I Question the Logic Behind the Creation of 28 States by Pres. Kiir

By Malek Cook-Dwach, Kampala-Uganda, OCT/04/2015, SSN,

“Good Ideas are produced by Healthy Mind”;

On personal note: the tribal sediment is deeply rooted beyond repair and manifested to the greater degree that verses the nationhood. In the onset of historical movements of South Sudanese people from pre-independence to post-independence era; the extra-juridical killing continue base on ethnic identities in the pretext of claiming and hijacking the historic legacy.

It was alleged that the incumbent Dinka Council of Elders (DCE) once formulated 39 laws against Nuer on 23/12/2003 in Yei under the chairmanship of Daniel Awet Akot, could this meeting be what triggered door-to-door massacre of ethnic Nuer in 2013 from the inside Capital City Juba under the supervision of the President Salva Kiir Mayardit?

The recruitment of Dut ku beny nick named mathiang Anyoor speaks volumes in the implementation of 39 laws against Nuer ethnic group which were well designed by Dinka Council of Elders (DCE) long time ago and the President Kiir Mayardit is a chief architecture Engineer of this process forgetting that he is president to everyone because he is branded by tribal mindset.

When this kind of politics comes into play, it was provoked by fear of sharing the national cake and political reforms to revitalize the system because the Dinka Council of Elders (DCE) is a direct beneficiary in the system and preferred status quo.

The culture of payback is what’s destroying the World’s newest nation (South Sudan). There are those who called themselves liberators and demand rewarding at the expense of the poor.

Coming back to the topic, I don’t see any reason behind claiming what is not your initiative as seen in creating of 28 States by President Kiir while it was earlier proposed by SPLM-IO to be 21 States based on colonial rule with known boundaries.

If Juba government buys this idea, they could wait for transitional government formation for it to be legislated in the national parliament in line with permanent constitution.

I doubt the creation of 28 States was a gesture of goodwill from President, as stated by Mark Twain that “When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

The President supposes to succumb to ‘give Caesar what belongs to Caesar and give to God what belongs to God.’ The idea for the President having Dinka Council of Elders (DCE) as his Presidential aides was wrong in the first place because it does not reflect the diversity of South Sudanese.

I am also skeptical for the President’s Speech writers because in several occasions there appeared forged and plagiarized speeches.

On Monday April 27, 2015 when Salva Kiir addressed the newly graduated students from Juba University he plagiarized President of Rwanda Paul Kagame speech when he addressed his home country students on the 21 of April 2015 in Rwanda. Available on the links below htt://www.newtimes.c.orw/article/2015-4-13/187797/
Kiir speeches on 27, April, 2015:
Htt://talkofjuba.com south-sudan/738-no-government-jobs-for-graduate-kiir

When Kiir signed the compromise peace agreement (CPA2) in August 26, 2015, he also plagiarized the famous quote from Ja’afer Niemery when he abrogated the Addis Ababa peace Agreement in 1983, when he said ‘’This peace is neither the Quran nor the Bible.”

For somebody who’s been to quality schools it is always discouraged and prohibited to forge and plagiarize somebody else words by means of copy and paste because plagiarism is a crime punishable by law.

Seeing somebody with high profile like head of state plagiarizing speeches is an insult to the sovereignty of our country and also questioning the educational capacities of President Speech’s writers.

Creation of 28 States could be the work of Council of States as per the transitional constitution of South Sudan bestowed upon them the power to alter or change the name of any state if it deems to.

The unilateral decision taken by Mr President Salva Kiir met with mixed reactions and condemnation inside South Sudan and Diaspora intellectual circles.

The Author is Researcher and Media Commentator, reachable at malekcook75@gmail.com


  1. Malek Cook-Dwach,

    Thank you for acknowledged us of kiir’s plagiarism of other president’s speeches. A leader must be smarter than the people he leads or he or she must be equally smart with his or her advisors in order for the leader to play a better leader roles. In case of Salva Kiir and Jieng Council of Elders, the Jieng council of elders seems to be smarter than president. This is the reason why kiir’s leadership was spoiled. One thing in common in Jieng Council of Elders, they are not smart and they are naïve and weak writers.

    Because the Jieng Council of Elders are not good writers, they just copy and paste the speeches of President Mark Twain of Rwanda and President Ja’afer Niemary of Sudan and handed over the written paper to Salva Kiir to read out a loud to public as his own words. What a shame Kiir and Jieng Council of Elders brought to South Sudan?!

    Moreover, Kiir and Jieng Council of Elders copy and paste Dr. Machar federalism and creation of many states. Kiir has huge problem understand English terminologies. Because he does not understand what plagiarism means that is why he copied speeches from other people. When Dr. Machar, Pagan Amum, and other disagreed with him in the parliament, Kiir called it a coup attempted. This translate that Kiir does not know the different between disagreement and a coup. I am asking Jieng Council of Elders to buy a good dictionary to Salva Kiir. Lastly, I am asking Ateny Wek Ateny to help Salva Kiir finds English terms in dictionary before says them publically. I don’t think Kiir know how to find words in a dictionary.

    • Raankan says:

      Reik Machar was created a lot of problem by proposal 21 states in South Sudan base by federalism and accepted and celebrated Nuer Rebell and Salva Created 28 states base federal government but now all Rebell had reject it .it cleare Riek do not want federalism.

      • Jim Monyekak says:


        Do not be fooled. The 28 states are based on “decentralized System” and NOT “federalism”. If jienges reject federalism, how then could they again turn around and endorse it? No brother! It was meant to primarily break “Equatoria” and “Nuerland” and create the Illusion of power devolution. The jienges have not managed it while in the 10 states how then can they manage it then 28? No brother! Only fools can belive that.

  2. Francis Mangok Angeir says:

    Dear Malek,

    It is too late, go back to your state to start the development. Millions of South Sudanese are celebrating and there is nothing you can about it. Take him to the court because of plagiarism and thank you for your criticism. Without his being in the bush for the rest of his life you would not be in Kampala, Uganda today to learn how to spell plagiarism.

  3. Malouda says:

    Malek Cook, your article is rubbish, there is no Dinka council elders that who met and organized the killing of Nuer. your leader , Riek do not proposed the states, he made them in effect as he appointed some of governors.

  4. Raankan says:

    Those divided states are be given the RAEBEL but what does the rebels want again!

  5. Dr Andy says:

    Dear All,
    I came from NBES- Aweil yesterday. It is true the decision of the 28 states is the work and plan of JCEs. The proposal of the Jieng Council of elders to the President was 23 States with Abyei under the Presidency. I saw the document with the map of the 23 States in Aweil dated 2013-2014. The friend that gave it to me told me that the 5 State is the work of close friends of the president from Aweil and Bor, what a pity.
    Dr Andy Murusal

  6. False Millionaire says:

    Dr Andy,
    Cueibet has become a state,could u believe it?
    If the fever of federalism has finally infected every RSS citizen,it’s already a good news.
    But to put every state on a potential viable political,social and economic footing,there is urgent need to negotiate among citizens to reduce the numbers of the states from the decreed 28 by the merit of mutual conscensus.

    • Bol says:

      Dear FM,
      Do you remember saying in one of your comments that if it was up to you, you would have divide RSS into three different states ? Well it look like some are actively working on same thing. Upper Nile for Nuer, Bhar el Ghazal for Dinka, Equatoria for Bari…. some practical alteration needed though….All Dinka to Bhar el Ghazal, meaning Bor,Twic East, Ruweng and Ngonk Lual Yak should be a part of new Dinka nation at all cost…..Azanda must have their won nation, Latoka must have their own nation ……Bye RSS……. Welcome Naath nation and weaker Bari neighbour show the world the art of ruling and good management…… what the use of having a big fence with NO BONDS? Be happy buddy wherever you are….. Yes….. the roof is licking, and Family needs must be met.

  7. Kizito Panther says:

    Guys, yesterday on 8th October, One Dinka man, a bodyguard of a major General Dinka military man killed 8 people, and out of this 7 people are Equatoria and one Ugandan cloth washers. Very sad indeed

  8. alex says:

    Go there with your nonsense
    one man act is his own responsibility. He will face the law and that has no connection with this topic
    Your hate will end with you. We S . Sudanese are peace lovers.

  9. Gabriel Manyuon Ajang says:

    Mind of no-profit struggle ever in South Sudan, you will blame your selves by the end of the day because you hear through your eyes. There will be no more reverse on the decree of the president though you shout on president and Dinka, sell Dinka and reserve your own selves for nothing to gain, you divide south Sudan unknowingly and regret after the decree, it has no different with the decision of genocidal father of nuer Riak Machar that divide SS to 21 states and ever never you will not feel any change from the decree.

  10. Abiko! says:


    Correction: Latoka is not a real tribe name! The real tribe name in the motherland is OTUHO! O stands for Organization.T stands for Treaty U stands for Unity H stands for Honesty O stands for Open. Open means they welcome all human beings with bare hands with no tribalism matter being attach!

    sorry! Otuho will not create a nation for themselves! They stand for UNITY AND LOVE!!! They are far from politics!

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