Gen. Paul Malong isn’t a Jump-over bull sacrifice for Dr. Machar’s return to Juba

By: Ater Garang Ariath, APR/12/2016, SSN;

Upon unnecessary delay of our first ever designated Compromise Peace Agreement and First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny’s return to Juba, I have observed some wrong-headed South Sudanese citizens going on rampage in social media citing the Sudan’s Peoples Liberation Movement In Opposition (SPLM-IO) unmet calls for removal of the National Army Chief of General Staff, Gen. Paul Malong Awan Anei.

This continuous sentiment song sung by anti–General Malong’s camp within the Sudan’s People Liberation Movement In Opposition and their sympathizers must be confronted by South Sudanese peace lovers absolutely.

The parties to the conflict should strictly adhere to and implement the Compromise Peace Agreementin its entirety rather than trying to create U-turn through unrealistic media onslaught against Gen. Malong.

General Malong will never be jumped over bull sacrificed by the leadership for quick return of Dr. Riek Machar Teny to South Sudan just to join President Salva Kiir Mayardit for formation of the Transitional Government of National Unity as per Compromise Peace Agreement arrangement.

Any attempt to stimulate such a suicidal call is tantamount to pave headway for permanent collapse of this precious peace that gave upper hand to First Vice President to come for another presidential seeking trail.

The scheme designed by the so-called SPLM-IO propaganda specialists like Dr. John Garang De Mabior’s political wanderer child, Mabior Garang De Mabior will never reach a political vein of President Salva Kiir and act in favour of uncalled for political bonus for the sake of First Vice President return.

I am an independent South Sudanese political and peace Activist, of which I will never support any call that will paved way for U-turn at the eve of Compromise Peace Agreement implementation.

Therefore, at the bottom of my heart, with undivided love of my nation and its unique people, I vehemently opposed SPLM-IO outrageously call for removal of Gen. Malong from honchos of the national army.

I wondered! Why Mabior Garang, the son of our ever great man, a symbol of South Sudanese freedom fighters (Dr. John Garang De Mabior) behaves like a rogue as head of SPLM-IO Information Committee?

It is because of “will to power or what”? that stimulated Mabior to ignore already established mechanisms such as JMEC of addressing some shortcomings toward implementation of Compromise Peace Agreement on the resolution of conflict in South Sudan.

However, let us calling things by their names , rather than calling a spade a spoon, gone are days of speculations and media propaganda, which done huge damages to South Sudan as nation, especially by wrong-headed self-proclaimed South Sudanese political saviors like Mabior and the rest of his camp members.

Gen. Malong is not and will never be an obstacle to peace implementation in South Sudan, a nation that he suffered before its birth with undivided loyalty for the last thirty-four years (34 years) if my five senses are still accurate on historical years flashback.

Since he (Gen. Malong) first joined Anya-Anya two as member of Anya–Anya One remnants in 1982, after some members of that movement discontented with Addis-Ababa peace agreement of 1972, he never took wrong path against South Sudan people.

Gen. Malong was part and parcel of nucleus of what later expanded to be named Sudan’s People Liberation Movement-A (SPLM/ Army) in 1983 led by impeccable leader Dr. John Garang Mabior after enormous challenges of leadership struggle posed by those of Akuot Atem and Abdala Chuol.

It has been spotlighted several times by Anti-General Malong onslaught on social and traditional media platforms campaign, painted his portrait as Anti- Compromise Peace Agreement general in President Salva Kiir military and political camp, which is not true.

Nevertheless, General Malong wanted a peace that has no strings attached to it, which can definitely interfere with national interest and sovereignty of our nation, such as a obsolete call posted by Mabior Garang on facebook a day ago with ungrounded allegations saying that eight lorries full of armed Dinka new recruits were ferried to Juba from Bahr El Ghazal region by orders of General Malong.

What a great and white lie? Concocted by Mabior with huge intention of calling international response to build pressure up on President Salva Kiir administration to remove General. Malong, which will never happen, unless South Sudanese peace lovers and sponsors prepare a dustbin for this precious peace period.

This is a critical time for South Sudanese peace lovers and international sponsors to delve beneath the surface of South Sudanese politics and get by themselves, why General Malong is so pertinent to be part and parcel of the national army in the course of peace implementation period.

Just to be frank enough with reasonable sound-minded, General. Malong is not a sacrifice bull for genuine success of peace, which is intended to bring everlasting stability in South Sudan.

My dear fellow men and women in media platforms , on the one hand, free ,independent and pluralistic media provide a platform for debate on different opinions. One the other hand, media can be misused for propaganda purposes, to incite hatred and spread rumors and therefore artificially create tensions, of which those of Mabior embarked on now to create window for tension.

As South Sudanese young men and women like me and Mabior De Garang Mabior, our future is so bright that we need sunglasses, of which we should focus on positive role of media, such as peace building, conflict management and prevention, by impacting on public discourse.

Let us use five senses when we embark on political discourse for our national issues by examining all sides of the coin, with political consciousness and moral transcendent that value our diversity as nation.

At personal level, I acknowledged that two years conflict in our country has caused tragic losses of lives, destroyed the limited infrastructures founded during Comprehensive Peace Agreement between North and South, eroded economic resources and inflicted untold sufferings of our people.

This dark chapter in our history as nation, need to be hounded and put in dustbin by all of us , if we are serious in making a better history of our nation, where the welfare of our common men and women is our chief pride.

Mabior and the rest within Dr. Machar camp who think that removal of Gen. Paul Malong will offer them wide chances for political maneuvering to drive on with their agenda must be warned, they are playing with red-hot coal.

Penultimate, let us have a heavily weighed duty to our nation always, and avoid any headway to unnecessary war that will jeopardize the crucial and relentless efforts from international community and our friends in the region, trying to restore peace and political stability of our nation.

The war propaganda specialists within different warring camps should adapt our national-flag wavering attitude rather than drawing themselves into regional and tribal cocoon that plunged our nation in uncountable sufferings.

There are possibilities of shaping our headlines and history as South Sudanese people, if we dig deep for our real values, rather than specializing in shallow minded attitudes of our previous enemies.

I am not one of inner circle members of Gen. Malong Awan Anei and I will never be, but plain truth, truth and truth will save millions lives of our people, who desperately need peace and stability.

Any citizen of this great nation has ultimate obligation to tell any South Sudanese that he/she is naked, when he/she is naked, regardless of social position…bhala –bhala bhala.

Anti–war Activists will never tell Gen. Malong to step aside as national army Chief of General Staff if we really care and valued our nation progress in tranquility.

The urgent need to restore peace and security to the people of South Sudan who endured this conflict for far too long, is our chief concern as peace lovers, and we should pressurize both parties to form Transitional Government of National Unity without preconditions.

Notwithstanding, as concerned citizen for peace to be realize in South Sudan, Gen. Malong Awan position will never be compromised by the
leadership as string attached for implementation of Compromise Peace Agreement.

I hope the Information Committee headed by the so-called Mabior Garang in SPLM-IO is suffered from lock-in positive thinking ability, which is ultimate secret of becoming tough enough to face toughest trouble art of politics.

My dear fellow citizens , our political synopsis should reflect realities rather than engaged in social media , spreading rumors and propaganda against each others as South Sudanese people.

Albeit, since power is often measured by one’s prominence and ability to influence others in today’s world political then opponents and haters of Gen. Malong must swallow that fact, if they really have hearts and nationalistic spirits of peace and stability reception in South Sudan.

Hunger for power tendency will not lures people of South Sudan again to play with fire, which is already extinguished by our friendly nations, which initiated and support what now we called Compromise Peace Agreement.

What does Compromise Peace Agreement means to those SPLM-IO camp wrong-headed social media political activists? As per see, all parties to conflict have already forgone their conditions and no clause within agreement that demanded removal of Gen. Malong from his position.

Where this demand from removal of Malong emanated from? SPLM-IO leadership should be serious and engage on constructive criticism rather than reopening the agreement for negotiation, which was already signed without clause that demand removal of Gen. Malong.

I personally, appeal to international community and regional bodies to avoid making reference to such unnecessary political propaganda, which will fuel chances for this precious peace to escape from windows of “will to power” drive of those of Mabior and his accomplices.

If my First Vice President Dr. Machar is also behind this unrealistic scheme in regard to his delayed, then God forbid, the nation will never be compromised just on expense of others.

Those of SPLM –IO who fear Gen. Malong to head national army during transitional period are traitors and South Sudanese anti-peace progress and they should be finger-pointed at , because they are completely offline in regard to Compromise Peace Agreement implementation modalities.

The love of my nation (South Sudan) will never end and I always pray for these political wanderers South Sudanese within and in Diaspora for God to circumcise their hearts to care much of South Sudan and its people.


  1. Deng Monymor says:

    Ater, and SPLM-OI propagandists are on Gen. Malong and Gen. Thon Balok for reasons that are very clear for their well-intended purpose. They see Gen. Malong’s presence in the national army as a threat to their very reason for war in the first place as they lately been doing with Gen. Thon Balok. Remember, they attempted the coup in December 2013 because they wanted to take over the leadership by force; however, their failure, if you have noticed, has been blamed on him (Gen. Awan). Now, comes the Imposed Peace Agreement which was designed by those whose goal is always to rob other people’s resources to let them achieve what they did not achieve through the coup, and so having Gen. Malong leading the army is like a dream on its dead bed for them and Behind his mother in hopeless state, wen Nyandeng Chol Atem is a propaganda tool used to assist his stepfather’s dream come true if Gen. Malong is removed, so they think.

    Question: What would his real father think, having already sat right beside Deng Nhial?……….I wonder….”son of she-animal” maybe! However, don’t worry about them, just let’s pour our libation to his real Father and Deng Nhial on their blessed rest, knowing that Gen. Malong will not let them down. Gen. Malong has nine bullets in his body; therefore, one bullet of propaganda won’t harm him.

  2. Gatdarwich says:


    The Jenges’ warlord, Malong NyanAwandit’s days are numbered. Whether you like or not, he must personally pay for the over 20,000 Nuer he massacred in Juba.
    To hell with your craps talk and Malong’s psychological warfare–threats.

  3. abai okwahu says:

    this fellow (writer) is an apologist of the junta. malong awan is a thug just like the rest of the junta in juba. riek machar and his group made a mistake by signing a deal that the likes of malong awan are constantly undermining. the killers are still in juba and are continuing to slaughter innocents.

  4. Elhag Paul says:

    Is the author of this piece President Salva Kiir using the pen name of Ater Garang Ariath? Just read this paragraph and make up your mind: “If my First Vice President Dr. Machar is also behind this unrealistic scheme in regard to his delayed, then God forbid, the nation will never be compromised just on expense of others.” There are also some sentences suggesting the author is a powerful person in South Sudan. Mr President, welcome to South Sudan Nation, the most independent and informative media outlet.

    • Gatdarwich says:

      Brother Elhag Paul,

      It doesn’t really matter whether the writer of this article is killer NyanKiir, Bona Malual, Ambrose Riiny, Philip Aguer, or Kuol Manyany, because Patriots forces are already in Juba, and are fully aware of all the worst or best scenario which the traitorous Jenges might or not might executes against the SPLA-IO’s leaderships in Juba.
      What is matter, is the fact that Jenges warlords’ days are numbered period.
      General Lado Gore is in Juba already, General Gatwech Dual and General Oliny shall follow soon—-, Dr. Riek will be in Juba when time permits.
      No more psychological warfare.
      The traitorous Jenges have exactly two options— peace or hell period

  5. Aguer says:

    Ater you put it right,thes people are like Coltsflowers they always blame others even when they are wrong,look they’re politically faile already just as they lost war.Generall Malong is a war hero who knows the deference between the enemy and traiter,Riek is a traiter who is politically dead man walking.

  6. Gatdarwich says:


    Malong NyanAwandit is a Jenge warlord who knows how to slaughtered-murdered non-Jenges civilians and humiliately lost the carefully planned tribal war. He is indisputable national traitor who made killer NyanKiir politically–Jenges dead, and disastrously–unknowingly killed Jenges’ slim chances of ever becoming presidents in South Sudan.
    He is a treasonous character who deserved nothing short of cremation by the few patriot Jenges–whose aspirations’—dreams’ of becoming presidents in South Sudan, in the long run–he treasonously killed period

  7. alex says:

    Brother leave this group of failed journalist. This is not the first time they have tried yo confusion people.
    The political maturity of our people is not like in seventies where people will follow politicians blindly. I thought they might have learned from this war, why they failed so miserably to persuade our masses to join their senseless war despite their massive war propaganda. They keep on bucking they are the majority and the reality is different if they are wise they could be asking themselves what really went wrong with our propaganda but fools always don’t understand

  8. MonyDit Waa says:

    I haven’t read this, but in the rationale of things, the youth should never indulge into this psychopathic spree. The camps that ripped apart our economy and community social fabric, irrespective of whoever they are to us, should never be defended or given any sensible homage. Ater Garang Ariath and his IO counterparts should give us a break! Governments and rebels are thieves and murderers and however much we refashion them, they shall never be normal human beings that deserve respect from us, the logical and pure!
    I am #MonyDit Wa!

  9. Bol says:

    Mr Ariath,
    General Malong is a war-hero who has foiled Nuer Military Endeavour on 14/12/13. His effort deserve credit, but Gen. Malong’s ambitions are far beyond his job descriptions. He is a power circle within power circle! The new tiger battalion and military outposts commanders around Juba are all his hand-picked! It is a matter of time before he handcuffs President Kiir and declare himself the C in C! We have Idi Amin Dada in the making. What worries me is not the position of President Kiir, rather than repetition of Ugandan crisis in RSS. Remember, Idi Amin didn’t have friend as he killed them on suspicions .

  10. False Millionaire says:

    I beg to disagree.Malong has no courage for the presidency.His ambitions couldn’t be beyond assuring security to safe his ass becouse he is on the top of the list of Dr Riak’s firing squat.
    Watch out man,RSS is a savage jungle without mercy!!!

    • Gatdarwich says:

      False Millionaire,

      Dr. Riek does not have a people to kill list. He is the father of the South Sudan, and wholeheartedly loves all his children unconditionally.
      But, I am pretty sure treasonous Malong’s name is in Gatdarwich’s “no mercy”–hell list.

      Peace and Ngundeng bless!

      • Bol says:

        You are messing with wrong guy..Malong Is a real survivor, not like Kiir..remember he was the one chase you from in 2013 with forces under 2000 men, which is nothing compared to what he has now. Tune it down dude or when the second show down comes about, there will be no Bortown to run to nor white army to rescue some fat butts as the new borns are not ready to walk yet leave alone signing up for done and dusted, your only choice is peace.

        • Gatdarwich says:


          LIAR, LIAR, LIAR, traitorous Malong didn’t chased a single patriot out of Juba in 2013.
          Gen. Hoth, Gen. Duoth Guet,and Gen. Charles lam–all Nuer–were the direct cammanders of the forces that clashed with Dr. Riek’s body guards. Traitorous Malong’s militants only massacred Nuer in Juba after Dr. Riek tactically left.
          sincerely Bol, treasonous Malong is a soft target given Gatdarwich’s tactical warrior skills. Malong can singly be taken by Gatdarwich in a heartbeat period
          Bol, you absolutely have zero clue who Gatdarwich is.

          • info@southsudannation says:

            Gatdarwich, The beloved son of Ngundeng,
            Now that you have so openly confessed that those three Nuer generals (Hoth, Duoth and Charles Lam) committed the genocide on their fellow Nuers at the behest of the jieeng Kiir/Malong command, what guarantees and confidence do you still have that the new forces your-son-of-God, GatMachar, has built in Pagak is a truly trustworthy force of soldiers to depend upon and defend him next round in Juba?
            Heartbeat…..I highly doubt, more like a heart attack from Malong, is ominously expected.

          • Bol says:

            why don’t you do it since you are capable of doing it? Didn’t Ngundeng gave you a green light yet? Why didn’t use your supernatural abilities to conquer Kampala since M7 is your real enemy? Why did you let down your people to be confined to a tiny village called Pangak? Cousin, I begin to devolve serious doubts about your metal health…… You are seeing things that no one else can see and believing in abilities which never exists….Its getting worse every day.

  11. Dr Lako Jada Kwajok says:

    ” If my First Vice President Dr. Machar ……..”

    Seems the author inadvertently exposed himself. Very interesting indeed!

  12. Gatdarwich says:


    The Nuer massacre in Juba was evidently committed by Malong’s militants–under the direct commands of Gen. Marial Chanuong, Garang Mabir, Salva Mathok, and Bol Akot.
    I don’t know how you came to the conclusion that Gen. Guet, Hoth, and Lam committed the genocide!
    Please recall that Gatdarwich mentioned the three Nuer army generals strictly to dispute Bol’s unfounded claims that Malong’s militants chased Dr. Riek’s body guards away from Juba.
    My intent was simply to state the fact in relation to the commanders of the forces that clashed with Dr. Riek’s body guards in Juba. The forces under the commands of General Hoth, Guet, and Lam didn’t commit the Nuer genocide in Juba, but Malong’s militants did.
    Editor, it is highly unethical and childish to wittingly twists factual statements full stop

    • Bol says:

      Truth teller [Gatdarwish],
      Dr Reik body guards(about 35 men) were disarmed and liquidised almost 24 house after the Dr Reik left Juba. They didn’t put up any fight to or clash with anybody because they were promise not to be harm, but they neutralised upon their surrender. The clashing forces were Dinka and Nuer Army officers and civilians, as we all know that huge number of civilians from these communities were active combatants at some point in their lives. It is okay to edit un-truthful part of the story in order to maintain your ethical writing and credibility as a truth teller, and leave the lies for Bol and his likes.

  13. Gatdarwich says:


    Patiently waits for the D-day. There is time for everything to be implemented or not be!

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