He died, rose from the dead and appeared to his disciples in Juba City: The case of the President of South Sudan

By: Daniel Juol Nhomngek, Kampala, Uganda, OCT/14/2016, SSN;

I really laughed when the last episode got over. The episode was the alleged death of the President of the Republic of South Sudan, General Kiir Mayardit. From that even, I had learned that Rebels were rebels as they who do not care of their actions, which shows that their propaganda was beyond political gimmicks but intended to break the political bonds of South Sudan.

The question is: was it intended to kill the president on the media or was it heard from the credible source from within the office of the President? If the source of the information on the death of the President was from the office of the President, then, there is a great threat to the President and the Country is under siege.

However if the information was invented by the rebels, then the media proved to be very destabilizing and effective tools for the rebels on that day. The rebels almost threw the country into mayhem. This was because death of the president would have been worse than his resignation from the power.

South Sudan is currently in a very dangerous state and what is helping it to at least still being seen as a country but not tribal nation is because there is a president and his sudden death may be worse than his resignation from power.

In the case of the resignation, the President might have planned for the next move of the country’s political direction after he or she has gone and also he will still be there to guide those in realm of power.

However, in the case of death, the President has not planned for the political organization that he or she was heading and everything is left ‘To Whom It May Concern.’

As a result, the so-called strong men or women that had been relinquishing at the edge of power may begin to struggle for power as there is a vacuum left by the president. In such a situation, the country may be thrown in chaos as struggle for power becomes real.

In fact, though, it had been the wishes from Rebels and other President’s opponents that he should die as shown by the way his death was faked, his death would have been worse for South Sudan and her people.

In other words, the Country called South Sudan would have been thrown into further upheavals like what happened in Rwanda immediately after the assassination of its third and former President, Juvénal Habyarimana.

Juvénal Habyarimana was on April 6, 1994 killed when his airplane, that was also carrying the President of neighbouring Burundi, Cyprien Ntaryamira, was shot down close to Kigali International Airport. His assassination ignited ethnic tensions that was already in existence in the region and helped spark the Rwandan Genocide.

The same scenario would have happened if the President of South Sudan was really dead. Many people may not agree with me on this analysis as their interests are in the positions in the government rather the future of the Country.

However, they have freedom to disagree with me on national issues although I know the fact that human beings always become wise after the event has occurred.

If the President had died and chaos ensued which were more severe than what we have now, they would have regretted and realized that they wished the president should have lived until he stepped down peacefully.

After all aside with the foregoing argument, what is important to me is that the President is alive because his presence is still holding South Sudan together which helps minimize the power struggle within the government, and hence, maintains some unity in the Country.

The above argument can be supported by the fact that the faked death of the president almost threw the country into chaos as there were fears everywhere when the news was received on the internet.

Thus, the fact that the president did not actually die has given me a hope that with small unity the president brings, there is still a glimpse of hope and I can say aloud “Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluiiiaaaaaa!” the president died, rose and appeared to his disciples in the City of Juba after more than twelve hours: Alleluia!

As I have already pointed out above, the death of the President would have thrown the whole country into confusion as witnessed through the shock people experienced on that day, the death of the president would have not been good for South Sudan.

For instance, why I think it is not good for the country is that the way the news concerning the death of the president spread like a petrol fire in South Sudan, to the neighbouring countries of Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya and Rwanda and to all other countries in the West where South Sudanese are/was something which showed that there was danger.

In fact, even the BBC later announced it on its news headlines during fifteen hours (15 Hours) GMT broadcast on that day. Though some people may disagree with me that even if the president died, the unity of the country would still remain, what I can say to such argument is that it is a matter of chance and the country should not be run on chances but the change should come as accepted by all.

Nonetheless, though I wish the President to live until we get true change in South Sudan, I was really annoyed with the President on one thing that I learned from him on that day. The President does not love the citizens of South Sudan because his conduct appears to confirm this assertion.

He loved himself and power more than anything in South Sudan. This is because he had never come out even a day since the war broke in 2013 to condemn the killings that have been going on until then.

However, on that day he did not only come out to tell the people that he had not died but he came out in open car and the people of South Sudan were able to view him physically not on South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC) as he always did before that day.

The conduct of the president confirmed that what he cares for most is only power because as long as he remains in power it does not matter how many people are killed because of him or how divided the country is because what matters to him is that he has power and power only.

What the president should understand is that being the leader entails that one is a sacrificial lamb who should be ready to sacrifice anything even what one loves most. This was why Abraham accepted in the Bible to sacrifice his son though God later saved that son.

In short, though I loved the president to live as I am happy because he died, rose from death and appeared to his disciples, the citizens of South Sudan and I always pray to God for him to live until the true change comes to South Sudan, I would also like to tell the President that for the Peace to come to South Sudan he needs to make radical decisions which may involve personal sacrifice.

Otherwise, the action of the President exposes the darkest part of the president that he does not love South Sudan.

NB//: The Author is a South Sudanese Lawyer residing in Uganda and can be reached through: juoldaniel@yahoo.com;


  1. TO: A South Sudanese Lawyer Daniel Juol Nhomngek

    I read your article very good according to my better understanding as much as possible as I can! I found three things of interest. They are below as follows

    1- You libel Rebels in the bush for fasle death of President Salva Kirr Mayardit.Do you have a physical evidence to backup your alleged allegedly accusation?

    2- You libel The Media Houses for spreading strong rumours for His Excellency President Salva Kirr Mayardit death.Do you have a physical evidence to backup your alleged allegedly accusation?

    3- You augur chaoes in the people in the country should have ensued if it were very true that His Excellency President Salva Kirr dead! If he would have dead with natural death,well,to whom you would put your blame???!!!!! His Deputies Vice President James Wani Igga,and his handpicked up Taban Deng Gai could have taken over his Presidency either one James Wani or Taban Deng Gai

    To me in my own thinking and my own opinions, the death of Kirr,leaked out from his own closest blood families and relatives! No smoke without a fire being made! No baby without physical sexual intercourse in between a husband a wife period!! No baby without physical intercourse in between a man and a woman period!

    To me,I believe His Excellency President Salva Kirr,he must have been on fainted matter that left him consciously for a shorter time!

    Thank you! No assassination intent on his life! Let him take it easy in leading human matters of the country! The country will be sometime becoming good!




  2. Kokora II says:

    Daniel Juol Nhomngek;
    Salva Kirr is already a dead man if you are not aware of that. But what he is doing is trying to pull as many people with him into the graves as possible. Do you remember some time ago when Kirr publicly confessed that the Ghost of late Dr. John Garang comes to strangle him in the nights? Kirr actually boarded a plane with our money to go and seek advice from a witchdoctor in Nigeria. What a contradiction from the man whom we all see claims to be a Catholic and he goes to Kator on Sundays?
    Mr. President; “You cannot serve two masters……” God and Satan are on the opposite sides of the equation. So, when Kirr came back from Nigeria he went to the tomb of late hero to perform some rituals so that Dr. John’s Ghost would stop haunting him, until Garang’s son burst into Kirr’s compound to request his late father’s grave be left alone. But who can blame all those dead Southerners who sacrificed their lives to be free only to find out Kirr has hold the people of SS hostages, on the same token; could that explain why Pres. Kirr is always drunk?
    Mr. President, if you are not aware that; alcohol when consumed in excess causes hallucinations, that is because your brain is starved of essential nutrients like oxygen and not enough proteins to sustain its balance diet since most is being replaced by toxic elements found in strong spirits like whiskey and other alcoholic beverages.
    Mr Joul
    Go ahead and watch the video when the risen Halloween Ghost circles the streets of Juba, maybe if you listen carefully you will hear in local arabi, https://www.facebook.com/maal.thiong/videos/10210779231897053/.
    The bodyguards in the front vehicle were making comments that “Look the people are afraid of him”. Hahahaha, wow isn’t that even more embarrassing when your own bodyguards disrespect their president?
    The man is a walking dead aka a Zombie, and you know something else is happening? Kirr in his all-black attire from head to toes is a perfect Halloween treats for the kids on the streets of Juba except they didn’t get the candies. Actually the President is celebrating the month of October which is the month of the Satanists around the world.
    The perfect words to explain this is that he has long time joined the world of the Occults, he is the agent of Lucifer. Stay away from him or he will drag you with him. Now that may sound morbid but if you want to stay alive stay away from Kirr.
    the bodyguards in the front vehicle were making comments that “Look the people are afraid of him……….”. Hahahaha, wow isn’t that even more embarrassing when your own bodyguards disrespect their president like that? Probably they forgot they are taping themselves, because they are walking dead too.

  3. Daniel Juol Nhomngek says:

    Desperate people will always look at every move as an opportunity without thinking for what will happen tomorrow. They will only regret after they get spoils. Thanks. May just read my article I am not supporting Kiir to be in power but I am looking for a good exit that will not worsen the situation which is already worse.

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