Government Militia Training Field Opened in Panyikwara, near Magwi County, Eastern Equatoria State

From: Micheal Okia Amuru, Magwi County, Eastern Equatoria State, DEC/20/2014, SSN;

Militia Training Field Opened in Panyikwara, few kilometers from Magwi County Headquarters.

Many South Sudanese likely cannot exactly locate where Panyikwara is. This is a place located in Magwi County in Eastern Equatoria State. The government of South Sudan has opened a militia training field here, recruiting young boys from the age of 13 among some elders who are joining massively. I would like to point out that this training is been carried for wrong reasons. The government of South Sudan has already lost legitimacy to rule the country; it’s absurd to see this kind of recruitment and training in this area.

The government of Eastern Equatoria State is mistaken to allow these kinds of activities in Magwi County. If the national army, the SPLA, are there, it’s their duty to defend the nation, but not recruiting young boys and innocent men to fight a war they don’t understand.

I am condemning it in the strongest terms possible and demanding that these individuals must be let to go home. These boys are the future of South Sudan; therefore their rights to education must not be deprived by teaching them false hope. Those men too have the duty of supporting their families; therefore, they have a lot to do than been an unpaid militia.

Louis Lojore Lobong, Governor of Eastern Equatoria State should dissolve this Training Field immediately. This time we will not allow the confusion of the 1980’s where the same SPLA recruited from around the same area just to hunt down one particular tribe.

Brigadier Johnson Juma Okot and Clement Otto must stop selling the boys and men in Magwi County to the government which does not care very much about its people.

Can those of Brig. JJ Okot and Clement Otto tell us what are the benefits of this government to our generations as Acholi?

Some people called themselves Holy in the Catholic Church. But I would like to point out that an-Ex Catholic Priest from the Apostle of Jesus by name Justin Oyet Bongomin is making the matter worse here at home by supporting JJ Okot, Clement Otto and others in their plan of killing innocent people without fault and without choice.

This ex-Catholic priest now resides in the USA. Instead of planning to bring development at home, I strongly believe with evidence that he is part of a convoy of the devils in the Republic of South Sudan.

Thank God he did not baptist any of my children.

However, since from the beginning of this Kiir government I noticed dozens of acts of evil, one of which infamously manifested itself in the Killing of the Nuer in Juba last December.

Long before this incident, there was apparent systematic killing of people from Madi tribe here in Maqwi County. In 2009 dozens of Madi where killed in their homeland which include Mulunge, Opari, Owyi Ki Bull, Amme, Moli, Natalingwa among others. The people of Madi were chased out of Magwi County Headquarters under direct order of JJ Okot and Clement Otto. The State governor played his role by covering up the killing.

In 1980’s the same recruitment by SPLA in this area ended up in a serious bloodshed between Madi and Acholi tribes.

Why do I condemn the current recruitment? I am one of the victims of 1980’s recruits centred in Owyi Ki Bull. In state of teaching us to fight the Arabs, Dr. John Garang taught us differently. His teaching ended with the assassination of Joseph Kibulu (one of the top South Sudanese Education Officer) which turned to be a very serious miscalculation.

My brothers and sisters who are still hooked-up with the divisive and fatalistic philosophy of JJ Okot and Clement Otto and their advisers have to reflect deeply about what actually is happening today in South Sudan.

In the first place, when the Madi elder politician Joseph Kibulu was assassinated by the SPLA, the same SPLA quickly dumped the blames on us. Although his killer was an Acholi, by then he was already an SPLA soldier.

Furthermore, tThe chief of Nimule was assassinated by the same SPLA/M over the contentious issue of the demarcation of Nimule town. At the same time his killers turned around and arrested all the Madi elders and intellectuals in the area and were all taken to Torit, and put in prison without trial.

Today, we are fully aware about the death of our Lady Cecilia Ote Oba. She is a lady who stands firm defending the right of Kakuwa people over their land. But what happened, she was assassinated by the SPLA/M from Dinka tribe. Her body was recovered chopped into pieces, dumped in garbage and half way rotten.

Long before her dead, chiefs and intellectuals including MPs from Yei were arrested, taken to Juba and were detained over the same issues (LAND).

Equatorians intellectuals who are still supporting this government are not ignorant that Dinka wanted to create imperialism in South Sudan. They can settle anywhere in the country. Take other peoples land and properties by force. Abuse Equatorian women without love, just to produce children.

Today people like James Wani Igga, Louis Lobong, Anne Itto, Isaac Obutu, JJ Okot, and Clement Otto are not ignorant that Dinka made it a tribal rule that no one other than Dinka will own a piece of land in their homeland. As of today, there is no Equatorian which owns a piece of land over there.

With this imperial kind of tribal rule, why can’t Equatorian politicians openly point out what the Dinka are doing to the people and to their resources in Equatoria which is terribly wrong. We are not that cheap.

I don’t hate anybody, but I hate poor government policy in Equatoria. I cannot sit idle by, watching JJ Okot, Clement Otto and State Governor Louis Lobong training militia in Panyikwara.

In the first place, what will these militias fight for? I believe South Sudan must be re-founded in a new covenant. There must not be any government-sponsored militia in Equatoria.

President Kiir recruited his own militia and they are indisputably responsible for the infamous Juba massacre last December.

Today, recruiting militia in Panyikwara means a lot to me. I am requesting all peace loving Equatorians to step up by publicly and wholeheartedly condemn such activities by the Kiir tribal government.

It might not be limited only here in Magwi County, but this militia recruitment could soon be enforced also and sooner in other places too.

Micheal Okia Amuru
Maqwi County-Eastern Equatoria State


  1. Loguca says:

    Thanks, Micheal for your article to bring up the major problem we are facing in our area, so people understand what
    Kirr and some of our Equatorians in the government are up to. This also reminds me of what happened during the war with Arabs, when SPLA armed malitias in Acholi area, and a result many innocent people lost their lives because they did not want to join the movement. J.J. and Clement Okot should think twice before they make this move. If we are not careful, within a short period of time our land will be a battle ground for executive fools like Dinkas.

    • Nikalongo says:


      Whose interest are u serving: Dinka Kiir or Nuer’s Riak? You are an enemy of peace prevailing along the Madi – Acholi corridor. The killings of Nuers in Juba and the retaliatory actions in Bor, Bentui, Akobo, etc is not the work of JJ Okot, Fr. Oyet, Clement Otto or any Acholi politician nor is it also the work of General Kenyi and Madi politicians. Excuses for failures by the government and rebels to make peace should be looked for around the wartable in Addis not the peaceful Acholi – Madi corridor. There is an ongoing campaign on this web and others to bring war to Equatoria and the Acholi – Madi corridor in particular. Those interested in wars and destructions regardless of where they come from, Equatoria included, can take wars to their backyards. SPLA have units/baracks in Nimule, Moli and Owinykibul, why would they choose some area in Panyikwara? Assuming that there is indeed a training facitiy around Panyikwara, what is wrong about that? Recently SPLA recruits demonstrated in Yambio/Tambura? Where did the recruits come from? Were the Azande and the Governor accused for harbouring and training the SPLA militia? Why did it not make headlines on SSN? There is a large army barrack in Yei? Are we going to blame the Kakwas SPLA officers, Priests and politicians for that?

      Amuru, contrary to what you think will happen along the Acholi – Madi corridor, I would like to assure on behalf of Gens. JJ Okot and Martin and politicians (I know none personally) along the Madi – Acholi corridor that mothers, fathers, children and grandparents can go to sleep knowing well that they will wake to see day light the following day. Wars of liberation were predominantly fought and won along this corridor and people here witnessed enough suffering. Not any more this time. South Sudan have many issues to resolve at both national and local levels but we are not going to kill people inorder to resolves those issues. Acholi or Madi for that matter are not the only people in government nor is JJ the only General from Equatoria. It is malicious to concentrate on tiny Acholi and Madi when the real big shots in government and the military from Equatoria are from other corridors. Let them all defect to the opposition or resign from the government before you can focus attention on JJ or Martin. Acholi and Madi should not allow some hopeless characters like Amuru or people like him to dictate how they are going to relate to each other or which side of the conflict they should support. They should support peace and nothing else. Dinka and Nuer are many million strong. They do not need Madi/Acholi to fight their wars. Remember the story where Mr. Ito (hair) convinced all other animals to kill their mothers……Did he kill his mother? This is Amuru’s intention. Let him and his likes take their wars home and not along your corridor. If it is because of the tarmac road, they can grade all of it and take it along.

      Amuru, if you were indeed one of the John Garang’s soldiers who committed atrocities during the liberation war, hand yourself to the court and be cleared or go on knees and beg to be forgiven for your crimes. If you are writing as a concern citizen of Magwi county (I doubt u r) thinking that Acholi support the presence and insecurity created by the IDP in Nimule, then you are wrong. IDP from Dinkaland in Nimule whom Isaac Malith and minister Aleu refer to as colonialists will one time go back to where they came from. In politics nothing lasts forever or Bashir and Arab North would still be here.

      • info@southsudannation says:

        Mr. Nikalongo,
        I am bamboozled to your inference of why the rioting hungry and unpaid SPLA recruits in Yambio didn’t make headlines on SSN.
        If you really wanted to know, then I can tell you that because these recruits rioted as a protest against the non-payment of their allowances, the SSN greatly applauded them for bravely taking a bold stand against the systemic misrule of the government. This is the news we expected from all those being perpetually oppressed and exploited by the Kiir regime.
        However, what is now evolving in the Madi-Acholi militia training is serious and deserves public condemnation. We shouldn’t allow the Juba regime to use Equatorians against Equatorians, as that’s precisely the malicious intention of the Kiir-SPLA cowards. Remember what the Arabs used to say: Get the slaves to kill the slaves.
        Mr. Nikalongo, it should be clearer to you that because Kiir is morbidly scared of Commander Martin Kenyi and others from Equatoria, he has cheaply resorted to establishing these militia factories so that ‘Equatorians kill Equatorians’ whilst Kiirler and his gangsters peacefully indulge in their sinful rule in Juba.

      • Nikalongo,

        I thought you are fully neutral in this senseless war Kiir created for us. Now I have seen you are very angry at Mr. Amuru, but not angry at the person who opened the training camp, for what reason? What court do you want Mr. Amuru, report himself to? Juba court? If you mean Juba court, then you are deceiving your self. You do not have a court to send Mr. Amuru to.

        There is no justice in Juba government. You better learn from Nuer massacre. As you might heard from the news that some soldiers are going to be sentenced to death in Juba and some of them will serve life sentence in prison. They reported those soldiers are from the homeland of the president and they were the ones who killed civilian in Juba.

        However, that report is not true. All the 34 soldiers plus Michael Deng Nguen who is going to be executed in coming Wednesday December 24 is also a Nuer from Bentiu. Bear in mind that none of the 34 soldiers is a Dinka. Some of them were Students at the University of Juba and were abducted on Campus and the government made up pack of liars against them.

        • Nikalongo says:


          It is not about neutrality. It is about peace and stability for people who suffered tremendously during the wars of liberation. The IDPs and the general insecurity in Nimule and the surroundings areas is a legacy of those wars. We will not be able to to find resolutions to our problems by peddling lies about communities and innocent individuals. SPLA camps for training recruits are everywhere. Why must we capitalise on the one in Acholi – Madi corridor? Ramaran, that war will not be fought in that corridor. Warmongers can take their wars somewhere to allow Madi and Acholi to recuperate from past wars.

      • Nikalongo says:


        U missed the point. Who were those rioters? Were they abakumba (men) being trained to fight the Balanda? Note that Gens JJ and Kenyi will never be able to raise any militia soldiers to fight in this corridor. I repeat, there are millions of Nuer and Dinka in South Sudan. They do not need Acholi and Madi to fight their wars. Earlier this years, Governors in Equatoria called on Equatorians with military experience to come forward. Why Editor? It was a defensive call. It would be naive to think that, people in Equatoria will allow armed hooligans from Aweil, Bentui, Warrap, Akobo, Mayom to import or exports their wars to Equatoria and in particular along the Madi – Acholi corridor.

        Editor, people in Equatoria do not follow Generals because they are Generals. It is Generals who follow people. Kenyi and JJ know this. Ask Lado Gore. When will the thousands of the young men from Central Equatoria join him in Pagak? It is not because Gen. Gore have no causes but because there is a majority view against war itself as a mean to resolving our disagreements. Watch how peaceful it is in n JJs village. Who would want to destroy that?

      • Eastern says:


        Go slow! That false believe you have about the current insurgency is going to mislead your followers, if you have any.

        You vigorously brand the current war as ‘Dinka-Kiir versus Nuer-Riek’ affair. This is shallow and misleading. You continue to stubbornly deny the possibility of the war cropping into the Equatoria region because folks here have seen enough of war during the previous one, how shallow.

        You continue to deny that there are no disgruntled Equatorians who have time to take up arms – you are insinuating that Equatorians have time for dancing traditional dances than thinking of fighting a sitting government that was ‘democratically elected’. This is a fallacy of the highest order. You will be shocked out of your cocoon soon!

        Isaac Mamur has promised to check every single Equatorian hills for rebels. Fingers crossed, let’s watch the space.

        Folks, let’s watch the situation as it unfolds, I will keep my fingers close to the triggers of the ZU-23-2, I have been reassigned. I love it!

        The Eastern Rock!

        • Nikalongo says:

          Eastern Rock,

          I am a disappointed Equatorian. I expected peace and tranquillity after decades of war, famine, destruction and diseases. I expected a genuine government that respected the rights of her citizens to live happily and prosper. What do we have Eastern? Dinka Kiir and Nuer Riak with their population behind them are putting the country through hell. Yes Eastern! It is a Dinka – Nuer war driven by nothing but the greed to out do each other. Efforts to nationalise the issue will fail. Equatoria and Equatorians are not going to be part of a project to to forcibly keep or remove people from offices. It is your your own war.

          Eastern, thousands of Nuer and Dinka have so far died and more are internally displaced in UN camps and others are daily streaming to a life of misery to camps in exile. Is that what you want? Instead of making peace, your leaders in Adis are talking nonsense and enjoying themselves to capacity. I am here to remind you that, the Acholi – Madi corridor will remain free from war. It will not simply be allowed. Go kill or be killed some where and not here. Our hills, forest, mountains, valleys and settlements will never become incubatory arena for militia soldiers from Aweil, Rumbek, Akobo, Mayom, etc. Keep your wars to your backyards. You know where Kiir lives. Take the war to him and leave Acholi and Madi to recover from decades of war and destructions.

          • Eastern says:


            War has already started in many quarters you may not know right here in Equatoria! You will only accept that war has started when the SPLA Juba start purging communities and individuals the way it happened in Pibor during the hunt of Yau Yau.

            As I write some individuals and communities have been put to flight by the insecurity occasioned on them by SPLA Juba operatives under the guise of fighting a new insurgence in Eastern Equatoria.

            Nyikalongo and like-minded will wake to the reality of war when another front opens up outside the geographical area of focus of SPLA Juba. This is uncalled for war but the current regime has not heeded to many a cry of subjugation.

            This is a purely Equatorian quest for equity in the Republic of South Sudan. This is not an SPLM-IO project. Watch this space!

          • Nikalongo,

            If you do not want Acholi and Madi to be affected by the war, then let them not joint the training camp to defend Kiir government. Stop Wanni Igga from campaigning for Kiir against rebels and Kiir’s opponents. What are Acholi and Madi yougth training for? Who is going to fight them after they are graduated, Nuer right? You go and tell those youth in training camp in Magwi to desert the camp that way the war will not escalate to Acholi and Madi areas. Do not accuse the rebels who is not recruiting Acholi and Madi in Magwi. Instead, criticize your goofy president who instigated violence and recruit Acholi and Madi young men.

          • Nikalongo says:

            Bentui Ramaran,

            I can see that you have lost the battle to expand the Dinka – Nuer war beyond your borders. I am not accusing the rebels for anything nor do I support Kiir. All I am trying to tell you is that, the rebels and Kiir’s bad boys can take their fights home. Riak and Nuer know where Gogrial is just as Kiir knows where Leer or Akobo is. For an umpire, Equatoria can recommend Wani Lobonok. Peddling lies about Acholi or Madi youths being trained for anybody’s project is not going to work. There are training camps and military units all over South Sudan. Why must the ones in Acholi – Madi corridor be of any particular importance? Warmongers from Equatoria (I do not know of any) if they are there, whether supporting Dinka Kiir or Nuer Riak represent themselves and themselves alone and not the interest of the people of Equatoria.


      • Hard target says:

        I sale out and idiot like u must not worst time bubbling non sense out of sense

        Shame on ur parents for having u

        • Nikalongo says:

          Hard Target and Eastern

          I am perfectly aware that those opposed to the Dinka – Nuer project of death and destruction are given derogative names like cowards, Nyamnyam, Dor, Congolese and the like. Call me whatever you like. That is fine with me. The truth of the matter is that, Equatoria remains a no go zone. Apart from the Dinka – Nuer elites who remain unaffected, that is a senseless war with no benefits to the country and the communities involved. Instead of bubbling empty threats and wishes to expand wars on SSN, tell Dinka Kiir and Nuer Riak to make peace and relief your people from the jaws of death. Why must thousands die so that a few selfish elites can live in luxury? You are millions strong as you often say. You do not need us to fight for you. It will be stupid for us to join in fighting barbaric wars with roots in a savage past.

          Eastern and Hard Target, In Equatoria, ordinary people do not follow Generals. It is the other way around. Ask Ladu Gore. Do you know why? The aspirations of Generals are not always concomitant with needs of the masses. I am not saying that Ladu Gore has no reason to rebel or people in Equatoria and me in particular are satisfied with the status quo. No. Kiir’s government is a disappointment. It betrayed the trust bestowed on it by the people of South Sudan. But at the same time, the majority view is that, we are not going to kill, maim and send many into exile before we can make peace. If you care about your people, make peace now and not tomorrow. In the name of peace and tranquility, the people along the Madi – Acholi corridor ask the warring factions to keep their war far and away to allow them (Acholi and Madi) to recover from the legacies of past wars.

          • Eastern says:

            Dear Nikalongo,

            I hate dwelling on this same subject; I will not write to you through email as I want to keep this topic a fodder for the forum at the moment. I will write to you later though.

            I clearly understand your frustration: you don’t want any war; you or your people for that matter have seen enough of war. You are ‘asking’ the current war to remain where wars can be fought (Equatoria remain the peaceful island!).

            You continue to insinuate that the current war is purely a Dinka Kiir and Nuer Riek is an ‘under understanding’ of the situation. Folks in Yei woke up yo a different Christmas morning courtesy of the fear Kiir’s security operatives panicky nature of operation.

            Nikalongo, peace cannot be wished (your way), peace must be had. Equatorians are putting their feet on the ground to realise this elusive peace.

          • Hard target says:


            At present moment, ur argument on making peace remains a wish not realities on the ground. Whether u like to believe it or not, the barrel of the gun and the barrel of the gun only determines who is who, who gets what etc. the silence of Equatoria, glorified by naive people like u will only put us into permanent state of progressive negative integers on the subordination line. Somebody must stand up against the bully, the monopoly, arrogance of these tribal warlords. There is a conspiracy to a beat Equatorians into submission the way Mugabi did against the Dembele in Zimbabwe, the time to distract the plot is now not later. To negotiate peace fairly on must have a favorable advantage the way Murle did so are the Nuers. You mentioned Ladu Gore and reasons of not joining them, u cites narrow reasons. Well let me tell u these. It’s because oh Geo-politics within our region like Uganda’s support for Kiir that made it hard for us to launch a formidable rebellion, trust me if u research well u will find 90% of youth ready to die for redemption of out sweet land n people. Secondly we do not share border wt the Nuer making it hard for us to join in regards to mobilization and distance to cover. Only a sustain military operation from Equatoria will bring peace too fast

          • Nikalongo says:

            Hard and Eastern,

            Both of u have failed to convince Equatorians and me in particular why the Nuer – Dinka communal violence must be allowed to spread. No amount of campaign in whatever shape will bring war to Equatoria and the Madi – Acholi corridor in particular. There are still possibilities to make constructive peace between your communities but first you must hold your leaders (Dinka Kiir and Nuer Riak) accountable for loss of lives and properties. Looking for whether a Dinka or Nuer soldier shot the first bullet is only going to prolong the sufferings of your people and the country at large. You will have to neutralise the elephants in your compound for the grass to thrive. Tiny Madi and Acholi can neither fight your war nor negotiate peace for you. It is simply not going to happen. It is time you resign yourself to this.

            Eastern/Hard, I am not in anyway telling you to seek peaceful resolutions to conflicts if violence is what you cherish most. What I keep on telling you is that, if you must choose violence because it is your way of life, keep it to your backyard. Go kill or be kill somewhere and not on our territory. Geography is no hindrance to fanatics of violence. The majority view in Equatoria is that change can be brought without running around like idiots, killing, looting, raping or subjecting our people through immense difficulties. How many people have Dinka Kiir and Nuer Riak killed and women raped between themselves in the last one year? What about the billions looted and properties destroyed? Where is the peace and victory that all the atrocities was suppose to bring? Nothing.

            Eastern/Hard, did you watch the video clip I pasted? That is what we want for every citizen in this country. It is what we and generations before us fought for. But others (Nuer and Dinka) among us have a different view of peace. Your (Dinka and Nuer) number, domination of the security organs and government has become a nightmare to your very existence. Watch out brothers. Your leaders (Kiir, Riak, Kuaong, Gatluak, Aleu, Manyangjuk, Gadet, etc) are making sure that, other than their own, the next generation of Nuer and Dinka youths will rise from dust. Why must you be sacrificed so that a few selfish elites can live life to capacity. We do not do that kind of nonsense in Equatoria in general and not in the Madi – Acholi corridor in particular. Colonialist/IDPs/Settlers threatening peace in Nimule or those Isaac Malith and Aleu call our masters will one day, peacefully, go home. In politics nothing lasts forever or Bashier would still be here.

          • Eastern says:


            You have missed the gist of my message. As I alluded somewhere when replying to a one False Millionaire, my quest for change in South Sudan is not an SPLM-IO affair. I am not part of what you continue to lebel as Dinka-Kiir and Nuer-Riek feuding.

            I, as an Equatorian, is saying it loud and clear that the resistance against dictatorship will not only remain in Jonglei and Upper Nile but also crop up in Equatoria. I am not inviting anybody to join me in the struggle. All I am saying is the desenting voices have started to actualise their wishes. This has already manifested itself in a few acts of resistance you may have heard of.

            Mind you, dictatorship cannot be wished away; it can only be pushed over. Pushing come in a number of ways. I am not asking for Equatorians to join Macher or Kiir. What I am saying is as an Equatorian, I have put my feet on the ground like those who think like me so as to be heard.

            Nikalongo, you have the choice to your other methods of realising peace in South Sudan.

            The modus operadi of Kiir’s ‘insecurity’ operatives on innocent villagers in Eastern Equatoria over the ffestive season cannot be forgiven. Their act depict their true nature.

            Nikalongo, peace cannot be wished; it must be had. It’s a right of everybody in South Sudan to leave in peace. That’s the social contract I have with whom I have chosen to lead me. One that contract is not binding, whoever is leading must quit or be pushed over!

          • Nikalongo,

            You sent that video to wrong people, the right person to direct that video to is Kiir because he is the one who instigated the problem and still resist to change. Please send that video to Ateny Wek Ateny to forward it to Kiir. We are victim we have nothing to do with your made up video. Keep it to entertain yourself with it but not us. For us, your video is like made coup that placed the country where it is now.

        • Eli says:

          Bentiu Ramaran
          Do not waste your time arguing with people such as Nikalongo, he is a shadow figure who stands on imaginary lines. As far as I am concerned the majority of Madi plus some Acholi are already on opposition side whether it’s siding with Equatorian opposition against dictator Kirr’s regime or with SPLA/IO. It is important however to mention that Dr Riek himself never invited Equatorians to join him, even I who is against Juba Kirr regime am not sure what Riek Machar is fighting for as of today?
          All that we hear today in Addis is debates about prime ministerial position, even the genocide of the innocent Nuers is off the table now.
          The only thing today in-common between Dr Riek’s vision and almost all Equatorians is Federalism, other than that he Riek is still in the same old SPLA/M, as soon as he gets the prime minister position I am sure the vision of federal states be left to Equatorians alone.
          I as an Equatorian think this old SPLA/M regime must be dissolved, in Equatoria SPLA/M stands for dinka party, against us, it means torture, rapes of our women, corruption, land grabbing etc.
          For us to realize peace one of the conditions is a new SS National Army be formed, and must be a neutral of tribalism or regions. Please read about article between Dr Wani Tombe and Alfred Lado Gore, in nyamilpedia last week.
          We are together as long as we unite with common objectives to defeat black to black oppressions.
          Eli Wani

          • Eli,

            Just wanted to say thank you for your citizenship comments. Nuer are not in the bushes because of Riek. If Riek solved his own problem with Kiir, then Kiir will have to tell Nuer why he massacred their love ones. Whether you believe it or not Nuer will never return to the government while Kiir still the president of S. Sudan. If you the Equatorian in opposition are doubting Nuer turn their support down when Riek assumed the prime minister position, then please eradicate your doubt. Whether you Equatorian support SPLM-IO or not as long as you oppose Kiir leads government, Equatorian, Nuer, and other tribes including Dinka must work together to change the government so we can get our lives back from tyranny.

            However, Mr. Eli, we South Sudanese must know that South Sudan is completely sold out to foreign nations. For example, Kiir sold Unity State to America. Now Unity State is an America territory. All the natural resources in Unity State including oil are now belong to America. This is the reason why president Kiir refused a university to be built in Unity State. In turn, the American will work harder than ever before to keep Salva Kiir in power. Now as I speak with you, more American troops are in Bentiu to fight with the rebels in Unity State in favor of keeping Kiir in power.

    • Alice says:

      how can you jump to conclusion without finding out the truth? Mr. Otto is not a military guy and he is not working under under Magwi county. And with JJ you have to be carefully.

    • Alice says:

      hey loguca whatever you call yourself stop jumping to conclusion without knowing what is going on there. you are not in South Sudan. And you MUST stop calling Clement Otto name.

  2. John Kijana says:

    The jiengs can´t fight anymore so they outsource the fight to proxies like the Acholi. The thinking, should the Madis under Gen. Martin Kenyi think of rekindling the EDF, then there are the Acholi fugitives including LRA or Tongtong bush fighers who would do the dirty job. In the end the Acholi get themselves in some shit they can come out from. But the Acholis can be idiots and fools if they let themselves be misused and screwed by the jiengs. But it also a sign of poor community leadership

  3. Elhag Paul says:

    The light at the end of the tunnel is becoming more brighter. The future looks good for the oppressed.

  4. wani Jimmy says:

    Well done Michael Okia Amuru. Your message come at a moment South Sudanese are baldly inneed of change in the country. If these individuals are still supporting Dinka government, let them remember that Equatprians don’t like oppresive Dinka rules any more. Those who still support Dinka must remember that Equatorians will recover their land very soon. We will see what comes after. All land on which Dinka are boosting will soon go back to its people without and condition
    Wani Jimmy

  5. Dear Mr.Michael Okia Amuru:

    I knew Panyikwara before when I went to school in Polataka Senior Seconndary School.It was neared in Magwi on its way back to Juba.I have seen when the colleagues brought me there for the weekend to join them at homes with the families and relatives in the very same time.

    Well, I read your article you wrote,and I have understood the information thereof in the content.But you have mixed three issues militias recruitement training field in Panyikwara in Magwi county in Eastern Equatoria States,Dinka land grabbing,and Dinka imperialism in the country.This matter is very simple indeed! Report the matter to the county local authorities in charge.They should know on unlawful militias training in your area without being having any knowledge behind your backs! They themselves,should initiate a proper investigation for this alleged case of militias training in Panyikwara in Acholi.You should not jump very quickly to point out the names of people Mr.JJ Okot,and his Clement Otto.You never know,Maybe they did not do it! May be it could have been done by a different other people.

    I believe for the current governor of Eastern Equatoria State Mr.Louis Lobong Lojore.He is doing the right things more humanely! I wish,if he comes across on your case in your article,he will act fast with no any wasting any time! He will your case! Thanks you!


  6. Obale Charles says:

    Michael Okia is right. There is a Militia Training ground here in Magwi County. This field was opened around June–July this year. Some of the trainees are already graduates and more are still in the training field. It’s the activity of South Sudan Government, but is not good for our community as young ones are running away from schools and older men are deserting their families for a senseless military training.
    Charles Obale

    • info@southsudannation says:

      To Michael and Charles and the Madi & Acholi Communities:
      By either silently accepting and passively acquiescing to this government-sponsored militia training, your communities are seriously endangering your people.
      It’s always widely known that militias like yours now training and graduating are simply ready cannon-fodder in any war. Surely you had bad experience during the Jellaba era and the ramifications were very dire.
      Please, agitate with your local authorities to stand up and tell president Kiirler that the Acholis and Madis aren’t part of his diabolical and failed regime’s desperation to keep his survival in Juba.

      • johnjerry says:

        Dear Editor,We have witnessed War of all kinds in Acholi-Madi corridor and magwi County in particular. The Anyanya one of Joseph Lagu himself a Madi was started in Torit it spread all over the country and died in Acholiland in LOBONE and again the 1985 war that started in Bor spread all over the country ended in Acholi-Madi corridor and another foreign war the LRA war imported into the country was mostly fought in this very area magwi-County.

        You, the Acholi and the Madi people for how long do you want this kinds of war fought in your backyard?. We all witnessed the suffering of our people during the war of Independence. Amme was renamed Bor 1 and other places too were Baptised in Dinka and the Dinkas still remain at large in Madiland with some in Acholiland. You the acholi and Madi people must stop to think and only think of your number one issue the removal of Dinkas from your land. If the Madi want a County for themselves alone there are procedures to follow. Why don’t you follow them?. The Acholi and Madi people met several times at different levels and I am sure they might have arrived at some kind of solutions for the disputed land the Madi called theirs and that it was annexed by jj Okot and Clement Otto and the Acholi Chiefs as claimed by Michael Okia Amuru in most of his writings in SSN. It is you Micheal Okia Amuru who is going to be blamed for the suffering of both the Acholi and Madi because of your war of words in the media which is a silent weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD).We need to preach peace because it is peace that we need other things such as the Dinkas issue will solve themselves. Something is cooking in Addis A baba Federalism will fix some of the your problems. Keep praying and stop blaming the man of God such Rev. Oyet Bongomin and others.Stop to think before you pick up your the Big Pencil called the Computer

    • Holo Kor says:

      Hi mr. editor for the website: I remember some time back, you has complained about me as I am one of those whom you said are using the pen names to hide their real identities. And you went as far as to challenged me to have a back bone, like those of Elhag Paul and others. But I told you that,then, that was not true, because after all, you have my articles in your position and you didn’t bother to published them. And that, you needed not to judge me and others as one, and the same people which you know here.

      However, on Thursday, 18, Dec., I had sent for you, one again, an article to be published but, the experience seems to be telling me that you may not publishe this one again.


  7. Zico Paul says:

    I don’t think most Acholi will agree with this training. The first time I learnt about this I wrote to the commissioner of Magwi County, but there is no reply. Okia know the situation very well and I thank him for bringing it to the attention of South Sudanese. I do believe there is Militia Training Ground in Panyikwara. It may not be in one field, but in scattered location around the same area. The government of South Sudan did a lot of damages in Equatoria. Dinka talked about colonising Equatoria, if I knew SPLA/M was based on such principals, I could have not accepted to be recruited. I joined SPLA in 1985 and quit in 1996 due to constant fights among ourselves.
    Most politicians from other tribes stacked in SPLA/M thinking the situation will change. But from CPA to Independent things keeps worsening. The ideology of born to rule, we colonised you, you are our slaves, we are your masters, your women are our factories for production of children. Tortures, silent killing and public executions, land occupation, intimidation, subjugation and a legion of evils had been brought to Equatoria by Dinka. It is wrong to train militia, shed more blood to keep Dinka in power. We need to see a government with a leader not from Dinka. Do you people know that a brother of Slava Kirr said “if gay is to be legalised in South Sudan all Equatorian men will marry Dinka”? We got all forms of insults from Kirr and his people. Not all Dinka, but those Dinka he surrounded himself with. JJ Okot and Clement Otto are wounded buffalo. But their days are numbered; training those militias will never defend them. As they continue with such atrocities, they must know that they have relatives and their women and children among us. The world is very funny, what they think is there happiness will one day turn into disaster in a second. I am an Acholi, but I see no reason to support the current government lead by Kirr.
    Zico Paul

  8. Eli says:

    Micheal Okia, Editor, Nikalongo;
    Militia training is not a new thing in all of South Sudan, all politicians and generals have their own tribal militias besides the SPLA soldiers (Kuol Manyang just graduated 3000 of his Bor boys, isn’t that a militia? What national army is only recruited from one tribe and same community?) And (Chief of Staff Paul Malong recruited thousands of his Bahr Ghazalians who were used as killing machines to massacre the Nuers in Juba not militia?), the Murles have theirs, the Shilluks have theirs, the Nuers famous white army, and the list could go on and on. We in Equatoria are the only one depending on God’s Mercy because anytime one person rise up to stand uo to the bullies our own people are the ones puuling us down, why is that. Are some of you Equatorians not getting fed up with the constant harrasaments? Well I am and so are the many Equatorians in support of armed resistance. In fact this is the only way in South Sudan your voice can be heard is when you pose threats to the authorities. Don’t you be overwhelmed about the new of Acholi or Madi militias, but rather when the government has failed or instead turn around to cause pain in the midst of its peoples who elected the government the result is self-defence.

    Although the intention for this training camp in Panyikwara is not well known yet, let us hope this is not in response to Gen. Martin Kenyi’s name being on the news lately. Overall bottom is, there is no intention from Gen. Kenyi to go against Panyikwara brothers, we all have read that he has joined the SPLA/IO.
    Yes in the past John Garang incited the two communities against each other and now if Kirr is trying to use that same old same old tactics, WE STRONGLY SAY NO TO WAR not especially between the Equatorian brothers and sisters.

    To us in the opposition this is actually a good new it’s a way for taking guns from the dictator Kirr and later turning it to overthrow his regime.
    The Madis and Acholi-madis of Panyikwara are blood brothers and are smarter than that.

    In the past these communities united and fought national wars not tribal wars, and this is no different as dictator Kirr is now the threat to our coexistence and survival, if they (dinkas & Kirr) succeed in dividing us then we are the losers.

    Dinkas are blacks like us and we should not allow black to black oppressions to continue in South Sudan. We did not allow white Europeans and coloured Arabs to defeat us. Why should we allow the black *ss Dinkas who came halfway across the nation to come and cause divisions and problems among us? In the first place there is no blood relationships between Acholi and Dinkas nor between Madi and Dinkas with the exceptions of the few forced marriages and rapes which awaits ICC in the near future. After the true and final liberation comes.



    However, the continued presence of the IDPs is a hot button issue, the Bor IDPs WILL NOT LEAVE unless challenged AND FORCED OUT, for they are being kicked out from their lands by the Murles (according to the media as recent as this week there is still cattle rustling and child abductions) and their surrounding neighbours hate them for their IGNORANCE AND STUPIDITY and so they think Equatoria is a safe heaven for them, the answer is BIG NO.

    Gen. Martin Kenyi is a national figure if there is anything his opponent is the jenge Juba regime Kirr and his cohorts. I am sure the majority of Equatoria agree that this Juba DICTATOR Kirler regime has to be forced out in order for proper system to be realized, that is FEDERALISM. Hence forth we are asking our fellow citizens to take extra precautions and be vigilant, stay home in the nights for we are around and we could strike at any time, this is a guerilla tactic warfare, the aim is to destabilise the present Juba regime bit by bit and we ask you our fellow CITIZENS we MUST all stand together to bring down this WOUNDED buffalo, we are well aware that they will not go down silently, but What is new about them? Nothing, THEY ARE just EMPTY BURRELS MAKING LOUD NOISES.
    Time has come for a real change, we ask all OUR fellow citizens of Juba to start leaving whenever you can leave the Capital of SOUTH SUDAN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Things are soon going to get worse in Juba, this is a very serious warning to all citizens of Juba, the red line has been crossed and IF YOU CHOOSE TO STAY IN JUBA YOUR BLOOD IS ON YOUR HEADS





    Eli Wani

    • J.Chin Jacob says:

      Dear Sir Eli Wani,
      We are afraid of you please don’t kill us, we will give you your lands but on one condition, and the condition is, you need to call on your coward Equatorians exile just to returns home and be free from being refugees for decades and centuries.
      I will talk to our Elder of Dinka Tribe so that inu he can order the withdrawal of Dinka tibe from the cowards’ land such that some chicken-hearted-folks like you could unconditionally returns home to start rebuilding wrecked villages, though Dinka came int your lands by force but we will not demands for the same scenario and instead we will allows the cowards to returns home free but you should always remember to praise us in your local or traditional songs with your wives, daughters and sister for the job well done by us (Dinka) the drivers and founders of South Sudan the New Nation.
      I wondered when i read your controversal message in which you cowardly threatens and warns your Rulers 4life to leave Equatoria without knowing that those heroes/heroines you are fooling yourself with them are too old and matured to be fooled by a nyamnyam (food lover) like you, the theories of threats, warnings, backbittings, propaganda, traitorous, bribings and lies were first tried by the Ngundeng (False prophet believers) aka Nuer and finally they ‘ve made their fade which has resulted to where they are today/tonight.
      Congratulations for having a gut of threatening your masters after all your historical background of being cowards, food lovers and permanent refugees.
      Good luck!

      • Eli says:

        J.Chin Jacob,
        My father fought in Anya nya, he died defending the nation, and I was SPLA soldier from 1989 to 96, I left for studies abroad and now I am back never to leave again until I die. Those whom you are referring to living in refugee camps could be civilians, just as there are thousands of refugees from every tribe of SS living in foreign nations, not men in uniforms and carrying guns today in resistance. It doesn’t matter how long it takes justice will prevail.

        Yes we all wanted to get our independent nation from the Northern Sudan, the main reason for rebellion in 1955, but unfortunately some cowards like Abel Alier sided with the Arabs and betrayed the objectives, so in the early 80s Southerners went bact into the bush for the same objective and again a dinka from Bor who was used by the Arabs tried to spoil it, but fortunately Dr Riek’s Nuers and some brave Equatorians stood firm and finally today we got our independent nation. Today we still have bad elements amongst us as a nation but it’s about time to weed out this rotten onions, they the real cowards left their swamps and luaks to hide in others lands, sorry but time for IDPs status claimants is up, go and face your fears the minority Murles.
        This war should have never been between dinka of Bahr Ghazal and the Nuers after all but rather between dinka of Bor and the rest of the country. The Bor jenge are the enemy of independence from onset and today are opposing Federalism. Like it or not Federalism is on the rise. WITH CONFIDENCE I AM TELLING YOU WE WILL WIN.
        Eli Wani

      • johnjerry says:

        I feel sorry for you j.Chin Jacob for your unjustified remarks and I quote” I wonder when I read your controversial message in which you cowardly threatens and warns your Rulers 4life to leave Equatoria”.You are what you are because you don,t understand the composition of the people’s RSS. RSS is not a Dinka Kingdom it comprises of 64 Tribes put this in the back of your mind. Stop the bleeding of blood of the innocent Nuer people you murdered.. Don’t forget there is the beginning and the end of everything thing..

    • Eli,

      You are a real man. I think South Sudan need hundreds of million of people of kind so we can get our life back from tyranny and enormous Dinka’ s dictator.

  9. Majongdit says:

    Michael Okia,
    People like you are the problem in Equatoria. The people of Equatoria know that the a government has no bad plans for them. A few that I have interacted with here in Juba tell me they hate Riek Machar and that they are more comfortable with the kind hearted guy Kiir Mayardit. However, the likes of Michael Okia are putting people in the state of confusion.

    What has been opened in Magwi is not for training militias, rather it is for army training. It is to benefit the Eqaitorians even more. If you don’t need to see the reason why rightful representation of Equatoria in the army is essential, then get it from me. Equatoria must the height as any other region in South Sudan. There are training camps in Bahr el Ghazal, Bor, Paloch and baliet. Why would you turn the chance to have your sons and daughters in the army. If Equtaoriansare left out you complain that the army is tribal, if you are asked to join and given the chance right in your doorstep, you start complaining again. Tell us exactly what do you want us to do for you?

    We are fighting an Equatorian war now in South Sudan. Riek Machar believes that Equatorians does not deserve to go above a Nuer. That is why when Wani Igga was appointed in his place he started the rebellion. This war may come to an end but the Dinka and the Nuers may comprise again the 95% of the National Army. Are you happy with that please Mr. Michael Okia? Tell Me!

    • Stinger Mesile says:

      You Majongdit, I know you are Jiengee Dinka, keep trianing in Panyukwarra , the money you are spending for the trianing has been optianed from Nimule border taxation, and it will never turn against Madi people instead these trianing will add value to ( EDF)

      Your plan will never work.

      you Jiengee are useless ,dosen’t know how to develop your land, imagin no proper roads in Dinker Land since independence.
      shamefull for your kirr for being 10yrs in power and doing nothing that’s( Dinka’s culture), and fake behavier Salivary people through their man made abunyallama nozzles, I hate you the Jiengeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! ,if I have power I would make you dog food for export all over the world

  10. arabbmoi says:

    Dear People of Equatoria, Please, we should not support Dinka anymore rather we should throw our support to Lt General Mr. Martin Kenyi who is one of us to organize EDFour protective forceS TO RECKON TO DUKTU KILLER kIIR MILITIAS WHO KILLED NUER LAST YEAR. LET US CONVINCE JJ AKOT WHAT HE DOES IS NOT THE INTEREST OF EQUATORIA. JJ AKOT PLEASE, I thought YOU HAVE UNDERSTOOD DINKA BEHAVIOURS ENOUGH. what Dinka did last year is the wake up call, what they did to our brother Nuer can be applied to us Equatoria. JJ please join Martin Kenyi.

  11. AGUMUT says:

    Government didn’t force them to join training and i think Militia is about money,they have been paid.It is a personal choice,join training or keep out or stay away.

  12. Nikalongo says:


    Let us close all government and SPLA facilities in other parts of Equatoria before closing those in Acholi – Madi corridor (Owinykibul, Moli, Nimule, etc). Why are you not telling the Azande, Kakwa, Bari, Mundari, Moru, etc to close down SPLA units in their areas. You are being selective Editor. For your information and others, there are currently no Acholi and Madi militia soldiers being trained anywhere for whatever purpose. They are peaceful people and peaceful they intend to be. Warmonger South Sudanese can go kill themselves somewhere else.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Mr. Nikalongo,
      There are times when one has to rely on the spontaneity of a revolution.
      As such, all those tribes you alluded to above have already reacted even though we have yet to see any effects yet in their particular areas. The greatest concern here is that both Acholis and Madi have been unfairly and disproportionately exploited in the past by this monstrosity known as the SPLM/A, in comparison to those you mentioned above.
      For the information of the general public, it was in the Acholi-Madi areas that Kuol Manyang, the current defence minister, infamously earned the epithet as ‘the butcher of Equatoria,’ for the atrocities he committed in those areas at that time.
      Incidentally, history might be repeating itself again with Kuol now as minister of the killing machine. Isn’t it not unsurprising that militia training has been reactivated in Panyikwaree and not, for instance, in Wani Igga’s Bari village of Lobonok? You do the analysis. Merry Christmas to you!

      • Nikalongo says:


        That is why people along this corridor will not allow any armed conflict in this area. Yes, they suffered more than others and should be allowed to live in peace instead of peddling lies about some training camps in Panyikwara. I do not know what other tribes have done with government and SPLA facilities in their areas but the fact is that SPLA recruits are being trained everywhere in Equatoria. What is special with the one in Panyikwara if indeed it is true one is there? Those jealous about peace in Equatoria in general and the Madi – Acholi corridor in particular will fail. No one will be allowed to run riots like mad dogs with the hope of replicating Bor or Malakal here. Who does not know where Kiir lives. Take the war to him.

  13. Loguca says:

    Dear Equatorians, let’s not preach war and hatred. We know our common enemies, no matter what tribe you are from, we should come together and be prepared to face those who think they can impose their rule over other people in south Sudan.

  14. Otim Walter Friday says:

    We as Acholi are not all supporting the ideas of Dinka to mstreat Equatorians. There a lot of mistake commited by some of our people aganist the Madi tribe. But i hope the Madi people are aware that those individuals were used by the government. JJ Okot and Clement Otto are Acholi, but they work for the government of Dinka. When they plan to annex Madi land of Opari and others to Acholi chiefs, it was not the plan of Acholi civil society. Equatorians people should wake up and watch this development more closely. Some of have a lot the atone for due the crime committed in Madi land. Why Equatorians leaders allow Dinka to do in EQuatoria what they would not like done to them in their home land anyway? If Dinka regime can be defeated, activities of JJ Okot and others aganist Madi people will surely stop. We want to see that land of EQUATORIA is back in the hands of its people.
    Otim Walter Friday
    Kampala- Uganda

  15. Nikalongo says:


    Land issues between Madi – Acholi have nothing to do with the fighting ranging on in South Sudan. Acholi and Madi have no reasons to commit atrocities against each other. Which government is using Acholi against the Madi: State or national? You will have to be specific. All of us have relatives or someone we know working for the government of South Sudan. Why don’t we ask them to resign? JJ Okot, Clement otto, Ann Ito, Jerome Surur, Capt. Izale and many others are all employees of the government of South Sudan from the two communities. Singling out JJ for the failures to defeat Kiir and his henchmen is synonymous with being dishonest. You cannot blame the Dinka Kiir through what JJ and Jerome stand for.

    • Stinger Mesile says:

      If you the Equatorians does’t comply or co-operate with the Equatorians rules , we will get you.
      Red warning for all Equatorians ,I swear in the name of my great Equatoria people.

  16. Ceazar Ohisha says:

    The training fields in Magwi County can’t be denied by anyone at anytime. It existence is practical. The local authorities can’t do nothing because it is the government doing the training. If chief Abiko and others have relatives in Magwi County, please conduct them immediately. The situation is difficult here. The government sent thousands of troops all over the County. In state of following what they claimed to be rebel activities, they are seriously torturing location population.

  17. False Millionaire says:

    In our silent history,there are surviving families who have much of their discendants wiped out by slavery,by the Anya Anya,by SPLM/A,by the on going wars n by communal n inter communal violence.These are the most minimum known facts for every one who ever went to school however minimum the level of education that he got.The enemy for every citizen in RSS is the bad government housing the corrupt political elite among whom are those in the opposition today.Our fight is for a better system of government without them.That’s for common national objectives that include justice,development n prosperity for all.So no to self destruction,no to incitement of ill feelings in neighbourhoods n no to struggles n sacrifices for ground nut objectives!!!

  18. BILL KUCH says:

    Michael Okia Amuru,
    You are real one of the rebels and don’t about that. You don’t know what you are saying according your statement here. It would made sense if you could called it Dinka Militia instead of Government Militia. And that’s because you called it government, then government doing is doing what it does by training government soldiers not a militia as you claimed. Well, please, bitching like a baby would not change a thing on the website here. So, whom are you complaining to? And who can stop the government or national army not to train its soldiers? Anyway, all my thanks go to Mr. Nikalongo for being the smart one here.

  19. wani says:

    Dear Editor; Nikalongo
    It’s nice to read the debates between you and Nikalongo, this is the supposedly the spirit of free press and democracy. However, I get offended when you two are only putting the Mad’i and Acholi in the center of your arguments, this is an Equatorian problem and let us all focus on resolving the issues of oppressions as Equatorians and not as individual groups. Finger pointing will not yield us any fruit, so we need you two rather make this a national issue instead of Acholi and Mad’i. We all know the main reasons why the Mad’is in particular are bearing the load is because of continuation of past politics when former Gen. Joseph Lagu lead the Anya nya one, the dinkas are still holding the grudges and still grieving and blaming the effects of kokora on former leaderships. Also it is because some of us are resisting this black to black oppressions and hence we are deemed as the enemy of the dinka regime. But in the past all Equatorians stood up to challenge together and not point fingers and so must we stand together regardless of status of who is involved in the present regime and who is not or the various dialects. We MUST show maturity and leadership not bickering and blaming which tribe is suffering the most or least, we are in the same pull, and together we shall overcome.
    Now, as we hear and see the same Old SPLA/M leaderships and their power hungry generals are about to forge power sharing agreements in Addis or rather they are forced and threatened by IGAD and the International bodies. What dangers are there looming? More sufferings, more marginalizing and more majority vs. minority system, more domination, more land grabbing, more forced marriages; at the end there will be no changes to the status quo.
    The only options let for you and I are to be ready for the unexpected and if need be for you who are still in denials is picking up arms and join the fight which is already on the stage. We are not asking but we demand our rights.
    Eli Wani

  20. Abiko! says:

    Dear Ceasar Ohisa:

    I do not have my relatives in Magwi alone.My relatives are all over the world including you yourself Otuhoni with me in the same tribe.I do not have a room for tribalism!!!!!!Tribal elements are enemies of South Sudanese people number one! They hate Dinka people their own people in the motherland, but they like the common enemies of our ancestors in Sudan !! Merry Christmas and New Year 2015! Get ready! There is one a hand slap on face for SUDAN!!!!!!!!



    Leave a

  21. Alphonse Kenyi says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, Equatoria compatriots, this guy Nikalongo, seems to be a sold out commodity to the Kiir’s barbaric regime. He keeps contradicting himself to the point you don’t know what he stands for. But from his contradicting statements, one can conclude that he is defending the two Acholi generals.

  22. Ogalam says:

    Dear Michael Okia,
    As much as I would like to respect your right to express yourself but I would like to disagree with you on this allegation that a militia training centre has opened in Panyikwara. I can confirm here to all South Sudanese that nothing of that nature has been established in Acholi land. What we have in Magwi county is the Owinykibul military training centre that is for training fo Junior military officers.

    Secondly a word of caution to my brother Okia that let us not beginning to open an old wound. The issue that lead to death of uncle Joseph Kibulu had been resolved traditionally between the two community. Therefore let us not start again to use this resistance movement to settle any past disagreement or conflict. This movement that Gen. MK has joined is not to fight the Acholi but to ensure that Kiir and associates are remove from power. Kiir has lost legitimacy to rule the country. The day he order his militia to carry ethnic persecution against the citizens who voted him in, he seized to be president of the republic of South Sudan. That is why all efforts should be directed to salvage the country from the hand of Kiir’s henchmen.

  23. Kiden says:

    Amuru is not the real name of the author, there is no evident proved in this articles of JJOkot, Cement and Oyet, supporting recruitment of young people in magwi county, the writer appeared desperate suffered mental instability need help. I reread this article serveral times never captured my imagination of existence of training camp in eastern equatoria if it there, I believe JJOkot shall be responsible for any damage going to cause people of Acholi. Madi is trying Acholi very hard never will this help to defeat Acholi

  24. Stinger Mesile says:

    That’s JJ’s mentality , Equatorians will bring him to justice.

  25. Micheal Okia Amuru says:

    I would like to assure my critics that truth is bitter. The sign is, most people keep changing their sitting arrangement as they read my articles. I think it is the right thing to tell the truth. For how long do you people think we will keep hiding what the government is doing to our people? I am an Acholi, but my writing was to the entire nation, specifically about what is happening in Magwi County.
    This is not my first article and it will not be my last so long as I live. I am not trying to take people back or open chapter which was closed by the elders. But we have the history. I want people must be vigilant and observant so that exact same incident never happens again. I don’t mean to offend anybody, if you are not connected with people in the surrounding area in Magwi County, please do so now. The government of South Sudan is recklessly careless when it comes to treating Equatorians. As a people; we have something to defend, and that is our dignity. I know how people were brainwashed by Dr. John Garang in 1980s. It’s the same thing the current government is trying to do in different form. The activities of JJ Okot and Clement Otto are very clear. Their eyes can’t see more than targeting Madi community. They don’t care about having people in the parliament to represent interest of Equatorians as a people. Our rights had been deprived by ideology of Dinka for so long. We need to stand together as Equatorians and work for peace to return in our dear land.
    For those who think I am someone hiding in different name; I am the only one in Acholi carrying the name Michael Okia Amure in this order. Most people call me Amuru. I am a professional teacher and I will never hide behind my finger. From Acholpie, Hoima and in Magwi County I taught thousands of students. I only write after collecting credible evidences.

    • Alice says:

      Amuru your Education is too low to reason and write please stop spoiling JJ Okot and Mr. Otto. reputations. The two gentlemen are doing nothing rather than taking care of their own family.

  26. Mateo Opoka Pa Isaac says:

    I am requesting those who are reacting angrily about what Okia wrote to calm down. Things are different here in the County. Those who think we have government, is a lie. The bush rules mentality is still alive. Don’t blame Okia, but blame yourselves for not knowing the realties. Okia is an eye opener.

  27. Nyikwar Iwire says:

    Lies, Lies, Lies!!!!. This article is a fake piece written by either the Editor of South Sudan Nation or his associates sitting comfortably in a Western City house lounge (SS Nation is based in Canada folks! not South Sudan) and impersonating an innocent man named Michael Okia. Over the years that I have followed, I have concluded that it is a propaganda machine used by anti-development Madi caucas and cohorts. Fake writer, go get yourself a real paid job instead of sitting idly and writing articles on the internet to misinform and to incite hatred between people and authorities.

    • info@southsudannation says:

      Mr/Mrs/Miss Nyikawar,
      One point only that I would comment on and perhaps somewhat appreciate is the fact that you have been a follower of the whether for good or bad.
      Please, we ask you to seriously keep reading and getting informed by the articles and information being continuously and popularly published.
      We are and will always be on the net which is also popularly known as the worldwideweb aka www. It doesn’t matter where we are based, we will reach anywhere in the world.

  28. J.Chin Jacob says:

    Stinger Misile (Nyamnyam aka food lovers),
    I like your last statement where you cry like a servant who has been driven out of the compound by his/her Boss because of misbehaviours and lack of reasoning capacity and thus you ‘ve no any other choice but to cry and grinds your dirty teeth like an orphan who is dispersed by his/her irresponsible parents.
    You are lucky to ‘ve a priest president in South Sudan but we will soon promote one of our true hero either we crowned General Paul Malong, Molana Michael Makuei or General Kuol Manyang Juuk to be our next president and get rid of the Dinka common enemies in South Sudan coz we have been waiting for go ahead from this religious president Salva Kiir just to tell us that he is tired of managing animal-like-humans in Equatoria and that it is time to call spade a spade such that we can search for ourselves and see who will remain in South Sudan just like how it happens in a three decades of civil war where the coward equatorians turns to be women and runs to a foreign countries for their safety.
    I hate you nyamnyam, the food lovers aka ……!

    • Stinger Mesile says:

      You bloody!!! Agumut, we the EDF and Nuer in SPLA /IO will clean S Sudan .

    • Stinger Mesile says:

      J. Chin Jacob, never dream that the second ruler of S Sudan would be from Dinka, and believe my word wether you like it or not.

    • Stinger Mesile says:

      Which kind of priest who would murder 20,000 nuer civilian?

    • Stinger Mesile says:

      If you hate the Equatorian why are you supper glue in Equatoria? e.g Camping or taking refuge, openning your nyalama, and buried your Garang in Equatoria for what? Garangs tomb is under custody for to pay price for it .

      You really the Jiengee love to live in Equatoria, all over your villages; “from babies to the oldest” , you have dreams to visit and live in Equatoria as your haven , you cann’t deny these and never say you hate Equatoria.

      • AGUMUT says:

        Dinka land is very very rich,water will receded when Jonglei Canal resumed for benefit of our people in the South, when fair agreement come between South, North and Egypt.

        • Stinger Mesile says:

          Keep Egypt away from S sudan, we insteat would plan to make river nile flow through Masiria in order to stop water problems and starvation in Masiria rather than you respecting Egypt.
          Don’t Clamp a tree from the top.

  29. Alier Gai says:

    Dear Nikalongo and Nyikwar,
    You are pure moralists to the people of Southern sudan whose sound judgment has been lost due to the long suffering we had experienced from our previous oppressors. Our reasoning is completely weak, and that we don’t seperate a moral wrong from the moral right even when the issue is superficial by any given standard. I am alluding my point to this article and to the reasoning ability process, where the writer couldn’t wage his own thinking before this very article is finally released. He is thinking that the majority will just take it and go without any reference to the background of the article. You have showed us some fallacies this artile holds, and there is no need for me to repeat what you already pointed out in the article. He should have written a better article than this. The article is wrong and it is condamnable by all account, period. I am a fan of yours because I have been observbing your comments and they are that good. People think that when you become a president, a minister or any of the kind, that is when things have to change because you are there; they are totally wrong. You have to start from the bottom without any file or rank to do the job right before you get there. Building South Sudan will always need great thinkers like you, in one way or the other, to tell these immoralists that they are once times wrongdoers: that they are liars and injustice opportunists who always walk away with some sorts of inflicted injuries they cause us and our nation. Being fair is part of what moral judgment takes, and being bias is a moral abuse and wrong. cheers!

    • Eastern says:

      Alier, just like your name-sake Abel Alier delivered the baton of the then Southern Sudanese quest for independence to the Arabic North, millions of lives were lost in the subsequent war that culminated in the 2011 referendum for independence.

      Now who is morally right: your Abel Alier who hobnobbed with Khartoum or the leaders of Anya Nya 2 who returned to the bush to continue with the struggle to produced the newest republic on earth?

      Use your head to think!

  30. Daniel Loum says:

    Okia is right. The commissioner of Magwi County confirmed that indeed military training field had been opened in Panyikwara. But he declined to mention if it is meant for recruiting the local people only. However, he said most of the trainees were transferred from Owyi Ki Bull military training camp. He further said we are at war and it is necessary to increase number of army in the surrounding areas. Okia posted heart breaking article based on his extensive experience. I believe those who are concern about welfare of Equatorians as a people will understand him much better.
    Daniel Loum

  31. wali lado says:

    Dear readers
    I would like to assure everybody that the autor of the above article is an imposter who wanted to assainated the character of Michael Okia Amuru for the reason well known to him. If you are man enough why can you used your real name instead of hiding behind someone name. The person you using his name is totally innocent and has nothing to do with this article. If you have problem with acholi people, why not to come and confront them not by hiding in the back of somebody name. Rest assure that your days are number, we will do forensic analyst of the original of the article and you will be taken to court for defamation of somebody name. This is 21st century and all tools are available to solve such crime in the community and we shall used all available resourses to catch this imposter so that such behavior should not happened to someone else in the future.

  32. wani says:

    J.Chin Jacob,
    My father fought in Anya nya, he died defending the nation, and I was SPLA soldier from 1989 to 96, I left for studies abroad and now I am back never to leave again until I die. Those whom you are referring to living in refugee camps could be civilians, just as there are thousands of refugees from every tribe of SS living in foreign nations, not men in uniforms and carrying guns today in resistance. It doesn’t matter how long it takes justice will prevail.

    Yes we all wanted to get our independent nation from the Northern Sudan, the main reason for rebellion in 1955, but unfortunately some cowards like Abel Alier sided with the Arabs and betrayed the objectives, so in the early 80s Southerners went bact into the bush for the same objective and again a dinka from Bor who was used by the Arabs tried to spoil it, but fortunately Dr Riek’s Nuers and some brave Equatorians stood firm and finally today we got our independent nation. Today we still have bad elements amongst us as a nation but it’s about time to weed out this rotten onions, they the real cowards left their swamps and luaks to hide in others lands, sorry but time for IDPs status claimants is up, go and face your fears the minority Murles.
    This war should have never been between dinka of Bahr Ghazal and the Nuers after all but rather between dinka of Bor and the rest of the country. The Bor jenge are the enemy of independence from onset and today are opposing Federalism. Like it or not Federalism is on the rise. WITH CONFIDENCE I AM TELLING YOU WE WILL WIN.
    Eli Wani


  33. Daniel Loum says:

    Lado, you lied. Michael is a popular man. A good writer. Its better to put right what had gone wrong than encouraging it. I am from Magwi County myself. Its better to fix some mistakes now in state of encouraging it.

  34. Dear South Sudanese,

    I would like to take this opportunity to respond to the article which is supposed to have been written by Mr.Michael Okia Amuru dated December 20th, 2014. The erroneous article cited me and implicated me as one of those supporting J.J. Okot and Clement Otto in the planning “of killing innocent people.” The article reads in parts:

    “Some people called themselves Holy in the Catholic Church. But I would like to point out that an-Ex Catholic Priest from the Apostle of Jesus by name Justin Oyet Bongomin is making the matter worse here at home by supporting JJ Okot, Clement Otto and others in their plan of killing innocent people without fault and without choice. This ex-Catholic priest now resides in the USA. Instead of planning to bring development at home, I strongly believe with evidence that he is part of a convoy of the devils in the Republic of South Sudan.Thank God he did not baptist any of my children.”

    First of all I don’t know if Michael Amuru (whoever he is) knows me, and if he does it must be a different Catholic priest or a Jehovah witness but not me. As a matter of fact, I have not engaged in any subversive act nor do I associate myself with anybody who conspire to harm our people in any way. My people, the christian community who lives here (in the USA) knows me very well, and they can attest on my behalf. In addition, I don’t not even know Mr.Clement Otto whom Michael Amuru is talking about, I never saw him and I never met him. General J.J. Okot is a public figure, everybody knows him, but I have never associated myself with him and I have not supported him in anyway. I saw JJ Okot last year when he came to the USA, and we met him in the church as a group of south Sudanese communities and nothing more.

    Secondly, Mr. Michael Amuru (or who ever he is) should point out what I have done, or how I have planed in harming innocent people. When did I do that, where, and why? Let him bring forth the evidence as he claimed. I have lived in the USA for twenty years and I never been home.In addition, I don’t even hail from the same area where Mr.Clement Otto and General J.J. Okot comes from. Does this coward really knows what he is talking about, what a shame, an erroneous allegation? This is a character assassination that should not be accepted, and it must be strongly condemn by all peace loving people. This imposter must be a pilot of this very “convoy of the devil” that causes confusion, panic, fear, and tribal sentiment among the Acholi, Madi, and in Republic of South Sudan.

    If this author is a student of journalism, let him learn how to write facts not delusion. And if he is not one, he should refrain from writing erroneous articles without making any scientific research to verify his wild claims. I regret that Mr, this article tarnished my name and inpunned my integrity. It has has forced me to talk strongly on this matter, and this author should stop impugning my character again. I never caused harm to anybody in words of deeds, I do not know Clement Otto, and I have never supported General J.J. Okot in anyway or in any bad spirit.

    If the author of this article has any problem with Clement Otto,JJ Okot or any Acholi, he should find avenue to address it amicably. He should be brave enough to face them but not to write maliciously. He should not drag any Acholi (like me), or collect Acholi names at random and then claim that he has evidence, what evidence? Such behavior of subversive writing tantamount to conspiracy. In a civilized world, Michael Okia Amuru (or who ever he is) should have been arrested and he should have been in jail for such stupid writing. And if this author has any problem with me (which I don’t know ), let him come to USA and sue me to Court of Law, and lets see if he can be vindicated. Mr.Michael Okia Amuru, or whoever is should be strongly advice not to cause tsunami in his own tea cup, and he should not cause friction among peace loving people of south Sudan.

    May God bless you all,

    Rev.Fr. Justin Oyet Bongomin, A.J.

  35. Acire John Omoya says:

    Michael Okia Amuru wanted executive position in the government right from CPA, Independent and thereafter. He many time cited JJ Okot and Clement Otto for misconduct in Magwi County and his writing is always hot. In 2009 and 2010 he wrote angrily about expulsion of Madi people from Magwi County. He keeps pointing out what he considered atrocities Dinka are committing in Nimule. He talks a lot about unity among the Equatorians and more others.
    But to me Amuru is expressing his frustration by pointing out what he think should not happen clearing his way for a vacancy should there be a change in the government. At one time he was convinced that foreigners dominated most jobs in South Sudan. If he wants a job as a professional, he should look for job in a good way and he will find one. Implicating innocent people like the catholic priest is seriously offensive and I believe Amuru is wrong here. There are thousands of South Sudanese professionals who can’t find job. Been a professional teacher is not a ticket for good living in South Sudan. In South Sudan survival is for the fittest. Problems in the County or among the two communities come from the central and the State government, not from the County. JJ Okot, Otto or whoever Amuru had in mind works for the government. I don’t think the two has any official position in the County.

  36. False Millionaire says:

    Dear Mr Eastern:

    Many families including mine have suffered from the ravages of slavery,the Anyanya,the Splm/A,the present war n the prevailing poverty out of the miserable conditions from lack of development of RSS.I leave the question of calling for violence as a first method of resolving poilitical problems,that is to say before exhausting all possible peaceful means,to childern that will come to live long time after I should have died.

    But it’s good never to be naive as what will happen.So the advocats of violence like you should feel free to start it.After all,things will go very fast.Life of a human being begins with an act of sweet love between parents.The mother carries the baby in the womb for nine month.It’s a painful ordeal ending in a birth,breast feeding n the nursing up to the age of adult where one is judged old enough to care for his life independently.The value of human life is more precious than the value of any precious object on earth including power n money.This element could have influenced the political struggle thinking of the great revolutionaries like Ghandi n Mandela.That’s why they were more inclined to peaceful means of struggle mobilizing their citizens n enlightening them very correctly about the objectives to be achieved.As we all know,they succeeded with minimum human sacrifices.But we have not yet tried their methods.

    I am a South Sudanese like you n very proud to belong to our country n our society.But what’s south sudan in comparison to developed countries?Nothing.This is a stone age piece of earth.Floating over massive oil reserves,benificiery of overwhelming quantities of fresh waters,vast fertile lands n untapped natural resources.A land-locked enclave that’s the most backward state on earth governed by stupid fools without professional qualifications whose intentions is to steal every centime from the country’s accounts n never to help the needs neither of the country nor of the society.A pure case of an innocent cow to milk without feeding.

    We understand better.Even if there are sincere elites who take power in juba today with good intentions to help the needs of the country n of the society,they will suffer enormously becouse the needs are too many n too overwhelming.They will have to be replaced by people from the following generations who would do their part n be replaced later by others.Every step of progress is achieved by difficult determined efforts.Results could be affected by external difficulties that could include fall of oil prices therefore resulting in lack of cash for imported products as for day to day running of the country’s affaires.Looking into such grim context,human life becomes the only element that is guaranteed,that’s most precious n also that’s most certain in existence.Unfortunately the violence that you predict will wipe out many lives.

    If you n your likes are not blackmailing others;if you plan to really go to the frontlines to engage the enemy,you might inflict casualties on the enemy.But even success in a given operation,there is never such a thing on earth as military success without loss of lives.So be ready to kill n see many of you kilt.It’s natural then to predict that there will be a heart broken misfortune that some among your comrades including you may not be alive to see the next Christmas.My heart cries tearfully in grief for you.But good luck!!!

    • Eastern says:

      Dear False Millionaire (aka Fake Millionaire),

      Please leave this option of armed resistance to get Kiir and cohorts to listen to me and like-minded. Your children, if you have any, can join if they so wish.

      The world is full of evil people who only understand the language of violence.

      Away with your bad wishes to me and my compatriots. Death does not only occur in the military; death occurs everywhere.

      Continue whining to get your lousy messages across!

      • GatCharwearbol says:

        Dear Eastern,

        You shut him up for good. He has nothing to stand on any longer. Please move on and pay no heed to him.

  37. False Millionaire,

    Are you counseling, advising, praying or are you cursing Mr. Eastern to die before December 2015?

  38. False Millionaire says:

    Bentiu Ramaran & Eastern:

    you are still a fellow brother like any other south sudanese citizen.So I have no reason to shorten to wish you Merry Christmas n happy new year.But regrettably you n your likes are deep to the neck in the troubles.Only God knows how you would come out becouse it’s likely that violence will never liberate you from it.Being a drawning man in desperation,you are forgiven for twisting my phrase out of context.It’s natural you do this to make yourself appearing as an innocent victim in the eyes of others among whom is comrade Eastern.Why?becouse you believe they are foolish n therefore will take the bate to jump into the shit with you.

    Mr Eastern,
    Me,Bol,Alier,Nikalongo n many others on this website have always written against violence n any incitation for it.It’s love of human lives,love of life without suffering n drive against destruction of any kind that motivate us.We would do it again n again in any given opportunity becouse it’s a sincere human obligation.But if we appear to be fools in your eyes,I can only say that we are victims of undue misunderstanding from your part.Mr Eastern,I have longed followed your writing,that of the editor n of Elhag Paul among others.Considering that all of you are highly confirmed intellectuals with heavy weight of long life behind you,I find it extremely shocking n surprising how so ignorant,irresponsible n foolish you have chosen to project yourselves upon RSS n it’s citizens.Is it something you have learned from your education that obliges you to believe that violence is the first option for solution of human problems?if that is the case,why don’t you write to make every one know that Mandela n Ghandi were stupid in winning their struggles by peaceful means?

    You have done so much damage already becouse many innocent people believe you n that they are heading so blindly to the gate of hell.Brother Riak Machar has led the nuers deep into hell already n that’s becouse he wanted to be president of RSS.How so unfortunate?if it’s the power that you are hungry for,why don’t you fight for it on your own way?just stop inciting innocent citizens to join You.I hope the good God of humanity will discourage your ill intentions.

    Any out break of violence will never produce a gray picture sir.Please write down my words in your heart for life.You will never miss to see the exact copy of the nasty pictures of Bor,Akobo,Nasir,Malakal,Bantiu n the marshlands over littered with countless human bones reproducing it’s self very quickly in Equatoria.That is n at the end you will end up winning nothing.Consider this reality first,where are you wise to want to make the society go through hell becouse you want,”to get Kiir n his cohorts listen to you”?please come back to life if you are a victim of alchool over consumption.You are selling out.

    I am frustrated like you n not for Kiir n cohorts.But no risky initiative to sacrifice innocent people n inflict unnecessary destruction n suffering is acceptable!!!

    • False Millionaire,

      Who are you cursing Dinka slave? Look at this Dinka’s bond servant call False Millionaire. Do you want us to call Kiir “Baba” like you and Wani Igga do? You always appreciate every single word a Dinka said against those who criticize Kiir for instigating violence. Kenyi, Eastern, Paul Alhag, Eli, Riek Machar, and I in the opposition are like “Nelson Mandala” whom you have been preaching his good work because we are fighting for the right of victims.

      As you know the story of Mandala, he fought for the right of innocent South African who had been prosecuted by white men. Similarly, Paul Elhag, Eastern, Eli, and I are fighting for the right of innocent citizens being slaughtered by Kiir like commercial chicken. Unlike you who support Kiir who is actively killing innocent citizens who have nothing to do with his leadership like he is going to sell their flesh in meat markets.

      However, you are like Hitler because you are strongly supporting killer Kiir who is killing innocent people and you are strongly supporting the massacre of innocent people in Juba and else where in South Sudan by Kiir. I know you hate Nuer to death, but remember your optimistic future life is in the hand of Nuer no matter how bad you wish them to perish from the earth. We are fighting for your future too. You see all your Equatorians friends know that you are brainless contributor who is only good for headcount to increase the population of Equatorians. Waste of time to comment on your silly comments.

    • Eastern says:

      False messenger,

      Go way with your lousy message of wishing for peace to come your way ‘through peaceful ways’.

      You will continue to whine but not realise your wishes come to pass. I am not inciting others to follow my way. I believe everyone out there is mature enough to make their own decision in life.

      Stop preaching to me; I have seen enough of life anyway.

      Both Ghandi and Madela achieved what they achieved after painful sacrifices. Read their history and you come to realise that there were latent costs involved in realising their efforts. Nothing can be achieved in a silver platter.

      Continue whinning bogus peace advocate!

  39. Alier-kon says:

    Dear, Nikalongo, Achire,chief Abiko , Kiden and Nyiwera.
    I would like to give my special thanks to you as really nationalist of this country to tell truth to our enemies from Riek machar who campaign day and night to bring bad image to this nation as their wish.
    but God will not allow their believes as he know them that they are great evils of south Sudan.
    we are not enemy to each other as Southerners as we fought together in 21 year old of our liberation from north, it was not simple if you were not united.
    to our brothers in Equatoria I think have no intention of fighting each other at all as you mentioned on the web and people realized that what ever you are telling here is nonsense.
    this leadership will move from Dinka to another tribe one day one time and we shall see how are you behaves towards Dinka? if any one of you, for those who want to fight Dinka come you know where they are south Sudan and even in your home land they are there why you do keep talking for the whole year whom are you talking to?

  40. Christine says:

    For you the people who are supporting Amuru article blindly without knowing exactly what is going on. Let me assured you that Amuru have problems with the so-called Clement Otto.Like family issues Do Not involve yourself into it. Amuru I know exactly what you want from Mr. Otto, you want his position and you want him death. But let me make it clearly to you He will not die through your effort God Is the one who will make his day. You are so jealous of people parents because you grew up without your parents you are lucking parental guide. For the people supporting Amuru watch out!!.

  41. Rebecca Wek says:

    In 2008 to 2010, It was clear the beginning of South Sudan government is going to shock not only South Sudanese but the entire world. I was in Juba when the Bari land crisis started. When SPLA /M entered in Juba after signing 2005 CPA, the desire to take lands from the local community was the priority among many SPLA/M officials. As of today, thousands of Bari and Mundari lost their land without compensation by the government. The act of land grapping was felt across the country. In Equatoria land crisis started long before CPA up to now. The three States suffered different ways of misappropriation of their land and resources. What most people don’t know is that, the concepts of mistreating the minority tribes by the government is practiced everywhere in the country. A typical example is Maban tribe, most of them were pushed out and systematically been replaced. In Rumbek, the Juruchol are subjected in the same situation.
    When it comes to employment, thousands of Educated South Sudanese were reduced to farmers, charcoal burning, breaking rocks for constructions, and all kinds of funny jobs yet the government allowed most professional jobs to be taken by Ugandans, Kenyans and other foreigners. The cakes of the nations was actually been thrown to dogs than giving it to the very people SPLA/M struggled in the 21 years civil war with the Sudan government.

  42. False Millionaire says:

    Rebecca Wek:

    It’s a pleasure to read your most sincere dispatch.You didn’t leave out any truth.I can just add that after the minorities got pushed out from their lands,it’s now the majority fighting among themselves over the stolen lands.In juba,the tensions between Bari n Mundari elite will explode into violence one day.Remember CES governor is a mundari n the Bari elite are in grudge with hem becouse they accuse him of misusing power to twist barian arms n take away their lands.In wau,it’s open day light war among dinka elite.There there is no man who sleeps in his home without arms becouse it’s natural there to see some one pupping into your home to tell you that you are in his home.These are just 2 examples but the trend is prevailing every where in RSS.In brief:there is a desperate need of a miracle that will change the government with the new one that should be capable of cleaning up the mess.

  43. Eli says:

    UNMISS is talking about last years death while war songs are played every hour on SSTV, wake up UNMISS. The US has already warned it citizens from travelling to Juba.

    Thank you USA for listening to our calls, let the other Nationalities follow this example. There is NO PEACE in S. Sudan until crooks like Salva Kirr and his cronies are overthrown and all of them are sitting in jails.

    The following warning issued from last year is still in effect;




    Eli Wani

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