande tribal façade because it is not! Projecting the behaviours of the criminals who call themselves liberators onto REMNASA only serves the interests of the hooligans responsible for the chaos that has reduced South Sudan into a global laughing-stock and you of all people ought to know that.

            REMNASA is in this for the long haul and you can take it, leave it or watch this space. If there are criminal elements in REMNASA, bring the evidence forward or shut up as Judge Judy might say. REMNASA is full of brilliant people who will use brains to rescue South Sudan, not barbaric methods of so-called warfare. Has it ever occurred to you that the reflexive two year long response by the Nuer to the premeditated murder of their entire tribe is about to be garnered into a sophisticated global fight for justice for the suffering people of South Sudan? Watch this space as it crystallizes but you will need more than a quarter of one millimetre of your brain.

            Regarding my reference to “preaching to the converted”, plainly put, the Editor and I and numerous others are fully informed about Canadian laws so we don’t need any instruction from you. In case you are unaware, unlike the barbarism that has stripped South Sudanese of their God given rights, everyone in Canada is protected by Canada’s highly regarded constitution. Canadian Law enforcement agents including Canadian Security Intelligence Services don’t just waltz into someone’s home and arrest them without rhyme or reason the way the current criminals do in South Sudan. I will say it again. Why do you think I don’t hide my identity the way you are doing behind a common three letter Dinka first name?

            Who said anything about destroying a country in order to rebuild it? If you stop your uninformed judgement of REMNASA, you will discover that the “revolution” it is pursuing is better than a Thermidor because decisions are made from the ground up. Why do you think I am intrigued by the REMNASA story? It is because I am a fervent defender of human rights the way they are!
            M. Akulia

  6. Alier Gai says:

    Media oautlets and their writers involved in double dealing dishonesty, are altogether murderers. You make orders against the dignity of man and so the gun holders. They are their own boss on the ground as you on the internet.

  7. Bol says:

    Canadian (anti_terrorism act) 2015 has been passed and given Royal Assent on 18/06/2015. It criminalised promotion of terrorism. Wake up brother.

    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:


      What terrorist group is she supporting? Tribal cases are trivial to be classified as terroristic case. The civil war taking place in South Sudan is known world wide as tribal war where one tribe is being ganged up on by the entire East Africa forces. This is what everybody knows unless you live in another planet, you should know this as well.

      • Bol says:

        Another Nuer
        Terrorists are always under illusion of fighting a just war…what matters is what others think. If Canada says No support for such enterprise, then anyone caught doing that goes to jail.

        • For Bol says:

          As I said above, stop preaching Canadian laws to the converted. Don’t insult Canada by equating it’s impeccable legal system to the one your neurotic government of South Sudan practices under your swinish kin and kith.
          M. Akulia

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