If Dr. Machar isn’t dead, peace won’t ultimately be realized in S. Sudan

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BY: Awumtiaidit, SOUTH SUDAN, DEC/23/2013, SSN;

Riek Machar’s clandestine thirst for top seat is not unusual. It is something he aspired for since he joined the SPLA/SPLM. For those young and uninformed readers, it was in the summer of 1984 when my battalion graduated at Bong-ga training camp in Ethiopia and discharged for liberation operation in Sudan.

We met Riek Machar on the way to Bong-ga, and he began to inquire how the SPLA/SPLM hierarchy was formed, particularly what merits that were considered in nominating top leaders.

The softly speaking battalion commander tried to explain while Riek kept on interrupting how Dr Garang and Karbino Kuanyin Bol got on to the top of the Movement.

My late friend Akoon Baak and I listened to the discussion at far with amusement and concluded that this guy, in the person of Riek Machar, will one day do anything, at any cost to secure leadership.

Why beginning to talk about leadership while he is going for training? We asked ourselves.

Onto the operation field, we fought many battles with Jallaba, though lots of my comrades are no longer here, we won many wars. To cut a long lecture short, it was in 1991 when the very man comrade Riek made his long held intention finally known to all.

Without remorse, he declared his rebellion at the time our Movement was trying to come to terms with impromptu departure from Ethiopia base. For a simple thing (leadership) he could talk over with Late Garang or either the high command, he took arms against our people and joined deadly hand with the arch-enemy of RSS. This resulted in the infamous Bor Massacre and recaptur of towns by Jallaba that were under SPLA.

Dr Riek unrealistic act gave Jallaba an upper hand in the fight because all our resources were withdrawn from Juba to save Bor civilians from Riek’s forces.

The current defence minister and the late Lt. general George Athor Deng Dut took it upon themselves and flushed Riek’s rebels out in less than a week. Shamelessly, Riek left his White army in imbroglio and took to Khartoum and apologised that he could not be able to defeat Late Garang.

Jallaba welcomed him and mistreated him, given he did not do to the best of his ability what he vowed he would do….destroying southerners.

In Khartoum, Riek was faced with humiliations of all sorts, he then left unceremoniously to Join Late Garang he once accused of totalitarianism.
Late Garang forgave him and the most generous man, Lt. general comrade Wani vacated his seat for the hungry and angry wolf to take it. Without the slightest compunction he grabbed it.

Analysis of what took place in the night of Sunday, 15/Dec/13 and its resemblance with Riek past history.

Let me take you back a little bit so that you sufficiently get the gist of this paper. When Late Garang passed on, we all were called for a meeting to the New Site town in Eastern Equatoria. The motion was how to forge a robust future for our state in the wake of Dr Garang’s death.

As I vividly remembered, the meeting was tense especially on who will succeed Garang. We all spoke, beat about the bush and didn’t get into the core of the issue as the atmospheric situation in the hall was threatening.

Dr Riek was rumoured to have put his name forward for a leadership bid. He sat at the corner of the hall and was not saying a thing. Also, those who didn’t talk much until almost to the end of the meeting were Kuol Manyang (the current defence minister) and Salva Kiir.

Kuol came in his full army attire wearing two pistols and gloomy red eyes on. Realising no one wanted to mention who will succeed Late Garang as leader of the Movement, he stood up, cleared his throat and said, “comrade Salva take the chair, this is not time to discuss leadership, we will do it when the right time comes”.

Three deputies were nominated these include Riek Machar, Wani Igga and Malik Agar. Riek left the venue unhappy man on the day.

Failinge to secure top office he yearned for, he (Riek) began to sabotage the leadership. Instead of delivering service, he used the post to advance his 1984 and 1991 motives. He refused to be loyal to Salva Kiir. He abused his powers running amok of not controlling what he said and to whom he said it.

Riek’s differences with Salva were known by regional media far and beyond. I supposed Riek is a married man who knew how fragile house issues are secretly discussed and kept hush-hush as much as possible.

Blinded by power, Riek doesn’t see what he is doing wrong. Instead of wreaking the havoc inside the presidency, he had himself thrown out so as he either goes and forms his party, or patiently wait and contest the leadership.

He wasted no time, got underground and planned a coup with some relieved former minsters and governors (Taban Deng and Chol Tong). The coup botched and was easily brushed off by Kiir’s militia (formerly known as presidential Tiger Guards).

For the record this militia in the name of presidential guard were the ones who killed revered columnist Isaiah Abraham and Kiir is yet to pay the price for this.

Nevertheless, those going around in Juba here and elsewhere disputing the coup are Riek’s followers, make no mistake about them. Riek had been thinking how to coup this post since 1984. He is a congenital liar who said one thing, and does the exact opposite.

He is never a democratic person he claims he is. That said, it is obvious ultimate peace will never be realised in the Republic of South Sudan until Riek is dead. He becomes a national liability and deserves to go.

Borland cannot be made a leadership battle field.

Whatever it is, comrade Salva is not the man I knew right from training camp to the war time period. He was actively proactive and therefore, was put in charge to overseeing the Movement’s intelligence and security portfolio. He committed mistakes but was doing fairly well than now.

What am trying to arrive at here is:
What in the name of hell, Mr. Kiir, would you put in charge the most tribally oriented Gatdet as head of the army division eight at Bor? Gatdet is an oscillator and never deserves to be in the national army let alone commanding one.

How did you forget, Mr. Kiir, this is the same narcissistic Gatdet from Commando battalion we used to know back at Bong-ga, let alone his in-and-out culture of rebellions? Gatdet’s Bor rebellion is now number eleventh, or twelve times of going against people of South Sudan.

English people say past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour, Kiir and his men miss this fact big time. Locating army base full of them militias in Bor amid civilians and putting in charge the known apostate was a weighty mistake.

Bor civilians are now made to pay high price for leadership greediness they know nothing about. It is unfortunate RSS is cursed with leaders who never care about people they are ruling. All they care for is what goes into their protruding bellies, what a shame!!

UNMISS and its dirty political involvement in the RSS affairs:
UNMISS mandate consists of this amongst others: to support the Government of the Republic of South Sudan in developing its capacity to provide security, to establish rule of law, and to strengthen the security and justice sectors. Unfortunately this organisation is behaving to the contrary.

One, the time civilians were slain in recorded numbers at Twi East and Bor County early this year this UNMISS literally refused to follow the Murle marauders. It never provides the service it is paid for. In addition Bor civilians are uprooted as I write from their home because there is no adequate security, something we expect UNMISS organisation can provide as RSS has completely failed to offer the most needed security.

Two, the organisation is quick to condemn any retaliation done unto Murle, while it goes mute when Murle killed civilians either in Nuerland or Borland. This makes UNMISS a one sided organisation and so could not be fully trusted.

Third, it is widely speculated that when the coup failed in Juba, Riek and Taban were sneaked into the UNMISS compound for their safety. To worsen the case the same UNMISS smuggled them out of Juba and dropped them off somewhere around Bor. So why is UNMISS doing things that are not part of its job description if I may ask?

To sum it up, RSS government has to do something extraordinary to rescue children who are dying of hunger and cold in the bushes of Bortown. RSS has to work very hard to making sure Dr Riek is permanently removed.

The more he is at large killing civilians will go unabated. He is a brutish vampire who could not rest until there is blood he sees flows. This is what he is good at setting tribes against each either. He did it before and he did it again now!!

(President) Salva, you have done all you can, good or bad for southerners since Anya-nya 1 and the SPLA/SPLM. I therefore recommend you retire peacefully and take rest. We are in 21st century and we have 21st century human resources.

The boys we took to Ethiopia and on to America are RSS pride, few of them who are here in Juba are doing tremendous job regardless of their tribal affiliations. They will carry on the remaining part.

Down, down, Salva Kiir, down, down Riek Machar. Long Live RSS, long live lostboys of South Sudan.

Awumtiaidit is an SPLA/SPLM veteran


  1. AJ says:

    Why are you Dinkas don’t recognize atrocities you did unto others? What goes around comes around. Kiir Killed over 1000 Nuer in Juba and now it’s time you pay back.


  2. Dan says:

    The composition of the so called presidential guards is the one that has brought the disaster to the country now. The tigers as they called them were entirely made up of former militia solders from Riek, Matip and Salva. So you can see from there that the generous president loyalists were outnumbered in that unit and when the marriage broke down among the big three, the president started panicking and went for a regional tour where he recruited his misguided home boys who are now accused of committing atrocities against civilians in Juba.
    So to me the deployment of mentally unstable man as the head of Jonglei army division was intentionally done to intimidate the so called ” Garang boys” . Only in South Sudan do people like Peter Gatdet who have taken away so many innocent lives are rewarded with positions and those who peacefully criticise the evil action of the government are mercilessly eliminated.

  3. Andrew Jenge says:

    You can call it what you want to but the fact still stink despite all you effort – Dinka Veteran! Innocents Nuer civilians have been mauled by your savages bulldog galweng militia!

    In Akon, his hometown, speaking in Dinka, which SSTV aired, Salva had this to say, “…look, this power which I have belongs to you. You fought and died for it… now some people want to snatch it from me… we you accept it?” “Aci ba gam” meaning we will not accept, shouted the people back.

    It was in this context of retaining power that he ordered Paul Malong Awan to recruit and bring to Juba three thousand young men, which now constitutes his presidential guards.

    Good luck in pursue of dinkocrazy kingdom!

  4. Joana Adams says:

    No other man is suppose to be loyal to any other man on planet earth. A citizen can be loyal to a vision, the nation the constitution and the state to some degree (because states are notorious for violating human rights) The time for playing personal allegiances to kings or emperors are gone with the primitive medieval era of the middle ages some 3 or 4 centuries ago. We won’t allow this to happen in 21st century South Sudan.
    As for the reconstruction of the nation, it is a duty of all not some self or group appointed red or green armies or soldiers. Enough of all these garbages. Get it in your heads. South Sudan belongs to all or to none. I wouldn’t pledge any loyalty to a fellow human being let alone a non deserving one like Mayar small. Even the Bible gave Adam/men the right to rule over other creatures including animals but not over other men! Of course women can be ruled over by their husbands if that is their domestic arrangement, but not in public. Human beings have been designed by God or nature to be autonomous (which means self ruling) read Genesis if you don’t believe me.
    African wisdom passed over generations dictate the best form of governance ever: consultation, consultation, consultation and ruling by consensus not dictatorship. That means even within democratically established institutions, there should be consultative democracy rather than mathematical majoritarian-rule which leads to dictatorship of the majority.
    As for presidency your hatred for anyone cannot bar that individual from aspiring to become the president. What makes it right for some people to become leaders simply because of group statistics, even if they prove beyond any reasonable measure that they are not up to the job.
    As for whether the conflict in South Sudan is tribal or not. The fact remains, individuals that are associated with Riek may come from different tribes just as Salva camp is composed of different tribes. But that doesn’t rule out the fact that Salva’s militia are exclusively clan based. And if this ill formed and ill informed militia went on the rampage and targeted innocent civilians from the tribe they perceive as dangerous to their hold on power, and as a result mercilessly slaughtered them in cold blood, does that not force people to conclude that the conflict has taken a tribal dimension?
    Joana Adams



  6. AW joseph says:

    Dear Awumtiaidit,
    You are a bunch of hypocrite. I guess you claim to be living in Some where in South Sudan. All of us South Sudanese have relatives in Juba and have been in contacts with them. My Relatives lives next to one of the military barracks in Juba. They were an eye witness to what we are talking about. They told me that they owed their life to one of the Dinka soldier whose quick thinking saved them from being killed after they were mistakenly identified as NUER. They went to say that The presidential Guards were going around searching both at night and during the day suspected Nuer homes killing them where ever they could find them. My relatives claims are also backed by credible independent media and human rights group.

    In your article you made no reference to the ethnic cleansing of innocent Nuer children, women, the elderly and civilians who have nothing to do with Rieks political ambitions.

    You are one of those who do not know how much the South Sudanese people hate Salva Kirr.

    What makes you think its ok for Dinka to kill Nuer in Juba??
    But it is not good for Nuer to kill Dinka Bahr El Ghazal in Bor??
    What makes Dinka Bahr El Ghazal say they liberated South Sudan and therefore are entitled to everything including migrating to other peoples ancestral land and taking it for themselves??
    What makes Dinka take everything for themselves including key jobs??

    Equatoria is patiently waiting for the arrival of our brothers, The Nuer who have sacrificed their precious blood for us and the future of our children in which are grateful and proud of them. Let their soul rest in peace. We will not for get them.

    When the gallant Nuer arrives Equatoria land we will stand shoulder to shoulder and then find the Dinka solution together once and for all.

  7. Manoon Thonchol says:

    Mr. Awumtiaidit, we now believe Kiir is very dangerous and will be a threat to all of us whether we are Dinka, Nuer, Bari or any among the 64 tribes in South Sudan.
    I am a Dinka, and I fear the man gets scary and scary. We need to work very hard to make sure we get rid of him. He already became anti-us, the boys you favor to take over the leadership. A handful of Lost Boys of South Sudan were already killed in South Sudan for nothing, but for fear of the boys being educated and could any time take over the leadership as you advocate it here. Kiir already viewed Diasporas as enemy.
    For example, a well-known and a widely loved young man among the Lost Boys in the United States was beaten to death by government soldiers before Wen de Chan Awuol was assassinated in Juba. Mayol Kuch was beaten to death while imprisoned in Bor. We have seen Kiir hateful speeches against Diasporas on TV twice.
    The imprisonment of Oyai Deng Ajak, Gier Chuong Aluong, Majak Aghot Atem, Pagan Amum and other well-known and heroes of our movement also shows that Kiir will be dangerous even to us young people.

  8. Elijah Samuel says:

    You are what is wrong with our country! Dinkas have committed atrocity against every single tribes in South Sudan but yet when Machar touched you in 1991 in retaliations you never forget! Dinka never forget 1991 neither did they forget Kokora. all these are in response to your predatory behaviors against other tribes! i am glad Machar is alive to rough your noses bloody as you do to other tribes! May he live long to be thorns in your sides. Let me tell you this, because your Kirr has committed ethnic cleansing in Juba, All those Nuer killed are not Machar, even if you kill him, the relatives of those your Kirr massacred in Juba will be thorns in your sides.
    You should see the light, If indeed Machar and his group wanted to make Coup, would they have not done it when kirr was in France or at Mandela funeral? Kirr Lied and is a murderer. he lied so as to get rid of his opponents. The below is well articulated.

    Where I agree with you is, Down with Kirr the liar and murderer.

  9. Chol Awek says:


    All the nonsene you posted here are rubbish and baseless. which battallion was Riek graduated or you are deceiving those who have no records in the history??? stop lying to those who knows better than you do. why you people think to be the only tribe in South Sudan who did everything??? don’t you feel shame sucking the blood of those sacrified for it and later insult them??? was it not Riek who reconcile the differencies between Kiir and Garang in Rumbek??? if yes; what happened???

    To assure you, this is not war between Dinka and Nuer although you turn it that way, it is war against Dinka dictatorshisp and corruption by all South Sudanese. but Nuer took risk because no one will initiate this without Naath (brave) I know civilian mostly women and children were killed by Dinka milittia but, Nuer will not and never touch anyone from either Warrap or Bor as Kiir yawn for it. Kiir Must Goooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    Stay Cool

  10. Elhag Paul says:

    Dear Awumtiadit
    I am really disappointed with the utter rubbish you have written. When will you understand that killing is not a solution? Supposing that you (God forbid) succeed in killing Riek, will it solve the problems of South Sudan? Why don’t you let him contest democratically so the people can choose? Why must it be your view that decides who rules South Sudan? Above all who gives you the right to call for Riek’s killing? Please stop spoiling our country with your brutish ideologies.
    Please access this URL to realise how South Sudanese view your mismanagement of our country.

    • Elijah Samuel says:

      Elhag Paul,
      These rotten agents of Salvage kirr knows no democratic principles as Madam Rebecca well said, They talk of democracy without knowing what shape the animal is and they run away from it when they see it.

      Salvage Kirr to ICC!

  11. nikalongo says:

    Veteran Awumtiadit, I sympathise with ur contribution to the struggle and liberation of this country. To tell the truth, the country u fought for is dead and buried. In Equatoria we prefer a three nation solution now so that Riak and Kiir can enjoy what they cherish most, i.e., Killings and destructions. Take that war away from Equatoria. My advice at this stage is to tell Riak to withdraw his forces from Mongalla. Three Equatorians in detention should be released. They are politicians and not militia leaders. Governor Konga should petition for their unconditional release.

  12. Bok Chol Bok says:

    That is a good article but you should talk on both side precisely, you have not touched anything on the democracy of KIIR….

  13. Bol Ajang says:

    Awum; your narration was initially logical but conclusion is delusive & rhetorical.

  14. Juma says:

    Wonderful article but with a fake ending ; kiir was democratically elected; and he will leave power either thru ballot boxes or willingly i.e. Mandela’s way. As for your title, riek and any south sudanese of his kind must be imprisoned for life. Kiir should learn from Russian president mr Putin case where opponents are jailed for considerable period of time until they are deemed less humble to the nation; riek should be reminded that he has spoiled the best political opportunity ; given corruption ; poor governance ; low service delivery among others which our nation has been….criticising them gives people hope he would rectify them when he is in top job ; so he would have been elected if he had either run independently ; form his party or wait for his time but now all that is history ; he will not be voted by any south sudanese unless the person in question is not patriotic………long live splm …..long live unity of south sudan

  15. Bentiu today says:

    tribalism will take you nowhere.
    shame on you, you hate him but we like him.

  16. akolf says:

    No Dinka soldiers had jointed Riek fighting only those politician food lovers.

  17. Lagu says:

    The Author of this article is a supporter of dictatorship and authoritarianism in RSS, you will die first before Dr Machar dies, we will Support Dr Machar till he fully takes power from Stupid Kiir. Death to you and your Kiir.

    God bless Mr Machar.

  18. Major says:

    Dear author,

    Everyone can see that your hands is full of blood. If peace could come through death, do you have peace now when you massacre thousands of Nuers civilians in cool blood in Juba? the God of this nation has already answered your evil plans to destroy RSS by protecting Dr. Machar from your dirty game to murder him together with his innocents Nuers people. Don’t forget that His survival from this assassination attempt, is definitely meant our freedom from you. Again for your information, South Sudan will never every be the same again.

  19. Gabriel says:

    You narrate the right legend, Dr Riek is a prophet of doom; for peace to exist in south Sudan or among the communities we need to clear Riek out either in jail or fire squad. This man is so greedy he wants to be president, his wife governor and his son a mayor of Bentiu. where in world will you find somebody with mindset like that if not Riek alone?
    Again for how long he will keep using Nuer as his tools to power, his time is up.
    And Kiir is not the right leader that we can be proud of but we don’t want nobody to take power by force.

  20. kur simon says:

    The author of this article is close relative or inner circle of Kiir, My friend, the truth is beginning to come to surface, the problem wasn’t Machar, the problem is Kiir, he must be held responsible for failing us, for corruption, for recent killing of more than 1000 people, and least but not last for lying to us the people who voted for him, the word” failed coup attempt” was used out of context, there was no coup in Juba on the evening of 15 Dec.
    Kiir’s Gogrial militias have butchered hundreds of innocent Nuer who have nothing to do with failed convention of Political Bureau, those who were murdered by Kiir own security have no threat against Kiir, they were just normal ordinary people who full heartedly voted for secession and for Kiir in 2010. their blood will ever follow Kiir, and kiir must farther be isolated by all the South Sudanese, it doesn’t matter whether you are Dinka or not, because due to one man’s stupid action, hundreds of Dinka were massacred too and who knows what will become of our fate in the coming weeks and months.
    there is petition going on to isolate Kiir farther, if you mind about the future of south Sudan and humanity more especially innocent people who were murdered by Kiir killing machinery, please follow this link and register your support to isolate kiir, we need only 100.000 signatures to isolate kiir.
    please do it now before it is too late. With kiir in power south Sudan will have a doomed future, he is the one who is prophet of doom not Dr Riek Machar, till today kiir keeps lying to us, he lied again on Monday when he addressed the parliament in Juba, he is a liar, he is a killer, he is a thief, he is unfit to lead by example.
    please click the link here below to register for the petition, if we get the 100.000 signature from now till end june 2014, Obama will back us to isolate Kiir.


    Simon K peter

  21. Blessed Abraham says:

    Awumtiadit has a point and a very clear point. Not all of us accepts the truth that Dr Machar will do anything and everything beyond killing to ascend to power, looking at struggle historical events attributed to him. Thank you for this article.

  22. okenyi says:

    NO one is perfect, why do we kill each other? why can’t we look back to Rwanda genocide, was it good for us south Sudan.

  23. Awumtiaidit says:

    It’s okay to have different opinion, Elhag Paul. South Sudan will never recover and develop so long as Riek Machar is still kicking. His problem is where presidency is, he wants it my all means!! I heard a minute ago that they are planning to attack Bor, you see? destabilisation is what he is good at, how would such as a wolf preside over the nation?
    Elhag Paul, the time you will cease from writing tribal loaded nonsense I will then evaluate my approach!! Thanks to all those who acknowledge my contribution to the nation Riek and Kiir’s kinsmen are tearing apart.

  24. Bentiu today says:

    thanks patriotic Lagu.

    take this news 27/12/2013 white army took control of Bor, meaning while the so called SPLA and Ugandans run away refusing to face them, what is wrong with battle field?
    when you kill women and children in Juba you make celebration, why not facing men now?
    Dear Lagu, Malakal also was recaptured yesterday evening by the force loyal to Dr. Machar.
    thank for your support.

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