Green Army Brigade – SPLM-IO Wau Ngoginda: Only True Federation

MG/ Ashhab K. F. Ukanda
Commander, Green Army brigade, SPLM/A IO / Wau Ngoginda.
Loyal to Dr. Riak Machar Teny 15.July 2015

Any solution for the problem of South Sudanese, should address the major grievances of South Sudanese people including the minorities in every corner of the country. Solutions that concentrate to the majority leaving minorities behind will not be fair and guarantee permanent stability.

The implementation of the SPLM Vision of taking the town to the people which targeted the minorities and turned into grabbing of the land and destruction of farms in some states, must be review and senior official in the government who are behind the fueling, must stopped arming those loyal to them and carrying out the destruction.

Democracy must be prevailing and respected as provided in the constitution. South Sudanese people are to be seen practicing their right provided by the constitution. Media houses and journalists are to be protected, seen doing their work freely, and are to be consider as the mirror where the nation sees itself and put things correct and not as enemy.

South Sudanese people are to be treated equally before the law. Protection should be provided equally to all of them and not like what we are seeing today, pastoralists are allow to take arms for what they call it protection for their cattle, while farmers are not allow to take arms for the protection of their farms.

We can see the SPLA providing protection to armed cattle keepers while causing destruction in farms, and farmers remaining without protection.

True federalism is the only way for the survival of stable South Sudan, it should be implemented correctly and fully to guarantee just participation of South Sudanese people in the building of their nation, all people should get their part in the system, and not like what is happening today in Western Bahr Elghazal State, all the key posts are taken by the people from the neighboring states, Warrap, Lake and Aweil.

The really people of the State are marginalized and oppressed. They don’t have a say in the affairs of their state.

The constitution of the county is the concern of each and every South Sudanese. As they participated in its making up right from the beginning, they should also be consulted in any case of amendment, other wise any amendment without their consent, will not represent their will, and any decision taken in the line of the amendment will be illegitimate.

We have been seeing the government declaring general amnesty from time to time, but how honest is the government to its declarations? How many innocent are arrested and kept with the National security within this general amnesty without legal procedure? How many times, we saw senior officials in the government insulting those responding in the national media?

The power that was delegated to the executive and legislative by the people of South Sudan through the previous constitution is already expired. They don’t have the right to make any amendments in the expired period as far as extend their period without the consent of South Sudanese people.

This regime is not any more a democratic elected government; time has come for South Sudanese People to come out with the new mechanism to establish new fair system in the country for the betterment of their future.


  1. tutu says:

    Change can come if we are not targeted as a Dinka, now we have accepted that kiir and dinka are the same thing in the eye of south Sudanese, enough is enough, we stand with kiirdiit, wrong or right.

  2. Mr. Commander, Green Army brigade,

    You have said it all. As we know today South Sudanese president and ministers are above the law, but the constitution of South Sudan should treat every of South Sudanese equal. Salva Kiir break the constitutions from time to time. As a result, now the whole world knows that Salva Kiir is not only war criminal, but foolish, power hungry, clueless, and the most idiot president the world ever had.

  3. Charles Placido Wani says:

    Mr Commander, there is an old say that if want peace, you must prepare for full scale civil war. There are wrong and bad ideologies outside there among other brothers and sisters of conquering the other people of south Sudan and rule or even rob them of their rights and freedoms. This is unfortunate to happen in our history against colonial arab and the neo-kokora era. SPLM/A is a Jieng Machinary, nor Kiir a Jieng president. For example, BC cannot protect the interest of Wani Igga just because he hails from Bari Community. Thus, FEDERALISM system of governance will reduce this remorse or ill intentions that may lead to disestablished the country.

  4. Uto says:

    MG: Commander of Green Army Brigade Ngoginda – Wau. I want to say congratulation , Kiir system we call it Dinka system. Beacuse in Wau now everything is Dinka . So Federal system is the best in South Sudan

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