Gen. Thomas Cirillo, C-in-C of NAS: 9th July Independence Day Message to all

Dated: JULY 9th, 2017, National Salvation Front/Army. SSN;

To countrymen and women, those imprisoned, tortured or even killed in these years of tribulations, I salute all our peoples: our gallant men and women serving in the forces of our struggle;
–the internally displaced in the bushes and POC camps, those in refugee camps in neighboring countries;
–those in the Diaspora etc, etc…..

Eleven long years since that Day in 2005 when the CPA was signed in Naivasha, Kenya and 6 long cruel years since the Dawn of Independence broke in are experiencing the severest forms of hardship in a country whose hopes at independence were so high and have been thoroughly dashed without any pangs of conscience by those who claimed to be peoples’ leaders;

Your suffering for all those years refresh in our memory the heroes of 1955, who, following their instincts, far less resourced than we’re today, dared to challenge the oppressive giants of their day — for all their posterity.

The seeds of freedom that they planted in our hearts, to this day, have blossomed into an unquenchable quest for our freedom, our dignity and our unity as a people, bound together inseparably in a long history of struggle to assert our God-given rights, the same rights to all humanity.

We can’t forget the hundreds, if not thousands of martyrs of the brutalities of the CURRENT REGIME IN JUBA.

With their blood they have championed the resistance to the INTERNAL NEO-COLONIAL establishment now crippling life in South Sudan.

In spite of these past sacrifices offered by past and present martyrs and by us, their survivors, we now face an unprecedented, inhuman, antipathetic, morally devoid internal colonialism by a very few who obtained the power they abuse on a silver platter, totally unprepared for it upon the death of our great national hero, Dr. John Garang de Mabior.

With their criminal orientation, they are prepared to smear the reputations of entire clans or even ethnic groups with their long litany of evil deeds.

Their schemes to divide and rule will miserably fail as all the entire peoples of South Sudan have not and will not succumb to their selfish ends; and all the peoples of South Sudan have already unanimously rejected their schemes of division for the benefit of a very few.

We encourage their constituencies and all South Sudanese to hold their chins high not to loose faith and subdue despair as we proudly look to the day when we will have every reason to celebrate all occasions that mark our achievements, however compromised by agents of destruction and repression!

At this juncture I would like to remind ourselves that “freedom and rights are not given” –they are won through hard struggles!

NAS would like to assure our people that it will exert every effort for their unity, whatever the cost, in spite of the bitter seeds of divide and rule being planted and pursued by the SPLM government.

Our unity is our national pride, and the source of our strength. We shall not cease, nor shall we desist, from reminding Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit and his cohorts that their anti-citizens schemes are destined to utter failure.

We in NAS remind everyone that we have no independence to celebrate, but we do rejoice at the prospects that the fate of the authors of the on-going cruelties is sealed! We celebrate the fact that South Sudan will rise again!

We take the opportunity to remind friend and foe alike that NAS missionary zeal and dedication is towards rallying the entire SOUTH SUDANESE populace to bring about their own salvation – devoid of drives for power or illicit wealth accumulation at the expense of all else.

NAS leaves no stone un-turned in the process of the struggle for the final genuine liberation of our people.

NAS strives to ensure that no efforts will be spared in the quest for the realization of the objectives of the liberation of the South Sudanese peoples.

We hope that our friends and neighbours in the region, IGAD, AU, Troika and the International Community as a whole are able to share with us our remorse on this Independence Day memorial.

There are many ways in which they hurry to our aid. Foremost, the continued existence of the Kiir regime with impunity marks a regrettable moral bankruptcy in those who know and understand the problems of South Sudan.

We need peace as urgently! Many of our friends are in a position to apply the right pressures against Juba, to win an abdication by Kiir, since “forcing him out” is apparently distasteful in many quarters.

We take this opportunity to appeal to our partners in the struggle, other political parties, Civil Society organizations, Faith-based Organizations and others to appreciate the reality that the Juba regime cannot be treated with a business-as-usual attitude.

With the help of the JCE (Jieng Council of Elders), Mathiang Anyor (Dinka ethnic militia) and others who knowingly or unknowingly have been party to the many forms of atrocities committed in our nation against innocent people, the Kiir regime has crossed more RED LINES in South Sudan than any contemporary tyrants.


Let this occasion be a firm reminder to us all that things have gone despicably wrong in South Sudan – justifying the determination of NAS to restore all rights to decent living for all South Sudanese.

Even the Juba-celebrated National Dialogue (ND), commendable at face-valve, is not a credible tool to address the depths of the problems to which Kiir has brought the country.

NAS will spare no efforts to introduce good governance and sustainable development through top programs such as:
1. Absolute security for all citizens where only God takes life through disease or accidents, but never should we ever again lose life at the hands of fellow-man.
2. The establishment of governance institutions answerable to the people and accountable in every public endeavor.
8. Putting an end to elite decadent living at the expense of the ordinary citizen, through firm measures to curb corruption and luxurious expenditures in the public sector!
9. Encouraging all the educated citizens in general, and intellectuals in particular – discouraged by the Kiir regime from participating in nation-building ever since the CPA and Independence – return home to participate in effectively laying the foundation for a modern South Sudan.

Our people are absolutely tired of empty sugar-coated speeches that describe Heaven-on-Earth without end.

NAS values words that are immediately put into actions in spite of hurdles that might exist. After all, others in the world are succeeding with very little at their disposal.

Why should we, a people endowed with all forms of God-given resources fail so pathetically?

No, NAS has no stomach for the kinds of excuses on which the citizens of South Sudan have been fed without their basic human needs ever being met!


No one sufficiently conscious about the Juba regime should allow themselves to be used by cooperating without questioning the moral aspects of the planned actions or programs.

An obvious example is the current NATIONAL DIALOGUE, only aimed at trashing past serious compromise agreements – without resulting in any substantive change. Nor do we wish to consider the country’s problems as simply a disagreement within the SPLM. They have remorselessly caused us to suffer for many years for no reason.

With God above as our witness, guide, patron and support, we wish to assure all citizens and sympathetic friends that NAS is confident of Victory in the first genuine liberation of our people.

The light at the end of the tunnel is bright. The horizon holds much hope and promise for the present, the future and for generations to come.

Long live the resilient, aspiring and patient citizens of South Sudan.
God Bless you.

Your Faithful Servant,

(Signed) Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka



  1. Alex says:

    All these rubbish. You let your self to be used to advance some other people agenda. You want to be a second Mabutui Seseko. Shame to you and we lost all the trust on you.
    Enjoy your 9 million in Addiss Ababa while millions are dying of hunger. Looters

    • King Logunu The Second says:


      No one would believe the false allegations to tarnish the name of Lt. General Thomas Cirillo Swaka, Chairman and C-in-C of NAS. The Kenyan bank (Ecobank) that was alleged by Kiir and his thieves to be keeping the money, denied having accounts in the name of the respected General. You are talking about 9 million without even specifying which currency you meant. But I believe the initial accusation was embezzlement of 10 million USDs. So, the story keeps changing which confirms lack of truth in it. Why are you silent about Salva Kiir who has stolen $ 700 million USDs from the coffers according to the Sentry Report. And what about, Arthur Akuen, the former Minister of Finance, a convicted thief, who was released from jail by officers from his home state. The top thief ( Kiir) subsequently appointed him as MP – what a shame!

  2. mading says:

    What a wasted of time Mr. Thomas ?

  3. tit4tat says:

    Gen. Thomas Cirillo
    Thank you for the message, you are truly a freedom fighter, together we shall bring real governance and peace in our beloved S. Sudan.

  4. False Millionnaire says:

    The speech is up to the haight of national ambitions and general TCS desrves sympathy and support.
    But if his terms aren’t Sheer suggar-coated,he has set himself to be à sacrificial lamb like Garang did.The worst of all difficult times begin from the foundation. The centeral terms of the speech could be interpreted to symbolize à manifesto. But like Garang,the resistence against him will begin from his own equatorian constituency.
    During his silence since defection and formation of NS,he was badly misrepresented even by the editor who mouthed out on his behalf such terms as confideration leading to the break up of RSS into mini republics.
    While Alhag Paul who incited so much hatred among masses ending up creating à certain mini equatorian tribalistic movement named REMNASSA,Dr Kwajok has come down to earth writing articles and signing up as an ordinary citizen and not chairman and C-I-C of anything. That means target killing of innocent citizens has hit à brick wall for them without any grain of success.
    Général TCS will fail miserably and RSS with him if he fails to push off those rubbish characters from his entourage
    It’s good to like our independence. But one would appreciate it even more if one understood how so difficult it’s foundation was.An indépendant RSS owes it’s self to Garang. The two are two faces of the same coin.The first enemies to Garang from the most difficult first hours were not other than jieng of his own constituency.
    There is no grudge or sense of hostility to bring forth than expression of realities.RSS needs à change and no one should refuse it if it’s God’s will to have it coming under the leadership of général TCS.

    • King Logunu The Second says:

      False Millionaire,

      Stop the rubbish. The independence of South Sudan owes itself to the people of South Sudan. It came through the referendum as everyone knows. Father Saturnino Lohure , Aggrey Jadden, General Lagu and others were the pioneers who planted the idea of South Sudan independence in the minds of our people. Garang was not fighting for the independence of South Sudan and that has been documented beyond doubt. Many of us watched a video clip where Garang was wondering why Bashir was siding with Riek Machar the separatist while fighting him the unionist. Had Garang lived to witness the referendum, its result would have not been the 98.83% yes for secession.

  5. BILL KUCH says:

    Gen. Thomas Cirilo,
    Those are nice words, however, talking alone without action will never change a thing in South Sudan. In the first place, you were aiming at Dinka domination, but you realized that it could not be possible without them. Now, you got it right this time. Unity is very important in every steps of any movement. Thanks.

    • Bismark says:

      Bill Kuch,

      You people always get it wrong when people complain about Kiir and Jieng Council of Elders’ mismanagement of the affairs of South Sudanese nation state. The people do not hate Dinka as a people but the hatred is against DINKAISM. that is institutionalized by Jiengs who are in control of the Government. The institutions of government are made to look like it is Dinka affair..

  6. Alex says:

    If you support a thief then you yourself is a thief. Thomas has stolen and there is no reason to say he is innocent.

  7. False Millionaire says:

    king Logunu,
    U can refuse to give credit where it’s due.It’s your nature and there isn’t any objection to it.
    In truth,you are Dr Kwajok but due to shame from many tragedies and set backs masterminded by u,u are now king Logunu in honor of a lost inferior race’s kingdom which collaborated in a slave trade in east Africa and in defense of light weight thinkers who had an idea of an independent RSS but with neither military nor mental means to achieve it until God sent a certain witch doctor named Garang as a sacrificial lamb to
    The debate here Mr doctor is about general TCS in respect to his declaration of national ambitions that makes him well oppossed to U.
    While he is brilliant in his declarations,he has set himself squarely on the edge of a knife where success and failure are two faces of the same coin if he ever fails to impersonate the same Garang whose image u aren’t ashamed to smear with mud.U should have explained why the CPA contained the clause giving the right to south sudan’s succession and why Garang had negotiated it that way if it weren’t the greatest objective at stake
    .But sorry,that’s exactly what makes of u an inferior thinker.

    • King Logunu The Second says:

      False Millionaire,

      You can assume whoever is King Logunu the Second but it doesn’t change the fact that Garang wasn’t a secessionist. Similarly, I assume you are one of the thieves who embezzled or looted public funds or at least a beneficiary of the current regime in Juba. If you were to be a fair-minded person and not a mere tribalist, you would have given credit to Dr Riek Machar and Dr Lam Akol regarding the idea of an independent South Sudan. Both brought the issue up before the 1991 SPLM split. The Frankfurt meetings between both leaders and the then government of Sudan haven’t faded away in the memories of many in this forum. People would agree that they haven’t heard Garang ever advocating independence of South Sudan from Sudan.

  8. Abel Magok says:

    I don’t know whether this speech from Gen. Thomas, was a deceptive tactics or a true position driven from his personal thinking. This should have been the first speech when exited from government but what we have seen and read then was a frustrated tribal General who doesn’t distinguish between Dinka and the government and perhaps pursuing Equatorian issues not a nationalist South Sudanese.
    With time, we will continue observing this changing tone whether the man is getting advices somewhere or really coming to the sense from new reading of the situation of the country.

  9. False Millionaire says:

    King Logu,
    See how useles u are to yourself to confirm my assertion of your being inferior thinker without knowing?
    Better go hang youreslf.You are useless to earth if u believe in,”The Frankfurt meetings”.Why don’t u just admit to mean that RSS’ independence had to fall from the sky?
    If Garang didn’t favor RSS’ independence,what was the need for his negotiating the clause to that end?
    U and your likes are the cancer that would infact and kill general TCS before he has even started.
    May God be with him to have the courage to castrate u one by one like Garang did to evil people among his entourage to cement the SPLM/A foundation!!!

    • King Logunu The Second says:

      False Millionaire,

      Calm down! The truth has pushed you into a corner. But I am not letting you off the hook. If Garang was pro South Sudan Independence – then why would people like late Yousif Kuwa, Yaser Arman, Malik Aggar and Abdul Aziz Al Hilu, be part and parcel of the SPLM/SPLA?
      Do you think anyone of the above leaders was fighting for the independence of South Sudan from Sudan?

  10. False Millionaire says:

    King Lo,
    Is general TCS in love of naath and jieng masses that he has made a declaration of principles that are national but not narrowly equatorian?
    In universal politics,u make bigger claims when u mean small portions and that will help to rally for u as many friends as possible and diminish the strength of your enemies.RSS owes it’s self to Garang becouse the strategy he had used divided the northerners and that’s what gave SPLM/A the military strength well opposed to that of the two Anya Anyas that weighed heavily on the negotiations that gave birth to the clause for self determination.
    U yourself u fooled around chairmaning an equatorian movement which primary objective was targeting innocent jieng traveling on roads.As u are squatting here in the forum,u know u have failed miserably even before the jieng mobilized to pay u back with the same coin.If they did,what would u get than fleeing to Congo for ever with innocent equatorians paying the price they don’t deserve?
    Garang has done his duty most brilliantly and deserves rest,peace and respect as father of RSS.But go join those of Riek Machar and Lam Akol.Copy their methods and see if it isn’t a nightmare to aggree to empty terms as those of,”The Frankfurt meetings”,which make u go merry
    General TCS will hurriedly get pulled to the depth of hell with his constituents if his work circles turn out to include u.

    • Loberito says:

      Well said Gen.Thomas Cirillo. Whether one does not like it or not, because the reality of the situation in South Sudan cannot be denied. It is indeed shameful that our people are oppressed, tortured, prisoned or even kill by their own. It is up to us southerners to continue to suffer on the hands on the oppressers or we act to resolve the problem whichever possible way.

  11. mading says:

    Fasle M. Brother you are dealing with people who have been blind by Dinkas hatred, they will never get it no matter how much you put facts in front of them. John Garang was very wised to keep those people King are using as example, because he did not want Southerners to fight a lonely war like in the past. What was wrong letting them help us fight the enemy when so many money lovers Southerners were fighting on Arabs side. Not to mentioned how hard it would have been us it was not done wisely like the way our late Garang did it, because Africans in our then Sudan would have fight us to not let us go, because many of them used to use our names as trouble makers for them to get jobs from Arabs and other things.

    • King Logunu The Second says:


      Your argument is so shallow and illogical that a school boy would not buy it. You are implying that Garang used deception to lure northerners into joining the SPLM/SPLA while his real intention was the independence of South Sudan. It will mean that Garang managed to deceive Yaser Arman, Yousif Kuwa, Malik Aggar, Abdul Aziz Al Hilu and thousands of SPLA fighters who hailed from the North.

      But the problem for you is how to explain why people like Dr Lual Achuil Deng, the former Minister of Petroleum in Sudan, a prominent SPLM/SPLA cadre, remained steadfastly supporting the New Sudan Vision and was against secession? Did Garang deceive him as well?

  12. False Millionnaire says:

    The most disturbing thing is,the likes of King Longunu appear to know nothing about SPLM/A hell begining under Garang.Nothing could be more tragic than the history of the red army for which chiefs and parents got flogged to contribute childern as young as eight years old,the majority of whom didn’t survive to see an indépendant RSS for which they were sacrificed.
    Now instead of doing what they should do without antagonizing neutral masses into swelling the weight of their opposition,they are squatting on the forum to smear the mud on the image of their liberator named Garang.They havn’t any clue that in Africa,harsh consequences of ill managed affairs don’t delay to bite.One will be more than willing to stay tuned.
    Gneral TCS is in the face of a hell of work.He would quickly slip into the relic of history of yesterday if he isn’t as determined with his cross as Garang was with zéro tolérance to potential wrong footers.

    • King Logunu The Second says:

      False Millionaire,

      I didn’t want to continue the debate because you failed to back up your assertion with credible evidence. Well, you are back at it with even more laughable assertions. You claim to know everything about the SPLM/SPLA but seem not to understand the New Sudan Vision that was crafted by Garang. Is there anything in the New Sudan Vision that refers to an independent South Sudan?

      Stop the nonsense. There are no liberators or people who were liberated by others. We all liberated ourselves through a protracted struggle that saw the involvement of all the communities. The desperate attempts by you and others to distort the facts will never bear fruits. I would suggest you consult your dictionary to understand the full meaning of the word (smear). Stating facts with supporting evidence is not smearing. Garang never supported the independence of South Sudan from Sudan because it will be contradictory to his vision of (New Sudan).

  13. False Millionnaire says:

    King Lo,
    I regret to waste time with u.But please bear further and make an effort on révision of Garang’s speches and see the assertions inviting southerners to fight up to Kosti and to stop there from proceding to Khartoum should they feel satisfied with a liberated south sudan.
    In politics u express your position by way of implication and Garang went à long distance in negotiating the clause for self détermination giving the field to the southern masses to boot the ball home into the goal he had set wide open.
    Mr lo,I believe u have objectives political or social to fight for.But u will learn the hardest way after failing to achieve any one of them if u ever failed to apply such sense of intellegnce as Garang’s. Go to the sky and come back to earth but u will never change the true fact that RSS owes it’s independence to Garang.
    A jieng fellow?yes.But father of an indépendant RSS.Accept that as such or hang yourself becouse it’s à historical achievement no earthly power can discrédit it.

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