Guilt-Ridden Puritanism at Kiir’s J-1: Practicing Nazism without Nazis in South Sudan

BY: Makoi Majak, Law Student, Jomo Kenyatta University, Kenya, APR/21/2018, SSN;

The deadliest conflict in human history was triggered by an irresponsible German leader whose ambition to control the world power backfired on humanity, and later on him. Today the name Hitler is synonymous with the holocaust.

Like Adolf Hitler, South Sudan President Salva Kiir has recorded his treacherous acts in the history of South Sudan and I’ve taken some pain to explain it below. Herein, I have made a correct and fair comparison of the two leaders of Germany and South Sudan and their spanner-boys, respectively.

I have tried to avoid dwelling so much on Hitler and Gen. Himmler due to the fact that their inhumane acts are in the public domain.

The Spanner-boys: Heinrich Himmler vs. Akol Koor

Himmler was chief of the notorious Reichsführer-SS and assistant of the Gestapo, two of the most murderous organizations in human history, his men were bound by an oath to torture and kill without question. Of course, laws justifying torture and other criminal discrimination were made. Himmler’s word was taken on any subject and only came second to the Führer.

On Hitler’s behalf, Himmler formed the Einsatzgruppen and built extermination camps. As facilitator and overseer of the concentration camps, Himmler directed the killing of some six million Jews.

On the other hand, Gen. Akol Koor is chief of the South Sudan’s National Security and Intelligence Service and of the murderous Unknown Gunmen, whose men, with Kiir’s blessings, can torture, kill in the broad daylight and would never anticipate a question.

Much is known about this man, Gen. Koor, yet very little is said of him. He had successfully managed to gag the media from reporting anything about him.

Secondhand information about him has it that Mr. Akol is a fairly, if not, very short person. He is a polite, introverted and curiously unimpressive folk – some of the character traits common with deadly beasts.

He walks tilting to his left side – a walking disorder arising from disability in the leg attributed to his days in the military college. His task is to do the dirty and cruel works that Kiir himself would not do.

It is believed that Mr. Akol hatched up the infamous Unknown Gunmen as an armed agency within the department of NSS whose primary objective is elimination. The organization employed violence privately to create fear, uncertainty and terror in the city of Juba.

This so-called Unknown Gunmen have managed to get away with all sorts of murder: from political assassinations to ethnic targeting of intellectuals, vocal youth in the society. Youth and intellectuals perceived to be critical of Beny Kiir’s regime have met brutal deaths in the streets of Juba, thus robbing the country of its future leaders.

The Perpetrators: Hitler vs. Kiir

Führer Adolft Hitler was the leader of the Nazi Germany (1933-1945). Hitler’s propaganda had played on the population’s fear of no hope. Germany’s economy had hit the ground stumbling under the reign of Paul Von Hindenburg.

But when Nazi party took over, they set the ground running – the economy was “booming” and there were no “work-shy” loitering the streets.

Hitler was a man who would make Germans proud for restoring their lost pride and nationalism.

He had to do away with people, Jews who had at one time in history made fortunes out of the Arian Germans, wherein Hitler hailed. Despite his good motive for Germany, Hitler destroyed the very same thing he called the “great” country.

Hitler was not alone in his vision; he had his enablers – men who were devoted to destruction of the “inferior race.”

Beny Salva Kiir, the de facto Chief of Gokrial, ascended to the helm of power through his father’s superstition prowess. In fact, people say that Kiir’s father had thrown a spear in the sky and since then that spear never fell down back on earth, signaling that Kiir will not fall from power.

He came with one vision clear in his face which he would achieve in a flash of a second.

Unlike the Fuhrer, Kiir maimed our economy by encouraging corruption and practicing nepotism. Today it is his Gokrial’s kinsmen who decide how much public money should go to the state bank and how much the President’s men should take home.

He bewitched most South Sudanese to seeing things on a reverse. Their newly acquired religion of hate known as “Kiiristianity” has sought to portray Beny Kiir as a saint among the unholy. This unruly belief has been imposed with commercial tenderness upon his guilt-ridden puritanism.

Many atrocities committed by Kiir’s tyrannical regime are undocumented, only those which happened in full glare of the International media such as the December 15th massacre of Nuer and the July 6th failed attempt to assassinate Dr. Riek Machar in J-1 have found a permanent space in our memories.

Salva Kiir orchestrated most bestial of crimes in our history and that we will live to rue his existence in our human population.


The unsuspecting South Sudanese have been taken for a ride by the liberators.

Mr. Kiir and his spanner-boy, Akol, are building their “Nazi” empire through our blood and resources. Our high tolerance for corruption, nepotism and abuse of the rule of law has reached its threshold and we must act now while it is not too late to do so.

The people should not be afraid of the bad leaders, bad leaders are afraid of a united people.

After all, the rise and fall of Hitler have significantly proven that the people have the power. They can give it to you for sometime but once they detect that you are misusing it they’ll withdraw it.

Remember, nothing lasts forever. Kiir will fall; not if, but when!


MAKOI MAJAK (The Super Citizen): is a student pursuing an LL.B Law Degree at the School of Law, Jomo Kenyatta University.


  1. They will one day face the long hands/claws of justice(law of reciprocity) and the crimes they have committed against South Sudanese will mark the beginning of their atrocious life. They are maliciously using the power entrusted to them by the same people they are brutally killing today just for them to maintain the status quo…. that power will be retaken back, its just a matter of time and the wealth they illegally acquired will be owned by the rightful owners( South Sudanese) in the near future when the dust of this tribal confusion settles.

  2. Malouda says:

    Makoi Majak, both government and armed opposition are the same in misusing the innocent South Sudanese citizens. Let us pray to almighty God to bring to us some one like late hero Garang.

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