How will the President sell the ‘Division of Jonglei Agreement’ to the people?

BY: Malith Alier, RSS, APR/02/2014, SSN;

How will the President Sell Division of Jonglei agreement (DoJ) with SSDA – Cobra Faction to the people of the three Counties of Bor, Twic East and Duk?

Jonglei State is the sick man of the Republic of South Sudan like the 19th century Turkey used to be in Europe. The damp squib status is directly attributable to the sons and daughters of that State.

The Endemic conflict characterised by cattle raids, child abductions and the present wider conflict that has cracked cleavages for disintegration is too late to halt.

The long awaited march towards emancipation has indeed begun in Pibor County, the home County of a two-time rebel leader, David Yau Yau.

The rest of the restive Counties of Akobo, Ayod, Nyirol and Uror can’t be part of problem/solution because they are involved in a different quest altogether. The ball is now in the court of the staunch supporters of the government in the three Counties of Bor, Twic East and Duk.

There are uncountable instances of the prodigal son in South Sudan since signing of CPA. The rebellions for good and those for no good reasons were staged but all of them ended up in re-integration.

Rewards for high ranks and cosy V8s. And a chance of a lifetime to be part of those who enjoy protocols in ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of South Sudan (BSS).

However, this was no longer the path for the second generation of rebels like David. He had to fight for a State for his people and the vulnerable neighbours.

The Division of Jonglei Agreement (DoJ) was inked in Addis Ababa on the last days of March 2014 and it is the right time now to sell it to the people of Bor, Twic East and Duk Counties who have never asked for anything at gun point yesterday or tomorrow.

Last Saturday, the people of the three Counties rushed to Nyakuron Cultural Centre in Juba to hear the good news of DoJ from the President himself. However, the President was not well prepared to deliver the news of the coming back of one of the prodigal sons in the country.

Here is what the President will tell the people of the three Counties. The gathering will also be attended by people from other States, diplomatic mission ambassadors, MPs from the concerned Counties and their well wishers. Here we go.

Honourable MPs,
Ministers from State and national governments,
Ladies and gentlemen,
Good afternoon
Your President has received on the 31st of March, 2014, a copy of a preliminary peace agreement with rebels led by one General called David Yau Yau. The agreement reached between government delegations led by the Church leaders is called Division of Jonglei peace agreement (DoJ).

You know in 2010 just one year before the vote for secession, an election was held in April of that year. Many people expressed disappointment claiming that the SPLM rigged it. David Yau was one of those kinds of people.

From theology to elections and to armed rebellion he is a tough man indeed. He was made a “General” in the SPLA when he returned shortly after first rebellion but this was not enough for him.

Some people incited him to leave for Nairobi and into the bush to demand a whole State from the largest State in South Sudan.

Ladies and gentlemen,
The above is the background of David’s rebellion and first steps your government took to make peace with your brothers who disagree with you and me on minor things. George Athor was also in the bush for the same reason as David. They joined forces and the late Athor gave a Faction led by David a name ‘Cobra – Faction.’ That was how he got the name. They were all under SSDA/M or South Sudan Democratic Army/Movement.

As you gather today particularly you the people of three Counties of greater Bor, I have for you and Yau a peace agreement on a silver plate. This peace agreement is for you. It’s for your welfare.

You have been devastated in the past years since commencement of the rebellion. The abduction of your children by the people of David, the cattle raids and the senseless death in the process of those raids will be a thing of the past.

People of the three Counties,
My Government in the past resisted formation of new states and counties on the ground that they will require new line of budget, borrowing from World Bank and IMF included.

Had it not been because of the current Riek Machar’s rebellion, the government would have fully lifted the regime of austerity imposed on the country in 2012. Luckily enough, our oil still flows to the world market but not at 100% like before.

You are the first people in the whole of the country to accept this agreement. I sell it to you before the whole country. Now the new political dispensation gives you more opportunities and freedom you have your own state as well.

This means that Jonglei will be divided in to three states like this. Number one Pibor County makes a State of its own. Two, your three Counties form another State and lastly the greater Akobo which is now occupied illegally is another State. All of this is designed to bring peace to Jonglei and the whole nation.

In specifics, Pibor will have six Counties headed by Commissioners. The six Counties will be headed by someone appointed by the President and is only answerable to the appointing authority i.e. the President of the Republic. You can see now how my powers expand.

What is more important for Pibor is a creation of a special fund to develop the Eastern State. You all know that there is syphilis there which is a major cause of childlessness. Did you know that child abduction and trade thrive because of this?

Pibor County has suffered for centuries and it is now time to rectify that. Your prosperity and justice starts in Pibor.

Great people of the three Counties,
I personally acknowledged that you are the only ones in this State who staunchly support the SPLM Party and government wholeheartedly. This position you have taken has its drawbacks because you will always be the ones who welcome home the prodigal son as in the old Bible. Things like promotion in rank and elevation to Statehood will come last to you. This is the sad fact.

You see the power center is shifting away from you lately. From the beginning the first two State Governors came from you. This has changed in the face of this rebellion. The Governor comes from one of the Counties which are not under the government.

I thought he was going to appoint someone from your sons and daughters but I was wrong. He has appointed Medan from the newest State. Yours now is the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.

There are some people who say that my government employs a policy of appeasement. This is not true. It is the poverty in the country that has caused some of these rebellions and chaos.

So what my government does is to give the disgruntled ones livelihoods and comfort… full stop. This is the most effective tool since 2005. The foreign countries approve of it. This is what keeps the country united except this new scenario of David Yau Yau. This is no appeasement.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I am about to conclude this speech with the following;
1. Receive the prodigal sons with level-headedness
2. Open up more space for future prodigals
3. Accept the movement of the centre of power away from you
4. Your State will follow the Pibor lead
5. What you see is one way of more decentralisation and eventual federation in the country
6. Continue your support to the government of the day
7. General elections are coming up in 2015, each of you South Sudanese like I who aspires to become president should get prepared for them.
Thank you all for coming here and God bless you,
President of RSS


  1. Dan says:

    I thought the people of Fangak would also be given their own state if every so called Greater counties were to be transformed into states or will their Greater county be joined up with Greater Akobo county?

    The so called Pibor state or Territory is a joke. I have a feeling that it will only remain in the paper because implementing it on the ground by people who have no idea about where the boundaries of this tribal territory are will spark more unrest. This decision was taken out of desperation thinking it will win over to the government side the so called ” Cobras” in order for them to join the fight on behalf of the government.

    This a pure rewarding of criminal activities that have been carried out by the murles’ rebels including their recent massacre of civilians in Kolnyang Payam of Bor county. What a way to rub salt into injury for the likes of Michael Makuei Lueth who are always ready to lie to please their dear Leader, president, General Salva Kiirdit.

    The so called Greater Bor county will be the last in Jonglei state to get their fragment of the state because the President of this blood soaked nation known as South Sudan has proven a lot of times that he can only deal with those who threaten his leadership through armed rebellions. If you need more proves for this , then you have to look at the way the government delegations have stalled the peace talk in Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa over the inclusion of seven former detainees in the peace process. The government side of this madness ( war) claimed that they don’t want the participation of those who have no troops ( white army ) fighting on the ground.

    Any wonder why the opportunists like professor Wani Tombe and his kind are now flocking into the rebels’ camp so that they can be considered and eventually rewarded .

  2. Omang Rollo says:

    The fact that you are a mathematician and a good writer too make me jealous, this is self-proclaimed smart man [ big Lotodo ]

    • malith Alier says:

      Make yourself clearer because you mock.

      • Omang Rollo says:

        Malith, there is an element of truth from what I said above, I did not mean to disrespected you at any rate. I know you personally, and for you to take a pat on the back as denigration is regretful. as for the Jonglei’s issue, I chose not to comment because I don’t know what will be the solution today or tomorrow. war may help in the meantime although it will not provide desirable results in the long run.

  3. monychol says:

    There is nothing called Greater Bor.There are separate independent counties of Twic East, Duk and Bor county.No umbrella name in Jonglei that combined more than one county under that name called Bor.I talked to Dinkas from Jonglei and non identified as a Bor.Only those from Bor County identified as Bor.

    • malith Alier says:

      Dear Monychol,
      Someone else warned this writer on another forum for the name greater Bor. However, I have never used the name “greater”Bor anywhere but i have used the three legal and administrative names of the three Counties. The greater this or that is only used by some people to create unity among themselves and it suites them. The people of the three Counties have one umbrella group led by the Information and Broadcasting Minister, Makuei Lueth. It is their choice to come together naturally. Some people are seriously against that but they have a purpose for doing that. Anybody who tries to separate these people will be shocked to find out that they still come together as lately by the so called “white army”

  4. monychol says:

    Malith,you are now critizing and ridiculing president Kiir for granting Murle area a status similar to that of a state in your backyard?Haaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa.Bravo president Kiir.Give the Murle their state so that they should not be cheated again by those crooks from Bor County.Even those Nuers or other groups from Jonglei should be granted separate areas from the thieves and crooks of bor county.The crooks of Bor County are the ones responsible for all rebelions in Jonglei.They should be left a_lone their thugery and thievery has scattered all the groups in_Jonglei.Starting with the Dinka Ngok from Pigi County,all Nuer counties,Anyuak countuy of Pochalla and even their close cousins in Twyic East and Duk county donot wants the crooks and thieves of Bor county.It is because of them and their crooked,e leadership that is why every bo@dy,_donot wants them or to share anything with them in Jonglei.The president is right .Thieves are not suppose to lead honest people .I asked the Murle here in Juba and the said that they were taught crookery by bor cou_,_nty crooks .

  5. Peter Bul says:

    Malith, this article is worth praising. This agreement is unfair given that it was negotiated between Yauyau’s rebels and his friends theologians from Equatoria. It is clear now Yauyau rebels were expressing their grievances, lies, and the likes but no one was there to express grievances from Dinka and Nuer sides. Yauyau rebels are the ones who raid and abduct children from Dinka, Nuer, and Equatoria. They are continuing to commit atrocities in Jonglei even as this negotiation is going on. What is the point of giving them status of the semi-autonomy state when they will not stop raiding and abduction of children?

    Jonglei State cannot be divided because Yauyau rebels are terrorizing people and the government. The government has army to crash Yau yau’s rebellion. The government should not succumb to demands from the rebels. This will lead to more rebellions and more divisions of the states. Murle population is not numerous enough to form two counties leave alone forming a state. Yauyau should not use Murle as means of covering his atrocities against the people of South Sudan. This man has caused immense suffering to the people of Jonglei State including Murlei people. Giving Yauyau status and powers of state or governor will be a big mistake.
    H.E the president of the republic with politicians from Jonglei should not allow this agreement between Yau Yau and the priests to pass. Jonglei is a big state but cannot be divided at the time when the country is experiencing political unrest. Right time is still ahead and that should be done with the consultations of politicians and all the citizens of South Sudan. This land which is claimed by Murle is the territory of the government of South Sudan. South Sudanese from all other counties and states have lost lives liberating Buma, Pochalla, Pibor etc during the war of liberation. All South Sudanese are stakeholders in Jonglei affairs. It is unfortunate this terrorist called Yauyau has appeared from nowhere with this wild claims that he deserved to be awarded with a state. State is not an entity that can be claimed easily by terrorists who do not value peace, human rights, and economic well being.

    • monychol says:

      Bul,the term rebel is not a bad term we South Sudanese were rebels recently .If the group hasa just cause and the system is taken over by a military junta such as the present case, to rebel would be the only way of bringing reforms .Also the term terrorist is also relative.There is nothing such as universal terrorist.One group terrorist is another group li liberator.John Garang was Khartoum. terrorist but was our liberator.Bul,we must learn to look at issues objectively. if we think that the rest of the world and God will judge as fairly.There is something that is seriously wrong in your state of Jonglei and bringing of your Jonglei politics to Juba is responsible for the destuction of the country especially your Jonglei poli@ticians starting from your former governor Kuol Manyang,Makuei Lueth,Marial Benjamin and other thugs such as Mayen Oka. This attitude of viewing everyone as an enemy came from your state of Jonglei especially your neighbors from Bor County.That state of yours is going to disintegrate unless your neighbors from Bor county hear the advice .Its they from Bor county along with Awan Chan thugs who are destroying South Sudan .Their usual hostile attitude drive them to set South Sudan against every entity in the World .

  6. Kenyi says:

    Great Monychol,
    In my own assessment dis -integration of the South Sudan into more states is one solution to a peaceful and prosperous South Sudan. What is the fear in creation of more counties and states? Probably, the fear is that those who want to dominate others on the pretext of being majority will end, because they will be limited to their states with no opportunities to marginalize and oppress other ethnicities. A State is just nothing but an administrative entity under our national government and infect more states needs to be created for an easy equitable, efficient and effective administration of our country regardless of what sizes these state or populations may have. The argument of size or population are just shallow views of those who are used to or intent to dominate others. Are the countries in the world with same size or population? Look at the US how many states are there with different sizes and/ or populations? Instead it makes it easy to run the country since we have the money if it was coming and used honestly. More states will create an even development, instead of concentrating everything say in Bor town for the Bor people only. resources must be shared evenly for everyone to benefit fairly. If Yaw Yaw thinks state is what he wants then it should be a piecemeal solution for the government and there is no reason why he should be denied of it. Those who do not want creation of more states or counties are those who always want to lead the show of domination, oppression and looting of the nation resources at the expense of others. Creation of Pibor state is justified and let us see if the Murle will again come back to fight the dinka or the Nuer.

    • Peter Bul says:

      Monychol, the kind of discussion you are dragging people in is childish. I advice you to stop it because it will not help any one. This topic has nothing to do with Bor county and its people. It is about Yauyau demanding a state of their own. Yauyau is a rebel who comes from Murle a tribe that is famous for raiding and abducting children for a long time.

      Kenyi, creation of more states and counties will never bring an end to domination because domination starts from families, clans, tribes and so on. Creation of more counties and states will make it worst because disunity will be transferred down to bomas, payams, counties, states etc. This will be worst than the somalization we here in somalia. I believe in your own tribe there are people you dont like now because they have dominated the political field or work force that is available for your tribe. If your tribe is given a state today you will find that these people will continue to dominate the affairs of your state and county. These happen because of the opportunities they had before the rest of the people access education. These can be eliminated by allowing children to go to school, promotion of development and enterpreneurship. People cannot just wake up and claim to be given states while the do not have a capacity to generate income, feed their population, and protect their civil liberties. The US you gave as an example started as 13 states and expanded to 50 states because they have shown capability to generate income, feed their citizens, protect civil liberties etc. They did not ask their states to run away from dominations. Some states in US have held presidency and ministerial posts more than others in the government but that has never been a problem in US history. Domination in leadership is inevitable anywhere you run to in the world. domination in economic opportunities is a failure of the governing system plus reluctant and lazy attitude from the citizens. For example, Most of the rich traders in South Sudan are foreigners who came to South Sudan empty handed but they came and work hard while South Sudanese are just sitting back and watch them as they scramble for plenty opportunities in business.

      • Dark Riak says:

        I think, Peter doesn’t know what is going on, he should look behind and see what did we get from the so call unity, is a time to try something else brother, the artificial tribe composition in Jonglei state is a problem by itself, ask yourself, what is wrong with dividing jonglei state, ask why should Pigi county be part of Upper Nile, isn’t an indication of a bad political and administrative division brother?. Think about brother, let every tribe be where it suppose to be. Nuer in their own state, dinka as well.

  7. monychol says:

    Talk of root causes if you wants to change a think. Who taught them that art? I know you are one of the people who shy away from looking at sources of problems. Then why crying like babies?4

  8. Dark Riak says:

    Jonglei needs to be divided even more, all counties where there Nuer people in Jonglei an Upper Nile should be united and make state out of it, Dinka Sobat including Pigi should be part of Upper Nile, this way Nuer will have their new state and there for they can embark in development should they consider themselves as a nation that can prosper and decide their
    faith in the future.

  9. norigas says:

    this writer watever the name is, is the type of people who asked why did the white army kill helpless people in hospital forgetting that his people once killed helpless inocent pple in hospital. Or maybe his the type that forgot that his people claim to be born to rule and therefore no leadership sharing or maybe he is an idiot who dont see the marganalization of minor tribes. I dont know do people like him ever have sound mind or they just speak and write without thinking. A state without people without people who want to share pain and enjoying the good things alone is perfect no matter what

  10. Alier Gai says:

    Malith Alier,
    I concur with you. My head is wandering whether the formation of states within the state counties would lead us to peace and stability or will it be the disintegration of a lone state to a more choatic one? We are excited but what is ahead is a wish dreamed of a land with unhappy ending from either civilians or politicains. No conciliation measures unless fake tactics of winning are reduced, or cheap politics are put away during human spirit revolution. This means that nature is hard to pleasure or decieve when things went wrong. The peace between yau yau and government is not a fruitful peace until state, as a whole, is involved to bring everlasting impression to those affected areas.

  11. Francis says:

    Well this could be a solution, let them and us embark on development of the land and not our stomach.

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