Gen. Lul Ruai Koang, Machar’s ex-Spokesman defects to Kiir’s Army

For Immediate Release. February 18th, 2015, SSN;

The SPLM/SPLA office in Canada would like to take this opportunity to clarify some misinformation in the light of comrade Gen. Lul Ruai Koang’s defection to the Government of South Sudan under Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit as of 18th of February 2015.

In this regard, the people of South Sudan and especially the supporters of the SPLM/SPLA –Resistance Movement and the gallant forces of the Freedom Fighters under the able leader Dr. Riek Machar ought to know nothing but truth.

Therefore, it’s unfortunate to the public that Gen. Lul Ruai Koang has surrendered to the government of Salva Kiir and did not form alleged new Armed Group. The claim that Mr. Lul has formed a new Armed Group was a purge to confuse the general public about Gen. Lul Ruai’s surrender to the genocidal government that has killed 20, 000 innocent Nuer civilians in cold blood.

At the time of writing this press release, our SPLM/SPLA office in Nairobi, Kenya has confirmed that Gen. Lul Ruai Koang has made the pronouncement of his defection to the government in a public briefing organized by the Government of South Sudan’s Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.

While in the briefing, comrade Lul Ruai himself was accompanied by none other than Mr. Paul Malong Awan, the current Chief of General Staff in the Government of South Sudan, Mrs. Rachel Nyadak Paul, Deputy of Minister of Information and broadcasting in the Government of South Sudan, Gen. Philip Aguer Panyang, current Military spokesman in the government of South Sudan, Mr. Ghai Riam, former of Minister of Cabinet Affairs in Jonglei State and still with the government and Mr. Paul Bol who is also a staunch supporters of Salva Kiir Mayardit’s genocidal.

Besides, the people of South Sudan should also ascertain Gen. Lul Ruai Koang’s cowardice surrender to the genocidal government of South Sudan under along these lines in his press release:

1. “Cognizant that the ongoing civil war caused by December 15th, coup attempt has resulted to huge human losses of lives and properties;”
2. ‘Mindful that Dr. Riek is soliciting support from the Government of the Republic of Sudan in order to continue to destabilizing the country and
3. “Concerned that Dr. Riek Machar continues to obstruct peace by presenting impossible demands which in turn make it difficult to achieve peace in short time.”

These statements and circumstance of which Lul Ruai made his pronouncement are serious indications and proved that comrade Gen. Lul Ruai Koang has surrender to the same ruthless regime that he once rightful criticized of being genocidal and authoritarian to the core.
In closing, we would like to urges our people to remind calm and inform our supporters that Gen. Lul Ruai Koang has surrendered to President Salva Kiir’s genocidal regime alone.

And above all else, your movement, the SPLM/SPLA will never betray people’s cause on short change. We are committed and determined to bring lasting peace to South Sudan by whatever mean necessary.

To bring this lasting peace to realization, the SPLM/A shall ensure that the root cause to the conflict is addresses amicably and culture of impunity completely discarded once and for all.
Victory is certain and we are committed to stay the course!
Signed by:

The SPLM/SPLA office in Canada’s
PR office


  1. Omang Rollo says:

    The divisions within Lou communities will be the last nail to seal off this hopeless rebellion, those of Gatdet and his other gangsters north of Bentiu will see what we will do to them if Riek refuses to sign a permanent peace pact. . Lou do not want to fight any longer, that is why their side of the front-line is inactive. The only general who is actively fighting is Koang Chuol, but his soldiers are running away from him on daily basis due to hunger. They are doomed too just like their rebellions.

  2. Dengchol Machar Atem says:

    You’re most welcome Comrade Lul !

  3. mindra says:

    ha ha ha,some gen are looking for money and position.i know this gen will regret and make u turn again.Kenya has become a place for the rebel or o position to announced their political ambition
    Gen Lul Ruai,make my words,you will not find it easy with Kirr’s government.

    Thanks to be God,that blood money with whom you betrayed your people will have no meaning and u will have no peace of mind,you being in the bush has got no meaning and you have wasted your time instead of doing something productive since then.Is that all what you want to achieved Gen Lul Ruai Koang,why do u turn the barrel of Ur gun to Ur fellow blood is thicker than water.
    I have maths formula for u,1+1=2,not 3 but anyone who says 1+1=3 is wrong.can anyone prove me wrong here in my maths calculation and interprets the answer i got,i have two answers here,ans 1=2 & ans 2=3

    Mindra pageri payam loa local madi corridor EE,SS,

  4. False Millionaire says:

    A certain blogger named Charless has a habit of saying that there are many ways to skin a goat.If general Koang has laid down arms,it’s the violence that he has abandoned but not the struggle.His action is most courageous,most human n most intelligent.He is most welcomed to the ranks n file of progressive,constructive n peaceful forces.We are in a dire need of pursuit of dialogue that can permit us to develop our national consciousness.We must come to know who are our enemies n what we must do to bullduze them off.All in all through peacefull actions.Not violence!!!

    • Eli says:

      Wow, you seems to be overjoyed for only one lost lone rider a childish young punk looking for the left-over of oil money. Let him come back to that beleaguered city of Juba a.k.a; “Nuers death camp”, and will soon be a statistics of the 20,000 + 1.
      Just a piece of history; in 1941 some Jews did the same mistake by returning to west Germany from neighboring countries because Hitler promised them amnesty only to find themselves being paraded into the infamous Gas-chamber and roasted.
      Anyhow those are the dirty games of typical corrupt south Sudanese politicians. However he did defamed and bad-mouthed SPLA-Juba in the eyes of the world for so long that SPLA-Juba militias are going to nail him soon; Kirr hasn’t changed and he will never. Also the same murderers of our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers are still walking the streets of Juba freely looking for the next victim, and now they got one. Lately I noticed this guy started issuing some independent commentaries on media and I knew he was up to something. He is A CONDEMNED TRAITOR, bye to another Judas Iscariot.

      • Eli says:

        Sorry I couldn’t make to you and your partner Nikalongo’s drinking party in those shadowy neighborhoods of Juba, I appreciate your invitation however at the moment it’s not my time for parties, I don’t celebrate the blood of innocent victims.
        False; I can’t share table with blood-soak hands, that is against my principles and codes of ethics. I also have more important business to attend to; stopping genocides of the innocent citizens by SPLA-Juba. You will have to promise me that you will cleanse your bloody hands before any meeting between you, Nikalongo and I, if we all survive the coming combat, you and your crime-partner will have to use your actual names so I know who to meet. But for now enjoy your soon to diminish blood money, good luck to you fellows.

        • Eli,

          I appreciate your advice to a Dinka bond slave called False Millionaire, who is over enjoying the defection of Lul Ruach Koang to the genocidal and tribal government of Kiir. The defection of Lul Ruach Koang will not alter anything in the movement. The movement has cleaned the Lul Ruach Koang, but Lul Ruach dirt himself again. The movement pulled out Lul from grave, but Lul Ruach return to the execution site again.

          Lul Ruach Koang is repeated what his elder brother Isaac Ruach Koang has done. In 1991, Isaac Ruach Koang defected with Dr. Machar from the SPLA and was appointed humanitarian manager for the areas under control of SSIM. However, Isaac Ruach Koang defected to the SPLA in 1994. And 1995 Isaac Ruach Koang was killed by the SPLA in Pageri simply because he was Nuer. In 2009, the government decided to give Isaac Ruach Koang’s rank to his brother Rul Ruach Koang. This is how Lul Ruai Koang become brigadier general.

          Come back to Lul Ruai Koang defection to the government.

          Between Novermber and December 2014, Lul met Malong Awan in one of the hotels in Nairobi. The source alleged that Malong Awan gave $250,000 to Brig Lul Ruach Koang. The source indicated that the reason Malong Awan gave $250,000 to Lul is to provide government with information from the SPLA-IO, but not to encourage Lul to defect to the government. Malong Awan wanted Lul Ruai Koang to tell him where Dr. Machar may be in Greater Upper Nile so the government could attack the place Riek might be heavily both from the ground and from the air.

          However, Mabior Garang Mabior, the information minister for the SPLA-IO became suspicious why Lul met Malong Awan in Hotel in Nairobi. Mabior Garang attempted to investigate the reason for their meeting, but Lul could not cooperate with Mabior Garange Mabior until other SPLA-IO officials involved in investigations and found that the alleged information was real. Consequently, Lul declared his defection to the government to avoid more investigations.

          Those who love government because of money will never make change that can benefit citizens, but instead the love for money kill them. For example, 1954, Deng Nhial was bribed by the government of Sudan to destroy Liberal Party formed by Southerners in favor of Federalism and Independent of South Sudan. Deng Nhial worked very hard against Liberal Party until the Liberal Party of Southerners was completely abandoned in 1956. After government became confidence that the Liberal Party is not longer exist, Deng Nhial was killed in 1960 by the same government which bribed him against his own brothers in the South. This is the similar game the South Sudan government is playing now with the rebels.

          Correspondingly, Bishop Alfred Taban (you mean Paride, not Alfred: Editor) allegedly gave David Yau Yau $1.5 million in behalf of government to avoid Murle from joining the SPLA-IO. Yau Yau said he want Pibor to be state, Kiir just said yes. It was just a question and the answer and Pibor was made state. Is this agreement between Yau Yau and Slava Kiir mediated by faith groups was an amicable agreement? If it is an amicable agreement, then why several Murle and Anuak officials are still working for the Jongeli state government? Does this agreement change government attitude? Does this agreement change Kiir dictatorship vision? Does this agreement change Slava Kiir power hungriness? There must be something that is not right.

  5. mindra says:

    Gen Lul Ruia,you are disgrace to the mighty nuer and the entire people of south kiir is confused leader,who always takes people back in to the command who defected to the rebels,note that he had come to monitor Ur position and later gets back.put on shoe that will fit u mr kirr.
    where would you post him or you want to keep him without assignment,Gen Lul had come to pick the remaining nuer,

    Mindra from pageri payam ,madi corridor loa local EE,SS

    • BILL KUCH says:

      Please, leave him alone!!! The did nothing wrong for his common sense and there is no such a thing as disgrace to Nuer community as you claimed. You should be the one who disgraces all Equatorians and particular Madi tribe for you think you could use Nuers to fight for you. Mindra, you got no heart to change things in South Sudan!!!

      • TORIA says:

        Bill Kuch
        You are wrong; Madi don’t need Nuers to fight on their behalf, but it is the issue of resistance that unites people, in particular those who find themselves being sidelined do share common enemy to fight. The common enemy is Kirr’s Juba-SPLA. Nuers do have their own battles to fight just as the Madis.
        Bill; you be a man and don’t take it on ladies. There is no disgrace on her part but she is a revolutionary, just to let u know in some cultures women are encouraged to participate in public discussions.

  6. jok lual says:

    Haaaaa haaaa very good news Gen. Lul Ruai Kong is now out from Riek side .
    my thank to mrs Rachel NYandak Paul you are a real south sudanes citizen .
    god bless you .NYandak OYEEEEE AND Taban Deng and Riek machar they are cry

    • augustine says:

      Jok Lual,

      I think people like Lul does not really understand injustice in South Sudan. If Lul joined the rebels because of the cause, then Lul did not fight for those civilians who were murdered in Juba, Bor, Malakal, and Bentiu. He was probably joined the rebels because of his own interest.

  7. Raankan says:

    Good decision the peace should compromise in order to save of innocent people.welcome Gen to National Army SPLA.

  8. Peter Gatdel says:

    Lul Ruai Koang your defection is highly welcome leave a lone fool Dr Riek who want to kill innocent citizen for his own interest . and he igored suffering of 200,000 innocent nuer in swamp areas some are dying of stravation and diseases All Nuer communities shuold leave Riek a lone, Ruai is wise man who can see far from distance not like fool Riek who always like to suck blood of innocent people in south sudan. he defected in 1991 from Dr Jonh Garang of which he killed 100,000 innocent Dinka civilian.he came back 2002 without peace sign between him and Dr Jonh Garang but now he defected again why do people follow such person. the fact is this he will die without getting presidential seat in south sudan because he is a man lacking objectives fool and crazy enough.

    • Gatnuer says:

      Peter Gatdel,

      Believe me my friend. You have said it all. Dr. Riek Machar will never become a president of South Sudan. Some fools Nuer thought if Salva Kirr is gone, then Riek will automatically take over the presidency. This is a dream that will never come true and the wired thing about this thinking is that many educated Nuers tend to believe it. Are they really in their minds? I really wonder. To Nuer people who follow Riek, Riek Machar is doomed and if you continue following him you will be doomed as well. No kidding folks. What is left now is for Riek to surrender as he did in 1991 or more blood will flow in Nuerland. The choice is up to Nuer community. Reject Riek rebellion now or lose more members of your community.

  9. John Khot says:

    The young general has smartly figured out that fighting indefinitely for Riek Machar’s throne is not worth the lives of his innocent Lou Nuer brothers. Kudos young general. The sooner this war is brought to an end the likely the chances of idiots Kiir Mayardit and Riek Machar will be held accountable for their crimes.

  10. Korm III says:

    hahaha they will come back one by one.

  11. BILL KUCH says:

    That’s pretty amazing U turns and he is absolutely right because killing people for position of one person is useless after all. The general got some senses after bush life with Dr. Riek Machar. He is going to join those smart Nuers who did not even try to follow Dr. Riek in the first place. Thank you and I personally salute your coming back General Kong. Thanks!!!

  12. galdino. sebit says:

    Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai, you got a red carpet reception in Juba not by President Kiir but, by David Yau Yau, whom Kiir humiliated to the bones. David Yau Yau received an agreement on paper, without any hope of implementation,no money, no food except his position, as an administrator of Pibor. Why is he not in Pibor to administer the are? All his fighters have deserted him, to go to the bush again. Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai, just rot in Juba and you have nowhere to go. Long live Spla/io.

  13. Alier Gai says:

    What was the reason they took arms in the first place, I am just wondering?
    May be the tour hit the dead end by now. Hope that they sign the remaining items and come back home with that broken smiles on their faces. The government of South Sudan has another roll to play to check them up to make sure that they are HIV negatives before they are incorporated. One year away is a long time to fear for anything you don’t know especially when they are dinning and partying in Ethiopia, where aids hit all time high in the world’s list. Not to disrespect them, but this is for their safety and nation and citizens’ safety. We don’t need immoral transportation behavior from one place to another, and South Sudan is lacking health care facilities to contain such disease of magnitude. Hope that they free from the guilt of their desires.

  14. mindra says:


    Defection has become away of earning living.gen Lul even if you are back,you field commanders whether in government side or in opposition,ICC are waiting you guyzs.
    Remember what you say about this government,i also quote you saying that Dr Rieck is making impossible demands,
    For you now,what is your demands for Lou nuer,note that there are no more Dollars in south Sudan,UPDF has upper hands over the SPLA soldiers,u will witness yourself after so many months without salary,u will again make u turns,

    Note that,the road to prosperity is always unpleasant and rough,shortcut is always bad,Dr Riek oyee……reformist man,
    we shall congratulate you upon your success at later time,the component of war is lost of live,property ,looting and raping,it’s something unavoidable and it’s part of life

    mindra from pageri payam,madi corridor EE,SS

  15. mindra says:

    Hey SS,

    Dr Riek you have never fought in vain.i know the outcome would be of values,mr kirr must get prepare to account all the tax payer money that he uses to finance this war.
    Remember,apriest in the church also give accountability to the congregation.we shall not let you go unaccounted for what you have spent ,

    Mindra from pageri payam loa local,madi corridor EE,SS

  16. simba says:

    Riek offered this man bones, but this man saw he could get meat at Kiir’s. All Riek need to do, is offer a thigh, but then Kiir may offer a whole cow. It was never about principles. South Sudan is full of them belly politicians devoid of vision. Tragic beyond measure.

  17. Lual Kiir says:


    • GatCharwearbol says:

      Lual Kiir,

      If he is arrested, that’s good news indeed. Lul thinks this is a joke. Salva Kiir needs to be concious with these Nuer wew. They will spoil his dictatorship regime beyond repair. It is better for him to spend his looted money wisely; otherwise, fool and his money will soon parted. Lul went back to Juba empty handed because his position was given to Mabior Garang De Mabior. Well, if it is not true, let Kiir give him the position Mabior was supposed occupy had he not join my Nuer people rebellion…. We are the rebels and we rebelled for very good reason. We will reverse the dictatorshp tendency just like we did to British colonization and United Sudan ideology. Wish him good luck on Kiir’s camp.

  18. Bol says:

    Gen. Lul,
    Welcome home…..You didn’t rebelled for money…..nor did you return for money ……I always say if Nuer didn’t carry out revenge killings, President Kiir might have been out of the office by now…‘The best hammer doesn’t mean every problem is a nail’ Obama.

    • GatCharwearbol says:


      You’re talking of might have been, that means you are not sure. There are no children here on SSN forum that you can easily fool. All of us are mature and well-versed with how things work in South Sudan. What happened was cooked before the incident so there is no way Kiir could have gone. In fact, it is the best thing that Nuer have done.

      • Bol says:

        Grown-ups know something called alternative views…They never confiscate other people’s opinions under the pretext of knowing it all!……A Freedom fighter …..with no little room for counter argument !….I thought they were gone with Dinosaurs!….In rebellion, anything is possible …petite dictators …bringing freedom to all ….the jobless become rulers …revenge-takers ,renaming themselves Freedom Fighters! This is could be the next Hollywood’s milking caw!

    • Bol,

      Yes, Lul Ruai Koang was defected from the movement because he was bribed. Read this: No doubt Lul Ruai Koang is arrived at his own execution site. Stay alert you will hear Lul Ruai Koang life is at risk.

      • Bol says:

        Who will benefit from his demise? The Government will keep him alive to encourage other defections….Rebels will do what it takes to see him vanished to deter others from defections …Money is not the only thing that motivate people….You fought in SPLA for years and you defect now without influence of money… why don’t you think others do the same? Giving away 250; 000 USD to get information of Machar’s whereabouts is not true, because such information can be obtained at cheaper cost. Machar and his close associates use cell phones a lot and this can pinpoint his location in Nuerland. Second, there is no evidence, in your alleged investigation that implicate Gen Lul passing on any information to the government side. Please leave the old lion alone in the bush and come back…. You will be welcome same way Gen. Lul is, unless there evidence implicating you in mass-killing of Dinka in Nuerland. Come home to join forces with other comrades who want change from bottom to the top via less destructive means.

  19. Dau Mawut says:

    Wars and revolutions and battles are due simply and solely to the body and its desires. All wars are undertaken for the acquisition of wealth; and the reason why we have to acquire wealth is the body because we are slaves in its services. But all in all these are Earthly things. Hence we need to think twice when ever we are preparing for a war to please our bodies..

  20. Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

    Lul Ruai Koang is not a member of Luo Nuer clan. He must be from the greediest clan of Bul Nuer from Bentiu in Mayom county. This clan is full of food lovers who only care about their stomach. If you do not know them, they are the one being bribed by Kiir one by one. Most of them are the ones fighting Nuer in Bentiu…. These are their sons, the glutonous of all .. (Thayib Gatluak head of military operation in Bentiu, Buay Rolnyang in Renk, Joseph Nguen and his brother Bapiny, Mathew Paul Jang, Gatduel Gatluak, Tut Kew, and thousands of their county members… one of the commentator in Sudantribune calling himself Marco Bul). I urge SPLM Kiir to jailed all of them. They will spoil your dictatorship regime… Eat your money by yourself before the Mighty White Army of Luo Nuer and Leeknyalthiang of Bentiu killed your Agany eating ass…..

    • alex says:

      God is answering our prayer for peace. Those who are still interested in fightin, God will destory all your plans. We are all brothers and we can slove our differences not by barral of gun. This young general has taken well taught independent decision. He is one of the enlightened son of South Sudan. Why continue to bring guns from Khartoum to destory our country. You wait for more miracles to come. Whoever thinks he can defeat God let him continue to fight. We are crying to God and he will listen to our prayer. This is a sensles war being imposed on ourselves. I pray God to touch the hearts of Lodu Gore, Mula, Kenyi and the many others to come home. History has been won by peace lovers not war mongers. Lets join to develope our country. I also pray for Eli for God to call you tonight to come to south sudan your beloved country.


    • Teach-the-Fools says:

      Nuer…In East Africa,
      I understand your frustration, I thought too Lul Ruai would be the last person to surrender but I am afraid, you are all (including you) coming back very soon. You thought this was going to be like walking in the park and you thought wrong! You and Lul thought wars are won through propaganda and lies and you were all wrong! You thought having over 70% in the national army would give your cursed son an upper hand in grabbing power but you were all wrong!
      Now is the time to sit back and do some soul searching. Please come like General Lul has done, you will be welcome back; remember nobody chased you away in Juba but it was due to your falsehood.

      • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa says:

        Fool being Taught:

        Even if your nose has to keep bleeding in public places for fear of Nuer…. your wishful thinking is yet to be realized. Dance and eat your agany for now, but time is coming for you to see us. The Nuer, who do not cook for UPDF and do not give a shit are coming. The whole world knows who are now the cowards and who are the warriors. You cannot be counted in warriorism category because you are too coward that you are frighten by your own damn shadow. We will continue facing your North and East Africa troops. White Army is in your……

  21. K. M says:

    You’ve to indicate that you’re writing on behalf of the rebel group, the so-called SPLM in Opposition or something. Don’t simply say, ” SPLM/A”.. It isn’t every South Sudanese in Canada who is a member of your demoniac rebel group.

    After all, Gen. Lul has done something any patriotic citizen of South Sudan should do. He has made the right move. God bless him for his right decision. It’s crazy and stupid to follow mad people like Riek Machar.

  22. False Millionaire says:

    Bentiu Ramaran,
    you appreciate hearing Eli writing that you are my cousin,that’s true n I am very happy to know.

    You are just afraid for nothing.That’s why Nikalongo thinks that you are a coward who capture every town,take hostage every political opponent n dress the likes of Kiir in women’s skirts to maximize humiliation on them.But all that only on the SSN.Nikalongo wants you to come with your dunga n machet.Remember me n you are in-laws.I have read cases of murder from Christie Agathe’s books n saw human dead bodies either on TV or by physical evidence on the ground.But all of them kilt by others n never by me.Bad luck has yet to cast me in the place of a killer.I hope I will never be one in my life time.So be assured of your safety with us.
    If we recieve you,it will be in our expense.You won’t spend any penny.We are workers who make our sweet money by sweat.Blood money is in the pockets of the ruling elites n their war mongers.They are our enemies n it’s unfortunate that you don’t seem to see that we are in fierce struggle against them.In fact we belong to thesame camp.Please persuade our cousin Bentiu Ramaran n his friends to come with you.Have a pleasant weekend!!!

  23. Burakeel Nyanwundit says:

    Reading the comments posted under the article after I have read other headline from Sudantribune, the distinction tells me this unordained Gen. Lul came to be an inside spy of the rebel not what he mentioned above. The guy has no capacity and capability to draw a line that srparates right from wrong
    If the government got on its both feet to laud louder in welcoming the enormous enemy without reprimanding rather than rewarding him for killing our innocents, then a man of sobriety and political acumen would question the wisdom the government that invariably insists with amnesty that increasing
    ly speeds killing as of David Yau who the administration has hoped creating his administration for him would make a mere saint than indisputable murder as his men still conducting their as if it was warranted in the agreement by the goverment
    This time the favor of rewarding does auger well with the experience we have attested from creating Pibor Administration of which the top leader is doing nothing than nabbing a nice money he is a qualified criminal, not a commissioner. What makes Lul not to be another David. And we know from later two in Bor the first had sent his men to do all he wants to do just killing. I’m very worry the issue of purporting is not basic among our citizens. We have known the nation is on the edge of not calling ours. It is a foreign profitting nation. As of today all foreigners are the enjoyinh the harvest if ours.

  24. Teach-the-Fools says:

    Why blame and shun the poor Gen Lul for coming back when Dr. Riek himself is well known for this game; a game he had perfected many times ? What do you think would prevent others to do it?
    Lul revealed what we have been telling rebels exactly, that Riek is nothing good for the nation than an ego maniac suffering from power obsession. Continue to disregard this fact but it would be too late for anyone of his supporters to realize that the man is a total failure and a disgrace to Naath community and South Sudan at large.

  25. Hopeless or cowardic General Lul,let him go to Decay regime in Juba.I wish him a good luck and rejoice his Money or weu.He defending only food.

  26. Manyiel Atem says:

    I thank Gen. Lul for abandoning the rebel movement that has been waging a war with out clearly defined political objectives. Indeed, if our political leaders don’t know how badly they are running the country the rest of the world’s humanity knows it. Folks, war is not a contest of the wit, but it is a bloody destruction of human lives and property.
    Dialogue, but not murderous violent political conflict should be a non-flammable process by which we solved our mind-boggling national policy problems.
    Folk, violence don’t solve anything. Violence begets violence. Therefore, you cannot instill political sense of discipline in the people by killing them. Otherwise you are directly or indirectly telling them to take up arms and defended themselves. Murle tribe is a good example.So, our national government solutions to our national problems has always been the problem. Folks, you cannot solve the problem if you don’t know the devilish root causes of the problem.
    Let me concluded by telling you that our political leaders need to understand that they will not be judged in the history book by how many millions dollars they smuggled out of the country, but they will be judged by whether they have made significant difference in the people’s lives or not.

  27. Kondokoro says:

    Charlese And Lul Koang Defection
    Charlese a defecto Equatorian brain wash self proclaim representative of Riak faction of Oposition was the reason Lul Koang defected from Riak group to form his own movement Charlese was eligally having a website and acting as a spoke man of Riak group in Calgary and becoming a spokeman with out aproval from Mabior garang who was responsible on media while Charlese was acting with the support of Lul who letter fall out with Mabior Garang as a result Riak took side with Garang leaving Lul to defect it was clear through eye withness how arrogant Charlese is a total ignorant person who know nothing about politics but their days are numbered

  28. Aliap Ke Rec says:

    Bravo Gen. Lul Ruai Koang, brave men always take decisions however, your enemies of peace will say what they want for their stooge Machar. Greater Akobo have already said their words and they knew that they were implicated in a war that they don’t a hand on it. Leave the Unity state Nuer with their allies from Nasir to support their master and let them remember that Nuer of Unity state will be their masters forever and will knee for them, please release yourself now from them or you will be their slaves and this is what Riek Machar is after. Those who died and are dying now is Luo Nuer and the Unity state Nuer are the big bosses and masters. Lul Ruai because of his education realized what is behind and what is going on. Riek needs to be the First vice President for himself and for the Nuer, he has no any cause but only to rule. It is time now for you the followers of Riek to think twice and come back to your sense to rebuilt our country and leave that Master there. You are all welcome back to you country.

  29. Matiop says:

    Welcome back home gen Lul! we are so happy for your returned. Fighting will not solve the problem we had been facing since 2013 but togetherness will make this our beloved country become peaceful. As long as you are here in the governmet, I swear you will bring changes into this country by mobilizing Nuer Youth to stop fighting and look into their futures. Thus,join others in developing our mother land and leave Riek Machar and Bashir’s governemt.

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