IGAD–PLUS Juba demilitarization proposal is an occupation under another name

By: John Bith Aliap – Australia, AUG/04/2015, SSN;

When a country gives up its right to patrol its own borders and defend itself with its own military, you can call it what you want. It isn’t a nation state. As the war rages in South Sudan, a countless number of South Sudanese’ enemies under the banner of “IGAD-PLUS” have been working around the clock to bring the Rep. of Sudan Sudan to its knees through trouble-prone peace proposals that seem to depict the rebels led by former vice president, turned rebel leader Riek Machar as angels.

IGAD–PLUS, a mouth-piece of America in East Africa region has recently unveiled its grand controversial, insulting, recycled, copy and paste proposal dubbed as “a Compromised Peace Agreement” in an attempt to resuscitate Machar’s tribal movement, the SPLM–In–Opposition.

In that ill-thought proposal, Juba, the pride of South Sudanese, will be demilitarized and named as a Special Arrangement Area (SAA). Foreign forces from the United Nations will take charge of the security.

However, although the idea of Juba’s demilitarization may sound good to its architects, many South Sudanese including the author of this article aren’t willing to climb on Juba’s demilitarization bandwagon.

It is a disingenuous act that seems to tell South Sudanese to give away their hard-won right of freedom only for one power hungry man [traitor Riek Machar] to bounce back to power.

It’s alarming to see East African leaders … [Museveni of Uganda excluded] to float the idea of foreign troops deployment in South Sudanese’ national capital Juba.

This proposal, if accepted, will give foreign troops a green light to freely roam in every corner of Juba city including Kiir’s JI presidential palace.

IGAD–PLUS is extremely clear on its aliens’ troops deployment – “these troops are meant to stay in Juba as long as they wish and wherever they want”.

But for South Sudanese who dearly love their nation, the surrendering of their national sovereignty is unlikely; and those who are attempting to impose such rotten ideas on them will have their hands cut off.

It must be made absolutely clear that South Sudanese aren’t buying IGAD–PLUS idea of Juba demilitarization.

America, the evil country on earth, is deeply involved in South Sudan’s demolition project and it’s working underground hand-in-glove with its East African allies such as Sudan, the historical enemy of South Sudanese, Kenya and Ethiopia to topple Kiir-led government.

But Obama’s administration doesn’t know that any foreign-sponsored government in South Sudan as it’s what’s in Americans minds at the moment, can’t last for a day.

South Sudanese believe that they themselves have the power to decide what type of government they want and who can lead it and when.

The deployment of foreign troops in South Sudanese’ national capital, Juba, currently on IGAD–PLUS lips is an occupation under another name.

Climbing on Juba demilitarization bandwagon is a loss of nerve; and such loss of nerve raises the question about the commitment of the International Community and East Africa region to South Sudanese’ freedom.

John Bith Aliap holds two bachelor degrees in Social Work and Social Planning. He can be reached at johnaliap2011@hotmail.com


  1. Joana Adams says:

    John Aliab,

    How can you complain of occupation when you are an occupying army, government, people in Jubà? My advice to Kiir, the Infamous Council, dinkocrats and Dinko Haram led by Malong is that you should remove the plunk from your eyes first.
    But if we want to know the truth, there is nothing wrong with re-colonisation of South Sudan. after all, lets face it, South Sudan was never colonised by any Western power other than Turkey and Egypt. Only Western missionaries came to the South out of compassion and that was from 1930. That’s why our people remained primitive until this day, even a government can butcher its own citizen and sees nothing wrong with it. Civilised people don’t resort to force to settle disputes. Iam sure thats not what happens in Australia although some of bretherens tried. Actually we have failed to grasp the concept of modern governance, so lets humbly submit to at leadt 50 years of western colonialism. It will do us a lot of good, just as it has done to South Sudanese diasporans in East Africa, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.


  2. bismark says:

    Mr John Bith Aliap,

    It is not a surprise to read your article that articulates your concerns on demilitarizing of Juba by foreign forces and subsequent loss of our national sovereignty. However we should not rule out that our weakness in ruling the country brought us to this political mile stone. What has our government done to cement the unity of various ethnic groups of people in our country? What have we as a people done to root out insecurity all over the country even here in Juba? Why have allowed massacre to take place all over the country with ethnic cleansing tone ? Today Jieng Council of Elders, a sectarian organisation voices support to one of their own in power. What is our parliamentarians doing and where are they? Where is democracy? As a government we have institutionalised tribalism, nepotism and corruption in all sectors of government, with this what does our government expect in return? Resentment!! The sober world can not stand by while innocent people are stripped off of their rights and innocently killed for standing for their rights. Those people who are committing the evil South Sudan is going through will have to answer. As a step the world is proposing a suitable plan to establish an environment where they can work unhindered by the devils in Juba. Let them do so that security, sanity and development can come to our poor people.

  3. martin L. says:

    @ John:

    This article is hypocritical! You see, there are multiple foreign troops in RSS. To begin with, there are Ugandan People’s Defense Forces ( known as UPDF) in Bor town, Bentiu, Malakal and Juba. Additionally, there are UN peacekeepers all over south Sudan! The claim that setting Juba as demilitarized area amounts to an occupation doesn’t hold water! It is the same lie Jieng Council of Elders and Kiir’s government are working hard to spread.

  4. Dr Andy says:

    Dear All,
    What do you think if the Capital is moved to Ramciel with the proposed presidential guards, That could be suggested to IGAD Plus to move the Capital to Ramciel during tha TGONU period and work from there with the proposed guards and the forces for protection and let us see whether they will as well refuse that. During the three years then Ramciel will begin to come up as reformation in all institution is taking place. Please, let us try to move to Ramciel with or without army and the Police. We may even suggest that we do need to go without army but only to maintain a small force to control our borders especially that with Sudan only.

    • Francis Mangok Angeir says:

      Dr. Andy,
      I am not supporting moving capital to Ramciel either because Juba is our capital city we have right to die there instead of compromising with those who love to welcome foreign powers to takeover. It is better to complete ourselves if we choose to perish. If we choose to live without peace and love. Please you do not know what is behind of this motion we cannot give away our country while we are still alive. Dr. Reik has to fight the government if he really thinks that his liberation movement is for South Sudanese instead of agreeing to give away the country to foreign rulers.

      If Dr. Reik went to the bush to fight Dinka government as people say it is better for him to capture the country and begin to kill all the Dinka instead of selling the country to foreign rulers to come and colonialize us again in our country. Your brother colonization is better than foreign rulers colonization I am telling the truth otherwise you do not know what I am talking about it.

      In contrast, I believe if Dr. Reik takes over the leadership he would not going to kill the whole Dinka or any tribes or call us F words than foreign rulers. Dr. John Garang said given away your land is better to live without having foods because sometime you can get the foods, but you cannot get your land back if you lost it. Please I lost my father during Anya Nya I because of the land of Sudan before we get independence thank you.

      • johnjerry says:

        What is special about Juba.?. It was Rumbek and now Ramciel and no effort has been made to make a solid move to Ramciel.You want to die in Juba, you will die in Juba no questioned asked.There is a reason why the capital should be moved to Ramciel because it is in the centre of the Country and you people like the capital city life . You will be happy in Ramciel than in Juba. Nobody want to kill Dinkas,it is the Dinkas killing other people.

        Leadership skill is”learned and earned”it is not a free gift on a silver plate. Nobody even want Riek Machar,there are capable south Sudanese out there who can do better than Riek Machar. He wants change,a change for the better there can be no change if it is not initiated.The liberation for South Sudan started in Torit brought about peace for 10 good years and improved on by the SPLM/A .Something has to start somewhere that is where Riek Machar comes in.

    • Deng Monymor says:

      Does good Dr. know what an army mean to the nation……….really? Of course, a product of Missionary Compassionate education could know naively. What a nation we have!

  5. Elhag Paul says:

    The last time I checked Juba is protected by a foreign force called UPDF. So why rant against the IGAD-Plus proposed compromise peace agreement. Demilitarisation of Juba and other towns will be highly welcome by any reasonable person. I strongly support the endorsement of this agreement. The other 62 tribes should support the proposal and encourage Riek to sign it without delay.

    • deng handbol says:

      Hi Elhag Paul, I think you are aware that Dr. MACHAR won full support so convincingly that he believes has been given a mandate for signing the IGAD PLUS compromise agreement by the 3rd Pagak consultation. I mean Dr. Machar got full support from his generals and civil society to sign such compromise agreement. On that ground, he will sign it with some reservation.

  6. Lokoronyo says:

    The idea to demilitarize Juba just goes back to why this war started in the first place in what the author refers to as the capital city of south Sudan and the pride of the nation. The international body, IGAD plus many peace loving south Sudanese are very much concerned about the nature, composition and the behavior of these supposedly South Sudanese national army specially in the capital where all the policies are initiated. The events of 15th December 2013 have proved that the current army is unfit not only in Juba but in the entire nation to cover during the interim period. They don’t have any national quality but tribal or partisan ones that is why the country is at war. No any outsider had thought of coming to rescue the people in south Sudan had it not been because of the barbaric behavior of this army supported in the media by Tribalist individuals like the authors of these article. Peace will NEVER come to south Sudan as long as we still have intellectuals that think like this article writer and mobilizing people to demonstrate against peace in preference for war. God have mercy on us from the hands of these men that think and act tribally in our nation as shown in the protest that was carried out in Lakes state, Aweil , Wau and Juba yesterday

  7. Deng says:

    South Sudan dose not belong to Jieng but to all people of South Sudan, there Alierism of 1975 regime (we are born to rule and not to be ruled)should not be repeated again as we see its function now. No body above the law including the president and no president for life!

  8. Eastern says:

    Dear John,

    Tell Kiir to read deeper into the proposed compromised peace document. Here in Wau, Kiir through his local agent, one Rizik Zacharia, mobilizied hoodlumbs to shout in the dusty streets of the town that they have refused the proposal without giving any options.

    The same views were echoed by his counterpart in Eastern EQuatoria, Lobong, the ex seminarian.

    Fellow patriotic South Sudanese, if Juba or Pagak becomes an obstacle to peace in the country, let’s work with those who will usher in peace so that we continue to lead our lives in peace. South Sudan is a member of the United Nation; joining that body means a lot; including being managed by it!

    Those discouraging Kiir from embracing the current proposal from IGAD are simply pushing out of J1, the proposal OFFERS KIIR THE BEST OPPORTUNIY of remaining at J1. His term in office has ended, he’s in office illegitimately.

    The proposal also offers Riek the chance of overseeing the reforms in government that he’s been yearning for all this while.

    South Sudanese should learn to be discerning rather than being led without asking any critical questions!

  9. Force_1 says:

    You guys are just reacting to the opposition proposal fantasy; aren’t you guys aware that Juba administration is rejecting power sharing with rebels let alone the external force coming to control Juba!? First of all know the different between a fantasy proposal and the accepted and sign agreement about the bullshits! That agreement would be accepted over SPLA and the entire Dinka communities dead bodies! And that’s how you nobodies would be fantasizing the way you’re doing!

    • Eastern says:


      Encourage the dinka and SPLA-Kiir to stand in the way of peace in South Sudan. It has been made clear that both Kiir and Riek ‘squandered’ the opportunity for South Sudan to enjoy peace.

      The August 17, 2015 is just but a date. If both Kiir and Riek have the political will to put the country above themselves, they could have inked a deal months ago. On Kiir’s side, it’s clear that his dinka community are not about to relent by way of working with Macher; here you have alluded to that as well.

      The current option on the table is best available option for Kiir to retain his stay at J1. It appears Riek’s camp will have a different reaction to the proposal.

      Kiir’s position is resolute: no power sharing with SPLA-iO, whatever the international community says. We are in for a showdown!!!!

      • Force_1 says:

        do you guys truly believe that the outside forces are going to remove the current government by force and installed you minorities into power and you expect yourself to have peace in South Sudan and be safer? If that’s how you people think; then you must be extremely insane!

  10. Deng Deng says:

    Brother Aliap
    It seems you enjoy the massacre of Nuers in Juba and other parts of Greater Upper Nile and also the massacres that took places in Wau, Mundri, Yambio and other parts of SS! We can not allow impunity to continue un accounted forever. Enough is Enough!
    SS is a failed state and must be rescued by international community as soon as possible. We can not call ourselves South Sudanese people when we can not sit down to sort our problems as matured person rather than through violence. Where on earth a two years old independent country plunges itself in chaos? let us do home work as to what went wrong honestly. Use that energy of demonstration to force current leadership in Ss whether in government or rebels to go! They should not use you for their personal greed and vices. Peace must come at all cost. long live SS

  11. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Hi giving away our country to foreign forces to takeover is better to die or buried alive. I am not totally supporting that ideas period. By doing that more of people will go to the bush again. South Sudan has to be taking over by Rebels or government forces still otherwise no, no, no foreign forces please do not repeated the mistake thanks.

    • deng handbol says:

      Francis Mangok Angeir, what’s the different between Uganda occupation and IGAD occupation? Kiir regime has already allowed Museven to occupy Eastern Eqatoira without the consent of the people of Eastern Eqatoria . If your tribal leader declined to sign the proposal agreement than the worse scenario will be the disintegration of south Sudan which is not in Dinka favor. What I mean is that our country is going to be spontaneously disintegrated.Hence, my only appeal to you and other Dinka intellectuals who are opposing IGAD Plus compromise agreement to convince Mr. Inue to sign it without reservation. According to my understanding many people right now are in favor of agreement. Therefore, the international with deal with Kiir and Malong by using stick rather than carrot.

    • John Kijana says:

      Francis Mangok Angeir,

      The country has already lost its sovereignity by having the UPDF, JEM, SPLM-N. The country is on record for having a tribal army and not a national one. If that bothers you, feel free to go to the bush, but not in Equatoria which is already out of bounds for you. We get you, we hang you.

  12. Dr Andy says:

    Dear Friends,
    You can talk for the sake of talking. South Sudan is already occupied by foreign troops. UNISFA,UNMISS,IGAD, AU, UPDF, Militias troops are all over the South Sudan. What sort of occupation and denying our sovereignty are we talking about. It is a false assumption that our sovereignty as a country will be eroded by only demilitarizing some few towns. The world has one or two countries without an army I think. We can go for that. We do not want a huge army at the moment. Our only enemy and threat of occupation and war is from North Sudan, why do we make noise if it is not because we covering a lot of things over the issue of the army. My friends do you know how much the Generals are going to lose by reforming the army within the thirty months, ask them and you will find out. If we really want South Sudan to develop and be peaceful we better swallow the bitter pills of IGAD ” Compromise Peace Agreement” with little adjustment in the power sharing, federalism, accountability and compensation, otherwise do not ever dream of a peaceful South Sudan during our life span. Some of us were born during the war, grew with it and will die in it so it has become our culture all over South Sudan to fight. A complete overhaul is the only solution my dear South Sudanese, as we prepare for peace let us as well prepare for another civil war before or after the end of the TGoNU.

  13. False Millionaire says:

    Force _1,
    Please tune down the rhetorics.Just treat it as a national issue with every one’s interests at stake!!!

  14. False Millionaire says:

    “If Juba and Pagak become an obstacle to peace in the country…”,ofcourse they are.
    That validates your point of,”lets work with those who will usher in peace”.
    Savez-vous mon frére,the agreement is already a failure and that is in allowing Kiir and Riak at the helm of power during the transitional period.
    And what will they do?preparing a carnage that may be worst in dimension to what we have already witnessed.
    Let’s never be tempted to ignore this dangerous eventual tragedy!!!

  15. Easy Money says:

    Dear compatriots, FOREIGN FORCES have been in South Sudan since our independence July 9th, 2011. If at all you were blind to see, UNIMISS, UPDF, SPLA-NORTH AND MERCENARIES are paid by Kiir. Occupation of South Sudan to protect civilians is not acceptable by this regime. When foreign forces are there to protect Kiir’s corrupt and killer government, it is GOOD. So you can visualize the twist.

    • Joseph says:

      Hi everybody, I believe John Bith Aliap has highlighted some good issues in this article to be discussed wherever you are, but why are we not concern about the Country first rather than the victims tribes by saying there are SPLA-NORTH AND MERCENARIES are paid by Kiir. Occupation of South Sudan to protect civilians is not acceptable by this regime. When foreign forces are there to protect Kiir’s corrupt and killer government, it is GOOD. So you can visualize the twist. I believe those who are seeming with bad ideology issues not to respect the President general Sav Kiir you are now in a big trouble like Machar, you got be careful and we are the majority right if you read English, what the right of Majority?

  16. Easy Money says:

    On August 17th, 2015, our country will hang in the balance. Either it will sign the compromised agreement and save the country from total war, or refuse to sign the agreement and face international community to be humiliated. So, the UNITED NATION’S unilateral decision to place South Sudan under UN PROTECTION for the next 10 years becomes the order of events. Do you remember when Iraq was run by the Americans after the fall of Sadam Hussein? At that time, South Sudanese will have been trained enough to run their country.

  17. Joana Adams says:

    Yes to UN Trusteeship. No to Illegitimate president in J1. Time is up for black Cowboy hat and cohorts! Start begging Beshir to take you back as house boys!!!


    • Eastern says:


      I like that, the clock is ticking as the D-day approaches.

    • Deng Monymor says:


      What a hopeless dream you just have of your UN Trusteeship! Of course, it is the kind of dream of those who had not wielded gun in the bushes of South Sudan before this Territory became a Nation. The intention of UN and the USA is already clear and will not be allowed. Their intention is just natural resources, not the so-called human rights as they blindly fooled you with.

    • alex says:

      It is really shame to see people with titles of Dr actually joining
      a reasoning level of people who do not know politics. At least we van understand the reasoning
      of those without such titles like Dr. No body will occupy Juba without the agreement of the government. So Dr’s do not shame
      Us S. Sudanese with your primitive politics. You even do not see that Riack is in problem within his own group. IGAD knows very well that imposed peace will not work and is not good for the whole region. So for you to be Jublleting Like kids who have been given sweet by their father is a shame to yourselves. Instead of working writing useful things that can unify the country you are wasting time in writing unless things and preaching hate. Do not put jobs ahead of working for real peace. I want to see you writing about unity of our people because IGAD can not impose love and peace in our hearts
      We are aware that without Nuer and Dinka there will be no peace in S. S udan and do not expect UN will be there guarding us for the rest of our lives

  18. Buoyar Apuk says:

    Joana and eastern,
    It is better to be beneath the South Sudan ground than to allow foreigners to reoccupy SS, we shall be determined to remain stiff and not waiver cowardly in front of any threat from the West and you guys, enough is enough! you have stood as an obstacle to the liberation struggle since day one during the time of Gaajak killing spree those youth joining the movement for liberation until this time when you have cooked up so many rebellions.

  19. alex says:

    People why waste your time with Joana. She is not matured in politics.
    Now with Gadet denouncing Riack to be corrupt and a dictator proves out claim that this man is fighting for himself and hopeless people like Josns who does not have the country in their hearts . They are only for power and ready to sell our country to foreigner They have been now political exposed and how can now deny that their war has no vision and senseless. They attempt coup and stil deny the truth. From day one these guys can’t tell the truth
    They were involved in smear campaign to win the world to their side but now the hidden truth is out. The group willing to accept the division of our people because of power. Where is their nationaltic love for people of S. S udan if they want the Nuer prople to live apart. Every thing now id about killing og Nuer in Juba and they forgot their killing of other tribes. They think the lives of Nuer is not the same as that of other tribes. In addition they lair they lair they have the majority support of the people. The question to be asked mow is if you are the majority why would you like to run the affairs of only three states .Further they killed innocent people in Maridi Yambio Yei and Kajokeji roads to deceive the world there is in security in the country. We have learned enough from these group of lairs. They want to tske us back to Khartoum do the citizens of this country rise up yo resist these group. Even most Nuer don’t support their ideas.

  20. Monkykok Mading says:

    It a great analysis Mr Alaip. I am really very sick in my stomach with ideas and an enslavements ideologies of South Sudanese people which they imported or adapted, without clear motive behind, it is just a mind set that the help comes from other people and/or neighbours is just. Some of south Sudanese people thinks that these westerners are the best people to buy their ideas but it is not worth it. They’re just traitors and business people. This man Riek Machar has been a part of the government for the last ten years and now he has been complaining that the government has failed and he was the part parcel of the administration. What has done and if he happen to get back to power what do people think he is going to do different than what he did before. In Mr Riek’s DNA is 100% rebellion. He had massacred Dinka people in 1991 and the same history repeated itself in 2013 at Juba, Bor and Malakal what sort of leader do thinks guys he is?. To me he just a destroyer that why he invited westerners to come and recolonised us again. He no leadership qualities at all, He lost vision and control as a leader for all ,so he doesn’t care anymore for the Country and people. He ready to do whatever its takes to get back in the power regardless the disaster which he will bringing into the Country.

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