IGAD Mediators: Peace isn’t constructed like a bridge!

By: Deng Mangok Ayuel, AWEIL, South Sudan, DEC/04/2014,SSN;

The IGAD mediators to South Sudanese peace talks are ‘unfit’ to resolve the conflict. They need to top-up their mediating gears for peace to be realized in South Sudan. These mediators were not expected to give political scope of interests to the cluster of South Sudanese politicians who think that South Sudan is their gifted village to be taken into abyss amidst our silence.

If the warring parties have been violating cessation of hostilities agreement and the mediators couldn’t pressurize the leaders involved to the conflict, then what is it for IGAD mediators to continue mediating between the minds of politicians who are wailing for the failure of the new nation?

South Sudanese should think of divorcing the IGAD mediators and loud up their voices or invite the world to resolve the conflict before inflaming.

In sum, this conflict may not be resolved simply by allowing it to fade away or by eliminating the conflict situations with sanctions and/or by recompensing rebels with political positions in the upcoming interim government.

The current war is immoral and the impending bad peace being negotiated by IGAD in Ethiopia shall be a daunting one. A bad upcoming interim government in the hands of Dr Machar and chameleonic individuals in Equatoria region is bullying.

A lot need to be done for a lasting peace, lest things will not change for better.

South Sudan conflict is heavily mechanized politically. The political heights, hearts for wealth, power and the individualistic military backgrounds of some armed folks loyal to Kiir and Dr Machar may still continue to cause more adversities in the country.

Thus, Gen. Peter Gadet will not easily listen to Dr Riek and stop attacking SPLA forces’ position, and the SPLA will not militarily cease to defend its territorial integrity from aggression as a national army.

This is a scenario IGAD bloc needs to grease, think of healing military and political ambiances.

The mediators should also recognize that they are not mediating peace for leaders with political interests but for the nation. Peace belongs to the nation, not individuals within the government or rebels.

Our people have been displaced, others exiled and thousands were killed. As conflict is a dispute in a situation defined by the warring parties with different beliefs, mutual perception and the evidences related to the root causes, it’s a turn for IGAD bloc to say enough is enough to the warring parties and establish reasonable, concrete mechanisms for a real peace.

Is IGAD bloc not contributing to the failure of the new nation? Peace is not constructed like a bridge. It emerges from the balanced mental tones. These mediators are deemed to coax the leaders involved to the conflict to accept their roles as fire igniters, make them feel responsible for their doings.

Hence, peace with just – a just peace couldn’t materialize in the hands of these mediators. As mediating is a business, there is not need for IGAD bloc to waste time doing less than expected for a quite long time.

Anyone who desires to make money out of this conflict is a failure to him/herself. The mediators should focus on public demand and wishes for peace by restoring hope and nationalistic feelings through a just peace.

There is a need for political interests to be shortened, power not shared un-necessarily, antagonism lessened, and the resulting expectations made more realistic by clarifying the conflict situation or point fingers to resistance bodies involved to the conflict.

Deng Mangok Ayuel is a columnist, blogger and lives in Aweil, South Sudan. He can be reached via mangokson@gmail.com.


  1. Yiey W. Teny says:

    Mangok, I think President Museveni is a failure in this regard because he is making more money in this conflict. If you know the rule of mediation, mediators are not decision makers in any conflict resolution, they mediate negotiations. it is up to Juba faction and Pagak to decide when will peace come to South Sudan. In fact people are suffering, whether you are with the government or with the resistance forces you are still wearing it.

    Mind you, Dinka elders came out a few days ago and they said, they are ready for peace but people who have rebelled should not be awarded with positions. Juba faction came up last week too and they said, they accepted the position of a prime minister with non executive powers. Hon. Kuol Manyang and the Chief of the army have declared war on resistance forces coming dry seasons. they will start their military compaign on 27th Dec to Janaury next year.

    How do you view the above sentences? Is Juba faction for peace or against it?
    How are we going to achieve peace when Museveni is behind Kiir day and night? In the real world, if the government troops went as far as killing innocent people, that government has lost its legitimacy. And the president deserves to resign because his government perform below zero.
    People who know better can not talk about defending transtitional constitution of the country when they have ignored some of it. I don’t know if Hon. Kuol and chief of general staff know more about defending constitution.They should be taught the definition of the constitution.
    If President Kiir didn’t mean to kill innocent people in Juba, he would have resigned by now, if he was for the nation not for leadership. What makes the matter worse again is that, intellectuals Dinka are standing folding their hands and watching, when are we going to say no to the bad regime? The leader of civil society have been forced to apologise because he said both President Kiir and Dr. Dhurgon have no sons in the current conflict. In the mind of someone who fought for freedom, it is a freedom of speech. But to people who are supporting the president, it is an abuse of freedom of speech. People around President Kiir can not have it both ways. You can not talk about an democractic elected government when you are abusing the democracy and its branches that is contradiction.

    In response to the upcoming interim government if there will be one, we can’t say it is going to be bad because we haven’t tried Dr. Dhurgon or any one from Equatorians. We have given our trust to the current leader of our country he vomited on his plate and ruined his chances I dont why wants to be leader again. He will not make any different. He should call it a quit and give other people a chance. Other wise, the country will be in a bad shape.

    Gen. Gatdet Majiak, hasn’t attacked government forces, he was attacked by government loyalists in many occassions. His forces were acting in selfdefense. About lasting peace albeit we talk about lasting peace, lasting peace will not come very easy, if the root causes of the problem aren’t addressed. The fact that one community members are grouped in all UNIMISS camps indicates that, we are didvided to the bone. It doesn’t matter how nice we will convince ourselves, Dinka Bor and Dinka Bharelghazal have divided us to the core.

    How are going to be free when we don’t call spade a spade? it is pathetic.

  2. Mangok says:

    Hi Teny,

    People got divided and fought tribally, is it anything to adore? As a writer, i have avoided being a protagonist. My main focus is for mediators to pressurize so that you come out of UNMISS camp.

  3. Jake says:

    “A bad upcoming interim government in the hands of Dr Machar and chameleonic individuals in Equatoria region is bullying”. This sentence sums up your bias point of view. It’s quite clear you are a tribal loyalist of Kiir.

  4. Samuel Adut says:


    If I were you Neath, I would have advice you to denounce Riek Puot Nyuon and fight for c

  5. Mangok says:

    I have never been thinking of becoming a loyalist. Loyalty is for those who wanted to be parasites to others. After all I have never worked for Kiir’s government since CPA was signed. You people are blind about every Dinka … not all Dinkas are Kiir’s, or say there are good people in any community.

    • Jake says:

      Why then do you regard an interim government with Riek and others that oppose Kiir’s Tyranny as a bad idea and Bullying? Are you happy with the state of the nation under Kiir? Also why should people like me not perceive you kind as Dinka supporters of Kiir, when you criticize everyone that’s against Kiir? Just incase I misunderstood you and was quick to judge. What is your solution to the carnage taking place in the country?

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