If Kiir nullifies the E/Order creating 18 more states, there’ll be a worse war!!

By Majok Arol Dhieu, Rumbek, South Sudan, OCT/17/2015, SSN;

It is the toughest issue to reverse and let the president be forewarned in advance. The lost boys overseas have made it clear with their international communities that the president must put the order on moratorium or be null and void.

Let me give you an example that “if your father calls you and gives you pocket money, later on he says that he wants the money back while you have wasted it partially or completely, honestly there will be a great conflict here because you are treated unfairly and you are being ashamed by your own father as you might already have informed your friends for a gathering.”

For those who claimed the nullification of the order, you are completely waging the worst war. Let President Kiir either face you or face us, seriously, because we have been requesting our own state before politicians talk about federal system of governance.

There are other people somewhere in South Sudan who were waiting for the order eagerly, and if the president makes a grave mistake to nullify the establishment order, then the war that will break out will be worse compared to the Machar current rebellion.

Who are now better, those from outside or the people within? Obviously the people within are better because if anything happens in the country such as war among nations or within, they will take up arms and defend their country compared to those who went away for their safety.

The Presidential order establishing 18 mores states is excellent and perfect and we are waiting the president to come up with implementation immediately although the creation of states seems to open up a Pandora’s box since others are complaining to have their own states and others are complaining not to be annexed to another state.

This is not the first time for South Sudanese to do it and possibly let me take you through what happened when President Jaafar Nimeri issued a Presidential decree to divide South Sudan into three regions in 1983.

Equatoria with James Joseph Tombura as the first Governor, Bahr El Ghazal under Lawrence Wol and Upper Nile under Daniel Khot Mathew.

Instead of South Sudanese to applaud president Nimeri on his wise decision, he was flooded with letters of criticism because each and every politician wanted to be governor especially being designated first governor was something not common.

This was the reason why Nimeri imposed sharia law on South Sudanese because he became hostile
and unfriendly with South Sudanese leaders.

Likewise, the same thing could easily happen, if we cry and ask something and later on reject it if given, then any leader in any area of South Sudan can simply impose unwanted law on South Sudan people.

In every website, there are multiple articles condemning president for creating 18 more states. What I personally realize is the same situation that happened during Nimeri regime that those outside the government are the ones that should rule better than those in office.

It has been the practice of South Sudanese people to become politicians even at the age 20 years who cannot manage their own affairs leave alone the multitude.

Many South Sudanese including the writer of this article have observed that the western administration was just aiding and abetting the leader of the SPLM/SPLA-IO.

To create more states has been a public demand for those who might be thinking that this was single-handedly done unless perhaps Riek wanted to do it himself for the purpose of his
public campaign.

We have all members of parliament whose mandate is to represent their respective constituencies. Why many writers do post articles that say the president has made it by himself without consulting the people of South Sudan?

Should there be a need for the president to go abroad and ask refugees on what to do with state affairs?

The writers from outside are just writing their articles to exercise their skills in writing only not because there is some logic in their writing.

What is wrong if you are given consent to have your own state and manage its resources alone?

The writers must need a total transmogrification in their writing to place peace in the hearts of South Sudanese or if not, it is clear that a gag will be placed on some of the writers’ mouths whether inside the country or outside.

The author is a South Sudanese and can be reach at e-mail address:


  1. Justice says:

    Majok Arol Dhieu,

    When Bashir created 10 states in South Sudan instead of the former three regions (that Nimeri created) did Southern Sudanese and Garang stopped fighting and considered that our problem was solved? No.

    having 10 states or 21 or 28 states means nothing if no real Federalism is implemented.

  2. Defender says:

    Majok Arol,

    What is new in Rumbek? You have been fighting and killing each other for the last ten years and no one noticed. Even the president has not noticed that this has been happening in your neck of the wood, which has brought disrepute to the whole nation, aside from tragedy caused by Kiir in December 2013.

    As for the war you are threatening to wage if the decision is taken by kiir to rescind the order has taken place. You will surely be alone in this fight. As you know, those who are happy with the decision are the same people who were on the streets in early August that peace being negotiated by the Government of Kiir was a bad peace. Isn’t it the same you, in lakes state that came to the streets and congratulated the president for signing the peace? Unless you are argument here is delusional, then you can for sure say that in a place with spineless leaders who have not been able to stand against the mini dictator (Matur), who ruined your state and still coming out to say you will fight. Fight who? your shadow?

    I think it will be wise to accept the decision to delay the process until constitutional review commission is founded and it begins with the process of creating states, whether it is what the kiir has decreed or something else that is more equal, with all tribes having their own states, not only Dinka. Do you see fairness in this type of a process? If you are just gang-hoe on the prospect of having what that does not belong to you and does not want to consult different communities in Lakes State and others, to seek a better understanding on where the borders of the ramped through states are, then you will find yourself homeless in your own state, given the way this thing has been divided.

    And if you want to fight, where will you get the resources to fight? no where! The government is now running low of hard currency and are engaged in selling the little dollars they have in black market to fill the gap in the economy. Isn’t this pathetic? A government is now becoming a dealer in the black market! I thought those of Taylor, the former president of Liberia, is known for doing that and soon after he found himself in The Hague. What do you expect if you started a war with your tribal leader Kiir? This will even be the easiest way for us to get rid of him for breach of constitution and genocide.

    You see Kiir does not have any room to maneuver anymore. He is left only with one little option. rescind the order and follow the agreement he signed so that the people of South Sudan can use their God given right to decide what type of federalism that they want. Then and only then you can have your own tribal kingdom, where you can butcher yourselves and no one will come to your aide. I think, this is the type of system you are seeking to have, which we will oblige to, just when the process is right, not only for you and your kin, but for all of us.

    These things that I have mentioned here are not far fetched. History is our guide. During the war of liberation, all the Dinka Cattle owners ran from their homestead into other communities because they were not able to protect it. The only safe places where they kept their cattle was in the Equatoria states. Now that you want your state without changing the behaviour that led to your departure, you will face the same thing again. Looting each other cattle and then run away to other communities/states for cover. This time, you will have to pay huge taxes for moving your cows to other states that have respect for property and human life.

    I wish you luck with the threat of waging war against the state of your cousin Kiir.

  3. jok lual says:

    what Nuer gain in this game ?

  4. JACRamba says:

    This is the same decentralization politics of the 1980. By then it was called Kokora and every Dinka went bananas. Today it decreed by a Dinka head of a state and you what – the anti kokora Dinka are now willingly dying to defend it. Salva Kiir and Justice Ambrose Riing welcome to Kokora the Dinka Way!

    • Jim Monyekak says:


      If both jaangs:Kiir and Thiik want Kokora their way, thats fine. Let them pack their bags and leave Juba or Equatoria at large. Funny enough, they have fooled their fellow jaangs by curving out oil-rich lands in favor of jaang communities. Well, then we also say we have Juba or will control all our resources and revenues in our states. All jaangs must leave Equatoria for their luaks. Thats simple. Soon we shall impose travel bans for all jaangs entering Equatoria.

  5. Kwacha says:

    Dear Jim Monyekak..
    South Sudan is “ONE NATION” and for all South Sudanese irrespective of tribe, language etc. and every South Sudanese have the right to live anywhere provided he respects due process of law. We fought together as South Sudanese so we should live together to build a strong nation. Let there be no land grabbing and born to rule ideology and we will embrace each other.

  6. Mel says:

    Your arguments are not making any sense at all. Where on earth has it happened that there is imposition of travel ban to people in one nation although under a federal system of governance?

    Whoever said that must have a bunch of maggots in his rotten miniature brain. Go back to class to at least add some little sense to your head. I understand that empty cans always make the loudest noise.

    Try me and I will strike back with wrath

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