1. MAJOK BOL. says:

    This is a very good cartoon that tells the crust of the matter.

  2. Kenyi says:

    I wish you add him to be the 76th thief after proving him guilty.

  3. Ring simon says:

    It is indeed a best cartoon to be shown to these action doners. my dear thieves, stop doing this thing because the owner of a house is now awake!

  4. MAJOK BOL. says:

    Kenyi, you wish me to be added to the list of 75 thieves?

  5. KW Ngor says:

    I didn’t know Kosti Manibe is a Dinka???

  6. Juma saidi says:

    Hi, that is a great cartoon showing the situation within the country,
    There are professional thieves, but our own people don’t know the trick.

  7. Gatkuoth says:

    God have mercy on your children, because they don’t know what they are doing !!!

  8. kikisik says:

    Cry the beloved country- South Sudan!

  9. Lare Justice says:

    Great work indeed just keep teaching these bunch of blind leaders who want to lead this young nation into war.

  10. Awan Moses Biar says:

    My friend, where were you during the struggle? When I see person who supporting nyagatee of Dr Riak I am not happy with him because he killed our parents in 1991. my friend, you do evaluation of your decision of supporting devil Riak Machar.
    My dear brothers and sisters, nobody will become leader when you are supporting Nuer people i call them headless and food loving being human beings, how could you support?

  11. Gbenya says:

    nothing but heartfelt

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