Gen. Guet (Elijah Malok) Aleeng passed on because of Shame

BY: Wunchiir Atong, South Sudan, NOV/25/2014, SSN;

As Bor Community bereaved and bid the final farewell to the true legend of our time, our uncle, father, community elder, Gen. Elijah Malok Aleeng Mayen, formerly called (Guet) in the years he grew up at Akeny Kuai’s house from Jalle Payam, a couple of things need be straightened up.

Our elder, a towering political figure in Bor, passed on because of shame. Those need be held accountable for his demise are Mama Rebecca Nyandeng, Dr Majak and Mabior Garang Mabior, Rebecca’s son. These people’s political prostitution sped up the demise of the old man.

Gen. Guet would have lived for another 20-30 years but realising Mama Rebecca posthumously detaching late Dr John Garang for Dr Riek in presence of Malok, the old man was uncontrollably immobilised by sickness.

Regrettably, he gave up the fight and was pronounced dead on the 28.10.2014. Atiam Thon (Malok other name) was a renown outspoken elder who fears none. He talks his mind to anybody he gets.

The 15th December, 2013 botched coup where Nyandeeng and Majak were associates worsened his sickness. He tried to convince Mama Rebecca and Dr Majak to stay away from Riek and instead they should keep a low profile if the two are not happy with Kiir’s ruling.

Unfortunately he was disrespected by these two not listening to. Hearsay has it that, he had been in constant communication with Rebecca and Majak beseeching and convincing them to abandon Riek’s rebellion but the duo plainly refused.

This unreasonable behaviour sparked a sense of shame and humiliation in the old man as he believed that he was a guidance and an elder whose words should be respected.

Gen. Guet was a survivor of Riek’s first rebellion in 1991 that saw untold human suffering in South Sudan and particularly in Bor’s land. As a close associate to the former SPLM/SPLA leader Dr John Garang, Gen. Guet was in the top 30 of those who would have been fire-squad had Riek defeated Garang’s Torit faction in 91.

The execution list was first leaked in 2007 which prompted Gen.Guet, Gen. Kuol and Gen. Awendit to confront and condemn Dr. Riek upon seeing their names amongst those who would have been killed had Torit’s faction been defeated by Riek’s Nasir faction.

Who Gen. Guet is….
General Guet was a brain behind all atrocities and injustices Dr John did to South Sudanese in the years of liberation. That Dr John died; he too was widowed like Nyandeeng and Salva Kiir, the then Maliyamungu of Garang’s era. (Maliyamungu was a ruthless commander of Uganda Army during Idi Amin’s rule. Ed.)

For the novice readers, the current president of the Republic of South Sudan, general Salva Kiir was the executor of the three. This is, Dr John, General Guet and Nyandeeng.

For instance, they would resolve not wanting to see Elhag Paul, (the tribal instigator of SSN) and Salva would pick an axe and hack the not-wanted specimen to death).

In most cases, Kiir would order General Marial Nuor Jok to finish up the casualty. Well that’s a bit overboard.

Let’s go back to Gen. Guet unceremoniously departure. He died a bitter man as he didn’t expect his people to follow the very Riek who premeditated to kill them in 90s.

In the political arena, Gen. Guet is commended for saying things like they are. He was nearly killed for going blunt at Kiir and his ruling loyalists from Bhar-el-gazal region. He was reported to have told the region, that you can’t have it both ways.

Simply put, poor ruling and unorganised eating never live in one room, you either take one and renounce the other. Everybody else was furious, and this resulted in the gun firing into Gen. Guet’s compound of several live ammunitions in an attempt to kill him. Though the culprits were never apprehended, some of us who were in that meeting saw that coming.

In summation, Bor community lost a fountain of wisdom. A giant whose seat will be empty for a while. Atiam Thon was a blessing to our community; he was an old block you would smile with pride if he is at the podium and against the opponent.

Gen. Guet was a scary guy who would never go and talk at home or behind a closed door. There are instances those of president Salva Kiir, Bona Malual and many other senior people from Kiir’s area would groan in dismay if Atiam Thon took the centre stage.

As his name suggests, he was truly ‘Atiam Thon’ which literally means an ‘invincible bull.’

The Cush nation, upper Nile region and Bor people in particular lost a great man, an incredible pioneer. REST in peace Elijadit.

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  1. Kikiji says:

    Dear Writer,
    Is this the man you have been praising as a hero? Reread this statement of yours. “Who Gen. Guet is….
    General Guet was a brain behind all atrocities and injustices Dr John did to South Sudanese in the years of liberation. That Dr John died; he too was widowed like Nyandeeng and Salva Kiir, the then Maliyamungu of Garang’s era. (Maliyamungu was a ruthless commander of Uganda Army during Idi Amin’s rule. Ed.)” South Sudanese should exhume this evil man remains and lock it in the Hague. Well that is well known to you if indeed he was the brain behind all the evil deeds of Dr. Garang.

  2. Jake says:

    Utter Nonsense, Useless article. Let Gen. Elijah rest in peace. He never involved himself in this current mess. That’s why upon his demise all southerners Mourned his passing. A farewell Mass murderers like Kiir,Kuol,Makuei,Malong and many more will never get.

  3. False Millionaire says:

    Mr Wunchiir:

    What a comedy?you appear to be an impressive insider sir.Please found a gossip journal.This too isn’t a bad tool of correction!!!

  4. John Khot says:

    This Atong girl is plainly a stupid bitch. What a pathetic coward anf foolish writer with no standards. Gen. Elijah Malok Aleng had never been called Guet. That name is alien to his Twi community. Quite to the contrary he died as a proud son of Twic East county. Remember he threatened to take to court the current lawless, gossipy and primitive minister of misinformation Makuei Lueth(liar) for defaming his county. Shame on you thief and frog eater bitch from Bor county

    • Nuer - another Israel in East Africa says:

      Thank you John Khot. Makuei Lueth is indeed a minister of misinformation. A congenital liar at best.

  5. mading says:

    Mr. Kikiji learn how to say thank you. the man you are talking about like that today is among the fighters who brought you freedom you are enjoying today. I know you are among those who never say thank you. please give General Malok respect. Mading Machar.

  6. pitya lo tongun says:

    OMG what sort of humans are these? how can you praise an evil doer or it’s in your culture that an evil man can be praise for his/her evil deeds?” The Cush nation, upper Nile region and Bor people in particular lost a great man, an incredible pioneer”if at all you really mean your words, please retrieve the above statement.

  7. Deng says:


    Thank you, no need for me to response to this useless article because you said my words.

  8. Morgan Malith says:

    Try to differentiate between logics and immaginations , u will be explained or proof wrong by Historians of this Nation for telling liars about issues of the past particularly about the leadership of late Founder Dr. John Garang and his coronies and enemnies, believe me u guys who r busy writting today were hidding on asylum in Western Country During th war. Stop spreading wrong history about our Liberators.

  9. j son of man says:

    Those opposing his legacy r all fools

  10. dau bol gak says:

    i knew this conspiracy from Bor -tom, these are people whose tendency pillar on defaming the hero, once more i know very well that idiot who is benefiting GEN. Malok cost, plz without twic you would have not enjoy the pound your stupid relatives do received either wthin or some where else

    the write with his relative are they one who caurse us problem with Pibor community, they initial initiate selling of human tarifficking

  11. monychol says:

    But not like Martin Majier

  12. winchir atong says:

    I am very honored by you all who are supporting My father Elijah Malok Aleng
    And to tell you writer no one dies of shame
    he died of sickness not shame and God gives and takes so if you think by the small life you have its your power I assure you death with shame.
    Write sense not rubbish.
    And sorry he isn’t called Guet anywhere clearly its MALOK ALENG ELIJAH.
    Its never too late to speak your mind.
    I didn’t know this back then
    But my father never did anything bad for his country and for that God bless him and curses upon those who talk I’ll about the dead who did well in there lives

  13. Debby says:

    Go to hell you should be ashamed , what do you know about Malok Aleng ungrateful people if I were you I would rather shut up and think of how my shamelessness will put me to my demise….. You post things with out thinking very irrational and immature in the brain grow up young man and try to think straight . I thought people like you would be restrained by their inner consciousness but what’s the use of being aged with no sense you’re the people who blame others for your problems do you know anything about politics???? You are less sensible than a 5year old child go and reread your article it’s not straight .think big

  14. Deng says:

    You don’t think before posting. You think like in educated person
    You should be ashamed of yourself.
    You are talking about someone who helped the nation while you did
    Nothing. People like you are a disgrace to the world

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