I hope Trump will take fresh look on South Sudan conflict – Machar’s wife, Angelina, says

By KEVIN J. KELLEY, TheEastAfrican, DEC/19/2016, SSN;

In Summary:
***Mrs Angelina Teny said civilians in parts of South Sudan are already being slaughtered on the basis of their tribal affiliations.
***She estimated that the overall death toll since the outbreak of violence three years ago may be nearing 100,000.

Government forces are currently engaged in genocide in South Sudan, Angelina Teny, the wife of opposition leader Riek Machar, charged.

Commenting on recent warnings by United Nations officials of looming genocide, Ms Teny said civilians in parts of South Sudan are already being slaughtered on the basis of their tribal affiliations.

“Genocide has been happening,” she said in an interview with the Nation on Saturday.

“It hasn’t reached the scale of Rwanda. It’s happening slowly, but it is happening.”

The killings are targeting members not only of her own Nuer tribe but “all ethnicities in a very big way”, Ms Teny declared.

It is not members of the Dinka tribe per se who are carrying out the killings, she said, but rather “the government in Juba led by Salva Kiir”, who is a Dinka.

Ms Teny blamed the South Sudan president for moving to “tribalise the conflict”.

She estimated that the overall death toll since the outbreak of violence three years ago may be nearing 100,000.

Asked about reports that rebel forces affiliated with her husband have also killed civilians, the senior opposition official said her side has “no policy of targeting civilians”.

She added that the armed opposition does have a policy of bringing to justice those in its ranks who kill civilians.

“People are not running away from the IO,” she said, using the “In Opposition” acronym. “They are running to the IO.”

Ms Teny said the IO supported the United States’ so-far-unsuccessful effort to persuade the UN Security Council to impose an arms embargo on all parties to the conflict in South Sudan.

“We don’t buy arms,” she said. “We get captured arms from the government. We would welcome an arms embargo.”


But Ms Teny simultaneously rejected another aspect of the US initiative at the UN.

She said the Obama administration should not be seeking to impose sanctions on additional leaders on both the government and rebel sides, including Riek Machar.

“When you lump people together,” she said, “you’re shifting the focus from the situation that needs to be addressed: genocide in South Sudan.”

Dr Machar remains in South Africa under unclear circumstances.

Ms Teny said her husband does not feel he is under house arrest there, but she added, “I would love to know whether they have arrested him”.

She declined to discuss his situation in detail.

Negotiations are urgently needed to end the war in South Sudan and to reach a political settlement, Ms Teny said.

By continuing to recognise the Kiir government, the Obama administration is not facilitating this process, she added.

Further, Ms Teny said US officials “have failed the people of South Sudan” by maintaining recognition of a government that is no longer a government of national unity.

She expressed hope that the Trump administration will take “a fresh look” at South Sudan and make needed changes in US policy.

“But it is not too late for Obama to act,” she emphasised. “He can still create a new political process.”

Ms Teny has been in the US for the past week, most recently meeting with UN officials in New York.

She said she will soon travel to the UK and then return to the US prior to going back to South Sudan.

She said it is not safe for her to go to Juba, South Sudan’s capital.

Instead, Ms Teny added, she can be secure in a part of the country controlled by the opposition. END


  1. False Millionaire says:

    “It is not members of the dinka tribe per se who are carrying out the killings.
    “But rather the government in Juba led by Salva Kiir”.
    Bravo Madam Tiny.
    It’s never too late in life to show common sense even after going through hell to learn the simple lesson.

  2. Dear: All Of Us The Fellow Members(SSN)

    Angelina Tenk,the wife of the Opposition Leader,Dr.Riak Machar,should change her foreign policies in the bush.Her foreign policies,in the bush,they are not good at all! She is lacking on her foreign policies skills!

    According to what she had said on her foreign policies in the bush on GENOCIDE,is not true!!!!She has to reread on word GENOCIDE! She is comparing Rwanda political event in the South Sudan political internal affairsr on power struggle in the government in the country.

    Rwanda issue: Rwanda Issue,to me alone,according to my own believe and my own perceiving,there was no Genocide in Rwanda at all at this point! The Rwanda Issue,was A REVENGE between Tusi,and Hutu.It came as a result when the president Habrimyana plane,was hitted by unknown elements up in air! It made his people in the tribe to suspect on his enemies in the country.They began fighting on RETALIATION! That was it! It was not premeditated killing altogether! But white people in cultures in the western countries in the west,they,had perceived a GENOCIDE! They for all the time not telling good information

    GENOCIDE:According Angelina Tenk,against which and which specifically????!!! And Particularly??!!??!!???

    Thank you all! Happy Holiday Seasons! Happy New Year 2017! All the best! Back to you in the forum South Sudan Nation(SSN) Discussion Board!

    Sincere Stopping Fighting!



  3. Dut Majiing says:

    waw very impressive lady, say the truth and truth will set you free. Where are those brainless equatorians who always sing that infamous song of the Dinka people are killing 63 members of other tribes. Salva Kiir has failed that is the fact but relating him to the innocent tribe of dinka makes him stronger like killing of innocent people on the road to juba actually gave him my support. Removing him required all of us as south Sudanese not Equatorians or Nuers alone. you can see now what happened to the nuer rebellion. To Teny the wife of the small Satan please your husband has been locked up forever, his myopic assumptions has led him to hell on earth. I can’t feel sorry for him because he doesn’t learn from his mistakes he is an absolute ridiculous thing in the country. If he had waited for the election he would be the president now by avoiding being tricked into the war which he blindly accepted yet he was
    supposed to outside immediately after removing him to mobilize support and comes back at the election time as an independent who would have not given him votes despite the fact that he sinned against the people in the struggle time.

  4. mading says:

    Ms. Rebel leader ,s wife you can not have it both ways, by wanting peace to come South Sudan and not want your husband who is the problem in South Sudan to be sanction. Because sanction Riek will make it hard for him to refuse to stop his dumb war.

  5. kur says:

    The peace agreement is already in place. Angelina and her husband should join Taban Deng on his efforts to cement peace in the country. A propagation of lies about genocide is not going to help anybody. There isn’t and there shall never be genocide in South Sudan.

  6. Gatdarwich says:

    Madam Angelina Teny is hundred percent correct by stating that genocide has been happening in South Sudan since Dec. 15, 2013 to the present, but Mrs. Teny is dead wrong by denying the obvious fact that Dinka–Jenges are the engineers and perpetrators of the ongoing genocide in South Sudan.
    Jenges in general are squarely responsible for the carnage in South Sudan–those under killer nyankiir’s kleptocratic-genocidal and those in kraals are all responsible for the chaos and grand destruction of the properties and livelihoods of the 63 tribes in South Sudan. The traitorous Jenges will, and shall eminently pay hefty price for their treasonous’s evil deeds sooner or later full stop

    • GatNor says:

      I think I agree with you too here Gatdarwich, Gonocide apparently and categorically is usually perpetruated by a sec, groups, tribe, or that particular dominant group with power and controlled of the national army and in this case the jaang(Dinkas) are the #1 suspect with wielding such powers in the name of South Sudan national army. How would Angelina Machar distinguish the privately recruited, train and graduated militias of kiir and Malong form one main region and particularly the region of Bar El Gazal which is dominated by the Jaang(Dinkas) as not a tribal militias or army the same group in question are the ones who went door to door killing the Nuer tribes indiscriminately. This lady is bordering cowardice of the worse kind to appease the perpatrators in such statements knowing that she within ranks and files of the defense department of splm-in oppositions.

  7. Sabah Sebit says:

    I think these Dinka people they got problems of premature mind in the way of how to support the good leader in governing the country they thought that country affairs is the same as cattle yards.

  8. lodani rama says:

    Agilina has to make strategic decision. She should peruse peaceful non violent negotiations and clean the movement from tribal politic. Agilina should support the national dialogue initiative proposed by president Kirr.
    She should denounce violence and should distance herself from the war mangers if she want to earn the trust of S. Sudanese.

  9. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Gatdarwich or Blind Witch,
    Madam Teny has become a sincere leader who is a product of experiences.
    But to contradict her in such a roude manner,u burry yourself and the naath deeper in the lagoon than u already are.Ngudeng isn’t to be blamed ofcourse for your sense of ignorance.That’s why u would never comprehend that jieng of the greater Aweil alone will chase u to Ethiopia and down to hell without any involvement of other jieng sections if the question was jieng accepting a tribal fight against naath.Keep daring and u will never miss the outcome.

    • Gatdarwich says:

      False M and Nyanding,

      I and all the truth-tellers on this forum know, without a shadow of a doubt that Madam Angelina is absolutely not being sincere in her politically loaded statements pertaining to who are the really engineers and perpetrators of the ongoing genocide in South Sudan.
      Jenges–Dinka are the engineers, perpetrators, and executors of the ongoing chaos, carnage, and genocide in South Sudan full stop

    • Bol says:

      (Blind Witch)?! What a creative name!.

      • Gatdarwich says:


        The real engineers, perpetrators, and executors of the ongoing chaos, carnage, grand destruction of non-Jenge livelihoods, ethnic cleansing, and genocide in South Sudan are none rather than the natural born gluttonous, power-hungry, and traitorous Jenges-Dinka full stop
        Madam Angelina Teny’s politically loaded statements can shall never and will never magically erases from the minds of the treasonous Jenges-Dinka’s victims this well known-documented fact.
        No sane ordinary person-politician who hails-comes from the affected tribes should deny this unerasable-indelible truth–except political prostitutes.

      • Gatdarwich says:


        False Millinnaire(Falsifier mokjenges) is not “very creative”, but mighty Gatdarwich is.
        Hahaha–you are messing with the best full stop

        Merry Christmas traitorous-liar Cousin.

  10. micheal west says:

    Dear Sabah Stupid,
    You are really stupid because the affairs of the country that you are talking about, Dinka did not take them out from your hands as to be cattle camp yards as for your assumptions!!! your problem is hatreds toward Dinka community simply because Kiir is from Dinka but does not help. if you don’t differentiate community with Government then seek the Doctor especially you equatorian.

  11. mading says:

    Gatdarwich. Dinkas are not the government who is fighting rebels, yes president Kiir is a Dinka, but that does not mean you have to blamed Dinka as a community. There are many Nuers who are living in Dinka areas now,and they are welcome, they are not called rebels because Riek Machar is from Nuer.

  12. William Deng says:

    Those who’ve thrown Dinka community in president Kiir’s basket are not doing themselves a favor

  13. Dinka are Nuer have done more harms to the social fabric of South Sudanese. They brought their traditional hatreds into the national issues and now introduced into in the one peaceful Equatoria. These people, with their confusing identities of marks in their foreheads were cursed by God and as long either of them rules South Sudan, peace will not be possible. The 62 tribes of South Sudan should tighten their belts and mobilize resources to discipline these crooks-Nuer and Dinka. They are disgrace to the unity of South Sudan due to arrogance, illiteracy and primitivity that make them believe in violence as opposed to dialogue. God placed them in South Sudan by mistake and the continues fighting is plan B by Almighty Father to make either of them extinct from our midst.

  14. BILL KUCH says:

    Trump, will never do shit and I am being truthful to you here. Nothing will change whether you like it or not.

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