General Thomas Cirillo Has Been Granted Amnesty? This is a trap!

From: Toria , South Sudan, SEPT/18/2017, SSN;

In a recent development, the unlawful sitting President of South Sudan granted an amnesty to C-in-C of NAS Gen. Thomas Cirilo. I have an urgent message to Thomas. Please don’t fall for this trap.

This is nothing but a pretext to lure you and other Equatorians back into Juba for their next sinister plans, they have calculated that your move into the bush is the biggest threat to them and so they will do anything to get rid of you particularly by assassination.

Lies of Juba Regime:
“Analysts say the move to free the former political detainees without any pre-condition demonstrated Kiir’s determination to resolve the country’s civil war.”

“He also claimed the country was dominated by Dinka tribe and the army turned into a tribal militia that “targets non-Dinka ethnicities”.” Nothing has changed.

There are some points that you need to take into consideration as to why Juba regime is doing this:
1. They have reckoned with your heavyweight personality that tipped the balance against their survival.
2. Juba regime is already too deformed to be reformed; there is nothing that the so-called National Dialogue could do to change anything as long as Kirr remains in power
3. You, Sir, Cdr Cirillo, in one of the only remaining truly Equatorian leaders and we CAN NOT risk to lose you like the many Great Equatorian leaders that perished at the hands of Garang’s SPLA.

Kirr is no different and he will kill anyone whom he feels will challenge his authoritarian regime and you have already called for removal of this illegal President when you left.

That alone is a treason which could be used against you.

“The National Salvation Front (NAS) is convinced that to restore sanity and normalcy in our country, Kiir must go, he must vacate the office without further bloodshed,” that’s what you partly wrote in your six-page letter of resignation.”


4. The people of Equatoria are with you, and you have given us all the reasons to fight for our rightful ancestral soil, this is not the time to rush back to Juba without having the proper agreements.

That’s WE the children of Equatoria must get back every inch of our forefathers’ lands from these Dinka squatters.

The only peace will come when roaming Dinka herders relocate back to their regions without preconditions particularly removing their cattle away from Equatoria so that we have the land for agricultural developments.

5. Finally, I could go on more but I would like to end my argument that the only time revolutionary people will put down arms will come when we are all ready for peace.

Kirr and his cohorts are not ready for peace, they are trying to force the opposition forces into submissions which is not the way forward.

Unless there is mutual respect for everyone in South Sudan, we have yet to about.

Hitler and the Nazis were forced to surrender and then Europe was in peace.

Juba Kiir’s regime and their JCE Cohorts are all criminals and until they are taken to the ICC, they must not get away with Crimes they committed.




  1. Beek says:

    Thomas Cirillo doesn’t know how to talk than his tiny mouth to insult others.

  2. Beek says:

    A Guy who had only educated himself and no more.

  3. Eastern says:

    A clarion call to all those who hear.


  4. mading says:

    Toria. It is you internet warriors who are killing our people in South Sudan, how many bad rebels president Kiir has for given in the past ? Bad ones like Peter Gatdet who his job is always rebellions to put on many ranks he doesn’t even know their meanings. Leave alone your uncle Thomas Cirillo who never set foot to our country since he declared his rebellions. What president is going to do with him when his intention was to turned peoples’ attention a way from the money he took and ran a way with it. Try to make sense rebel Toria, what kind of threat you are talking about Thomas who does not have enough foot soldiers to make threat to the government under Kiir ? Learn to talk peace, not war you will not fight .

  5. Eli Wani says:

    Indeed you have said it loud and clear. There is no peace, as we speak war is raging all over, illegal detentions, tortures, kidnappings; looting, rapes, and destruction are the events of every day in SS in the hands of Juba regime. Kirr’s militias are pushing away unarmed civilians from their villages into refugee camps everywhere in the nation. How could they talk about dialogue while committing atrocities at the same time? We all need peace, but the genuine peace is still far away from our reach.

  6. tit4tat says:

    No one needs his bogus amnesty, the only person who needs amnesty is Kirr himself and all his killers. But they won’t get it becaue they are all waiting for nooses on their necks. Nothing just tit for tat.

  7. Dinka Enclave says:

    This war started as a one man show of Dr Riek Machar with an attempt to get into J1 through the barrel of gun. Dr. Riek Machar should have waited for ballet box ticket to J1 , instead, he choose the bullet. After his defeat in Juba, Bor, Malakal and Unity State, and knowing that his own bullets could not get him to J1, Dr. Riek Machar went around and tricked the innocent and naive Equatorians and the Fertits of then Western Bahr el Ghazal with the claim that the war was between the Dinka and the 63 tribes of South Sudan. Dr. Riek argued that how can one tribe called Dinka rule the 63 tribes.

    It did not take that long before innocent Dinka were brutally targeted and buttered along major highways in Equatoria by Equatorias.

    One of the important thing that I want the Equatorians to know about Dr. Riek Machar is that he, Dr. Riek Marchar, in his own nature is a coward. Dr. Riek Machar is a naturally born coward, he cannot withstand the fight in the battlefield and this has been proved three times:
    1. After the first failed coup attempt of 1991, Dr. Riek Machar was defeated in the battlefield militarily by. Dr. John Garang, and hence, Dr. Riek Machar was forced to run to Khartoum where he joined ranks with the enemies of South Sudan and derailed the cause of liberation.
    2. In the second failed coup attempt of 2013 and after losing Juba and Bor town, Dr. Riek Machar cowardly ran to Ethiopia.
    3. In the third failed coup attempt in July of 2016, Dr. Riek Machar was chased away from Juba like a dog and because of that he has to ran for his life in pampers to DRC.
    Dr. Riek Machar has a very bad judgment and a bad planner, and as a result, Dr. Riek Machar has the tendency of running to foreign countries when things get hot in South Sudan.

    The question is, why Equatrians would like to follow a coward like Dr. Riek Machar. Look Equatorian, Dr. Riek Machar will never win this war and if it is about J1, Salva Kiir will go, but Dinka will stay forver til the end of time. Dinka has nothing against the Nuers because we are cousins only that Dinka and Nuers have been used by jack ass politicians and military commanders to fight each other. Now the equatorian have as well fell into the same trap. What a shame!

  8. kokora II says:

    Dinka Enclave
    No actually you are wrong, this isn’t Riek’s fight or Nuer’s vs Dinka war. But yes this is 63 vs Dinkas fight, Riek will go and Kirr will go but the war will go ahead until everyone gets their fair share through ballot box or barrels of guns. Good news is you Dinkas have lost credibility and made yourselves more enemies than ever before. Prepare to face everlasting defeat.

  9. Dinka Enclave says:

    Let it be kokora 2, 3, ……. 100…..etc. your are just talking nonsense. The kind of yourself will only win the fight here on the social media. But if you really want to fight then why are you running naked in the refugee camp in Uganda. Imagine one million Equatorians chased away from their homeland to Uganda. What a shame! You should not be talking ya coward.

    I am not Salva Kiir supporter, but I think Kiir has done a lot of jocks on your funny brain by giving amnesty to your sorry tribalistic rebels. Again let me tell you the truth, Dinka are not Arabs, and hence, Dr. Riek Machar or Equatoria will never win this war. Only peace and reconciliation is the solution. Let the dead burry thier deads and the living move on. May Almighty Bless South Sudan.

  10. kokora II says:

    Dinka Enclave
    Remember there are just as many Dinkas if not more than Equatorians in the refugees camps in Uganda let alone those who went back to old Sudan to kiss Beshir’s feet and lick jellaba’s rear ends. What a shame? That you thought Dinkas was going to control everything in SS but now look slowly things are falling apart for you. War is war and it isn’t over until the last bullet is fired. From day one after independence Dinkas were everywhere in SS, but today our gallant forces have reduced you to centers like Juba or Bor and your stinking cow kraals waiting to be crashed, Bahr ghazal is empty already. Wait and see for the next four to five more years you will only be in Australia and refugee camps in the neighboring countries. That is a big shame.

  11. kokora II says:

    so long as Dinkas remain in Equatoria yes there will always be kokora 2, 3…………… etc..and as you predicted up to kokora 100 on the way. Never never never shall we surrender never until we defeat Dinka pests.

    • Dinka Enclave says:

      Kokora 2, 3 ….. 10….etc. I was just playing trick on your little brain you worthless kokora. This is not the 1980s where you used to run to the Arabs for the left over food ya kadam. Yes, you are still hallucinating about the Arabs who gave you kokora in 1980s. Now the Arabs are gone and who is going to baby sit your overgrown ass this time.

      You are thinking from a molested brain because not all Equatorians share your view. You don’t even live in South Sudan, just sit back and enjoy the Whitman food and whisky while your Equatoria people are begging Ugandans for the leftover of food in the refugee camp. The fact is, no body wants this war because, as I said before, the kind of yourself is being used by dirty politicians like Salva Kiir, Dr. Riek Machar, Thomas Cirilo, Taban Deng Gai, Wani Igga, Lam Akol, Pagan Amum, Joseph Bakasoro, warlords, commanders and the so called South Sudanese intellectuals in the Diaspora.

      This war is being fulled by religious leaders as well. These religious leaders continuous to brainwash our innocent people with the misery white Jesus and the Arab prophet from the Arabia desert. Now if a true Jesus shows up at your door and told you that He is the true Jesus and he is a Bari from Jebel Lado, I belive that you will be the first savage to crucify him .

      So I want you to wise up my lil Equatoria. We are all suffering from the hands of Salva Kiir, Dr. Riek Machar and Wani Igga.. You are damn stupid not to realize this fact because these politicians are very smart in playing dirty games on your little brain. This is the right time to stand up for a Great South Sudan and not a tribalistic South Sudan. Let us do away with kokorism hysteria because our people want the real peace at this very time.

      Don’t even think of another kokora otherwise you will end as a refugee in Uganda and DRC for the next generations of many Equatorians to come and your name will be erased from the South Sudan history book. That is why some people of your kind today are being called Kakwa of Uganda, Kakwa of DRC, Acholi of Uganda, Madi of Uganda, Lugbara of Uganda…etc. Now in this 21st century they are being called the Equatorias of the refugee camp of Uganda. In the 20th century you were begging the Arabs for leftover food and now in the 21st century you are begging the Ugandans for the left over food while Wani Igga is enjoying a roasted chicken with both of his feet on the table. Wise up and may the spirit of our ancestors bless our beautiful South Sudan.

      • John Obalim Nyeri says:

        Dinka Eclave, you sounds uncivilised Dinka with short sited vision definitely. I don’t think you are University trained type of a person, if you are…”I would say,” you are one of the 1%( Dinka Cancer ) among the educated Dinka who are pre-dominantly occupied every sectors and departments in the ”very shameful government of Dinka, in South Sudan”.
        I don’t blame all the Dinka.
        ”0.1% are civilised and developementary among the educated Dinka” – unfortunately these few numbers don’t have influence nor authorities over the 1%( Dinka Cancer ) whom I believed are Greediest, Corrupt, Nepotistic, Racist, Rapists, Criminals, and Burglaries.

        60% Dinka who love to live in their home Land, unfortunately Dinka government never nor care to settle these people properly into their respective localities( Villages) . Imagine, Dinka government has been in power from 2005 – 2017 (12years In Total ) still there’s no sign’s of development in Dinka Land and why? the answer is; ”that’s ignorance” I thought they would learn a lesson from ”Kokora 1 in 1980’s ; ”but Nothing learned.
        2005-2017 the Fund coming from Petroleum and Nimule Revenue ( South Sudan border to Uganda ) these two are the major incomes playing very big and significant rolls in South Sudan financial supports . Non of these Region profiting from these Revenue. For all these 12years Dinka should have at least 1 Modern Town in Dinka Land, they should develop Malakal into modern Town for other Luo tribes and this same government started with Nuer, should have also had a modern Town for the Nuer, then develop Wau into modern Town for the tribes in Bihar Al-gazelle. They would have had ” 4 bigger modern Towns by now with modern Roads ” it could have provided them with major Towns of their owns rather than grabbing’s from Equatoria .

        Nevertheless , no lesson learned, 38.9% of ( Dinka Cancer ) love to live in Equatoria, in their concepts; Juba is a Town for every South Sudanese, that’s why; they love to live in Equatoria. its true Juba is the Town for every South Sudanese, unfortunately they don’t know the philosophies of how to live together with other tribes. what they do are the following:- Rapping, Stealing, Killings, Armed Burglaries, Removing Ion Sheets from the Roof, removing Doors ,Windows, and Wall Tiles from abundant houses in Equatoria Villages, then sale these items across the border into Uganda.
        Even in Juba Town; killings will never stop ( breaking into homes with armed robbery in Juba suburb’s ) then in every Sectors and Departments- you are dominant all over Equatoria. On top of all these; you are claiming living side by side with the Equatorians but its a lie , you are not peaceful tribe in South Sudanese, your Nepotistic behaviour can’t change because your reasoning capacities are swallow I think.
        You keeps saying Wani Igga, Alfred Lado Gore, Elias Lumoro, Mobutu Mamur and etc , Just to show the Equatorians you have Equalities in the ”Dinka Cancer government” but we the Equatorians figting in the Jungles of Equatoria new your behaviours from A to Z .
        ( Dr John Garang said in one of his Speech let us accept ourself as Sudanese, it would be South Sudanese by now; but you are yet to accept ) but ”Dinka Cancer ” has been all along for themselves through out the 12years after the CPA. Mistreating Equatorians in their own land.

        Map of Sudan is not drown by God, it was drown by the British. Therefore, Dinka Enclave; I would like to ask you this question:
        Before the British demarcate Africa into countries; What nationality would you assume you could have been originally? Never ever think being single tribe only in the so called a country nor South Sudan today doesn’t mean to qualifies you or any other tribes as original South Sudanese . I would refer you back to Dr John garang’s Speech once more; Dinka domination can’t unite us, Nuer domination can’t unite us , Acholi domination can’t unite us and the rest of the tribes in South Sudan can’t unite us by domination in the government, LET’S ACCEPT OURSELVES AS SOUTH SUDANESE CAN UNITE US.

        What’s Dinka? the answer will easily be; Dictator in South Sudan, Journalist killer’s, Land Robbers, Nepotistic tribe, Rapists, Arm Robbers, Polygamists, Corruptions is their behaviours in South Sudan. THE ONLY PERSON AMONG THE DINKA WHO MARRIED 1 WIFE IS DR JOHN GARANG DE MOBIOR.

  12. kokora II says:

    Dinka Enclave
    Hahahaha.. !!!!..I got you where I want a little brain so-called Dinka Enclave. Look at who is crying like a little rat, you call yourself Dinka Enclave, now who is a real tribalist? Do you even understand what enclave means? Well, talking of kadam which I think you meant servant. I don’t even want to go there. Who used to carry water on your necks in Juba in the 80s you little brain. Nothing is going to change for you just wait and face the looming fire. Talking about Uganda looks like you don’t even know the history, so go and read real history and try to understand about African history before European invasion and where are they today? Your fate is on the same line you squatters will have to leave from Equatoria in peace or your carcasses be left for the birds of the air to feast on.

    • Dinka Enclave says:

      Kokora II
      I am not personally against the Equatoians but I am against the molested brain called Kokora mind set. Don’t cry like a molested child about Equatoria because kokora is not going to work anyway since it has never worked before in 1980s.

      This is what you said and I quote “Remember there are just as many Dinkas if not more than Equatorians in the refugees camps in Uganda” This is a cow shit talking and I can not believe this shit is coming out of your mouth. Right now I am in Kojikoji and I can not see a single Kuku around here. What happen to these people and where have they gone? I am directing this question to you because I can not find any Kuku here in Kojikoji. Do you hear me? I said where have the Kuku people gone?
      I want to know the answer because Daddy is coming home. Yes Daddy is home right now and right here in Kojikoji. You better wise up because Daddy doesn’t like cow shit. Do you hear me boy? Yes Daddy does not like cow shit. Daddy want respect. Yes you better run away because Daddy is coming home. Daddy is in Kojikoji and you can not do anything about it.

      • John Obalim Nyeri says:

        The Kuku civilians have fled for their life because when the IO attacks you , then retaliates onto civilians therefore, the civilians have no option but to leave Kaji keji its similar to other parts of South Sudan, imagine thats ignorance of Dinka Cancer behaviours of 38.9 %

  13. waunar says:

    Kokora II and Dinka Enclave
    It appears both of you are at the opposite extreme ends of the rope. We all need to face the facts here, put it in a reasonable perspective. Who goes around looking for troubles, other South Sudanese are only defending themselves, so let’s stop the crocodile tears crying about Kokora or tribalism and cut to the chase. Is it not Dinkas who went to Equatoria and not Equatorians going to Dinka land causing troubles? Who? All South Sudanese want Dinkas gone back to their land and peace will come.

  14. kokora II says:

    Dinka Enclave
    I am sad to hear that you are proud of what you did to civilians in Kajo Keji, don’t forget when we decide to launch a real cleansing on MTNs there will be no mercy. You will pay every one of your dirty deeds in due time. Just like I said before;”MTNs were everywhere in SS before and after independence, but today our gallant forces have reduced you to centers” like inside Kajo Keji, you can not even move outside the town five miles without bullet on your head. Just like the Arabs, they stayed within town limits until they got chased out and you will face yours soon, except you have nowhere to hide this time coward Jenges.

    • Dinka Enclave says:

      Kokora II
      I want you to slowly but surely wise up. How long did you think that you can run around the house disrespecting Daddy? You better take a look out the window, because Daddy is coming home. Daddy is coming to Kojikoji. So will you be wise by respecting Daddy before he gets in, or will Daddy himself have to do it himself…..are you really wise?

      Yes Daddy is in Kojikoji. Did you hear me boy? I said Daddy is in Kojikoji. Yes Dinka is in Kojikoji. Dinka is home in Kojikoji. Dinka is at home. It is cool right here at home while the Kuku are scratching their asses and wondering why it is hot in the refugee camp. Tel me who is in the refugee camp in Uganda?

      It seem you are not in touch with your people or you are just waking up from whisky hangover. You are not living in reality because your brain is duped up. You think everything is normal. The evil government of Salva Kiir is in Kojikoji and you are blaming this on the whole Dinka. This is my problem because you don’t seem to realize this. I really don’t like the way this evil soldiers of Salva Kiir are treating the people of Kojikoji including their women and children.

      Do not blame this mischief on the whole Dinka because we are going through the same shit. You should in the first place blame this mischief on Dr. Riek Machar for creating this whole mess otherwise Salva Kiir would have gone in 2015 through the ballot box. The problem is, you are naive enough to believe and accept anything from Dr. Riek Machar without any question. Dr. Riek Machar is using your little brain in order to get into J1. The evil government of Salva Kiir is using the same dirty game by using the name of Dinka to stay in power. Have you ever thought about this? This is the trick that you don’t understand because of your molested brain. You are not going to get your so called Equatoria from the Dinka because Equatoria is our land either you like it or not. As I said before, Salva Kiir will go but Dinka will never go from any part of South Sudan including Equatoria.

      I have told you before that you are thinking from a molested brain. Just take a look around you, I mean take a look at our neighbouring countries, have you ever seen a single Dinka claiming nationality in one of these countries? Of course the answer is no. This explain the simple fact that South Sudan is our ancestral land including Kojikoji Yei, Nimule, Kaya, Wau, Bentui, Malakal, Akobo, Waat…etc.

      When we fought the Arabs we fought for South Sudan including the so called Kejikeji, Nimule, Kaya, Morobo, Juba …etc The people of Yambio, Maridi, Tombura, Eastern Equatoria are wise enough to understand this simple fact. They refused to listen to the worthless politician like Dr. Riek Machar and Joseph Bakasoro and now they are cultivating and going normally with their lives while your kind are running in pampers in the refugee camp in Northern Uganda.

      You said I don’t know Africa history, but I said your brain is locked up in the slave masters history. Now the history is in the making and the Equatorians are fleeing Equatoria into the refugee camp in Uganda and DRC. The people of Northern Uganda are tired of your whining. The people of Northern Uganda are tired of war and they want to live in peace. The people of Northern Uganda do not want war because they been through it before. Even the people of Northern Uganda do not want your stinky ass in their backyard. They are tired of Joseph Konyi’s kokora inc;uding the people of your kind. Wise up and may Almighty Bless our beautiful South Sudan.

  15. waunar says:

    Dinka Enclave
    You need to read the following; so-called dinka enclave see how fast JCE powers shrinking and very rapidly. It’s better for you ‘Dinka diehards’ to switch side quickly before it’s too late. Please read the following very carefully and think deeply. I beg you.

  16. GatCharwearbol says:

    Toria is absolutely true. After all, the sinister plan of purging the strong oppositions has been detected. In fact, it is wide open for public to see. Those whose conscience are clouded are quick to fall into this death trap. At this point, Toria has warned Mr. Cirillo and it is up to him to ignore his advice or heed to it. Whether Mr. Cirillo is dump or smart will be divulged by how he responds to this well placed advise. You have done your patriotic duty Mr. Toria. The choice is now for Cirillo.

  17. Toria says:

    Dear Compatriots
    Thank you for your comments and arguments which is healthy for our young democracy. We need to brainstorm and exchange ideas in a civilized approach to find a lasting solution to our zigzagging road to peace.
    Below are two links to important issues that we in opposition need to look at and analyze them.
    To me there are two possible scenarios here:
    First; it looks like these are sinister plans by Ugandan master dictator to try and neutralize opposition base, he has succeeded in locking up Dr. Riek Machar because he understood very well that his only threat in South Sudan is Dr. Riek Machar who only can stop Museveni from looting our resources. Just like what he did to Dr. John Garang, Museveni is ready to rid Dr. Machar and his forces if possible by even using people like Thomas Cirilo, and that is why he is trying to court Cirilo if that indeed is true. The question is; would he Gen. Cirilo fall for such short-sighted dubious plans? Only Cirilo can answer that question.
    Second; as Juba regime Kirr and his JCE has done with Taban Deng Gai by weakening IO when he Taban surrendered in return to the empty seat of so-called 1st VP ghost position. I can sense Mr. Taban Gai today cannot sleep because of shame of what he did before thinking through. He thought the opposition will end when he crossed the floor but instead the opposition is getting stronger as we speak. Some credible sources have unveiled that while visiting the US Mr. Taban Gai uttered some frustrations with the Juba regime to which he is a partner in crime, that he is now regretting his move to Juba, he complained that the title given to him is just an empty title and even Wani Igga has more voice than him. For example; when Mr. Igga wants a meeting with Pres. Kirr he doesn’t need an appointment, but unlike Mr. Taban Gai has to be scheduled when to visit Kirr’s office. What a humiliation for Ghost-man 1st VP Mr. Taban?
    Now look at the following link, this is what is actually happening on the ground, I still think it is ok if Cirilo hasn’t fired the first shot as long as he plans to execute his mission at the right time on the right target.
    Juba regime is trying everything to neutralize the opposition forces but they always fall short because of their unthoughtful wickedness.

  18. mading says:

    Waunar, and Gatcharwarbol. Your internet war will started here, and ended here, like I said it before. Kiir wants peace that is why he is calling on Thomas Cirrilo to come home, not because he Kiir is afraid of Thomas. Thomas is carrying a small stick then Riek Machar. But Riek is now locked up in South Africa. So waunar try to go to battle field one to hear sound of guns, and smell it smoke. you will know what you are talking about, Dinkas are not scared on the internet.

  19. Dinka Enclave says:

    John Obalim Nyeri & Kokora II above
    Here come again a PHD holder from Oxford University, but before I respond to your nonsense, I want to know from you where is Dinka land? It seems your head is on fire and you don’t know how did the damn fire got your head on fire in the first place. Who got your head on fire? Stop scratching your head for the answer because they have just got you right where they want. The evil Salva Kiir and the traitor Dr. Riek Machar got your head on fire.
    First of all when South Sudanese fought the Arabs they fought for the whole South Sudan including Equatoria. So stop barking like the worthless savage that you were not born to be coward. Yes you are worthless coward because you are only good at blaming others for your evilness. How long did you think that you can run around the house killing innocent Dinka? Yes Equatoria is our land because we liberated it from the Arabs while people like you were busy eating leftover food in the refugee camps. Yes the evil government of Salva Kiir is in Kojikoji and you are blaming this 1%( Dinka Cancer ) whom you believed are Greediest, Corrupt, Nepotistic, Racist, Rapists, Criminals, and Burglaries on the whole Dinka?

    Second, stop singing the kokora song because it is not your invention. Kokora was invented in 1980s by then Khartoum regime and given to Equatoria in the golden plate. Yes kokora was invented by the Arabs but it did not work. kokora did not work then, and hence, it will never work. Kokora is a disease that is eating your precious potentiality away, and I call this Kokorization in Thy Doom Day come.. Kokora is hammering your thinking with wicked thoughts that is why you can not even think straight. You will always think from a molested brain because of kokora.

    Kokora is a cancer and it is eating away our Equatoria. Have you ever thought of this? Yes they gave you kokora when your manhood was molested by the same Arabs in Libas Mafi, Rujal Mafi, Atla Bara…etc. Kokora is an Arab invention and a curse at the same time. Kokora is running your mind crazy everyday and that is why you can not tell the difference between my Equatoria and your Equatoria. If you do not want my Equatoria please move to Uganda or DRC.

    Why would you use kokora in this 21st century to kill and butcher innocent Dinka on major highways in my Equatoria? Do you think killing and butchering innocent Dinka are normal and you call this Equatoria civilization? Is calling Dinka with different names like MTN a Equatoria cvilization? This is how it first started in Rwanda in 1994 when the Hutus started calling Tutsis names like cockroaches…etc.

  20. kokora II says:

    Dinka Enclave
    All you said above here are a load of crab and garbage brainless nonsense, your MTN’s stupidity will soon come to an end. You are a useless lost piece of trash, you are not worth wasting my time talking to.

  21. John Obalim Nyeri says:

    Dinka Enclave, I feel so sad for kind of you plus others who are carrying and enjoying the same ideas and I know something is wrong with the 38.9% who live in Equatoria as I know how ignorant you are really, you are originally.. one of the ”Dinka Cancer” ( 38.9% ) who are dramatizing South Sudanese in general. Especially, the displaced Dinka population who are stranded in their own regions , hungry and miserably looking with their living skeleton body like. Its really touching me absolutely , all the blames on you the Dinka Cancer (DC) killing your own people i.e ; recruiting child soldiers and dominating the Army and other sectors in the government of Dinka Cancer in South Sudan is reducing your populations. Lou groups will be launching from Northern and Equatorian are Poking from Southern, you will be our ( Sandwiched ) then ICC will take theirs later.

    ”Dinka Cancer”( DC) is a new name given to u by myself; you have made South Sudan very shameful country ever.
    You embezzled all South Sudanese Funds and bought Mansions for your families living luxuriously life overseas, driving BMW cars, partying everyday and your children playing with public funds reference to Paul Malong’s son in South Africa; while other poor Dinka’s being recruited as child soldiers vanishing in the war between other tribes in South Sudan with no salaries paid for 4months , sometimes 5months and other Dinka’s dying in displace Camps in Dinka Regions ( I think you are pretending to be a human )

    You have stolen all money and deposited into the hideout banks instate of using the fund for improving Mixed Farming for the poor Dinka’s to improve their incomes capacity to able them to send children to school.

  22. waunar says:

    John Obalim Nyeri
    You made some very important points and i hope these blocked headed scarred face half brain demagogues could take even half a minute of their entire stupid lives and listen to the millions of voices filled with wisdom that are coming from non-Jenges. But of course not, they are bound to total annihilation, slowly we will make sure Dinkas become the minority even in hundred years to come and completely removed out of picture for ever in SS. Hahahaha DC, MTN,……..

  23. John Obalim Nyeri says:

    This message is for the Dinka Cancer government of South Sudan who are comprising average percentage of 38.9% of the Dinka who doesn’t want to give opportunities to other tribes in South Sudan, as they are roaming along the gravel roads of South Sudan and the major “Juba – Nimule High Way” with their Tails in between their legs, still that’s not enough pressure yet to come, just wait while our thousandth’s men and women are soon to come out of their trainings with good modern snipping technics hopefully will have no options but shutdown all the roads and the major High Way mentioned above. We will spare civilians always, but those wearing civilians plain clothing and who shoot at us ; we wouldn’t tolerate but have to respond very defensively.

    Dinka Enclave, you have mentioned on your comment dated 02/Oct/2017 , that you hold PHD in Oxford University. I don’t think your reasoning are healthy, its not even helpful for neither Dinka Cancer your fellow groups. You need to read your comment on 22nd Oct 2017 you have admitted you did chase the Equatorians civilian in millions.. to flew their land( Villages ) and now residing in the Camps. Your statements will help the ICC for Data collections on Human Rights Abuses in South Sudan.

    Its not a surprise to wonder why Dinka Cancer government wouldn’t develop their own Regions for all these 12 years? and its clear the Nomadic mentalities holding you move from place to place. Development starts at home, since you have done nothing at home and I know you can’t do it anywhere. Look how ignorance you are; embezzled public Funds – and you have built Mansions in foreign countries instate of have it built in Dinka land so that you would have had Dinka city in your own .

    The year I would become president; my first plan is to settle all the Dinka Cancer into their respective land and built city for you, with roads and High Ways , bridges connecting Bore town with other western Dinka regions (states), Built international Airport of your own, I will stop cattle raiding for you, divide your own land for your farmers.. well fenced as to carry or practice Dairy Farming in order to produce more Milk for commercial purposes , Built beef Factory for you , and will reopen Aweil Rise farming , finally; I will have professional tough Police includes : Highway patrols City Patrols and Helicopters for Emergency. No civilians will carry guns, no rapes, no burglaries, no Embezzlement, no Robbery and no killings . All these ideas I have mentioned above could offer you more than enough employment’s and it would also settle you permanent as you would have no more problems with other tribes in South Sudan . I will begin this development for Dinka Cancer as first PRIORITY because your ignorance behaviours on other tribes is devastating, Second PRIORITY is for the NUER similar development and follow by the rest of the 62 tribes.

    Good news will come to South Sudan at the end; Bloodshed will cease.
    God bless you all

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