Gen. Thomas Cirillo’s visit to America causes jitters in Juba


A visit to the US by a top South Sudanese National Salvation Army (NAS) rebel commander, Gen Thomas Cirilo, is causing jitters in his home country.

A report by The Dawn daily in Juba on Tuesday, suggested that the trip to Washington was part of a wider American plot against the latest South Sudan peace agreement.

In Summary
***Thomas Cirilo’s faction confirmed his presence in Washington
***The rebel leader demanded a federal system in South Sudan
***The former Army deputy Chief declared rebellion against President Salva Kiir in 2016

The deal was negotiated in Khartoum.

“We are not sure of why he is gone to the US, but we know he is there, being sponsored by the CIA,” The Dawn daily quoted intelligence sources as saying.

Rallying support

The paper said the rebel commander was rallying support from the South Sudanese diaspora to fulfill his motive of overthrowing the Juba regime.

Gen Cirilo is the leader of a faction of the National Salvation Front/ Army.

His faction confirmed his presence in Washington, but did not give details.

The rebel commander publicly rejected to sign the final power sharing and security arrangements pact on August 5, 2018 in Khartoum.

Tribal agenda

He also declined to initial the final peace accord last week, citing lack of credibility in the deal.

Gen Cirilo further blasted the peace guarantors, Sudan and Uganda, claiming they were after their interests than achieving lasting stability in South Sudan.

The rebel leader demanded that a federal system of governance be introduced in South Sudan.

The former Army deputy Chief declared rebellion against President Salva Kiir in 2016 and accused the latter of implementing a tribal agenda.


  1. Dear:The Author Joseph Oduho

    Why Gen.Thomas Cirrillo Swaka, presence in America has caused Jittery in Juba? Jittery means nervous.Well,this is not for the firtst time that for him been to the United States of America.He came for several times. It should not have been a great surprise at all in Juba? He is the Advocate of FEDERALISM SYSTEM IN THE SOUTH SUDAN GOVERNMENT IN THE REPUBLIC.But which type?????!!!! Is it political federalism?Or Socialism federalism? Back to you!

    Sincere Making people So Happy For All The Time!!!!!!!!!

    Abiko Akuranyang!

    Kansas City Missouri,USA

  2. Force_1 says:

    Yeah; General #ThomasCirillo is the only SPLA general among all SPLA generals to ever visit USA, why wouldn’t he cause Jitters in Juba!

  3. Eastern says:

    Dear Compatriots,

    Now that Thomas Cirilo of NAS Guwa and Bobi Wine of People Power are in Washington, USA, they should meet and exploit ways and means of collaborating across the border (yes, Kiir and Museveni are already collaborating).

    Why these people are visiting Washington at the time their tormentors are visiting Beijing speaks volume.

    The writing has been on the wall for long.

    I like being very brief.

    The Eastern Rock
    NAS Guwa; People Power!

    • info@southsudannation says:

      The reality from Khartoum is that the peace talks have miserably failed as Museveni-kiir-Beshir have conspired against the people of South Sudan.
      Now, in all seriousness, it’s incumbent upon supporters of Cirillo and the SSOA as well the political/military leaders to come together and strategize for the next phase of the struggle.
      These ‘rebel’ leaders must know that they have to get rid of Kiir by any means necessary, political or physical, if the liberation has to be meaningful and successful.
      No more engagement in futile ‘peace talks’ that only gives killer Kiir a breathing respite to mobilize.
      I personally believe the personal elimination of our killer would expedite the collapse of his tribal dynasty and things will change positively.
      Kiir must go the ways of the Gadhafis….etc….

  4. Dear:Editor In Chief Dr.Peter Wankomo

    Categorically,I agree with you one thing and but disagree with you on another thing.One thing I agree with you is that because the peace talk agreement in Khartoum,had miserably failed flat.Second thing I do not agree with you is that because killing President Salva Kirr. Killing him,is not good at all! because it will bring anarchy in the whole South Sudan in whole while his counterpart friends President of Uganda Mr.Yoweri Museveni and President of Sudan Omer El Beshir.will distant themselves away.

    What is good is TO KNOCK HIM AWAY IN VOTING BALLOT AS ONE VOTE,ONE PERSON! President Salva Kirr,by himself,he knows very well,HE IS ALREADY KNOCK AWAY AT WILL! He won before in his election of 2010,with Dr.Lam Akol Ajawin.That election was not well propered organized! His agents were soldiers belonged to SPLM CAMP.They have propogated for him meanwhile they have intimidated,threated,harassed,totured in the cells military,Dr.Lam Akol Ajawin agents to propogate.That was why he got high percentage on Dr.Lam Akol Ajawin.Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin,never campaigned in Dinka Land because he was cringed and feared of his dear life and safety! Thank you. I am done.Back to you!

    Sincere Bring Peace and Harmony Among people at this point in entire life in livelihood!

    Abiko Akuranyang!

    Kansas City Missouri,U.S.A.

  5. false Millionaire says:

    Not so unwell said Eastern.
    But if Khartoum’s and Kampaka’s efforts are motivated by the cow named economy to milk,the US’ aid to both Cirilo and Winie aren’t any different.So u will be still in for a united south sudan with jieng as a majority tribe seconded by nuer to frustrate for u such daydream wishes as confideration leading to an independent equatoria.

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      The status quo is increasingly becoming untenable. Museveni will soon be fighting for his own survival let alone covering the backside of his friend with the goatee down the Nile river. Museveni does not need Kiir as much as the latter needs him; the same applies to Omar Bashir.

      That being said, I am not keen on dinka and nuer history of wars and peace in the past. I am aware that these two tribes have been at each other for some time and I especially witnessed how such conflicts can be settled as was the case of the 1999 Wunlit Peace Conference. I attended the said conference.

      Looking at the numbers alone is being stuck in the past. If it was for numbers alone, the dinka and nuer can just go ahead and get united, just to borrow your word, and “frustrate” the Equatorians! Why do you need the Ugandans and the Jallaba? Yes, the Jallaba..!

      What is being reported is that Thomas Cirilo has travelled to the US and that has caused jitters in Juba. Why the regime in Juba is feeling jittery over the travel of Thomas Cirilo, just because he is from the lowly Equatorian people, is left for you to answer.

      Both Thomas Cirilo and an emerging Ugandan youthful leader, Bobi Wine, travelled to Washington at a time both Kiir, Museveni and a host of African leaders travelled to Beijing; what a coincident?! Thomas Cirilo is trending on the slogan NAS Guwa and Bobi Wine, People Power, again what a coincident!

      The stage is now set for the dinka and nuer to unit as Thomas Cirilo stands out for rights and voices of ALL the marginalised South Sudanese. It is up to the regime in Juba to attempt standing in the paths of USA and China as they tussle it out economically and diplomatically.

      Posterity will only ask: were there countries in Africa called Botswana, Malawi, Tanzania, etc when the adolescent called South Sudan became the literal grass that suffers when two elephants fight?

  6. False Millionnaire says:

    Eastern the Rock,
    I believe we are saying one thing with Kiir and Museveni aboard the Chinese vanwagon which is being perfectly counter-weighed by the US which is more than happy to bank on Cirilo and Winie.
    My point was, mon cher ami, it’s the question of economy that will never give room to correct grivences that have set us in bitter différences.
    The US is more than capable of putting Cirilo in power but only to tie his hands after in order to prevent him from master-minding such réformes that may provoke violent reactions to compromise whatever conditions of security that would permit economic exploitation of the resources among which is oil.
    The Ethiopian Renaissance Dam chief engineer Mr. Bekele got assassinated some weeks back. Doesn’t that tell you something about how muddy things have become?
    That project is financed by China and that assassination could be a Yankee’s twisted shot to clip one foot of the Chinese economic interests in Africa. The rise of the prime Minister Ahbiy Ahmed to helm of power in Addis has strengthened the US position in the région.
    So, changing the heads in Khartoum, Juba and Kampala is bound to be à mere possible game that can be digested like a chocolat-coated Cotton sweet so far as we won’t be in for a révolution than new colonisation.

    • Akim says:


      If Eritrea and the Tutsi who make less than 15% of their respective countries did it why no Equatorians with vast Tropical land, border line and agile comparatively more civilized youthful population. Its all about change in Geo-Politics. I can Tell you the majority will die like flies, not of bullets but hunger, disease etc.

      Just to let you know, or ask your uncles to justify the fact that TC is not a rat tag Military officer, he is a trained military strategist, Kiis, Bashir, and M7 Knows it. It was the same Thomas’ forces based around the airport, played key role in mobilizations,planning and execution of American Funded “Operation Thunder Volt”, the Blue Nile sector etc. Unlike Riak, he does not belief in military raids that costs disproportionate lives of his forces. A platoon must be able to take on a Company with ability to inflict significant damages to the enemy. Do not take his silence for cowardice. Time will tell

    • Eastern says:

      False Millionaire,

      Again, we are not on the SAME course, you are saying one thing and I am another…!

      There is no more room to be created ( I don’t care by who) for GAMBLERS to remain leaders at the expense of South Sudanese lives..!

      Beyond this, I don’t understand what you are saying.

      NAS Guwa, People Power….!

  7. Hoiloom says:


    Not so fast! Nuer-Dinka unity will only exist when the latter realize the country belongs to all. The Khartoum talks is just a ceasefire for your information.
    On a different note though, Gen. Thomas Cirilo needs to do more in the field than being a tourist in foreign countries. I recalled a statement by Bentiu Ramiraan a few years back on this site that Kiir will never go through tough Internet talks but physical battle in the fields.
    So far Thomas’s NAS has been only attacking its supposed IO ally in Central Equatoria. One then wonders what his intention is…


  8. Eastern says:


    So why are they not in agreement that the Dinka and Nuer are the majority, they are MANY and MUST be reckoned with..? Why are you not in agreement with the fact fact that the Dinka-Nuer unity means the end of the Equatorian/nyamnyam noise in South Sudan…?!

    I hear you loudly about the attacks by NAS on IO in Equatoria, let’s meet at Sindiru next week…..!

  9. Hoiloom says:


    Read my statement above why Dinka-Nuer unity is not feasible under this alcoholic president. Once again could someone advise Thomas to point his guns toward his real enemy? The signed peace is cease fire, period.


  10. mading says:

    Hoiloom. You are late, pick up a gun and go to bush to taste how it feel in the bush. Stop being a loud mouth on this web, people of South Sudan are working for peace now. We had enough for last five years.

  11. Sabah sebit says:

    The rights of people should not be imposed on them by one person or tribe or what is called country should not be ruled by council of tribe or JCE, it should be the formation of people who are capable of doing something for the country not for the tribe.
    The whole successful countries around the world are built up because federal system is not one person decision.

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