IGAD peace talks must be inclusive


By virtue of my membership of an Equatoria internet forum I came across an article authored by Mr Eriasa Mukiibi Sserunjogi titled ‘South Sudan needs fresh start without Kiir, Machar – Dr Miamingi,’ published by the Ugandan newspaper, Daily Monitor on 26th April 2015. This article features a photo of Dr Remember Miamingi wearing the famous Nelson Mandela shirt.

In addition to this article Dr Miamingi also appeared in an NTV debate discussing the same topic. Please watch the video: ‘Fourth estate: South Sudan, a conflict with no end in sight’ on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiRx1hb7bII

On reading the article, I found it very stimulating. The timing of this piece obviously suggests Dr Miamingi may have doubts about the ability of the newly revamped IGAD-Plus mediating team in bringing peace to South Sudan unless it abandons its flawed strategy of wanting to concentrate power to the two principals of the conflict by diversifying the peace talks to reflect the entire social groups in the country.

Who can blame Dr Miamingi for thinking like that?

IGAD since appointing itself to the role of mediator in South Sudan has done nothing to demonstrate its impartiality. Throughout it has been biased in favour of the regime in Juba and so its failure on 6th March 2015 was not a surprise to South Sudanese. Please see, ‘To achieve in South Sudan, IGAD talks must be diversified.’ http://www.southsudannation.com/to-achieve-peace-in-south-sudan-igad-talks-must-be-diversified/

Dr Miamingi brightly highlighted the obstacles to peace in South Sudan. It must be emphasised, his arguments are not new. Many writers have articulated these views in the last 16 months of the conflict and IGAD for reasons best known to it ignored them.

For example, the South Sudanese professionals produced a document titled ‘South Sudanese professionals in Diaspora’ capturing the issue. https://paanluelwel2011.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/negotiating-peace-through-federalism.pdf

There can be no doubt that the arguments raised are useful in the current atmosphere of hopelessness created by the failure of IGAD in mediating peace. If only IGAD could unplug its ears, the key to peace in South Sudan lie in some of the arguments Dr Miamingi is promoting which will be slightly modified in this piece.

Having given this brief background, let us look at the point of view expressed by Dr Miamingi as reported by Mr Sserunjogi. In the article, Dr Miamingi under the sub title ‘Who are the “We”?’ describes himself as a member of diverse group at home (South Sudan).

He asserts ‘the ”We” represent South Sudanese who are in the Diaspora, who are in refugee camps and have been basically uprooted from their home, who are united in the desire for peace in the country.’ What is intriguing is that this “we” has no name given its wide membership. Dr Miamingi claims this identity less organisation is ‘organised around what we call the “Four point campaign for a just peace in South Sudan”.’

He goes on to outline them as: 1) Just peace through inclusivity. 2) The architects of the war should be excluded from the process of peace making. 3) Peace talks and establishment of an interim government, and 4) Military intervention by African Union (AU) backed by United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Article 7.

These points Dr Miamingi encapsulated and promotes are useful in helping those involved in the mediation. Since there are only 4 points let us briefly talk about all of them in their current order and they can then be re-arranged in order of priority suitable for resolving the problem in South Sudan.

It goes without saying that for peace to return to South Sudan the peace talks must produce a “just peace” through an inclusive process that values all the people of South Sudan. What this translates to is that all the stakeholders and civil societies of South Sudan must have a say so that the process and outcome is owned by the “people”. It becomes a “people peace” and not an “SPLM/A peace” in which the “people” are excluded.

The question asked is: Why is IGAD naively conniving with the abusive SPLM/A to deny the people of South Sudan their right in deciding their own future? Is the sovereignty of South Sudan not vested in its people? If it is, then the right thing is to let the people participate in the peace talks as of right. If it is not, why not? Why are criminals allowed to run the show? Please see, ‘President Kiir, Riek and the SPLM are the problems of RSS.’ http://allafrica.com/stories/201405070248.html

If IGAD truly is seeking a lasting “Just Peace” it must abandon its short sighted strategy of pursuing grand empowerment of the destructive SPLM/A, the very party responsible for the chaos as a solution. Otherwise, whatever outcome from its mediation will be short lived and the region will once again sooner or later find itself in the same position like now. This takes us to the second point for barring of the culprits responsible for the chaos from the peace talks.

This point is plainly clear and no reasonable person will disagree with it. All over the world people involved in crimes are apprehended and arraigned in court of law. They are not tolerated and treated as if they were decent people. The mistake the world has done with South Sudan’s case is to tolerate ethnic cleansers and listen to them as if they have not committed grave crimes against humanity.

The world unfortunately seems to have not learnt a lesson from the history of the Second World War. The major powers of the time appeased Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany and treated him initially as a decent person possibly in the false hope that he might change. But what did the world get from this unethical act? Holocaust! with a sharp shock to the global system.

In terms of saving lives, the late intervention of the world to save the Jews was too little too late. The lesson from this horrific and heinous crime of Hitler tells us not to entertain dictators and totalitarian rulers who have tendencies of extreme hate of rival social groups especially if such leaders have already started ethnic cleansing on small scale.

The late President of Iraq Sadam Hussein gassed the Kurds of Halabja and the world paid a blind eye. Sadam got emboldened and he went on to further his military adventures in Iran and later on Kuwait. As a result the whole region eventually got thrown into turmoil.

President Salva Kiir with his false image as a peaceful person indisputably belongs to Sadam Hussein-like class of dictators. The world should deal with him appropriately now to account for his crimes before he plunges the region into turmoil. He should therefore not be allowed to call the shots in Addis Ababa.

Does this make sense? Yes, certainly it does, he should be barred from the talks. Please watch this video, ‘President Salva Kiir of South Sudan on BBC Hardtalk’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_-WncqcZ5o

As I write now, the economic mismanagement initiated on the watch of both President Kiir and Dr Machar from 2005 following the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) and promoted by the entire SPLM/A leadership coupled with the political mismanagement of the last decade which blew up in December 2013 has brought the country to its knees socially, economically and politically.

When the country was at a relative peace the SPLM/A entire leadership looted the coffers of the state and in war as now the revenue is spent on lethal weapons and the regime supporters. Unsurprisingly, South Sudan has just gained a new name, ‘Kleptocratic State’. Please see, ‘In IMF view, a kleptocratic state bordering on bankruptcy.’ https://mail.aol.com/webmail-std/en-gb/suite and ‘Corruption saga: the SPLM five big guns or the quintet squirrels’ http://www.southsudannewsagency.com/opinion/articles/corruption-saga-the-splm-five-big-guns-or-the-quintet-squirrels

The third point Dr Miamingi raises is very crucial as it relates to the issue of security of the stakeholders itself. Dr Miamingi argues that the peace talks should be taken back home. In other words he wants to see the peace talks held inside South Sudan. This proposition is imprudent and fails to take into consideration the safety of the stakeholders.

Any talks held inside the country will not yield a lasting solution. The reasons are:

1) Lack of security for the participants. What will stop President Kiir from intimidating the stakeholders? What will stop President Kiir from arresting some or all the stakeholders and declaring peace achieved?

Let us not forget, the regime in Juba has neither respect for human rights nor values of decency. To understand these points just think about the experiences of Mr Peter Sule and Dr Lam Akol Ajawin with regards to their invitation to the IGAD peace talks. Did President Kiir’s government not deliberately obstruct their travel plans to the peace talks and threatened to harm them?

If the regime was intolerant to allow stakeholders to attend the peace talks in Addis Ababa, would it tolerate their participation in such talks inside the country under its jurisdiction?

Actually as much as nobody would want to say it, should the talks be held inside the country President Kiir may be pushed to silence a good number of the stakeholders whose voices he does not like hearing.

2) The regime does not believe in freedom of speech and expression. Those who speak freely in the past like Isaiah Abraham paid the ultimate price with their lives. The outspoken leader of civil society organisations Mr Athuai Deng narrowly escaped death on two occasions for speaking out.

The first time the security agents of President Kiir kidnapped him, beat him up thoroughly and threw him into a garbage site by the river Nile thinking he had died. He was lucky to be rescued by locals.

The second time, President Kiir’s agents in broad day light shot him in public. Luckily the bullet hit his leg and he survived.

These are just few examples of the government’s usual tactics to muzzle the people. With such an environment of terror, how could Dr Miamingi make the futile proposition for the talks to be held inside the country. For the sake of a lasting peace the peace talks need to continue being held outside the country in a neutral secure venue.

This brings us to Dr Miamingi’s final point of African Union intervention backed by United Nations Security Council Article 7. The first thing South Sudanese need to acknowledge is that since the Independence of South Sudan on 9th July 2011 the country has been under UNSC Article 7. So the UN can actually exercise this power any time if it wants.

Military interventions are always fraught with difficulties to both the interveners and the intruded because of the issue of emotions linked to pride and humiliation.

Apart from this, it is not clear whether the international community will want to commit to such a project given its costs and the uncertainties around success.

Nevertheless it is something worth pursuing because already there are foreign forces in the country – the Uganda People Defence force (UPDF) in addition to the Blue Helmets of United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

UPDF can not be part of a solution as it actually deployed to protect the government of President Kiir which has been carrying out ethnic cleansing of the Nuer. Therefore, UPDF needs to withdraw back home soonest. It has no business being in South Sudan – Uganda interest or no interest is immaterial.

These four points delineated by Dr Miamingi are poorly arranged and for them to be effective, the order should be reversed starting with the last point and ending with the starting one.

Therefore, African Union backed by the United Nations should take over the country for a strictly specified period as recommended by the leaked Draft Report of the African Union Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan. http://nyamile.com/2015/03/07/draft-report-of-the-au-commission-of-inquiry-on-south-sudan/

There should be no worries because the report clearly sets out a hybrid plan of action (comprising South Sudanese and international experts) regarding the intervention.

Point three should take the second place. The interim government can be set up as envisaged by the Obasanjo report without any peace talks, but with wide consultation with all the stakeholders without those allegedly involved in illegal acts like the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE).

Point two becomes redundant simply for the reason that when the country is taken over by African Union and United Nations, the architects of the chaos would vanish into exile or they will have been arrested and farmed off to some detention facilities to await trial for their grave crimes.

Point one becomes feasible and essential to implement in a violence free and peaceful environment. The main purpose would be to address the vital constitutional issues and the critical problem of national reconciliation and healing.

Following the above re-arrangement, the modified “Four point campaign for just peace in South Sudan” of Dr Miamingi now becomes ‘Three point campaign for just peace in South Sudan’. This can offer a solution to the quagmire South Sudan is in now.

However, whether this plan will be considered by IGAD or not, the most important thing is not to let the SPLM/A in all its different forms and shapes to dictate and monopolise the peace talks.

For South Sudan to be de-tribalised socially and politically, state power must equally be de-tribalised which means the talks must include all the stakeholders and it must be in a neutral venue.
[Truth hurts but it is also liberating]

Elhag paul


  1. Chol Deng Anyieth says:

    Elhag Paul,
    Military intervention proposed by your godfather will never produce peace. Should the regional and international organizations try to intervene militarily in South Sudan, Africa will never ever witness peace. We people of South Sudan will unite and defend our sovereignty at all cost. If you want to culminate into power through the help of regional and international organizations, then the best way is to forget South Sudan. South Sudanese and the SPLM members are capable of saving South Sudan without your masters. In 1991, the same incident happened but the SPLM managed to Unite without your masters and consequently liberate you from the yoke of slavery.

    • Hardtarget says:

      Who are we?? just say the Dinka will fight to protect their Regime. You are not even ashamed to display your vanity by saying SPLA is capable of protecting the nation.
      Which SPLA, the one that invited UPDF, JEM etc to save their asses, aka as their partners in looting the national resources while their matters are dying of lice, hunger, malaria etc.

      Anyway, your are just mice who do not need the whole UNSC, you just need a nation like UK or France to apprehend the ugly beast like u and send some to hell for peace to reign, IT WILL HAPPEN.

      • Chol Deng Anyieth says:

        If the foreign forces try to intervene militarily, Somalia will be better

        • Hardtarget says:

          Its obvious you know nothing about contemporary African politics and war fare.
          Firstly, Somalia is NOT a land Locked Country, it is well connected to the external world, most of the funders and brains behind the piracy and war, which for them is more or less a business venture live over seas, have been there for decades, even their Icon, Mohamad Farah Idid was ex-US marine. very easy to ship in weapons from Muslim backers and —, How about you???

          Tell me how will the Warlords ship thier ammunition if the EA community locked them off let alone food to sustain the war. Have you forgotten the war survive because of the favorable Terran, climate, food and hospitality in Equatoria that borders Ugandan, and Kenya-the big brothers. What would have happened in 1991-7 if Equatorians rebelled against Garang when SPLA was at the point of defeat and your dinkas in GBG and Upper Nile were drinking cattle urine for water let alone food.

          Where is Ghadafi, Laurent Gbagdo, Fuday Sanko(the Serial Leone war lord), where is Tayor the Liberian almighty war lord did they crashed miserably in the hands of the West. and when they were chosen for humiliation and slaughter, no African nation resisted. take the case of Taylor, even Nigeria who traded peace for his safety have to give him to the dogs.
          who is interested in wrenched, morally bankrupt illiterate like Kiir and his associates of beasts.

          Let me tell you, we are lobbying to make sure one nation or UNSC intervene and hammer you out of power, restore order and give work on merit.

          Let’s see where you will sustain your war. Bse Equatoria will never again give you cover, NEVER

      • Red Army says:

        Illiterate Hardtarget;
        Do you believe that your illiterate “whitearmy” is powerful than the Arabs we fought since 1983? When we fought the Arabs since 1983 including your Riek and his whitearmy; where were your UPDF and JEM to help SPLA fight all of them?
        You deserved nothing in South Sudan and you can go and convince your foreign’ husbands’ army to come and change regime in South Sudan if you can!
        If you are an Equatorian; then why are your tails all between your legs in Juba and elsewhere instead of changing regime in Juba?
        If you are a Nuer; then why can’t you capture the entire region of Bahr El gazelle to Juba or are there Uganda troops in that region as well? Where are Uganda troops anyway? Are those 100 troops in Bortown or are they somewhere else? Are there Uganda troops in Wau, Awiel, Rumbeek, Tonj, Yerol, Mayom, Bentiu, Nasir, Pachalla, Kapoeta, Torit Nimule, Yambio, Maridi, Yei? How come you don’t capture those towns I mention to take over the regime you despise? You people are just going to be crying like women until the end of your life and that all you can do!

        • Hardtarget says:

          Red Ass
          I am a pure Equatorian who knows more then you from a dignified family backing that gave 8 gallant soldiers and still counting. I lost everything during the wars I mean Anya One and Two. Yet we got nothing in return other than regret for having lost lives for nothing. I don’t envy anyone occupying govt position if s/he is to serve the people we fought for – You know nothing abt me, you don’t know why I take that name. When it comes to literacy and education you are just a pauper perhaps a refugee student in Kakuma or Ugandan Camps, well I am not. Typing on haste should not deceive you, take the logic you fool.
          Was it now Isaac Mamur who saved Ur asses when the Nuers had taken Giyada?? Is Mamur from Dinka???
          Who are the cowards, the one stayed put or the one who evacuated their families into camps or Yei, up to now dying in the camps
          If you are a nationalist and you care, why are your people the most miserable, wretched with lice, bedbugs, drinking dirty water, left under the mercy of WFP and you brag all over the world that you are warriors, rulers, rich. Aren’t you ashamed?
          For your little head, Anya Nya one was brought down by Amin’s switch of allegiance to Arab world, not coz we were not able to fight. Research over this little boy so will your regime. Mark my words. M7 will switch and you will crash.
          M7’s supported for Kiir is not coz you people matter, its bse he wanted buffer zone to keep Bashir backed rebel at bay and milk our economy for enrich Uganda thus prolong his stay in power, in other words idiots make many and wise use it besides he never trusted Riak. Tell me what will happen if the West mediated between them and promised M7 support to deal with Kiir the way they did for Kabila Sr.
          You don’t know politics; just stop commending, coz you are making a fool of yourself, stop displaying your idiocy here.
          Did you say the West are our master? What an ignorance, I am sure till tomorrow they are still feeding you through aid both in camps and own home villages, not Museveni, not the Chinese. Who brother the CPA, was not the USA support in kind, cask and diplomacy. Where were you in 1993-7 when we lost all the town s from Morobo to Kaya when SAF occupied Uganda borders up to Keri and Elegu?? Where were you in 2002 when the Equatorian defense force and Clement Wani’s well-equipped Militants swept SPLA from Liria to Kapoeta. The defeat of SPLA in Yei Kaya battles in 1993 was a direct result of the rift between Riak and Garang in 1991, but Garang was too wise and cunning to play his cards well unlike ur current dummy, this was salvaged in 1997 by USA funded operations thunder volt(OTB) cooked and orchestrated in Bamure SPLA camp, originally created by SPLA remnants from Equatorai who I know by names, they refused to cross to the camps and was playing cat and mouse by the SAF in Kajo Keji(hit and run) not till it was discovered that their hide out was strategic for establish a camp.

          While diplomatic pressure helped stop Bashir clearing Juba Kaya route in 2000s just b4 the CPA
          Sorry I forgot that I am replying a mediocre.
          Had it not for America, SPLA could be History.

          • Red Army says:

            I am glad that you clarified yourself as one of the known cowards in Equatoria; because all that you know how to do is ran your mouths only online; but when it comes to fight you’re just cowards.
            Does your Mamur have the balls to say anything against his superiors and you know who those superiors are?! No; he wouldn’t dare to say anything because he knows well that his head would be cut-off before he realizes it happened!

            Second of all; do you think foreign powers are highly irrational as you are to come and remove the current majority government and install you idiots as the alternative? Off-course not; why because they know removing the majority government would be a disaster to minorities.

            The foreign powers are just trying to avoid the risk of minorities getting slaughtered no matter how long the foreign powers stay to protect the minorities! But you pinheads had no clue as to why the foreign powers are so hesitant to change the regime you wish to change with your rusty-brain!

            What was going on in the 60s, 70s, 80s, a Dinka would come from the cattle camp and he is the one who would come and get appointed by the Arabs who were in charge of the superior job in Juba over the equatorians with the so called degrees from colleges; that’s according to my grand-fathers and fathers who were in that era.

            Make no mistake about it; why were there so called “KOKORA” in the 70s and 80s? It was because Dinkas were the ones who come from the cattle camps and they were the ones being seens by Arabs as being superior than you and they get the superior jobs over you; that’s why you called for “Kokor” meaning separation because you were too inferior to compete in present of Dinka! To this day you still have that inferiority complex! Facts are always facts and you can’t deny them and if you’re too dumb and inferior the way you are then the question is; where there “KOKORA” or not? If yes then what was the reasons for Kokora?

            What are the chances from you numskulls today when this generation of Dinka is highly educated? Do you know all Equatorians are protesting Dinka to leave Equatoria which is a daydream that will never happened? That’s because you people are too inferior to compete in present of Dinka and those are the facts in Black and White!

            Are there Dinkas in their territories protesting Equatorians to leave their lands? Absolutely not why because an Equatorian is just an equatorian and nothing else especial about them! You see; to be cowards and inferiors those are sad titles for one group to have at the same time!
            Hardtarget Must read if it’s can’t be published

          • Bongo Aleku says:

            Hardtarget, don’t mind, why did Kirr struggled frantically for seven hours on phone for Museveni to safe him and His dutbany and the Mathiang Anyor on that night of the concocted coup d’ tat. let them talk. If he could get the link El hag has provided then read through the lines of Dr. Miamingi and watch the youtube and see how the Wewes were insulting their President, the person will not talk but tell their cowboy to just swallow his pride and give way to change

          • Nikalongo says:

            Red Army,

            Unlike you who probably write from the comfort of ur apartment, your people the Dinka are in a much worst situation politically today than they have ever been. Those in government are aware of that. That also explains why they (Kiir, Malong , ……etc) are looting and investing in housing, companies, etc in East Africa, Europe and the Americas. Stop that nonsense of bravery. Dinka spent most of their times, as now, fighting their Nuer cousins during the wars of liberation. It was always a Dinka-Dinka war, Nuer-Nuer war or Nuer-Dinka war. Villages and settlements in Upper Nile were emptied not by Murahileen from the North but the wanton actions of people like Gadet, Malong, Santino, Kuol, Gatluak, Deng Deng Shit and all the other blood thirsty generals on the frontlines in Bentui, Akobo, Malakal, Akoka, Renk, Nasir and Leer. Red Army, the people you call cowards used so much time and efforts to make Dinka and Nuer see the senselessness of fighting each other. As I write, we the cowards are once more involved in schooling the warlords and people like you why fighting only brings death and misery to the ordinary Nuer and Dinka citizens on the hills of Dolep and valleys of Mayom and Bentui.

            Red Army, the people suffering most from this war are not the coward Equatorians. They are the Nuer and Dinka. There are Dinka and Nuer in UN camps around the country and many more living in misery in Refugees camps in the neighbouring countries. Why would brave people ask for protection from the UN? Can you imagine a Dinka President unable to protect his people from the marauding white Army? What about Riak? Thousands of poorly armed kids, cheated out of childhood and who were supposed to be going to school like the children of Riak and Taban Deng were encouraged to die prematurely. The misery of the ordinary Nuer and Dinka in the camps and settlements in Mayom and Renk will continue until the Dinka and Nuer people understand that the interest of the elites among them are different from those of the ordinary persons. While few Dinka (occasionally mostly on Wednesdays/Thursdays, envelops are handed out to some poor Dinka in Juba) and Nuer are beneficiaries of the status quo, the vast majority in are destitute living on the margins of our country. Equatorians in the countryside live a happy and peaceful life. Ask the Dinka and Nuer in Nimule. Why are they (Nuer and Dinka) afraid or do not want to live in their villages and settlements?

            Red Army, do not be deceived by the much propagated invincibility of the Dinka Nation. You are not invincible. In politics, nothing last forever. Where is Omer Bashir and Arab North? When will they come back to Junub? Should this nation collapse because of the careless actions of the Dinka and Nuer leaders, those ordinary Dinka and Nuer settlers in Equatoria you claim are superior to Nikalongo, Al hag or Ramba will be forcibly evicted from Equatoria. Even those lying buried in their graves will be exhumed and deported. You know what happened to the ordinary German population of Poland and the Czech Republic when Hitler Germany collapsed? Today, there are no ethnic Germans in Poland and the Czech Republic. Unlike the Dinka who are settlers in Equatoria, Germans were natives to Poland and the Czech Republic. All efforts for a return or compensation to the Polish and Czech Germans has come to nothing. Apparently, peace time Europe with all her institutions is unable to recreate the pre-war Poland and the Czech Republic where ethnic Germans were part and parcel of those countries. They (Germans) are gone and gone forever. That fate awaits the Dinka and Nuer.


        • Hardtarget says:

          The more u bubble the more u expose your ignorance, firstly Kokora was a result of Abel Alier who was at the negotiated talks as pro-Arab, rewarded by Arabs to subdue the more civilized Equatorians using the Majority Monkeys.
          Secondly, if you know anything about any nya one, u will find out that Dinkas are always after food even in SPLA Dinka could move from liberated areas to Jalaba areas freely in search of food. food is ur problem!!

          The world is bent to protect the Minority, do you know the ratio of Hutus to Tutsi In Rwanda? do u even know how long it took for them to take over power? do you know how long it took the Eritreans to get independence from the Mighty Ethiopia??
          Well, Dinkas are like Hynas who believe in their size scaring the prey away, we are leopards, we will strike when u r very vulnerable. We will.

  2. Alier Gai says:

    First of all, you have reduced your language wildness to the level of your subject matter of the day. This is a sign of maturity in understanding what is yours and what is not yours. And I think that this is a new beginning for you and your citizenry in our country. Talk your concerning issues out with no hard feelings on other people, and you did well here. Secondly, the guy or the dr. you quoted throughout your article has been against the southern government for a very time, and all those recommandations of his are of no importance to us than his obvious conflict of interest he has been waging against the south. Anything that matters most to you from him is less than you think to me or to anyone else.
    Consider the control of guns in the hands of people before you think of any extrenous entrance by force. It will be a hell invitation my friend with less regard for humanity if those strategies are recklessly be implemented by mediating countries. The death will hit all time high under the UN and under those countries you anticipate the truteeship be handed over to them, will take offense in unabated conundrum with less control over it. This will also be a short cut to the robbery and looting of our natural resources with no peace to gain in the end, among others, for how many years we shall be trying to do so…? The african union report is a joke, khartoum regime made their negative reports on us through the nagerian dollar dreamer in the name of a failed state they call it. Any take on that report to transform leadership is unhealthy way forward in south sudan. The findings are only for the crimes committed against humanity and for the charges the findings have for the criminals who have instigated this unrest war. But not for the leadership and for the decision of who should command the lost sheep in their grazing land for a period of time, when the sheperd is not there. That is a no peace signal and this is a over board decision made by someone not fit to investigate, let alone the implementation of the process. Nevertheless, kiir and macher should accept any short term period for a solution. One year or two would be better for them to undo their already created war, and then step aside after they both achieved that period of transition with no one seeking rerunning for the office. The new faces will then emerge on the surface after all these tensions are subsided to a lesser degree. A compromise to bring peace is badly needed now than another useless war in the making.

  3. Alier Gai;

    You sound like you have lost everything – totally suffocating, fuming with hatred – why all this consuming hate for other tribes to taste presidency of s. sudan by the way?


    The above 120000 UNSC troops are not in S. Sudan for a joke man!

    You Bad Jieng Boys have no right to subject innocent, law-abiding , god-fearing citizens to abject poverty, genocide, humiliation and hopelessness.

    If you foolishly make a wrong move against the above troops for hate-sake, you will be bound to be terrorist for life in exile, I implore you guys.

    Ngundeng is reallllll!!!!

    splm-io Oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
    Sweeping Reforms Oyeeee!!!
    The War against the “Liberators-turned-Opressors” is already won in advanced.
    WAR & PEACE – choose One!
    Let all of Us Choose Peace!

    • Alier Gai says:

      Brother Dagany,

      I am still in my position from day one that peace is a price for us than a war. Riek is a risk taker with nothing to loose, for he is a lost human in the school of ngundeng, the witchcraft. Kiir, in other hand, is a nonchalant caregiver with little preparation in his career, but more human than Risk the black disaster.

      Nothing that you think I am for. I like south sudan to remain in our hands. I like unity, I like peace, and I like our tribes to reign with equal services given regardless of the size or volume of the weight. You charged me wrongly, because of your naath-tribal mentality.

      • Alier, all of us educated intellectuals know that;
        Dr.Riek caused the following(the Crisis) in retaliation for President Salva Kirr having had added salt to an injury; by secretly looting 5% oil share from unity state (thru taban deng governorship bribe); and then removing both Riek & Taban, and then killing 20000 naath in Juba:


        What does that amount to, let me ask you brother? Isn’t that a careless malice?

        Salva is now being a proxy president manipulated by JCE’s for their selfish gain. All his speeches and actions are written guided by you educated guys and what do we marginalized educated Nuer think?

        Poor innocent Unity State dying from hunger & curable malaria in a county that supply China with oil.!??

        Is this a status quo we need to keep, given our remarkable IQ’s?

        Sorry, Salva has got to go – Riek? May Ngundeng be with him.

        We are taking them both to ICC to defend themselves – the world has seen enough of their impact.

  4. j son of man says:

    The fact is that Kiir and his little bastards must go at watever cost whether death or anything b’se with them being in charge, you will never see anything materializing trust me, these bastards have eaten enough whether money, time and blood of innocent south sudanese whether nuers, Dinkas and other tribes. So those tribal affiliated Dinkas and equatorians and nuers must unite to fight this muster if you still support Kiir b’se he’s a Dinka like you then you are waste to exist on the planet earth and particularly in south sudan, b’se u’ll have failed not only you but your generations to come b’se it’s we that should set a foundation for them so be critical hell is better than for those under Kiir’s rule, am a Dinka but i don’t like image he has portrait us since he became the president of this country it’s up to those wise Dinkas to clean this mess we need realistic politicians that make things happen not these ones that cannot even prepare a simple welcoming speech on their own south sudan is curse let’s save it from these demons in human forms

  5. j son of man says:

    And coz not Riek Machar to replace him but some other capable man from any part of the country

  6. GatCharwearbol says:

    Dear Paul,

    IGAD peace is useless. Whether it is inclusive or not is the same. We will get the same output. By now, South Sudanese should seriously begin looking for an alternative; this IGAD peace mediation isn’t cutting it. Let us not waste our time and energy trying to turn a known failed entity into a holy body. The ending to this madness is here at home. It is with us and I don’t see why we think someone else will solve it for us. It is either we live in bondage under Salva Kiir or we dethrone him by all means. There is no grey area here.

  7. Bol says:

    You’re right…. I suggest you and Alhag attend 09/07 celebration in Freedom Square .. arme yourself with more spears and big stick… Alhag can carry some Denga and a machete….Just scream your traditonal war cry…believe me he will run away from J1,shouting. NUER A CI BEN ..NUER A CI BEN ….problem solve. No meetings, no forienge intervention. cheers.

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      NUER A CI BEN. NUER A BI Wuok Thol, Ler Ku UGANDA, EGYPT, JEM, SPLM-N, and whoever we can find Bei. This was the song sung right before December 15th Juba Nuer massacre. A well known conspiracy to all. What else can we say! You’re right. Whenever the name Nuer come across anybody in EAST AFRICA, the first thing that crosses their minds is to run. A tribe of Dark smooth skin fear from afar. That’s Nuer for you!

  8. John Maker says:

    I wish if IGAD can speedy up with mediation of the peace process like the time they were mediating Comprehensive peace Agreement (CPA) would seem better than the current modality they are using now. Because many people are dying while peace process is very slow indeed God will give them good reasoning capacity to bring lasting peace which will be compare to CPA.

  9. Umba says:

    Hi guys. I like the debate. It’s interesting but somehow some people are still so tied to their tribes & tend to support the entrepreneurs of the war in South Sudan. My comment is specifically to disagree with the proposal of military intervention by AU/UN or any other outsider. Clearly, there is no benefit in this proposal because we don’t know how long these intervenors will take to repair South Sudan (i.e. consider politics of exploitation & regional foreign policies and take into account what we have-resources). Perhaps I will agree for the exclusion of Salva & his group on the one hand & Dr. Riek with his group on the other hand from the proposed interim government rather than from the peace process as pointed out in the original article upon which our comments all are based. Salva & Riek like all South Sudan need to confront themselves at the negotiating table so that all that is problematic can come to light. My proposal in addition to what the next rounds of the peace process should look like is the involvement of psychologists and anthropologists. This is important because these people can read and understand the minds and intentions of the people at the table. For example certain things that negotiators don’t say in words ( in collectivist cultures like South Sudan) during the peace process can be interrogated and translated by these people. I argue like these because of the reliance by both Salva and Dr. Riek on the advice of the Jieng Council of Elders & While army and Nuer prophets respectively for advice. So you can see that our leaders don’t go to the negotiating table as modern political actors but as traditionalists who pay high respect to their gods. Having said this I also want to condemn those who have been negatively indoctrinated by the SPLAM who believe the solutions to South Sudan can be found in it. The SPLM/A of late Dr. John Garang & and the likes of Yasir Armin is not the SPLM/A of Salva and Dr. Riek. I don’t think now the SPLM, both of them can lead the country well. It is enough for us to relealize that if we want to come out of the conflict trap we should look at individuals, not these fake institutions of ours in South Sudan including the voiceless opposition parties especially SSDF.Thanks

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