Insight into Kiir–Machar upcoming power sharing government

By: John Bith Aliap – Australia, APR/13/2016, SSN;

The Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan also referred to as ARCISS, agreed in August 2015 in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa is hoped by its architects to end the conflict in the Republic of South Sudan. Military showdown between Kiir and Machar who are they key principles in the war raged for nearly two years with devastating outcomes.

The conflict remains one of the most brutal conflict in the continent of Africa. Recent UN figures show that more than 730,000 people have fled into neighbouring countries, 1.5 million people are internally displaced and 50, 000 people are believed to have perished.

The peace talks in Ethiopia were the last attempt to bring Kiir and Machar on the dining table to share the national cake. All previous diplomatic efforts had failed, but the U.S. government which is also accused of having a deadly hand in the conflict pressed Kiir and Machar against the wall until they unwillingly signed the peace agreement for the interest of their people.

The final agreement, dubbed as “ARCISS” or “Imposed Peace Agreement” is seen by many as a result of skillful diplomacy and political trade-offs exerted on the main warring parties. However, while the agreement appears to be a path-breaking, war-ending and peace-keeping tool, it does not seem to be an effective framework to end the vicious cycles of violence in the baby nation of South Sudan.

Although ARCISS is crucial in giving the new country a set of principles, rules and institutions; it doesn’t appear to be providing a universally backed direction capable of guiding the war-wrecked South Sudan through the unchartered waters of democratisation and liberalisation – the two principles of peace-building.

However, given ACRISS’ uncertainty, it is important to assess its intention for the interest of my readers and the policy-makers in the areas of peace and state-building. With a war raging in Syria, Iraq, Congo, Somalia, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Sudan and Yemen such discussions are clearly timely and worthwhile to look into. The idea that Kiir – Machar upcoming “Transitional Government of National Unity” will silence the guns and lay the foundation of South Sudanese’ unity isn’t borne out of experience.

In December 2013 after Machar attempted to grab the power from his would-be boss, Salva Kiir, clashes occurred between their camps of supporters and the civil war quickly appeared on the cards. The international community backed by regional blocks such as IGAD and AU tried to end the bloodshed by setting up a Transitional Government of National Unity with Kiir behind the wheels and Machar as the passenger.

But while Machar and Kiir are forcefully made to swallow their pride and share the much contested power, the conflict on the ground between their tribal-based militias and sections of the security apparatus linked to them will likely continue unabated.

With Kiir–Machar known political rivalry, each side will be yearning to exploit the other in an attempt to seize control of J1 presidential palace; and the so called Transitional Government of National Unity will be a thing of the past.

South Sudan is not the only country in the world where bitter enemies like Kiir and Machar sit together in the government while their forces carry on the conflict. In Iraq for example, the government of national unity, mainly made up of Shia, Sunni and Kurdish was established, but the forces under their direct control continued with, not one, but a number of inter -ethnic conflicts.

In the case of Cyprus, the withdrawal of British and the gaining of Independence in 1960 was accompanied by a handful of uneasy power sharing deals, but these deals collapsed in no time.

So, Kiir-Machar power sharing government doesn’t appear as the step to the elimination of tribal division, but it’s rather an accommodation between the forces that are the architects and expression of these divisions as to how they can carve things up between them.

Kiir and Machar could share the cabinet in J1, while their forces continue to aggressively flex their military muscles on the ground in Jebel Kujur and Luri. Kiir-Machar upcoming Transitional Government of National Unity is a recipe for maintaining tribal status quo, it’s not for achieving reconciliation, or bringing together the tribally- divided communities across South Sudan.

Whether it quickly flies apart or maintained in a relatively stable form for a time will be determined by the intensity of the conflict on the ground, and not fundamentally political miracles performed by those who take their seats in the would-be Transitional Government of National Unity TGONU. Even if Kiir-Machar’s government survives for a lengthy period of time, this doesn’t necessarily indicate the end of tribal feud in South Sudan.

Kiir-Machar power sharing government will only institutionalise sectarianism and perpetuate the conflict in some form. The power sharing government that involves a sectarian politician like Riek Machar isn’t a solution, nor is it a step to a solution. ARCISS has only made Kiir & Machar, who had held opposing positions in a bloody war, sign a document which they may not have agreed with, but which will nevertheless stop them from bashing each other.

John Bith Aliap is an Australia-based political commentator and can be reached at


  1. The future of south Sudan lies in the balance for now. There are no contingency plans ahead, incase of a sudden outbreak of conflict. The AU,Stroika countries, UN or IGAD, have any clue if the agreement is violated.

  2. Akuma Tok says:

    Dear Bith,
    Be informed that all South Sudanese are for peace not for war. However, someone like you who lives in Australia plus illiterate Malong are still expressing views which are going to derail the implementation of the peace accord. I thought you are an elite, the World and South Sudan’s court including Museveni has proven beyond reasonable doubt that there was no coup attempted by Riek and his groups, but misunderstanding arose among the presidential guards which triggered off the skirmishes and most importantly the massacre of more than 20,000 unarmed Nuer civilians in Juba by Mathiang Anyoor and their cohorts. Nonetheless, be informed that on 14th Dec 2013, Kiir said hate speech during splm convention, this hate speech re-ignted the 1991 wounds. To me, the caused of the devastated conflict wasn’t caused by Riek and his groups but it was caused by intolerance of the other people’s view by Kiir himself and his sycophants. Also, iam afraid that someone like you is being blindfolded by tribalism, you mentioned of Riek being sectarian politician, what do you think of Kiir and Dinka councils of elders? Rationally, your statement of Riek being sectarian was paradoxical. Given our Nilotic characters, if your relatives are being killed, it is apparent that you will revenge right?, are you saying that Riek would have wait for his assassination in Juba and also denounced the death of numerous Nuer in Juba. Anyway, I don’t want to lecture you on the reality of the events which had happened on the ground because you are driven by articles you read and narration of the conflict by your relatives or friends. Do you think creating 28 states on tribal line without clear border demarcation is also realistic? I know, it is within our blood as Dinka to be hypocrites, but when one element of Dinka expressed his/her truthful opinion you associated him/her with Rebels. To be honest, the regime in Juba has accelerated Dinka to be hate by other tribes in South Sudan.There is no country which is governed through lawlessness, corruption, decrees, killing etc.

  3. John Bith,
    South Sudan is a fledgling nation that most of the politics, policies, and laws are based on trial and error. But if our president was to follow the rule of law, constitution, and the act of parliaments things could be much better today. But Salva Kiir lies entirely on the advises of his own people, the evil jieng elders as if the country is their property. This echo exactly what Bwona Malwal said last year in the USA that “south Sudan is the country of the Dinka.” That is why the government is adamant to anything that is call peace, unity, or fraternity. Our neighbors have given us all what it takes to make peace but our leaders disdained all those efforts. And all the previous diplomatic efforts have failed, what else do you think the international community can do to help us? May be they should leave south Sudan alone like Somali and to be run by the warlords. I’m not sure whether the coming of Dr. Machar will rescue the nation, it is too little too late? It is my believe that; it is better to hold the bull with the horns than to allow it keeping chasing you into the grave.

  4. Gatdarwich says:

    Traitor Bith,

    If the indisputable patriot, Dr. Riek Machar is a “sectarian politician”, then who the hell do your traitorous Jenge muk termed, the career killer NyanKiir? Is it called Jenges’ tribal chief or the highly incompetent-power-hungry-greedy–treasonous NyanKiir–TiekMuseveni?
    Bith, stupidly catastrophizing this peace deal shall imminently be perilous to your traitorous likes–Jenges period

  5. Jeff Baker says:

    Two years ago, February 2014, I placed the following comments on this forum. Unfortunately, I think it bears repeating… jb

    My heart aches for the loss of life…undoubtedly, thousands have been killed…literally our mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. Is this not enough death? For centuries, the Europeans convinced the people of the earth that we were nothing more than savages. And here we are in the 21st century, unable to quell fighting amongst ourselves…in our own country…over control of the national resources. (Yes, the fighting is over who controls the oil.) It is shameful. Rather than build a road, we fight each other. Rather than provide clean water, we fight each other. Rather than feed the hungry, we fight each other. Rather than provide electricity, we fight each other. Rather than intelligently discuss and agree to disagree, we fight each other. It is as if the only thing we do well…is fight each other. Some may view the resulting human carnage as proof of political acumen; I don’t. The deaths are the work of the myopic among us; both factions wielding tremendous destructive power without vision. There will never be a South Sudanese winner of this fight (think about that for a minute…)

    Whether they agree or not, the Dinkas or Nuers are viewed as “one people” by the rest of the world. When foreigners view South Sudan they see one black face. No tribal distinctions are made whatsoever. And the foreign whispers are getting louder…”look at them, so uncivilized they cannot feed themselves, live amongst themselves or govern themselves. Damn Savages…”

    I have tired of hearing of death, destruction, corruption, tribalism and blame. I am willing to contribute my skill to help “build” South Sudan. If you can help, please contact me and tell what you are able to do. Thank you.
    Jeff Baker
    Los Angeles, California, USA

    Jeff Baker
    February 20, 2014 at 6:32 am

    Apparently, there is no end in sight to the madness…
    When the smoke clears and an accounting made of the bodies strewn over the landscape, it will matter little that the person was Nuer or Dinka. The decedent will forever be dead… The stark reality is you are fighting each other…each other. Every dead man or woman denies the country of any and all contributions to the building of South Sudan. Is that not the greater goal, the greater vision…the building of South Sudan? Some comments reek of an inconceivable degree of hatred of “the other,” and the other is his African kin. Tribal hatred blinds too many to the larger issue of nationalism.

    There is a reason why there is greater access to a gun than to a textbook; why every political disagreement leads to armed violence, why the most prevalent occupation of young men is soldier. Several foreign influences are waiting, watching, counting as you kill each other…and their intent is not benevolent.

    What will you do when all the sons of South Sudan are dead, wounded or disabled? Contrary to the bravado exhibited in some comments, there is not an inexhaustible supply of South Sudanese men to send into battle. In some lucid interval you will be forced to concede that the young child killed in battle should have been in a classroom. Better to applaud a student’s accomplishments as a scientist, teacher, engineer or doctor than their death on a battlefield. Which outcome truly benefits South Sudan? The romantic notion that there will be a South Sudanese winner in this conflict is delusional. This is a fight of attrition…the ultimate cost of this conflict will be forever immeasurable.

    • Gatdarwich says:


      South Sudan’s biggest problem are Museveni of Uganda and president Obama of the United States of America. These two presidents prolonged the current deadly war in South Sudan because they’ve been militarily helping killer NyanKiir to remain in power. Please tell Museveni and Obama to immediately ceases offering military support to killer NyanKiir’s kleptocratic regime and eliminates killer NyanKiir, Malong Awan, and the entire Jenges council of Evil members from South Sudan’s soil. Your help is urgently needed in implementing the above request–if you have power and really wanted to see a peaceful South Sudan period

      Peace and Ngundeng bless,

      Patriot Gatdarwich

  6. False Millionaire says:

    Man of the people,
    “The AU,Stroika or say,Troika countries,UN or IGAD,have any clue or say,claw if the agreement is violated”,that’s the only plausible argument.
    By experiences,the rest is a foregone conclusion.

  7. John Bith Aliap says:

    Dear Gatdarwich,
    The name traitor doesn’t fit with me my dear. Be however informed that you’re talking to someone who spent 21 years in the bush fighting with your friends in the north while you lick their boots. You remain ngigate as you’ve always been.

    • Gatdarwich says:

      John Bith Aliap,

      You are not just a mere traitor, but a natural born treasonous character. You’re the purest-deeply embedded traitorous blood period.
      Lastly, you needs to understand that the commentators on this website are not all Jenges, and don’t writes in Jenges’ language—so, clearly translate for them the Jenges’ word “nnigate” into English language–
      -urgently period
      John Bith–South Sudan’s Judas Iscariot, gladly embrace the title you bitchily earned—NATURAL BORN TRAITOR.

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      John Bith Aliap,

      Two things made you no different from Gatdarwich. The fact that you support Kiir Mayar in the song of attempted coup is so telling. Nationalists whose objective have been to see South Sudan catapult into heaven on earth do not entertain tribalism and corruption. All have condemned Kiir for taking our nation back to war. Yet you blindly fall into rhetoric of attempted coup. God saves us from ourselves. The biblical name you have made all God-loving people fliniched when they read this statement from you. Your statement is unchristian-like.

      Secondly, no sound minded nationalist could call his compatriot nyigate. This indicates how low you have reduced yourself to. Where is the different between you and Gatdarwich? Onlookers could not tell the difference.

      • Bol says:

        Okay, John Bith has gone so low and deserved a bucket load for criticism for writing the [N]……Where is Gatdarwich share criticism and advice? Don’t to see, he is not debating but abusing everybody? I was hoping you would moderate and tam his unreasonable comments, but maybe Ngundeng, would rescue him from himself!

        • GatCharwearbol says:


          Allow me to say that I admire you for your sincerity with regards to Nuer massacred. South Sudan may have little to savage because of people like you. Many of your tribe-mates denied with straight face what had happened in Juba in 2013. You came out very clear.

          Even so there is nothing specific in my comment for Gatdarwich, if you read between the lines, what I said is very clear. Yet I can excuse Gatdarwich bitterness as many of his relatives might have been forced to eat the flesh of their own kins and kiths, he still needs to moderate his bitterness. Creator of us all knows each one of us better than ourselves. Those responsible for this will face the music or wrath of God. Stay bless, pal!

          • Gatdarwich says:

            False M,

            Jenges are not just mere traitors but natural born traitorous bloods. It’s deeply embedded in thy veins. You, the treasonous Jenges, traitorously sold Abyei with all it habitants–your kinsmen–Ngok Jenges to Arabs. There are more islamized Jenge individuals in South Sudan than any other tribe members because of your treacherous coalition with Arabs against the 63 patriot tribes.
            As per the Murle, they chased you and Joni Abith away from Bor in earlier 1990s–your kinsmen are now IDPS in Equatoria– treacherously terrorizing Equatoria region. Bear in mind that the Murle that cowardly killed Ethiopian Nuer civilians, are part of Jenges evil coalitions–Baba Medan’s soldiers–Yau Yau unequivocally revealed this. Their asses are being cremated now in Boma areas by the Ethiopian army–Gambella Governor Gatluak’s army. You must be very excited now that the poor murle that your traitorous likes misled are being cremated.
            In related developments, having lately realized Jenges’ traitorous nature, Cobra General, Baba Kaku, along with over 10,000 strong men hurriedly joined Patriots’ movement-SPLA-IO on 4/21/2016.
            False millionaire, murle are now divided in two camps– Baba Medan’s camps–committed the raid on Ethiopian Nuer–now being cremated by the Ethiopian army. Yau Yau–Gen. Baba Kaku’s camp, are now 100 percent with Naath!
            Traitorous Jenges, you are now being gradually isolated by all the patriot tribes in South Sudan period

  8. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Jeff Baker,
    Your comments are excellent and move one to tears.
    But I get the impression that u are a fellow countrymen with western civilization experiences.South Sudan in particular was a lucky piece of land which few elites were educated with the syllabus of English civilization wich are the same basis that gave birth to USA,the most powerful nation on earth.
    There in the USA mon chér ami,to say that the reality of the basic philosophy of the nature dictating the true fact that being is,none being is not and becoming is illusion,u will be applauded with great appreciation.Practical respect of those terms is the very basis that laid the foundation of that powerful nation and helped it to ascend to the moon where it’s the length of the height of it’s success that is there to stay forever.
    How couldn’t one break down to tears then when supertitions are sources of virtueous but not vices and then falsely taken as principles for the drive to determine the future of an earthly state with it’s society like RSS in this age of the 21st centuary in which the progress in technology helps man to obtain everything he wants from the moon without any need to deploy a living human being?
    That’s why Mr Gatdarwich replied u so rudely.
    Dr Riak has just touched down in Juba on line to the terms of the compromise peace agreement.But is he motivated by a sense of conviction in him or by the stone age prophecy of ngundeng which is said to make of him the messaiah to take over the RSS’ presidency?So what if he fails to be the one?
    The RSS is 99% on the edge of a knife and saddly the likes of Gatdarwich wouldn’t give a damn if it goes up in a smoke!!!

  9. Southdan says:

    John Both Aliap,
    You might think as your are smart than white people whom had qualified All Of us. But that I think this is a point of weakness, I discovered any time I have read an article written by Dikas Bor the boldly express their hatred towards Dr.Riek Machar I interpret this kind of propaganda will one day altere people of South Sudan and the world will understand who causes tribalism war.Therefore, I bag you pardon to tell Dinka Bor writes not to insult Nuer by writing nonsense about Dr. Riek Machar.Both Aliap, put in mind, if your parpaganda targets Dr. Machar, my interpretation you are against (whole Nuer tribe). I’m telling you please don’t was your time I have a hope one day Dr.Reik will one day be a protector to all South Sudanese people including Dinka Bor who always wishes his death. I don’t think there will be a fighting between Riek Machar forces and Kiir forces as you have alleged. You quoted “Kiir, Machar could share J1 while their forces continue fighting on the ground in kujor , Luri) you lie no think such will happen instead all South Sudanese including you Bor Will succumbed to Troika, British, African Union.

  10. Southdan says:

    John Bith, I consider you a foolish enough. You don’t even know, how to calculate the world events. I urged you to learn from world events before, you have judges between the agreement signed by Dr. John Garang and Arab and the agreement signed by Dr. Riek Machar and Dink So please don’t ever call for Dr.Machar and Dinka lead government to fail. Als be careful, if you would like to respond my post, or you would like to insult me because if ideafts you mentaly, as i have pointed out your weakness.(insult me God will insult you double)

  11. Gatdarwich says:

    False Millionaire,

    There’s nothing rude with asking Jeff to implement Gatdarwich’s request! Remember Jeff asked for it. So, it’s up to him to prove he is capable individual as sounds to be period
    Plus, detaining Dr. Riek won’t be a bad idea but celebratory one.
    Gen Lado Gore can assume the roles of the SPLA-IO Chairman—be sworn in as F. V.P–after General Gatwech Dual reaches Juba first.

  12. Jeff Baker says:

    And, what is the great learning of the past two years of conflict? Given the tremendous loss of life and property, the trauma to the psyches and souls of our people, what was gained by the conflict? Truth be told, nothing, absolutely nothing was gained… just additional hardship on a people already bludgeoned by decades of war.

    It is true that outsiders have taken sides, cheering their respective champion to hurt and maim the other – even though the combatants were born and nurtured by the same mother and father: South Sudan. And as they hurl death at each other, South Sudan can only weep and wail at each horrific blow. There will never be a South Sudanese winner in this fight among brothers.

    So…what are we to do? It is easier to throw a stone than to use it to lay the foundation of a building. Though I cannot fault the starving man for eating his fill nor the thirsty for satisfying his thirst, at what point should the man, body nourished, thirst quenched, plant a crop or dig a well? Or is it more convenient to take a stone from the stranger, throw it at your brother and blame the stranger for the aggression…

    I am but one individual with no influence whatsoever on the government of the United States. You each are one individual with no influence on the machinations of government in South Sudan. The question I pose to myself, as well as to you, echoes the sentiment of the late John F. Kennedy at his 1961 presidential inaugural address: “We observe today not a victory of party, but a celebration of freedom — symbolizing an end, as well as a beginning — signifying renewal, as well as change….Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

    This is a question each citizen of South Sudan must take to heart and consider: the young and the old, the cattle herder and soldier, the farmer and scholar, the politician and the business owner: We are free! South Sudan needs builders and thinkers, teachers and doctors, students and musicians, husbands and mothers and children and laughter and smiles and patience and love and….

    So, I again ask: What are you prepared to do for South Sudan?

    Together, let us take the stones and build our country.

  13. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Gatcharwearbol,
    “Nationalists whose objective have been to see south sudan catapult into heaven on earth do not entertain tribalism and corruption”,I am very surprised to see u talking in the context of an image that u ought to be seeing of u in the mirror. The question is,since when have u been adherant to that attitude when it was the same u who was responsible for the events of 1991 and when u failed after murdering every dinka citizen within your reach,u fled to Khartoum and joined ranks with Omer Al Bashir and sudan’s government forces to capture all the areas the SPLM/A under Dr Garang had captured with blood bath and heavy human cost before u rebeled?
    Even now u still dare to take every one for a fool and then proceed to play the role of a victim to the events of 15th December 2013 when in reality you aren’t.And so what did u do when u had failed to capture power in Juba within two hours’ fight as your elites had programmed it?U joined Khartoum again and that’s exactly where u get most of your financial support and military logistics today.
    Mr Garcharwearbol,U are a traitor and the future of RSS and it’s society is gravely compromised becouse of u and your likes.Why don’t u go to Juba and help to implement the peace agreement that u have signed?U will be able to make off with some government’s money as u had done during the long periode in which u were VP to the same Kiir that is going to be your boss again during the interim period.What’s corruption if it isn’t theft which is also what u are capable of doing?
    Just one more thing to drow to your attention before I log off sir.
    Stop barking like a dog on such individuals like John Bith Aliap.He is one among the child soldiers who survived the ethnic cleansing that u had unleashed against dinka SPLM/A soldiers in your zone from the first hour of your revolt.
    If those surviving soldiers didn’t master the courage and fought on,u would never have had an independent RSS today.

    The sense of tribalism which is the characteristic of every revolt involving u is back firing and it’s your fellow nuer masses who are now at the recieving end.Think about the blow the murlé outlaws have just struck upon the ordinary nuer citizens along the boarder with Ethiopia.They would never have dared to do such stupid act if u had not tribalized the nuer masses and used them as fire woods to burn every none nuer innocent citizen in the false hope to put u in power.Why do want to accuse others of tribalism when the evil originates from u?
    Just watch out.U are a serpent to Anyuak and they will never hasitate to chop your head off if they ever get opportunity.
    Is that what is best for you?!!!

  14. Gatdarwich says:

    False Millionaire,

    You are indisputably a treasonous character like your Nyanthin, Joni Abith. You are uncontrollably trembling now because of Bol’s and GatCharWearbol’s civil discourse.
    You are evidently feeling isolated now because Bol and GatCharWearBol are intelligently debating national issues–without reference to the pseudo–concocted 1991-Bor massacre.
    Why do you, the treacherous Bor, always used others for your own selfish-evil gains?
    You’ve successfully used the foolish Jenges Majority–to committed massacre on Nuer civilians in Juba.
    Now, you are traitorously celebrating the Anyuak’s and the Murle’s suicidal war on Ethiopian Nuer! Do you, the treacherous Bor, really give a damn what awaits these tiny tribes? Of course NOT–because your treasonous likes desperately needs Murle and Anyuak cremated by Nuer. Right?

  15. False Millionaire says:

    When u betrayed the SPLM/A in 1991and ran to Khartoum,the hell fire from Khartoum’s forces with u backing them did not transform the red army soldiers like John Bith Aliab into women.To be long to an independant country gives so much good feeling and pride.That’s why your likes would never dare to say that u aren’t RSS citizens.
    If u couldn’t be grateful to the likes of JBA,then u aren’t obliged to do so.U are just a natural hopeless nyigate like many other countless traitors.Stay that way sir.It’s your exclusive right.
    But u will never grow up to understand that your evil personality has sold u out big time and that’s why the murlé drove a fishing spear up your buttocks.Watch out dude.It will not take too long before they compose a victory song with u being a nyndit in the rylic.

  16. Hoiloom says:


    Look at how low you can be. Celebrating the death of Nuer women and children would be lowest point one can get. If Murle were warriors they would have attacked RSS Nuers who are indeed armed but they chose a soft target.


  17. Joseph says:

    Dear Brothers and sisters, who reply this article may some of you need to be patient of what this article is talking about before you interacted the demand for realities. If so? how can we governing South Sudan as Nation? Could anyone tell me please. My views is that Republic South Sudan need good heart, new ideas, deep mind rather than people talked about the tribalism between Dinka and Nuer. Most of you are now blindfolded to see the facts, that will be existing of our Country.


    • Bol says:

      Dinka and Nuer were, or they might still be at war which created some bitter feeling between the members of these two communities. Equatorians, who generally like neither of the two seized the moment by fanning the war they never joint and advocating “Dinka is the mother of all global troubles “. National issues such as stability, economic, development, good governance are no a topic in these debates. Your positive, or negative contribution is highly welcome.

  18. Joseph says:

    Hi guys.
    I wondered ,about a person who need to comment ,but he/she take a side like the paragraph above mention a particular tribes, I mean target” Dinka is the mother of all global troubles”, But can I tell you something my dears?, Dinka’s or Monyjang are liberals people in term of economic, and when it come to National issues Manyjang fought for the welfare of these Nations as our flag is up today. We are now being recognise as a Nation or Country who become Republican through difficulties. What is this insisting or hatred person of a bussing Monyjang particular. Most people run a way from 1983 until 2003, now they are the once who claimed and involved internets writing what ever they thought, please be aware Nhialic or God is seeing you there hiding with hater of yours confusion person who never show up everyday since the war started our Nation of today. Nhialic Or God shall talk to you one day

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