In reaction to Nuer Youth outrageous message on Gen. Gatwic’s detention

BY: Thomas Tut Doap, JUBA, OCT. 23/2012, SSN;
As a mature and well-informed member of the Nuer community, I would like to enlighten the public at large that what has been circulating in the media these days is unbecoming, given the fact that it promotes the tribal sentiments. I have been closely following the events from all media outlets, but failed to see and hear any meaningful response from the members of our community, who are also members of our government.

Mr. Chuol Rambang, the Chairperson of the South Sudan Peace Commissions message does not carry enough weight to dissuade the negative ramifications that would be brought about by the youth actions, following Maj-Gen. Simon Gatwec detention.

For this author, if Gen. Simon Gatwec was arrested because of being a Nuer, as those youth wanted us to believe, the negative reaction would have started in Bilpam, where the Minister of Defence, the Chief of General Staff, and many more Generals are Nuer.

Having said that, this writer has all the rights and responsibilities to address this issue as follows:

1. Those Nuer youth who are trying to mingle things up by applying wrong information that will produce disaster to all innocent people must be adviced that we are in an independent country, where things must be done systematically.

2. Nuer Youth must be told that having a big gap with their elderly community will never solve their problem. I am saying this because, if what happened to Simon Gatwec was a wrong thing, our people who are in the leadership would have approached the president and advised him accordingly. Therefore, what they are trying to preach is and will not receive any support from our grown up community which is fully aware of what happened. As such, they must not allow themselves to be lugged into a situation they do not have more details about.

3. Gen. Isaac Mabutu Mamuor was detained by the same authority, which detained Gat Dual, but there was no negative reaction from Lutuku community. Does that mean Mabutu is not being loved by his people, or Lutuku are cowards? Where is Gen Mamuor today? He was released and re-instated into the Rank and File of the same Army. By applying violent behavior to release Uncle Gat Dual is only jeopardizing his future.

4. This country is now free and independent through Youth strength, but if you misuse your strength and turn against one another, then forget about your statement which said, *As youth, we believe that a peaceful South Sudan is our priority and will benefit us more than President Kiir who is getting old. The future of South Sudan belongs to the youth and we are the last sector of Nuer community to see South Sudan on fire.*

5. If history could not be a good teacher, then what are we going to learn from it? If being a Nuer is really what matters, why did most Nuer intellectuals and military officers desert Riek Machaars Nasir faction and re-join SPLM/A main stream led by Dinka? Please be advice to think big and open-minded. Observe, analyse and see things positively and in the big picture.

6. You are now calling for other tribes to help you fight Dinka. Take it from me here that that call has fallen into deaf ears. No single tribe will ever unite with Nuer to fight Dinka, they will only be making fun of you. Other tribes could unite with you only when you call them to win a peaceful and democratically conducted election. Gone are the yester-years when physical strengths were useful. We must use our intellectual power to correct things.

7. It never happened and never will happen to any President to be intimidated by a tribal youth organization which is acting in isolation to change an executive order. NBG (Northern Bahr elgazal state) youth had tried something like that, but miserably failed. Dinka Bor Youth organization had a similar call, but nothing changed.

Therefore, Maj. Gen Simon Gatwec Dual will be released when the time comes for that and not because the Nuer youth have declared war on Dinka. You are causing tribal tensions which could be exploited by our real enemies to harm the whole nation.

As long as the earth remains, there will be no Nuer government without Dinka and vice versa. Do not show our blind side to the world because of a solvable glitch. This is one of the political hiccups that is better left for the leadership to deal with, and not at the youth level as you think.

This is my advice to you my sons and daughters. Do not lose hope on your nation. Things will get changed, peacefully.


  1. Dear Mr. Doap,

    Your article is highly appreciated, at least from an intellectual mind who can differentiate through things; this is what our nation wants, an informed mind is a well-taken decision. As you have highlighted, army officers or politicians from other communities in South Sudan have been incarcerated for various reasons but that did not involve those communities. Let’s button up and try to grow. Thanks once again.

    • Abraham Reech says:

      Dear Thomas Doap,
      Thank you very much for your message. It is so unfortunate that some South Sudanese who fled persecution of the Jalaba to the western world still have this so backward mentality of the 18th Century. Those who wrote the article do not know what they are talking about. I am sure General Getwich will not agree with them because I believe he did not join South Sudan Army to represent a particular tribe. South Sudanese must know that there will never be one president who is a Shuluk, a Bari, a Nuer, a Latuka or a Dinka at the same time. We will always have a president who is from one tribe at a time and if other tribes think that he or she is not their president, then we are bound for disaster. And you are right, no president will be intimidated by empty threats from a bunch of folks who simply do not understand what it means to be a president. Presidents do not make decisions to arrest some one, those decisions are made at a lower level. South Sudanese must learn how to become patriots should they wish to live a happy life. It is time for us to understand that we are bound together forever and we must find ways to live in peace now and for generations to come. May God bless people like Thomas Doap and may God bless South Sudan.

  2. Lok Franco Kok says:

    I have been looking forward to read a wonderful advice on this critical situation, where our Nuer youth were provoking tribal tension. I am very happy to know that there are some open-minded Nuer out there like our father, the author of this well articulated article, who sees things ahead of him. SOUTH SUDAN is now an independent country where people are supposed to respect national interests, rather than provoking conflicts between tribes to destabilize the lives of innocent people due to tribal animosity. In fact, Nuer are the main pillars of the existing government and if Nuer are being discriminated we could first take a time to analyse and ask ourselves why, because there is no any government institution where you can not find Nuer. If our people are being segregated at the very eye of our people, how can we rescue them? By imposing war? I think that war is not a genuine solution to the problem.

  3. Michael Manut Lual says:

    Thomas Tut. Thank you a lot; if we south Sudanese get 10 people advising the people like the way you make it, it will make people not to suffer like the way we are suffering from tribalism. God bless you for your advice.

  4. Ramadan Mohammed Abdallah Goc says:

    Thank you so much brother Thomas Tut for your advice to Nuer youth , and I hope all the south Sudanese should listen to your advice.

  5. mejablue says:

    Wonderful and well thoughted-out article uncle Thomas!, That’s a kind of open-minded we really want to display in South Sudan, where majority are blindfolded by tribals issues. Thank you for wonderful advices.

  6. Samuel D.Deng says:

    Dear all,
    I was not taken by surprise to have seen such comment coming from Nuer member because these youth do not completely represent the will of the great Nuer people who have contributed fully to the liberation of this country during the dark hours despite the fact that some of our comrades lost hope and joined the enemy. We all remained as southerners not tribes. Uncle Doap has made a point, these youth should listen to him seriously. It will not be easy to talk of building this nation with such mentality. Please let’s all be comrades. Thanks.

  7. Alex Lubajo says:

    At last I have read a sensible article on this site which is a rarity. The author of the article deserves all the plaudits and I hope our leadership and the disgruntled youth get to read this. All these things happen but have to be sorted out amicably and with intellect as put forward by the author. We should stop thinking as if we are in the 50s, 60s but grow up to reason like 21st Century youth. That is why in South Sudan there are prison breaks just to rescue a criminal because he is a tribesmate. It is a shame!!!

  8. Anyang says:

    My thanks goes to Mr. Thomas for his well thought article concerning the behaviors of youth in south Sudan. Sir, in fact the issue of tribalism in our nation is rampant to an extent that we put tribal interests first rather than national interests. I believe if our elders and the leaders could take a bold stand you did to the Nuer youth so that our people can learn to instill some sense of patriotism.

  9. Kau Macuei says:

    If only our leaders and elders could think and advise like Thomas Tut Doap, our country’s restoration of hope would be within reach. Only great minds produce great ideas. May God bless you my dear countryman.

  10. Gatluak says:

    Nuer Community are really against themselves. It is rightly been said: A man who cannot accept his own weakness blames it on somebody else. Because Nuer fail to understand their weakness or rather to accept it they are blaming it on Dinkas. But Nuer are only against themselves.

  11. This is an advice from the highly educated person. May God bless you Hon. Thomas

  12. Dee Vastakis says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing your opinions in In reaction to Nuer Youth outrageous message on Gen. Gatwic’s detention This is really a very nice website.

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