Homeland & National security can’t be sold to enemies

BY: William Dimo, AUSTRALIA, MAR/29/2014, SSN;

The Republic of South Sudan is a sovereign state, and a democratic country. I won’t change my position from the current crisis in South Sudan, and it is my right and duty to defend the constitution as a citizen and democratic believer.

I believe in what you don’t believe as well as you can’t believe in what I believe. Democratic values must be respected and any violence through arms is unconstitutional.

Killing civilians, burning down houses is a terrorist civilization. Whoever kills unarmed person is a criminal and will not escape accountability and held responsible for his atrocities committed against civilians for both sides.

Politics is practice and theory of influencing other people on a civic or individual level, but, not forcibly.

The current crisis in South Sudan divided us into pro-government and Anti-government. I am of course a pro government for the reasons that I believe in democratic systems and it is a duty to any citizen to defend the values of democracy.

I had critique the government from the position of failing to deliver basic services for example roads, hospitals, schools and failing to provide security to citizen.

But it does not mean if government failed to implements their commitments, we wage war against government. I reject the use of force by all means.

So why rebellions now and for what reasons, and what are the main objectives of Dr. Risk Masher by turning our country upside down?

Two years after independence and three years after elections, Riek has lost leadership as an educated person, he turned out to be none.

Also some influence close to president Kiir purely tribalism especially presidential adviser.

They draw a map of one man rule that gives right to fire and to choose without going back to National Assembly for improving the move to dismiss elected person constitutionally.

To remove with decrees from day one may reflect how far this will continue and temporary constitution was for a start to rebuild nation and I was thinking that any civilized person was observing how the country will move on, as all were calm to wait for 2015 election and form a permanent constitution.

Concerning international community roles in South Sudan, western countries position on current crisis, they only fear about their interest.

Even CPA was signed under former President George Bush, who threatened Sudan government that was harboring Osama bin Laden and training terrorists against western interest and threats to their national security.

Peace in Sudan came by forcing both Sudan people liberation movement and Sudan government into it. All Arab nations were not happy of United States and western world in particular. But George W Bush made it clear to Arab world and international community as he said “either you are with us or with terrorist.”

US, EU influence…..
Barack Obama position is not clear when it comes to South Sudan. His administration is cooperating more with Sudan than South Sudan, because he would like to discredit South Sudan government and credit government of Islamic regime Sudan and Arab Islamic world in order to balance the Arab and Islamic world that lost part of the “dreams land” of Arab in south Sudan.

Obama wants to compensate Arabs in order to balance the power to the Arabs that lost land to Israel. I think if President Obama is on Arab side, then he is on wrong side of the history.

The question is what’s difference between Silva Kiir and Omer Al Bashir? Both are the heads of states and military as well as they were elected through ballot box. But the ideology is different.

UNMISS mandate in south Sudan was for peace and stability to rebuild south Sudan. But, not to dismantle government by supporting rebels.

And if UN is for peace, they should not engage under international laws to support any side; government or rebels. So why they did not condemn violence and all Dr Riek violation on ceasefire and atrocities committed by killing civilians if both UN and Reik are for change?

They should persuade Reik to lay down the weapons and join peace and run in a free and fair election.

South Sudan is a sovereign state and under international laws and as a member of the United Nations, we deserve respect and reject interference from other countries to bring instability in order to make people busy with war and looting, stealing resources other than oil.

These behaviors of intimidation and threats of sanctions for no reason or being policing of interest, is not accepted in 12 centuries

From my point of view, Dinka kingdom or Nuer kingdom will not exist in the Republic of South Sudan. But accepting being one nation with 64 tribes and respecting each one’s right is the principle of democratic values.

Dominance of Nuer or Dinka to claim their majority and neglect or not to concede other peoples rights, will end up with instability.

However it is impossible for ethnocentric system and dictatorship ruling as we will be the center of one tribe domination and when others rise up to defend their rights, Somalia or Rwanda are the examples.

I am optimistic that SPLA/M knows why they signed the CPA. The main objective was to be free from Jalaba colonization, not to create a new colony among ourselves.

It’s a shame if one tribe is everything but is good and fair if all tribes share everything.

It’s a shame if our country is forced to be under UN rule or to be back to Sudan. It is permission to be given to our enemy to achieve their goals. But it will be miserable to be slaves again.

God created us to be 64 tribes in South Sudan. All lost loved ones during struggle. Therefore, diversity of cultures means we are rich in cultures.

Tribalism is not accepted if we want to be a great nation, also we must accept criticism when we failed to work and help our nation.

Let’s give a chance to a new generation to have a turn in nation building. Stuck to tribalism ideas will give us nothing.
Our ancestor have lived generation after generation why divisions now?

The land is ours and the country belongs to all of us so nothing will divide us.

I believe we will reach there, despite all differences, but peace lies in our hearts and a new South Sudan will be rebuilt again but this time will be on solid rock.

Politically, economically, socially and culturally one nation, the Republic of South Sudan.

William Dimo.


  1. Elijah Samuel says:

    Are the Kiirs Jiengs blind? What has made these Jieng Supporters of Kiir blind? Where are the followers of our hero Garangs? Where are the likes of Madam Rebecca?

    The war was started by Kiir recruiting illegal Militia with our public money, him eliminating democratic means to discourse and disagree and him taking advantage of infight of his illegal militia and him lying and blackmailing his political rivals and him going after women and children in Juba and genociding them! This is what caused Riek to fight back because Kiir was out to kill him! If a democratic president turned againts democracy and kills his own people, the very people who elected him, the very people he is supposed to protect then such an elected president has become a criminal and is no longer legitimate and must be removed!!! That is where outh Sudan and kiir is. he must be removed and deposed!

    • William Dimo says:

      Eli, Samuel, I respect your opinion. but you should remember that to be role model and to have population to support your political ambitions, you should respect the humanity. If you think Riek is the supper model to revenge in Bor. Unity, and Malakal, by burning down houses , killing children, rapes, looting, any atrocities committed by anyone is a crime against humanity. I did say anyone by both side committed crime, will not escapes from justice anywhere in this world. you people don’t do your own studies to be doctors, but always go after someone claim to be Dr with out knowledge of international laws. you concede to accept revenge because Silva Militia genocide civilians in Juba. you should mobilized the world for atrocities committed by Silva.but you proved that an eye with an eye and tooth with tooth, all will be blind or with out tooth.
      Also your mind stuck on killing is the only language and cilization you know. but if you review my analysis, or my opinion you will find that I do recognize democratic elected president in modern civilized world if he turned to be dictator let all stand up against him. even though Riek took power he will leave forcibly by all means. sanction and isolation as a coup president. So Dr with Master degree to be on power through guns is shame. also remember that not Jieng and Nuer can be president what are 62 tribe plus you who fighting now on power? you are representing Riek I am against killing civilians by both side. but you don’t recognized that those who died if they are Nuer or Dinka or Shouluk they are all south Sudanese.and victims of power struggle.. your comment should focus on what I wrote not on Jeing. be civilized. No country of one tribe and you are putting the whole Nuer tribe at risk or to extinction. Think wise before you act, and do research to express your opinion. peace is what I believe in. and protect our home land from our real enemas that we fought with for 6 decade is what I know. not to be turned to ourselves like fish in the sea, we are one nation regardless of differences.and one day we will be united.
      I pay my deep sympathy and condolences to anyone who lost their love one in this war.
      I am a south Sudanese and proud to be.not by tribe.

      • Morbe says:

        Thanks Mr.William Dimo for your opinion and your effort to defend a democratically elected Government. However, I would opine that the issue is no longer about “a democratically elected government” the issue is about the future of the country. More than 10,000 lives have been lost among civilians and soldiers, 1,000,000 people are displaced around the country, 5,000,000 people are risking starvation due to luck of agricultural activities as a result of the on going conflict., over 80,000 souls are confined by fear in UNNIMIS compounds in our major towns starting with capital Juba. So my brother William are saying that all afore mentioned South Sudanese did not vote for Salva Kiir upon his descendency to power? Or all of the hate democratic values?

        I think raising the issue of democratically elected Gov. Does not hold water now; in fact the administration in Juba should resign and call for early elections since the officials admit that killings of innocent lives took place in Juba. By the way resignation of government in Juba is what a truly elected government should be doing to stop the blood shed.

        South Sudan is grater that Salva Kirr and Dr.Rieck Machar and if that is the case people should resign.

      • William Dimo,

        I do not think you know exactly what you had discussed on your senseless article. If you are not a brainless person from brainless community, then you should have thought about the causes of the war. Who start the war? Dr. Machar and other politicians had been persuading your Drunkard Dinka president politically to have convention so that the parliament could elect Party chairmanship, but your Dinka brainless president canceled the SPLM convention ten times and then eventually ordered the rest of SPLM oppositions within the party and assassination of Dr. Machar and the massacre of Nuer.

        What kind of peace are you talking? while you and your goofy tribal president do not want others to be free and secure in their places.

  2. Eli says:

    Your opinions are yours, but you sounded more like another jienge or a lost individual to call that a democracy. You live in Australia as an immigrant, have you ever gone out into your neighborhood to cause disturbance, or rape a woman or steal or verbally abuse any Australian citizen and you are let to walk away free? No, off course you live by the laws of the Australians and you obeyed them or else you would have been in jail or deported. So, you called Kirr and Beshir democratically elected presidents but yet you fled to Australia which in your opinion is heaven like compared to your own nation the South Sudan? I am sure if there was a true democracy in South Sudan or in Sudan you would have not move to Australia. You can not play the ball on both sides and expect to win; as you partially criticized the Juba government and the opposition, what do you really want? Don’t just write because you feel like, write to bring in new ideas brother. “You are either with them or with us”, we in opposition have crossed the line and we are already charged with treason, we can only go back to remove this regime and bring a just changes and lasting peace to our beloved nation so you can come back home again and live free. May God bless SS and it’s people.

  3. Defender says:


    Your argument is incoherent and confused. Pick one issue and focus on. This will allow your readers to follow you and accord your position some credence. If you are focusing on the rebellion, make your case. If you are focusing on South Sudan foreign policy, also, make your point clear. As well, talking about constitution and democracy must be substantiated with facts. South Sudan has never practiced democracy, let alone rule of law. So, the talk of constitutionality of the current government is much more of a semantic than a fact. In order to get more insight in the reality of the situation in South Sudan, please read from some of the Articles published by Edward Lino Abyei: http://nyamile.com/reports-and-analysis/edward-lino-let-us-be-honest-the-president-needs-to-apologize/ , to find out the claim you are making about the constitution and democracy in South Sudan.

    For your information, the first person that breached the constitution of South Sudan is actually the president of South Sudan, whom you are claiming to be democratic. If, in democratic society, like where you reside at the moment, the president or prime minister breach the tenets of constitution, he or she will be shown the door. But in the South Sudan, those who trumpet democracy are the real deterrents of the benefit that democracy was supposed to bring to our poor people. The president has actually violated the constitution of South Sudan over ten times, since independence, let alone during the interim period. So, to speak of democracy, one must have credible evidence to show how this has been practiced at home.

    Now, since the violence erupted in mid December 2013, the rights of people in South Sudan has been curtailed and only a single point of view that is entertained, to the exclusion of all others. Is this democracy or autocracy? If you are hearing news about South Sudan, from wherever you are, you must of heard the Minister of Information ordering media houses to not report anything on the rebels or opposing views from people in South Sudan. Is this the type of constitutional democratic system that you envisioned? I guess no. But, for those who are buying the legality/constitutionality of the current government, their argument is totally based on false premise. Because, all of us who are writing about the current political situation in South Sudan since 2005, know, as you do, that the current government is not democratically elected to govern South Sudan. The current government was elected to govern during interim period, of which southern Sudan was an entity within the sovereign Republic of Sudan. So, any claim that the current government is constitutional, those who purport this, need to check their senses.

  4. Wau Naar says:

    Mr. Dimo,

    You are a disgrace to Australia.
    Where were you, when they slaughter innocent civilians in Juba – Their only crime was being Nuer?

    Your argument reminds me Abraham Lincoln quote of the man who murdered both his parents, and then when sentence was about to be pronounced he pleaded for mercy on the ground that he was an orphan.

  5. Chul Mi Bor says:

    Nonsense. This war was imposed on Dr. Riek, Mr. Dimo-ngoth. You should know that my friend. Your tribesman Salva-ngoth Kiir-ngoth and his mercenaries (Ugandans, Darfur rebels) are destroying this country. Your coward boss will be defeated sooner rather than later. You are one of those hypocrites. If Dr. Riek did not escape, he would have been killed by your tribesman Kiir-ngoth. His residences in Juba were attacked by tanks. You don’t believe me, ask one of your tribesmen here in Juba. One more thing though, what do you know about USA policy on S. Sudan? Nothing I believe. For your knowledge, USA gov’t has constructed the only highway in S. Sudan (Juba-Nimule) just to mention a few. What your tribesman Kiir-ngoth did since 2005?

  6. alex says:

    The people will rise and will force riek to go to his village like the way the soling rebels were forced to run back to chad in disbelief. The white army have no future in running the affairs of this new nation with all the killing we saw being committed by them. No way. The only option is for Riek to sign peace with the people’s army. These are the heroes and heroines they will never let this land to be sold cheaply again. They are ready to defend it to the last bullet and drop of their blood. If you succeeded in defeating us then we will use people’s power to drive you and send you to where Riek comes from. We will show you during elections if Riek sign peace. He is not popular and he should admit it now before political setback. Can one tribe rule south sudan? It is a sill idea to follow such people. Can you succeed when your neighbours do not want you? What did Angelina and Lodu gore gain in their resent diplomatic tour to Kenya? Time is running out act before it is too late and begin accusing neighbouring states of supporting SPLA for no reasons. This fight is with no objectives and it is senseless and no equatorian will ever support it accept those with a tinted characters

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