Imaginary Juba’s Nuer massacre & media propaganda reporting

By: John Bith Aliap, Australia, DEC/20/2014, SSN;

“A liar begins with making falsehood appear like truth, and ends with making truth itself appear like falsehood,” opined William Shenstone.

The Rep. of South Sudan – the youngest nation on earth has been hit with unspeakable crises, championed by Riek Machar, the sacked vice president after he plotted to overthrow the legitimate government of South Sudan.

And despite the gravity of his crime, Machar is now bouncing his way yet again under the cover of the West as he did in 1991 when he authorised the killing of more than 35, 000 innocent Dinka Bor civilians after he attempted to oust Dr. John Garang, the ex-leader of the SPLM/A from the power,

Right from the beginning of the current crisis in South Sudan, the Western media outlets have been flooded with unfounded stories about Nuer massacre in Juba – where at least 20, 000 – 50, 000 ethnic Nuer are alleged to have been ethnically targeted by Kiir’s government.

“We estimate as many as 20,000 – 50,000 people died in Juba during the first week alone”, said one Western aid worker, who asked that his name nor that of his organisation be published due to the sensitivity of the issue. See this report at

Tribalists in South Sudan have been using Juba Dec. 2013 incident as an opportunity to advance their selfish tribal interests. For example, in an article entitled “the pains of 15th December 2013, ElHag Paul, an advocate of South Sudan’s Somalization “urges South Sudanese to erect a memorial for the victims of ethnic cleansing in Gudele in Juba. This, he suggests, would remind us of the scourge of SPLM and the ideologies of ‘born to rule’ and Jieng supremacy.

Paul claims in this article that a memorial will serve as a national mourning site, educational centre for the young and act as a symbol of resistance to injustice, tribal ideologies and crimes against humanity.”

Not only him, Nyamilepedia, which serves as Machar’s propaganda machine is also awash with “Juba Nuer massacre,” claims: Commemoration of Nuer Genocide 16th – 19th December 2013, Juba massacre and the second liberation of our country, A just cry of a groaning remnant, Massacred Nuer in December 15-118 2013 in Juba, South Sudan their Statistics and how to mourn them, South Sudan Nuer Students and entire communities in Addis Ababa agree to commemorate the December 15 Juba massacre on time, South Sudan massacre turned One; the world Still watches the Scene ….. and the list is long.

You can verify these reports if you want at

Nuer massacre, Nuer massacre, Nuer massacre, you guys are so crazy with tribalism. Why don’t you talk about other South Sudanese who have also lost their lives in this war? While briefing South sudanese’ elders about the recent power sharing agreement in Addis Ababa, Kiir dropped a bomb shell revelation to South Sudanese’ elders who were waiting to hear the good news about the peace in the country that he visited a military hospital in Juba earlier and told by management that more than 1,888 government wounded soldiers are being treated at the facility in the capital alone, S. Sudan president briefs elders on resolutions, reiterates commitment to peace,

Another recent report suggests that the number of Kiir’s government soldiers killed or wounded in the current conflict is more than 20,000, according to a high-level military source. In the period from January to October over 2014 10,659 soldiers belonging to the SPLA-Juba forces were killed in battle and more than 9,921 soldiers were seriously wounded, visit for more information on this matter.

Those who are now crying loud for Nuer unfounded massacre in Juba are all murderers who should be held accountable with their mentor Riek Machar. As someone who enjoys people’s slaughtering, Machar’s tribal militia popularly known as ‘White Army’ has butchered tens of thousands of innocent South Sudanese with impunity across the country.

This dates back to 1991 era when he fell out with his ex-boss Dr. John Garang, the founding father of the SPLM/A. And without any apparent fear of the consequences, Machar’s undisciplined mob of civilian soldiers have on numerous occasions shot and gang raped patients in their hospital beds, massacred civilians in churches, machine-gunned fleeing civilians in swamps – leaving their bodies to rot, be carried away by the Nile river or be consumed by its crocodiles.

For example, when his rebels seized the town of Bentiu – they unleashed two days of ethnic slaughter as they hunted down civilians sheltering in mosques, churches and a hospital, butchering dozens on the roadside, according to the United Nations. Be aware that this report contains unpleasant graphic images:

As it’s what Machar is accustomed to, him and his men have turned the Rep. of South Sudan into an abattoir – slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians without fear – “Bor killings amount to “war “crimes”, says AU chief, Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, chairperson of the African Union Commission –

Intoxicated with greed of power and tribalism, Machar doesn’t need other South Sudanese particularly Dinka to live in Nuer’s soil. During the eve of the current conflict, Machar ordered an estimated 2,000 Nuer gunmen to surround the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) Protection Base in Akobo and “opened fire on unarmed Dinka civilians who had sought refuge inside the compound earlier.”

Nowadays in South Sudan, Machar’s crimes are seen in every corner. In Atar area of Pigi County in Jonglei state – Machar’s rebels entered into a densely populated Dinka village and killed more than 50 unarmed innocent civilians –

Also in Jonglei state, Duk County, Machar’s rebels launched a sustained and unprovoked assault on unarmed civilians killing 36 and injuring 31 others while they were sleeping in their huts.

“We are getting reports that these rebels killed the civilians. A report coming in put the figure at nearly 40 – Killing civilians is their (rebels) habit. Their aim is to loot, kill and destroy property. We are calling on the international community to condemn this action,” said South Sudan’s military Spokesman Philip Aguer,

In Malakal, the state’s capital of Upper Nile state, the State Minister of Information, Philip Jiben Ogal, reported that forces loyal to Riek Machar have killed civilians in hospitals and churches – civilians who had sought refuge in churches have all been butchered by Machar’s rebels,
Don’t give up yet of Machar’s crimes.

In Renk, a Dinka inhabited town bordering Sudan, Machar’s rebels stormed Dinka villages and killed over 25 unarmed civilians including women and children.

Lual Deng Chol, Commissioner of Renk County said that Riek Machar’s rebels raided the villages of Majak, Daba, and Chambor over the weekend in what looks like a targeted attack against the Dinka ethnic community. Read the original article on –

The official narrative of the current war in South Sudan has three key elements that have been almost canonized and are repeated robotically by western English-speaking news consumers from all walks of life – economic classes and political leanings.

The Western media has been issuing blank cheques to the world that tens of thousands of ethnic Nuer were killed in Juba on Dec 15 2013. This was done by a Dinka trained army known as “Mathiang Anyor”. The current war is a meaningless tribal savagery initiated by Dinka war engineers.

The truth of the matter, “Machar’s Juba attempted coup” has not been mentioned much on the Western media. As the war rages on in South Sudan – the western media including: the Guardian, My Time, the Telegraph, ABC, the Washington Post, Boston Globe, CNN, New York Time, Wall Street Journal, the Observer, just to name a few launched a full scale and sustained assault on Kiir’s government – ‘dubbing the conflict as the tribal war’ – while Riek Machar and his mates continue to beat the Nuer as victims drum roll.

To bring into light the Western conspiracy against Kiir’s government, the following reports would provide hints to see how the West manufactures and frames the current war in South Sudan to advance its interest. Under the title – “South Sudan atrocities amount to war crimes” – the Guardiannews paper falsely claimed that civilians in South Sudan have been subject to ‘extraordinary acts of cruelty’, including gang rape and ethnically motivated murder, see

Kiir and Machar’s tribal war has split the country along ethnic lines, sparking clashes between Kiir’s Dinka and Machar’s Nuer,

Machar has never plotted a coup against Kiir’s governemt – “we have not seen any evidence that this was a coup attempt, but it certainly was the result of a huge political rift”,

In South Sudan, ethnic attacks spark fears of civil war. President Salva Kiir, an ethnic Dinka, and former vice president Riek Machar, who is a Nuer. Targeted ethnic killings threaten to throw the country into chaos,

The conflict in South Sudan took on an ethnic dimension, pitting South Sudan’s two largest groups, the Dinka and the Nuer, against each other. Mr. Kiir is a Dinka, while Mr. Machar is a Nuer, available at New York Times web site,

South Sudan is at a ‘tipping point’ as ethnic violence puts millions ofpeople at risk of starvation and disease,

What began as a political struggle in the SPLM party soon took on an ethnic dimension as fighting broke out between the two largest ethnic groups in South Sudan, the Dinka and the Nuer. Kiir is a Dinka, and Machar a Nuer, see http:// rejects rebel call to free politicians.

Kiir and Machar have been struggling for power for some time and behind their rivalry lies ethnic antagonism – Mr Kiir is a Dinka, the largest tribe in South Sudan, and Mr Machar is a Nuer, the second largest ethnic group

The war in South Sudan is rapidly dividing the two-year-old nation on ethnic lines, pitting Mr Kiir’s Dinka tribe against the Nuer tribe to which Mr Machar belongs,

The West has not been acting alone without domestic allies in South Sudan. For example, the Nuer media – which is the mouth piece of Machar’s uncalled rebellion, has pumped out a handful of unbalanced reports about South Sudan crisis – joining its Western devil allies in “Kiir must step down” drive.

“South Sudanese security operatives allegedly targeted mainly the Nuer national staffs headed for the training in Uganda”, come on duds ….security screening is a normal thing – done in every airport around the globe, not only in Sudan Sudan. More details availabl at 2, 2014 Kampala.

Kiir and his militias, motivated by hatred and lust for power, continue to carry out refined and systematic extermination of ethnic Nuer with the sole purpose of thorough ethnic cleaning. The barbaric, inhuman, ruthless murdering and massacre of Nuer civilians in a cold blood is a testimony to the cruelty and brutality of the Killer, criminal Kiir and his Militias in South Sudan, this report could be found at 03, 2014/Nyamilepedia.

Thousands of Nuer civilians have been killed in Juba and unregistered number of Nuer civilians in Unity State’s, Mayom, Koch, Mayendit, Rubkoni, Panyijiar and leer hasbeen driven out from their homes by Kiir’s Dinka forces, forces.

Nuers were killed like chicken by soldiers loyal to President Kiir. As the war raged in Juba, the Dinka soldiers began looking for Nuer in their houses and killing them one by one which completely confused the whole situation in the Country. Gai Manyuon, a Nuer deposed journalist would provide you with more details on this story or you can access it under the title, “A survivor: Visionless Kiir must be charged for the Crime against Humanity”

Without hesitation, the above reports about South Sudan conflict are all lies cooked by agents of South Sudan’s destruction. In fact, there has never been any targeted killing in Juba and the conflict itself is not tribal as the West and criminal Riek Machar would want us to believe.

Although the Western media dubs the conflict in South Sudan as “tribal war”, both camps (government & rebels) have distanced themselves from this tribal narrative. Maj. Gen. James Koang Chuol – Machar’s tribal loyalist – cautions the Western media – suggesting that the current conflict should not be viewed as a tribal war, describing it as a struggle against dictatorship.

Chuol has strongly condemned those framing the violence as a war against the Nuer and Dinka tribes – “Rebel commander says S. Sudan conflict shouldn’t be labelled as tribal war” available at 15, 2014 Kampala.

President Kiir– Machar’s barrier to presidency also jumped to the podium arguing that “ethnicity is not actually in our vocabulary, and as we speak with you, the chief of general staff of the SPLA, the whole army, he’s a Nuer. The speaker of the national assembly, he’s a Nuer. The director general of the external security, he’s a Nuer. Plus the key positions in the ministerial positions are being held by Nuer” –Interview: South Sudan President Salva Kiir

Mayen Dut Wol – South Sudan ambassador to terrorists’ hub Sudan and a close ally to ICC destined Bashir insists that the ongoing conflict in South Sudan is political in nature, and not motivated by tribal rivalries. Wol firmly claims that five out of the seven members of the ruling party’s political bureau who supported Machar during his chairmanship bid in 2013 are from Kiir’s Dinka tribe while the other two are from Machar’s Nuer tribe – this proves that “the conflict is about political differences among the ruling party leadership,” – South Sudan conflict ‘political, not tribal’ – can be viewed at

The Western media led the charge into South Sudan’s crisis and the Wall Street vultures began drooling; Western military intelligence operatives under the UNMISS’s cover – begun organizing logistics, maintaining supply chains, arranging weapons shipments to support their darling aka Riek Machar – “UN Trucks Intercepted Trying To Smuggle Arms To Rebels In South Sudan” – available at “Ghana caught up in South Sudan’s UN arms scandal“

Juba Nuer massacre which doesn’t exist has been systematically cemented into the minds of many people around the globe through a year-long insidious western media propaganda reporting. Almost a year after the pivotal events of December 15 – when Riek Machar and his mates in crime staged a coup against the people’s government led by his Excellency Gen. Salva Kiir Mayadit, should the western media news consumers – scholars, peace workers, academics, clergy, politicians, humanitarian aid workers, everyone – start thinking and accept responsibility for their own participation in the current crisis in South Sudan?

The answer to this question depends on which side of the equation you’re in, but let’s set the stage for the so-called “Juba Nuer massacre” which purportedly began in December 15 2013. In my perspective, it would be helpful if critical facts are offered to anyone who wants to mourn and sob about mayhem in South Sudan ought to understand before they open their mouths and display sheer ignorance.

The current conflict in South Sudan isn’t between Nuer and Dinka as reputed somewhere in this article. The writing is very clear on the wall. Riek Machar is simply using ethnicity card to mislead uninformed Nuer villagers and cattle herders to fight his war of power greed.

Juba’s incident – where Machar attempted to force his way to presidency doesn’t fit definition of genocide. It’s a mere propaganda by Machar and his blind supporters to justify their opportunistic war against the state, and to the West, it’s the resource hunt strategy.

Riek Machar is an excellent liar. Look, in his first interview with Al Jazeera in undisclosed location on the 19th of Dec. 2013 – after he fled from Juba like a beheaded chicken, he lied to the whole world that 20, 000 Nuer have been killed in Juba by Kiir’s government.

Kiir’s Dinka soldiers in Juba have been flattening Nuer dominated suburbs and members of the country’s national intelligence services have been picking people off and carting bodies around the capital. Ethnically targeted violence is ongoing in Juba with reports of killings and arbitrary detentions of Nuer civilians.

He accused Kiir in the same interview of inciting ethnic killings and tribal divisions in the country. South Sudan’s Machar speaks to Al Jazeera, available at // Sudan’s Machar speaks to Al Jazeera 19 Dec. 2013.

But remember this interview was done three days after the fighting broke out in Juba. Riek Machar was not spared a chance to even change his clothes or take a shower, leave alone counting the dead. He was being pursued day and night between Juba and Bor by the SPLA until he was rescued by blood–thirsty Peter Gadet in Bor.

This calls into question – how did he manage to count the Nuer killed in Juba while on the run? Does anyone out there know the answer?

However, based on the available evidence, I would argue that the alleged Juba Nuer massacre or Kiir’s tribally sponsored genocide as they call it is mythology that relies on simplifications, tribal narratives, stereotypes and reductionism about President Kiir.

While the Western media cheers the killer “Riek Machar,” Kiir and his colleagues in the government are in turn portrayed as killers who could do anything to maintain their grip on power. They have been depicted as those who are ruthlessly set to wipe out every Nuer off the earth.

But in turn, Kiir and his mates saw the war coming at the hands of their erstwhile elites – Riek Machar and his Western allies. President Kiir and his team knew too well before Dec. 15 2013 – given Machar’s history of power grab that he…. (Machar) would be plotting to grab people’s power, and this would undermine social, economic, military and political institutions in South Sudan.

Kiir and his team were also well aware that Machar’s power grab bid would destroy people’s properties and slaughter thousands of innocent men, women and children across South Sudan who are seen to be not supporting the SPLM – In – Opposition – Bor Massacre is a perfect example of Machar’s ruthlessness, (See Bentiu Massacre at at

Kiir and people of Sudan have been waiting to see response from the international community in regard to Machar’s atrocities – but no, the international community has instead threatened Kiir’s government on numerous occasions, with sanction and arms embargo should it continue military offensive against Machar’s rebels.

See “Rival forces in South Sudan’s civil war should face sanctions and an arms embargo – the scale and gravity of the abuses warrant a comprehensive arms embargo on South Sudan, as well as targeted sanctions on individuals responsible for serious violations of international law”, available at

The SPLM – In – Opposition led by tribal warlord Riek Machar is a “criminal enterprise” firmly determined to wipe out entire towns, cities, villages and cattle camps particularly of those who do not support its criminal activities.

As a result, those who have been singing the ‘Nuer Juba massacre’ song should now understand that these were very real certainties that Kiir and his work matched a right and necessity to defend themselves and their country against.

Machar’s Western in-laws have always been behind him when he plans his usual subversive activities. For example, in an apparent show of support and solidarity, Western coverts agents including intelligence officers flocked to Pagak, a rebel hub town along Ethiopian border where Machar and his unruly group recently held a consultative conference about power sharing agreement.

Sources in that meeting disclosed that the Western intelligence officers held a closed door meeting with Riek to work out ways to bring down Kiir’s government to its knees through military means,

To them if any woman is raped or civilians massacred by Machar’s rebels, it could be an accident, a rogue soldier, and said soldier would be duly punished. No one has ever been punished up to date.

Facts don’t seem to matter anymore because Western hysteria has been whipped up by its wild media. The Western psyche has been indoctrinated to believe exactly what Riek Machar and his agents want: Kiir must go, there should be two armies in South Sudan, Nuer should control 70 per cent of the government, South Sudan should be reunited with Sudan, Western elites should take charge of oil and other resources in the country, Ngundengism should be the main religion in South Sudan, politics of regionalism– Bar el ghazal, Upper Nile & Equatoria should be reintroduced, South Sudan should be placed under the UN trusteeship, National Legislative Assembly must be dissolved, The SPLM must be dismantled, the structure of South Sudan Army (SPLA) must be changed.

Is criminal Riek Machar out of his mind? These demands are laughable and South Sudanese who love their country won’t agree with him. However, while he … (Machar) attempted a coup against the government, he has been applauded, shielded, and/or hidden from the eyes of the world by the West.

Machar’s war of greed and tribalism has opened a flood gate and imperialists are bent to do whatever they want in South Sudan in the shadow of international intervention. The Western media has done its best. It has brainwashed minds and psyche of individuals in the West – transforming them into hysterical self – congratulatory humanitarians, unable to separate truth from lie, and certain of their conclusions no matter how erroneous.

John Bith Aliap holds two bachelor degrees in Social Work and Social Planning. He can be reached at


  1. AGUMUT says:

    Dear Aliap Marry Christmas and Happy New Year although i am not 100% religious. We have to wait until Machar is back and become a deadly leader again. I believe Riek Machar was the one who brought hungry to the South and painful feeling 1991.

    • Raan Naath says:

      John Bith Aliap,

      You are a shameless son of a coward cold-blood murderer, Salva Kiir, who is also known worldwide now as a liar, thief and visionless whose interest is to feed people like you with stolen resources of the people of South Sudan. Now you want to refute Juba massacre of over 20,000 unarmed Nuer civilians, women, children and elderly with yet another lie that in 1991 35,000 Bor civilians were massacred by Nuer. Where did you get that Bor figure ya headless John Bith Aliap? It is not another lie! The world, which you now call the western allies of Riek Machar knew that your greedy uncle Salva Kiir fabricated the coup. The issue was clear even before 15 December violence which he started when he panicked for no reason and ordered for disarmament of Nuer soldiers in the presidential guards. Don’t blame the world for not buying your foolish arguments. Kiir and his blind supporters will one day face justice for instigating the war and committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.

  2. Thiang Geka says:

    Dear Bith Aliap,
    Over 20,278 innocent Nuer civilians corroborated is not simple number. 20,000 killed in Juba by Kiir’s Warap based militia.
    278 killed in Bor UN base by you Dinka Bor on 17th April 2014. Could all these be imaginary? Best of all, South Sudan is a country in which we live and shall continue to live in. Whether you are living in Australia or somewhere else, you may see its readiness one-day. UPDF and the rest will soon disappear! Keep in mind that you have killed over 20,278 Nuer innocent civilians for the reason you will tell us later.

    Thiang Geka

  3. Bol says:

    Dear John,
    Logic is dead long time ago……Truth walks with one leg only among most Equatorians and Nuer communities….It also has one eye…..Look at this twisted logic ….Nuer Massacre, everybody must condemned it….Oaky…Dinka were killed in Self Defence and Kiir is responsible for their demise!….Crime is a crime when committed by Dinka and it is not a crime when committed against Dinka .. Why? .Strangely ….the less powerful camp is holding everybody else hostage in the media…..Good number of irrational debate and personal abuse on the way ……However, Hutus do live in Rwanda not in RSS….Please speak your mind and let it burn and burn and burn…..Twisted things including logic can be straighten up by fire …

    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Dear Bol,

      We are just mourning our mothers, fathers, sisters, children, brothers which your Dinka government murdered. What is wrong with someone mourning for his lost? You have been mourning for 1991, hitherto and nobody is questioning your logic. Does mourning for your lost constitute twisted logic? Prior to Juba Nuer genocide, were anybody kill in Bentiu, Akobo, Nasir? Absolutely not! Thus, the math is very clear and staring you in the face. Blame Salva Kiir for those who perished. Had he not staged a coup against his own government, those innocent people wouldn’t have died. Simple! What kind of a person stage a coup on his own government? He must be a Dinka man with very low IQ.

      What burning are you talking about? Fire and flame can be seen from afar and it continues. You even invited foreigners to help you quench this fire, but it is continuing nonetheless. It will continue until God decides to put it out. We are in it for very long time. Truth cannot be covered through lies. It will come out from where you didn’t expect.

      • Bol says:

        I think every objective person would blame President Kiir for failing to protect, or swiftly stop the killing of RSS civilians by his armed forces…..The chain of Command deems him responsible regardless of his knowledge and criminal intent elements, but there is no way President Kiir can be hold accountable for Nuer on-going genocide against Dinka. This one is a Nuer crime, and as such, they should face it and stop mucking around and fooling others about their own act. Good number of Nuer and Dinka communities lost their loved ones to this violence and no one will ever move on if we keep the ball of revenge rolling.HNY

  4. Jake says:

    You are an ignorant, tribalists fool. How can you deny a documented genocide that occurred in Juba? As for the rest of your arguments, it’s utter Nonsense. If Kiir had not demolish splm structures and obscure democratic procedures, plus fake a coup. Not a single soul would have perished all the dead of this conflict are on Kiir. Do not try to pin the blame on others. Juba genocide prompted revenge in other areas of the country. As for dead SPLA soldiers, shame on them turning their guns on the people who they are suppose to protect. They chose to serve a dictatorship, which violates our Constitution and Spla’s manifestos. So no tears should be she’d for such traitor-fools. Let them rot in hell and you and Kiir can join them soon.

  5. Bol says:

    Dear editor,
    Thanks for putting together this impressive picture… it really explained how lies got mixed with facts againt the president!… you have proved your professionalism and impartiality… the guesion is …is this for real or just a Christmas window dressing?… Cheers and HNY…

  6. Raankan says:

    Dear Aliap,
    Excellence article,we want people like you,go head!

  7. galdino. sebit says:

    Here comes another bachelor degree recipient tearing,the fabric of south Sudanese people. He can be proven to have not

    really earned that bachelor degrees in social work and social planning, by carefully analyzing the arguments in his article. He boldly refers to the Juba massacre as an imaginary event, which didn’t take place at least from the tittle of his article. Indeed, for south Sudanese to arrive at a peaceful reconciliation and forgiveness, we must all acknowledge and take responsibility for any atrocities that were committed, for the sake of peace and coexistence among us. South Africa has been an example among all nations, to have acknowledged and ask for forgiveness, during the reconciliation commission. And that is a fact Mr. John Bath Aliap, for you to learn from.

  8. monychol says:

    A totally off the truth lies.Was the coup proven in Juba.The entire killings was a product of the first killings in Juba and you are blaming the west for telling the truth.It is so apathetic and ridiculous to live in the west and still be a braindead walking and talking man.First starts to rot in its head and that is what happened to Bith Aliap.He has started to rot in his head.

  9. monychol says:

    Correct.Fish start to rot in its head.

  10. Defender says:

    No wonder why we are butchering ourselves day and night! If those who are supposed to have been educated in the west are the ones who, seeing the glaring light, contend that is it darkness, then we are doomed. If this is the case, where in the world would we even reckon with truth. Nowhere!

    If the author of the article is really serious, why not show proof of this claims that there was not evidence of crimes against humanity committed in Juba which consequently swallowed the rest of the country? It seems that he is very comfortable using western media report to support his claim but is not able to provide one that shows a coup has taken place. As well, if one is trying to prove something wrong, he does not at the same time argue in favor of the other side. This makes the argument one is making meaningless to say the least. Objectivity buys you a lot of considerable readers. But when one is trained to write falsehood, the chance that someone will buy whatever that is being said with straight face is like selling colors to a blind person (figuratively not intending to make a mockery of the blinds),

    The politics of war or the war of politics in South Sudan is tribal, there is no beating around the bush about it. The window dressing the we are seeking with what is happening in Juba is just a sham. People that the government is using to bolster its indication that what is taking place is not a tribal war are a group of people that do not have constituency within their communities. And this will be clearly delineated should the peace agreement be reached between the government the SPLM-IO. Those Nuer are dispensable group who will find that they were used as a bargaining chip in the tribal war that they have had not clue on. This will also be another recipe for disaster to Kiir and company. How will they accommodate these Nuer Loyalist and a would be crowded government, where loyalty alone does not cut it–which is when blood will be thicker than water. This is the time that tribal politics will shine its ugly head.

    So, to the author, trying to build a house in the sky on the premise that there was an organized coup to overthrow Salva, is like what he has done, selling empty hope to South Sudanese for the last decade. Which is one is more credible to the people? the coup of the selling of empty dreams?!!

    Finally, one year has passed and the world and backers of Kiir regime have come out clearly to say that there was no coup, why are you so caught up in the mundane, trying to justify what Salva and his cronies in Juba were not able to? The regime in juba is good at talking but is very poor at providing evidence. So, their motto is to throw mud at everyone, using the ignorance of people, while hoping that some of the mud will stick either way.

    Thus, as you are fond of citing reports from the world media about the consistency or lack thereof, of the events that took place in Juba, please spare your readers the blunders of trying to be articulate or sound minded at the most.

  11. Aluong Deng Bul says:

    Mr. Aliap,

    To ask you a simple questions, if coup was staged on that fateful night and the following morning ensued by killing of civilians of certain ethnicity, was there a plan to kill that ethnicity before even the said coup, why was it so swiftly as if there was a plan? Mr. Aliap, why did you Dinka from Warrap and Aweil trained a private army when other states in South Sudan could not do, was it a plan to kill citizens who will object to failed dull president Kiir, or was it a preparation to rig 2015 elections knowing that Kiir will fail? When the Nuer civilians were being killed, there were only known Dinkas who did the act with intention of making the whole Dinka as victims. Nuers are also stupid like you because they could even wait to know who is who in the saga.

    As a Dinka, the worst of what you guys from those ever Dinka hungry states of Warrap and Aweil, was made less severe because they Nuer also acted in the same manner, it became a state of two wrongs which never makes right.

  12. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear Bith Aliap,

    Whether you are mature or young is not important, what is important is that by now all South Sudanese, outside or inside the country, young and old, blind and deaf and the world know that genocide took place in Juba. As for you, I do not what category you fit in, but something is seriously missing in you which driving you into denying the fact known to everyone. We hope that one day you will make a u-turn and see things in the light others are seeing them. God be with you.

  13. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Aluong Deng Bul:

    This is the first time for me to read a most resonable comments with a sincere judgment to the root cause of our tragedy.This is an overdue thinking n is desperately needed for any way forward.Be assured you will not be alone with your good thinking in RSS.There is a need for every one of us to recognize n accept one’s part among the mistakes that lead to the crisis.The fellow citizens that we have lost,the destruction n suffering that have been inflicted will never be made back to the state of things before December 15,2013.What I find so unfortunate is the political dimension of the tragedy.The nuer n the dinkas are our fellow citizens who fought among themselves since time imemorable but still found ways to manage reconciliation among themselves.That’s why they survived not only the danger of their inter communal violence but also the external aggressions.Our history teaches us that among the highest objectives of the Turkey’s conquest of sudan was to enslave a large numbers of black men for Othman Emire army.No mistake the men to be enslaved were the nilotics among whom were nuers n dinkas.Why?Becouse they were known every where on earth as the best fighters n therefore they were the man power needed to built a strongest army in the world.Ofcourse the turks were naive.They didn’t expect a resistance.So even before seeing how dinka or nuer looked like,arriving in shulluk kingdom,the shilluks taught them a lesson they had never learned before killing them thoroughly n forcing them back to Khartoum.Our history is like that.Every one of us belongs here.We must abandon political objectives in favor of rational human objectives.Every one of us deserves to live n our place is south sudan.So we must accept dialogue n be ready to promote opportunities for reconciliation n peace among us.The sooner,the better.But opportunities for such dialogue should not be allowed to be preconditioned by the wishes of Juba nor by those of the SPLM-IO and the G11.We deserve to interact among ourselves simply as ordinary citizens.Neutral grounds may be where God has hidden peace n reconciliation for us.

    Merry Christmas to you,your family n friends!!!

  14. Rumbek Amaandhaal says:

    This is either ignorance or shear stupidity. How do you deny what everybody who was in Juba saw when u were not in Juba yourself. I am a Dinka but must admit that a massacre of mainly Nuer innocent civilians, women and children included, did take place in Juba then. What I cannot tell is the figure but it was large enough to tantamount to a genocide. Kiir is a criminal that must face justice.

  15. nasir keak says:

    I’m Nasir I’m apart of naath you have annoyed nuer people with your essay it is terrible untruthful and full of deceitful things to say about nuer I know that this war has misplaced many but right now we must focus and help nuer also jieng are raping women killing children forcing people to do what they don’t want we are nuer we will not give until we are given all of our friends brothers and generations back

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