IGAD’s Inadequate Strategy in South Sudan


In a recent article published in various websites titled, “Solutions to South Sudan political problems lies in new blood”, I hinted that IGAD seems to be ignorant of South Sudan’s political problems. More and more this appears to be the case.

IGAD’s approach to solve the problems of South Sudan in the last few days reveals a shocking lack of a clear thought out strategy to address the problems of South Sudan. In fact IGAD does not have any credible strategy and what it is doing is a copy and paste job using the template of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement between the SPLM and the Sudan government of 2005.

It should be noted here that the context of the CPA was different from the present situation in South Sudan and therefore it is inappropriate to extrapolate. Please see, “Former SPLM detainees excluded from South Sudan peace talks.” http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article50573

This surely does not bode well for peace given the fact that the outcome of the comprehensive peace agreement has left a sour taste in the mouths of the various parties in both the Sudan and South Sudan.

In the Sudan, the issues of Blue Nile state, South Kordufan state and Abyei remain largely unresolved with continuing immeasurable loss of lives.

In South Sudan, the people of Panthou, Kafia Kingi and other disputed border areas are left confused with undefined status.

In both countries, the agreement entrenched vested interest at the expense of the people. The National Congress Party in the Sudan became stronger giving president Omar Bashir an extended lease of rule and the Sudan People Liberation Movement in South Sudan monopolised power.

Applying the CPA strategy in the current case of South Sudan suggests the people of South Sudan are yet again being sacrificed to appease the warring factions of the SPLM only.

This means the men of violence are being rewarded and they will obviously once more be the only beneficiaries and not the people of South Sudan.

This can not be right morally and in principle.

What the IGAD leaders do not see is that they are directly encouraging South Sudanese law abiding citizens to take the route of violence to solve the problems of the country as this is the only method that is recognised, incentivised and can yield visible results.

The over 20,000 innocent lives lost in the ethnic cleansing, over 80,000 potential government targets in protection camps of UN within the country, over 250,000 South Sudanese who crossed the borders as refugees and the nearly a million internally displaced citizens created by president Kiir and the SPLM’s direct mismanagement of the country seem to mean nothing at all to IGAD.

To them, it is the SPLM, the very culprit that matters and not its victims. How sad and heart breaking to see an African body that is supposedly to improve the region stoop so low as to lend credence to racist views that Africans are savages because they do not value life and justice.

Take for example, in Bosnia only the Serbs initially killed less than five hundred people and the Western powers rightly intervened to stop more loss of lives.

In the case of South Sudan, President Kiir’s tribal militia killed over twenty thousand innocent lives (children, women, elderly, disabled and the sick in hospitals), yet IGAD as an African body which should value African lives is ignoring these mass killings in favour of reviving the monstrous SPLM.

One can not help but think that IGAD representing its member countries is more interested in short term stability of South Sudan to enable its member states to fortify their economies from the only engine that fuels growth in the region.

It is not a secret that since 2005, the IGAD countries that border South Sudan have grown their economies astronomically because of South Sudan’s oil and open market.

In South Sudan, Kenya controls the entire banking sector and also a large share of the market in essential processed commodities.

Ethiopia controls the catering, hotels and hospitality industry.

Uganda controls the transport industry, essential food industry including processed goods.

The Sudan, the former colonial power is extorting billions of dollars as payment for transportation of the oil to Port Sudan for export. The amount of charges the Sudan levies on South Sudan is about 8 folds of the normal internationals charges per barrel.

Somalis control the fuel and forex bureaux industries.

In the social field, all these countries almost equally share the sex (prostitution) industry which is worth millions of dollars annually.

In this massive booming trade, South Sudan gains nothing as most of the foreign companies barely pay any taxes to the authorities and yet its indigenous labour force remain unemployed with sexual transmitted diseases spreading like wild fire throughout the country.

Technically, South Sudan is haemorrhaging money daily with no benefit to its people.

It is understandable that these countries would like to protect their economies and political stability but this should not be at the expense of the people of the very country that makes them prosper.

South Sudan needs these countries as much as they need South Sudan. So, it does not matter who is in power in Juba. There will always be business due to interdependency in this region.

The prudent thing for IGAD to do is to work for a lasting solution so that the entire region develops and grows peacefully.

For a lasting peace to happen IGAD needs to bin its current twin track plan which involves the CPA strategy and the rebuilding of the SPLM.

The CPA strategy as shown above will only rejuvenate the monstrous SPLM to tighten its grip on power while painfully oppressing, pauperising and marginalising the people without ensuring a durable peace in South Sudan and the region.

The second track according to H.E. Desalegn, the Ethiopian prime minister, is to resurrect the imploded SPLM. Desalgn says in Sudan Tribune of 8th April 2014, “I am convinced that once the SPLM party dispute is resolved, the national problems by and large will be resolved.” http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article50573

This is lamentable. Rebuilding the SPLM as a solution shows how the IGAD is totally out of touch and ignorant of the realities of South Sudan.

The SPLM is the real cancer eating up South Sudan. Reviving it is tantamount to reconstituting the menacing machine that greatly posed danger to South Sudan and the region pre-15th December 2013.

Why does anybody want to revive a tribally based organisation that has plunged South Sudan and the entire region into turmoil?

Does this make sense? Has IGAD not learnt a lesson yet from the current crisis? The present mess going on in the region right now is because of an SPLM that was united. An SPLM that we warned the world about.

Please see, ‘To achieve peace in South Sudan SPLM/A must be scrapped’ http://allafrica.com/stories/201312300037.html and ‘South Sudan needs intensive care.’ http://allafrica.com/stories/201311200876.html

Paradoxically though, the best thing that has happened to South Sudan is the implosion of the SPLM because it presents a unique opportunity for the political problems of South Sudan to be resolved once and for all.

SPLM’s current fragmented form should be accepted and let its various factions on their own without IGAD’s tinkering find their own political niche in the country.

Let those factions which can survive make it and let those which cannot survive perish. The law of nature should be allowed to take its own course on this issue of SPLM. After all it is already an organisation on the wane.

Which brings us to the question: what should the solution be?

As argued elsewhere and unanimously welcomed by citizens, South Sudan needs an interim government and such a government should be realised by bringing all the stakeholders to Addis Ababa to democratically work out who should lead the country to prepare it for peaceful elections.

South Sudanese know their problems far better than those bureaucrats of IGAD and its leaders. This is an important point that IGAD must value and register.

The prescription made by Ethiopian prime minister Desalegn to revive the SPLM as a solution to the problems of the country is not born out of sound knowledge and reality of South Sudan.

It is a belief formulated out of hearsay and certainly it will not work nor bring peace as he claims. It is the worst thing any well meaning person can do and all South Sudanese know it.

This would not be the first time that the SPLM would have been revived. It revived itself numerous times with support of the church during the liberation war in the Sudan and also prior to the signing of the CPA to no avail.

It faltered and imploded yet again on 15th December 2013. The reason for SPLM’s constant troubles is simple. The foundation is wrong. The culture of the organisation is laced with tribalism, intolerance, violence, corruption and sexism.

So, no matter how much IGAD tries to patch it with plasters, the wounds are gangrenous and will not heal. The only solution, as doctors do in such cases is to amputate.

So why does IGAD want to patch a hopeless wound?

While we say we know our problems, this does not mean we do not have blind spots for outsiders like IGAD to see and point out.

Yes, we do and where our weakness is seen by others we appreciate it. The mediation by IGAD is supposed to point out our blind spots and not to prescribe previously tried ineffective approaches.

With this said, we the people of South Sudan unanimously are saying again that we want an interim government and we do not want the current feuding groups because they are members of the same SPLM gangrenous organisation that brought us to where the country is now. It could not be said louder than this.

President Kiir‘s SPLM must not dictate the terms. Its back is already broken.

The reality is that if President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda did not come to his aid, his government by now would be history.

Uganda now holds the balance of power in South Sudan and therefore it has the ability to decide the course of history in South Sudan.

Since Uganda is a member of IGAD, the African Union and the Troika countries should pressurise it to lean on president Kiir to step down to allow an interim government to take over.

If Uganda refuses then the pressure must be brought on her to withdraw her forces immediately from South Sudan to be replaced by an international impartial force and not the PDF (protection and deterrence force) recommended by IGAD for obvious reasons.

If President Kiir continues to refuse to step down from power, then the targeted sanctions issued by President Barack Obama of United States should be beefed up together with indictments of President Kiir’s entire cabinet for the crimes against humanity they are committing daily as we speak on the people of South Sudan.

In light of the above, IGAD has a powerful bargain chip to force president Kiir’s hand to step down peacefully else he faces the wrath of the world.

Given this scenario, there is no need for IGAD to pursue its twin track strategy, but rather it should concentrate on bringing all the stakeholders including the various factions of the SPLM on the table in Addis Ababa to discuss the issue of interim government in good faith.

For this to be fruitful, all the stakeholders (publicly known parties and all known civil society groups) in the country and the Diaspora should be allowed to:
1) freely travel between Addis Ababa and Juba without hindrance
2) speak freely without fear in order to contribute effectively to the process of peace making.
3) be appropriately funded and facilitated with accommodation by the IGAD.

As recommended by the African Union in its latest communiqués on South Sudan, IGAD has a duty to facilitate the talks by funding the stakeholders adequately and using democratic principles to ensure the outcome is acceptable to the people of South Sudan.

To recap, the present twin track strategy of IGAD in operation is not suitable for South Sudan. That is why the talks in Addis Ababa is dragging on unnecessarily prolonging the suffering of the people of South Sudan, especially those in the United Nations protection camps internally and those in refugee camps abroad.

Reviving the SPLM for business as usual is not a solution but regression.

South Sudan cannot afford to be taken back to the oppressive rule of SPLM which has created the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer.

Apparently, President Kiir and his SPLM have indicated their intent to target the Equatorians next starting with their leaders. This is an open secret in the country now.

Therefore, reviving the SPLM is tantamount to giving it the permission to carry out this threat.

By this article I am making this point clear to the world and there should be no excuses when this does happen.

What is needed now is for IGAD to ditch its preferred plan in favour of a realistic approach which is to move the talks straight to the theme of interim government.

Here, it should use whatever experience it has in dealing with negotiations to facilitate the dialogue among all the South Sudanese stakeholders out of which the new leadership shall emerge.

[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]
Elhag Paul


  1. Gatkuoth Bankoi says:

    Thanks, Mr. Paul, for very useful insight. I think IGAD countries are dictated by Ugandan President and that is why they don’t have a genuine solution to the Crisis. Kiiir is a dead animal already because his being a president of South Sudan is because of Uganda Making and not Gelweng or titweng.
    Warm Regards

    • Mr. Elhag Paul, I don’t really understand your objectives in this article, you seem to portray the SPLM as a tribal organization and try to project a party which is only known to you to be the one replacing the SPLM to rule south Sudan, and that Party is only known to you as you have not made it public up to now. Again you are blaming the regional leaders ( the IGAD mediators) to have allowed the exclusion of the former detainees from the peace talks, when in fact these very former detainees are both political leaders from the SPLM Party which you criticize. but to your information, what is being discussed in Addis are not SPLM Party internal problems, indeed, they are discussions aimed at halting the war in South Sudan, and the two factions fighting are the ones if they reach any meaningful agreement are the ones who can stop the war by ordering their fighting forces to stop fighting, the other political SPLM leaders will then together with the government and the SPLM leaders in opposition jointly discuss their SPLM Party internal problems after the war has already been stopped. the G7 and G4 who decided to distance themselves from the Government and the Military opposition can only participate in a political dialogue as long as they have no forces they are commanding in the battlefield right now, so their contribution is highly expected when the permanent cease fire is sign between the warring parties. and for your knowledge their are talks in a separate venue in Addis taking place right now between the former detainees and some of the Government representatives from the same SPLM party preparing the agenda for a broader discussions with the SPLM Party leadership when an agreement is reached between the warring factions to stop this senseless war.

  2. monychol says:

    Paul, though I don’t agree with you on some of your tribal narrow ways of attempting to potray the SPLM as a tribal organization which I think is motivated by your usual tribal pompous preposterous position, I do agreed with you that the talk must be inclusive to all South Sudanese stakeholders excluding no one. Moreover, there there is a need for a neutral interim administration to oversee a reasonable constitutional drafting ,make reconciliation,administer justice and prepare the country for the next elections without hangover from the current administration.
    To be honest as a patriotic South Sudanese we must not recycle the current administrators and their former allies turned enemies into trustees of our destiny. Seriously there are many people including Kiir and Riek whose political careers have to end with the current crisis the have dragged the country into. The country does not belongs to these few individuals and their cronies. All of us are patriotic South Sudanese and we want to see the country out of this mess. The same people whom we have given enough time for the last nine years in and out of the administration. The SPLM destroyed the country under their leadership and must not be reconstituted and recycled. Most of the SPLM members must have to do lifetime, their political careers taken away for life.

  3. Defender says:


    Your analysis is in place. The SPLM (those in government or in opposition) must not be allowed to control the process of negotiating themselves into power. The current process that is taking place in Ethiopia is flawed in so many ways and some of these, you have correctly addressed in this piece. An inclusive process is desired but those who are supposed to be representing the rest of us are coopted into believing the government’s version of reality. Thus, their inclusion, as sound as it appears, may not produce the needed result that the general population would want to see take place. The church, which is supposed to be an independent soul the can represent the downtrodden, is also coopted into following the line of reasoning that the state (KIIR) has employed since the inception of the state.

    A clear examples is the agreement signed between the church leaders, acting as one arm of government, have concluded peace agreement with DYY. This agreement took the shape of what the government has employed in many of the agreements it signed with the rebel groups. This type of piece meal peace, condone the use of violence as a means of attaining one’s right but it does not address the intrinsic problem of monopoly of power by certain groups. They decide who gets their right based on the ability aggrieved to threaten their stability and that of the state. The worrying part for us who want to see a comprehensive solution to the crisis of governance in South Sudan is this: the Church lost its neutrality and ability to seek a holistic peace instead the church opted to fulfill government’s strategy of continuing to support the status quo–piece meal peace, when their power is threatened.

    This critique of the Church is solely based on the nature of church as an entity that seek to create peace for all and not specific sector of society. As well, they were given state authority to negotiate to redraw constitutional boundaries of regions within South Sudan, without any mandate from the correct institutions to do so.

    All in all, the inclusion of wider representation is not bad, but the question remains, who are these groups really going to represent? given that the most credible entity in South Sudan has failed in taking the mantle of their responsibility seriously.

    With regard to IGAD, their interest will remain the main obstacle to realizing genuine peace in South Sudan. The promising part of the current crisis is this: South Sudanese have an opening that the must not let go off, or else, our future will be morphed as was eloquently put forward by John Kerry, that the peace must be negotiated with the interest of South Sudanese in mind, instead of personalized peace that the warring parties want to impose.

  4. Shamga says:

    Your today’s article indicates that you are taking an approach more south Sudanese than your usual tribal series. While the subject of your article may have not included your favourite subject – tribalism, I am afraid your next article is on the complex interrelationships of intimately personal attachment to tribalism and in conjunction with your broadly manifested hate of other cultural and tribal forces. Your divisive and hate inciting attributes are so deeply ingrained in you, and it is no solution whatever help anyone one tries to give you, but my advice to you which, of course, may be futile is that your articles in that next series would have to also deal with concerns relating to your psychology. In that sense, your tribal series will be more practical in nature than abstract and may be the people who you want to hurt with it will be in better position to defend themselves.
    You and your likes have been perpetually and diabolically preaching hate; only time will tell how well you succeed in that. And as the truth is for anyone to take advantage of, others will make their own judgments, as they should about the message you want us to get from your writings. The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.
    As an individual seeking to effect major change and unity in the south Sudanese societies, success of your efforts in entailing that depends on a variety of factors. Among these factors are the clarity of your vision and ideas, and the degree of commitment you put in their imposition, your envisaged impact on societies and passion, and the specific methods of advocacy and action you adopt to make them effect your desired change. How successful these are, depends largely on one main factor – the factor which we all now strive to achieve, the factor of great importance and the backbone of any society, but which you are fighting to the detriment of : the alliances between communities. The positive impact this is able to create, and the kind of society, which in this case is south Sudanese society, to which this alliance appeals to, depends after all on the methodicality of presentation and the lack of tribal affiliation within it. Such methods can be determinative in the success of the overall effort. However, your tribalistic impulse is your second nature and it does not matter how hard you try to fight against it is easily channelled into more frivolous avenues, manifesting itself in writing rivalry such as here on this web where you usually practice it. It is a second human being in you and cannot be done anything about. It might be a disease, and the only doctor to treat it is you.

  5. Charles says:

    Paul, it could not have been put better. Keep up the good work.


  6. SPLM party should be banned from politics in South Sudan for life. It is a disgraced party!!!! SPLM failed to achieve a New United Sudan. A United Sudan on new principles. They failed to implement those new principles in South Sudan. This party is a curse and a disgrace to the people of south sudan. South Sudan new constitution must see into it that SPLM is banned in its entirety from South Sudan politics.

  7. malith Alier says:

    Including all and sundry is absolute nonsense. Give us a precedent!

    • Joana Adams says:

      Dear El Hag,
      Best article ever!
      It’s very unfortunate that the IGAD is being manipulated and corrupted by Kiir and company for reasons articulated above. Lets hope your article will drum some sensibility into the heads of some of these IGAD leaders who are clearly under the spell of M7.
      The AU is just another looney African dictators’ Club. When an African dictator is in trouble AU is quick to jump to their defence by always claiming that Africans can solve their own problems. Which African problem has ever been solved by African heads of states without financial and technical assistance from the West? These African dictators who call themselves leaders only know one thing- how to cover up the truth. I bet that is what even Obasanjo and the group are linning upto do. They will investigate nothing but seek exoneration of their comrade in crime Mayardit. More cover ups and buying of time while the people continue to die and suffer.
      I agree at this stage Southerners must take matters in their own hands and solve their own problems. After all which African nation didn’t experience post independence political turmoil or civil war? What is needed is for Uganda to back off and South Sudanese will solve their problems. Uganda’s presence is the real obstacle to Kiir seeking genuine peace. I wonder why the US and the EU can’t see this. May be it is time to impose targeted sanctions against Museveni and any other neighbouring head of state seeking to regionalise the South Sudanese conflict.
      Aluta Continua!

      Joana Adams

  8. Hi Mr. Paul, you are always contradictory as your name could suggest, an Islamic name with a Christian one, all the same, SPLM is the mighty Party which liberated south Sudan from the enemy in Khartoum, it cannot easily be scrapped because Mr. Elhag Paul wanted it, no Political Party in south Sudan that has any preparedness to rule the Country besides the SPLM, other Parties were just formed to hunt for Ministerial positions but have no visions for the Country.
    the Seven Politicians or the G7 have no right to be the third group, they either join Riek’s group or the government group, because the negotiations are aimed to settle the war between the warring Parties but not to solve the SPLM internal problems. SPLM my friend cannot be scrapped through internet negative campaign, people like you who are full of hatred against Dinka will end up dying in a foreign land, because there can be no South Sudan without Dinka, and the Dinka are populating Seven States of South Sudan out if ten, then the Majority are always there as Majority period. even during the war of struggle the Dinka lost a great number of martyrs so the were majority in the death toll and the likes of you were not talking anything about that.

    • Wow!! Valentino Akech, a typical Jengge (Dinka) dirty mentality. If that’s how you think, now here comes the liberation of South Sudan from the dictatorial regime of Kiirler (kiir), are you going to claim that Jengge are the majority and died massively during the liberation?

      Your mentality is exactly like the arab’s mentality who think that arabs are the true sudanese (awalad al beled), while others are subordinates. If you are a nationalist, don’t emulate Kiirler’s words. South Sudan will be set up on fire if you don’t change your thinking pattern. This is a warning!!!!

  9. Kong Puok Tongluot - Finland says:

    Dear, Elhag Paul

    Your article analysis is a perfect, as response quoted by Mr. monychol that he didn’t agree with your opinion analysis. I haven’t seen any wrong written by you, Mr. monychol as the same liars recruitted by king liar folks. What’s of mistake on titled IGAD’s Inadequate Strategy in South Sudan crisis?

    It’d clearred, from beginning CPA, not things were impelmented, like border demarcations, Abyei Area. Leave alone South South Sudan Crisis solution on IGAD’s table, that imposed sessation without provisional demands by Rebel SPLM/A In – Oposition for examle, withdrowal all foreigners armed whose involment to South Sudan conflicts, releassing the remained four political detainees IGAD failled to impelmenting, instead and jump another agendas for protection Criminal Salva Kiir and Oilfields, What’s IGAD? is only waste of times, it’s proven unconvenienced in order to quell these matters. Thanks ! ! !

  10. alex says:

    Dear Elhag Paul

    What you are writing is your own thinking. Do not blame IGAD. You and some people in diaspora and splm in opposition want to hijact power through use of shortcuts. You think you can manipulate the international community for ever. I told you media campaigin alone can not work. Action speaks louder. You can not talk of removing people who librate you, your parents, relatives fellow country men from slavery by just fibercating lies. Riek was the one managing and running the affairs of South Sudan during the last seven years. I think everyone is aware when president Kiir removed the powers given to Riek. It was just rermoved when Riek started his move to become the president of South Sudan. So Riek brought all the confusion in South Sudan but you dicided to gang together with them to wage a media campagin to remove the ligatimate goverment of South Sudan. You are acting like wolfs who want to take control of a meet which they did not kill and take it for themselves all even depriving those who worked hard and scrificed their own lives to bring that meat home. It is wrong and it is morally worng. How do you and some people in diaspora think of forming an iterim goverment without the leaders of SPLM. That is a day light robbery and cheap means of coming to power. Your moves consititute handing South Sudan nation to those people who want to use you to rule South Sudan indirectly. They need the resources of South Sudan so they are looking for weak, gready people like you who want to give South Sudan away for the cheap interest of being made to be rulers of this young nation.

    The only way out I want to advise you is for all those who claim to be popular to stop the fighting and they should prepare for elections. The people of South Sudan should be the one to give them the mandate to rule the country. Lobbying in Embassies or forgein countries would not help. The Kenyan style of unity goverment is required and other contested issues should be discussed including a reconcilation. After that whether it is you , Riek or any other person in diaspora will go and convice the people to elect him to office but not those cheap tricks brother. So you should not waste time in complaining tell your ally Riek to agree to cease fire and prepare for elections. You need to know that when you started with a lie you need to continue to lie up to the end. Atherwise even the powerful contries you were lobbying for are now beggining to reliase that South Sudanese are trumatised . Every one want to be the president of the country even those without any experience just want to run the country. No body is denied to contribute in the development of our country but not that when you just dream at night that I want to be a leader and you want to force yourself. To be sincere we are not even ready for democracy at this stage with the level of illitracy and tribal politics we have. The robe is tightining in you now , so leave IGAD to do their work and be prepared to accept the decissions put forward or you risk isolation. Your media have contributed negatively in prolonging the war by not telling the truth. Instead you went on fibracting lies with hope of if things goes well, you become rulers but things does not work cheaply like that brother. If you refuse to listean to the advise of your brothers and neighbours then you shoud be able to know that there is something wrong with you. So refusing advice from IGAD means there is something wrong with you people. You can not hide what is in your heart for ever brothers. Now we know what you people were after. You are not after the suffering of your people but you people were after power and money. If you fear elections then you are not democrates. So how long will you continue to decieve the world brothers? It is time now, you come back into your common sense and begin to writes facts not lies

    Thanks Alex

    • Taban Mawa says:

      Dear Alex,

      Please re-write your response again. There is no substance in your writing or common sense. What you’re trying to put across is the fact that Riek caused the war. My question to you is, Who started the killing of innocent civilians in Juba? Come on brother, come to your sense and stop pretending democracy exist in South Sudan. Under Kiir there is no freedom of press or expression and random killing of individuals who are opposed to his rule. Now tell me such actions represent ideals of democracy.

      As a citizen and freedom loving country men, despite i disagree with what you said or might say in the future, I’ll defend you right to say it without fear. That’s call the building bed rock of true democracy unlike the one you assume to exist in South Sudan.

      I would urge you to grow up in your oppinion and allow comonsense to previal so you may see the light of democracy.

  11. Dear Mr.Valentino Akec:

    When did SPLM liberate the South Sudan???? We are now still well alive in this Kingdom of God! We should not kidding ourselves on things that are matters to people on their lives! The South Sudan got the independence of July 9, 2011 on peace talk agreement that was historically signed on Sunday,January 9,2005 in sisterly neighbourring Kenya.

    For you,if at all that the South Sudan,has been truly liberated by SPLM/SPLA in the bush ,in the war,in the movement,why did SPLM/SPLA signed the peace agreement in the fist place with the Sudan government in central government in north in Khartoum under current adminstration of President Omer El Beshir in the National Congress party?

    Now, I come to you on number of freedom fighters issue during the liberation era in army struggle.Yes.we knew that Dinka is a big tribe in the South followed by Nuer tribe.But it did not mean the number of Dinka was the only tribe who have died in the war.There were other tribes including in the north whose lives have perished in the war.They had outnumbered the Dinka number in human deaths! Those who were killed they were the civilians being killed by Arabs Murahalen militias.It was not the number of the soldiers in the battlefileds in the combats!

    You know attacking Dr.Paul Alhag why he have aired the matter of our country in the South Sudan to this ongoing crisis!

    • alex says:

      Mr Chief Abiko Akuranyang Tangwo!

      If you do not know that it was the SPLM who librate the South, then you need to ask yourself why would Khartoum choose to talk to SPLM and not to you or any other party/ I think you are young in mind. Do you think the South was just given to us? Check your arguments.


  12. Ambago Ramba says:

    Well done Shamga , Malith Alier and Valention Akec for your trade mark comments. Please may you just go through this well written piece of work again. Even if just once, then have a second look at the other comments and compare everything what the others have written in their comments to what the three of you have written. This is a true portrait of South Sudan today .

    I can see all three, Gatkuoth Bankoi, Charles and Kong Puok Tongluot agreeing with with Elhag Paul, while the three of you as usual remain enslaved in that dark cave called dinkocracy !!

    Every time your compulsive and unguided comments does only demean what you collectively and individually stand for.

    I don’t know how long this “marriage of inconvenience” between “you guys” and your new found “saviour” Kaguta of Rwanda will continue? But some people are set to regret it for the rest of their lives.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Ambago Ramba,
      You are right on those who have agreed with Paul views, but you should also know that they are on their rebels side. So, they do agree whenever your comments are supporting their dreams of taking power through western countries or UN. Hey, do you guys think that UN and Westerners will choose our leaders as South Sudanese? Do you people believe that interim government would not include Dinkas? Here is what I am saying, you guys don’t need IGAD now because they switch their position on you, but do you remember that was the same IGAD put pressure on South Sudan not too long ago. Well, you are absolutely right, we don’t need IGAD, UN, and Westerners in South Sudan politics. You should be agreeing with me as well as I do with you! Thanks!

    • Shamga says:

      Ambago Ramba,
      You don’t understand my point and that is,of course, true, small minds like you don’t understand at their first glimpse of things. If you read again what I wrote you would understand that I do appreciate Paul’s work as for the fact that he is not tribal and divisive this time round. And my advice to him is to either stick to this version or risk being tribal and die a biter man.
      I know people like him plus you have never contributed in any way to their families, communities and the country at large, and burning inside yourselves is a furnace of pain of having never done anything recognisable to anyone including yourselves. This is an inadequacy and is so internalised that you continually feel shamed and deficient. Hence, you overcompensate it by writing too much of nonsense about communities other than your own in order to look like you have a potency to contribution in national issues.
      I know you have done well at your levels as the majority of your guys have hard time generating their own ideas that can be put in practice. The key problem with you is that you usually fall back to the same points time and time again. In the actuality of your personality you are kind with regressing minds, and you only rely on what they and you know, rather than taking the time to study the world around you for more information, and this is where you become morbid with tribalism. And since you are unable to expand in mind you are in danger of falling down the tube my friend. In the end you will dry laugh over your futile efforts as you wonder whether life was too much for you. Don’t let your hard won qualifications end up in the trash. Be positive. That is the virtue of a statesman.

  13. Alier Gai says:

    It is just a continuation of the noise being made by jobless village graduates in the west. They need cash desperately, and that is why he and the group want to be part of the negotiating teams in addis ababa. However, I doubt that paul and the longing company would be able to bring productive solution to ongoing crisis other than the usually known they, even though they are involved to negotiate. The radical party doesn’t see interim government as another choas in the waiting from the distance… doing so will be questionable to peace initiative needed of ending the war. It will be just an extension of the war series to the next. Interim government is meaningless and is corrupt by its birth. The same leaders, the same party platform, the same problems. So, what interim government you are talking about here? Democrary has its term set and next year is 8 months away to cast your vote. We must wait for the time to arrive and act. The current dialogue needs two things: a review of the constitution, and a broad-base approach to grassroot self-robbery in villages. These are the first hand things to peace accord. 2015 election is not open for interim demand. But parties have to clear their ways to be ready for general election when those items are resolved.

  14. Choromke Jas says:

    You give more times of your waking hours to the issues of South Sudan than most of us!. If I were heading the negotiations, I would have invited you to Addis a long time ago. I have a soft spot for Ethiopians. But I am suspicious that their judgement is colored by their own repressive system. The Tigreans who are in power are afraid of the other Ethiopian people. Then, it is natural for them to side with government as is the case now. Even in Kenya, the Kikuyu President Kenyatta does not feel comfortable about the rest of Kenyans. He stole the votes to gain power. Therefore, his psychology cannot accept a solution which gives rights to the aggrieved people, like the Luo in Kenya. As for Uganda, much need not be said. Museveni is actually fighting the Equatorians because these are people who will fight the final battle to end his hegemony. The Acholi, the Madi, the Kakwa, the Teso, the Alur, the Lugbara etc who are his nemesis, all have their counterparts in Equatoria. He now uses the Dinka to fight his dirty war in northern Uganda. But time is on the side of the Equatorians and the northern Uganda “Anya Nya”. The final battle of this war will be fought between the Karuma Falls and the Nakasongola when the northerners will join their Baganda compatriots to oust the impostor from Rwanda from power for good.

    The IGAD process is is a charade. If I read well, even the Americans now talk of “standing with the people of South Sudan” and not with GRSS. The SPLM is now history. Unless we get a new second republic without this monster called the SPLM, there will not be a nation called South Sudan. IGAD is a waste of time. I recommend that Riek Machar now take the military option. The so-called PDF force is nothing but UPDF without U. Fight them and resist colonization from the Rwandan pretender.

    Congrat Paul, may God protec you.

    • alex says:

      Mr Choromke Jas

      Do not waste time in the net come and join the rebels so that you know what is really war. You will not and will not be allowed to use shortcuts to get power. Its is a day light robbery. Riek and his group has no option. He either follow your path of war or he accepts the terms laid by IGAD. We as Africans are the one to determine our own faith. America will not impose its will on African and they have to listen to what the people in the region say. Your media campagin is in tatas. There is end for everything. You people lied and the lie is coming to an end. Nobody can hide the truth from being known. Which Southern Sudanese people are America siding with? We Southern Sudanese people need one simple thing. We need peace and democracy, we are tired of war and if anyone or you needs power,you/ he /she must be elected by the people. So, unless if you are talking on behalf of the few people in diaspora who want to grap power in the same way Riek is using. It is shame for people like you shopping around in the west with a lies. No body in South Sudan want war. We need democracy and our leaders must be elected that is what is called democracy. So unless you want to bring another colonial type of goverment into south sudan and the BIG question is will South Sudanese agree you vission of colonial rule? We have good people in diaspora and you are the only lost son who need to be tought to respect the wishes of the majority. I think you and Riek does not know what is democracy and you need another schooling to add on top of the qulifications you have. SPLM is ready to teach you democracy but not lies. You need to reach intellectural thinking before even dreaming to be a leader. You are the worst dector if you want to impose your own will and thinking on South Sudanese People and on the region as a whole. I want to advice you think postive and think about the suffering of your own people not just only for power and money. If life is tough for you there in the West, there are many ways you can earn your living but not on the blood of your own people. I can not believe an educated person like you can write childish things of encourging war. No king can reign with a sword . Even if you and Riek managed to come to power by the barrel of the Gun, the same barrel of Gun will be turned to you and for driving you out of power. We are different generation brother. We are not that generation of yes yes yes when they see some body who is learned like you. We know people like you are the worst criminals and currupt people and decievers on this earth. We respect only those who humble themselves and those who want to be the servant of his people. Your colour is the same like that of Riek. You have spirit of war and blood letting but we Southern Sudanese are peaceful people. May God change you heart to be a peace loving person.


      • Joana Adams says:

        Calm down fake Alex!
        What makes you to think that Jas does not have the freedom to express his own opinion? Is that because the dinkocrat version of democracy eliminates freedom of speech and expression? Is that why your dinkocratic regime has mercilessly cracked down on free speech and the media?
        Although we are in the 21st century, there are dinkocrats who think that they can use barbaric bullying tactics to silence others. If you are sure that committing genocide is morally acceptable and retaining power by use of ethnic militia is the right thing and other Southerners including the Nuer who were massacred because of power greed by Abu tagiya should accept your myopic view of governance, go a head and try to convince the electorates intellectually. Insulting Jas or intimidating him or anyone else who doesn’t agree with your dinkocratic philosophy speaks volume not just about you but about your entire ill planed dynasty.
        Your lot are a curse to this nation and for that matter you need to prepare yourselves for your Warrap Republic. South Sudan will be a better place without your lot. pFor your information, there is no democracy without observing rights of all citizens. I wonder whether you are fit to lecture Jas. If you hate Riek Machar, go on and kill him. Why do you want others to help you hate him? Riek is a South Sudanese and many people will be happy to give him a chance to lead this blind country. Why not if Kiir could be given the undeserved chance. It’s time to say No to leadership based on hereditary characteristics such as ethnicity. This is racism. How different is this from apartheid South Africa?
        Remember too both El Hag and Choromke Jas have obligations towards their constituencies who depend on them for information and sensitisation. You cannot take that away from the people at the grassroots. If you don’t like what these brothers write, don’t read them period. Instead of always jumping to attack other opinion writers, why don’t you do us a favour and write your own opinion for a change, then at least we can all judge what kind of material you are made of.

        Joana Adams

        • alex says:

          Hi Joana Adams

          I think read and read my writing properly. I am not preventing someone from expressing his or her opinion but what I can not accept is someone who want to promote war. We are tired of war and their is no reason for us to kill ourselves. Killing people is not the norms and the spirit we were brought up with. I do not know if it is in your culture. I made it clear if Jas or Riek or any body needs power, he or she must go and sell him/herself to the Southern Sudanese people to be elected. War brings suffering and our people have suffered a lot and there is no need for any war again. Fighting is a spirit of uncivilized, primitive people who thought it is only killing which can settle disputes. Joana you are blind you talk of the killing of the Nuers in Juba but did you talk of the killing of the other innocent people by the white army. Are those lives worth to be counted or you think they are not. If you are sound in mind you can not under look what the white army killing of the innocent people in our country. It is wrong and it can not be accepted in any civilized society. Whether it is carried out in the name of revenge or fighting for democracy because these people has nothing to do with the government. Coming to your point whether I am fit to challenge this young man Jas, I told you the present generation is not like the past generation where if somebody who claim to be an intellectual said some thing whether bad or a lie people fear to question. This is were people who claim to be intellectual then begin to manipulate these poor young people for their own advantage. It is what is happening now in our country because some tribes are still backward and whatever they are told, they take it literally without questioning. As a results 10.000 potential youths have now died for no reason. They died for the interest of people like you who want power. You have no objectives for the war and you just mislead these young men to die. You are after power and I want to tell you it is a sin in front of God and God will held you responsible for that. So I am an enlightened individual who have independent thinking and I am more qualified to challenge Riek and Jas. They can mislead blind and backward people like you who still believe in tribal politics. I am a person who believe in nationalistic issues not tribe. So there is no point to blame IGAD those people are more qualified than all of you and they are governing countries not like you without any experience. I can judge that from your limited political argument which is based on Nuer tribe but the sad thing is that even not all Nuers reason like you people. So one can conclude that your greed for power and lack of intellectual political capacity show who you are and what you stand for. This is not time for colonial rule we Africans are qualified enough to short our own problem. It is only people like you who do not have that self confidence that is why any one the street can convince you to follow him without asking where are you taking me.



  15. monychol says:

    Those if Valentino Akech, Shamga and Bill Kuch are not representative of the Dinkas ways of thoughts and vision.They are bunches of incapable Dinka tribal extremists who misinterpreted what the majority of Dinkas fought for.To them they believe that we Dinkas fought to replace the arabs with similar systems.They are very shocked that their uncles such as Makuei Lueth, Kuol Manyang and Salva Kiir political careers are being put to an end registered in the black chapter of South Sudan and the World history.The great Muonyjang is well aware that under the leadership and on their watches everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong.They are worried of their potential loss patronage .

    • BILL KUCH says:

      You are a joke and therefore, you should not be talking of Dinka majority idea. You and your cowards Dinka section don’t make up Dinka majority neither. So, leave us alone and follow your dreams of rebellion. You should not be talking because you are not changing a thing by bitching. You bite me or shot up!

  16. Loguca says:

    What is happening in South Sudan can not happen in any of the East African Countries who are the so called members of IGAD. GOSS is too blind to look forward. They must understand that their is consequences for their actions. In Uganda when Amin was in power, he called himself Life President of Uganda, but was later overthrown by people and fled to Saudi Arabia where he died and was buried there. Leave along the Rebels, but one day if people rise up against the Dinka regime it will come to an end. In WW2 Napollion had powerful army in France, but was later overthrown by people
    Kirr and his thugs should understand that all these East African Presidents are degree holders interested in our natural resources and not to bring about peace in the country. They can play with Kirr’s mind the way they want.

    • BILL KUCH says:

      We don’t need peace in South Sudan! What for? The hard headed war should be fought until either one of those big tribes be eradicated, then comes the peace after.i said this, because you don’t need Dinka, but they will be there anyway regardless of your wishes. So, what’s the point of having peace in the first place?

  17. Alier Gai says:

    It is interesting that human being with water in his body is fighting human bieng with blood. Battlefield is always battlefield. Come and meet your need.

  18. Nhial says:

    There is no hope under kiir leadership, his blind mind that works under smoke screen put this nation ablaze. His weak adminstration is challenged in all aspects. He failed to discharge his duty in a consultative manner and works out of constitution using his gogrial brain to lead this vast nation. His days are numbered and he will pay the price of blunders.

  19. Thon Giei says:

    El-Hag Paul:
    1- South Sudanese started the war and IGAD intervened to stop bloodbath.
    2- Do you think IGAD would have asked the government and Kiir to step down. If does so, do you think the government and Kiir would accept to step down.
    3- I never heard in the history of Africa that during conflict a president has ever stepped down from presidency.
    4- Only during peace did Julius of Tanzania and Mandella of South Africa did step down for their countries to move forward.
    let us work for the peace to come to South Sudan if not by negotiated settlement or by dictated terms of surrender. It happened in 1997 when Riek cpatiualed to NIF and signed the infamous Khartoum peace agreement, the peace from within. South Sudan may have similar agreement in the time to come.

  20. alex says:

    Joana Adams and the rest

    Thanks God for having listening to the prayer of South Sudan people. The Riek and diaspora’s ideas of ignoring IGAD has now been deal a blow. The American now support the ideas of sending East African troops to South Sudan. This is the only way out. Anyone who will not abide by the cession of hostility will face the regional force. Any one who need power should come through people’s vote. So whether Riek or president Kier he should go and sell himself the people. Fighting is evil and leads to untold human suffering. I need the West to monitor the net properly, those preaching hate crime so be threaten by deportation to Southern Sudan because the diaspora are eating well, drinking, their children are studying while some of them want to encourage war in our country. If some are deported the issue of hate speech will stop in the net. I also pray that the West will warn those nets promoting hate speech among South Sudanese people. We must be force to work for peace because it is not fair that some people are sleeping safe while encouraging fighting hate speeches in our country. Any one who has grievances should go and express it in South Sudan but not hiding and encouraging hatred. IGAD should act like the ECOWAS any one party who will not abide by the rules should be faced by power. Well done Kerry for supporting IGAD and TOIKR should follow. You should not listen to some of those few frustrated diaspora who are advocating for the continuation of the war in South Sudan. Some of the people in diaspora were not helpful instead they have become part of problem. It is good that America was able to notice that these people are leading us to path of destruction. I want the West to end there but to threaten with deportation those promoting hate speeches. Those sending money to finance the rebellion should be targeted. Diaspora people should be bringing technology, investment, new ideas of modernisation but not hate speeches, encouraging tribalism and disunity among South Sudanese people. Shame to devils evil plan now where to go next? The only way out is IGAD and those opposed to IGAD should be isolated as nonsense that should not be allowed to derail the peace talks.


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