Greater Equatoria Council of Rights: Press Statement on the crises in South Sudan

Saturday, March/22/2014, SSN;

On behalf of the Greater Equatoria Council of Rights (GRECOR); we would like to make the following statements:-

1. The GRECOR, which is an umbrella of various political parties, NGOs, Women, Men, Youth and Children of Equatoria Region, hereby, declares that, as from today, Saturday, March 22, 2014, the current crises are no longer confined to political differences over the issues of leadership within the SPLM as the ruling political party in the Sovereign Republic of South Sudan (SRSS);

2. The political and military allegations, by various national, regional and international individuals, groups and organisations that, the said crises in the SRSS are due to political quarrels between the Nuer and Dinka tribes of the SRSS, are unfounded and untenable;

3. It is not true that, the Nuer as a tribe, in the SRSS, are the ultimate threat to the prosperity of the SRSS. The truth is that, lack of prudent leadership and the absence of attainable vision are the threats to the prosperity of the SRSS;

4. The core causes of the current crises in the SRSS and which are also the ultimate threat to the wellbeing of the entire peoples of the SRSS, are entrenched corruption, tribalism, nepotism, exclusion of others, lack of accountability, lack of transparency, misuse and abuse of comprehensive fiduciary duties and lack of meritocracy;

5. The perception inside the SRSS that, current negotiations, being mediated by IGAD, and other international partners, are basically negotiations between the Upper Nile and Bahr el Ghazal Regions, and in total exclusion of Equatoria Region, in the SRSS, is a recipe for future comprehensive instabilities in the SRSS;

6. The Equatoria Region of the SRSS has always been the stabilizer of comprehensive issues of governance in South Sudan since 1956 until 2005, when it has been comprehensively marginalised by the operationalisation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) of 2005 to date;

7. The ubiquitous absence of effective and efficacious participation of Equatoria Region, in the legislative, judicial, political, military, security, economic, financial, moral, and social administration of South Sudan from 2005 to 2013; due to dysfunctional operationalisation of the CPA, has fundamentally contributed to the extant symptoms of a failed State in South Sudan;

8. The GRECOR, with the total support of the peoples of Equatoria Region, reject the mobilisation of their sons and daughters, into various military and security institutions; in the SRSS, in order to fight against SPLM/A, under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar;

9. The GRECOR, with the total support of the peoples of Equatoria Region; of the SRSS, calls for, and encourages, the mobilisation of all women, youth, and men of Equatoria Region, to work together, with the other peace loving peoples of the other two regions, in the SRSS, for the creation of an stable SRSS, via the instrument of an interim government, with equitable representation of all women and men of the SRSS;

10. The GRECOR, in total support of political realism in the SRSS; supports the call for the establishment of an interim government, under the leadership of competent and capable South Sudanese Woman or Man, to steer the SRSS in this interim period, during which, all institutions of governance are reformed for the total interest of all peoples of the SRSS;

11. The GRECOR supports the call for the establishment of a federal system of governance in the SRSS, based on the former three regions of Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr El Ghazal;

12. The GRECOR calls for efficient application of lustration laws as instruments for building a peaceful SRSS which is at peace with herself and neighbouring countries in the region, and which respects international law for a peaceful regional and international coexistence;

13. The GRECOR calls for genuine engendering of the negotiation process to ascertain a just peace for the interest of all peoples of the SRSS; and

14. The GRECOR warns that, an unstable SRSS is already a threat to the peoples of South Sudan, and will be a threat to the regional and international peace and security, and as such, an all-inclusive and representative settlement in which; all peoples of the SRSS see themselves is a must.

How GRECOR intends to be part and parcel of the current negotiation process?

1. GRECOR is an integral part and parcel of South Sudan, and the issues identified by the SPLM/A, under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar are consistent with the comprehensive and detailed aspirations of the peoples of Equatoria Region in particular and the SRSS in general;

2. GRECOR does not hesitate to protect the interest of the peoples of the SRSS in general, and the interest of the peoples of Equatoria Region, which can only be realised within the remit of a functional and stable South Sudan; and

3. GRECOR shall participate in the negotiation team of the SPLM/A, under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar, but with a clear vision for total peace and prosperity in Equatoria Region as the stabiliser of South Sudan as land and peoples.

Thank you,
Col. (Rtd). Prof. Wani Tombe Lako Lokitari
Greater Equatoria Council of Rights (GRECOR)


  1. Kiden says:

    Well done Tombe, Equatorians wake up, time to fight for your right as well right of people in south Sudan, in today, politics, no one wanted to be second class citizen a Equatorians and other tribes has been continues to be as an evident in political institutions of south sudan only dominated by one large group that controlled people, political systems and resources of south sudan

    • Bol Khan says:

      Bravo Greater Equatoria Community. Victory is obvious and certain.

    • Mr. Wani Tombe, it is never a surprise for all of us to find you issuing a communique in the name of Greater Equatoria, is it not you who campaigned against the independence of South Sudan, and it is the something that made you quilty conscious and chose to remain in Khartoum when south Sudanese refused to listen to your unpatriotic Campaigns, why use the peoples name when you are in a foreign land, whether you rally behind Dr. Riek or not, you already a known element of disunity in the RSS. shame on you

      • Moses Wani says:

        right it’s to fight back.

      • Agumar Rugang says:

        what Dr. Wani stated before referendum was an intellectual approach to save the new nation from catastrophic bloody civil war . so his policy is to let south Sudanese to build cadres to govern the new country efficiently and effectively, his remark is precisely right, after two years of independence, the country is now in a civil war. Dr. wani,while saying his idea, could not be compared with Dr . John Garang De mabior who killed- Samuel Gai Tut, Akot Atem, Martin Majir for propogating for the independence of south Sudan, he could not either be equated with William Nhill Deng who deffected the AnyaNya movement to join khartoum after having clashed with the AnyaNya force in bloody battles just to unite with the Mondocoro, we need to be fair to judge politicians and throw away tribal tendencies aside to embrace civilization and cast primitivity to its origin to say the least.

  2. Tyson says:

    Wake up greater Equatoria to stop this carnage in South Sudan!

  3. Elijah Samuel says:

    Now the sons and daughters of our great regions have spoken! Let the President hears the peoples voice. He started the war and he is the one prolonging it! Let the peoples wishes be granted, let peace abide, let him go and let interim government be brought forth!
    Thank you GRECOR. Long live South Sudan, Long live Riek and all who wishes South Sudan the best.

  4. Agumar Lojing Rugang says:

    Dear Eguatorians, I do concede that Eguatoria could be a viable stablizing catylic in the current turmoil in the country.consequently, Equatoria could attain such stablization role ,only and only if it stops following other political forces but form and organize a party of its own which is inclusive of people from other regions in the country.Equatoria should stop to follow but lead the new nation into posperity and permanent peace.such vision could be realize when Equatoria is insulated from trends of other political forces in the country.
    Finally, I recomment that Equatoria must initiate a political party within six months, conveve a confrence somewhere in Equatoria, to Ellect a strong leader to challenge the status qua in 2015.

  5. Nyeri says:

    Very Good Prof. Lokitari,

    we are feed up of these animals called the Jenge of not following the rule of law and the total collapse of RSS under the dinka tribalistic government of SKM.We the Equats are ready to defend our stands and land per Equatoria 2010 resolutions and in accordance with the current crises. We reserve the right to refuse tribalism and send the Dinka Gov. back to Warrap and rest with his Kunyben. Time has come, the Madi and Yei road needs to be closed and lets faced it inside without M7. This should be the last time a Dinka opens his mouth to say “we liberated you” while the Dinka live in Equatoria. The Dinka need to learn to liberate themselves and settle in their homeland to start development.

  6. Eli says:

    Finally here comes WE the People of Equatoria in one voice. Thank you Professor, this is what we are waiting for a true leadership with a clear vision in Equatoria. We are tired of being pushed around and the dinka policy of divide and conquer needs to be challenged and changed. Thank God that we still have people like you Prof. Wani Tombe Lako Lokitari, I pledge my allegiance and total commitment into GRECOR and let us start the march for FEDERALISM. Please dear brothers and sisters of Equatoria and friends, let us rise up and let the World start to notice the true patriotic sons and daughters of SRSS, enough with tyrannical and dictatorship of the Non-Equatorian system on our land. Let Dinkas and Nuers and their types take their system back to their homeland. We are peace lovers and we want to achieve peace at any cost. Equatoria Oyee; South Sudan Oyee and may God bless our Nation.

  7. Taban Mawa says:

    For the first time since South Sudan became a nation, I feel more proud to be an Equatorian. We, the people of Greater Equatoria has lack strong leadership for long time and to read this words from Prof. Wani Tombe make one to not only feel proud but feel a sense of something great is about to happen in South Sudan.

    I know there are people in Equatoria who still questions whether it’s a good idea to wake up now. Well I say them, a true son of Equatoria finally is out to lead not just Equatoria but the country into a new dawn of light. This is the Joshua we have long been waiting for.

    Now is the time for all the Equatorian Governors to stop their ill support of a regime that has kills its own people and caused so much pain and destruction to our young Nation, South Sudan. It’s time for them to realise the status quo has shifted into the arms of new breed of leadership and they should give their full support. This will not only empower the region but the country that we, Equatorians are the forces to a peaceful resolution and democratic South Sudan.

    To my fellow country man from other regions, this words should not be misunderstood as a threat but rather a New Dawn of Leadership is at hand. A leadership that will help us as country to be United and to develop our country without tribal differences but affection for each and every sons and daughters of this young but great country of ours. Let us UNITE and say to President Kiir, the mass forces have spoken and demand for peace. It’s time he step aside and leave us, the people to assemble a new breed of leadership to lead us forward into the promise land.

    We should all remember that Great words are spoken at times of peril and when demanded so by the people. Our young Nation is at cross road and time to act is not tommorrow but NOW. The people demanded it because the country belong to all of us.

    The clock is ticking and we must rise up to challenge the status quo.

    • bolabokdit says:

      Taba Mawa
      Don’t do somthing and think afterword because it will put you in a weak position if not vulnerability. to follow White Army militiias and thier leaders you will end in grieve because thier interest objective are not one. Believe me or not jion them and you will found yourself sent for a cattle wrestling mission. Parents will heard tomorrow you are killed in cattle raiding between Murlei and Nuer or whoever keeps cattles.
      Here is another fear, Militias problem pops up from time to time, and that is the reason Nuer intellectuals are reluctant and ignorance to Militia war. No one need soldiers to protect politicians debate and this is what happen. You are free to draw your own conclusion about Tombe article, but Equatorians Tombe is a puppet of Riak Machar so watch out.

  8. Nyeri says:

    Let us see them talk now, we have made our positions known and its up to them to tell SKM to speed up and get going to allow interim government and his legacy. It is difficult to live with an animal and expect the animal to behave and follow rule and order

  9. Eli when you use the slogan ‘Oyee’ it reminds me of this failed government. Though this slogan originated in Equatoria, they spoiled it. I agree with you when you stressed on federalism but we can not get it when we keep on talking. Remember, this point was raised before during interim constitution of the Republic of South Sudan 2011 but Kiirler (Kiir) and his government rejected that demand.

    To Agumar, I would disagree with you when you suggested the idea of forming a party in the name of Equatoria. Because this would make us the Equatorians look like tribalists rather than nationalists. Equatorians MUST support the truth which Riek Mashar is fighting for.

    Once we give our allegiance to Riek, We will have a ground where we can say “yes” or “No” Not because of Riek but because of the truth he is vehemently advocating. Riek has already formed a new party separate from the “SPLA oyee” party.

    So, if Agumar wants a political forum for Equatorians where they will positively engage in, it is already there in the bushes of Upper Nile. And consequently it will come to the Equatorians’ jungles. Let us support the truth rather than sitting melancholic airing ineffective utterances.

    • Agumar Rugang says:

      My friend do not mixed things up .I did not stated explicitly that Equatoria should organized toparty in the name of Equatoria.what i did wrote was that Equatoria should form party under the name AniaNia l’m not a naive person to utter such childish comment.please I advice you to reread my reply so you get right

  10. Lajor says:

    Congratulations to the Greater Equatoria for joining the movement to end the political domination of Dinka Kingdom. Welcome Aboard a New South Sudan where every citizen is somebody!

  11. arabbmoi says:

    I have already joined the rebel we just wait for a white army to arrive in boma and chase Jengers out from Kapoeta as well as Nadapal and Nimule. That would be the end of Jenger born to rule rotten manner and their semi primitive king Kiir killer Maracdit Nagira koo.


  12. Rumunu says:

    Ever since for me, I was waiting for our leaders to come out boldly like what GRECOR did today, I absolutely support you for that. Equatorians should not be taken for granted, we have ever demonstrated our capability since 1947 in Juba conference and beyond. It is unfortunate that today after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement our heroes and great historians have been forgotten and less are talked about if any.

    The National TV, and other medias only emphasizes about the origin of SPLM/A and its achievements, forgetting the core founding body to freedom to day in South Sudan. Our Inyi Nya (Poison) One not as Anya Nya freedom fighters are forgotten and no body hear or say any thing about them, when ever you hear any say about Inyi Nya one freedom fighters only blaming them about their failures and never talk about their achievements. This has been recurring all these period, more specially during national celebrations. This is an indication to the world and the young generations of South Sudan that it is only and only SPLM/A of which the sons and daughters of Equatoria are also part of this liberation struggle that have brought peace and freedom to our nation today called Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

    All these wrong happenings are attributed to our senior politicians who ever sit back and watch what is going on wrong of depriving their fundamental rights without a say, just due to their selfish interest that is fear of loosing their positions and the worst of loosing position is of course death. I am very proud that GRECOR have started a very good campaign for us the sons and daughters of this region (Greater Equatoria) and we need not to shy away from supporting them for this noble course.

    Long live GRECOR and Long live sons and daughters of Greater Equatoria.


    • Agumar Rugang says:

      Fantastic! you mentioned about AniaNia.look folks from the outset It is absolutely necessary for the people of Equatoria to unite south sudan on their own terms through forming an independent political party, which I proposed to be named The AniaNia party and should be a predominantly conservative centre right.Conceptually, Equatoria must lead not follow any political trend that we are debious of. I say this because I test it in 1991.and it wasn’t paying off.we must have our own means to achieve a golden role of uniting south sudan but not following others who might have hidden agendas.

  13. Welcome on board Greater Equatoria people’s for the search of democracy in South Sudan!!!!

    • bolabokdit says:

      Suoth Nuer Land
      Couple of years ago I read a book call “How to Lie” to people, so Riak Machar, Tombe, Suoth Nuer Land, arabbmol, SuothSudan-iam to mention the few. These people may have adopted this book as thier Bible. one has to wonder how many people actually understood Riak intentions. People should learn from Riak colleagues who were detained in Juba. Riak shared the same idea with these politicians but in a different form.

  14. Mc says:

    It only does you good to fight war online. Issuing Communiques is totally different the actual war in the battlefield. You can’t sit and issue such a press release in the name of Great People in a foreign land.

    The logic is that you can’t take power by force in this country and remain comfortable in it. Majority of Dinkas are not happy about how the country’s affairs are being currently run, but we don’t want to effect change through violent. That is not acceptable. So I advise those who are vilifying the Dinkas to stop, for you will not antagonize us and call for a peaceful South Sudan at the time. Will you form a government without us? Will your that government be stable?
    We know that the current war is not between the Dinka and Nuer, but between the government the rebels, but it’s clear now these Equatorian individuals are promoting it and it;s going to be nasty for all.

    • Eli says:

      Never mind every movement start with issuing what you called communique or declaration of true liberty just like what GRECOR did. Remember when Anya Nya One started we used arrows and bows, spears and local weapons including deadly arsenics, chemical weapons or commonly known as inyi nya and the jalaba was brought to their knees.
      Besides not all wars are won by guns. Example; Nelson Mandela fought most of his war while in prison, Ghandi brought independence to India with peaceful revolution, Martin Luther King Jr. challenged the racist American system until Blacks were granted freedom to vote, on and on the list goes. Revolution is first of all started by winning the hearts and their willingness and finally their minds, gun is the last resort. If need be we will use guns but for now what is important is to make people realize their self-worth. Because SPLA has stolen peoples’ dignity and the God given rights. SPLA/M used lies, intimidations, terrorizing and corruption to divide the country, now everybody knows all your hidden agendas including the whole World. We know you Jienges don’t listen but only by guns, for now you have the guns but no guts, and we also know as soon as Equatorians speak out with one voice you become nervous. We are not agains dinkas but against disorderly conducts. You abuse our sympathy that’s why you think hiding in Equatoria is your safe heaven from the Nuers; the Murles and the Miseirya. But just think about it very well; does the people of Equatoria really like you? Not because of being dinka but because you hate peace and want to live like hyenas and lions and vultures, to be honest the whole problem of South Sudan is coming from Upper Nile and Bahr Ghazal. So now you should watch how it will be changed. Now that even the International Communities are pulling themselves away after learning who really dinkas are, you are isolating yourselves. Yes you dinkas suffered way more than anyone but yet you still never learn. Maybe you just have to learn to behave respect yourselves like other people are doing.
      My sister in law who is a Dinka Bor lady summed it all up; she said and I quote:”My Dinka people will never learn even in thousands of years” quote. So here you go, this lady grew up in Equatoria and partially in Uganda and she vowed not to have anything to do with dinka and so she married an Equatorian man and she declared; and I quote: “I am never going back to dinka people”.
      Wow now that’s pretty harsh statement coming from my sister in-law from Dinka Bor.
      I personally have prayed for a long time for the people of South Sudan, particularly for those who don’t know God and never have respect for others like our bothers in Upper Nile and Bahr Ghazal including those Jalabas in the North. Jesus Christ commanded us to “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” Matthews 5:44. Maybe that’s the answer to my prayer that the Almighty open the eyes of our people to see the truth and God sent to us a Dinka Bor lady who is so pretty and respectful; must be a different breed of Dinka or otherwise, and I know there are many nice dinka people like her out there, she even encouraged us the Equatorian man not to avoid Dinka ladies. When you learn the truth, “the truth shall set you free”.

      • bolabokdit says:

        My friend you don’t know Dinka you talk of Dinka Bor but majority of Dinka are in Bhae El Gazal. Nuer militia including Riak knows Dinka of Bhar El Gazal very well. Did you see them fighting their way to that region, no they fight thier way to Juba because they don’t want to open panadora box.
        You presume Dinka are problematic how many tribes sharing border with our cousin Nuers? are they peacefull?
        Removing party leader is constitutionally correct, but what is unconstitutional and a crime is removing president of the country by use of force.
        It creates instability country and in the whole system whether Equatoria is a president or Upper Nile Nuer is a president. Form your own party and wait for election to vote out someone you don’t want.

  15. Ladu says:

    Dear,brothers and sisters…We are feed up with this government, let’s unite and put hands together for change.
    Republic of South Sudan for the people of south Sudan not owned to the others group, so wake up and open your eyes and be free in your country not to be slave in your country.

  16. Agumar Rugang says:

    My friend do not mixed things up .I did not stated explicitly that Equatoria should organized toparty in the name of Equatoria.what i did wrote was that Equatoria should form party under the name AniaNia l’m not a naive person to utter such childish comment.please I advice you to reread my reply so you get right

  17. Falabiano says:

    Big thumb prof we have been longing for that since that force rebellion happen.But remember action speaks louder than
    words,so this time i suggest Madi and Bari should start the lead simply because they are the most affected people
    in greater EQUATORIA where the so call land crapping is taking place.

  18. upiu says:

    Prof. Wani Tombe recently released a personal opinion piece only to be followed up by his group press release. The messages in the two pieces are very consistent and this could be a red flag on whether this supposedly communique is another personal opinion disguised as a group consensus????
    What Wani and co. need to understand is that – Riek is not interested in people who will peacefully negotiate for him and/or his vision. He needs those who will mobilize arm group and fight for him and install him into power. If that is what you are prepared to do, then go for it. Perhaps Greater Equatoria is missing what is happening in Greater Upper Nile and would like to stir up more instability and bloodbath in their part of the country to bail their fellow countrymen out.
    Some non-Nuer who were in Riek’s camp at the beginning of rebellion have been sidelined for their failure to ‘bring’ their forces to help the rebellion. Ask Mabior Garang what happened to him. He is now languishing with the former detainees between Addis and Nairobi. Lado Gore is doing well because he has Bari forces, maybe that is the group Prof. Wani is lobbying for.
    So, if you are a non-Bari Equatorian who would like to join the rebellion, you MUST bring your forces along so that you have a voice whether at the peace talk or in the higher hierarchy of rebels movement.

    • Joana Adams says:

      Nonsense. Lado Gore is our gallant son of Equatoria. In the 80’s he was the unmistakeable voice of the infant SPLA/M. Because he was and is a man of character, vision and determination, he was sidelined by Dr.John Garang in the 90’s. In 2010, he was denied the position he won as the legitimately elected governor of Central Eqatoria, by Mayardit on the grounds that he was a threat to dinkocrats and the Dinka ideology of occupying the blessed land of Equatoria.
      Only Dinka imperialists with their policy of divide and rule will discriminate our beloved son, brother, father and uncle Lado Gore as a Bari. Lado Gore is the epitome of the struggle of the Equatorian people. For peace to reign in South Sudan, Equatorians must unite and speak with one voice. If there was fairness, and justice in South Sudan, this great son of Equatoria would be the next president of the republic of South Sudan and why not? The only challenger to him in my opinion would be brother Joseph Bakassoro, governor of Western Equatoria. Let us support our own before others can support them.


      • upiu says:

        I’m at lost at what you are reacting to here. Whether you want GOSS to be run exclusively by Equatorians from president to junior civil servants is not my point, or is the least of my worries. All I don’t want is to see my brothers and sisters continue to die needlessly and incited to die for no just cause. Disagreements over country’s leadership exist everywhere in the world but civilized societies do not resort to violence to achieve their goals. It therefore breaks my heart to see seemingly educated south Sudanese advocating for violence while they and their families are enjoying peaceful and luxurious life in their adopted countries of residence.

        • Joana Adams says:

          Why has the mention of an Equatorian president sent your mind reeling with confusion? It’s your kinsman “Abu tagia” who has brought war on the country and not me. It is also him and his ministers whose families are living in luxury abroad or their adopted countries of residence as you call it and not me.
          Whose relatives are not dying physically or otherwise? If you hate the blood shed in the country what have you done to stop it? Have you written a petition to “Abu tagia” to stop the war and give the suffering masses peace and development? Don’t divert attention from the real culprits and criminals who must be accountable for the senseless atrocities, human rights violations and genocide they have committed.
          If the Nuers have killed your relatives they did so in revenge.after the cold blooded massacre of their people in Juba, what did you expect, that thy would turn the other cheek? Wiell they haven’t. Now you should encourage your dinkocratic government to negotiate peace in good faith so as to restore normalcy to the bleeding nation. Every body will be a winner. The choice is yours.

      • alex says:

        Dear Joana Adams
        I told you not to lie to us. Who among the South Sudanese did not know Lodu Gore. He tried to recruit Southern Sudanese in Ugand to fight SPLA. If it is lie tell us how did LOdupit die? Ask Hon Eliaba Suru. We got a powerful camera which was send to Lodu Gore from German when he was planning to fight the SPLA and we handed the camera to Eliaba. Lodu Gore was allied to Dr Riek Maser since 1991 so do not think when he was brought back to SPLM we do not know who he is. We did it for the purpose of unity but you and your husband just work for distruction of South Sudan. You did it in 1991 and again you are doing it now. Let your delusions about equatorians raising up to support your movement disappear. You will only decieve some of the people who did not know what you stand for. If up to know you can come up with a name for your movement then I wonder even if you people have objective or any vision.



  19. godfrey says:

    this is one of the best idea i’ve ever heard from my equatorian intellectuals. but to people like agumar we shouldn’t repeat the same mistake done by the current regime of being tribalistic we should be nationalistic

  20. Daughter of Equatoria says:

    Here WE go! All on-board.
    Dear Prof. Wani Tombe Lako Lokitari,
    I must register my sincere gratitude to you for this bold step and for demonstrating a leadership potential. Good recipes for bringing a lasting, sustainable peace and progress in our country.

    To Chief Abiko Akuranyang,I hope you will take note that the political turmoil/crisis is no longer centered to splm, it has become a national issue. We need a broad solution with inclusive dialogue for a peaceful and democratic SS.IGAD with support and approval from TROIKA(UNSC) is pressing hard the button for Interim Government.
    Whereas I won’t stop condemning genocidal kiir and blood money vampire m7,I long to see this duo perish the hardest way.
    Long live the people of Equatoria!! Long live Nuer!!

  21. Morbe says:

    Let me hope it is not the usual talk associated with us equatorians to the extent of others wrongly calling us cowards. People we need to walk the talk; this is not time for lip service. I just read one of us saying that he or she is waiting for white army to join the fight!! What are the white army made off? It just take Vision, resolve, planning, and courage to implement the vision of reading the country from anarchy , systemic and primitive way of running the country by the current administration in Juba.

    In fact the fight should not be limited to equatorians but all south sudanese including my brothers and sisters from Dinka Tribe and clans. Politically The issue is not about Dinka verses others but fighting for a just system that will accommodate all of Us. For if the drive and urge to fight is driven by hate towards Dinka as a tribe the you and me better get other things to do; because such a war will achieve nothing meaningfully for any body and the future of the country. The struggle has to be political rather than Triibal or ethnic. For how sure are you after Dinka is gone we would not complain against misrule of Bari, Nuer or Madi?

    Please let us remain focused and know what is good for all of us. Economically, once the country is politically put on the correct path we Equatorians will benefit from milk products from our brothers Dinka, Nuer, Murle, Toposa and others and in inturn they will benefit from us equatorians by buying food from us, since majority of us are cultivators and they are pastoralists. So the relation would be complimentary rather than being based on animosity premised on ethnicity.

  22. Mohd Adam says:

    Dr. Wani Tome is one of the lost souls. The people of Equatoria cannot in will never be part of the primitive war led by the white army of the Lou Nuer under Riek Machar. If Wani Tombe wants, let him go to his village in Southern Bari and mobilise his kinsmen. Or join Lado Gore in Nasir.

    • Daughter of Equatoria says:

      Mohd Adam

      You jiengs wish every tribe,group or individuals to isolate Dr.Riek how pathetic? But I assure you that as long as our living hero Gen.Alfred Lado Gore is by Dr. Riek’s side we Equatorians will never isolate him and therefore we shall throw our support to him and to Dr. Riek Machar.Get it it right arrogant beast.

      • alex says:

        Dear Daughter of Equatoria

        It is shame for you to pretend as Equatorian. You know how bad your people are that is why you are dreaming and pretending to be an equoterian. Please if you change and become nationalistic and advocate for peace you will be like the equoterians. So do not deceive people.


        • Daughter of Equatoria says:

          Am so proud to be born by Equatorian parents,a true daughter of the land,you are so ignorant and you don’t know any thing about me,so sorry for you and keep your ignorance and arrogance for life.I don’t feel ashamed of being an Equatorian but I would feel ashamed if I were a Nilotic get it right ….

          • alex says:

            Daughter of Equatoria
            You will not and would not be a seed of equatorial. You are a liar and your tricks will never work. Change your behaviours of white army of raping patients, old women, killing civilians in hospital burning towns, villages after villages. You are not matured yet in politics. your politics works on tribelastic level so no one can accept people with such mentality to rule South Sudan. We are proud to have people like Benzemin Marial, Hot Mai, John Koang and many others. These are the true sons and daughters of south sudan but for you and your white army, we ask God to help. so do not claim to be equatorian, you belong to the white army and that is the trade mark of your movement. A movement which have no objectives let by visionless people once have a bad record of destroying the people’s army. The liberators will continue to shine and victory is certain over betrayers. We have not forgotten your killing of our hero Willam Nyon Beng. We thought you people have changed but it seems you are still covering that hatred in your hearts, No equatorians will associate themselves with you people accept those with the similar history like yours. So I advice you to find out the history of Tombe and Lodu Gore and compare it with that of your leader including the white army and conclude the equation. It will be a complex numbers. so you are complex rebels with who can not even find name to name there movement. There are no objective and yet want to run south sudan. The only objective is the unfortunate tragic killing which took place in Juba but no any other thing what a shame to rebel without objective and a vision.

  23. M Enock says:

    I am glad that Equatorians have united on what is so calL GRECOR and at the same time trying to deny their present in the current government. You guys have forgotten that South Sudan is comprises of 64 tribes including Dinka, Nuer and Zande are counted as single tribes. On that even they did not put in their mind as they are Major tribes in the Country, they share government seats with other smaller tribes in the Country and they do not complain.
    If you guys could make a survey on this current and even the previous governments ever been formed , you Equatorians have been represented and to pull your ears it was the reshulled out of Riek and replaced by Gen. James Wani Igga was the main cause of this current war.
    You should remember this if you are not in the government as a person, please don’t use the name of the honorable of Equatorians for your own benefits and please Prof. don’t be like Riek.
    Coming to the peace talks in Addis Ababa, it is comprises of political parties which inclusive of Equatorian sons as you put it and also if you want to be part of the negotiation team, you better join any group you is good for you rather then trying to put life of other at risk.
    If I were you, I would have waited and contest in the coming general elections to prove your polarity rather then following the air like a dog which has smelt the meat in the moving air.
    Remember you the innocent Equatorians, don’t be like innocent Nuer who are dying in vain and you want taste how bitter is the death, try to join Riek’s rebel group and you will see what will happen.
    I made this last comment because taking by force will not bring lasting peace to the people of South Sudan

    • Daughter of Equatoria says:

      M Enock,
      You wish Equatoria’s unity breaks first by singling out tribes,the notion that Zande’s are not complaining? Really? Can I say that that is your own perception and you are entitled to your own opinion.We Equatorians share a common goal and that is progress and peace in our land but you notorious jiengs want to derail this effort by marginalizing us,grabbing our land at gun point,your believe that Equatorians contributed nothing during the war of liberation and so on and so on.

      You can’t/won’t succeed in your wishful thought of dividing Equatorians,these are people who show respect to humanities and dignity,desire peace and progress in their land unlike cattle behavioral and violent beasts unfit as humans,in fact we feel ashamed sharing a country with beasts and killers of women and children if you are brave you should have confronted an armed person but not these innocent civilians in Juba who do not even know how to pull a trigger,shame on you jiengs, you’re the number one cowards on planet earth.

  24. Omang Rollo says:

    This is all bullshits, talks and more talks coupled with unusual level of cowardliness is more entertaining than the idea of change itself.

  25. Join hands and we are ready for you, you begun earlier, the Nuers had their Nasir faction and the Equatorian had their Equatoria Defence Forces. You all know how those rebels ended up. So to the Government of South Sudan, that thing will not be new.

  26. Loguca says:

    Brothers and Sisters, sons and daughters of Equatoria, if South Sudan become under leadership of Riak, our land will become battle field as expect to see rebellion from Dinka who fled the country as a result of the ongoing war. It’s clear they will get military support from Uganda through our boaders and as such I think it’s good idea to mobilise sons and daughters of Equatoria region to defend our territories. We should not wait till it is late. Too bad for some or our brothers who were mobilsed by the corrupt government. They should understand that they will fight for the regime in Juba and not get paid as SPLA soldiers who protested over pay on the streets of Juba (A clear indication of poor governing ).

  27. wani tombe,who was protected by Sudan national security in his haj yusif resident. Oh my GOD who can ever trust you, I want to assure those praising this puppet that if you don’t know him I can inform you better,don’t use eguatoria as a whole for your political maneuver’s please single out because not all eguatorians can and will never follow you and your rhetoric. Come and join your colleagues who left you in Khartoum after they realizes you have been misleading them for so long.

  28. Dear Peter Jenger Cafenol Oryomo,

    Take your fake advice to where it belongs. Wani is truly Equatorian leader who we need most.


    • alex says:

      arabbmoi maii

      I think you people are desperate to recruit people to your visionless movement. If I were you people , I can not and will not associate my movement with a person like Tombe. The question I want to ask you is are you people for Southern Sudan nation or you want to take us back to Khartoum? Do you people know Tombe or just you want to take any body to boost your names. It is a shame people will be reserved about you people. A visionary people will not make such stupid mistake to bring on board a person who is still being used by Khartoum to destroy south sudan independence. I think you people too want to take south sudan back to Khartoum otherwise if not you could not associate with Khartoum agents. This is the reason we insist you people are not for democracy but you are trying to deny now comes out the facts, Khartoum agents working together with white army to take south sudan to Khartoum. Shame shame treators and destroyers


  29. alex says:

    Thanks brother
    This shows the objective of the Riek. This man Tombe was against separation may be he did not pay what he promise to Khartoum the time he ran away from SPLA. It is clear now these guys will sell South Sudan back to Khartoum cheaply. They have shown their true colours. Tombe up to now is protected by Khartoum now lets judge by ourselves. Maybe they are fighting to take Southeren Sudan to former Sudan.


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