Genocide in Malakal by Kiir’s agents

BY: Peter Buony-Lual, JUBA, JAN/29/2014, SSN;

History will record the so-called “failed coup” as the biggest lie ever in South Sudan. Only Salva Kiir Mayardit/Selfish Killer Mayhem-dit and his sycophants believe that there was a “failed coup” on December 15, 2013. A large number of South Sudanese regards such a claim as entirely fabrication and lie aimed at getting rid of political opponents of Selfish Killer.

On January 20, 2014, Sudan People’s Liberation Army opposition (SPLA/Opposition), withdrew from Malakal, the capital city of Upper Nile state, consequently, forces loyal to Selfish Killer, which include Ugandan troops, Malik Agar of Blue Nile troops, Johnson Olony (only Shilluk troops), and SPLA forces (only Dinka Bhar el Ghazal), entered the city and claimed that they recaptured it from the opposition forces.

The troops are commanded by Lt. General Johnson Gony Biliu, Brigadier General Nhial Batuang, and the infamous Governor Simon Kun. All those three culprits are from the Nuer!

As soon as those militias entered the city, they were ordered by their commanders to search houses door by door and kill anyone who is found hiding.

Sadly, the search for the SPLA Opposition’s soldiers turned to be a search for Nuer residents only. They started burning properties that belong to Nuer only in Malakal, besides that they killed and are still killing countless of innocent Nuer men.

Also they have killed and are still killing women and girls after raping them. Moreover, they have looted and are still looting houses and shops that belong to Nuer!

Are those really government troops? Why are those individuals that commanding troops in Malakal Nuer? It boggles the mind! Certainly, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and genocide have been committed in Malakal!

Once the SPLA opposition forces were in control of the town, citizens were at their homes, no one was killed because of his/her ethnicity, no house was burned, and women and girls were not raped.

Ironically, once Selfish Killer’s militia came in, they did abuse human rights by targeting and massacring only Nuer civilians in the town!

Just to mention a few about what is taking place in Malakal, my two cousins were left at home (Al Jalaba neighborhood) when the rest of the family ran to the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) compound to seek refuge.

My family thought that it was better to leave those two young men at home because they would have been killed by Selfish Killer’s militias on their way to UNMISS compound, which is about two miles or so far from my family home in Malakal.

They have not been buried until now because culprits like State Governor Simon Kun and his co-murderers, are still killing and people cannot return back to their residences.

Moreover, our property in Al Jalaba neighborhood was intentionally set to fire. The residence of former Upper Nile Governor Peter Charliment Chawach (currently a member parliament), was burned and four people were killed inside the house and Peter Charliment had to run for his life.

The older son of late Governor Gatluak Deng – a well-known politician across South Sudan – who passed away about two ago – was murdered in front of the house.

Further, one of Simon Kun bodyguards, Police Sergeant Lual Tut, was murdered by those thugs. Moulana Chuol Puk, who was the legal advisor for Ministry of Finance – Upper Nile sate, was shot dead.

Thus, the notion that this war is not tribally motivated is really ridiculous and ludicrous. If this is not genocide, then genocide has no meaning at all.

It is clear that people of Nuer ethnicity group have been purposely murdered, raped, tortured, or their houses/shops were burned and looted in Malakal by Selfish Killer’s militias.

One thing is certain, though: Nuer in Malakal have been murdered by fellow Nuer like Simon Kun, Johnson Gony, and Nhail Batuang. Those three folks should be held responsible and charged for the crimes they committed.

These crimes include: Crimes against humanity, which include murder, torture, and rape, war crimes, which include destruction of properties and looting, and genocide, which includes deliberate killing of Nuer ethnicity.

*Peter Buony-Lual
Juba, South Sudan


  1. Morthon Akol says:

    My dear brother you are truly lie to yourself and to the people of Malakal. because Simon Kun and Johnson Gong did not kill nobody you are the one . for example those 200 people whom die in the river Nile on their ways to North is it Simon Kun who kill them?

  2. mindra says:

    Pliz Simon Kun Pouch,why are killing your own nuer tribe mate and when the Dinkas are also killing the nuer.make sure you play your cards well making sure nothing corner you in the later time.are you children nuer or dinka.
    you have created everlasting enemity for your children.God’s time is the best for everything one would want to do in this world rather than rushing in to something.
    why do involves in this senseless war which has no will go to Hague(ICC) together with Silva Kiir who is the vice president to mr Museveni.all of you will be judge for the crime against humanity and the genocide you people have made.
    know that the world is watching you and Kiir with your dirty game.if even you recapture all the towns from the opposition rebels,still there is need for dialogue otherwise southsudan becomes ungovernable for you commarde Kiir.

    Mindra,from loa ma’di corridor pageri payam

  3. upiu says:

    Nuer on Nuer – who is committing the genocide? Don’t the perpetrators of genocide have to come from an outside group?
    Condolences to those we’ve lost through this senseless war.

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